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Safety Technology

Safety Technology

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Talkin Braap
Safety Technology

In this episode Roy, Mike and Aaron talk about new motorcycle safety technologies in the powersports industry. From airbags to augmented reality, the talk is all about technology.



Roy Merritt 0:03
I mean, nobody does an intro better than Quentin Tarantino. I know.

Mike VO 0:28
This was when he was still good.

Roy Merritt 0:29
Yeah. This is one of my all time favorites, man.

Mike VO 0:35
Dude, I watched The Hateful Eight and I was like, This is the stupidest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t

Roy Merritt 0:41
know if I’ve seen that one.

Mike VO 0:43
It’s the western that he did. Oh, yeah, it has like

Yeah, but it’s it’s basically like him trying to get back to this and to pulp fiction. Yeah,

yeah, but you know that’s gone.

Roy Merritt 0:56
Yeah, didn’t didn’t work out. Yeah, move on. Yeah. All right, well welcome. It’s talking brat episode three it’s me Roy. Once again, we got Mike Aaron. Hello, bikes and right we’re, we’re gonna kind of carry on what we had going last time which was talking about safety and technology and you know things to come in the motorcycle world, if you will, we kind of touched on you know, the biggest safety concern of all and the biggest thing you can spend money on is yourself as a rider with training and experience and really experience Trump’s all in the end, and that’s kind of what we were trying to get out on on the last episode. You know, this time around, we’re gonna have a little fun with it. I know. There’s a lot of things going on in the automotive and motorcycle world right now. You know, between the self driving cars and you know, the I heard something many years ago on one of those car shows where they talked about the future and stuff and they’d called it the auto net. And the idea was that all vehicles if you will talk to each other, and had their own internet, if you will, of vehicle information, and they could share this information with each other to make better cars, thereby making it impossible

Aaron Staudinger 2:29
to crash.

Roy Merritt 2:30
Yes, it’s coming. Nissan I think it was, or somebody wanted one of the big manufacturers just a CES this year. Really want to say Nissan, I could be wrong on that. announced this very concept, if you will, again, it’s not the first time it’s been introduced. But anyways, you know, we’re kind of leaning more towards the motorcycle world. One of the things we will talk about today is a self driving motorcycle if you haven’t seen this it’s pretty free. Cool, man, there’s, there’s a lot going on, you know a lot going on coming up. So I did some research on the internet. And I found two articles that really stood out on the internet. And one of them was from East surance by a woman named Ellen Hall, talking about the coolest new innovations in motorcycle safety. So it was really hit exactly what we’re talking about. So I kind of, you know, read through her article, there was a lot of really good stuff and picked out stuff that I thought was really interesting and things we could talk about. The first of which was airbags. And we really don’t think of motorcycles when we think of airbags. Although there are airbags on motorcycles on one at least, going had the gold. So what I highlighted here, I’m gonna try to run through it real quick. Honda was the first to introduce a motorcycle airbag system in 2006. The goldwing is still The Lone production bike with an airbag system.

Unknown Speaker 4:03
Well, probably because everybody, all the other manufacturers realize that when you get into a crash, you’re no longer on the motorcycle.

Roy Merritt 4:10
Yeah, well, that and it’s not a spaceship wrapped around that. So a lot harder to get off of as well, you know, but where it does lead into is the airbag suits. And this if you haven’t seen just takes a quick Google search and pretty much all the big manufacturers or all mainstream airbag suits now. I found some on Diane sa the Italian company, they’re like 1500 bucks, which in the grand scheme of things yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 4:44
amazing. The safety sphere.

Roy Merritt 4:47
This one they’re calling D air there is one that’s called a safety sphere. That is quite ridiculous looking. If you get on the front end watch. That’s dynasty two. Is it? Okay, yeah. Well from the most motorcycle who’s the other? I’ll find

Mike VO 5:02
stores that start the boots.

Roy Merritt 5:06
Some of the other I don’t know the metric bike, clothing manufacturers besides di NSA, some of the others, they all they all pretty much are doing airbag suits now. You know, the it’s really interesting. I would love to try one. He do it. I mean, like if somebody was like, Hey, we want you to test drive this airbag suit your latest mic down? I’d be like hell yeah, I’m in you know, right now. Yes, do this. And I would totally love to try it. I don’t know that I want would want to have to need it in real life, but like in a test scenario where I know all the other variables are controlled. Absolutely. I would love to try that. I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 5:42
it looks. So I’ve seen if you watch the YouTube videos on these now, so I’ve seen a couple of videos on the safety sphere. It looks like it would be fun. Oh, the safety sphere. Especially

Roy Merritt 5:52
rolling. Yeah, yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 5:54
That was a rebuildable like one time use only like you wreck it. It’s kind of like a helmet. You hit the ground. You’re done.

Mike VO 5:59
I would imagine. It’s One time use because so the way it works when you eject from the motorcycle in point 05 seconds yeah thing and place it in place and it’s like almost like a parachute. Yeah. And it blows up and turns you into a huge ass ball with you inside this thing and then you just bounce around.

Aaron Staudinger 6:16
Yeah, I can see a sport starting to like inflate this thing and see who how you can punch someone through something with it and be great.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
I see. I see a lot of potential on YouTube. Oh yeah. Like that. People wouldn’t have these seats and jumping off stuff. Well what happens

Roy Merritt 6:33
if like you I mean, I guess the stunt guys don’t really wear that kind of stuff. I was gonna say what if you’re like stunning, you know, you flip off your bike accidentally and then poof, there goes a 1500 dollar suit.

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Well, I don’t know if it well, you know that video that guy doing the wheelie where he comes down and then whiskey throws it in the grass he could have used

Unknown Speaker 6:54
that would have made that video like

Unknown Speaker 6:55
100 times better. into a ball

Roy Merritt 7:01
So in the same respect, they’re getting into helmets with neck bags and things like that built into them as well. That kind of segues me into the high tech helmet topic. Some some basic numbers here it says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of a fatal accident by 37%. And when Michigan made it legal last year for riders over 21 to go without helmets, the severity of the injury claims went up 22% I thought but I bet that had a lot to do with like 21 to 30 year olds. You know what I mean? Like it says, 21 and up and I’m like, Yeah, I bet a good portion of that was closer to 21 than they were 41 you know, and I mean, Yeah, but you know, I don’t have I don’t have the number sir. I don’t know. They also

one of the things they talk about in there is we kind of teased on it last time was the Jarvis helmet. Yeah, augmented reality. You know, Bluetooth. Everything’s right there heads up display inside of the helmet. I’m so ready. Man. It’d be like Iron Man, you know?

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Yeah, I would totally buy one. Just Bluetooth it with your phone and Google

Roy Merritt 8:37
Maps right on your right on your screen. Oh, yeah. And so when I was doing this last time, I want to say on the site right now, last I checked you can get the AR model with all the bells and whistles for 1100 dollars. And that’s pre order because they’re not ready yet. Not until September or something like that. After all of this is over and they are production they will be 1599. So basically 1600 dollars,

Unknown Speaker 9:07
which really isn’t bad. It’s not that bad because I mean, you, you get a top of line bill or a helmet there. 1000 bucks. Yeah. So I mean, you’re paying $500 for all that extra cool stuff.

Roy Merritt 9:19
Oh, yeah. And I’m sure the bell and Orion those guys are gonna be right behind them with this kind of technology.

Mike VO 9:25
Well, you know, 5g is going to revolutionize the world again. 4g revolutionized the world. Yeah, 5g is gonna do it all over again. That’s how all this stuff will actually work. That’s how like, the automated cars when the 5g network rolls out, that’s how we’ll have driverless cars because then you can, each car can transmit 100 different sensors at one time, times 50,000 cars. Yeah, you know what I mean? And the network will be able to support it in real time. So every car will know where every other car is. Yeah, you You’ll your, your

Roy Merritt 10:02
safety sphere. Well, I read an article about this. And they basically said, you know, they had built 4g to withstand the future. And they were somewhat narrow minded, if you will, in thinking that it was cell phones and tablets and things like that. They said what they hadn’t considered was you know, your electrical meter on the side of your house now has Wi Fi so that they can talk to it. You know, your, your refrigerator has Wi Fi now, you know, right all of these devices that they had never considered Yeah. are now community. Yeah, they’re, they’re now communicating on all these bands, and they’re gonna run out, you know, it’s gonna happen now. We’re not close to it quite yet, but you got to plan for the future. So, yeah, the 5g they say is going to be a big step up and

Mike VO 10:55
well still, though, even even now with 4g you can there’s only so much data That can transfer at a time, you know. And so that’s always the the bottleneck of technology is how much data you can transfer through the conduit, you know. So like when they’re making all these octo core processors and all that they’re they’re just basically stacking how much information? How many bits you can transfer at any one time. So the more bits you can transfer, the more information you can move, you know, so that that’s basically how it went from floppy drive computers back in 30 years ago, to now a terabyte. Hard Drive is like nothing. Yeah. And it’s because we can move the information so much faster. We can store it in a more compact place, and we can access it that much faster. Well imagine 10 years from now, when everything is instantaneous. Yeah, I went can’t wait.

Roy Merritt 12:00
Yeah, I know I’m the most impatient person, especially when it comes to computers because it’s like, Alright, look, this thing supposed to be way smarter than me. If I click this damn button it should be over with as soon as I click it, right.

Mike VO 12:12
I just want it to click like I get close to it and it’s like, okay,

Unknown Speaker 12:15
yeah. Predictive. Well, yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 12:21
Going down my list here. We’ll move along, please. Somebody got the new

Aaron Staudinger 12:23
is on there. What’s that? Get the new views on there. What’s the new this new view is is another one that I thought was super cool. It’s basically a lot like a like a center or Sina Bluetooth kind of attachment. Yeah. heads up display, gives you your navigation, music, your phone, video, phone, communication, bike to bike, all that kind of stuff. All in One thing is not built into a helmet. It kind of clips on a lot like you’ve seen it would. Yeah. And it’s got a little externally mounted things. You can mount it on any helmet you want. And it’s a pretty trippy little thing in its it’s self sufficient. So it’s not like you You can tell them To your phone, but it doesn’t have to be tethered to your phone. It’ll do directions all by itself. And then it will Bluetooth also to your phone and your communication, all kinds of stuff. And what was it called again? It’s called New is

Roy Merritt 13:11
new. Is

Mike VO 13:12
that on the market yet? Or is that

Roy Merritt 13:14
there’s a load. Wow, we’re now getting paid for it. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 13:19
It’s a cool looking little device. I mean, to me right now, the technology, it’s a little bit bulky and a little bit big. I’m sure at some point, they’re gonna get it small enough. But what I like about it is it’s, you know, detachable. You can choose to run it you can choose to not so you don’t have to have it on your head, you know, on your helmet if you don’t want to run it. Now, there are times that I don’t want anything. I just want to completely unplug and ride.

Mike VO 13:39
Disclaimer. We’re only sponsored by Farah. Roy’s wife who makes delicious snack snacks.

Roy Merritt 13:46
Yeah, yeah, she hooks us up and we do everything else. We’re just we’re just finding information and putting it out there because people don’t know. So speaking of is my next one on my list is intelligent lights. This is something that’s breaking into the motorcycle world. And can you guess who the first manufacturer to put adaptive forward lighting in their cars was? I’ll say Mercedes? Nope. Well, no Ford. No, of course, was in 2003 it was never in a million years but I guess you know what?

Mike VO 14:24
Yeah, there’s no way France did anything. That’s bullshit.

Roy Merritt 14:29
I don’t know that’s a rig.

Aaron Staudinger 14:32
Or you can dump in the trash. I want the headlights off, man. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:35
we’ll have some badass.

Mike VO 14:38

Roy Merritt 14:39
yeah, so BMW brought it to the motorcycle world. You know, what we see are seeing right now is I think custom dynamics is doing one to an adaptive headlight. So that when you are in a lien, it’s light stays horizontal with the road where A lot of people have complaints on especially with the LED lights because they’re so directional and when they get into a turn they feel like they have dark spots you know around I listening

Aaron Staudinger 15:11
to a company that makes this stuff for the Harley bikes right now they sell their own but they also produce the Harley adaptive lights. I forgot the name of that company. It I’m sorry, it escapes me right now. But it’s it’s pretty interesting technology. Yeah, you lean the bike. And they’re that array of lights on that side light up and project light into the direction you’re moving.

Roy Merritt 15:29
Yeah. And it’s it’s smart, you know, and and safe. You know, obviously, anytime you can get better lighting on a bike, you know, as much as you want to hate on people putting lights over their bike, you know, the better you can be seen the better, right? You just have to do it within your own budget or taste. You know, some people go a little overboard with that but it also leads us into anti lock brakes, which is becoming much more mainstream on motorcycles now. You know, they said Is that ABS was introduced in 1972 jw speakers by GM, okay. And BMW again brought this into the motorcycle world in 1988 Bosch is like the big push behind most of this. You know, Bosch kind of leads the way with this kind of technology when it comes to controlling all of this stuff. Anytime you read about any of this stuff it pretty much has Bosch, Bush’s name all over it. Now there’s plenty of other things going on. I hadn’t found another article here is this was by Geico Of course when it comes to safety and motorcycles. You know, your insurance company is probably a pretty good place to look. Especially for information. Instead they want you to be safe as much if not more than you do. You know, we talk airbag clothing in a lot brake systems adaptive headlights, tire pressure monitors, we talked about this. In the last episode, how important was to check your tires. This is where the new tire pressure monitoring systems are actually really nice. You know, it’ll tell you if your tires are low. It kind of makes it easy for people to check their tires. So they tend to a little more I think, or at least Monderman and watch them you know vehicle to vehicle communications we kind of touched on automatic clutch and shift this is an odd very weird subjects because most people I think that ride want nothing to do with an automatic shift bike. Yeah, you know, I think the VFR Honda has a clutchless shifting bike I think if I’m not mistaken, it’s it’s I don’t I don’t know if you use a clutch or not. I know it’s got like paddle shifters on it. I know people that loved it. I kind of like the feel of a clutch in a in a shifter, I think where this changes will be in the subject of electric bikes, where we kind of get out of shifting for the most part into just kind of one big gear with an electric bike and you kind of run with it. You know, with the automatic thing, I think that’s never going to become a mainstream, widely accepted thing in the motorcycle world, at least on internal combustion engines. It’s not really the experience I’m

Aaron Staudinger 18:32
looking for. Yeah, when I get on my bike, I’m just

Roy Merritt 18:34
yeah. So Bosch. We talked about Bosch a little bit. Bosch is working on this really cool system. And I found this was like it’s out of cycle news, and it’s called sliding mitigation research project. So long story short, they can measure everything you know, gyros and all that whatnot. When a bite gets into A sliding situation it has a canister of compressed gas, and it will blow gas out of the other side of the bike to push the bike back into holding the road basically. In fact, I’ll pass you this you can talk about like,

Aaron Staudinger 19:18
like a vectored thrust kind of situation. Exactly.

Roy Merritt 19:21
Yes. If the picture I have here, it just kind of you can kind of see the gas shooting off the side of it. Yeah, as you get into a weird spot it It shoots you back

Aaron Staudinger 19:31
out for someone who’s not looking at this photograph, as I’m seeing it right now. You’re imagining it, I’m sure. on the low side, blowing you up. It’s opposite. It’s blowing the bike down into a counter steer kind of position where, you know when when when someone makes a mistake and they make you know, they look and they’re going and they’re off. It’s because they’re not tipping in far enough, right? This is forcing you to tip down in and stay on the on the lean angle. It’s that’s crazy man

Roy Merritt 19:59
and Bosch He’s also working on radar based systems which is kind of what we’ve touched on a little bit today with the vehicles talking to each other, the 5g, the whatnot it’s it’s incorporating radar into that as well. So, you know, when it gets in range it uses the radar and the communications to to kind of you know, let a rider know hey, there’s somebody coming up around this corner and you know the the picture on here is kind of a four way stop with trees on all the corners and things where it’s you know, it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on. I this is coming in this is in a lot of the new bikes. And what they’re doing is is giving feedback through like the mirrors kind of like cars do with little lights in the mirrors and things like that on the dash, you know, the actual like haptic feedback or the control of the bike I don’t I think it’s a little bit of ways because I don’t think anybody wants to come pewter taken over when it was wrong Yeah. Adaptive Cruise Control. This is a feature that we’ve had in cars I haven’t oh three car that has it. So it’s been in cars for a good long time that where it senses the distance in

Aaron Staudinger 21:13
front correct.

Roy Merritt 21:14
Yeah and if that car even comes to a stop in even in my car, if that car even comes to a stop, the car will stop behind it and keep its distance and you can sit there so So say you’re driving through town, you can set your cruise control at like 40 mile an hour and when the light turns red and the car in front of you stops the car will stop and when he starts going again it will go again up to 45 miles an hour, but it is not fun. It is very unnerving. And in fact it’s not even working right in the car right now so don’t

Unknown Speaker 21:44
do it isn’t something you can complete completely disable

Aaron Staudinger 21:50
I it’s off its off. It’s like non intrusive right?

Roy Merritt 21:53
Yeah, what doesn’t work right now. So it’s not doing anything but yet it does. Not intrusive at all. It does have what they call vehicle dynamics. control which I found will apply the brakes as well as kill the throttle because I had a flat tire going around to turn and it thought you know something was seriously wrong and it grabbed my front brake to to kind of pull me back into place and it freaked me out I didn’t know what was going on I figured it out later but yeah I mean adaptive cruise that’s something that’s coming to motorcycles well if used properly I don’t see a problem with it you know, it’s always the dumb that screw everything up but use properly I mean cruise control is great on a motorcycle when you’re on a long road and you don’t feel like you know, sitting there and you can hit cruise control and sit back I mean, I or my back seat. I’ve gotten on the back seat with my legs up on the fairing. I mean, I you know, on a flat straight road especially done I go to sleep,

Aaron Staudinger 22:46
you think we could petition in the bike makers for like full time always on radar detection.

Mike VO 22:55
That would be helpful, right. So you know, some of the bikes like BMW unveiled at CES CES that the one of the gyroscopes that will follow you around and celebrating. So Honda has one similar, but instead of using gyroscopes it uses a computer. Electronic steering. So, right now I think they mainly just use it a real slow speeds, but the handlebars actually electronically disconnect from the forks.

Aaron Staudinger 23:27
So force counter steer when

Roy Merritt 23:29
the forks the tire will help keep the bike upright. Even if you’re holding the bar straight, the tire will move back and forth to keep the bike from falling over at low speeds. It will also adjust the rake and trail of the front end as well as the height of the suspension to keep itself balanced. So geometry changes. Yeah, yeah, whatever it has to do. That’s cool. Yeah, when it gets when it gets into a spot, it’ll like tighten up the rake in the trail. So that it’s you know, got a little more control. Yeah, yeah, that thing’s super cool. I want one because I Just want to go drinking downtown. Well,

Mike VO 24:03
totally blasted.

Roy Merritt 24:05
Let the buyer understand why is buying Just follow me around and act like a complete fool all night, it would make me so happy.

Mike VO 24:11
Well, so what would be interesting about that would be I imagine as that technology grows, if you make a mistake with your steering, you can still do that. And then the bike will be like, that’s, that’s neat, but we’re going to do yes instead. So you you may not even know that you’re oversteering or understanding because the bike is going to just compensate for it that way. It kind of like riding the horse like you kind of tell it about where you want to go on the bike figures out kind of where you’re actually going to go. Yeah. So there is this badass documentary. I think it’s on Amazon Prime called hitting the apex. And it’s Brad Pitt did it and it’s about Moto GP and I think it’s probably two or three years old now maybe four years old, but it goes through this period in Moto GP. I think we were talking about it for a little while, but There’s a part in there. These two bikes are going around the corner. And the Moto GP bikes actually have a electronic sensor that prevents when they’re in a corner and they’re powering out of the corner. It prevents wheel spin. Oh, yeah, actually, because because the bikes are so powerful. Yeah. So these two bikes touch each other. And the one bike broke the cable, the wire. So the other guy immediately high sides. I mean, he’s done it because you just see him. He’s he’s going around the corner, and then they kind of touch and then he just flips and it looks like the bike smashed him down. But then they’re kind of going through and they went, they went through the cause of the crash. And they because they had they have the camera footage of the two bikes coming and touching. They realize that the one bike broke the wire to this traction control and his his wheel immediately started spinning.

Aaron Staudinger 25:55
Yeah. And this so I mean, a lot of the stuff you isn’t actually new, it’s just really not applied. Yeah, in standard circumstances, you know, because the case mostly, I mean, a lot of the technology in cars bikes, you know, derives from a racing background, other f1 Moto GP, all that it falls into production at some point, you know, they’re, they’re on the leading edge of technology. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 26:17
Yeah, it’s a matter of time before it falls into your car. I mean, you know, and it has to do with algorithms and and, you know, real world scenarios that they It took years to put, you know, to test and to, you know, to figure out you know, just because it works on a Moto GP track doesn’t mean it’s gonna work out in the real world. So you got to tell that computer it doesn’t learn you know, all those parameters are preset through years and years and years of testing, right for those abs systems.

Mike VO 26:44
And and that writer, you don’t I mean, and they go through and they they learn the habits of the writer and when they’re going to give it too much throttle and you know what I mean? But it’s just it’s just really neat when you like see something like that and you’re like wow,

Aaron Staudinger 26:58
yeah, yeah slipper. clutches, all that kind of stuff like downshifting, they rail into a corner and there’s technology on both of those bikes that automatically disconnects the clutch to allow them to not shatter the rear end get into corner Oh, not back in I mean and they can program it down to the enth little degree based on the rider field you know how much back in basically do you want and they’ll program it into the bike and get it fit. I mean, Valentino Rossi and joking around he’ll tell you exactly how much back end he wants on his Moto GP GP bike Look

Roy Merritt 27:28
how quick the ZX 10 and and everything else got traction control and all that stuff after BMW did it on the rest 1000 or was it a year I don’t think it was more than a year when that s 1000 ar AR came out and they were you know, had all of that fancy stuff going on in there that the Z 1000 next year I think had attraction trolls like 2010 or something you know all of them and and like I said they’ve been doing it for years on the track. They knew they knew what they needed. You know, right now we’re just waiting for somebody else to do it because they didn’t feel like putting out the money but it It’s a it’s a safety thing. And to me, I know there’s a lot of old school riders out there. Oh, I don’t want ABS on my bike. I you cannot convince me that I don’t want abs. It’s great. Yeah, there are instances where, yes, abs is not designed to be in terms or in the rain, you know, in terms basically. But neither is your bike without Well,

Mike VO 28:21
yeah, I mean, if you’re, if you’re hitting the brakes in turn hard enough to lock them up. You’re done anyway. Exactly. So what is that? Yeah,

Roy Merritt 28:29
yeah. So I never understood why people don’t want bikes with ABS. But that’s a different discussion. forward collision warning systems, blind blind spot detection. This is familiar stuff in cars. It’s all stuff that Bosch is working on in motorcycles as well. You know, I think it’s some point feedback is going to be limited as to what and how you can give feedback to the rider from a bike. So it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate these things into one You know, whether it’s just a bright light flashing in your eyes or, you know, something else. This is about legislative stuff. And I don’t feel like reading it. So we’ll move on.

Mike VO 29:14
There’s also legislative

Roy Merritt 29:15
stuff. I mean, this is this was motorcycles, stability control. And this is what we’re talking about through most of this. You know, this is going to be using the brakes and the throttle and things that the bike already has control of, at this point, because almost everything is controlled by the ECM or BCM, or whatever it is on the bike. But at this point, I think brakes are the only thing that haven’t gone electrical.

Mike VO 29:40
As well, except for the abs.

Roy Merritt 29:43
It’s got its own control module does have its own control. It’s true, but not completely, you know, not completely electrical like throttle by wire. I mean, everything’s pretty much

Mike VO 29:51
the brakes won’t override the rider input yet. If you put on the brakes, you’re gonna put on the brakes. Yeah, you know what I mean? So if it’s Not if you’re putting on too much brake or not enough brake at this point in time the motorcycle is not going to say no man.

Roy Merritt 30:06
Yeah. You know, we’re kind of getting into the automated technologies as I go through these pages here the BMW bike man, if you get a chance to Google this if you haven’t seen it, that’s 100 It’s a series I think it is whatever the the adventure tour kind of things are. The motor motor, rad. They, this thing puts its own kickstand down and stops and does turns goes around the course. does everything by itself, BMW says they have no interest in putting people on a safe riding bike. This is a proof of concept if you will. And I agree. I mean, don’t you think at some point like within the realm of motorcycling, like that rollercoaster ride kind of thing like your skills must at least be here to ride. Yes,

Aaron Staudinger 30:54
I 100 your safety and

Mike VO 30:56
like that now. Yeah, it

Aaron Staudinger 30:58
is because takes care of any more on that gets on a bike ride crashes and we’re done with it.

Roy Merritt 31:03
Maybe not enough. I don’t know. I see. I see some pretty good stuff going on.

Aaron Staudinger 31:09
from your side. Yeah, you probably see a lot of good.

Roy Merritt 31:11
Yeah, yeah. There’s Yeah. Interesting people out there.

Aaron Staudinger 31:15
See I see him and put him in a position to come see you later. I want to go fast. Okay, man. We’ll see you in a little while.

Roy Merritt 31:23
Yeah. Boom. There’s Roy, he’ll fix your bike just due to accident estimates today. girl came in from the insurance company and says I’m here to see this bike. She said, I thought I saw another one here. I was like, Oh, you want this one too? Because it’s done as well. That’s Yeah, so they’re on both honor. Yeah, you know, it happens is I think, as we get into the season, we’ll see a lot more. You know, when the weather comes out, and the people that don’t ride year round, especially, get back on the bikes. I think that first few weeks, if you will, is probably the worst time for him. You know, I know like I’d said in one of the previous episodes I went two or three years without riding. And when I got back on the bike, I mean, yeah, I knew how to ride. But I did not feel as comfortable as I did when I had stopped after riding for, you know, six years with only a bike. It’s a different feeling. I feel like I’m getting close to back there. I still, you know, it’s been a year of riding pretty much year round. And I still feel like I you know, I’m almost back to where I used to be.

Mike VO 32:27
You look pretty nervous when you’re

Unknown Speaker 32:30
coming into work at about 75 miles.

Roy Merritt 32:32

Unknown Speaker 32:34
Third gear and 7200 rpm. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 32:37
I think it read lives of 67.

Mike VO 32:41
Well, you know, so there’s there’s also another side of that, that I’ve noticed a lot through the years as we cram more and more technology into these machines, and we make everything easier to access Right. So you have these, the there was this, the 4.3 and the 6.5. And now we have the GTS or GTX or whatever GTS, GTs. So you have all of the stuff you can do on this screen right in front of you, and you should be doing about none of that. Yeah. Right. And I don’t know how many people you’ll see come in for an damage estimate. And the front end has been creamed of their bikes. So that means they were messing around trying to enter some destination in their navigation, or they’re switching between songs or albums on their USB drive. And then all of a sudden traffic stopped. And they’re like, oops,

Roy Merritt 33:47
yeah, well, and that’s what happens in cars, too. Right? It’s everything you know, and

Unknown Speaker 33:52
so it’s almost like this double edged sword. They make all this stuff easier. So you can spend more time like now you can. You can talk on your phone through your helmet or just through the car but you know what you have to do to actually do that is stop concentrating on what you do you know talking on the phone is not dangerous ever watch Mythbusters yeah show Yeah,

Roy Merritt 34:15
they did an episode where they got drunk and they were sober driving a car through a course while they were sober they to do a sober they didn’t do it talking on the phone and they had to do it drunk and they were better off drunk than they were talking I saw that

Mike VO 34:30
while they’re talking on the phone

Roy Merritt 34:32
no more or no at least getting being kidding. Oh, yeah, they were driving around in like a fake neighborhood if you will. And they had to do all these things a U turn this and that. They had to do it you know, baseline just regular then they had to do it. Talking on the phone. And then they had to do it drunk not talking on like, just leave it was like point O nine or something like that wasn’t that bad. Everybody see them drunk but legally drunk. And they scored better when they were drunk. than they did when they were talking on the phone.

Mike VO 35:02
Yeah. So why do they keep trying to make talking on the phone a thing? Yeah. When I mean, like in California in some of the other states, I mean, it is you will get pulled over and ticketed if you have you have your phone in your hand in your hand while you’re driving Florida’s close, they will pull you over and ticket you. And you know, there’s a lot of shit I don’t believe agree with in California. I do agree with that. Yeah. Because, you know, I, I try not to get on the phone or whatever, or I don’t text while I’m driving. Yeah, you know, just because I have cut off motorcyclists. In my car. If you say that you’ve never cut off a motorcyclist your line, you’re you’re outright lying or you’re so oblivious to what’s going on that you didn’t realize that you’ve done it. I’ve cut off other cars. I’ve been on a motorcycle and cut off cars. I mean, you just do it. Everybody does it.

Aaron Staudinger 35:56
Yeah, it happens. There’s some great videos on the internet. By the way. If people Going up to people with songs in their hand in their cars and grabbing it and chucking it

Unknown Speaker 36:05
out the window. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 36:07
I see one more guy just like read this woman the right action was like my life is not more important than your phone. She’s trying to use GPS. He’s like, pull the fuck over and get the fuck off the road. Quit trying to kill me. Right? You know you he’s like three times you tried to run me off the road because you’re on your phone. I see it all the time. It drives me absolutely crazy. I like you try to do my best not to mess with my phone while I’m driving. I can’t say I’ve never done it. But

Unknown Speaker 36:34
yeah, I’ll answer the phone if I’m like on the freeway. Yeah, you know what I mean? Or somewhere where there’s kind of control on the way he’s right over here tonight, everybody. Oh, geez. Uh, called me on the way here. And I’m like on the freeway, so I’m answering it but I mean, even just that I answered the phone that I’m like on the line. Oh, you know, and it’s pretty heavy traffic. And so we got here and I was like, man, I apologize if I was scrolling around a little bit. I had like seven phone calls. I forgot to turn off the air from dyno and it’s trying to talk Rick through us panicking.

Roy Merritt 37:03
Oh, yeah,

Mike VO 37:04
you know, stuff like that. I figured if Rick was calling me, it was important. Five minutes after I left the shop and he was still there, he probably actually needed something.

Roy Merritt 37:12
Yeah. Well, yeah, I mean, you know, when it comes to technology and all of that, you know, we’re, we’re moving along here. And the sport itself has a lot of really cool things to look forward to. I think, you know, we’re gonna get back on this electric bike topic. I know, coming up here pretty soon because we had a really good time. The last time we tried to do it, you know, which I think is where the technology is going. I think there’s part of it

Mike VO 37:44
part of it. Yeah. Yeah. It’s definitely a segment that’s going to be permanent. I don’t think it’s gonna be a majority of the segment, just like it isn’t going to be in cars. Yeah, it’s just it’s just not going to be Yeah. I think that

Unknown Speaker 38:00

Roy Merritt 38:03
it’s something that we do not consider the wrong or right way of right now, if you will, like there’s, it’s kind of like other things we talked about where you just don’t know getting into it, you can’t comprehend what it’s going to be. And I believe that this little mountain bike thing that they brought out is probably the coolest of all of them. Now they did this little scooter thing as well. The scooter is gonna be a big deal. The scooters cool, I get it, but the mountain bike thing is okay, I see really doing well. I mean, I would buy one of those.

Aaron Staudinger 38:35
So promoting a mountain bike on the pursuit channel. I watched a lot of hunting TV and stuff. Yeah, there’s a company that’s doing basically and they’re promoting it as a transportation device that silent, efficient, effective to get you in and out. It’s like It’s like an electric motorbike and I think it looks like it can hustle some pretty good terrain. And the name of it escapes me right now but it is a really cool look. little device and the way they market it is take your off you know your little truck your razor whatever three quarters halfway where you know where you want to go and then for that last bit we are getting in the last half mile mile where you want to be really quiet zip in there and do your business you know it’s cool looking.

Mike VO 39:16
So is that one is that a pedal assist?

Aaron Staudinger 39:19
No, it looks like a straight like a grown up person Strider bike.

Mike VO 39:22
So it’s on Yeah. All electric see to me

Roy Merritt 39:26
so good. I think that the mountain bikes appeal is to people that are maybe a little more timid, intimidated by dirt bikes, but want to be out on the trails and want to be out you know, doing cool stuff like that. I think that those little bit easier to manage electric mountain bike style bikes are going to be way less intimidating and I think it’s going to do a lot for the brand. This is where I think the electric bikes are really gonna fit into The sport if you will, is introducing people to the sport when you’re getting easier to ride things less less intimidating things to ride, then people become more comfortable. I mean, I didn’t start out riding a freakin you know a dresser I started riding a little 250 on the road, because it was the right thing to do and I knew better, you know, and I took a light bike, something I could handle until I was comfortable and then I moved up to a heavier bike and a heavier bike and then I bought a Sportster and went back down. But, you know, in the end, it’s I think the electric bikes are going to be a market of their own. I think you’re gonna tap into people who would not normally ride a motorcycle are gonna want an electric bike.

Mike VO 40:46
And so check this out. Possibly in August, maybe not until 2020. The Harley Davidson scooters are thing. Yeah, and they’re going to be 4000 bucks. That’s the retail arm. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 41:02
So So do you see that now as Harley Davidson saying, that’s the entry point now, and they’re gonna alter the Sportster to kind of maybe fall into where the Dyna realm was, and they’re just gonna kind of shift the bar a little bit. Is that what we’re looking

Mike VO 41:14
at? No, I think I think all. So there’s a trend in motorcycling that it’s going that less people are writing and less people are getting into it. And I don’t I don’t know, you know, you hear that like, well, the millennials think that they’re dangerous and whatever. I don’t know what that is. But there is a market that is completely untapped. For conscientious younger urban dwellers. That would not touch a two wheeled motor vehicle because it has an engine, but you put an electric motor in there where they can zip around like a college kid, right or somebody who lives like in like New York City. Something like That $4,000 Come on man. Yeah, there and you can ride that thing all over the place. And then I mean, even look in downtown Nashville, there’s a company that rents those little electric. Yeah, there’s a little stand up scooters at

Roy Merritt 42:12
Byrd. And another company, there’s two of them. And they just you just ride them around through on the side of the sidewalk and leave them there. Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s really weird.

Aaron Staudinger 42:20
You guys can correct me if I’m wrong. But I mean, from my perspective, maybe it’s because I deal a lot with the performance side. But guys guys are looking to do things on these bikes now that they really didn’t look to do 1015 years ago, and there’s a whole dimension of riders right now, that are stunting these bikes, doing crazy wheelies and burnouts and jumping them in dirt riding them and snow cross and like you see that guy in the X Games and stuff like that. Yeah, I get asked all the time. You know, how do you guys feel about Harley as a company? How are you guys doing Is everything okay? To be really honest, man, I don’t see the future being much brighter than the dark days or I think pretty well behind us. Back in the late 70s 80s, you know, that’s when things I think were dark now. Yeah, we maybe maybe as a company, we don’t appeal to your normal urban dweller? Well, I just don’t think that’s where we’re at.

Mike VO 43:12
Well, so part of it is skewed by bullshit media and investor reports because if you think about it, Harley’s revenue and sales are going down. But so we’re Honda’s Kawasaki is everybody’s, and so they say, Well, you know, the biggest rival for Harley is Indian, and Indian is going up. Well, if you put it in perspective, you have a company like Harley, okay, half of every motorcycle on the road is a Harley Davidson. Every other brand combined, makes up the other half. So you have Harley Davidson on one half, and then you have what 30 other manufacturers, no splitting the other 50% of its market share. So if Harley Davidson sells 500,000 more motorcycles in one year, and then the next year they sell 520,000 motorcycles, they’re flat or in decline if they predicted they were gonna sell 550,000 right? If Indian sells 100 motorcycles one year, and then 120 the next year, that’s a 20% increase. Yeah, even though their market share is less than 1% so it’s a bunch of bullshit that people read skewed that way that makes them that makes them think that it is it is has no relevance to reality. Well, that you know, online people people love hating on Harley Davidson man

Roy Merritt 44:34
Yeah, I I can’t read. I read things, man. And I try not to be a troll, but I read things and people were you know, oh, well just wait until Ducati or bla bla bla comes out with an electric bike, you know, they have prestige and what was the word? I can’t remember? No, it was prestige and reliability or whatever. And I just commented, like, how do you like Harley where he doesn’t? Harley Davidson doesn’t have fucking prestige. General Liability Whoo. Where the fuck have you been? You know like that doesn’t even make sense we are. We are the number one you know in motorcycles period. You don’t compare a Harley to a Ducati Ducati is not trying to compete with Harley right you know it’s not the people that do these things are just ridiculous because they don’t they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Mike VO 45:19
And wait a minute, Ducati went belly up and got bought.

Roy Merritt 45:23
who ended up buying him? I don’t

Mike VO 45:24
know what’s gonna be Harley that Harley decided they were worth it. Yeah. So

Roy Merritt 45:30
you can’t really compare nobody really likes working on those Desmos things. I was just gonna say I was they just everybody thinks they’re cool every mechanic’s I get that’s a great idea. Tell me how I got Okay, so we have that fuckin value judgment. And they go down. Oh, yeah.

Mike VO 45:43
Yeah. And they’re and they’re, you know, it’s like well, Harley’s are always in the shop. Well, that’s because there’s way more of them.

Roy Merritt 45:52
No, you know why Harley’s are in the shop. Always in the shop,

Mike VO 45:55
because people keep them because people right? Oh, yeah, right.

Roy Merritt 45:58
Yeah, you’re fucking You know oh wait hi boo says only got 1200 miles on I shut your fucking mouth right you know what I mean? And when

Mike VO 46:05
and when something goes wrong with the Hayabusa it costs the value of the bike to repair it. Yeah, so they throw it away.

Roy Merritt 46:10
Yeah. You know that that was always the worst thing to me is people you know, oh man that cost so much to maintain. Well yeah, you have a Shadow Man, you you ride it twice a year. It doesn’t cost anything to maintain a bike like that. people that buy Harley’s ride them, they’re putting thousands of miles a year on them. And maintenance

Mike VO 46:32
costs are about the same across the board repair costs actually on on Harley davidsons are cheaper than most other brands. So I spent a couple years and mainly just worked on Japanese and European motorcycles. So European motorcycles are out of the frickin world on cost for maintenance and repair. Yeah, well, I mean, because you know, they’re from Europe, and until recently it was pretty much a one way street as far as trade, and we paid off the nose and they got really good deals. And now that’s being corrected, which is great. Yeah. But the Japanese bikes, they never designed them to be repaired. They did like most Japanese motorcycles. If you need to work on the engine, you have to remove it from the frame. Well, there is a 10 hour labor charge right there. Yeah. So now you have a motorcycle that’s worth 20 $700 you have a problem that’s 20 $500 to repair. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 47:31
that’s what happened with me and my Kawasaki had a 1500 dollar budget to 20 $200 back together. So a stupid Yeah.

Mike VO 47:38
So go to any motorcycle junkyard anywhere and see what brands are there. Yeah. And what brands are not. Yeah, it’s almost never you will see Harley Davidson in a motorcycle junkyard. They’re almost never they’re even completely demolished. Someone’s like all by that. And they’ll turn it into something else. Yep. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 48:00
anyway, we’re gonna see too many to $1,000 choppers running around with GS xR or you see some JSX out there yeah

Roy Merritt 48:07
there’s some of the 650s but we probably ought to get back on I want to I want to do the Diablo smart car the boost engine and the smart car like my dream would be awesome it’d probably be have more power to you than the Mercedes it’s in it that they show it they’ve a video of it burning a Ferrari on the track. Awesome. There’s nothing to make me happier than to eat a Ferrari is lunch for free in a frickin smart car. Yeah, yeah, I’d be telling him he’s number one the whole time.

Mike VO 48:45
I don’t know how Italian motorcycles and vehicles got the prestige they do. It’s odd. It’s just one of those things great

Aaron Staudinger 48:55
marketing man. Are we talking about to the day? Yeah, like you. You establish yourself basically as being A prestige brand by limiting access rights how it is right?

Mike VO 49:03
Yeah. Yeah, like we were talking about that with Ferrari. You can’t just go buy a Ferrari. No,

Unknown Speaker 49:09
they have to accept you.

Mike VO 49:10
Yeah. Oh, you can buy a used one. But I don’t. And I think with some of the used ones even there’s still pre qualifications.

Roy Merritt 49:17
Yeah, you have to like know how to drive ID. Yeah, we don’t want to be a part of the Ferrari community and,

Mike VO 49:25
and even then, some of their some of their exclusive ones we were, we were looking this up on the internet. They’re like, no, yeah, I know. You own 10 Ferraris. You’re not gonna be able to buy this one. Sorry.

Aaron Staudinger 49:37
Yeah, the laferrari or something like that. Yeah, some guy like some billionaire or something like that.

Mike VO 49:41
And he sued him. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 49:45
I want my supercar.

Roy Merritt 49:47
Nope. And that’s the picture. A lot of people I think want Harley to have, which, you know, Harley can’t afford to limit production like that at this point. Because there be no way to support their dealer network. But Harley has a different problem. If if they if they did though, if they tried to be like a prestige brand like that and limit production and you know, do something in that sense it their their dealer network would dry up.

Mike VO 50:16
But But Harley has a unique problem of their history and nostalgia and the Harley attitude that put them where they is, is is also like the thorn because, you know, if you, you hear like, well Harley needs to come out with something new, they haven’t changed that it’s always the same thing. And they’re overpriced and they’re these big baggers or they’re soft tails and and it’s always the same bike year after year after year. But then when they do something different they just get hated on yeah so so you like what did you take away my job? I’m just gonna

Aaron Staudinger 50:48
say that asked how what the reception was the new softail platform but

Mike VO 50:51
I want to look

Roy Merritt 50:52
like Jax teller. Exactly. You know,

Mike VO 50:56
so so it’s like weird because with Harley was Any other brand I think anything they come out with it’s new is like all badass like, this isn’t even walking

Aaron Staudinger 51:04
the line in the new motors and stuff like that, you know, the design of the motor. That’d be so careful that it sounded right. And you know that it had the rights and all that kind of stuff.

Roy Merritt 51:17
I’m really getting tired of hearing that. You know what, that’s it, you know, and you hear it all the time. Harley and sound sound sound sound sound sound they had to make the sound beat they really care about what customers think about sound. You knew it that you knew exactly what I think about when I hear that. Those guys that came into the shop. Four or five of them. Oh yeah, they all bought them kits and put them on their bikes with their exhaust and they’re on their on their cabin. Why did they say they did that sound cool, cuz you like the way it sounded? Yeah. And every one of them is gonna end up changing it now.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Well, we got three of them, not three of them or three of the five because

Roy Merritt 51:51
we told him and I had spoke with him last man, you know, we could put you on a much better setup than that. I mean, I just like the way it sounds. Oh yeah, that’s what you like, man. No problem. Who the fuck cares what it sounds like I’m writing it you know what I mean? Like a more one of my favorite things was allowed pipe save lives and when you ever you hear somebody say that I just can’t help but be you know like, you know the pipes are facing the wrong direction for that right they’re aiming behind you so the people that can hear it you’re gone you’re past already man you know that that theory is bullshit.

Mike VO 52:24
Yeah How many times have you been going down the road and all sudden you’re like whoa

Yeah, she didn’t even know was there until was right Yeah,

Roy Merritt 52:30
exactly. So that said The thing is, is Harley has been working a lot harder than this at this than anybody will really give them credit for because what they need to do and what they know they need to do and what everybody knows they need to do is like you said is shake that stigma if you will, or that that a typical Harley rider image of you know, the fucking Sons of Anarchy, right? You know, I mean, there’s no better way to put it in You know the fucking Sons of Anarchy

Mike VO 53:01
but at the same time that image is why they are where they are. And it is you know what I mean? So it’s like this strange conundrum but

Roy Merritt 53:08
a company has in on the flip side of that though when was the last time you seen a Harley Davidson advertisement with somebody that looks like that in their advertisement well yeah the years right and years it’s been years that they’ve been trying to shake this stigma if you will, and and they you know, they’re it’s always young people of different races and different Heritage’s wearing you know, updated clothing as commercial now is an FX Dr. Drag Race in a Camaro or a Corvette or something like that extra is and I bet it bet the guy probably isn’t an old bearded guy with the whole face helmet.

Aaron Staudinger 53:49
Yeah, he’s in all black with like a sport bike looking lighting. situation. I don’t know if you guys

Roy Merritt 53:53
know this, but hardly just met with a new marketing company in the within the last couple weeks. They just kind of severed ties with the company that they were working with. Oh, no more of Yeah, so they’ve gone with this new company so expect expect I don’t know if you’ve noticed their online presence recently

Aaron Staudinger 54:13
I think they keep giving bikes away to stars that don’t ride them anyway.

Roy Merritt 54:16
Probably like Jason momoa because you see that he was at they’ve done it for years yet

Aaron Staudinger 54:22
the unveiling I guess they bring a crate to some This is their spectacular idea we’re gonna we’re gonna drop a crate off at someone’s house and unveil it for him Yeah, like definitely does need a bike anyway man give it to the guy that just dumped his diner because he was wheeling it Yeah, and need something else to thrash on, man.

Roy Merritt 54:36
Come on, help us out. But they you know, they they’ve been posting more than just pictures of Harley as well on their social media sites. They’re they’re posting pictures of the motorcycling community, if you will, other bikes, other things going on. You can kind of already see some changes from what I’ve seen in what’s coming out on Instagram and things like that from Harley Davidson. I could be crazy, but I think I can already see it changing. You know, the whole marketing thing is such a wild wild west, if you will, in that there are no books or wrong or right answers. It’s whatever this month shifting sands.

Aaron Staudinger 55:20

Roy Merritt 55:22
Yeah. So if they’re, you know, to hire a company to come on and, you know, provide you this amazing marketing ad is Oh, it’s always been just crazy to me to think people come up with these ideas. Because I couldn’t. There’s, you know, if it was up to me to do that kind of stuff, I’d be like, I don’t know. What do you want me to tell you?

Mike VO 55:46
Well, it’s kind of like what you said when you’re like, man, I need to take pictures and post them for for Instagram. And I know there’s some really cool stuff to take pictures of and I just don’t know what that is because I’m around them all day. Yeah. So it’s all normal. To me,

Roy Merritt 56:00
yeah, yeah, you know, I mean, I’m in a Harley shop surrounded by bikes, surrounded by tools and all kinds of cool stuff that I’ve seen every day of my life, you know, the last decade that other people that may, you know, want to follow me on Instagram or whatever, would love to see pictures of this stuff, but I see it every day. So I don’t think about it. So I walked through the shop, like picking my brain what I’m going to take pictures of, because I try to post stuff, you know, I want to get some content out there. And if I racked my brain, and I think man, you know, there’s probably somebody else that would grab my phone and come through here and take 100 pictures in five minutes. I thought about that.

Aaron Staudinger 56:37
When I started I actually I’m a lot newer than either you guys are. And when I started, I went I thought I literally verbalize to myself like, be conscious. Don’t allow yourself to become numb. Yeah, don’t do it. Like this is some cool stuff this will even waiting to do your free like your whole adult life. You finally got an opportunity to do what you want to do as opposed to what you’ve got to do. Yeah, and Don’t become numb to it. Yeah. And I wake up when I go into the shop every day, and I go kind of like, Yeah, man, this is some cool stuff we’re doing here. And just, you know, be conscious of that. And, you know, the excitement that you get from people that you work with the things that you find mundane and normal, they aren’t man, the first time they’re seeing some of this stuff, and you got to, you know, work with them. It’s their project. They’re excited about it and be excited with them for it. You know, like, Frederick, it’s the 10th time we’ve done it. It’s their first time and it’s their bike their baby, their performance, their dream. Yeah, happen.

Mike VO 57:31
Like Frederick, you know, yeah, I mean, he just called the day just to see what we’re like, Oh, we got the bottom in. Are you serious? Yeah, we’re doing a video. You’re not picking it up till April. So we’re using the opportunity to do like, yeah, totally and capture an entire huge build video. Am I wrong in thinking that he might be one of the top builds before the thing comes out of there? I mean, is there

Aaron Staudinger 57:51
we should do a couple episodes with some of the newer stuff that we’re actually doing. But yes, one of the the first bike that we’ve done with a counterbalance or removal Some other cool stuff. Yeah, well in their earnings Yeah,

Roy Merritt 58:02
well, yeah, I’m really curious to see how that performs and how that works out because

Aaron Staudinger 58:08
we’ve done a combination similar to it, but I’m really excited to see what that loss of weight in the bottom end is gonna translate to

Roy Merritt 58:15
our I want to say they’ve always said it’s like 10 15% of like the drag on that thing is those counterbalances and stuff so you’re supposed to be a pretty good pickup.

Mike VO 58:27
Well, so and that’s a perfect example of the amount of time and energy manufacturers put into what the riders want.

Aaron Staudinger 58:38
Yeah, that was there as far as I was understanding just for vibration, vibration. Yeah, make it make the bike just feel smoother at idle, Rob’s power. Yeah, but it makes it smoother at idle, makes it so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to kind of you know, shake everything to death at a light

Roy Merritt 58:53
and that’s the thing, you know, like we were talking about with the they want to stick with the sound or I don’t and I think my generation I think I can speak for for the most part, I don’t care so much that it sounds like a Harley, if it performs and rides well, and it has a unique sound like the V rod did, I’m down with that.

Mike VO 59:14
We had the biggest thing that killed v rod was the dealerships. Because the people selling them didn’t know sell them understand them, you know, I mean, they were like, Oh, yeah, well, there’s this. Yeah, it was done by Porsche, but it’s not a Harley. So they reinforced Yeah, you know, I mean, at a dealership of a of a manufacturer, you have to push the product, because the public when they come in to buy a motorcycle, they come in and they’re like, I’m interested in this model. And then at that point, it’s up to you. I think if they would have done a platform

Roy Merritt 59:49
that they would have had a better result. I think that that forward control forward, you know, drag bar ride is a small percentage of riders. I don’t think a lot of people like to ride In that position, especially shorter riders, right, but so riders really

Mike VO 1:00:03
don’t want the first few years they had mid control. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:00:07
Well then that rear sets on the street rod as well.

Mike VO 1:00:10
Yeah. So I mean they they had those but the people selling them never qualified the customers. Yeah. You know, and, and I think the salesman in general and like in in motorcycles and maybe even in a lot of cars, when somebody walks in, they’re like, I want this model. They’re like, great. Yeah, let’s go sign the paperwork because they want the sale so much. They aren’t. They don’t actually listen to what people are trying to tell them. No, you don’t. I mean, they’re just like, hell yeah. somebody walks in our dealership and says, I want to ride the heritage. Oh, that’s badass. What kind of riding do you do? Well, I don’t like big bikes. I live in a in a metropolitan area. Bla bla bla bla bla, but the heritage looks really neat. I like it online. Well, they all that goes out the window and they’re like, here’s a black one. Let’s go ride. You know what I mean? Even though they should be on a Sportster, or something else by their own admission, and then they write it and they’re like, Wow, that’s pretty cool. So where do I sign? Because I didn’t even get a chance to ride something else.

Roy Merritt 1:01:13
Do you think the Sportster sticks around much longer?

Mike VO 1:01:17
I think the air to air cooled v twin engine at some point has got to be replaced. I agree with that. I just I’m surprised that it’s lasted this long. I’m surprised the MA is what it is.

Roy Merritt 1:01:32
you’re thankful for what it is. I mean, yeah. They did an amazing job. I wish they would stop making it because it my Sportster be worth like 10 grand. Because, you know, every idiot in the world is gonna want a Sportster after they stop making them. Although everybody in the world already has one. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know. I think it’s funny. If I was sport, if I was hardly I would have already stopped. As soon as Yamaha came out with the bolt. I would have stopped making this for sure. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever been seen the Yamaha bolt. It’s a fuckin Sportster. You put it next to a Sportster dimensions are almost exact. I mean, it’s a it’s a it is Yamaha, basically saying, Hey, here’s our version of a Sportster and as soon as they did that, if I was Harley, I would have been like, I don’t need the Sportster anymore.

Mike VO 1:02:15
Well, we’ll see what happens with this whole next line. Yeah, the 1250 the 1250s that are coming out, you know, that’s like water cooled. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, there was

Roy Merritt 1:02:25
the adventure tour, man. Ah, there’s three of them right there Panamera. I can’t remember the other

Mike VO 1:02:31
there’s three different models I think coming out with that engine platform.

Roy Merritt 1:02:35
Yeah, they did like a street fighter and then like a custom dyno platform if you will kind of thing I don’t want to say diner because then the diner bros will get a little bonus piece. Yeah,

Mike VO 1:02:48
yeah. The Dinah’s never coming back. I thought it was coming back man.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:51
Yeah, did I thought that they killed it for a year and again,

Roy Merritt 1:02:54
they said the FX jar wasn’t coming back either. Okay, that’s what I thought they will call it I thought

Mike VO 1:02:58
they’re gonna really read The only reason the effects are one or two or three or whatever came out was because they had so many fucking frames I want to wonder how much they just that they just needed to sell them so they made it a like a special edition bike

Roy Merritt 1:03:16
Do you know if if they put like an in a in a fucking you know effects are tight frame and it already has already done it people would freaking Boehner over it.

Mike VO 1:03:27
They’ve already done and Big Bear choppers younger jars makes the frame that you can just bolt the MA right into it. Yeah. I don’t I don’t know why I never I never got the FX or

Roy Merritt 1:03:38
craze. I don’t I don’t get it either. If such a thing.

Mike VO 1:03:41
So like the Sportster debuted in 1957. Let’s let this sink in. So it’s 2019 was that 62 years ago?

Roy Merritt 1:03:55
Me in the maps aren’t getting along.

Mike VO 1:03:57
Right Was it 62 years ago. Sure, sure we’ll go with that. So that platform has been around for 60 years now. The effects are was like what? Eight? Seven?

Roy Merritt 1:04:13
Sure. Well, they did. Well, they came back it was but two years three year nine. Yeah.

Mike VO 1:04:18
But those were like the specials from all the leftover parts.

Roy Merritt 1:04:23
Well, all they did was take you to basically NFL frame and an Excel fuckin front end. And you know, hey, look, we can make a different bike out of it. Well, I mean, and that was the effect.

Mike VO 1:04:32
So I mean, Eric, Eric Gill designed that frame and it’s a good frame, but they were super time consuming and costly to assemble the factory. Yeah. And they’re super time consuming and a super huge pain in the ass to work on in the field. So they did away with them. Yeah, the dyno was just as good. And now the dyno is gone, and everybody’s like,

Roy Merritt 1:04:55
Oh, it was so why didn’t you buy one Yeah, I did. And guess what? The new the new softail Street vibe smokes any done ever ridden? Oh yeah I said the other day he was talking about his buddy is at a dyno whatever I was like we’re kind of done is he got anything Oh, it was like a bunch of smoking on this don’t Jenny’s like well you got stuff done I was like you better have a lot done to that motherfucker. Yeah and he was like really? And I’m like yeah dude this thing’s got balls

Mike VO 1:05:23
and I and I’ve never liked the heritage never that softail heritage is a ribbon son of a bitch. I love that frickin thing. I hate being on it because I don’t like the way they look. But that is probably the best handling Harley Davidson they’ve ever come out with. We’ve done like one or two of those so far. I think with like, a 465 cam Trask pipe. You should come back every time you’ve ridden that thing on a test ride is grinning ear to ear Dude, I love it. Love it. Yeah, love it. Especially when you put a little bit of power on it, man. I just don’t ever want to get off of it. Yeah. I think we’ve gone way off topic. Now we’re just talking about it was fun we go off topic

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
we always just end up talking about Harley’s

Roy Merritt 1:06:07
well you know, that’s kind of what it’s about right? You know? We got traction control on the trikes now. Huh? It’s coming on the Live Wire.

Mike VO 1:06:17
I wonder I wonder if it’s actually gonna do anything? I don’t know. So like the new tracks have you like screwed around with them? I mean, how does the traction control work?

Roy Merritt 1:06:27
So I got a lesson from he who will not be named about this again. He’s not sure if it’ll if it kills the fuel tables or what it does it kills power timing or something I suppose timing I said timing. But you know the, the other suggestions come in as well. So but yeah, he basically said that it dies out when you get on it. You know, kills throttle kills something. I mean, it has throttle bleed. Yeah. Tommy controller gets in the way and rolls. We couldn’t he couldn’t answer that. Like Like, how

Mike VO 1:07:00
does it How does it know when to do that?

Roy Merritt 1:07:03
gyros? I’m sure front and rear ABS sensors, right? Well, I think you have that wheel speed sensors for an hour. And it’s now it has rear wheel speed sensors as well. Yeah. It’s measuring the three wheels and how they’re, you know, spinning like former stability control in there as well, where it’s gonna apply break. one versus the other. He has the ability to apply break. I know that. I don’t know whether it does or it will they have link breaks so well, they’ve gone ABS to now.

Mike VO 1:07:34
Right? And they split would they still have link breaks even with ABS so it’s computed the brakes are computer controlled now. Yeah. But I mean, I can see that but I’ve like written the 19 trikes and like kind of powered through some corners and it doesn’t seem to do anything different. I mean, I don’t know what you have to do to get the traction control to work. But at that point, I think you’re about to be thrown off the bike. Any Uh, yeah, well, I was kind of hoping that we might get some ice in the parking lot this year, so that we can go take one out and thrash it and see what the fuck happened. We still might. Yeah, I know. Tomorrow it could be like 10 degrees. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:08:12
it’s gonna get cold again, that’s for sure. But yeah, I’m hoping we have a good nice warm spring and we’ll get to sing

Mike VO 1:08:21
starting pretty good.

Roy Merritt 1:08:23
Yeah. Yeah, we didn’t we didn’t I mean, we had a pretty good winner for the most part. kept going. Stuff kept people kept buying stuff, because doing stuff that was good. Talking br bR AP. Check us out. You can go straight to our website. I just updated with it’s got a live feed or Instagram page. You can play the podcast episodes straight from the website. It’s also got links to all of our social media sites, including the YouTube page that has zero videos. on it. We’re gonna have to do a video here soon. Follow hashtag talking crap. Follow it on Twitter photo on Instagram. We’re always putting stuff out there. I try to do something at least once a day trying to move that up to two or three times a day. Call us at three o 46027227 or 30460 brap. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, just want to leave us a stupid message telling us

Aaron Staudinger 1:09:39
something we talked about something you want us to talk about something we didn’t talk about that we should have. Yes. Now

Roy Merritt 1:09:45
something we got wrong. Are you working on your bike and you’re running into an issue that nobody can answer? Send it our way we would love to try. You know, I have a friend that does a podcast like that. He does more old choppers. Things like that kind of, you know, joke with him about it. I’m more of the new school guy. He’s more of the old school guy. You know, if you got a modern motorcycle, especially a new Milwaukee eight or something and you’re getting into something you want questions or you know, just want answers to a question, give us a call, leave us a message. We can do our best to answer it. At some point here, we might try to do this live. That’s coming up in a couple of months, so it’s gonna be a little bit out. And then you can call us while we’re doing it live as well. But I don’t have anything lined up for exit music. No. Do we go out without a bang tonight? or hold on?

Mike VO 1:10:41
No, that’s not gonna happen.

Roy Merritt 1:10:42
That’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna we’re gonna leave him out with something right?

Mike VO 1:10:48
See, how do you how do you want it to be? You want it to be?

Roy Merritt 1:10:52
I know what we’ll do. Oh, wait

Tell me when you know what it is. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a song or not. But it’s it just came up on my YouTube. It’s gotta be played.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
Hi, can I help you? Yes, I’d like a ham and cheese omelet.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
Stop serving breakfast but we are on lunch menu now.

Mike VO 1:11:21
fantastic movie. Have you seen falling down? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
Speak to him, please.

Mike VO 1:11:31
I think it’s my favorite Michael Douglas movie of all time. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:11:37
as other answers.

Aaron Staudinger 1:11:38
Hi, I’d like to two minutes past

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
we stopped serving breakfast. I know you stopped serving breakfast Rick Sheila told me to stop serving breakfast. Why am I calling you by your first names I don’t even know who you are. My boss Mr. worked for him for seven and a half years but I walk in here all of a sudden total stranger. I’m calling you Rick and Sheila. Like we’re in some kind of a meeting. I don’t want to be your buddy Rick. I just want a little breakfast. You can call me Miss Sheila. We stopped serving breakfast at 1130

Roy Merritt 1:12:14
he just looked through this watch 1134

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:16
Okay, yeah, it was like two or four minutes past you

Unknown Speaker 1:12:21
ever heard the expression? the customer’s always right right?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28
Yeah, well

Mike VO 1:12:30
and I love that guy.

Roy Merritt 1:12:32
He’s got a big bag a gun that he just said on the counter. Yeah, he did. You don’t know. You know? He doesn’t know but oh, I don’t want

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
lunch. Oh, come on.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
I’m really sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
I’m really sorry to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
come down. I just want a bucket sausage biscuit. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
Are you going? Oh no, no, no, no, you sit down there and you finish your lunch. Come on, buddy. Just Just relax and take it easy. Come on. Don’t eat your lunch please. All right you lunch. Y’all need your vitamins A’s and B’s

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:18
and we’re out.

Mike VO 1:13:23
Love it.

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