Season 2 Last Episode – 2020 review

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.  We talk about things we learned this year.  Like which clutches seem to hold the power we are producing.  What did King of the baggers give us to look forward to.  As usual, we get a little off track but we have fun as always.  Thank you for listening and we will be back before spring.


Roy Merritt 0:11
Once again it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind or maybe it’s double your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some sense. So sit back grab a brew we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view here on Talkin Braap

Aaron Staudinger 1:00
he’s still shitting his pants

well maybe not

Mike VO 1:08
all right, so welcome back. Talkin Braap season two episode 16 the year and review year and review we’re gonna determine the last one I think we’re gonna record here in 2020 because of the holidays I should be able to get it out in the next few days. I’ll try to get a little earlier than I normally do on the 15th I had a customer come in the other day. Jay brown knees like when you record your next podcast I was like a Wednesday

Roy Merritt 1:50
so this is the way the downtime This is the way the way

Jordan Huerta 1:56
you took your helmet off? You’re not yeah

Mike VO 2:02
so I think we need to get back to motorcycles you know today is December 9 fairly burned out is over breathe motorcycles it’s great to talk about something else


it’s December nice today you know the we’re getting pretty close to the end of the year. And then 2020 is definitely going to be one to remember for so many fucking reasons.

Aaron Staudinger 2:27
Weird year you know, I

Mike VO 2:28
don’t even care to get on the COVID topic because there’s plenty of podcasts for that shit and nobody wants to listen to that shit but

Aaron Staudinger 2:37
COVID in politics

Mike VO 2:38
you know as it stands for us in our business and what we’ve been through we’ve had a hell of a fucking year you know we we’ve been busier this year I think than we’ve just been ever been right I mean

Jordan Huerta 2:53
think they pushed back stop going to support you care what’s up?

Mike VO 3:00
Oh, and did you hear well back on the other subject again. Did you hear this? They’re gonna start filming Kenobi. I heard about Austin and people are the comments are hilarious do because they’re all like may the force be with you like Yeah, yeah. with you. Be the force be with you. And what was another one there was a

fucking monster.

Yeah, yeah, so dude, yeah, I saw some guy who was making fun of the comments. He like did a video on the comments because you they were Yeah, what? Are you smoking?

Unknown Speaker 3:46
motherfuckers gotta leave.

Roy Merritt 3:49
With some Pepperidge?

Mike VO 4:01

that’s the test right? It No, they did that in the test. Mark Wahlberg when they’re making fun of the Boston accent are sitting there and he’s like, I fuckin smoke them by blah blah blah de z like app at stop my basement. Bridge.

Unknown Speaker 4:22
What am I? Oh, wait, no,

Mike VO 4:24
I got one right here. That’s funny. Yeah. So, you know, we started off the year. And, you know, the COVID started here. There’s nobody came and we were all a little nervous to see what was gonna happen this year. And apparently, all of the stimulus checks that everyone got or whatever happened through COVID everyone decided they needed to build a bigger motor in the car. Yeah. resulted in a really big influx of people doing their research online. And tons of phone calls man like I’m sitting at home. I’m bored at work on my bike. What can We do so often when I was actually talking to Mike earlier trying to see if we could figure out how many power visions we had sold this year. Yeah. Just to give us an idea of how many bikes we’ve tuned, which is got to be.

It’s got to be 400.

I would have said at least 300. It’s got to be at least 300.

Hold on. I’ll be right back. I gotta go tune or measure a cylinder.

Aaron Staudinger 5:25
Okay, headsets on here? Yeah,

Mike VO 5:27
I’m taking it up.

Aaron Staudinger 5:28
You’re about my official exit.

Mike VO 5:31
Okay. So, you know, we it, amazingly enough. And, you know, we’ve been working at this for quite a few years here. Build motors and putting our stuff out there and making videos and putting them on YouTube. You know, this year, I think is, is the first real culmination of what all that can do together. Yeah, in getting a good staff is, you know, most of our, our real core staff has now been here for a while. You know, we all kind of get along well, and, you know, work together well. So,

Aaron Staudinger 6:08
that’s starting to run, we still get comments and people, you know, ask questions about videos that we shot at the very, you know, the genesis of this whole program. Yeah. And, you know, things have changed. And that’s one of the things I think we assumed we’re gonna need to deal with is that, you know, those early videos were the very, very early beginning of our learning process of the AMA. Yeah. And we’ve progressed past that. And some of the stuff that we talked about, and some of the ways that we did things that we’re not doing right now. Correct, even this year. And that was part of one of the things I wanted to bring up close setups, the beginning of the year. We didn’t even really figure out we were the beginning of this year, I can say for sure. We were struggling with dragging clutches of equals, you know, a way to harness this power. Yeah, in a way that wasn’t gonna abnormally or negatively impact the way that I cried.

Mike VO 7:00
So that recluse clutch man behind what a great clutch that’s been, we really haven’t had any issues. I think there was one we had little issue with. I don’t know what happened. And I don’t necessarily I might have been an installation error or something. You know, who knows? The way it failed? I don’t understand.

Aaron Staudinger 7:18
I can’t figure it out either. Yeah,

Mike VO 7:20
I did. So I don’t want to get on that. Because I don’t feel like that was I think that was we could we do that either do we? Or do we? I don’t know.

Aaron Staudinger 7:26
I think the original installation was ours. I got a feeling somebody was in there. Yeah. So one point yeah, no impact together kind

Mike VO 7:32
of wonky, because I don’t understand how whatever it was, you know, what went down what went down, but so if you don’t know if you’re listening,

Unknown Speaker 7:39

Mike VO 7:40
is kind of always been known for their auto clutches.

Aaron Staudinger 7:43
A lot of dirt bike stuff as well. Yeah, very competitive

Mike VO 7:46
dirt bike racing, auto clutch and in dirt bike as well. That’s supposed to be real good. Conversion stuff. Yeah, slipper conversions, things like that. Yeah. So we went in February, we went to the drag show in Louisville, and for the people that understand a difference between a Sportster clutch and a big twin clutch. What the plates look like. The best way to describe it is you put a Sportster clutch and a big twin. It sounds weird. But,


you know, Sportster clutch has a steel basket. I don’t know if it’s steel or what it is. It’s not aluminum like that I cast Yeah, it’s not cast aluminum, like the big twins. So they run a steel plate inside of it, because it wears Okay, against the steel. If you were to put steel plates in an aluminum basket and a big twin beat it, shatter that basket. And if you didn’t shatter it, you like you said you’d eat up wear it out.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
Yeah. So

Mike VO 8:49
this clutch as 16 plates, as opposed to the eight or nine that the stock 89 is a stock CIO, and then you get the template. I think if you convert, right, yeah, see it? Yeah, you can do it. Okay, so I think that’s what it is

Aaron Staudinger 9:04
to eight or nine or nine, install the total of zero of those and then either

Mike VO 9:08
suddenly do or I would not put a screaming Eagle in my bike,

Unknown Speaker 9:13
me either.

Mike VO 9:15
In my experience, even before I got here, I have seen a lot of those clutches fail, and it’s up to cast aluminum plate that the frictions are on. And they were and they turn into dust, and the dust gets everywhere, and then they start breaking,

Aaron Staudinger 9:35
which is horrible on a hydraulic clutch pedal soffit just to a point,

Mike VO 9:38
right? Normally, it’s not a problem. But if you are beating on it, and you know, trying to break stuff. The clutch is gonna be the first thing to go. No, I don’t like them. I would rather run a stock pleat setup with a little stiffer spring

Aaron Staudinger 9:55
or their name on it. Yeah, I should get rid of the damn basket.

Mike VO 10:00
So when you say aim you talk about the lockup

Aaron Staudinger 10:03
the snow, the centrifugal.

Mike VO 10:05
Yeah, the centrifugal lads force. So there’s the, I think of the when we say aim for some reason, I always think of the slave. So yeah, which is that gotten away from doing lately got away.

Aaron Staudinger 10:15
And that’s what one of the beauties of the wreckfest, too, is we can run a clutch now that’ll hold 200 horsepower when we don’t have it stackable, and we don’t have to run a slave cylinder that’s going to pull out a seal and leak and do whatever it does.

Mike VO 10:27
I think every one of those slave cylinders by every manufacturer we’ve sold has been a problem.

Aaron Staudinger 10:33
Oh, yeah. If you believe we’ve tried wreck lose. We’ve tried to aim both of them have issues. And we tried

Mike VO 10:39
what Bueller? Bueller tried. Yeah. All of them for whatever reason, releases the

Aaron Staudinger 10:46
wreck loose is coming out with a basket. Oh, yeah. Yep, I saw that. So it’s gonna, I haven’t had one in here yet. Yeah. But well, we’re a lot like the Barnett or the Trask. But you’re going to be able to package that now all together, get a rep loose in a basket.

Mike VO 11:03
See, so for the people that don’t know, in converting, so you go from eight to 16 plate, obviously, your plates are much thinner, because they’re made out of steel, instead of cast aluminum. So you get more plates. But the tabs on the outside of the friction plates that drives the basket, are steel as well. So what they do is they run steel inserts in the aluminum basket, so that it’s steel on steel, and it doesn’t wear away the basket, you don’t have notching, you’ve seen a couple I was going to make a basket. I would not make what everybody else’s make. I would make a basket that works with my plates and does not need insert.

Aaron Staudinger 11:53
So I would expect coming from them. Something that looked more like a sports or a basket, something with the you know, a little bit smaller tabs and a steel shell. And I think I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve seen her I’ve seen a photo of it. I couldn’t tell whether or not it had like pre installed or pre impregnated steel pieces. We’re still gonna rely on the sleeves. I would imagine that you probably do it with sleeves because what that does then is it means they got to make two kits, right? They got to have the wreck loose kit or the basket and underexpose kit without the basket. Well, no, no, you make a basket for your kit. And then you have your kits in your basket.

Mike VO 12:31
If you want a different basket. You can go buy one from Burnham

Aaron Staudinger 12:34
right, but then you’re gonna have the little tabs that come with the clutch kit. They’re gonna be like wasted like all that money they’re putting into producing those parts they’re not gonna want to make

Roy Merritt 12:42
Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see. Cuz that that that to me seems

Aaron Staudinger 12:46
or they say always leading middle finger and say if you want our clutch, you’re gonna run our basket. Well, yeah. Good luck finding a little sleeve part.

Mike VO 12:55
You know that there might be a point where that that would dumb because little things like that become more problematic. And as

Aaron Staudinger 13:03
long as we can get him,

Mike VO 13:05
I get that way. But the clutch works great. We have we really haven’t had any troubles with it. Like you said, you can actually put in I think it’s a 10% lighter pole. And it holds up to like 140 or 150 foot pounds of torque, which is

Aaron Staudinger 13:19
pretty much every spring is like Yeah,

Mike VO 13:21
yeah, well, there’s extra light, light and whatever the standard or whatever is a little bit overstock I think the light is stock extra like like, sent under stock and the overs like 200 horsepower, and it’s like 10% of our stock. Oh, and you know, we don’t run that. There’s no need to know we run the middle and it feels like I think it’s supposed to be our 2% over Yeah, whatever it is it’s pretty much like stoppable and we’ve gotten away from these bikes that are so hard to to ride, you know, like I could sit at a stoplight with your clutch in we actually ate one.

Aaron Staudinger 13:55
We ate a clutch. 150 horsepower softail that we built with the carbon fiber wheels on it. Shout out to Joe Yeah, I’m talking about you. Let’s drag like crazy install that clutch in and he did he called him as he got home with it. And I cannot believe how good this feel. And

Mike VO 14:10
we tried a couple different clutches on that actually,

Aaron Staudinger 14:12
didn’t we go with the ball thing after we had I think we had a bdl in it at one point tried to Barnett then we went to the wreckfest that’s the final slide. Yeah,

Mike VO 14:21
yeah, we’ve we’ve had really good luck with that. And

Aaron Staudinger 14:23
that’s a monster. I mean, that’s a pretty extreme case. Yeah,

Mike VO 14:26
that that that bike is extreme on everything. Man, that dyno is loud.

Aaron Staudinger 14:33
Sounds good. That’s music. Yeah.

Mike VO 14:36
So one of the other things I was looking at here was there’s an article on motorcycle online, or motorcyclists online. About the new Katana. We were talking about this before. Before we started recording, because as far as I remember, you know katanas were always air cooled. Kind of sport bikes in the GS line that

Aaron Staudinger 15:02
was like a naked version of a sport bike correct? Yeah,

Roy Merritt 15:05
they weren’t as sporty they weren’t as fast

Aaron Staudinger 15:09
but this numbers were higher.

Mike VO 15:11
Yeah, they were xR you were down like you had up on style this was actually in this 2020 teyonah you know 150 horsepower a 190 rear tire it’s a street fighter I it looks like a lot of fun to ride man. Although everything is fun to ride at some point or another this thing actually looks pretty fun and I got here because we were looking at you know, bikes that came out this year you know we had Harley released the Live Wire Live Wire obviously awesome bike we absolutely love that thing. W released that like softail looking thing. I don’t know if you saw that. I have not seen that.

Aaron Staudinger 15:58
He heard a rumor today. Yeah. A Harley Davidson bagger with a show a front end

Roy Merritt 16:06
shows with the old mercial

Aaron Staudinger 16:08
no but I mean like inverted like sport bike style show. Why not? We already have right put it on a bagger like the

Mike VO 16:17
tray and I said that before

I don’t understand why they haven’t heard it from us

Aaron Staudinger 16:21
I have not seen a photo nothing no more information other than a dozen other that this has happened.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
So here you

Aaron Staudinger 16:31
are picture of it. Yeah.

Mike VO 16:33
So the BMW R 18 cruiser is basically a softail Where do your knees go? With the I know right? Within opposed motor which you know the cylinders shoot straight side just so weird. I’ve never written one I have not it’s really weird how they they they want to rock when you when you read them, they you can actually feel the torque and yeah. But it’s not an ugly bike. The motor is the weird thing, you know, to get around the rest of the bikes, not bad. Just released somewhere online. I was looking today and they somebody grabbed at and photos, drawings of a full dresser by BMW aggs fairing everything that basically the best way I can describe it looks like an Indian. You know, or the metric. Indian you know, yes, they are metric anyway. But with

Aaron Staudinger 17:26
better fit.

Mike VO 17:28
Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, the BMW will be way better. You know, they’ll BMW they’ll do it right. Yep. I saw a thing that said, of course, 2020. Being crazier than it is is going to be the year that Harley releases a dual sport bike and BMW releases a softail

Aaron Staudinger 17:49
extra course.

Mike VO 17:52
We’re looking at this list at the V max. You know some of the Harley stuff that the Livewire is definitely new. Oh, so the Yamaha bo bo r spec. I don’t know if you’re ridden one of these. They’re kind of fun. Bike races Sportster if you took a Sportster and like outline the motor, the tank, the frame everything and then laid it over a bowl. Everything will line up. It’s almost exact. It’s crazy. Indian fucking

Aaron Staudinger 18:21
King Packers winners. Yeah, unfortunately. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
You know what? So the rebel got that. We

Aaron Staudinger 18:26
got an invite for that.

Mike VO 18:27
We got to invite next year.

Aaron Staudinger 18:29
Holy crap. Yeah. What are we gonna do about this?

Mike VO 18:33
I don’t know, man. You know, Jamie’s a genius. Jim. He always does things his own way. So it’s curious to see what it is.

Aaron Staudinger 18:42
I don’t know. Tracy, we need to start out. Well,

Mike VO 18:45
we need a writer first.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
I’ll be on.

Mike VO 18:47

Aaron Staudinger 18:48
Bobby song? Who’s that? moto America’s Okay. Here’s what I think. If we’re going to hire a writer, we need to hire right? Yeah, we can’t be like, we’re gonna hire a buddy.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
No, no. needs to be professional. I

Aaron Staudinger 19:00
wouldn’t be a professional writer. I think you should be on the circuit. Yeah, the Moto America circuit. on leave is number 50. Now, maybe not. Anyway, I think he was about to win the championship last time. I look. So he’s, he didn’t ride in the last game of the baggers. I know the dude’s gonna ride. Yeah, he’s gonna be there because the you know, the series is going to follow along with the model. So we don’t have to worry about flying somebody in. He’ll have track time on the day of a whole bunch of testing in so we just need to put them on the bike. Yeah, that’s what we eat anyway, we cut it. It should. It should be somebody on the circuit who’s competitive. Absolutely is going to be there.

Mike VO 19:37
Yeah. You know, we can get that guy which is I like to think I can ride there’s no fucking way I can compete with those guys on

Unknown Speaker 19:44
track. I want to show you a picture about the phone.

Mike VO 19:46
So what I was talking about before we got on there and we’ll we’ll sidetrack for a moment because maybe Michael make it back in time to finish that conversation but on does had a rebel 300 and rebel 500. They just released an 1100 so now they have a rebel 1100 that is like 10 grand. I think they come in around 999 95

Aaron Staudinger 20:11
Okay, yep. And get this. There’s nothing cuz I might end for. I know the owner of em for our race cars against the guy that owns m four. Okay. He’s an expert across racer. He is an absolute badass. He also happens to be a paraplegic. He raced in a car series with me on hand controls. Blue Chip. Yes. Yeah. badass, dude. I mean, let’s face it. If you’re not a driver, it doesn’t matter how your driver is extremely competitive. And I had several races where I was like, Man, this guy is gonna get me.

Roy Merritt 20:44
Yeah. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 20:46
I believe that. He sent me an exhaust for my TL back when I had that back in the day. So I got this number laying around somewhere. So I could go Hey, Mike, could you loan me your writer? If you’re listening? Mike, could you loan us or your writer for next year?

Mike VO 20:59
Right. So yeah, we I mean, I want to be part of that. So that

Aaron Staudinger 21:03
Me too. That’s what the thing now. I just want to be there.

Mike VO 21:07
Yeah. That’s, that’s my dream. That’s it. You know, I do whatever it takes. But yeah, I mean, King of the baggers, that that might be the coolest thing that happened in 2020. I don’t know. I you know, that that race, just really, I think it put things on the map for people that never realize how good Harley bagger is, you know, obviously, the Indians trying to be a Harley bagger. So there’s a reason you know, for that, yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 21:39
if only we had bought a gun to the gun.

Mike VO 21:43
You know, they’re so they’re not going to get factory support on Harley, Jochen Johnson, Zeiss, whatever his name is, is basically said, they cut it, you know, they cut ties with Anthony Heinz on all research done, like they’re not. So Harley Davidson factory is not sponsoring any race. That is crazy. Well, what his thing is,

Aaron Staudinger 22:07
after how many years straight of NHS stock,

Mike VO 22:10
he’s got to pull up and ship. He’s got a point, you know, and not to be cocky here and to sound bad, but we’re pretty successful dealership. We’re doing stuff here that creates a culture and creates a persona for our dealership. We’re not most of their deal. Most of their dealerships are Harley Davidson dealerships, and they’ll sell you what Harley sells. And they are doing nothing more than selling and fixing bikes. That is that is their dealership, that’s all they are. That’s fine. I like our corner of the world. Correct? We are we are pushing into, you know, manufacturing, our own arts, exhaust cams and all kinds of stuff that we’re working on. We do a lot of performance work, obviously, you know, that’s what we’re known for. What site kind of said was re sponsorship should be up to the dealers not up to the Motor Company. Which means the dealers like us, or, you know, the big dealers, the what are the varaha family, you know, where they have a bunch of dealers, they can sponsor a race team, and get their name on that, and then that helps all 12 of their dealerships. You know what I mean? So I think it’s going to give the advantage to places like that who own bunch of dealerships, I think, you know, one dealership those hard spots or something like that, especially fully sponsored, you know, really didn’t you need help you need you need other people sponsoring that team,

Aaron Staudinger 23:46
big tap.

Mike VO 23:48
And that’s where, you know, the next step is really is okay, if we’re going to go there and you know, brace a bike, Who else wants to put money in on this, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 24:00
what you might find, you know, like a vans nine, or somebody like that, who just does it on their, on their own. The problem is, bands, nines also does quite a bit of metric stuff. So they may go, you know, what, it’s a lot easier to extract 300 something horsepower out of some four cylinder, and it is to what I’m really afraid of, is at some point, the rules, people are going to quit, you know, leveling the playing field to the point where it becomes, you know, competitive, or, you know, it gives the ability for a two cylinder bike to become or maintain. Well, I

Mike VO 24:36
think there’s gonna have to be a pretty good rule set, laid down, which maybe would be a limit on

Aaron Staudinger 24:45
I was just talking about like an HRA stuff. That’s kind of where my mind went. As far as King of the baggers goes, absolutely. I think the real book needs to be quite a bit thicker. Yeah. Because if you were to look at, you know, the differences between some of the ways the bikes were laid out. The way the bags were cut. There needs to be like minimum volume on the bags. It needs to be a maximum ride height. Yeah, well, yeah, weight

Unknown Speaker 25:09
differently smooth.

Aaron Staudinger 25:10
Yeah. And maybe there was I didn’t see the rulebook, but it wasn’t allowed to me that there wasn’t a whole lot going on as far as the rulebook went. know anyone who saw it and wrote it or read the rulebook the right way? took a lot of creative license and making thereby. Yeah.

Mike VO 25:30
Hello, hello, hello. Yeah. I had to go measure since we were talking rap, a little bit about king of the baggers and,

Aaron Staudinger 25:41
you know, early pulling their sponsorship from racing, basically factory sponsorship. And they’re saying

Mike VO 25:47
Zeiss is kind of saying that to the dealers, to do to sponsor race teams and things like that, which I think, I think, honestly,

Aaron Staudinger 25:56
I think it’s a bad move. It’s a stupidest thing.

Jordan Huerta 25:58
I think it’d be a good move, if we also had the freedom to get authorization to turn off the checks. Because, you know, the, the thing that the thing is bullshit about that whole deal is that they say, well, we want the dealerships to be able to do this on their own. But like, okay, we want to, we want to set up a live wire to do drag racing. Well, we need to turn off the governor. Yeah, there’s only one company that makes the software to be able to do that. Yeah. And they’re not going to give us authorization to do that. Yeah. They never do it. Yeah. So I think that’s fine and dandy in theory. And if, if we could, and I think that you know, an organization like ours, we would definitely be one that we could go and say, Hey, this is what we’re going to do. And we’re we’re pretty good at it. I think we make a lot of these. Yeah, we need factory support.

Mike VO 26:48
So to the dealership, not to the race team,

Jordan Huerta 26:50
right? Yeah. Well, I mean to the race team, like if we say, Hey, we want to disable the the governor on this live wire, because we’re gonna go do a drag race with it, whatever. didn’t fucking let us do it. And say, Okay, here we go. Boom. You know, that’s not strict legal. And I understand that. We’re gonna put it back on

Aaron Staudinger 27:07
Top Gear we were talking about earlier, you buy an AMG black, get a key, and you pop the key in, and it turns into stupid boat. Right? You put the key in on you, man. Well, the

Unknown Speaker 27:19
first car

Jordan Huerta 27:20
I remember was that, you know, when you put the key in this empty void your warranty? Know, exactly. Oh, that was built to get that built to do that. Correct.

Aaron Staudinger 27:28
But after you installed the key, um, you know what you’re into. Now it’s on your first car,

Mike VO 27:33
I remember was something like that was the zR one Corvette, like 93 I think it was. It had that weird like dash and there was like, a bucking key over on the side. I don’t remember what it said that two modes, where would you put that key in? And it was like 100 horse. You know, whatever it was.

Jordan Huerta 27:55
It was family and Earnhardt. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 27:59
No, it was raised. Wife, girlfriend?

Mike VO 28:07
raise hell please. Please, like the wargames voice.

Aaron Staudinger 28:12
What do I what I can’t wrap my head around is I mean, I don’t know if they’re not paying attention or what but what we just witnessed happened within the baggers and how Indian pretty summarily kicked our ass because of what was ended up being really good factory support, you know, and a team, you know, partnership with SNS What in the hell with the guests in US had more to do

Mike VO 28:35
that than Indian did?

Jordan Huerta 28:37
This was never the but you know that there? Were there were two different classes there. Because, yeah, there was knives and guns. The King of the baggers was Jeff bolts, trying to drum up more marketing support, or, you know, what he’s doing, and getting together with some of these other these aftermarket companies that are trying to get their name out saying, you know, doing a performance thing, and having a good time. And they all got together and said, oh, we’re gonna do this. And it was never factory authorized by Harley. It was never a Harley synching event. They probably talked about towards the end. And Harley was like,

Aaron Staudinger 29:08
yeah, and then they started to see what the feedback was. And they went, Oh, we better do something about this. And they started shoving some motors and stuff their way was after

Jordan Huerta 29:15
they let factory Indian it in. You know what I mean? So you have the promoters that didn’t have the wherewithal to say, Hey, we’re not gonna have any factory race teams here. Yeah. So they they’re the ones that did that did that it wasn’t Indian versus Harley. It was poor planning by the people going Oh, yeah. I’m Indian. Go ahead, not realizing that they’re going to have a full factory.

Aaron Staudinger 29:37
I think it was an underestimation of the impact that something like that would actually have. I think it was.

Jordan Huerta 29:43
I take on the part of the people that were putting on the event not realizing that if they let a moat a manufacturer or sponsor a team, they’re going to put a million and a half dollars. Yeah, like where you have. You’re doing it on the weak, bear cage, trying to promote each other. And I just don’t think that those guys

Unknown Speaker 30:03

Jordan Huerta 30:04
experience in racing to realize, nonetheless,

Unknown Speaker 30:07
when the impact is what it is,

Jordan Huerta 30:09
right. But here’s the impact. Indian was 4% of the market.

Roy Merritt 30:13
Yeah, I was about to say that’s what makes us I don’t think it ran out to by Indians after that race. Race. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 30:21
Holy shit.

Jordan Huerta 30:22
Come on, dude, what it 50,000 people watch it. Now, most

Aaron Staudinger 30:27
people that I talked to that talk to us have seen.

Jordan Huerta 30:30
Right. Right. And then maybe we’re in?

Mike VO 30:33
We are in that world. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 30:34
right. People who are interested in what we’re doing.

Jordan Huerta 30:37
So are they saying, well, you don’t give me the good numbers? I’m going to India? No, no,

Mike VO 30:43
no. First off, go to the Indian dealer and try to set your bike up like that. And the hardest to get parts. You know what I mean? There’s not, you can’t, there’s no way.

Jordan Huerta 30:54
Well, and I was talking to Tracy about this, because we were in we got invited to go to go play next year. And we talked

Unknown Speaker 30:59
about, and I

Mike VO 31:00
was like, that would be that would be fucking awesome. However, you know, we have $200,000 worth of expansions we need to do to our building. And if we’re going to take $100,000 out of our pocket, to go up Indianapolis and run around a track and race it, nobody’s gonna watch, it’s not really going to do much for us, other than maybe put so many people here that we let them down anyway, because we don’t have the infrastructure

Roy Merritt 31:24
to be able to support it. And like I was telling, I’m

Aaron Staudinger 31:26
really excited about it. But yeah, I do want less we want unless we go and fucking win meaning on the

Mike VO 31:33
debtors to do the sponsorship gives an advantage to dealers like the vorak. Yes. And that’s what’s the maracas can invest a bunch of money and it helps, but they will have dealer but they won’t. They won’t. I agree they won’t. But it gives the advantage to dealers, groups like that. Because we are one, you know, one one, basically one deal. You know, when it comes to Jamie and what we do it, we are one dealer, you were part of a group, there’s a little bit bigger than that. But in the end, we’re promoting us. So if we go out there, we’re hoping one day or somebody like that goes out there and wins the race. They’re hoping 12 viewers in different city. Right, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 32:11
but they can’t pull off a lot. So

Jordan Huerta 32:13
he doesn’t want to do that correct? No, I know,

Unknown Speaker 32:16
I know. You know that if they were racing stock gas bikes, a bolt on parts?

Mike VO 32:19
Yeah, I so we’re talking about this earlier. And what I said was we right now have the Harley world if we wanted to get into a race like

Jordan Huerta 32:28
that. somebody’s talking,

Mike VO 32:30
I think what we need to figure out is Who else has money? Like, who else can sponsor our race team with us? Because I don’t think like you’re saying, I don’t think it’s viable for us alone to spend all that money, especially to do three raise?

Jordan Huerta 32:48
Well, no, I think it’s i’m not i’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying that we are not set up in a position to deal with the aftermath. Because what we don’t want to do is, you know, we’re growing our brand organically, we’re growing it through, you know, we’re,

Unknown Speaker 33:09
we’re greedy.

Jordan Huerta 33:10
Yeah, we aren’t sponsored by people. You’re on the hook. We are sucking anybody’s dick. We’re just doing our thing. And we’re and people are taking notice. And they are blessing us with their patronage. Yeah. Well, if we do that, that’s gonna put our name out on another front. And what’s gonna happen is we’re going to get so many more people than we have now wanting our formula, whether we win or lose, just showing up, it’s going to give you recognition. You don’t I mean, yeah. But we can get ourselves in a position where we can’t handle the ball, which is just as bad as not having the business. Yeah. Because if somebody wants to get a motor build, right now, you know, we have three people full time. That’s all they do. Yeah. It’s motor builds. And they are the most unhappy three people in the building, because they never get it. They never get to do anything different.

Roy Merritt 34:01
Yeah. And then it’s always high pressure.

Jordan Huerta 34:03
Yeah, it’s high pressure. Yeah, there’s always a huge deadline. As soon as you’re done with this bike, there’s another bike, you know, and these are 20 hour $20,000 projects over and over and over again, when something goes wrong. Well, you know, and you’ve got Aaron going, what am I supposed to tell this guy down? And then he goes on, what do you want?

Mike VO 34:19
What do you want me to say? Yeah, yeah,

I mean, it didn’t go away. We

Unknown Speaker 34:25
should, doesn’t always Yeah,

Jordan Huerta 34:26
you know, we lose one day on a build, we do so many of them, we lose one day, on a motor bill, there’s four or five customers impacted at ripple. So now imagine if we had three times the number of people calling, you know, instead of having 20 or 35, there’s nothing wrong with the queue. There is though, because if they have to wait a month, they’re going to just go well, you know what, I can do it next week. Yeah, but you know what?

Aaron Staudinger 34:52
what you’re gonna get out the back end of that is completely different, and what you’re gonna get and if you want the good stuff, you’re gonna wait, let me ask you this man. I’ve been tattooed a lot. You been tested a lot. I don’t like going to a tattoo shop that doesn’t have a wait. There’s no what I’m saying. No. What do you say? You walk into a tattoo shop and you ask bristly guy goes, yo, let’s get started right now.

Mike VO 35:13
I just looked on the wall and I’m saying

exactly what I want on me for the rest of it is worth their shake. We’re so weird. With that. 18 years old. We just graduated high school. I grew up in Orlando. So we drove over to Daytona. hotel rooms got fucked up, got up the next morning, everybody’s like, we’re going to get tattoos. walked in with I don’t even know how many people like maybe, maybe half a dozen dozen people was in Miami. And

Aaron Staudinger 35:43
maybe I’ll be on

Mike VO 35:44
TV. And so, so we walked into this tattoo shop and I showed my mom, I was there with eight people. Seven people walked up and was like, I want that. I want that. I want that. That picture off the wall tattooed on him. He got to me and I was like, do piercing. They’re like, Yeah, I got my tongue pierced. I got my ears. And I was like, dude, when it’s all said and done. I am not picking some shit off a wall.

Jordan Huerta 36:10
All right, I gotta go to the dyno. We never would by the way. We’re still working.

Mike VO 36:15
Yeah, yeah, there’s no in the background that we talked about that or Jordan.

Aaron Staudinger 36:20
You got two more days of this coming his way. I want to get tattooed man.

Roy Merritt 36:25
My wife wants to tattoo for Christmas.

Aaron Staudinger 36:28
Ah, God bless her. Yeah. I’m john so bad.

Mike VO 36:36
Dude, do we need to go Music City? Yeah, music so I want to build a mini bike dragster.

Aaron Staudinger 36:43
They do 15 How cool would it fucking be to have a 15 or

Mike VO 36:49
226 maybe a 496 something like that. Like lawnmower engine

Aaron Staudinger 36:54
I you know be super funny. Take that to the strip and bracket race that fucker. Oh, yeah. Dude. Just cut a light.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Like dragsters out at the directory?

Aaron Staudinger 37:07
Yeah, what about a Grom? dragster, a stretch? Grom See,

Mike VO 37:11
this is why I don’t like motorcycles.

Aaron Staudinger 37:14
Do us a Grom dragster bike would be so fucking funny. No, I

Mike VO 37:18
want to I want to I want to well, the frame is one of my my next steps because I bought a welder and some other stuff. And my wife wants to learn how to weld. So some of your projects we would do stuff together. I go out on the weekends I spend an hour to cut grinding metal and welding.

Jordan Huerta 37:35
Amazing Race, right? Yeah. So when the husband wife team start doing these projects, they it doesn’t work out the way it was at the time. They just start.

Mike VO 37:43
I know that day. Yeah. But I want to build I told her I want to first off I want to build Oh, I got 1000 rpm. Like Briggs motor. You know what I mean?

Jordan Huerta 37:54
Like, oh, hey, you know what we need to do? We need to build a water motor. And you’re Are you still buying those Chinese generators?

Mike VO 38:04
I don’t I don’t know. I don’t think I’m gonna get one. I ordered one to see what would happen and they sent me like shipping information and all this stuff. And I tracked it and then instead of got it got delivered to my dish, it didn’t get delivered. I tried to contact him then you ship but one reason I bought is because it was through PayPal. So I just went to paypal was like not they send me the shit. They didn’t send me this. So I’m not going to try another one. But they had some pretty crazy shit for good prices. But, you know, if it doesn’t work doesn’t work. I’m not you know, not upset. It was like 80 bucks. You know, I was like, yeah, I’ll spend that time now. My wife’s been that sushi.

Jordan Huerta 38:42
So we have a Buell blast it over. Oh, we did at the warehouse. It must be at Jamie’s house. No. Book is up last. We didn’t sell that thing it’d be

Mike VO 38:52
most I’d seen a blast around here in a wall might change servers. Maybe no is that not the one will have a will bot or

Jordan Huerta 39:01
he bought one of them. Okay, he bought one the one that didn’t that like was missing wheels or something? Because he has like three more that have never run? And I guess he wanted to like line them up. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:13
museum pieces. Yeah.

Jordan Huerta 39:14
fucking weird dude, man. But um so you know, what I want to do is go back to the salt flats and I want to run a water and

Unknown Speaker 39:25
sewer class for it.

Jordan Huerta 39:29
No, so create it. So you’re automatically a world record I was.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
Easily you show

Aaron Staudinger 39:36
up. You did one point. How do you

Mike VO 39:40
How does a water engine work?

Jordan Huerta 39:42
So what you do is you take it, basically what you do is you put power to make it simple. You take kind of like a battery that’s filled with salt water, and then you put power into it. The vapor and when you When you power the salt water, it electrifies, the it celebrates the water. And it causes a chemical reaction, which then separates the water into hydrogen, and oxygen.

Unknown Speaker 40:14

Mike VO 40:16
you run the hydrogen because hydrogen is light, so the hydrogen rises to the top. So you funnel the hydrogen into a catch tank, and then you pressurize the tank and inject it into your fuel system. So if you run it solely on water, you have to have a pretty big battery, but you can run it on you can run a hydrogen injected vehicle, and bait because basically gasoline, you know, all the all internal combustion engines run on hydrocarbons, well, that’s hydrogen, it’s very unstable. So the only difference between water and gasoline is water is an extremely stable molecule because it has an equal number of protons and electrons. So it is really hard to break the atom apart the molecule apart, but you take like gasoline, and there’s such a, there’s an instability between the, the protons and the electrons, so it kind of wants to, it wants to break apart. So that’s why it’s so you know, like gasoline, when you open up your foot, those fumes, don’t I mean, that’s it, they’re just splitting, splitting, splitting, and the hydrogen is escaping from the rest of the from the carbon, because you know, the hydrocarbon, so it’s hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms bonded together. And it’s not a perfect balance. So they wants to break apart. So, you know, that’s how new all like explosions work, nuclear weapons, and all that just the more unstable, you make the atom, that the molecule, the faster it wants to separate into its original opponents. And that separation causes kinetic energy. So that’s really all you’re doing inside a internal combustion engine engine is creating kinetic energy through the hydrogen. So when you run your gasoline through the generator, and you turn it into a mist, you know, you vaporize it. It’s basically splitting into the hydrogen splitting out, unite the hydrogen and the hydrogen burns. All the other pieces are all your other emission byproduct. Yeah, yeah. So to get a engine run solely off water, you have to use electricity to create that separation. So you use salt, water, and metal plates. And then you run electricity through it. And it basically causes a huge chemical reaction. And you get three different elements you get hydrogen, oxygen, salt. So the two most needed elements on Earth are salt. I mean, salt, that’s super important, right? Can’t get enough salt, salt used to be currency. You know, hell, and in some countries, it still is. So that’s a that is a byproduct of a hydrogen burning engine, or of a water burning engine, and oxygen and water. pure water. So

Aaron Staudinger 43:03
now I have only seen a Briggs motor

Mike VO 43:06
running on water. Yeah. on water.

Yeah, he’s basically running, are you running the motor on hydrogen, you’re creating a hydrogen.

So to do it, the wave creation system purely on water, it’s not an efficient process, because you have to have so much electricity to separate the deal. So basically, we saw that there was a big ass battery connected right to a switch tank.

Aaron Staudinger 43:27
The trick is making a electricity to power the reaction to keep it running environmentally.

Mike VO 43:32
So what you do is you run an injected motor, so kind of like you’re going to be water, methane. Yeah. So you do a hydrogen injected motor, instead of that, which basically, kind of does the same sort of runs on

Aaron Staudinger 43:43
gasoline. But then it has a map that backs the gas out and runs on hydrogen it

Mike VO 43:48
Yeah, well, you went so you’re running on like, a third of the gas, right? Because you’re injecting street hydrogen. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 43:53
So imagine idols and it runs, basically, or it starts warms up? Well, gasoline, and then it will, at some point, on a map or some kind of strategy you develop, will run on.

Mike VO 44:06
You’re always really, as long as there’s electricity going to it.

Aaron Staudinger 44:10
But on a warm up cycle and stuff like that, why don’t need to run on gasoline, kind of like an alcohol motor, you don’t want to layer it on gasoline and get it to run and then switch over to or nytro not sure you’re not going to start on

Jordan Huerta 44:20
nitric acid and switch it over the amount of gasoline, but you’re not going to meter the amount of hydrogen. That’s always there. Always. You’re always getting the hydrogen, you’re just metering the gasoline to make up the difference.

Aaron Staudinger 44:32
So do you run like a oxygen sensor or something like that? That backs out the fuel?

Jordan Huerta 44:39
Yeah, when you want to get like super good at it. I want to do it on small engines because not super good. So we can put it on really like yeah, two horse engines, run them a full bore. And then see, like how many times I can mow my lawn on one take gas. There you go. You don’t I mean, stop with the weed eater. Start with now you’re saying real small. Well, the problem you get burned it up. You can just Don’t buy parts for $200 Okay, well

Mike VO 45:02
I need some weed eaters to smoke. weed is too small as you need three wheels. That’s you’re gonna need wheels because you’re gonna need enough room for the battery and the the other shit that you want to add. Yeah, make it heavy, so it’s not gonna be something you want to pick up. It’s gonna be something you want on wheels on, right, probably the right thing to start, you know? Or like a little mini bike.

Jordan Huerta 45:24
I mean, because you could run around how much is the engine on your mini bike? to like,

Mike VO 45:29
I can get a harbor freight to 1200 50 bucks or so. You know. Yeah. And those, the predator 212 is like the motor to buy. Like they don’t nobody talks about buying Honda motors anymore at all.

Jordan Huerta 45:42
So if we burn it up. We have a with the art. We expect it. Okay, right away.

Mike VO 45:48
We’ll do it on the motor I have now because that’s the Chinese 196 they came on the Coleman.

Jordan Huerta 45:52
Yeah, you can buy those Chinese motors like you know, create a pin for like 500 bucks.

Mike VO 45:58
Yeah, you know what I mean? Well, if you’re willing to go Yeah, it actually if you show up so I don’t know. I had a buddy of mine. That had a shop on the railroad tracks. So he could get the train to stop at a shop and he could unload containers on his property. So he decays shipping costs. Is that even legal? Yeah, well, yeah. customs. Well, yeah, I just ran over here. He is whatever it was he was in was a manufacturing facility where the train had stopped before you know I mean, it was set up like that

Jordan Huerta 46:31
a wall. He just bring container age so he would

Mike VO 46:35
go to China and Well, yeah, yeah, you go over to China picker and you get a container

Unknown Speaker 46:43
your sister to have a free life yeah

Aaron Staudinger 46:45
my free now Am I free now? No, motherfucker. More motors to build. Three.

Mike VO 46:52
I need no seat. He would literally go over to China buy a container to and buy like four wheelers and scooters and all this shit. Right? Right from over there.

Jordan Huerta 47:05
I mean, he was you know what? That’s why there’s trade war right? Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 47:11
He he got this shit so wrong ventilators and shit. I had hey check.

Mike VO 47:18
On 50 cc like utility four wheeler look like the big boys had a big tires. I used to go everywhere on that. But it was only 250. So wasn’t super powerful. But it went everywhere.

Jordan Huerta 47:28
But if I need eight pounds.

Mike VO 47:31
Yeah. Yeah. If I were great for them. Yeah. But it was 800 bucks to pay for that thing. Like it’s ridiculous. Like that. Yeah, he would go over there back on the ship. Don’t get a container loaded up a ship. Come back over. So kids.

Aaron Staudinger 47:48
Yeah. Women apologize. Now to all of our Chinese fans.

We have one. Yeah. Yeah. American or wood.

Jordan Huerta 48:04
I’ll take fans everywhere in the world. China,

Unknown Speaker 48:07

Jordan Huerta 48:10
American. I don’t care what your last name is.

Mike VO 48:15
Oh, yeah. I want to put that disclaimer out there. So I you know, I get into this a lot because,

Jordan Huerta 48:21
and I don’t like Canadians, either. Canadians. They took our job.

Mike VO 48:25
I’ll talk to people and they’re like, Oh, well, I’m from here or whatever. Oh, how long have I been here? 30 years. Like you’ve been here. 30 years and you’re a citizen. Yeah, you’re an American dude. That’s cool. You know, like, you don’t you don’t have to be like I’m Iranian or whatever. I get it. You’re from Iran, but you’ve been here 30 years. You’re a fucking citizen. You pay your taxes. You’re an American dude. It’s cool. Was

Jordan Huerta 48:48
there Iranian that are born here?

Mike VO 48:50
Yeah. Oh, yeah. born here. Especially. Yeah, my

Jordan Huerta 48:52
radio. Really? You don’t have much of an accent? Oh, well, I mean, I was born here. I was born in Baltimore. Well, then you’re Yeah, you weren’t born in Iran.

Aaron Staudinger 49:04
Right, America,

Mike VO 49:05
that’s the you know, that’s, that’s what I don’t think a lot of people understand is people who? I don’t know, I guess think like we do it in American doesn’t mean white. It means you were born here. You live here. You

Jordan Huerta 49:16
know why you’re gonna erase it at this boy. You know,

Mike VO 49:19
I’m just saying, you know, it’s that topic. You know? It’s that Oh, yeah. The brown subject matter.

Aaron Staudinger 49:28
Turn your head around for the camera.

Mike VO 49:33
My Barber, it was my barber. I was talking to him. And he has been. He was he’s been in a he’s got a kick ass actor, too. But he’s been in Nashville for 17 years. And I was like, oh, and he’s from Iraq. I used for my rap.

Jordan Huerta 49:49
gotta suck the dick. Yeah.

Mike VO 49:51
Yeah. So, again, he’s from Iraq. And I was like, Oh, God. hear from I ran out. I lived in Seattle before that, and I was like, oh, how long do you live in Seattle? And he’s like, 15 years or something? Right? So you’ve been here like 30 plus years. And I’m like, I don’t even understand how you still have an accent. Like seriously, like, you’ve been here. 3014 years. Like, you know, you don’t understand why you still associate like your American bro.

Aaron Staudinger 50:25
It’s hard though, man. So so like, I’m from California. I don’t sound like I’m from Tennessee.

Jordan Huerta 50:29
You look like you’re California. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Okay, so

Aaron Staudinger 50:34
here’s the weird

Unknown Speaker 50:36
side by

Mike VO 50:37
side from like, you come

Unknown Speaker 50:39

Jordan Huerta 50:45
Northwest Ohio. guy. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 50:47
they got one beer. No feelings. Probably. God damn.

Mike VO 50:50
I mean,

Aaron Staudinger 50:51
speaking of which, I need another one. I got you.

Mike VO 50:56
For our I was going with that.

Aaron Staudinger 50:59
We got really racial got awesome from it there. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 51:03
That’s a whole different podcasts.

Jordan Huerta 51:06
I yeah, but I don’t think Really? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 51:10
Um, so

Jordan Huerta 51:15
I think there’s a little bell. Do you also

Aaron Staudinger 51:20
you want some whiskey down there? So

Mike VO 51:24
would you want to get listed on a graph here? So it was just snuck in, enlighten

Aaron Staudinger 51:29
us until Jordan drained?

Mike VO 51:31
This is stage two. Right. Yeah, I remember hearing that earlier. So. redshift 465. redshift are speaking to the mic.

Jordan Huerta 51:40
Yeah. The mushroom fueling force. Oh, yeah, fueling or 65 cohorts a second by s&s air cleaner. That’s the blue one. This red wondering here is the same setup. But add Reinhardt slip ons. Everything else? You can see.

Mike VO 52:01
Whoa, wow. Remember? I just I read it on there. You’re looking? Okay. So I’m looking at a graph. Now. When you’ve looked at a lot of graphs,

you don’t put in here? Oh, sorry, new customer about this the other day.

Jordan Huerta 52:15
We need something straight up like on election day.

Roy Merritt 52:17
Yeah, we know.

Aaron Staudinger 52:19
We don’t normally add 11 or three in the morning.

Mike VO 52:24
We don’t like EAC numbers. We don’t really look at numbers that often. I mean, we do because you have to because they’re there. But well we look at is that flat table? Is that only choose your torque on it? No, it did. I didn’t turn it on. And it jumped up your torque curve jumped up and you want that torque curve to be flat and you want it to come up like a table. Now you flat. Oh, and people worry so much about eiken numbers which looking at this graph right here.

Aaron Staudinger 52:56
At the stage two.

Mike VO 52:57
Number probably comes somewhere in the 30 730 foot pounds of torque. Yeah. 30 foot pounds of torque. Like as 111 horsepower 14 114

Aaron Staudinger 53:09

Mike VO 53:11
this a set? So it was a 128 was the first SST shooto in our in that new room? Holy shit. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 53:18
Yeah. So how much were we lose? All that time?

Mike VO 53:22
We made a shitload of money on that room.

Aaron Staudinger 53:25
Now I’m talking about that. I’m sure a lot of

Unknown Speaker 53:28
answer. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 53:28
I don’t think that room is happy.

Mike VO 53:31
Yeah, so nice. No 131 111 I mean, that’s a nice, just

Aaron Staudinger 53:37
killer, dude. Yeah, man.

Mike VO 53:40
So this graph I’m looking at is in the 3700 RPM range. It’s really hard. At about 20 we got 2122 2300 RPMs. We have 126.5 foot pounds of torque at 2800 rpm.

Aaron Staudinger 54:00
Factory compression

Mike VO 54:02
gh to build so cam, Reinhardt’s it what exhausts you says was firmware homework so yeah,

Jordan Huerta 54:08
just girls that get a white baffles in it. I have asked Marcus. He must have

Aaron Staudinger 54:13
must have to make that make that tournament.

Roy Merritt 54:16
I mean, there’s air in there.

Mike VO 54:17
Yeah, the right one.

So that Reinhardt was at 105.89 at 2300. So it’s 11 foot pounds of torque ever and there’s a cam added and everything else you know.

Well that was what the

fine arts do. Oh, that was with the camera any other Oh, same cam Jose. Yeah, same bill just different mufflers Holy shit, you have to see this graph because there is 15 or more foot pounds of torque all the way across the graph. And you

Aaron Staudinger 54:49
mic running in the background earlier in this episode, so that was Yeah, hard work

Mike VO 54:53
background that was him. Yeah.

Jordan Huerta 54:55
So funny story on that. This weekend. I’ve been trolling Got a social media because that’s where the wars being was being waged right now. And I have I’m on this dumb ass forum. I don’t even know why I’m on it. On Facebook. She’s like, Harley performance, dinos something. And there’s this fucking little shop in Iowa. It’s always posting weird stuff. And there’s a kid that I think graduated high school works there. And he posts this graph. And it’s like, oh, it’s uh, you know, hit the fucking road. ghac 120 4 billion or 128 build from us mobile and it has like, it has the jump up. And then Lino like, 2200 it jumps up to like 124 pounds, that drops to 100 and then climbs its way back

Unknown Speaker 55:43
up. Yeah.

Jordan Huerta 55:44
And this guy’s like, Oh, looks like a, you know, a torque curve, my decent, whatever. And he’s like, yeah, too. And he had a full stack header and Reinhardt pipes, I think right?

Roy Merritt 55:54
out to see that should I should actually,

Aaron Staudinger 55:56
yeah. And big ones, the big 4.5 Db X’s or the little three inch chicken, I think

Mike VO 56:01
doesn’t matter that much. If you have the right header.

Jordan Huerta 56:04
Yeah. And if you have good baffles Yeah. And so this guy’s like, Oh, yeah, it’s kind of like you tell the other guy was just saying like, you know, wow, that turker right there the beginning, you know, whatever. So the guy that posted the graph that works at the shop. I assume you shop I don’t really know. But he’s like, Oh, yeah. You know, I tried to explain to him to one would have performed way better and above all, but that’s what he wanted. And so I said, so I just posted Well, not running baffles is a mistake. Yeah. And your graph shows. That one right there that Reinhardt’s setup. I don’t think it Yeah. So I guess I struck a nerve. Because he’s like, No shit triggered, you know, it’s Yeah. Yeah, he responds, no shit with exclamation points. And I was like, and so I responded back, I was like, Hey, kid, get your panties all wadded up. The graph says that you didn’t run the proper mufflers in there, because that’s a good exhaust system. And instead of misinforming this other guy that that obviously is out is like trying to figure out you know, like, Is that normal or whatever? Like, by lying to them and tell them that’s not a good exhaust? What it is, yeah. Why don’t you just say the guy you didn’t put baffles in? He’s like, well, I talked to the customer. And he’s, I’m on mobile, and then he starts back, but I’m gonna shut the fuck up, man.

Aaron Staudinger 57:20
Who cares what he wants?

Mike VO 57:21

Why did you show up at my doors? That attitude? Right actually works more than people want to believe it? Does. Anybody that I have seen be successful in the performance world will tell people to go, guy. Oh,

Aaron Staudinger 57:37
say it Go fuck yourself. Yesterday, you know

Mike VO 57:39
it? Oh, if that’s what you want to do. You heard those guys, those guys down the street will do that.

Aaron Staudinger 57:45
Because he happens, man, you build it the way that they say they want. They get it. They could take it out in the street and get spanked by some dude that has a stock 114 Meanwhile, he spent 60 507,000 bucks. And now we’re the asshole wish Nick was here. Because we were standing there with a customer,

Mike VO 58:02
I think it might have been today. And the guy had a motor bill by us and went back home to wherever Cleveland or somewhere I forget where it was he said he was from and he. And he said that there was a guy back home that had a breakout with a stage for a motor in it and all this stuff. And he’s like the fastest guy in town. He said, back when the bike was a stage two, he had had a CBO 110 with some work to 59 ease and some head work and whatnot. And he said he just hung with him, you know? But he got like a backlink on him. And then he just stayed there with him. He said this time. He didn’t have a chance. He’s like, I wax his ass. And he’s like, and I was like, well, that’s why you spent all that money, didn’t you? And he’s like, Oh, yeah, it was well worth. He’s like, Yeah, he’s like, I spent a ton of money on this thing. And if he is asked

Jordan Huerta 59:01
us when they’re like, man, how much money is that? I go, what does it matter? Yeah. And then, you know that you, you see him take that like double take like, well, I? Well, like you want want it or not? I mean, yeah, there’s a fast you want to go there’s a price tag involved. But if you want, if you want this, you’re gonna pay the price. I just wish

Aaron Staudinger 59:24
or half. Come back again and spend time and a half money. Well, here’s no time.

Jordan Huerta 59:30
Yeah, want to pay for you don’t want to pay what it takes to be cool. And tell me how much money you do have. And I’ll make you as cool as that much money.

Aaron Staudinger 59:37
I tell people on the phone all the time. There’s two ways we can do this. You tell me how much money you have. And I’ll make it as fast as you can the money you have. Or tell me the power you want to make. And I’ll tell you how much it costs to get there. Yeah, that’s it. Exactly. There’s two ways to do this. It’s just I tell them is just the parts. That’s it. Yeah, there’s no magic, right? Like, I’ll sprinkle something On top didn’t come up with an extra 50 horsepower it is just the parts yep that’s it and the story you can

Jordan Huerta 1:00:07
get Jim’s lifters that are $125 apiece we can buy or the lifters that are 144 right which ones do you think are higher quality?

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:19
God you got to sum it all up Oh, I should have put the gym on my bike

Jordan Huerta 1:00:23
Don’t worry about it man. Jana pull them right out man oh yeah yeah, he’d like such it looks work

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:30
it’s still there. Yeah, I got to do is buy new gaskets and

Jordan Huerta 1:00:34
you know change is gonna come back next week we’ll be like take the tablets on his bike he’s changed his mind he’s gonna be like speed seriously awesome. No, he’s so not into that right now. I’ll tell you what, I was so excited. I knew this was gonna happen

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:51
he looked at me when I brought the swingarm downstairs like really

Jordan Huerta 1:00:57

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:00
like me man like it’s been sitting up there for eight months man.

Jordan Huerta 1:01:05
Yeah, actually you know what the stock rotor it went pretty well then it looks good. It really did good with a with a stock alpha which is kind of a disappointing thing it brought on listen to our podcast it’s not but

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:19
well either way I cut it I’m gonna run the stock rear caliper if I change conference on transparent Oh, is that my break? I really don’t I want

Jordan Huerta 1:01:28
rear that’s good. Is that caliber rotor combination

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:36
again with this that’s been debunked

Mike VO 1:01:40
back check

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:42
back check like he said that my recap bullshit now defunct good

Mike VO 1:01:48
Yeah, I’m curious to see what yours does and this is all said and done man. And we’ll see

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:52
Yeah, the tuning is gonna be the hard part.

Mike VO 1:01:54
We’ll see if we can get it to run exactly

1212 Oh,

Jordan Huerta 1:01:59
like a fresh out you know you know fucking toddler bro both of the exhausters in the front cylinder my Dinah

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:05
broke them off broke them off. Like

Jordan Huerta 1:02:08
the easy one and then you’re like let me see if I can duplicate the results.

You can’t broke the one you get to two things easy out.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:20
And then either coil No.

Roy Merritt 1:02:23
Take the head off.

Jordan Huerta 1:02:27
Take that off because the frame rails right i mean i can do is by cylinders. I

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:31
got pistons for you. somebody threw away my fucking cylinders.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
I had I had one or three

Mike VO 1:02:35
piston piston. Yeah, I have. I have one. I had one of the three pistons and everything but I sold him the wane.

Jordan Huerta 1:02:43
Well, you know what’s funny? We haven’t said headquarters. It’s fucking

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:47
Sir. Sir. floating around.

Mike VO 1:02:49
So you’re gonna tear that motor down. Put it back together. I can’t believe you tear that motor down. Put it back together. Stop

Jordan Huerta 1:02:58
talking I’m Jamie out of the box. You gonna put them on me?

Mike VO 1:03:05
I’m pretty sure you inherited yours in 96 Yeah, we can just make it 96 Ripper. It did. I was gonna say those 96 you do move right.

Jordan Huerta 1:03:13
That other day. That’s I thought I was gonna put that cool. Uh Yeah. That s&s What the What is our thing grand nationals and nationals that I bought off that guy for like 180 bucks.

Aaron Staudinger 1:03:27
The one sitting upstairs?

Jordan Huerta 1:03:29
Yeah, that had all the scratches on it. Yeah, yeah, I bought those when that guy came and switched out to the Trask What are you gonna do this Grand National is out on the internet. I was like, I’ll give you $180 form right now. And he’s like, Okay.

Mike VO 1:03:45
I almost did that with those Magnaflow I took off this 40 the other day that Magnaflow two into one. That was like pulling music. I don’t know. I sell them cheap. I was like one of them. And I got to looking at it in their plaque. And I’m like, that’s not gonna look good on my bike. That’s gonna look like shit. Hey, and I was like, You know what? Just tell him. I’m not in on this one. But yeah, Cedric’s

Jordan Huerta 1:04:05
inverted Yeah. His his fat on it. I bought a $200 Oh, my God.

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:16
Put it on the

Jordan Huerta 1:04:18
book. Yeah, do it. I was like, it’s such a fucking shitty year, you know? 2007 Dinah? Yeah. Is it a seven or eight? Seven. Same. Here’s mine. But it’s like a terrible year because they didn’t do the one piece fuckin

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:33
clamp on top. With the riser. That was a shitty year. The one where they made the top tree had a one piece clamp at the bars.

Jordan Huerta 1:04:41
What do you mean talk about for the street bops? Yeah. Oh six.

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:45
Oh yeah. orrible? I don’t have that. fuck were you thinking? Well, I

Jordan Huerta 1:04:50
was gonna like, trade up. But after I bought that robot, put like fucking way more money.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:00
It turned out nice lady.

Jordan Huerta 1:05:01
I’m gonna keep the dinette and I’m just gonna I’m gonna fucking Monty Hall the thing together.

Roy Merritt 1:05:07
Build up money on YouTube. That’s the track 190

Mike VO 1:05:09
the Dyna

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:12
travel the drag strip, drag strip. Oh, fucking take it to the beggar. Oh, I don’t know. We’re all going to drag strip man.

Roy Merritt 1:05:19
He’s got a trailer.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:21
I got a trailer. Because the trailer is 26 footer.

Mike VO 1:05:24
And what do you put in a trailer? That way? If you fucking bring a belt or something stupid, you just go to the J. Robertson.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:29
J. Robertson has a hauling company. And I was talking to him the other night. He’s like, you go to the drag strip anywhere you want to go. I’ll tell you guys there. Who? j Robertson? No. Yeah, the down 31 that we’re building right now. Dude. Like he might be listening right now.

Jordan Huerta 1:05:46
Yeah. z listen to our podcast.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:48
I don’t know. He might be. But he wants to go race man.

Mike VO 1:05:51
He’s like dead serious dude. Yeah, he should he’s gonna he’s gonna fight this bikes. Nice to use the cool bike. I love this bill. Your blue bike man.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:59
Yeah. Is it says I like to. Magnuson Magnus Morrison. Where Morrison was the guy that we used to work at rare Morrison design those heads. Yeah. edcc ended up being 10 eight corrected. The nice little setup and it’s 130 131 with what is it minus 10.7 or something? Isn’t it?

Jordan Huerta 1:06:20
Yeah. fucking ridiculous, man.

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:22
Yeah, a minus. Yeah. So one minus minus might No no, you know piston does it 10 down but it is the addition the piston is minus 10.7 so the head had to be like edcc tiny little fucking chamber right? Yeah. And it ended up being 11 nine compression and corrected 1010 810 seven something like that

Jordan Huerta 1:06:46
was the star five a five minute What does he call that a three quarter race?

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:52
three quarter race cameo?

Jordan Huerta 1:06:54
Yeah, I don’t even think she’d run good. So what he’s talking about like Oh, the 3030 Kevin like what the fuck are you guys even talk? Oh, that’s the highly nose lift. I’m like oh, that for 6071 or 73 isn’t that what I put in? What’s the 3030

Aaron Staudinger 1:07:13
I think we run run yet

Jordan Huerta 1:07:14
no, that’s a that’s a three quarter

Aaron Staudinger 1:07:16
right so 585 85 three quarter race

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19

Jordan Huerta 1:07:21
No, we’ve got three bikes that have been waiting because the Dinos been down under renovation?

Roy Merritt 1:07:27
Yeah under revamp.

Jordan Huerta 1:07:28
Yeah 2020 really promising 1000 CFM of air moving in and out games like any attorneys all their fans down I was like No, I want I want to turn them down. What I don’t want to stack there’s like no, I want the air out of here as fast as I can. Well, yeah,

Mike VO 1:07:43
and when you’re out on the road actually riding that’s what you get is nothing but fresh air. So it’s a better tune. You know whether or not you’re seeing bigger numbers, whatever it doesn’t matter if the more fresh air you can get in and around that bike the better because that’s what you’re going to get out on the road so that thing’s all janky out there but she is gonna lose his shit

Jordan Huerta 1:08:15
don’t worry it’s filled up with ice cream

Mike VO 1:08:22
oh god what

Aaron Staudinger 1:08:23
engineering it is.

Mike VO 1:08:24
Did you see Did you see my fire alarm thing I sent to the group chat The other day

Jordan Huerta 1:08:28
I believe messenger

Mike VO 1:08:30
fire alarm on the thing it’s got a little sticker and it says installed on an align and it says the ceiling I posted it was like did woody install this bucket and God damn it

is crazy. But yeah, man, you know, the man the performance side of the Harley world especially is just changing so much what’s

Jordan Huerta 1:08:58
coming back

Mike VO 1:08:59
you know we were talking about kind of how we started the year


how we’ve progressed and and like I was saying earlier we we kind of started the year working on clutch issues you know we were kind of struggling with the good clutch setup and when we got to talking about the recluse and some of the stuff we’ve been doing and how much of the feedback we’ve had on the recluse clutches and things like that. You know we’ve kind of been able to build the power now we’re looking we’ve got an A transmissions this year heavier than we have in the past.

Jordan Huerta 1:09:39
What are we supposed to be fighting the power fight THE power? I think we got it wrong.

Aaron Staudinger 1:09:45
Mike Have you seen the the reckless basket

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
though it out.

Aaron Staudinger 1:09:52
So here’s one of the one I’ve seen a photo of a unit I’m not sure if it’s like a production unit or what but They’re there on it. So maybe talking

Mike VO 1:10:01
about this earlier, send us one first and I said,

if I was building a basket, and I was recluse, I would make a basket that you would not need the little inserts or

Jordan Huerta 1:10:13
would you put a brisket in the basket that,

Mike VO 1:10:18
you know, you go the same route as everybody else. And I say you go with a Sportster basket, like a steel basket, like the Sportster dude does, that’s heavy as fuck I would do with a prepreg. Kind of like, you don’t have to making an A, you don’t have to make it thick, like aluminum because it’s steel. So you know, you do a steel basket, or, I mean, if you’re just going to make another aluminum basket, that’s the same size of stock, that you slide those things in. What’s the fucking point? You can get it from trash, you can get it from fucking Barnett, you get from everybody. Well, what’s the point?

Jordan Huerta 1:10:55
You know, the same price? You can get it from you.

Mike VO 1:11:00
Yeah, but I don’t know. Like I said, if I was, you know, if I was reboost, and I was going to design I would design a basket that works with my clutches, and say, This is the best thing you can roll like I mentioned they will. But I wouldn’t make one that still use this little insert. You know what I mean? I would want something that you kind of bypasses and serves as insert or to adapt other stuff to work with my shit. If you want to run my plates in my basket.

Jordan Huerta 1:11:25
They weren’t you know what? They’re running somebody else’s clutch

Roy Merritt 1:11:29
that you don’t run a basket?

Jordan Huerta 1:11:31
Was it? Does that just kind of make you immediately a niche market?

Mike VO 1:11:37
Yeah, buddy. It’s gonna work with everybody else’s. There’s there’s plenty of options. Our

Aaron Staudinger 1:11:41
referee says, Hey, we’re the game. So he’ll walk you. Here’s our basket with our comics

Jordan Huerta 1:11:46
one on one, the clutch is gonna come with skill with the inserts no matter what it is. That’s part of the clutch. Yeah, we talked about that. If you make your basket so that only runs with the with your clutch. And then you throw those out. It precludes you from running other than your basket isn’t good for any other clutch. And your clutch is sold with the little pins anyway.

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:07
Or they say, fuck you run our clutch with the best numbers, right?

Roy Merritt 1:12:12
That’s what I would do.

Jordan Huerta 1:12:14
Why would you do I would say I would what I would do is sell a complete kit. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:18
we talk to you. That’s what I think they should do.

Jordan Huerta 1:12:20
Yeah, you’re gonna buy my basket. That would be like a brisket in a basket you can buy.

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:27
You can buy a clutch with the sleeves, or you can buy a basket and the clutch without that’s the only way you could buy it. Period. End of story.

Mike VO 1:12:34
Well, you should be able to get the plate separate. Right? I mean, you know, to kind of get everything you want.

Jordan Huerta 1:12:40
And you should market it like fuck you. Yeah, that’s why

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:47
you that’s why because we’re the shit. Yeah, yes. Oh, yeah.

Mike VO 1:12:52
Like Vance and Hines new slogan this year. Be the shit. Looks like shit. Sounds like shit runs like chin. The big radius. Oh, god, it’s so bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
But yeah, the bad effects Dr. But

Jordan Huerta 1:13:11
that were 65 and with a with with radius radius. proven performance sold that it need.

Mike VO 1:13:20
Yeah, Mister, mister, I have no backbone.

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:27
So much garbage.

Mike VO 1:13:28
I heard the conversation to Mike. It was like you’re calling that guy saying that’s not the exhaust. You’re running it. I really recommend you run something else. But if you still want to run that we can run.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
In here, right

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:47
there in the meeting, and Mike’s killing and Nick and I’m like, Oh, look.

Jordan Huerta 1:13:59
You’re like, like, Derek would have already talked about

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:07
him so hard. I didn’t. I was like, Oh, I’m out of this man. I don’t want to look at Nick right now.

Mike VO 1:14:14
You know what, though? It’s why you’re better at there than I am. You’re right, though. We haven’t got here by bowing to everybody’s whim. We’ve got here because we tell people that you don’t want that. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:29
the answer is on the phone. But you called us for a reason you can run Whatever you’re looking for an answer and we have it. I’ll

Jordan Huerta 1:14:34
put the cams in that we took out and I’ll put it back the way it was and you can put whatever exhaust in it you want and all I want you to do is sign a waiver that when I blast you on the internet to say this is my fault. Yeah. That I’m going to put this little piece of paper on there. They said I told you not to do this. You did it anyway. Yeah. And it’s gonna have your signature on your picture. You should maybe

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:53
we need to actually make that I actually

Roy Merritt 1:14:55
liked so

Jordan Huerta 1:14:56
should I go take this exhaust off right now or later. 40 is at the big berthelot he’s doing he’s doing the Full Monty, we have

Mike VO 1:15:07
another visor have the baffles like, Is it a California?

Jordan Huerta 1:15:09
It’s done well,

Mike VO 1:15:10
they actually run

Jordan Huerta 1:15:12
fairly. They don’t make huge power, but they make a good curve.

Mike VO 1:15:14
Yeah, I was surprised that sporty that they changed it not too long ago with shorter shots and the newer Yeah. Actually keeps the power up in the bottom. Yeah, it probably doesn’t make as much on the top as the old one. It had a nice flat curve, and

Jordan Huerta 1:15:31
but he was like, well, I run the hell out of it. I run the hell out of it. I’m like, was that Magnaflow exhaust you’re gonna need? I’m always at the top end. Can we put the shortcuts back on? Wherever you want, boss, man,

Mike VO 1:15:43
why was this choice? What was his reasoning?

Jordan Huerta 1:15:48
Well, he wanted the short shots because he liked the sound.

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:51
Yeah. So this This goes back. It’s a lick man.

Jordan Huerta 1:15:53
And I said, Well, they do sound good. And they have a nice curb, but you’re not going to get the most power. You know, they’re they’re pretty tame exhaust. And you’re like, well, let’s just down a tune with them on there. I want to see what to do. So he has a great curb. Runs good. And he’s like, well, I’m thinking about this Magnaflow Do you think that’d be more power? Yeah, it’ll make a lot more you’ll make more horsepower. Your power is going to come on later with this exhaust. So you’re going to need to stay in the upper RPM range, you know, above 3000 you know, whatever. Oh, yeah, that’s that’s easy. I’m always up there. Okay, no problem. We put the exhaust on dyno tune it You guys are for a week. Yeah, could we put the shortstops back?

Aaron Staudinger 1:16:34
I’m not sure they’re

Jordan Huerta 1:16:35
absolutely. You know, I

Mike VO 1:16:38
tell myself I want it for yourself, man. But I don’t ride there.

Jordan Huerta 1:16:42
The funny thing is, he said people think they’re blowing these things you

Mike VO 1:16:44
and I don’t ride in the bottom and

Jordan Huerta 1:16:47
yeah, no, you ready? So you got your you want to buy that? Magnaflow exhaust? cheap.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
Black and

Jordan Huerta 1:16:58
What’s up? What’s wrong black bike just

Aaron Staudinger 1:17:03
go race. I’m

Jordan Huerta 1:17:03
the lazy dog easy, man. For some black,

Mike VO 1:17:08
red and chrome and blackalicious look dumb on it.

Jordan Huerta 1:17:11
Come on black.

Mike VO 1:17:12
I’d give it i’d give him 100 bucks for it now. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
I don’t know.

Mike VO 1:17:19
I really I really have my heart set on that Celtic.

Jordan Huerta 1:17:22
I have my heart set on this

Mike VO 1:17:26
nice and just interested

that’s why that’s why that reminds me of the Dave Chappelle. Yeah. It was Yeah.

Jordan Huerta 1:17:43
Why do we treat versus Wait, why is the manager you tell them you are the

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
I am the

Jordan Huerta 1:17:54
manager be?

Mike VO 1:17:58
Well, I don’t know man. I got some ideas for next year and try some different stuff than the podcast next year. How about we need to work on some like Intro music and shit.

Jordan Huerta 1:18:11
What if we put the microphones away from us and yell at Oh well,

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:17
experimenting with sound What

Mike VO 1:18:19
do you mean by

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:20
Let’s be like engineers will create like,

Mike VO 1:18:23
I wouldn’t mind getting like what have you Jamie from fueling or one of those guys on and talk about whether they actually saw any result from the king of the baggers race or how much feedback they’ve got from it

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
was involved in it where they know fueling Oh,

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:40
oh feeling yeah be interesting. Yeah. I can tell you man on the thrones of Jamie feel moto maybe it’s just the niche that we work within but the people that I talk to on the phone a lot every just about every one of them except for the guys they’re like no, I’m you know, a limited super heavy loaded to up all the time. I just cruised whatever cool one a cam job. Anybody who’s like at all performance related has seen that those it has watched it several times.

Jordan Huerta 1:19:09
Well, sure, but so take like, what we do on our YouTube channel. And john Maxwell you know, john Maxwell has I don’t know how many calls per have i don’t i don’t think

Roy Merritt 1:19:25
it was over 100,000

Jordan Huerta 1:19:27
Yeah, yeah, totally. Until he left the gravy train. Yeah. Yeah, because he’s realizing that he thought it was going to be super cool to start his own little gig and leave the leave the frickin mothership. If it sucks out there. Yeah, it does. But uh, so so I’m not digging on john Maxwell at all. Yeah, but, you know, he has, he would post videos you know back when he was at at Chattahoochee and which is now for pending or the Davidson and he would post a video and install zero lights show you how to do it talk about how bad it were. And he’d have 50,000 views in a week. Well, those people never call us

Aaron Staudinger 1:20:13
because we do different things.

Jordan Huerta 1:20:14
Yeah. And the people that when he would do he didn’t really do much performance because His performance was Yeah, he put an mp3, you know, no, it was it was in the tuners. It was, you know, he’s not, he’s not doing what we’re doing, and we’re not doing what he’s doing. So we don’t cross pollinate. Now, yes, there are a whole lot more people that would that want to buy cereal lights and learn how to put them on their garage, then there are people that want to make 140 horsepower at the rear wheel. You know what I mean? Yeah, if you just look at the masses. So he has an appeal of a completely different audience profile than us. And I would be willing to say that maybe every once in a while somebody calls him and says, Man on the king of the baggers, they’re running the suspension. That’s what this is. One of my roguelikes you don’t I mean, the people call him like, I don’t know, if I should, you know, he’s kind of squishy in the corners. Should I put them progressive on there? You know, and he’s like, yeah, that’s a really good idea. Yeah, oh, they’re like, they call us and they’re like, talking about Ollie. Yeah. And why should I do Ollie? What’s the interesting thing, man? Yeah, based

Aaron Staudinger 1:21:25
on the video work that we’ve done, the people that call us call us already educated. Right? Yeah, they know what they want. They already have an idea they have a plan in mind. And we do is fine tune that setup for them. Right, right. And gonna like place them in the right spring, the right rear shocks that went with what they’re going to do the right right height, all that kind of stuff. And then we progress from there into, like, we talked about with Sasha, right? The ergonomic getting the bar setup, right, and everything where they want it, so they can ride the way they you know, they really want to ride. Mm hmm. And that’s the beauty of what we do with with our video stuff is that they call in already having an idea and kind of shopped it in their mind and they know what’s going on where they even call us. And they have an idea and we just kind of correct some minor things and minor things rather than nudge them in the right direction. That’s because of our videos and well yes, I’m saying that’s the end of the video work, right? Yeah. Also,

Jordan Huerta 1:22:17
also our customer base, you know, we’re not doing custom. We’re not doing videos on case t Bart’s shit. I run a home okay, St. Barts. I don’t do videos on case D bars, right? Okay, St. Barts. Miss Casey. We install a lot of them. But we don’t get a discount.

Aaron Staudinger 1:22:32
You You brought up legend, like legend to

Unknown Speaker 1:22:37
they make

Aaron Staudinger 1:22:38
full time like they’re they’re torn like, oh, man, do I really need whatever, whatever. Do you need? ohlins? No, no, no one really needs to try because

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
you’re on a track. I might argue as

Aaron Staudinger 1:22:51
what? On the phone all the time if you’re going to track the bike. And you need the ultimate in performance adjustability. Yes. Yeah, that’s what you need, if you want to correct to the fun stuff actually wasn’t bad.

Jordan Huerta 1:23:04
That’s good. Good stuff is huge. It is like

Roy Merritt 1:23:09
your mom, he makes some

Aaron Staudinger 1:23:11
stuff is good. He made these. I guess they’re coming out with 142 that are going to work with that rear shock. And you’ll have like a full setup. Now.

Jordan Huerta 1:23:20
Here’s a little plug of Russ Burma. Uh, you know, when we were if we were fucking around Montes bike and he has that rust. We’re mon?

Aaron Staudinger 1:23:30
Yeah, run through the Russia support.

Jordan Huerta 1:23:32
What do you call those? remote reservoir? remote reservoir? Yeah, sorry. At some of this Davidson reserve. Snap on 175. Yeah, yeah. So you know, and you had a yet a remote reservoir rear shock on our web. It’s a really nice shock for the horizontal softails me softails. Yeah, and there’s a bracket that goes over the top of the shock mount. And over time, it looked like it the oil post was rubbing on the bracket. So you know, really actually got that round the bracket away, but it was a little bit too late. And right after that. The shocks leak. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:24:13
So yeah, it wasn’t leaking at first, but I started writing.

Jordan Huerta 1:24:16
send it back to Russ. pyrmont. I was expecting to pay for it. He fix it for free.

Aaron Staudinger 1:24:21
Yeah, that’s cool. Wow. He said, I’ve had some Spicer’s Tell me I’ve had a problem legend whatever. They sent the stuff to him. Oh,

Roy Merritt 1:24:30
yeah, back Legends is good like that, too. Yeah, great customer service.

Jordan Huerta 1:24:33
You know, you know what, what I like partnering with people like Olins is badass. Now, granted, we haven’t had a whole lot of problems with a lien. But that’s how you know how good the company is. Yeah, when something goes wrong. How do they handle it? That’s who I want to partner with.

Mike VO 1:24:48
My only issue with old liens is they tend to be slow, along a harder install, more more things you have to do And specialty tool. I don’t I mean I

Aaron Staudinger 1:25:04
guess you’re dialing in right yeah.

Jordan Huerta 1:25:08
When I was installing that guy on my lift right now the front and rear the cartridge Yeah, it felt like a like a tailored suit man I really liked it. I’m like, Man, this shit is crazy compared to you know slapping Some legends on and you know you got three four clicks whatever like this thing’s tailored band compression rebound you know research and oh hey what do you send up for Harley you know 14 newer bagger and it’s it’s it’s tailored suit man you get what you pay for. It’s I was impressed. And it’s a lot more work for the tech to put it on. But I enjoyed it. I like talking to a guy on Instagram that got the Olins inverted front end on a setup. What is that called? The care T. Yeah, care T. And I guess the stock spring that olan suggests for the character is like 11.25. Spring. And they do kind of have a little bit of a wobble to have to tighten down the neck a little bit tighter than stock. So I’ve been going back and forth this guy on Instagram that he bought it straight from from crowds and was installing it and I kind of got into the install. You know the whole you got to get the wolf once our video on cross website. Yeah, you know what I mean? Because we do a lot of cross pollinating and cross is badass. And Yep, we saw a lot of their stuff. Do a lot of cool ship for us. Yeah. So on the cross website, our our videos are actually on his site. So you want to see how to install this. It’s our video, which is super cool. So this guy watched our video, his site, bought it from cross, a hit me up in Instagram and was asking me some questions on installing I kind of helped them out. Then he had a little bit of a wobble. And we were kind of working through that. And so he contacted Orleans. And they said, well try running the 13 spring instead of the 11.25. And he put that in and contacted me back and said, Man, I did this and what was gone? Well, so I actually talked to Jamie, we contacted Sasha and said, Hey, you know, this is an issue that we see about 50% of the time we put these in, and you really got to tie the neck down. And you know, this is one guy. But this is something to look into. Maybe we’re running too light of spring in the old front end. Yeah, for the CRT setup. Now that guy had a 21 inch wheel. So it’s gonna be a little different. You

Aaron Staudinger 1:27:23
know what I mean? Was it a heavy wheel?

Jordan Huerta 1:27:25
I don’t know what that could have had a factor. You know what I mean? Because the ergonomics of the wheel could have changed it a little bit. And I could have been why owning it. But the cool thing about where we are in the industry is, you know, we contacted Sasha and he contacted Olins and said, Who is this guy talking to who I was talking about? Yeah. He was like, Oh, I talked that guy, too. You don’t mean? So? Now there’s a triangle? Because we’re like, what if we start using this spring instead of, and that’s how it works? Yeah.

Mike VO 1:27:54
You know what I mean? No, yeah. You got to put them out there and see what happens. And yeah, and you know, you run

Jordan Huerta 1:27:58
a couple, you run a bunch of them. And I don’t know, we put a lot of care at the front ends on bikes. So yeah, you know, I mean, we haven’t had an issue with I think Anthony’s came with 13th cuz Anthony’s Sasquatch guy. Yeah.

But you know, most of them come with 11.2. We haven’t had a whole lot of wobble issues or anything.

Roy Merritt 1:28:17
No, have we? I mean,

Jordan Huerta 1:28:19
well, we know we know now to just roguelite seem

Aaron Staudinger 1:28:23
more prone to that. Speak by that point, right? Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:28:27
They always have, especially when it’s why we didn’t get a room doesn’t parse out. So

Aaron Staudinger 1:28:30
don’t have the counterweight on them and all that stuff like that seems to

Mike VO 1:28:34
me that’s the rumor is why we didn’t get a robot and 14

Jordan Huerta 1:28:37
right because it took them took about a year to figure out the counterweights on the handlebars. And to get the wobble because

Mike VO 1:28:44
people don’t realize it because you don’t pout about it much now, but 13 in prior road glides were notorious for wobbles. Oh, yeah, even. I mean, it was like a Twin Cam, you know, you get Twin Cam motor noise and people are like, yeah, that’s fine. That’s the wobble was I Dude, you’re you know, we can tighten up the neck is about all we can do. You know, right.

Jordan Huerta 1:29:03
You know, the specs and like the three swing, you know, what

Aaron Staudinger 1:29:07
I wrote? I wrote on every year, California swing, that’s it? Yeah, I wrote LA to Laughlin every year for a long time. Riding across the desert. Boom. You’re doing 110 120 all the fucking time. Crash bike. I’m real glad.

Mike VO 1:29:24
Yeah, god damn it. They were notorious for it and when you got them set up right and everything, they were good, but you know, guys that didn’t have them set up. Right. And we’re putting wheels on them and doing anything. You did anything outside of stock on those things and they would start wobbling, you know that that tension bars? Yeah, ours were notorious for it.

Jordan Huerta 1:29:44
Well, and rake and trail x the robot so much because of the because the you know, the frame, you know, you’ve got your triangle and you’re all of the weight is at the top of the triangle. Yeah. So got to really make sure that your rake and trail are set up right on a rope. You know, you look at those like 32 and 36 inch wheel run in your life totally out there. Yeah. They don’t ride those things over 45 or 50 miles an hour. No, I mean, I have a lot of respect for Paul Yaki. But Chuck up man You are right.

Aaron Staudinger 1:30:21
Though you know you write it from have a suit to

Jordan Huerta 1:30:23
the motorhome. There is a trailer on the back that they’re filming you for that eight minutes. Yeah.

Mike VO 1:30:28
Have sudah Parker, you I think, I think a big wheel baggers is or vice versa. zety

Unknown Speaker 1:30:36

Roy Merritt 1:30:36
Yeah, because he’s got that. Yeah, he’s got that.

Aaron Staudinger 1:30:41
Graffiti bike. Yeah, two bikes.

Jordan Huerta 1:30:43
He’s got hooked up and we got a thing.

Mike VO 1:30:48
Yeah, it’s cool looking bike, and it’s cool. But when you talk to him about He’s like, Yeah, well, you know, it was kind of cool. And I don’t really ride it much and it’s Yeah, I’m not doing much to the motor on this. Oh, yeah. He’s it’s a whole whole different world do you do with a bike like that? Then he’s got his own stripper. That you know, he’s like, yeah, yeah. He’s like this thing

Jordan Huerta 1:31:13
you know? Yeah. Oh, yeah. He got he got stationed somewhere else. Yeah, he was in he was in Campbell. I think he got station I think he moved

Roy Merritt 1:31:23
here’s cool. Here’s some cool shit. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
But Alright,

Mike VO 1:31:29
we’ll wrap this up

Aaron Staudinger 1:31:31
again get a call you set it all we’re gonna come back it’s been a hell of a year 2020 and here we are wrapping it up.

Mike VO 1:31:37
Yeah, we’re gonna come back I don’t know January February. We’ll see how we do we’ll start recording some episodes again here we’re gonna take weeks off at least start recording some episodes again and we need to do what’s a bit with the bit with Mike would

Aaron Staudinger 1:31:54
like to come back. Oh, what is my Kate less? Oh, it

Mike VO 1:31:58
is much less. Yeah, we’re gonna come back with

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:01
some stuff. Yes. Yeah, I’ve been making notes I have

Mike VO 1:32:06
Let’s do it. Let’s do a prequel we need to get together as like my house one night and I’ll set up like a keyboard and a couple of things. And we can make some little music and write here’s one to start with. What

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:15
is my Kate less? Katy Perry or a big wheel bagger?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:21
Think about this.

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:27
What do you hate less?

Roy Merritt 1:32:28
Yeah, definitely have one big wheel back.

Jordan Huerta 1:32:32
Now does it have to be the bagger itself? Or the guy?

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:36
Dude in the Balmain jeans on a big wheel bagger? Sure, let

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
me guess he’s got an affliction shirt

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:44
shirt on

Unknown Speaker 1:32:47
the pockets.

Mike VO 1:32:53
Where’s this? Where’s his bandana? Under is that

Unknown Speaker 1:32:59

Aaron Staudinger 1:33:00
in the back pants?

Mike VO 1:33:01
He’s got

Aaron Staudinger 1:33:02
flat toed boots. Oh, with the rhinestones on them. Right course. Probably

Jordan Huerta 1:33:10
never seen dirt. I’ve never seen dirt into like a like 160,000 link chain. Yep, yep. Like Marcus. I can’t do this. Hey, man.

Mike VO 1:33:29
Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. He doesn’t have a big fan this

Unknown Speaker 1:33:31
this whole show is gonna go

Roy Merritt 1:33:34
awesome. He has a mod. Bob he’s a huge plows.

Jordan Huerta 1:33:43
Big Wheel bagger at the bar. He smokes big fucking cigars.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:47
Yep. And that’s why chicks don’t hang out. Yeah, yeah.

Jordan Huerta 1:33:52
Well, he’s got a chick that’s that.

Aaron Staudinger 1:33:56
He hates the big wheel bagger mark is Katy Perry. But you know why? Listen to Katy Perry forever. Right. So we’re gonna do this Katy

Jordan Huerta 1:34:03
Perry this next year Katy Perry. So

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06
we’re gonna do this next year.

Aaron Staudinger 1:34:09
Very good. Yeah. We have about 20 or 30. And we’re gonna run through. Yeah. I’ve been writing some stuff down. That was just one account top my head. So

Mike VO 1:34:21
thank you for listening. Jerry. I got some stuff I’m gonna do to some ideas coming up about doing a daily trivia question. Instagram.

Jordan Huerta 1:34:32
or less is Carrie. Carrie is Katy Perry.

Roy Merritt 1:34:38
Fair enough. Live arts

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