Don’t be that guy…….Part 1

Sometimes you think you ca save yourself a few bucks by buying stuff online.  We talk about why you should not buy stuff online and bring it in to the shop.  There are so many reasons, we try to cover most of the important ones.



Shane Langdon 0:05
The arsonist had oddly shaped feet.

Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

out of the dark crystal man.

Roy Merritt 0:30
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s still your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some said. So sit back, grab a brew, we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view, here on Talkin Braap

All right, welcome back. Talkin Braap season two, episode nine, officially more than last season and we’re on a good path to cranking them out here. This

this year has been busy.

Unknown Speaker 1:58
But this is the shrine to the Virgin. So this is how the story goes. This is a small fishing village in Korea right on the ocean obviously. And a young woman went out to sea and she died at sea. she happened to be a virgin. And when she died, all of the fish in the sea vanished so the town did the best they could to try and bring the fish back because they knew they couldn’t bring her back. And so they started bringing all these penises here as sort of a

Unknown Speaker 2:51
It’s now a giant penis apart part of my language but

Unknown Speaker 2:56
that’s just what it is. Like the most nerdy guys narrating is canon

Unknown Speaker 2:59
with penis soldiers behind. Okay, this is actually really so many penis statues here, and they’re all carved in different ways.

Roy Merritt 3:19
every form of penis, you know, hey, this is a questionnaire that’s a pecker Jr. That’s a legitimate review of a real mark of a real Parker. So who’s the reviewer?

Unknown Speaker 3:33
What’s disturbing is

Unknown Speaker 3:36
that they had diseases and shit like there. It’s not not healthy.

Mike VO 3:39
What the penis? Yes, there’s some unhealthy caulk on

Unknown Speaker 3:42
there. Oh, really?

Mike VO 3:44
Well, I think there’s some unhealthy cock out there.

Shane Langdon 3:47

Unknown Speaker 3:53
this is horses. It was seven o’clock. Yeah, yeah, less than a minute.

Roy Merritt 3:59
Zero Hour. So tonight I wanted to talk about somewhat of a foe pa I think in our industry and in many industries that some people I don’t think realize the implications of and that’s you know, bringing your own stuff into a shop. You know figuring out what you want buying what you think you need and then bringing it to your mechanic and saying install this. Or your dealership or whatever shop it is you go to. And you know, not a lot of people understand really what, how bad it can be for the consumer themselves, not just the shop. But how much of a pain in the butt it can be all around for everybody. You know, the, the need or the want to save some money everybody has. So most places deal with that

Mike VO 4:57
was like Yoda ish.

Roy Merritt 5:00
Most everybody

you know but but and most shops deal with that because they get it you know this guy wants to save 50 bucks but it it can cost hundreds in the end and the you know we had one like for example so first off I say you start with the biggest football of at all which is it’s really a dick move. You’re talking your business, whether it’s a shop or a dealership or no matter what it is they’re making money on the parts and the labor. Okay, not a lot of money on parts not nearly as much as people think you can get it cheaper than the shop can. Usually if you try

Mike VO 5:49
Yeah, but you’re only that’s just because you’re buying it from somebody that’s making money on it because they’re doing in huge bowl.

Roy Merritt 5:55
Yeah. And so the shop can get screwed on that and you know Shop needs both of those, you know, income revenue streams if you will. That’s how the business works. So, you know, first and foremost, it’s a business thing you know? It Yeah, you might save 50 bucks here but you know, it’s that $50 more and we’ll explain why in a little bit can be so worth it in the end, especially if you run into issues. So, a good example I had a job the other day guy brought in his own handlebars and stuff, ordered it all from Kraus or whatever. It wasn’t really cool. Krauss moto bar setup and everything and was here waiting he was from out of state was here waiting so I’ve putting everything together and not thinking much about it. Just kind of wired everything up and you know, wire up the handlebars. Put the risers on go to put the handlebars on and the risers are in In a quarter inch and an eighth, whatever they are, and the bars are one inch you know, now I’m at $120 an hour, you know, for a Labor Rate. Now the clocks burning, you know, does this job has been put on the end so either you know, the shops paying for it, or the customers paying for it at this point, you know, and I mean in 99% of the time the shop eats it, you know, is what happens

Mike VO 7:29
in a case like that. Yeah, yeah. To the backburner and then you tell the guy exactly sorry. Now we have to wait for the bars come in and you got to go back in the rotation again. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 7:40
So in that in that same instance now. The shop isn’t

Mike VO 7:45
needed when the customer buys the wrong shit. Well, yeah, the shouldn’t but you

Roy Merritt 7:51
can’t guarantee Yeah, for sure seat and I’m sure your customers don’t realize that but when you get into that, that tech is losing money. Yeah. When that happens, and that’s something, you know, we’re all tech oriented here. So it’s something that kind of drives what we’re talking about today is people lose money in the end, and you become that guy. You know, I joked with Aaron earlier, I said, I really want to name this episode. Don’t be that guy. I’m like, but it’s a first of a series. That’s like a series of episodes of Don’t be that guy.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
Yes, that guy,

Shane Langdon 8:22
we can do that. But, you know,

Roy Merritt 8:27
in that instance, it’s now you know, the customers got to send that stuff back, because I can’t send it back. I didn’t, but you know, I didn’t sell it to him. He’s from out of state. He’s got to order something else, bring it in, you know, or buy it from us. whatever is going on. So time money is all being if we have it. Yes. Luckily, we did very well. We had a shorter riser, in the right size that he went with that actually, I think worked out pretty good. In the end. I think he was pretty happy with it. You could actually kind of see the radio and he had adjustable crossbar. So I just raised them up a little bit. I was it was just The Street Glide five piece.

Yeah. So I just gave it a little bit more because like if I would have had the ones he had I probably would have collapsed them all the way down you know to look like a moto bar. But I moved them up a little bit and got him up to about the top of his fairing where I thought he probably wanted to be you know, but but we kind of saved the day there. How many shops are gonna have crossmodal fuckin risers? Yeah, just just on Sears. That was like a miracle for that.

Mike VO 9:27
Well there would that happen with credit to go Now granted, we ordered that stuff. But yeah,

Roy Merritt 9:31
we just happen to have a different set of risers. So that’s the flip side to this. Now you’ve you’ve brought in a bunch of parts. You’ve you know, dropped your bike off, and then they call you, hey, there’s a problem. You’re paying for this. You know what I mean? You ordered all this stuff. You ordered it wrong. There’s gonna be another hour labor on here, whatever it is. And you’re gonna have to send that stuff back.

Mike VO 9:54
Yeah, that’s the ripple effect is, hey, yeah,

Shane Langdon 9:57
you save 50 bucks in the beginning and it costs 200 a

Mike VO 10:01
company takes it back on the open side. A lot of these companies though, you know if they’re like, did you open the box while the shop did you’re fucked?

Roy Merritt 10:11
Yeah. Now we order it wrong. It’s not a call to the customer to say hey, you’re fucked. It’s how do we get it? overnighted How do we get here? What are our options? You know, what can we do? Can we get it from another dealership? And we exhaust our resources making sure to fix it. Yeah, yeah, that the you know, the expectation of the customer to get his bike when he wants to get them happens. Now, when you take the customer and throw them in the middle of that you can triple that time. Guaranteed. Yep, you know it without question. That thing will sit for weeks. So,

Unknown Speaker 10:48
you know, Jordan sitting

Unknown Speaker 10:50
over here going, oh God, today’s day.

Mike VO 10:54
It goes because so I’d set a call today and somebody bought a part from us, and they have their mechanic, doing the quote the air quotes right now installing it in their garage and and they called and said, this part is cross threaded. And my mechanic is trying to put it together and it’s cross threaded from the factory. And I said,

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Well, uh,

Mike VO 11:18
okay, so if there’s a manufacturer’s defect in the part, it’s covered under Harley’s warranty, yeah, but how do I get it back to you? I’m like, I don’t know. But we go, we kind of went around around and I said, Well, and and, and the customer wasn’t giving me any kind of solution. I said, Look, I’m trying to help you out. But I don’t I’m not sure what you’re asking me here. What would you like me to do? Well, what am I supposed to do? I don’t know. What do you want to do? I mean, if you bring me the part, and I can inspect it, if it’s a manufacturer’s defect, it’ll be handled by warranty. You have some quote mechanic, putting it together in your garage right now, that says part is broken. And it came that way yet. He’s installing it. As we speed broken,

Roy Merritt 12:01
so if there’s marks on those threads, so like a screw in there, you’re so

Mike VO 12:05
so it looks like it was put together cross thread. What’s your problem? There’s nothing that I can do because you know, you don’t have our installation warranty. So is it a Harley part? Or if

Roy Merritt 12:16
it was Harley Parker Yeah. So I would I’d be willing to bet my something very significant that that was not frost Crawford?

Mike VO 12:24
Well, I don’t know, because the way they’re describing it was, it seemed like it might have been part of the part of the product. I’m not gonna name the product. Yes. So, you know, the names have been changed to keep the innocent, innocent. Yeah, exactly. But it seemed like they were describing part of the product that wasn’t part of the actual install itself. But I said, well, until I can look at it, there’s no way for me to tell. Yeah, and so the customer says, Well, I can’t bring it to you. And I said, Well, I’m not gonna go over there. Yeah, yeah. I mean, how am I? How am I going to do that? If the product doesn’t come back to me? I can’t inspect it. Well, then I waited two weeks. For this summer, you have to wait two weeks for another one. It’s possible. Yeah. Especially, you know what I mean? So you get to that impasse where I’m like, hey, I want to help you, but I’m not sure what you want me to do. had we done the installation? It would have been way less expensive. Well, yeah. Because they’re like, well, you charge cards $119 an hour? Well, the job you’re describing pays half an hour, you 60 bucks, so would have been $60. And it would have been done. And if this problem happened, we would have just called you and said, Hey, this came messed up, we’re gonna get another one. We’re finding it from here. It’s only going to take this amount of time. Do you want to bike right now? Or do you want to just keep it here until it’s done?

Aaron Staudinger 13:40
And that’s kind of the moral of the story. And

Mike VO 13:41
I said, we were never given that option. Now we have somebody upset with us for apparently something we aren’t even in control of. And we have the unknown variable of my mechanic who’s been working on my bike for years and I’ve never had a problem with it. Okay, well, that’s fantastic. Now apparently you do

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Yeah, you know

Unknown Speaker 14:04
every mechanic’s bound to fuck up.

Roy Merritt 14:06
Oh yeah, she could cross threaded it happens. Yeah. You know to I don’t know if I’d have the balls to call back and be like that part you gave me as crosser. Oh, man. Well, again, well that’s what that’s

Mike VO 14:18
what the mechanic told the customer Yeah, they they’re just calling they’re the messenger. And I said that I said I realized you’re just being the messenger right now. Yeah, you know, I don’t know if the if whoever’s doing the installation wants to bring it up here. You bring it up here. I’m not sure I’m patient. You know, here I’ve got I’ve got another one that’s actually on its way. So you know, Saturday, I should have it maybe if you bring it Saturday, I might even be able to do one for one exchange if there’s something actually wrong with it. But if it’s a boat that is put on after that part is made and it’s cross threaded, and there’s marks on it. There’s nothing that me or Harley Davidson is going to do about that.

Roy Merritt 14:54
Well, you know, even that handlebar job that, you know, we kind of saved the They’re they sold him everything he needed. They told him. In fact, they’d sold them too much sort of polyurethane bushings good, which didn’t make any sense. That’s awesome though, because it’s that’s a hard, solid. So solid mount with the isolators up top. So I was a little confused at that. And then when it went all went together, I needed wire extensions. Well, and

Unknown Speaker 15:23

Roy Merritt 15:24
another thing is, so if you do that yourself in your garage, you’d be making a trip. Yeah, you would, you’ve made two or three trips, when it’s all said and done. And you would had to go to another store, find whatever dealers got, you know, extensions or whatever,

Mike VO 15:37
and add another layer on to that. A lot of times the customers don’t know 100% what they need. Well, you know, when we do this all the time, I mean, yeah, what do we do? Kraus moto handlebar installations, like once or twice a week now? Yeah. Where this person’s never done them ever. saw it on the internet fell in love with it. I gotta have it called cross motor. Yeah, I want to do this setup I saw. Here’s a picture. Yeah, I just emailed you a picture crosses looking at a picture going well it looks like is this this and this seems pretty straightforward yeah but I want this riser okay then that riser will work sure boom

Aaron Staudinger 16:13
did did Sasha overnight that stuff because maybe the clamp that was supposed to go with our stuff went with his stuff yeah

Roy Merritt 16:22
my setup speaking of that I just ordered a new top clamp with set pin you know to mean three set screws in it yeah for your bodies. Yeah, cuz I keep playing a bar or something you know, the handlebars will come back in to fix your your chain guard man. He had the wife was not impressed. It was like, I kept hearing a noise and I was standing there looking at my bike and it’s broken. And I could see where it’s been hitting my pulley and shit. And I’m like, Ah, that’s that new noise I heard on my bike. I’m like, that makes sense. You know, my belt guards all fucked up. And I looked at my wife and I’m like, well, doesn’t really make sense to buy another belt guard. I might as well just do a chain conversion. I can’t why

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Looking at me,

Roy Merritt 17:02
how much is that gonna cost? And I was like, I don’t know. 300 bucks. She’s like,

Unknown Speaker 17:07
damn near three at our prices.

Roy Merritt 17:11
Probably about as much as a fucking new belger would from time to time these days, I was thinking about bringing it in tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
Great a three and a half months later comes up backorder

Shane Langdon 17:25
Yeah, it’s crazy right now. Yes.

Aaron Staudinger 17:26
Yeah, it parts have been very difficult to get especially certain exhausts

Unknown Speaker 17:33
which will remain nameless.

Mike VO 17:35
On some parts too. You can run into liability problems.

Roy Merritt 17:39
Well, and that’s like, like, warranties, you know, any other? Yeah, warranty was one of the other reasons which is if you bring the part to me, I don’t know where you got it. I don’t know who sold it to you. I cannot warranty it. You know, period. That’s any shopping you know, and that’s not just us here that’s anywhere. Now I may be able to try to call the manufacturer Sure, and see if I can work something out. But why would I do that when you didn’t buy it from me? Right? Yeah, you do. I haven’t made any money off of and that’s that’s the X Factor. Yeah, yeah. So that will work behind the scenes.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
Yeah. Work on your behalf to make things happen quickly.

Roy Merritt 18:19
much work in this business. And it’s not I don’t say we like we as a shop. I think everybody deals with it for the most part, not me. Which is why we spend so much time on the phone talking with people telling them what they want, and they just go on fucking Amazon and buy it. Yeah, that happens. I’ve been burned by that. Or they go somewhere else, or they call six fucking dealerships and spend hours. All right now when it’s all said and done. There’s defense as they go to some aftermarket shop.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
I will tell you about 85 to 90% of what you need to know. Yeah, the phone. Yeah, I still hold some now. Something’s kind of close to the vest. So go ahead. Try it. And I have had those phone calls where

Unknown Speaker 18:58
they go well you need Why doesn’t work

Unknown Speaker 19:00
so hard ever cost 65%

Mike VO 19:02
Yeah. 60

Unknown Speaker 19:05
Yes a man.

Mike VO 19:06
Yeah. 60 when you’re like, oh my 64% of what you need to know. So deposit will give you more information. Yeah, yeah, it’s got on there. It’s kind of like a payphone.

Roy Merritt 19:17
bedfords law

Mike VO 19:19
now inferred?

Roy Merritt 19:20
Yeah. It’s not like binford tools. It’s a numbers thing. And I was watching a show on it last night. And basically, like, 150 years ago, they used to have wait like,

Mike VO 19:32
boys. Have you heard have been first law before last night? No.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Okay. No. Okay, I just want to make sure yeah, make sure I’m not missing

Mike VO 19:40
out on some fundamental physics. I’m like, Man, it’s just like Newton. Should we know about

Roy Merritt 19:46
this? So did this guy they used to have these big books of like, multiplication tables, basically. And it was just numbers on pages and shit, but you can flip through the book for quick like a calculator. if you will. To do calculations and stuff, like

Unknown Speaker 20:02
in the 1400s if you were like, Man, I’ve always want to know what 1397 times 2006 Yeah,

Roy Merritt 20:09
and yeah, and this is like four. Didn’t they figure out

Unknown Speaker 20:13
like 1000 ad It was called an abacus.

Roy Merritt 20:15
Well, yeah, yeah, but we’re talking complex mathematics, I

Unknown Speaker 20:18
think. Bc

Roy Merritt 20:20
so Greeks invented the abacus. This guy benford I don’t know his first name, Simon benford. Frank, Frank will say Frank,

Unknown Speaker 20:28
Frank, Ben, for

Roy Merritt 20:34
what he figured out is after a few years of using these books, that the first pages got used more than the last pages. And it sounds odd, but basically what they do they apply this to like everything in life. You have to watch the show, figure out what it’s called, unless, you know, they applied this to so many things like was it connected So if you take a group of numbers, okay, like they did, and I can’t even think of any of them right now, but they did so many different ones

Shane Langdon 21:10
on there.

Roy Merritt 21:11
Yeah, basically what it is if you take a group of numbers no matter what it is, oh, they use this in social media profile. Okay? So they can go on and check social media profiles, and they go to your followers, okay, and only using number of followers. They go on and they check your followers and your friends followers, and they list all of this, you know, they build the network, and then 30% of the numbers. Start with a number one. Okay, 17% of the numbers will start with a number two. It’s like 1011 ish, I think on number three, and it goes down in a curve if you were to graph it out. It’s a curve he was shown. Yeah.

Mike VO 21:54
So where At what point on that graph? Are you related to Kevin Bacon

Roy Merritt 22:06
go in here he is, again. I think it was a whole nother fire. She takes this basically this curve and all of these social media profiles, okay? All of the real ones, the real ones, okay? Follow like you go in and you map out just just by using number of followers, okay? You could map this curve out when they didn’t match the curve. They would go do more investigation and they found over 150,000 Russian bots that were that were like, and we’ve all seen them you know, they just, they’ve never I’ve never

Mike VO 22:43
seen a Russian bot.

Roy Merritt 22:44
They just have random Yeah, they make random comments and they like you shake your shit. Do

Mike VO 22:49
they point they shout them

Roy Merritt 22:50
all. And it’s across like everything in the world like at bio crazy

Shane Langdon 22:58
awesome powers fanbox

Mike VO 22:59
No, no, I’m not gonna

Roy Merritt 23:02
code thing like seriously it’s in every end and they, they basically you can take like any group of numbers and they use this like in the IRS and stuff like that to to check for fraud. Basically like if shit. However it works in the world, it’s so hard to explain you have to watch this this show. And it’s this little skinny guy with glasses. And it’s like he explained weird Should I watch science shows? Yeah, so

Mike VO 23:28
it’s Branson’s code

Roy Merritt 23:31
for Bedford’s code, and then for so it’s super interesting, though. But they apply this to numbers all around the world. And like if it doesn’t match, there’s something wrong every time. And you wouldn’t think, you know, generally speaking, if you were going to grab a group of numbers that there would be more of one number than another you would think it would be completely random. You know, nothing’s right, but nothing is random. That’s what they prove in the shoot. It’s like, Oh, yeah, use random nothing. Nothing, you know, the number of people in cities like they just take like any number they apply to shit. It’s all it’s all cork science. We see.

Shane Langdon 24:11
Yeah, they say use it for law for fraud detection, auditing. And then he analyzed 2229 sets of numbers including areas of rivers, baseball averages, atomic weights, electricity bills, and more. Funny multi digit numbers beginning with one, two or three appear more frequently than multi digit numbers repeating four or five or six.

Roy Merritt 24:30
Yeah, and they all like I said, they use this. What year was that found in on all kinds? It was like 159 1938

Shane Langdon 24:37
was when he was Oh, they said 150 years ago on the show.

So one was Simon Newcomb. The starting Okay, that was the guy that was

Mike VO 24:48
obviously they didn’t use the code. Okay.

Roy Merritt 24:51
So nukem was the guy that discovered that the pages like I was talking about, like the early pages and I guess benford was the one that put it down on paper and figured Got one man

Unknown Speaker 25:00
so better and when why

Aaron Staudinger 25:02
he figured out people got bored easily the first three pages in one

Mike VO 25:07
paper about how they didn’t use the back half of the book.

Shane Langdon 25:12
Like how we got on this tangent about letting people 65%

Roy Merritt 25:19
there has to be a way we need to figure it out. There has to be a way we can apply it to the power sports industry that would be totally interesting.

Aaron Staudinger 25:28
Oh, there’s there’s no tying that together, man. Not at all.

Roy Merritt 25:31
I guess I could look something up and actually read it, but that that the whole benford law thing was super interesting. And like I said, they would take the most random shit and you know, the first number and and, and in the end, I really didn’t understand how deep it went because it was always like, Well, the first number I’ll start with this and I’m like, Okay, what about like the second, third, fourth, fifth number? How do we figure those out? You know, but whatever it was. I’m drawing a complete blank. Now on most of the things they talked about there, but he goes around and, you know, different places and these different people that have applied it in weird ways to life and they’re, you know, like I said, the social media one was really eye opening, you know, because this one was like, Yeah, I started checking profiles and blah, blah, blah. And so, if you took, you know, your followers, and then every one of your followers and how many followers they have, and map them. It’ll be number one will be 30%.

Mike VO 26:35
Yeah, but you know, it’s the first number, but 30% mean, what do you what does that mean? How do you what’s the number one significant in your followers?

Roy Merritt 26:44
Well, it just it’s the number sequence. It’s

Unknown Speaker 26:49
like the amount of followers you have.

Roy Merritt 26:53
So if you’d like I have 300 followers, you have 300 followers. You have 500 followers, you have 1000 And followers, you have 1500 followers, you know, you go through all your lists 30% of those numbers are going to start with the number one

Unknown Speaker 27:09
without fail.

Mike VO 27:10
So what that means is, if you have 1000 followers

Roy Merritt 27:15
until you get to 2030, there 30%

Mike VO 27:17
of all your followers are going to have 100 either 1000 10,000 or 100 followers correct.

Roy Merritt 27:26
And they said that held true on almost like they didn’t say almost they said on all

Unknown Speaker 27:30
Don’t you think that it has to do with threshold of those numbers. So once you get to 1000 so basically thousands for quite a while. So do you get the 10,000 you’re in 10 thousands quite a while, I would assume or millions? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 27:42
I just watched a TV show on it last night.

Mike VO 27:47
So I might have been a little over 700 followers, your profiles fake.

Roy Merritt 27:56
Your Wow. No, that’s not it. It’s So if you were to go in and map out like, like I said, all the ones they found that were fake, didn’t have the Oh, another one was photography. So they go to you know, you get all these fake photos out on the internet now. They’re made up of pixels, and still fake photos. There’s like, each pixel has it like a number generation or whatever. And they go in and map this out. And a real photo meets the Ben firs curve as you like, if you were to take that photo and put it on your computer and then resave it. It does that curve down. So it because it like doubles everything. So everything that started with a one now starts with the two, you know what I mean? Because you’re receiving everything which makes sense in computer sense. You know, you’re taking it you’re receiving it so it has to save over it. It’s going to double up the numbers. And each time you save it, it pulls that in curved down and the said they can tell fake photos like that using benford law. So what how do we get from like, you know, from here to here on using this same number curve well it

Mike VO 29:14
seems like that’s the only use it

Roy Merritt 29:16
actually has. What for finding fraud

Mike VO 29:19
for finding fake photographs on the internet there because i mean i don’t see what I want a job where they can just I can just make money to see how many followers people have and whether it’s their fake or not. I bet that person probably didn’t. How do you get that fucking job? Yeah, but that’s that jobs got to be easier than the real field guy. Which is my dream job by the way.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Government it’s a government funded project can you probably become pretty wealthy?

Unknown Speaker 29:48
Doing it?

Unknown Speaker 29:50
What are we looking at? photoshopped photo? Yeah,

Mike VO 29:55
I like those. I like those. shits like on Facebook where they like they asked me to Photoshop This and then regret what they wish for and that’s legit like take the guy out of the picture and so fuck it all up.

Roy Merritt 30:08
Yeah, I love that yeah like hey can you Photoshop you without this and then it gets back and it’s exactly what you asked for kind of like does you know be careful what you ask God kind of things like a

Unknown Speaker 30:19
look at the ass on that yeah I didn’t know Amir’s bent like that

Unknown Speaker 30:25
he set you on fire

Unknown Speaker 30:28
take this guy’s arm out of the photo so that he takes these got no arms.

Roy Merritt 30:36
Anyway, so apparently people are applying Bedford’s law to coat Oh, elections was another one.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
So if you vote

Mike VO 30:46
more than once it’s fraud.

Roy Merritt 30:49
Nobody could tell if they were faked. They could tell if like somebody came in and adjusted them because naturally numbers will follow bedfords But if you put human thought into changing those numbers, then first law won’t apply.

Mike VO 31:05
So they can use it

Roy Merritt 31:06
for elections, but they use it like Enron. Enron was a big one. But they went through their books and basically took all their numbers for everything, put them out and it didn’t match benford law and they’re like this bullshit. Seriously duty. It is that fucking weird any set of numbers, they take them and they lay them down. So you know, naturally, a human is going to be random as fuck if you’re going to write down 100 random numbers, I guarantee you it won’t follow it. You know what I mean? But if you take 100 natural, random numbers, you know, that weren’t created by a human like it’s uh, you know how high mountains are whatever. I think that was the number of volcanoes or how big the volcanoes were or whatever they were. There was some.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
There was something about

Roy Merritt 31:54
volcanoes It was also followed Bedford’s law. So if you want to be removed But it’s it’s super interesting and I’m gonna have to like find a good book or something to read on it. I understand it, but

Unknown Speaker 32:09
you lost me like a 20 minutes ago.

Roy Merritt 32:12
Super cool I guess

Mike VO 32:15
if you took a person and told them to write down 100 random numbers, they would not be random at all.

Shane Langdon 32:22
What does this have to

Mike VO 32:23
do? Nothing.

Unknown Speaker 32:28
On the cutting room floor here,

Mike VO 32:29
we have the ability of being random.

Shane Langdon 32:33
This conversation is fucking pretty random.

Mike VO 32:39
Because every time we do a podcast within a certain number of minutes to start with a one we

Unknown Speaker 32:46
do, let’s say we have 109 episodes. It was any kind of real time, but I bet

Roy Merritt 32:55
Season Episodes whatever if they say I had like two 500 episodes, whatever. We wanted to map how quickly we got off of topic. I bet it would follow them for they applied it to music. It was like Beethoven. And all they looked at was how long the notes were held for. So like, quarter note, half note, you know, how long the notes were held for benders law? Yeah, like, like, mainly the, the, I guess the successful stuff, the real music, you know, benford law, like, they went through so many different things on the show that by the end of it, I was as confused as probably you guys are now. And I was like, of course, I had a kid and a wife like wanting to talk and through the whole thing. So I did miss him stuff. But it was like, I was like, I have to understand this and the correlate

Unknown Speaker 33:48
data, the number of customers that bring their own parts into the shop versus the orders that are fucked

Unknown Speaker 33:53

Unknown Speaker 33:54
hours that we spent fixing it, you can

Unknown Speaker 33:56
see there so I think it’s all work because clearly the Fish are back if they’re fishing

Unknown Speaker 34:11
animal we hear things like Chinese calendar. That’s incorrect. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
I like the way she says.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
Either way.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
She means rooster. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:33
I know. You said caulk.

Mike VO 34:35
But they’re all penises with like a

Roy Merritt 34:38
with animals. I mean, I believe in that I, I if I go fishing I usually piss in the river. You know, show me dig.

Shane Langdon 34:46
I have like that’s because of the beer. Yeah.

Mike VO 34:51
Which we think about it kind of looks like a penis.

Unknown Speaker 34:57
What’s this?

Roy Merritt 34:58
That’s john. Was he gonna drink it or did Yeah, okay. Okay. All right.

Shane Langdon 35:05
You walked away and then ran back instead of down.

Roy Merritt 35:07
Yeah, I was gonna drink it on my buckle if he left I’ll drink his beer I don’t get my fucking job.

Mike VO 35:14
So we were we were at a podcast A while ago.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Well, you know, it

Shane Langdon 35:24
will put a note for the listeners like 30 minutes ago just scroll past

five minutes.

Unknown Speaker 35:32

Mike VO 35:33

Roy Merritt 35:36
you know, we talked about a lot of it, you know, warranty, you know, you buy some parts you bring them in six months from now. They fail. Why am I going to put my time out to try to

Shane Langdon 35:48
supply the parts?

Roy Merritt 35:50
Again, you cut my throat, you know, and and, and a lot of that goes back to Okay, what do you do for a living? Okay, and no matter what the answer is there How would you feel about me coming in doing half your job and paying you half as much? And yes, you stop to think about that for a second, like,

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Oh, I wouldn’t feel good about it.

Roy Merritt 36:14
You know, you know, you go to the doctor’s office and you’re like, Oh, hey, I have my own stethoscope. And the little thing you hit your knee with. And I brought my own gloves and tongue depressor. So, I mean, how about 60 instead of $80 a visit? You know, like it. We deal with that all the time. You know, guys come in, and they’re like, Well, you know, it’s just a set of throttle cables. I mean, I have the cables myself, which is going to take like a half an hour. Do it then. Yeah, dude, if you’re totally going to take your half an hour, what are you doing here? You’ve spent more than that. Wait for me to talk to you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
You know, like, and and everybody wants to play it down.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Okay, how is that cop?

Unknown Speaker 36:58
The clock is I would say that 75 years old 75 years

Unknown Speaker 37:06
old for a car.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
What’s that?

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Is not old for a crock. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Now how do you repair explain it.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
The first thing is make sure that they’re both

Unknown Speaker 37:24

Unknown Speaker 37:26
leveled. Okay? It’s about 10 inches. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 37:36
Yes, yes. There’s something in the back. It does wind up. I don’t have the keys. Oh. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:46
Small clock.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
The clock though because I don’t have

Unknown Speaker 37:55
okay. I don’t have a key. Can you repair this

Unknown Speaker 38:01
I just need to see.

Unknown Speaker 38:13

Unknown Speaker 38:18

Unknown Speaker 38:20
Oh my god, do you fix the clock with your own hands?

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Okay, we have a certified master coffee maker here able to analyze and tell you exactly what happened to your coffee at the time and the pies to do so. Okay, now this clock it’s, it’s all black. Come in. That’s so simple. Okay, cuz I have a 10 inch black cock and you could take a look and see if you can work it and fix it. With your head. You can fix it with your hands.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Yes. Thank you very much. Thank you. Bye bye

Unknown Speaker 38:59
yeah Have no idea.

Roy Merritt 39:03
Yeah. Yeah, I mean 75 years old 10 inches long. That’s impressive gravity work.

Shane Langdon 39:11
Damn. The balls are like

Roy Merritt 39:13
two feet. Does it get that much bigger as you get older? Can’t wait to

Unknown Speaker 39:22
get over Elio they said life gets good.

Roy Merritt 39:27
No wonder the fucking villages and nothing but fucking old people having sex. They’re here but they’re shut down there man that is awesome dude I fucking love it. Oh

Mike VO 39:38
them Epstein’s village was an old people.

Roy Merritt 39:41
Oh, yeah. The village in, in in outside of these birds that was all people it’s like the STD capital of Florida. That’s the best part Oh people

Unknown Speaker 39:53
just swing wide and then throttle.

Unknown Speaker 39:56

Unknown Speaker 39:58
right up that wall I’d eaten at a dirt bike

Unknown Speaker 40:04
he pulled the forklift out the day I looked at him I was like I think you should probably

Shane Langdon 40:15
somebody somebody bring the bike in the doors go down in there start beeping the horn. Like Who is it? I’m like I don’t know, but it’s not

the thoughts of stop as the doorbells

Roy Merritt 40:30
I’ve never wanted to videotape so bad

Shane Langdon 40:35
the way he peeled himself off up it was just awesome.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
I still can’t it makes me hurt thinking about it. I don’t know how that kid made it through it dude. Oh, as old as he is now.

Shane Langdon 40:49
I mean, he’s got offspring.

Roy Merritt 40:51
So we need to start getting some. I was telling Aaron today when you when you start get some bits, I guess as they used to say on the radio Like somebody needs to grab, like, best Instagram post or best fail or something, and somebody grabbed the fucking bike I say, I’ll get

Unknown Speaker 41:12
to that he saw a penis Park and the most ridiculous

Roy Merritt 41:16
thing is the most ridiculous recent news. Mike, Mike Mike always find this shit. Mike Mike digs deep. Yeah, you know. And with the COVID thing, there’s ridiculous news everywhere. You know,

Shane Langdon 41:37
I’m so so

Roy Merritt 41:38
I was. So I was out of the national park or state park this weekend, the penis Park. It wasn’t the penis Park. And so there was a trail It was like two miles or whatever. So we walked it, no big deal. And like, a guy and his kid are walking down the trails. Nobody around, okay. They have their masks. On and he’s like giving me the stink eye as we’re walking by and there was six or seven of sweet kids and whatnot. We’re walking around who the fuck cares we’re in the woods, get over yourself. But like he gives me the state guys he goes by he’s got his mask on and I’m like, do you know how fucking stupid you are for wearing your mask right now? Like why do you Why are you wearing that mask? You’re wearing it because the TV told you to do know why you’re wearing that mask. It’s so you don’t spread COVID to other people. Now you are in the woods and you do not have COVID or people who are still it will not keep you from getting it. It is not it is not a fucking filter that is going to keep you from getting a virus right? It is only keeping your saliva and the shit that comes out of your mouth from spreading to everyone else. So you can give me the stink guy but the I am giving you his pity because Sirius is your son. Yeah, I mean it drives you people driving I can’t tell you how many times I see people driving. Passenger driver like wearing basket I’m like

Shane Langdon 43:14
unless it says Lyft or Uber on the car. Yeah. Okay, Uber.

Roy Merritt 43:17
Yeah, I’ll get that you get a pass Yeah, I will. I will I will pitch but

Shane Langdon 43:21
as soon as it two people sitting in the front seat of a car

Unknown Speaker 43:24
but even then like either buy it or you don’t Yeah, either by this shits gone down to the extent they say it is or you don’t

Unknown Speaker 43:30
you touching each other at that point,

Shane Langdon 43:33
that you probably do have something so Microsoft gave me about the BBC was trying to do a study. And he’s coming back. So he’ll he might know a little bit more, but the BBC is trying to study and so they’re doing groups of 100 like test groups, multiple groups of 100. And they’re trying to basically infect everybody with COVID and that and those groups to then test, you know, antivirus or antibodies, and between the different groups of variants of what it’s like 20 to 40% to 50% 30 to 50% of the people in the groups were not actually getting the COVID they’re being injected with because they already have the antibodies from a previous flu or cold from the year that was able to knock it out so they never actually got the full virus.

Mike VO 44:16
So they keep having to find new control groups to do that’s what

Unknown Speaker 44:20
one is everyone running around with the hand sanitizer and all this kind of stuff. Yours good.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
Yeah, I don’t know. Hey, no, no. We can

Unknown Speaker 44:29
pinch it off.

Roy Merritt 44:30
Well, no, but it’s there’s nothing wrong with the world being conscious about how fucking sanitary they are. Or grind. Okay, there is nothing.

But seriously, I mean, in the end, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, that’s a good idea. You know, if you’re sick, yes, you should wear a mask. I think that that should be

Unknown Speaker 44:59
I think you should start Stay home.

Roy Merritt 45:00
Well, yeah, if you have to go do something, and you are sick, because sometimes you know, you’re sick, you have to go do shit. You should wear a mask. You know, these are things that should have been everyday life for us a long time ago, but shutting down the world for a disease that has affected less than 20%. Yeah, you’re gonna get picked up by less than 1% of the population. Yeah. I mean, you’re literally shitting on over 10% of the population

Unknown Speaker 45:33
98% because

Roy Merritt 45:34
there’s a chance they might get sick.

Mike VO 45:36
There’s a billion people on earth now, right? Yeah, I think so. And I think it just reached What? 7 million, which is less than 1% of the total. What’s the total COVID count worldwide? Oh, well, we could look that up pretty

Roy Merritt 45:51
easily. Yeah. I was just looking here at how long

Unknown Speaker 45:56
the only thing I don’t want you to do is get the fuck out would be I don’t want you to get Give the liberal idiots credit if it doesn’t work because they’ll fucking figure out how to turn that into a sound Oh yeah,

Roy Merritt 46:06
well if it was

Unknown Speaker 46:08
a 1018 points 6 million confirm it’s a 111 point 2

Shane Langdon 46:14

is another one and then 700 to 3000 deaths.

Mike VO 46:21
That doesn’t follow the

Unknown Speaker 46:26

Unknown Speaker 46:28
That’s a lie.

Roy Merritt 46:32
I still I still stand behind that we all had this shit before anybody knew what it was Oh, back in January it’s been being passed around for a while. Yeah, we all got and there is everything we have done has been for near not you know that it’s going to spread it’s going to do its thing. Even the books and everything they talked about that predicted this say it goes away as fast as the pure political play man. Yeah, you know how you know why it goes away as fast as popped up the election. Yeah, no shit.

Mike VO 47:03
Well, I think the hype is gonna go away. Well, people

Roy Merritt 47:06
are gonna get tired of the bullshit. I’m already there.

Mike VO 47:10
You are all there, you would think they would. It seems like they’re like,

Unknown Speaker 47:15
go on. Okay, it depends what country you’re in and what kind of level of indoctrination I think so here’s

Roy Merritt 47:22
a little video, okay, just like a video of me talking to you and saying, hey, if you have a brain, I can actually see what’s going on right now. Go out and vote. I don’t need to tell you who to vote for. Fix this fucking shit. That’s it. You know? Like, I don’t have to be biased if you understand what the fuck I’m trying to say. You understand what the fuck up drivers say? Yep. You know, you know

Mike VO 47:47
what I think would be cool. If there was a way that I could opt out of like paying federal subsidies for other people and at the same time cut myself off from being able to receive said subsidies. You don’t weigh that? Well, if there was just a way that I could say, I am going to disengage from the welfare program so I’m not paying any money to people for welfare and I also accept the consequence of never being able to receive there is a way to do that.

Unknown Speaker 48:15
And I forgot what it’s called tax evasion. No.

Roy Merritt 48:19
We’re not working to

Unknown Speaker 48:22
our welfare there. There is a way to do that. But I think it it requires you to like force our ability to vote and all that kind of stuff like that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:30
you the only way you can not do that is not pay taxes. No, there there is a word for it. You can’t

Roy Merritt 48:35
remember what it is exactly so many years.

Mike VO 48:38
You can as long as you’re paying money into the federal government, it’s gonna go to welfare somehow,

Unknown Speaker 48:43
right? No, but there is a way that you can opt out of all of that stuff. Really?

Unknown Speaker 48:47

Unknown Speaker 48:48
Okay. Well, if you can do that, So

Unknown Speaker 49:07
I feel like we’re wrapping up.

Unknown Speaker 49:21
Wait for it.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
Don’t buy your own shit.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Long story short, don’t bring your own parts in here don’t know.

Aaron Staudinger 49:55
This to a point we just cannot stay on target.

Roy Merritt 49:57
So here’s the deal one, you get into a shop that’s really busy. And you fuck up their schedule. You fuck up their schedule and you’re costing a lot of people money, you know, if you don’t trust your shop to give you a deal, and to order your parts properly and all of that, go to a different shop. You know, if you don’t feel that the shop you’re at deserves your money or, you know, you think you can get it better than them then do it yourself. You know, don’t don’t Well, I can save 50 bucks here every time I see somebody try to save 50 bucks spend 200 they spend 200 every time well. Yeah, but I can get that from here for 50 bucks less. Okay, well they get it in it’s got a scratch on it. Two weeks later they get the part back in the bikes been sitting they missed their ride, you know, so many times. Can you deliver it?

Shane Langdon 50:58
Yeah, for $75

Roy Merritt 51:00
Yeah, you didn’t want to buy the parts from me and you didn’t want to pay my labor rate. So you know, you you talked me down, and I gave you a really good deal. And now you want me to go even more above and beyond? Yeah. And the problem really lies in that we do it.

Shane Langdon 51:17
Well, it’s because otherwise they’ll go online and just rip us off my bike and

Roy Merritt 51:24
a guy comes in he buys his own parts he comes in you have nothing but problems and he blows you up on the internet talking about how you guys didn’t know what you’re doing. But

Unknown Speaker 51:31
it goes deeper than that. I mean, honestly, we want to do a good job. Yeah, I want my bikes turnout, badass. I really do. And that’s that’s part of the cost and buying the part is the support that you get along with purchasing that part. That’s the way I look at it.

Roy Merritt 51:44
Yeah, sure. Well, and you’re you’re feeding off of the experience of, you know, the people in your shop. Like I said, if you don’t trust the people in your shop, man, you are in the wrong shop,

Unknown Speaker 51:57
especially if you work there. Yes.

Roy Merritt 52:04
wherever it is, you buy your jeans and you’re like, well, you know I can get buttons from China for a lot less

Unknown Speaker 52:13
button if

Mike VO 52:15
you already have been to China.

Roy Merritt 52:19
Dude funny story. It was, what was the other one? Maybe it was Abercrombie. might have been Abercrombie had a buddy that wore like Abercrombie. So we’re talking mid 90s. Okay, so he buys this never forget it was like a navy blue Abercrombie. I’m pretty sure it was Abercrombie. It was like a regular hat, like nice dark, almost like a dark navy blue. And we had taken pictures, it was probably 9798 because we take pictures for school. And then it was like a year or two later. And he his picture in his school for college. had him in this hat like brand new. And he’s still wearing this fucking hat. And it’s like wore out you know what I mean? Totally fuckin wore out. rips on the bill and like tore up and we were walking through the mall or wherever one day we went into Abercrombie and the hats they were selling looked exactly like the hat it was on his head, like two years old like all worn out and he’s like when I when I bought my new look new So wait, people are paying to have a two year old book and tears and rips and everything and I’m gonna look like they’re acid washed and the weird as videos that pop up on my feed, I assume on the other day of a laser doing that to jeans to like the ribs and stuff and they have like a whole system and like a laser comes out and that’s the end of it.

Mike VO 53:45
I think it goes. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 53:47
I just like the dish to take it to do Seville take a Josh Phil Yeah. The studs and the embroidery is where it starts to get Chinese I have a shirt

Unknown Speaker 54:01
that that says Yvonne douche on it.

Roy Merritt 54:05
I thought back new guy were new guys I do when is that a Thrasher pipe on my dad who distraction air pipes are pretty badass, you know, they make some cool GDC I fucking love thrash and I have like every one of their shirts and I was like, I bet you do.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
He’s new man. I know. I know. It’s exciting when you’re new. Yeah, yes. Oh yeah, he’s so

Shane Langdon 54:29
he took the feed Maxi fuse out of the bike before works on this

Roy Merritt 54:35
new guy fresh out of school, you know, first shop he’s in. He’s excited, you know? And he asked me the other days, like how long you’ve been doing this? And I was like, oh, about 10 years. And he’s like, you know, do you still? You still like it? You still you know, you’re still having fun. I was like, yeah, you know, it’s a cool ass job. I’m like, it’s like any other job. You have good days in Qf that Yeah, like, there are days that I don’t necessarily

Unknown Speaker 55:05
You know, Ricky Bobby had him some

Roy Merritt 55:09
days are better than others. But generally Yes, once I walk in the door I get in the shop, I have a good time at work every day, you know? Yeah, I struggle with some stuff and shit happens. But when it’s all said and done, if I overall look at it, I enjoy what I do. You know, I love I love the bikes. I’ve been doing it long enough that I understand them and how most things work. So it makes my job a little more, you know, easier and a little more fun. When I get into stuff that I don’t know, and I don’t understand. I love those challenges. You know, so yeah, every day, you know, we always find new stuff. And yeah, the new guy, he’s all ready to go and I’ll do whatever, you know, Mike asked him to do something today. He’s like, Yeah, man, I’m down to do whatever Mike’s like, I know you’re down to do whatever, man. That’s not what I’m worried about. Yeah, I just need to know that you’re gonna take your time and do this right. You know,

Mike VO 55:58
well, no, he I said okay, we’re good. You’re going to take the rocker boxes off. Now what I want you to do is take the tank off, and then come and then wait and come get me. And he takes the tank off, starts taking the motor mount off box the frame up. I’m like, you just cost us like $2,000 man and it took you like five minutes to do. What I asked you to take the tank off and wait for me. But I

Unknown Speaker 56:21
had the manual, the manual didn’t say anything about this.

Mike VO 56:26
Right. I know you’re enthusiastic. I told him I said Hey, man, we don’t need you to impress us with your knowledge because you have none. Yeah, we need you to impress us with your listening skills and your question ability like yeah, help me. But he

Roy Merritt 56:42
did something the other day. That’s what you need to impress us with your force. He’s that guy, that brute force of stuff. And he did something the other day. When you say when you say that? They’re trying to think of what it was. He did something the other day

Shane Langdon 56:56
yesterday, his first day.

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Trying to see what it was I did something and

Unknown Speaker 57:04
I was like, Okay,

Roy Merritt 57:04
he’s brute force, you can tell right off the bat, you know, he’s that guy that’s gonna or and just wrench it in, you know, I foresee some

Mike VO 57:14
no i don’t think he’s I think day number two I think he’s went okay hold on a second Oh, he’s sore today he told me

Roy Merritt 57:21
he was like Yeah, I’ve been working while

Unknown Speaker 57:23
he’s like,

Roy Merritt 57:27
he’s like, I’m gonna lift this lift up. He’s like, cuz I’m a little sore from yesterday and I’m like, okay, and he’s like, we don’t have air and I was like, till the air compressor comes on, and we’re working off the ground. So I got down there with him. I was doing some stuff and I was like, Yeah, dude, believe it or not, just couple months ago, I kind of came from the front, you know, back to the back and I said, one of my first days the compressor was out all day. And I said, I just went at it working on the ground didn’t think much about it, and I said, I could barely walk. I was like, I ain’t gonna lie. Dude, I came into work the next day like Oh, fuck Have 100 more squats so I’ve ever done in my life? A long time, you know? But yeah, you know, when the bikes on the ground you’re up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down and I just didn’t realize that day I was like, Well, fuck, I can do this. You know, no big deal. I forget them, you know, 40 plus years old now I get to

Unknown Speaker 58:18
me this weekend. I’m sawnwood trying to put planking up on my walls.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
My legs were sore on Tuesday. I was hurting your kitchen. Do you want a barn?

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Do you have a dog? I have a How big is the river there by you? A man is probably about

Unknown Speaker 58:38
50 feet wide to river to river give a dock. Not yet Not that won’t get washed away on a bobcat.

Shane Langdon 58:43

Unknown Speaker 58:48
pontoon boat.

Unknown Speaker 58:49
You come out and say a

Roy Merritt 58:51
word like fish and I was like, ooh, I wonder if Aaron’s got a doc I was like I feel puking on his dog make his doc bigger. Now. You rebuilt the bogie pontoon boat out there on a pontoon boat. Yeah. And that’s what I said. I was like, dude, I’ll get a motor should also give the keys to Aaron he won’t mind if he can use it. He will give him

Unknown Speaker 59:11
a hard time getting a kayak down there, right.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Yeah, it gets overgrown.

Roy Merritt 59:17
He quickly I’m sure I’m sure yeah, I lived on a lake I was lucky enough the lake I lived on was pretty Sandy down by the water so we have to fight that too much. But

Unknown Speaker 59:29
yeah, chain

Unknown Speaker 59:32
chains out.

Mike VO 59:33
Chains out.

Unknown Speaker 59:34

Unknown Speaker 59:36

Roy Merritt 59:39
this this might be one of our shorter episodes. When it’s all said and done.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
We should we should tie it into another episode. I still

Roy Merritt 59:46
like the Don’t be Don’t be that guy. We should

Unknown Speaker 59:49
do part one and part two and tie this into another part and just weave it together. Well,

Shane Langdon 59:57
Johnny five minutes of context, so it won’t be that hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
Don’t be that guy.

Roy Merritt 1:00:10
Like, oh, Georgia Tech guy working on his bike out front or Yeah, service drives another great one. So the only reason I will not bitch about that, and Rody has experienced it is if I’m out riding somewhere and my bike breaks down, I’m gonna have a really hard time letting somebody else work on it, you know, but

Mike VO 1:00:32
then you’re that guy,

Roy Merritt 1:00:33
but and yeah and roadie did it. He went to another dealership like barter guys tools did in the parking lot. You know, he’s like, Hey, I’m attacking another dealer.

Shane Langdon 1:00:40
Guy is not attacking.

Mike VO 1:00:43
That dude is a tweaker. And he and we gave a countdown and then I was like, that’s it. I’m putting it on lift and charging you and he was like, and I said, we’re done. We’re done. This guy’s doing this for free. You’re in the middle of the fucking floor. Where is on the left? Wait 10 minutes. Yeah, yeah, we’re put we’re opening up a work order and you You’re still working

Shane Langdon 1:01:00
on it. Yeah yeah because because the the harness that sticks to the fender was hanging out the side what you do and he’s like well, yeah but the wires that I’ve seen it the wires are shredded just work my turn signals and I was like well your brake lights stuck on he goes it’s okay I got three years I got some double sided tape in my toolbox. I’ll just stick it back up, Mike. Cool. Get it out of here. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:01:25
and we and now we’re gonna touch on some here because this is where I started getting irritated because these are the same guys that will go online and be like, Oh, my fucking bike always leaks oil and I have nothing but problems with it and it’s blah, blah, blah. And then they end up buying something, you know. And in the end, it’s because they are not maintaining their bikes properly.

Mike VO 1:01:49
In the end, it didn’t even matter.

Roy Merritt 1:01:55
Matter Yeah, but seriously, it you know, that’s what irritates me the most the whole Harley’s leak oil thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
I put my truck

Roy Merritt 1:02:04
Yeah, she came from 2030 years ago, you know, 30 years ago really at this point. And now the Harley’s delete oil or guys that are not maintaining their bikes properly. Yeah, you know it Oh, does your I still no matter what else you’re still here, I know all you guys do. Sooner or later you will talk to somebody older, you’re hardly legal oil. And I’m like, no, no. And they kind of look at you and I’m like, you know, Harley’s don’t fucking leak oil anymore. They were designed to leak oil at one time on the fucking chain. Yeah, and people gave them a bad rap for it because they did not understand why it leaked oil. It was designed that way. You know it. That stigma of the old people I think is what part of what hurt us for a little while. And at some point we break out of that. So something to talk about the hardly overseas and I know you guys might have read a little bit about it they they ventured in with like a Chinese company doing I don’t know if a Chinese or Japanese or what but I think it’s I don’t think it’s Japanese doing a 350 It’s a 350 cc bike and like the company that makes them the kind of release something and it looks actually really fucking cool like, I would fucking ride the shit out of one

Mike VO 1:03:24
who’s venturing with them

Roy Merritt 1:03:26
I think it’s a Chinese company. Let’s see, I’ll google it here with you like that and I don’t know if you know this Are we still doing that or did they leave

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Canada as of recently

Roy Merritt 1:03:37
Yeah, Harley has completely abandoned that as of like a month or two from now it’ll be done yeah, we nothing we’ve known that they stopped coming with them but they’ve like officially said fuck it.

Mike VO 1:03:51
Well, that’s cuz jokin sites is like what the fuck are we spent all this money for? You

Roy Merritt 1:03:55
know, it’s still tracking people who gets a motorcycle. Yeah,

Mike VO 1:03:58
it was. It was fucking real. Billions of dollars of r&d and it was so not only was it dumb and nobody wanted it but it was super complicated so I’m going to show this guys to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:07
How fucking cool is that?

Mike VO 1:04:11
Now here’s this this is a we

Roy Merritt 1:04:12
still have like a line that’s what I wanted to talk about. So that you know they’ve been talking about this is June 23 is a little while back but this is quiet on Jang How do you say that quiet on Jang you know what I see

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
and rip of those on a dirt track somewhere tearing it up

Roy Merritt 1:04:34
distinct looks like fucking fun. So, you know if you’re listening and you want to go on, searched Harley 350 cc, and you’ll get a psycho world has an article about this thing. And my question is, are we still gonna see this stuff

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
please blow up

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
We all looked at

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
full throttle

Shane Langdon 1:05:19
body buddy oh yeah 4500 that thing comes alive hundred and 60 160 horsepower 130 foot pounds of torque on

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
18 seconds of every ride there are

Roy Merritt 1:05:34
three and a half seconds of each gear

Mike VO 1:05:37
guys that like that setup because they do freeway right racing. Yeah, you know what I mean? So they’re they’re doing rolling starts at 70 miles an hour and then yeah you know going and going three four miles down the road so

Shane Langdon 1:05:49
they’re saying this is 151 151

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
Hey, describe the customers name will be left nameless but describe the kind of look on his face on the table. Right that we saw today

Shane Langdon 1:06:02
You mean the one that pulled out of the drive and wasn’t wasn’t straight and whacked it and then got sideways when through the stop sign and by the time we got your desk was already coming back and hold the

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
took the helmet off his eyes looked like watermelon. Yeah, he was

Shane Langdon 1:06:21
like the throttle response on this thing’s amazing because I was like, how do you feel after you got rid of the your mp3 and your white bands is like, Oh, it’s all responses. Amazing. I’m like, yeah, it’s like, you’d have 130 foot pounds you let go. And you have 150 foot pounds top and 100 140 horsepower is like, yeah, it’s good. I’m like, he’s all that’ll do. And he’s like, trying to play it off. But like, he didn’t even make it a quarter of a mile

Roy Merritt 1:06:46
episode on dyno tuning on what it is and what it really means and

Shane Langdon 1:06:53
you know,

Roy Merritt 1:06:56
difference in you know, different places. We’re talking about some today, some Took you know their bike to somewhere else and had to retune him like I got two horsepower. And it was like, well, you might have lost four horsepower, you really don’t know because you went to a different fucking machine. Yeah, it could have been hotter, it could have been colder. There are so many variables for run like that two horsepower, you could do that on the same bike in two different days. You can say, the same day just had four degrees in the room. But I’m just saying, you know, difference in a humid day and a dry day or a hot day in a cold day, can be can be huge in those numbers, especially when you’re getting in the 140 50 range, you know, a couple of horsepower is less at that point. You know, it’s, it’s less of a percentage, you know, it’s less of a portion of it. But you know that that’s another one I would like to do because I know at least the three of us do understand

Mike VO 1:07:48
that can easily be Don’t be that guy for two, actually. Yeah, because I fucking kid the guy that today like I’ve been talking to him for three months, and he just kept trying to get out of it. Get down. I’m like we do whatever you want, man. It’s your fucking motorcycle.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
What not

Mike VO 1:08:02
this guy you can do anything you want your motorcycle but I’m telling you right now, you don’t you hear me the other guy from New York that well, but I got it I have a bisogni two into one short side pipe. I’m not fucking tuning it dead Yeah. Well no, I want to I want to keep the pipe. Well you’re complaining to me that it does

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
the problem of giving you a fix and you’re telling

Mike VO 1:08:25
you that you need to change your pipe and then we’ll dyno tune it. And you don’t want to change the point the pipe. Well, I’m not going to take your money then because I’m not gonna have you drive all the way from New York to Tennessee. Well, did you hear me talking to the guy with the 170?

Roy Merritt 1:08:38
So I walked up front today, customers kind of talk and I just can’t I can’t help but get involved. And he’s like, yeah, it’s really noisy and I was I heard the words Featherstone. Yeah, he’s really heard. Woods lifters are really noisy and I was like, Well, yeah, that someone

Mike VO 1:08:55
650 live cam well.

Roy Merritt 1:08:58
I told him I said well You know, as I’ve known it, Woods is pretty aggressive with the Rams, you know, on and off of the older lobes. They it was Twin Cam. Yeah. So I said you know, yeah, you know Woods lifters and Woods cams. It’s gonna be a little noisier than a lot of other cams, you know, just starting out there and he’s like, Why just add them and they just sound really good. And he’s talking, you know, I did a 117 ball. I’ve did the roller rockers. I was like, Whoa, we got roller Rockers, dude. He got Yeah. And I was like, man, I haven’t even heard your motor. And if you’re telling me you did a 117 with Woods cams, night prowlers and roller rockers. I’m going to tell you that’s a noisy mode.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
It’s like straight up that is a noisy

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
guy that used us up at dinner like two or three times.

Mike VO 1:09:47
Because he was like, everything is installed the Justice spot on I said, Well, if that was true, wouldn’t be noisy.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
Twin Cam though. You got into that 117 to build it. To build a nasty 170 it’s gonna be funny.

Mike VO 1:10:03
He just stared at me looking at me and I was

Roy Merritt 1:10:05
like, yeah, there’s no way to build a nasty Twin Cam and get 120 hundred 30 horsepower. That’d be fucking noise you serious? Not using woods and

Mike VO 1:10:24
it can be done. It’s been done. I’ve seen it

Roy Merritt 1:10:29
as a rule though they’re pretty noisy but I heard and I told him I said, I can’t tell them lifters would do anything and I said, here’s my problem

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
run solids, I’m not gonna

Roy Merritt 1:10:44
I’m not gonna tell you that lifters is gonna solve your issue because I don’t want to put them in for you and have you not be happy when it’s done? Yeah, I said, you know, it could but I don’t know I can’t hear it.

Mike VO 1:10:55
He said, I talked to him and he was like, Well, do you think it’s alright? And I said, Well, hey, Put on the Donald fuck around and find out yeah

Roy Merritt 1:11:02
well he asked me he’s just

Mike VO 1:11:06
like looking at me and I was like it’s either gonna go

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
or it’s gonna blow that’s it you

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
said that everything is just spot on so fuck it let’s go

Roy Merritt 1:11:19
know and I said well look I’ll tell you right now the guys that that put these on the dyno I said the guys that run the dyno because I don’t know better than I do

Shane Langdon 1:11:29
you talking about overalls

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
Yeah, okay.

Roy Merritt 1:11:33
Yeah so I said look man if you bring it in and they fire it up something’s wrong they’re not gonna put down the down here I said but if they fire it up in her they’re like it’s a noisy tweet camp they might put it

Unknown Speaker 1:11:51
in another home build that we had rolled in the door with all sorts of stuff wrong. I think that thing occupied what four or five, six days on your laptop. Oh that was a great one oh

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
I want to be careful yeah I have a listener

Roy Merritt 1:12:08
yeah so the guy myself that also have a bunch he was not mechanic I did a he did

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
Tim can set up he was an

Shane Langdon 1:12:18
office person by trade

Roy Merritt 1:12:27
I think some of his friends are fucking with him or something because some of the some of the information and the recommendations he got to build that thing there was so much Loctite going

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
on. Oh you hit like oil

Shane Langdon 1:12:40
oh yeah it’s in the Loctite

on oil the head bolts in oil. Yeah, so the hydro was trying to torque them down and then what happened? base gasket leak head

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
the thing was like

Shane Langdon 1:12:54
fried chicken in it to hold rubber gaskets in Jesus Yeah, cuz there that was As soon as

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
it gets hot it’s concertedly.

Mike VO 1:13:02
Google said it’s fine

Unknown Speaker 1:13:06
I saw three YouTube videos and was on full let me just say V twin forums and they all said that’s what they do know

Roy Merritt 1:13:13
you used to own metric bikes and you used RTV on everything but RGB does not have a place on a Harley.

Mike VO 1:13:21
Does Derby cover leaks? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:13:24
If you have an old Evo the Warped Derby cover maybe but even then the black cast

Mike VO 1:13:31
about Skeeter the guy that I worked with in guys

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
holster for his RTV

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
I’m not even making that shit up.

Mike VO 1:13:43
You so much black RTV he got a little like a drill holster that he kept it in. You know we always use those high speed ones that had the little you know, push it weird. Oh, yeah. I was surprised he didn’t have like a little flip thing so he could

Roy Merritt 1:13:58
ride with I’m not gonna blow him up. But he did a story on his Instagram he did a oil pump mod for his dyno. So he extended the the oil pump down so when he was up at 12 o’clock it was picking up from the bottom of the pan, okay? And he’s like yeah, well, my local dealer didn’t have a gasket so I’m just gonna put it back together with our TV and I was like

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
Jesus Christ

Roy Merritt 1:14:25
like Dude, it doesn’t really work and I i do they always leak I don’t know what it is like metric bikes man you put our TV on everything and they fucking seal so there you go. Does your Harley leak?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
Yes, it we are using RGB

Mike VO 1:14:40
gaskets No.

Roy Merritt 1:14:42
But yeah, you know, it’s so weird because people from the metric world RTV the fucking

Mike VO 1:14:47
everything and I never RTV anything on metric bikes. I worked on them.

Roy Merritt 1:14:50
There’s a bunch there’s a bunch of stuff that they actually feel like from like Honda Kawasaki was like RGB they should they tell you only

Mike VO 1:14:57
only shit that takes Casey Lin. That’s not our TV though.

Roy Merritt 1:15:04
Should I had an one I was a commerce

Mike VO 1:15:06
I mean I’ve rebuilt my climber told me to do I’ve rebuilt like a lot of metric bikes there I mean they do they’ll they will ask you to use like yamalube which is Casey yeah

Roy Merritt 1:15:18
yeah oh bond yamo yeah Yama bomb that’s just that’s it’s good

Mike VO 1:15:23
Yes. So they will call for that shit yeah I’ve never I’ve never seen him say RTV these covers

Roy Merritt 1:15:31
I guess maybe maybe it was didn’t come from a manual but in the metric world RGB is like

Mike VO 1:15:36
my might have come from you forum world.

Roy Merritt 1:15:39
forum on forum where a lot of metaphor Yeah. Or like a

Unknown Speaker 1:15:44
wall common practice in some circles way

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
out there. I like to use the orange because it’s good for water sensors.

Mike VO 1:15:55
Why water sensors? Yeah, Orange is orange doesn’t leak into the oil and fuck your sensors up for water pumps and shit. That’s why they use orange and cars, right? Sure it was orange, or is it orange? Yeah, it’s orange RTV that they use in cars like on on intake manifold stuff, because it doesn’t get in the in the antifreeze and fuck your thermostats and shut up. Whatever it is, I don’t know. But orange is okay for sensors. Not that it matters because I don’t use it on cars either. And I have 75 and there’s very little RTV on that Ford.

Roy Merritt 1:16:30
You know, I had a cow Saki and I used our TV and stuff on it even though I would put gaskets on I put our dp on the gaskets. Because that’s what I was told to do before I went

Mike VO 1:16:40
to school and stuff. Well what paper gaskets? It’s a good idea. Because paper gaskets Yeah, like the old James gaskets and stuff you put just a little tiny film around you don’t like gushing out Besides, but But yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:16:53
I mean it after like doing so much on a Harley and like cleaning service. furnaces and putting new gaskets and things like that. Yeah, I can’t I can’t use RTV anymore okay, well unless it’s already we

Mike VO 1:17:07
also it’s also the climate has changed quite a bit manufacturing is way better the metal is way less porous you know it’s like back in the old days you know gasket cinch and shit like that you had a

Roy Merritt 1:17:19
bit yeah we’re we’re getting you know primary covers probably you that are flat down to 10 thousandths of an inch. They were probably a thousandth of an inch, maybe 25 years. Yeah, yeah, in the 80s do seem like a lot then it then it warps in the

Mike VO 1:17:33
70s and 80s and 90s. Man, I mean, primary gaskets leaking was just kind of like you. Yeah, you’re gonna fix it. Not yet. It’s not bad enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
I got another pair of jeans who gives a fuck?

Roy Merritt 1:17:46
people that talk. It’s like, Well, it looks like it’s starting to leak. So yeah, let it go. Let it go a little bit more I’ll be able to warranty more. apart now there’s nothing wrong by measuring it so let it go noise Twinkie You should get it all the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01

Roy Merritt 1:18:02
Yeah, sounds a little noisy keep riding. We mean, man on. best I can explain this to us. If I take that motor apart right now, everything’s gonna measure in spec. But you ride it another five or 10,000 miles and it gets noisier and I take it apart. It’s not gonna measure in spec, and then I’ll be able to warranty something. But right now, keep riding it really good.

Mike VO 1:18:28
I owe that. Like, I know there’s a noise is it constant? Yeah. Oh, if it changes call me. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
Yeah, well, I

Roy Merritt 1:18:39
mean, you guys might be able to test Jordans on that I learned the hard way. I took apart way too many motors. Twin cams, especially chasing motor noises that especially like you could measure everything in that fucking motor it would measure to spec engine harmonic Yeah, everything you put it back together still make a fucking noise.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
windshields man, the engine harmonics, you know, the windshield

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
Yankees. Just right back at you, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
The noise goes away on the test ride. Yeah, I learned that from old timer. You know, when I was young, young tech and it was crazy. It kind of blew my mind at the time, you know?

Roy Merritt 1:19:15
And now why I don’t want to tear their motor apart. Yeah, you know, it’s like, Look, man, this is a Twin Cam. They make noise. Well, we had one the other day I had I worked on one it was a guy ESP was about to run out. He had a screaming Eagle 110 and it made flowmetry noise. Yeah, so when Mike and I went out and rode in, I’m like, yeah, there’s a little bit noise there. But it seems normal to me and I wrote it in I’m listening to it. Mike walks up and he’s like, sounds like 110 I’m like, pretty much that’s what that’s where I’m at. I don’t think I need to tear into this. Because probably like me, I’ve torn into those motors. I’ve torn into the especially the screamin Eagle one 10th I can’t tell you how many of those

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
but I figured out the side clearance on lifters. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cuz you’re like fuck

Roy Merritt 1:19:59
yeah, you Go in and there’s nothing you couldn’t fucking find on paper. That’s bad, but then they

Unknown Speaker 1:20:06

Roy Merritt 1:20:06
Yeah, frosting now remember the

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
way out and then they figured it out. They’re like, no.

Roy Merritt 1:20:13
Son of a bitch. And you can only lose 242 lifters at a time no more warranting for which doesn’t make sense to me because they’re so close together ultimately, you should replace them all

Unknown Speaker 1:20:25
but yeah, but

Mike VO 1:20:29
they’re all out of spec on the side clearance of the rollers. every fucking little note. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:34
little load for the guys there is this. I mean, I mean, cut that out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
Jason might be listening.

Roy Merritt 1:20:46
But yeah, I mean, there’s always a way around it, but in the end, they should leave this that way around it. Because they probably

Mike VO 1:20:53
do because how many people really look?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:56
Well? Yeah, here’s the best part.

Mike VO 1:20:58
Like you take like 10 times. thousand people how many of them are going to go and look at this that the were limits in the service manual and go

Roy Merritt 1:21:06
well wait a minute, there’s an end clearance on the rollers on lifters do we used to we used to check them on them flywheels and shit like do do we and then they took it out yeah so yeah

Mike VO 1:21:15
that’s enough people get get out there like I like I’m curious to see in 21 if we’re gonna have a cylinder spec

Unknown Speaker 1:21:24
or or

Unknown Speaker 1:21:26
kiss lamps because you say like when when the cylinders are worth and well you know no turquoise I’m like well you put it in the service manual yeah

Roy Merritt 1:21:34
torque place that’s what I was looking for. Yeah, it’s in

Mike VO 1:21:36
the service manual. And you don’t make torque plates. That’s not my fucking I

Roy Merritt 1:21:40
use your props. So you said that to me one time when I first got here and you’re like fuck them. They didn’t. They gave us the spec. We don’t have other any other way to measure him. And I multiple times on the phone with tech services. And they’re like, well, we don’t really have torque plates. And I’m like, I don’t have torque plates. But I have specs. Right? Yeah, I have something man. Usually it’s like they go, Oh God, what’s the guy’s name? Okay. Yeah. And they’re like, okay, yeah, you kind of got us they can’t say much. In the end, we don’t tear apart good motors that are running fine to just try to warranty shit. There’s always something wrong. Yeah, boys are something we’re chasing. And you know, the the warranty department has to kind of rely on us a lot for that. I think they’ve gotten away from the trust there. You know, we’ve seen a lot of that.

Mike VO 1:22:33
But how much of that has been because of us?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
True? Well,

Mike VO 1:22:40
because how many how much of that has been because there’s fucking guys out there that don’t know what they’re talking about. They call tech services and go, man, when I turn the ignition, nothing happens. They just want to replace the part. Well, if you check the main fuse, what do you mean? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:22:55
Oh, and that’s what that’s what kills me. You know, we talked about Jason with that when he was on Is those dumb? Ask questions from the guys who thinks they’re right. And you’re like, I literally every time I talk to them, Look, man, I’ve been doing this for about 10 years. I’m not a fucking idiot. I’ve checked all the dumb stuff. I’m calling you. Because the manual and the other stuff is not leading me where I want to be. You know, I am looking for more. But then they got to knock those guys. Especially for Yeah, especially when you call him for parts fitment and things like that. All those fucking guys do is pick up the parts book. Yeah. And look in HD net. They use the same shit that we have access to here, just for those most part, unless you catch the riches of the Jason’s or the guys. The guys have been doing it for years. And they’re like, Oh, I remember I’ve been through this like Steve, Steve. Yes, he good with

Unknown Speaker 1:23:49

Roy Merritt 1:23:50
Oh, yeah, he is. Yeah, he is cool. Most of the guys have been pretty good recently. They had through the years. They’ve had some awful ones but

Unknown Speaker 1:23:58
just like that wheel I had earlier Part fitment you know, I grabbed the toy I didn’t have a 2020 PMA catalog. I had Ariel Gluck give me a new catalog and I looked in there and said for that breakout or whatever is up to 17 then it cut it off my pants fucking weird, you know? Yeah. And john paul or whatever called, and there is a reason they took it out is because they’re having issues with that wheel on a breakout. That’s right.

Mike VO 1:24:23
Well, yeah, but but I’m pretty sure the reason is because it’s just a you know, you have so the funny thing is with DNA wheels and Harley’s you have that flowchart. Right, your flowchart for the spacers and the wheel bearings. If you go down you know that’s why I asked you this one and it’s this size and you go to this, this chart spacer and the spacer listed for that wheel is not on the kit that they have listed in in PMA. So I bought another dealership had the the install kit that has that space around it. So I ordered that from another one. And we talked to the customer and he was like, Well, people are putting these wheels on these. I mean, they’re all on the internet. And I’m like, Yeah, I know. It’s just the spacer. That’s the issue. Yeah, it’s not the wheel, two quarter inch spacer

Aaron Staudinger 1:25:12
on the outside, or eight dents or something like that.

Mike VO 1:25:14
Well, it sticks out of an inch. Yeah. But, you know, none of that really matters because you can space the wheel correctly. But it’s like, right, there’s no the thing that sucks is they can’t they don’t r&d every part for every model. Exactly. So so they haven’t tried it then hey, some of it so so then you get you know, like these guys that don’t know how that fucking flowchart works. Which I mean, really, there’s not a there’s

Roy Merritt 1:25:42
there’s only so many 18 by eights. What confused me about that flowchart was in the different 18 by eights, they called for different spacers which didn’t make sense to me. You know what I mean? Because you would think that bearing an 18 by eight with bearings, no matter what you would think That spacing would be the same and then the spacers for the axle or whatever would be different but like the V Rod 18 by eight had a different spacer is

Aaron Staudinger 1:26:08
different than the software fuckin stump through it today and yeah like oh,

Roy Merritt 1:26:13
and we were going through he pulled me in I was like, man I don’t know and no that doesn’t look right. Yeah, but that’s the thing,

Mike VO 1:26:19
right so but those are but those are like with and without ABS we take Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:26:23
we talk about buying parts on your own. There’s also the aftermarket as to Harley argument there in that if Harley says this is gonna fit, I can guarantee you it’s gonna Yeah, if thrashing says this is gonna fit it’s probably gonna fit well it will fit you may have you can make it Yeah, and I only use thrashing because it’s such a popular brand and I’m not knocking on them. If

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
you got a carbide bit, man, it’s going down.

Roy Merritt 1:26:59
Yeah. Thrasher makes good stuff. And like the exhaust I put on today, no problems, you know, no issues. But like I said, I use them because a lot of people bring in thrashing parts. When you buy these cheaper parts that cost 50 or $75 less. There’s a reason. Yeah. And most of the time, what I truly believe those parts are is Harley Davidson or thrashing. Or one of these SNS, or one of these bigger companies goes to this factory and says, Hey, make this for me. And they run 1000 of them off, and they’re a 16th of an inch off. And SNS says, nope. You know what I mean? Or thrashing or whatever says, nope. So what do they do? They sell them What the fuck else are you gonna do with them? So they create and you’ll see this all I searched so many things on motorcycles, arts, you will see companies pop up. With these really cool parts, three months from now, if you search for that company in those parts are gone, right? And what I truly believe is going on is these you know, not even China, Taiwan wherever they’re going with this shit. They’re they’re doing runs of products and they’re just, you know either the finished quality is not good enough for what you know who’s who’s getting it, they powder coated it in the powder coats to wrinkly and they’re like fuck you, and they have 10,000 of these things. And they’re like, Well fuck it. They’re selling for 100 bucks apiece. We’ll sell them for 40 but they’re just as good. Yeah, we hate it, we have them. And that’s what I truly believe a lot of these cheap you’ll see highway pegs and forward controls, and saddlebag kits and all these things on Amazon that look just like the harley parts dude. But they you get them and you try to put the motherfuckers on and they never fail.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:56
always find some parts of my AR the other night and magnet is a big you know brand and all the comments for this one it was a Picatinny rail three inch that I wanted or whatever for em lock system. And it was all bad comments saying oh dudes haul off and you get it it doesn’t have the the mag pool stamp on it, you know, it looked at the you’re advertising it whatever for that. But it wasn’t, you know, it was probably it was way cheaper. I’m like, Mmm, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:22

Roy Merritt 1:29:25
For Magpul.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
Right? is selling them like, Oh, yeah, these are metal. Yeah, they didn’t have the official stamp on

Roy Merritt 1:29:33
it. So I think this is where we get a lot of our, you know, cheaper parts. So when as a customer you go through and you buy these things. What you don’t realize is that, yeah, this should bolt right up, but now you’ve given it to somebody and they have to modify it. But yeah, there’s a simple

Mike VO 1:29:52
explanation for that. Yeah. The these motorcycles like take take Harley’s A RS American made a Rs. They’re built in inch measurements. Yeah, there’s 25.4 millimeters in an inch. Yeah, that point four bucks with the Asians, because so when, when we give them specifications, we give it to them in inches and they’re trying to convert inches to millimeters. Sometimes it’s not. And when they’re off by just a little bit because when they’re off by just a little bit it’s that point though or millimeter you’re talking everything.

Roy Merritt 1:30:32
Like fractions work right

Mike VO 1:30:34
so so then they give they they make their first run, they give it back to the American engineers that oversee it all. They go Nope, it’s off because they’re re measuring it in inches again. Good boy. Yeah. You know what I mean? Because the Chinese aren’t buying American machines because they’re expensive, right? You mean so they’re buying Chinese machines, obviously, they’re fucking cheap. Otherwise Harbor Freight wouldn’t exist. Yeah. So when they do the conversions back and forth, and there’s a motorcycle company that makes fucking shit. American motorcycle parts called ultimate yeah series and it’s all in it’s all fucking Taiwan and it’s all reverse engineered in millimeters and it’s isn’t that bad as long as you use all Ultima because they’re using the same measurements and machines to make the frames and the engines and yeah but when you start trying to use like ride right wheels with ultimate frames and you start using American and and you try to put an SNS engine and an ultimate frame this shit doesn’t work yeah it stops lighting and then you you run into another problems and people don’t understand that so you know on our topic for the day when you when they buy shit off the internet they don’t understand that there’s a point four millimeter difference between Chinese and American made products. Well, yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:31:52
brings up a really good point in that. You know, well, I can get these bars here cheaper And I can get these risers here cheaper, and I can get these pegs here cheaper, I can get this here cheaper, and you can pay them on site.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:10
And that’s what we deal

Roy Merritt 1:32:11
with. And that’s what we deal with. We try to work with those guys because we want to work and we want them you know, it’s customers, we try to work with those guys. What they don’t realize is none of those things are meant to work together. You know, when Harley put something out, they make sure it works where they say it’s gonna work

Unknown Speaker 1:32:27
and most of the American

Unknown Speaker 1:32:28
aftermarket company buy something from him generally speaking, as

Roy Merritt 1:32:35
well ya know, like you’re not buying espresso machine save money. No, you know what I mean? In the end, you know, you’re spending good guys that want Kraus and one SS. Now that guy did bring in his own bars and stuff for Krauss. But most of those guys are willing to pay that money in you know, the dealership because to be honest with you, you would think if you had that money, I would be I don’t want to say that. Like this, it sounds like a dick. But you would think you’d be smart enough to know the implications of buying the parts yourself. Well, some of the some of that though, as opposed to ordering him through where some of it is

Mike VO 1:33:09
pure ignorance, like some of it is, you know, especially in our unique situation where we’ll put stuff out on videos and say, you know, we’re installing these Crouse bars and blah, they’ll be like, Oh, that’s fucking awesome. Then they’ll, they’ll look up Krauss on the internet because they’re watching our videos. Like, dude, I really like these guys. And then they’re like, they get in the fervor and they call constantly ordered stuff. You know what I mean? Yeah. And they don’t realize that when john Johnson buys parts from Kraus, yeah, it’s not the same as when moonshine who has a Krauss partner buys parts from Krauss because when they make the mistakes than they were putting them in? Fortunately for them, we probably have that ship or here somewhere, yeah, because we do so much of it. And we have such high volume that a lot of them they don’t even know like in the case of predator, you know, as you can up the riser issue we just went over, we’re like, hey, I need this other riser on this, just swap these out. Mmm. Then we talked to Sasha and we had that stuff taken care of on the end, customer never even knew there was an issue with the pickup on

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
time rode his bike happy. So

Roy Merritt 1:34:13
I get the thought process maybe behind like, like I said, the guy that came in the other day with his own bars, which is oral mon parts, I’ll bring him in with me, I will have to wait for

Unknown Speaker 1:34:23

Roy Merritt 1:34:24
And in that instance, you’re better off saying, hey, I want all this stuff. order it for me have everything waiting. And when I come in, I want to leave that day. Yeah. Because then when there are issues, it’s on us as a you know, as a shop, you know, in any shop, you know, and then the business solution becomes a lot easier for the consumer at that point.

Mike VO 1:34:49
But it’s training too, because, you know, we also are in a field that’s highly competitive and you have chops like crusty grunt do I used to be that job. They are There’s no way they’re going to turn away work. Know, when some guy says, Oh, I ordered all this stuff when you put it on, they’re gonna go Yes, yeah, bring it down. So that consumers are also trained that right? Well, if I can get a better deal here, you know, like, they’re like, Oh, you know, you guys have the best you guys have the best shop, but I got a better deal here. And then when we’re like, we’re not gonna install it, they’re like, What do you mean? Why are you gonna that’s bullshit. You know, don’t you want my money? I do want your money. It’s not about that. Yeah. Because

Roy Merritt 1:35:28
Because when they talk about your, your, you’re gonna cost me

Mike VO 1:35:30
Yeah, it’s gonna cause it’s gonna make both of us unhappy. But that that that slide

Unknown Speaker 1:35:36
that you experience when you buy something that way, it extends way further than that, to me in the customer experience that you get. You spend a little tiny bit more, but if there was no questions asked, you just said, Yeah, what parts do I need? This is what you need. We’re going to put it on. boom, done. You pay the bill. You ride the bike. You’re happy. You call me later. Yeah. Hey, man, I’m thinking about this man. What can I do for you right now? With you, you didn’t beat the crap out of me all day. It’s a give and take man between a customer and a service guys relationship. You have to understand it’s like going into a tattoo guy, or a bartender. You know, you’re not going to beat the shit out of a bartender, you’re not going to be to shut off a tattoo guy. Yeah, you know, an artist. You know, it’s kind of like that, that same relationship. Yeah, senior work.

Mike VO 1:36:26
good name. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:28
but that relationship has a value. You know what I mean? It’s to me, it really does. And I try to extend that to people when when they’re cool with us that way. I try to extend that back.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:36
All right, well, that’s it. The phone the police.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
checks out Talkin, Instagram, all the social medias, Talkin Braap

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