Talking with Rohitesh Upadhyay

Rohitesh Upadhyay is a professional sport bike freestyle rider in India. Roy had that chance to talk with him.  In this episode Roy, Mike, Aaron, and Woody listen to the prerecorded interview.  They give their own thoughts and all agree that Rohitesh is a young up-and-comer in the the power-sports industry.  Listen in to a great conversation and check out Rohitesh on Instagram @rohitesh_motorsports or LinkedIN



Roy Merritt 0:11
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s dull your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some of the same. So sit back grab a brew, we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view, here on Talkin Braap All right, well welcome back. Talkin Braap season two episode eight. So we’ve done it we’ve we’ve done as many episodes as we did last year. Wow Yeah, we’re pushing hard this year so episode eight so we’re doing a little something different this time. So last night I did an interview with a professional freestyle rider in India so the time difference is quite extreme you know from here to there so I had to do it late at night

Mike VO 2:40
if you listen to the last

technically he tried to replace this yeah

Roy Merritt 2:44
I did I so I had lined up some some some of the stunt guys as we call it here stun, you know, they’re they like to freestyle but the stunt guys that I ride with on Fridays, they wanted to come out and be part of it. So I had geared everything up for that. And of course, they all failed. So it ended up being just me and I haven’t recorded we’re gonna listen to it tonight. It’s, you know, the guy’s super cool. And we kind of connected on LinkedIn and started talking to each other. And I was like, man, I really want to get you on the show.

Aaron Staudinger 3:16
Now I have not heard any of this. What is it guy ride?

Mike VO 3:20
motorcycles? Yes, he prefers

Roy Merritt 3:22
motorcycles. No, it has a motor right? Technically, he called me from the future. So this first time this happened, so that’s last night at 930 Central time. It was on the 22nd it was 730 in the morning on the 23rd Yeah, that means de shazzy Yeah, he called me for the future.

Mike VO 3:50
Wait, hey, Tommy is on fucking stock tips had already been formed and have they taken when he called or is this like were they still up and Coming. No, it was only one day in the future.

Roy Merritt 4:01
Oh, so yeah, okay. I was trying to get some lottery ticket numbers or something. I just you know, so it was hard. It hasn’t come back yet. Rufus hasn’t come back yet. All right. Um, you know, in his telephone booth, I think it was right. Yeah. Yeah. I know. It’s coming. It’s coming. Bill and Ted are gonna come back in a fucking telephone booth and get another one. I know. I heard that. Yeah, I’d love to see it. I love bill and Ted. I know I used to love that movie back in the day. So anyways, I hooked up with the guy and we started talking I said, Man, I want to get you on the show. The idea was I was trying to get some other stunt guys like I said, and kind of talk more about that side. Because I don’t have that experience. You know?

Aaron Staudinger 4:47
You’re stuck with us like stunt like Evel Knievel stunt or like seabear stunts, stunts.

Roy Merritt 4:53
dlo stunts Dale K. All these guys. Yeah, here they’re they’re really referred to the wheelies. And stoppies and all that shit is on big bikes on anybody. So bikes or whatever. I always forget to do this. So tonight It’s me, Mike Aaron, these are familiar voices what he’s been on before. But, you know, like I set up my my thought process when setting it all up was to, you know, get some stunt guys from halfway around the world and get them talking to each other didn’t work out. So I did the basic interviews and stuff and I had sent him some questions that he prepared for kind of, I guess you would say, you know, he knew what was coming. And we rolled through it. I got about 20 minutes of interview there so I figured we’ll listen to some of it was hear about it a bit and he was super nice guy. And I don’t know if it all made it in the record as a touring that his his gig he does. Like he was posting stuff the other day, the other day about filming a commercial. And so we had some like oil products or something sitting on the ground and he was riding up on his bike. Do a stop bringing the asset around dropping it next to them hopping off the bike. You know what I mean? It’s I joked with him when I first called him and I cut that out, but I was like, Alright, man. First thing we have to do is how do you say your name because I am a white American. And white Americans are notoriously bad at any name. That’s not like john smith. So it’s true. You know, white Americans are horrible at pronouncing anything in any other language. So I’ll take one too. So he was super appreciative, and he’s young. He’s 25. So, like I said, like I was saying, we were talking about this. I was talking to this guy last night. I’m gonna go ahead and start the interview. And I gonna stop it and we’ll talk about how do you want to do this, like, I’m sure gonna edit this part out.

Aaron Staudinger 6:56
Do you want us to comment through,

Roy Merritt 6:58
listen to it. I’ll stop it. We could talk about I want to ask him questions. I wish we could you know, if it wasn’t for timeframe, I know the hours we work and for us to get together and do something 930 10 o’clock at night is asking a lot. You know what I mean for the hours we work so really, but I’m going to go ahead and give this hell and we’re going to let it slide for a second Yeah, and he starts out with a pretty good introduction I cut it down pretty cool. So

Rohitesh Upadhyay 7:22
hello, you know mystery to everyone my name is Rohit a shoe Bhatia. And I come from a small town by the name of Udaipur Rajasthan in India. I have been a pro sport bike freestyle riders since 2012. And Firstly, I want to express that I’m really grateful for the second stage it’s an honor for me to speak to some like minded people from the sci fi on such a platform. I

Roy Merritt 7:49
feel the same way you know, so yeah. You know, a lot of my listeners they know me I you know, and I don’t know how much you know, on on my side, but you know, I am a Harley master Tech and you know, I’ve been riding my whole life and now I don’t I don’t do the freestyle riding like the wheelies and things like that that much. I’m kind of more of just a hard rider. You had a tech

Rohitesh Upadhyay 8:14
person, you are a tech person, I think,

Roy Merritt 8:16
yeah, you know, I end up being the camera guy a lot. But, you know, it’s, it’s so much fun to watch and things like that. So I think you and I hooked up on on LinkedIn first. You know, we both have quite a few followers on there and and I started following you now for the last few months, however long it’s been and I’ve really been impressed with, you know, all the content and all the things you’re doing. You know, I see you posted pictures of riding with people and everything just feels so familiar. You know what I mean? everything going on. So you know, we start out, you know, riding around and then everybody kind of develops into their own rider, you know, and what I like to do and and so you know what really got you into riding what what really brought you into the motorcycle, you know side of things.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 9:16
First of all my friend India was never really a biggie in terms of Motorsports. In fact, even now it isn’t, right. Yeah. motocross, Moto GP and everything else was absolutely new back then. Yeah. And it’s pretty much alien to me as a concept of school. Right. So first of all, I am on it. Yeah. So back then in 90s ESPN channel and some of the sports channel hosted these motor, motocross international events. It was the first time then when I saw a few writers DVDs. Of course, I hadn’t seen actors doing really good movies before but I knew they was teased. Seen wheelies on a sports channel, man, too. was done by really skilled people, which I guess, flub a zeal in me to try. Yeah. Also, I came across legions as Chris Pfeiffer from Germany. And Jordan ponemah from France. Okay, well, then we’re revolutionizing the sport to another level. Yeah, that actually oriented me to possibility of something like this can be a carry to. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 10:26
Yeah. So, you know, it’s something that’s it’s very interesting what he’s talking about there is, you know, he had found a guy in Germany guy in France, you know, just doing all this new stuff. And, you know, coming from India anywhere, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from the possibility of riding or stunting or freestyling whatever, your motorcycle as a job. Yeah, that’s what I was just gonna say totally, uh, very early on. I was like,

Aaron Staudinger 10:53
This is what I am going to Yeah,

Roy Merritt 10:56
sorry. So, you know, he got exposed to this and it It’s it. Even today, you know the if I could get paid to like, fuck around on my motorcycle. Yes, dude, that is the dream job right. So we’ll keep going here hold on. So what does it mean to be a professional you know, freestyle rider so you know, what do you what is what does that mean? Do you do you out? Go do shows a lot. I mean, I see. I seen you recording some commercials and things like that. Yeah,

Rohitesh Upadhyay 11:24
yeah. First of all, professionals freestyle riding in from an I think we call it a sport bike freestyle riding. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 11:38
We lost Houston, we have a problem. Apparently I haven’t.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 11:43
started writing is a very dear part of my life. I would say. Okay,

Roy Merritt 11:47
so the reason there’s a gap there and I forgot about this, I thought I left something in there. We had a connection issue. And we had to restart the call. He did a pretty good job. Jumping back into it but we did we did have a connection issue, which is not surprising being on opposite sides of the earth, something over Skype so we did it and that’s where it starts back up is I edited a lot of the Hello Are you there? Can I hear you can I can I hear you yo that I edited out because it was kind of silly but yeah, he jumped back into it and really kind of grabbed what he was talking about pretty quickly. So we’ll go back in.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 12:24
I was in my molding years when professional fees or writing got associated me at the personal label. My family experiencing some lows and those were some gloomy days for me personally on my friend to I was a big cause of some issues where where I felt I would run into depression soon. When I used to feel on my lowest, I used to just have my motorcycle and just pulling off V’s at the initial stage of really were just my venting out infestation of everything that was going But after a while my mind on its own start focusing on the skills by now SFR sport bike freestyle riding was pretty much away from my problems. This then started converting into regime and then a meditation. The best thing I was never gave up a passport by freestyle riding. I must have fallen hundred times while practicing Oh yeah, but getting up to do a trick again until it is back in spite of weather conditions, injuries, motorcycle problems, fighting against low morale and personal demand. taught me how I’m supposed to deal with life itself. Yes, you ride. You fall and you get up and you just ride again. This is what life is all about. Yeah, and I believe this is this is what made made me had strong and also honed my skills to the another level. could pursue my career as a professional writer from one of the similar town in India a smaller town in India. Yeah, yes. So, you know, I had a couple guys lined up to be with me here tonight and they couldn’t make it. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the stuff we’ve been doing on Instagram, but uh, I ride with a bunch of guys that that we call we like to call a stunt riding, you know, freestyle riding however you want to put it. But we go out on Friday nights, and that’s how we blow off steam. That’s, you know, that’s our, like you said, you know, that’s our therapy. That’s that’s how we kind of calm ourselves down and get to where we want to be. And when we go around, downtown, Mm hmm. Actually, we don’t have a culture of motorcycle culture. Right? USA have a Brazil have motorcycles culture, right? This was just pure transportation.

Right in 90s in India, yeah. So big, big thank you for for the USA for this sport.

Roy Merritt 14:58
Right. Yeah. Well, you guys I’m guessing it’s a little more utilitarian there, you know, because I know motorcycles are very popular, even the little, you know, the little ones at least, you know, for transport

Rohitesh Upadhyay 15:06
in the world. Yeah. You have a two wheeler market in the world.

Roy Merritt 15:13
Yeah. And quite quite a few manufacturers there that make a lot

Rohitesh Upadhyay 15:19
of effects back manufacturers. And Harley going well in India.

Roy Merritt 15:25
Yeah. So So what kind of bikes do you have? What kind of bikes Do you ride? So I’m gonna pause it right there because he goes into this pretty good. It. It is super interesting. And India is the largest bike market in the world. Yeah. People don’t realize that but, and he talks about his bikes. The thing is, you’re seeing a bike with a four by eight sheet of plywood on it. Oh, yeah. In India. Oh, yeah. They do that shit. There are three people on it. Yeah. Yes, sir. So you know, it is way more utilitarian. There. Here. People only ride bikes for pleasure for the most part, very few people ride bikes out of necessity, you know, the way things are set up, it’s just really hard to be an everyday rider without some kind of backup, you know, the way everything is set up here. So you know that that culture, they idea of what writing is for is different there. You know, and that’s one of the things he talks about a little bit. But what’s really interesting is the fact that bikes there are a lot smaller. I mean, period, you know, when he talks, it’s coming up here. You know, he’s starting out on hundred 180 cc bikes, stuff like that, you know, the biggest bike he has, I think he says it’s like a 650 you know, which Ninja 650 is not a small bike. No, no, that’s

Aaron Staudinger 16:51
not customization at all.

Roy Merritt 16:53
He’s got a couple things we’ll listen in. But this is really what drew me to this. This interview is you know, The difference in there and the similarities. You know, I think when it comes down to riding a motorcycle, I think everyone, no matter what country you’re from, or where you live, we all kind of ride for the same reasons for the most part, you know what I mean? We like it, we enjoy it, whatever it is, you’re either a motorcycle type person or you’re not

Aaron Staudinger 17:18
the element of mental clarity for him, is very interesting.

Roy Merritt 17:22
Yeah. So and that’s the other thing, like he was saying, you know, he was a young man, you know, in his late teens, probably, when this started happening. So yeah, you’re still in development stages at that point. And, you know, to persevere to to, to, you know, like he said, fall down and get back up over and over and over again, transfers into your life. You know, I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since I changed careers, you know, just just little things like that will change the way you think about things and everything else. So he’s very enlightened, if you will, you know, he he’s got a good head on his shoulders and, and like I said, this is this was a really good He brings like, the writing to him comes from like a spiritual place which is really, really interesting. Yeah. And I love the accent. Oh yeah. All right, let’s jump back into this and see where we go in there I think

Rohitesh Upadhyay 18:18
Hello, yeah,

Roy Merritt 18:19
can you hear me?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 18:20
Yeah. To me honestly all bikes are good in a different way. Yes I have own everything from 100 cc motorcycle to a 650 cc today. Yeah, my first bike was a Bajaj platina which I know is not available in USA.

Roy Merritt 18:35
Yeah. So yeah, I said this earlier, we need to look these up.

Aaron Staudinger 18:41
A chain and sprockets

Roy Merritt 18:44
will probably there you can get them in. You know what I mean? Because they’re not let’s not like here where you’re like, oh, okay, you

Aaron Staudinger 18:52
have rear sprocket for your Zsasz whatever.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Here with me like he’s stunting a stock bike. This well Okay,

Roy Merritt 19:00
so we’re going to look this actually, I think he said it’s an Apache RDR it’s coming up that’s the other one we need to look up that he spun the stun or freestyle riding. But yeah what’s the world’s favorite Indian Let’s see here. Okay these motorcycles are kind of cool one of the other things we have coming up the guy has a high Oh song because people in America will not buy a high Oh song It’s just like the worst thing you can buy but believe it or yeah yeah yeah they sell them here. But But every well everywhere else in the world. Those are very good selling bikes. And they’re like a Kia I guess you’d say or something like that. They’re not you know, they’re not a cow Saki I say that in the thing. They’re not a cow Saki but they’re a 600 cc you know they have different bikes 600 cc bike to get you around that looks okay that you know runs okay. You get parts in America. We Don’t we don’t really have the infrastructure for that here. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. So if you if you go to Bajaj Auto calm that might be that very well could be him. That’s Yeah. So yeah, so they have low cc bikes for the most part looks like 250s things like that. But you know, he’s got some other so let me see if I can look this up and I’m gonna I’m gonna play what he’s got going on here. Let’s say

Rohitesh Upadhyay 20:35
it had 100 cc meal in it. Then I got an opportunity as a sponsored writer by TVN and Indian bike company where I moved up to EBS Apache idea 180 as the name itself suggests, it being a 180 cc machine. So

Roy Merritt 20:54
Apache RTR is what it is, and they make up to To 310 cc bike, so we’re talking very low cc bikes here, which to be honest with you, I wouldn’t think would be I mean, I guess 100 cc dirt bikes pretty easy to wheelie. These things are a little more street bike style. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah, lo cc kind of a big Yeah, yeah. How do you get this thing on the rear wheel? Exactly? Yeah. Okay, so RTR 180 with ABS engine capacities, 170 7.4 16.62 horsepower. 16 15.5 torque, a max speed of 124 kilometers per hour is that Oh, yeah, kilometers. Yeah.

That’s like eight miles an hour. Yeah, look at that. So they got they got me there. Ah, but yeah, they make up to a 310. The 310 has 30 For horsepower. So, you know, to be stunting a bike like that, it’s gotta be a little more difficult, you know, then then say like a 636, or an fMRI or something like that, that’s got gobs of power when it really comes to it, especially when you sprocket them, right. Like that, you know, you just, I ride with those guys on Fridays and the sport bikes. You ride with quads on Friday night sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
The guys with the sport bikes, yeah.

Roy Merritt 22:31
Yeah, well, no, they’re that’s what guys are standing for. Who’s gonna buy a fucking 2020 and stunning you know what I mean? So that fri range is is where they’re at right now. Yeah. So the funny thing is, is we here in America, like he was talking about, we’ve been watching guys done fucking sport bikes for 20 years. You know what I mean? And it’s easy anybody just about anybody can get on a stock sport bike and put it online. We’ll you know what I mean? It’s not that hard. I think as Americans, we have gotten a little dulled down to the whole sport bike stunt thing, you know, from Star Wars and through the 90s and all that shit. I mean, I don’t know about you in Florida. That’s you big. The Harley scene is coming on strong. That’s what’s cool, though, is able by having by us. Yeah, I mean, we rolled into a gas station. Last Friday night, I think it was. And I’m with Ty and Justin and a couple other guys. Of course Ty’s on his Road Glide. And we hit the gas station, there was probably 100 bikes, no bullshit. Probably 100 bikes at this gas station.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
I mean, Mexico.

Roy Merritt 23:40
Yeah, in Mexico. Yeah, we always tag in Mexico. So Ty comes out. And I mean, you’re talking decked out sport bikes, all kinds of shit everywhere. Hi, abuses, all those guys are out there. Ty jumps out, puts his fucking Road Glide up on one wheel just walked by the gas station and everyone there lost their shit. I mean, It was a whole different ballgame. Dale, one of the guys that ride with is going out to this huge diesel truck race this weekend in crossville, Tennessee. And it’s a big deal Mexico. Yeah, no, this is legal. And he’s doing stunts shows out there. So he’s bringing his stunt bike I think is a 636. And his Dyna, he’s got an O three, Dinah that he stunts as well. He said he can ride that sport bike around all day and do tricks. When he pulls that Harley out. everyone loses their shit. Everyone freaks out. He’s like, they don’t even give a shit about the sport bike anymore. And I think that’s kind of where the you know, the US is kind of heading with that with that sport bike, your the stunning thing is the Harley’s are now getting the thing most of the guys I ride with, they already have a you know, a sport bike stock bike. Now they’re getting into the Harley stock bike. And you know, right We just didn’t tie in these guys and it shows on Harley’s it shows a lot of the tastes that people have when they put parts on these bikes now look what they’re doing it’s all race stuff man like inverted front ends and carbon fiber this and that so suspension

Aaron Staudinger 25:14
speed parts man like lightweight yeah suspension drag

Roy Merritt 25:18
man first suspension tires things like that I mean you can you can you can really stop dying if you set it up right Oh yeah, you know, I mean you got guys on oh three Dinah’s with no motor. We’re done walking them. Do you can you can, you know? Yeah, you can definitely wheelie a diamond. But we’ll jump back in here and see where he’s at. He’s talking about his bikes. He has some cool bikes and we do talk about it, but

Rohitesh Upadhyay 25:43
I still have the Apache RTR 180 with me, after I bought my first 650 cc motorcycle, that is using 650 and that naked version, right the South Korean machine. Yes, I assume. Yep. Yep. Then I then onwards. I bought two other bikes, a Kawasaki engine 650 and a triumph street triple 675

Roy Merritt 26:06
Okay, so I’m gonna stop it right there. So he said a ninja 650 which I think is kind of the detuned version of their like 600 rr you know what I mean? I think that’s got a little bit more upright handlebars, the Ninja 650 like the katana? No, not quite that bad but the I think the Ninja 650 is a little more upright and he said he’s got a fucking 675 Speed Triple or had that’s a badass bike. And we talked about that a little bit but you know the cage these things and all that stuff is here right now naked. We I kind of asked him about that. We’ll keep going.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 26:42
Okay, that’s my garage. With just one recent change where I had let go my tram. My favorite bike out of all I own is Kawasaki Ninja 650 facelift model 2030. The engine, the shape of the bike, the x node, the way bike rides, the ergonomics. Everything about this bike just proper blend of beauty and power. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 27:06
uh, yeah, I rode Kawasaki for years. I’m a big fan of Kawasaki myself. I do have to ask the hyosung A How do you like that bike?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 27:19
The bike have a different formula, right? Yes, I have a different formula. jobs have done brilliant with the bikes. Yes, Mr. Jeff and Jeff have done it. It’s a reliable machine. I would say it’s a reliable machine.

Roy Merritt 27:32
I’ve heard that. Now here in the States. I mean, people will not touch that bike. It is it’s a hard sell people. They just think it’s Chinese junk. And I’ve seen a few and I and I try to explain to people as a man, I’ve done a lot of research on that bike, and everywhere else but here they sell and people like them. They’re they’re not bad bikes. You know, they’re not the greatest. They’re not a cow Saki but you know you don’t pay Kawasaki prices either. You know But that’s funny. You’re the first person I’ve talked to you actually had one so I see him for sale every once in a while and I’m like, man, am I gonna am I gonna do this? Am I gonna buy this thing?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 28:14
So actually, we have a in India we have lots of traveling roads, right. I would say that the right word. Like we don’t have perfect routes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Actual highway. We have six lane highways. We have Express V’s, but some of the cities or some of these states, we don’t have much good in India. Yeah. So that that machine Kawasaki Ninja, please. Major rule. Right. Yeah. Major rule. Yeah. So that’s why it’s a real machine in terms of its electronics. Its wiring and the engine. Right?

Roy Merritt 28:55
Yeah. Now do you have bikes set up is is that the bike you also use? Do your freestyle riding on?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 29:02
No, no, I have Apache RTR with me for freestyle riding. I have at that time said at that time trams three triple six and five about tram streets with the 675 I had let go my tram six street 675 because that the bike is for my projects. That bike is for my projects. So once my project is over, I sold that machine

Roy Merritt 29:27
Yeah. Yeah, now that was a now that’s that’s a nice bike. That’s B triples. A nice bike. They’re they’re pretty torquey on the bottom and machine

Rohitesh Upadhyay 29:34
is very nimble. Yeah, very nimble machine. Yeah. I’ve always been a big thing seem to handle I would say very easy to handle. Yeah. And then lots of power.

Roy Merritt 29:44
Yeah, they have a lot of bottom end power that the, the jet bikes don’t necessarily have.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 29:50
And a service cost is very much low in terms of Kawasaki Ninja. Yeah, right. Yeah, service service cons very much in terms of color. Second ingenta paths is very not not costly. Too much, right? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 30:07
So have you gotten into you know, wheelies or anything on the Harley shit?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 30:12
I’m not a lot.

Roy Merritt 30:15
So stop this right here. Because I was hoping a lot. I mean, that’s not enough, I was hoping that I would get a little more out of him because you know, it is a big deal to me, you know, the Harley thing, obviously, we’re very Harley oriented. And he has and it’s very interesting what he has to say here and I’m gonna play it again, just a second, but I’m really hoping to get a little more. But we also have to keep in mind that even in India, the Harley Davidson is an upper echelon motorcycle like, Yeah, right, like a everywhere here, everywhere. Yeah, you know, you’re not a trillion. Yeah, you’re not gonna start off on a Harley for the most part. You know what I mean? That and you’re not going to buy us Especially a new Harley and go stun it. That’s not gonna happen unless you got a lot of money. And most people don’t have that. So let’s keep going.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 31:08
But I have burned some rubber on two Harley davidsons I one was a street 750 which I did some rolling burnouts and so I’m interested in that. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 31:19
that you knew you guys know how I feel about that recent 50 thing, dude, I love that thing. I want one so bad. They’re fun to ride but yeah, yeah, it’s totally a toy. You know, like, for the way I ride and what I do. It’s a little less than what I need, but it’s just enough to be a lot of fucking fun man. And I wanted to do a rolling burn out on the streets. I was like, Dude, that sounds great. But let’s keep going because what he says next is great too.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 31:48
And the other other time I was when I did try to perform a fat boy last year. Oh yeah. The next time I am on one. I will pop the front wheel. At least My, my, I guess the fat Bob. Yeah, I find the perfect for my SFR gets to

Roy Merritt 32:06
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do so, you know, as you said, you know, here here in the US the freestyle riding is has been a thing for quite a while, you know, many, many years. You know, I grew up watching guys doing this stuff and, you know, we had stunt wars and all these things that come from Florida originally. And down there, it’s just it’s a really big thing. But I’ve noticed over the last 10 years or so, a lot of the guys that are really like, you know, doing a lot of it are moving over to the Harley’s and I you know, I now ride with a bunch of guys that have you know, 630 sixes and f4 eyes and things like that at home that are all done with the cages and all that so they can you know, they can they can stun them and William and they fall over and they don’t get you know, totally up, but now they’re buying sportsters and Dinah’s, and they’re they’re getting a second stunt bike, you know what I mean?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 33:08
I saw some of the videos on Instagram. Did the people skilled the American people is very skilled

Roy Merritt 33:16
well I do ride with some guys that are that are very skilled you know like i said i’m not necessarily that skilled but I do ride some bikes even I’m falling

Rohitesh Upadhyay 33:24
some of the guys from USA pulling just in Britain. Yeah, and But yeah, I don’t want to I don’t there are lots of many guys. We have access to championship in the USA. sport bike freestyle riding championship in USA. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:40
yeah. So have you been here to the US?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 33:43
No, I don’t have I don’t know I’ve not seen USA yeah

Roy Merritt 33:51
yet yet right. Yeah, yet. I had to throw that in there because you know, there’s always stuff coming in the future and and and I have a really good feeling to describe has a really good future. Yeah, that’s kind of why I stopped here.

Aaron Staudinger 34:04
What’s interesting about it too, is like the transition that a lot of guys make is from the smaller bikes like my buddy Cody stunts the crap out of his diner. He just sold it because he said he had to get off one wheel. He was getting busted for doing it. Dirt bike guy, right small like once 125 to 5450 made the progression, got more confidence built up the skill. Same thing, guys at the sport bikes, right? It’s more of like with a cage, it’s cheap. you hone your skill, and then you get up on that big bike and you kind of got the feel you kind of got what you know, you know what you’re doing.

Roy Merritt 34:37
That sets I want to do it so bad, but at the same time. I know what it’s gonna take to get to where some of the guys I ride with are. And I don’t know if I can afford it. So yes.

Aaron Staudinger 34:50
We’ve seen it. We’ve seen it. I mean, Ty, we’ve we’ve seen throw that bike down the street.

Roy Merritt 34:54
Yeah, yeah, exactly. can rebuild it. I love my bike. I don’t like Love it in some of the ways that some of our customers to where they polish it and clean it for six hours every fucking day when they get home. Um, I, it’s not me. But I do love my bike and I don’t I you know, I don’t clean it a lot. I don’t I don’t obsess about how it looks, but at the same time, I don’t want it to look like a total piece of shit. You know, so I have you know, 18 inch ape hangers. You can’t do fucking wheelies and shit with 18 inch JPEGs that’s just not gonna happen. You’re gonna bend shit, you know, stuffs gonna happen. So, you know, these bikes have to be set up for that. And in the end, I ride so much that I then sacrifice what I have to deal with every day for what I want to do on Friday night. You know what I mean? Time for a sec. I’m not there yet. Yeah, so I’m about 50% of the way to convincing my wife to let me buy another sport.

Aaron Staudinger 35:54
I’m 30 Yes, for some reason. He’s like, you got to buy a Sportster man. No, yeah,

Roy Merritt 35:58
yeah, yeah, dude fuckin sporties around. down you know I love the sport ease and I ride my 883

Aaron Staudinger 36:03
you know you miss not sure on the freeway tack down at 95 or hundred miles an

Roy Merritt 36:07
hour my add three does one of seven tactile

Mike VO 36:10
dude what you need to do is have them put your done on consignment cuz this is the best time in your entire life to sell Harley Davidson i don’t

Roy Merritt 36:17
disagree with that

Mike VO 36:18
they they are going for so much money because they’re so hard to get done. It’s badass and you’re gonna will sell for five grand more than it’s worth in a week right now. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 36:32
is it is about So, you know, so I built that by Hey, I was gonna say your heart and soul in the motion. But I’ve

Aaron Staudinger 36:39
already thought to myself, Hmm, what would happen if I did that and got that like Low Rider s for the new low rider s and so do whatever I want

Roy Merritt 36:47
to get back into the interview. But what you’re saying reminds me of something. So Sunday I went to this meetup with a bunch of riders and stuff and I was talking to this guy and he had a Dinah Want to get a 117 like nasty motor all this shit on it? You know had a bad ass diamond he’s like I fucking love that bike. He’s on a lowrider s now bone stock fact it’s on my lip his bike is on my lift I just put a cam or a cam in it not set I just put a cam in it and we’re waiting on his exhaust and he made the comment that we all make all the time which was these fucking diner guys have no idea and I was like oh you are so right I was like the only diner guys that talk shit about the new softail Award. You know what I

Aaron Staudinger 37:37
haven’t thought about beyond that man was like a sport like oh, yeah, but sport and Archie fairing on it holy shit.

Roy Merritt 37:44
We have that one here with that crazy fairing on it and to be honest with us, so I was on it today I wrote it out. How’s that? How’s

Aaron Staudinger 37:51
it feel? The block a lot air? No. See, I was afraid

Mike VO 37:55
I totally will. But when you do it right like we did with Vivian’s by data

Roy Merritt 38:00
Better fair. But yeah, this this guy’s but I actually had to admit I wrote it. I wrote it around back and I was like, Oh, this fucking bike is so me. This fucking bike is almost exactly what I could see, I don’t like to share that thing. But I bet if I were to look at that fairing online or something like that I would see it and be like, that’s the one I want. And then I would put it on my bike and be like, you know what I mean underneath of it. So everything that’s been done to that bike, I have to admit, I probably would have done

Aaron Staudinger 38:31
it looks like you want

Roy Merritt 38:32
a Road Glide, but you couldn’t afford Yeah, it’s not quite there. It’s a little mixed matchy but I tend to do that with my bikes. Anyways, you know, I learned the hard way. And I got on a date I was, you know, especially being here. If someone else is giving you shit, you’re probably giving yourself shit getting prepared for someone else. So I was riding this thing around and all I could think of in my head was somebody being like, oh that bags all you and I was looking at it and I was like Right It is a sport that you love the sport glides got bags all that shit that I’ve got this fairing on the front that was probably less than the good fairing which is something stupid that I would do. So I was like, you know this bike is damn near me, man. It’s damn near. All right, well, let’s get back into this interview for you too far off topic. I wish

Rohitesh Upadhyay 39:25
I could reach there.

Roy Merritt 39:26
Yeah. In future. Well, man, if you ever end up over here, especially if you end up in Tennessee, you’re gonna have to hit me up. I’ll put you on a bike, whatever we got to do.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 39:38
He’s been my guess when you come to Udapur in India? Yeah, sure you people are the most happiest person in India.

Roy Merritt 39:46
Right? Yeah. Well, you know, you know, and the stock thing or the freestyle thing is so much fun. And for people that don’t ride it’s so captivating. You know? So people, people love to see it and they don’t you don’t have to ride to appreciate it, you know? Um, you know, I think people

Rohitesh Upadhyay 40:09
call it to biking, dangerous, I would say Yeah. Yeah. Well, and they call it like a dangerous thing. It’s not a dangerous thing.

Roy Merritt 40:22
It’s not it’s always dangerous as you let it be really. Yeah. And, you know, some people you know, you have to be very hyper aware, and it does take a certain kind of person to get out on the highways and, you know, pay enough attention that they don’t hurt themselves. But, you know, the dangerous thing brings up a really good segue into you know, one of the other questions I had now, how old are you?

Rohitesh Upadhyay 40:47
I’m 25 right now. 25 Okay, so that’s perfect ish. So I’m gonna stop that right there because this question is such an asshole question.

Roy Merritt 41:00
Because it is the loaded question for motorcycles, which is how do we mark it? You know, so I’m gonna I’m gonna fill it in here but I gave him this was the doozy okay when it came to the questions this one was the big one. And his answers are I think what really give us something to talk about and really make this interview I was really impressed with kind of the way he went with what he thought needed to be done. And we did have some issues. So if it sounds weird and gets broken up in between, I think we had another connection issue in there but keep in mind this is a second language is pretty well spoken. Oh, yeah. I love the accent. He did a really good job. He actually afterwards like I apologize for my English, you know, it’s my job

Unknown Speaker 41:49
to speak,

Roy Merritt 41:50
in what language so he’s, I can’t unsee ation and we talked about this. This isn’t on the interview. The pronunciation of his name is Hindu. So I don’t know if his family’s Hindu or whatever, but like Hindu, Urdu, Muslim, there’s a couple others but Hindu and Urdu are the two big ones for the most part when you think of India, and I actually before I called him I’m gonna I’m gonna let out a little secret here actually went on Google, or something my wife did. And it will give you translations in Hindu and in Urdu. So in Urdu, his name was ritesh. It wasn’t a potty, like he said something a little bit different. And I was like, I don’t know. Let’s see what it is in Hindu and it was really Tisha pada. And I was like, okay, so when he says his name, I might sound smart. You know, I’m like, Oh, so when we were talking originally, he was like, Oh, it’s real. Hitesh, Paddy and I was like, Okay, so that’s Hindu. And he’s like, Well, yeah. And I was like, Okay, he’s cuz you know, my wife. For those that don’t know is is Indian by descent she’s not really claimed by people from India because she’s from Trinidad. But people from India were brought to the West Indies by the British as slaves. So she’s, you know, mixed a little bit with the Caribbean, you know, natives, if you will, but you know, she’s Indian by descent but born and raised in the what they call the West Indies, and the Indians don’t really, you know, associate that with each other. So, you know, it’s a little weird to say she’s Indian because she’s not, you know, but she is Indian by descent. But anyways, that doesn’t matter. But we did talk about it a little bit and let’s see we’ll keep going here.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 43:43
Guys, so I’m here if I right now,

Roy Merritt 43:45
yeah, um, you know, tiny fostering Wait, wait, okay, so that means he was born in

Unknown Speaker 43:53
Christ. I was.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
I was almost graduated high school.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
I already had most Fuck

Roy Merritt 44:00
I was two years. Two years out. Yeah, I

Mike VO 44:02
was in Bosnia saving.

Yeah, I was in the army. Yeah. So how old are you? 4546 46? Man,

Aaron Staudinger 44:11
Jesus Christ. I

Roy Merritt 44:13
didn’t realize you were that much older than me. I thought we were a little closer than that. But no, you got four or five years on me, whatever it is, anyways, let’s keep going as a whole, and you hear about it a lot in the US. But the industry has had a really hard time marketing to the younger generations, especially Harley Davidson. I don’t because at least you know, high dollar by him that not a lot of young people can even afford in the first place, you know, but we do talk to a lot of people about it and, and, you know, what’s your take on how we should be marketing to the younger generation? You know, how do we get more people to shoot? Yeah, it is. It’s the magic.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 45:02
My friend, this is pretty much a subjective, I think. And to me the risks involved in motorcycling is very much equal to anyone cooking food. Yeah, where you have a job objects like a knife involved and even a fire as element to prepare anything. Yeah, of course. If done improperly both of things do have the potential to harm you. Yeah, one can also check at how shooting is an International Olympic gate sport with a real life gun in the tuition. How do you control such a sport? By appropriately developing a skill sticking to set of device safety norms and rules? Similarly, there are rules to everything in life, as even walking will be classified a dangerous tomorrow. As much as the point of influence. I want to myself as this to you. Like we have a car franchise such as fast and furious. Why don’t we have a bike franchise in the same regard

Roy Merritt 46:01
I’m going to stop that right there because I do agree. And actually, I’m gonna play this because I say what I want to say right now let’s see. Let’s keep going.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 46:09
Yeah, something that can equate them up to eight to nine movies. Yeah. Why do you think this is significant? Well, whether we really know it or not, such kind of actions do generate a trend. I sincerely think we aren’t trying that hard with motorcycles into glamorizing them like it has been for cars in the last 50 years. Yeah. The second option I think, is the status symbol, which should be exploited a bit more. Right. Okay. So we have a road production car bukata here on touching for 90 kilometer per hour today, and a Kawasaki Ninja are going only 400 kilometer per hour. How do you expect college boys to fantasize and put up Have bikes on their bedroom walls that have lost their element of being ludicrous.

Roy Merritt 47:06
Yeah, yeah. So I’m gonna stop it because I fucking love what he has to say right over the top it so and those of us who’ve been in the industry for a while there is always been this talk about how the industry got together and agreed on this. What is it 198 mile an hour tablet, whatever it is that we run right now on most of the sport bikes 180 198. So there’s a number that everybody tops out at. And and the way I’ve always been told by everybody in the industry is that it’s somewhat of a gentlemen’s agreement between companies in that, if they keep pushing it too far, then governments are going to backlash and force them to do it. So the industry as a whole had kind of settled on this. Hey, 198 miles an hour. All you need to fucking do on a motorcycle and you know this much power or this much speed or whatever is all you need to do but in the car world we have fucking hellcats and empty 40s and you know these fucking cars that are insane fast that you buy from the fucking factory and I hate to say it but Indian no that’s where we come in no one what Harley Davidson from the factory Do you buy that is a fucking bad ass machine gonna wax anything on the fucking right Livewire nothing. They do seabios which aren’t set up for, you know racing necessarily they’re set up with all the bells and whistles and the paint and the Chrome and everything like that. But Harley does not make a performance bagger. They don’t do it. No, they should. They should. Indian did it first. It sucks. To say that challenge of sword Hey, that challenger may not be the fastest The best thing on the road but it is a factory performance daggers you cannot deny there’s a road race coming up. We’ll see how it pans and we will and and I think some people might be surprised hands actually I know some people’s will be surprised. We’ll just see which side of that fence. But seriously, he has a really good point here in the car world in the truck world in almost every other. Yeah, like stop it v tear. Yeah, there are the fucking the crazy fast shit. And then there’s everything else

Mike VO 49:39
what the motorcycles do that. So

Aaron Staudinger 49:43
we’re not Harley’s not doing that.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Well, so high end years ago.

Roy Merritt 49:49
Now the only bike I can think of that might be in that status is the h1 we talked about. That’s a badass bike. supercharged. I guarantee you It is speed limited to the same speed that

Mike VO 50:02
everything else competent tuner is gonna unlock that like, yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 50:05
But we’re talking about, like he said, How are you going to get this guy that’s in college that’s just about ready to go out and buy something to put pictures of some badass motorcycles on his wall. So I’m

Mike VO 50:19
gonna fundamentally disagree, okay? Because the problem that we have is not the fact that there aren’t badass motorcycles. Because if you crash at 100 miles an hour, you’re probably going to die. Period. So it doesn’t matter how fast you go. The difference is, kids aren’t buying these badass cars. There’s often kids. Oh, yeah, the kid the kids don’t want to ride motorcycles because like he said, Everybody says it’s dangerous, but and they’re being told that there’s no reason to do it. They’re dangerous. What we should do is what he’s talking about is the Fast and the Furious. And these franchises Yeah, they’re showing you these badass like we did with the Sons of Anarchy, which was one of the most popular series. Oh, yeah. And I talked about that in the interview. And they tried it for a second one with the Mayans. And I don’t know.

Roy Merritt 51:10
And I talked about that here in the interview with him.

Mike VO 51:11
I really think that the reason that we are so good at what we’re doing is because I don’t give a fuck about you and your beggar and your affliction, t shirts and your flirty pants.

Roy Merritt 51:23
I don’t care Well yeah, but we’re in the culture it’s how do we get people outside of the culture interested in this call? You gotta be the biggest because we promote people don’t like oh doggy Lee’s people don’t like dogs for the fucking care of them.

Mike VO 51:36
No, no, no, no, that’s that’s what he’s saying. Yeah, you promote the bad boy image. It’s not and and going faster than 198 miles an hour’s irrelevant and that’s why the bad boys are doing wheelies at 35 miles an hour. Yeah. They and that’s why I don’t by the fact that they say that it’s not picking up. It is it is

Roy Merritt 51:56
in the right area for five months the

Aaron Staudinger 51:58
area of the future. The End

Roy Merritt 52:00
The last 10 years. Okay, not so much dude for me

Aaron Staudinger 52:03
where I come from in the last five, six years so you guys were wheeling Harley’s and stuff back? No, I’m talking about.

Roy Merritt 52:08
Okay, I’m sorry. I’m talking about actual the market the sales in the market. And let me finish this and we

Mike VO 52:15
take pride in Yeah, no more big wheel specifically they will. Davison specifically is trying to market to the softer side of the young generation and they should they need to say, you know what, don’t fucking buy a Harley then?

Roy Merritt 52:32
No, and I agree. That’s kind of what we’ll leave it to us.

Mike VO 52:36
We’ll take care of the marketing the marketing should go back to Well, I guess. Some guy walks out in flip flops and gets in gets in a demon and some guy pulls up on a on a Road Glide and the guy’s like, Oh, nice bike, and he’s like, at least I’m not you.

Roy Merritt 52:58
Here’s the thing is nice knowing Yeah, you’re getting it. Harley doing marketing now you have to hit somebody when they’re young and the reason I say this is you know I was in high school in the mid to late 90s there are bikes on my list that I will own no matter how old they are at one point I will own them one of them is the CBR xx 1100 that was one of the baddest fucking bikes on the road in the 90s and I loved that bike it was all black you have any color you want black then they did silver they might have done another one but then you know for the most part they were all black to Korean blackbirds. A V max you know what I mean? That V max back then was a fucking nasty like, bitch v four. Right? So yeah, before that, if you’ve ever heard one with like, I saw that as a fucking awesome bike. I’ve never ridden one enough to say how much it is to actually ride and like handle and all that you get it? Yes, yeah. frickin bet they move v 65 this road cat if I found you on it, I would buy it but guess what, because it was the fastest street bike on the road and they sold the Magna

Mike VO 54:12
and all those bikes sold so well that the Jap companies eliminated the entire platforms and started trying to copy American cruisers. Yeah, exactly because it doesn’t matter how fast you go I know but that’s it want to go super fast sir by the way let’s separate this separate something fast and quick.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
What do we want? We want quick tour top speed

Roy Merritt 54:35
I agree with top down house. No, no,

Mike VO 54:38
no, it was all about attitude. It doesn’t fucking matter. This is this is the part that people don’t get when you pull up on a Yamaha V max and you have one of the most powerful rode bikes ever produced, and some guy pulls up on a Harley Sportster that you can’t even hear the V max anymore because the sportsters there with his short shots He’s got a half shell helmet, and he’s wearing a black leather jacket and they leave the light. Nobody fucking cares at all that that there was a Yamaha V max there except for such a small amount of aficionados like yourself, everyone’s gonna go that guy on the Harley looks fucking badass. He’s cool. I don’t agree with that,

but I get what you’re saying if they

if it wasn’t true then they’d still make the V max. Yeah, true. They do. They don’t make it anymore. They still make it well, but it does, but it’s not hot. Yamaha is emulating Harley emulate No, I mean Kawasaki emulates Harley.

Roy Merritt 55:38
The Yamaha bull is a Sportster. They have their Yeah, they have to it’s damn near copy of the sport. So you have to like catch one out if you trace one on paper and put it over yester is damn near

Mike VO 55:49
everybody because Harley the history of Harley is bad boy.

Roy Merritt 55:55
But I think a lot of that has to do with our market because we have a very large Maybe second day India. I’m gonna I’m gonna say just shoot me hip.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Whatever God.

Roy Merritt 56:06
Yeah. And Americans speak totally different than everybody else. No,

Aaron Staudinger 56:09
dude. It’s like, it’s like a softail slim. A Dinah and a Sportster had a baby. What?

Roy Merritt 56:15
That’s what the boat looks like, Oh no, the boat looks promising. If you had a baby, that’s motor frame, tank front for three circle, you can put it right over a Sportster and yes, almost identical.

Unknown Speaker 56:28
But all those other marketing techniques and all this other stuff.

Roy Merritt 56:32
Didn’t go any way. This weekend. I rode with a chick that maybe weighed 100 pounds, riding a fucking bolt that could ride, like straight up, we were out on the highway, booking it in and out of cars. And when we got done, I was impressed. I was I we stopped and I was talking to her husband and her and I said, so this you on this bike? And she’s like, Yeah, I was. She was like fucking five foot tall. You know, she was tiny and she looked tiny on the bike. But she looks really comfortable because I rode behind her for a while we were in a pack. And I told her I was like, Man, you look really comfortable on the bike. She’s like, Yeah, I love this bike. I you know, I’ve been doing it long enough. I know what’s going on, and she would shit get on that bike. I mean, that thing was was a nice little bike. But let’s get back I have. Let’s see just a few more minutes of this. Let’s see how it goes. Okay, so this must have been one of my stopping points.

Unknown Speaker 57:30

Rohitesh Upadhyay 57:32
I was saying the third option, I think is that motorsport can play a huge part, generating a proper trend about competitive Motorsports, like motocross, Moto GP, and trail biking can help push the spirit of biking. Yeah, the last and prominently the experience of biking itself. We need to able to sell the experience of being on a bike with it and diagnostics better. I see.

Roy Merritt 58:00
Yeah, I mean, you know, and and that’s gonna be transferred into social media, you know, because that’s how we’re reaching. The younger generation is through social media and things like that. You know, like you said, with the movies, if you will like movie franchises, the last time the industry was in any kind of real uptake or boom was back in the days of, and I don’t know how much you guys got over it over there, which was Discovery Channel doing the OCC and all the chopper shows and the biker build offs. And you know it almost every night of the week, you could watch something about motorcycles on TV. Yeah. And when that went away, the industry has hurt, you know, for sure. Yeah.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 58:52
Yeah, I do agree with you. I do activity.

Roy Merritt 58:57
You know, that was that was one of the things I was doing. Say earlier, I kind of saved it because I say it here. You know that that really was the last time the industry was was in a boom was the OCC the biker build off and all that because you didn’t have to ride motorcycles to want to ride motorcycles. You know, you can turn on Discovery Channel and be like, Man, that bike looks so cool. I bet I would look so cool on that. And that is the flip side to kind of what we were saying earlier about having the fastest most badass bike is the flip side to that is having the coolest looking

Aaron Staudinger 59:37
bike, but it’s happening but it’s happening.

Roy Merritt 59:39
So you have two sides of that there. You put posters on your wall, and they’re either the fastest baddest thing you’ve ever had, or they’re the coolest looking thing

Aaron Staudinger 59:48
you’ve ever had. But it’s happening there are guys walking through here weekly, that you would not expect. But they experience it. They sit on it and they go man, I want that from And, yeah, I want the cross bars. I want the carbon fiber wheels. They don’t look, they don’t know why they want that. Because they see it on social media. All the people that they think are cool are riding on it. Right? And that’s the thing. That’s the next wave. The next wave is the complete performance. Harley Davidson bike don’t get why we don’t have that. And served up to us. I agree

Roy Merritt 1:00:23
with a platform house. Let’s take off from that a little bit of the aftermarket. Yes, you’re talking full aftermarket? Well, I am talking about

Mike VO 1:00:32
Harley’s cover Harley with a production Road Glide. Road Glide with inverted front end. Oh, yeah. Fuck Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:00:38
man. Why not? They already have the front end put some heavier springs some dampening in it. Yeah, you know, they have it all. It’s all there.

Mike VO 1:00:46
So you know, you got to put some carbon fiber on these bikes. A company like Harley Davidson can’t just throw that shit together. You know, indian indian was developing the chant the challenger when they were victory. Oh, that bike was a concept bike in 2012. That’s why it might actually be okay it took eight years it’s but it doesn’t matter it’s still a cheap plastic piece of shit when you ride it the dirt bike you know it’s not it isn’t sleek it isn’t mean it’s not luxury you know when you when you ride a Harley when you sit there and I don’t give a fuck who you are You can lie all you want when you sit on a row glide The controls are sleek, they’re small, they’re not plastic everything is very high end man everything they touch touch feel to tie because fuck tie

Roy Merritt 1:01:30
yeah ties not gonna buy yeah really it nobody is nobody is why did you buy a $30,000 bike and go wheelie it

Mike VO 1:01:36
we are we’re marketing motorcycles to people that are successful in life. Yeah, and maybe want to like but crossover me so I want to have like a hard edge attitudes. I

Roy Merritt 1:01:47
don’t want to say argument to that. But my my my devil’s advocate to that is it takes years and years and years to get to that successful point where you have ready to spend that kind of money

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
and no matter what What motorcycle they had before they,

Mike VO 1:02:02
you know, they buy a Harley, but in

Roy Merritt 1:02:04
the US if if when you start, you don’t have. So if we don’t present ourselves as the best as everything there, when you get to the point where you have money, you’re gonna buy something else. So what we have to do and kind of what we were talking about with getting the posters up on the wall for the college guys, is not for them to buy that shit in the next year or two. It’s for them to work the next 10 fucking years and want it better and want it and that’s what I’m saying with the CBR xx and the things like that. I couldn’t afford that ship.

Mike VO 1:02:37
It’s gone. Now. Nobody cares, no matter what one because

Roy Merritt 1:02:40
I told myself that I would own one then so so now and that’s why old cars

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
and what are so big right now and because guys were

Roy Merritt 1:02:50
kids back in the day, their dad had a 65 Mustang that was badass, and they swore to themselves that one day they would have a badass 65 Mustang. They get to 45 years old, they have the money and they’re like, fuck it, I’m buying a 65 Mustang, even though they can go into the fucking showroom and buy a 2020 Mustang that a wax that I’m telling you they want the 65

Mike VO 1:03:15
you know what I’m saying? The problem with our marketing is Harley needs to make a commercial with some 23 year old dude, doing a wheelie on a Sportster past a gas station full of sport bikes.

Roy Merritt 1:03:27
I don’t disagree

Mike VO 1:03:28
is what will sell because because you are our whole image has made it this company has lasted for 100 years because it’s been on the fringe of legal Yeah. And everything and and that’s and who gives a shit. If these soft little fucking kids that are like, Oh, it’s dangerous. Who cares if they buy a fucking motorcycle? They’re not gonna buy any motorcycle. Yeah. So you’re why so why do you Why are you paring down? Well, we tried to market to a group of people that isn’t in the oil cycling. Like I said though you’re not we need you’re not you’re planting seeds

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
no you’re not so that when they can go to a by

Mike VO 1:04:07
honor will never

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
write a fucking motorcycle. I don’t I don’t agree with that at all

Mike VO 1:04:10
and it doesn’t matter what kind of rebels even know who fucking evil Knievel is.

Roy Merritt 1:04:15
Doesn’t matter he’s too young I heard that fucking evil Can he believes

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:18
but I agree what Dana do is take the dudes that come off like that Cody. You like your 450 Holy shit.

Mike VO 1:04:24
Yeah, jump on one of these things and feel it they feel like you what we need to do is we need to market to those kids that are that are that are just getting out of motocross because they realize they’re not enough to go pro and go. You know what, you have a lot of choices here. Jump on a softail you need to Sportster softail I have like a wee less than two

Roy Merritt 1:04:42
minutes of this conversation left. So I’m gonna play it and we’ll finish it up. And let’s see. Let’s see where were we Yeah, man. You know, I look forward to seeing what you got coming. And following you know, all your exploits if you will and and I hope you do the same here and you know, it’s, it’s always nice to kind of reach out and talk to somebody you know, dang near on the other side of the earth

Rohitesh Upadhyay 1:05:18
sorry for my English.

Roy Merritt 1:05:20
English Yeah, not really good English really good. You know

I’m gonna, you know, keep an eye out on our stuff. We got some really cool guys riding and we’re always doing cool stuff and like i said i look forward to seeing what

Rohitesh Upadhyay 1:05:40
you got here so I will be there I wish to be there soon.

Roy Merritt 1:05:44
Yeah, like I said man, you get over here,

Rohitesh Upadhyay 1:05:47
championship there and USA. So in 2022 Okay, I guess I will come there. Okay. You might

Roy Merritt 1:05:57
be looking forward to a man in one way or another. We’ll have to get together when you get over here,

Rohitesh Upadhyay 1:06:02
for sure for sure. Sure. Well, it’s Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:06:05
All right. It was a pleasure talking with you, buddy.

Rohitesh Upadhyay 1:06:08
Thank you so much. Thank

Roy Merritt 1:06:10
you. Thank you. Yeah, no problem. Thank you, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
See, such a motorcycle place you can tell from his delivery. This guy. Like he has a very

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:24
defined, contained way. I’m sure he trains this way. He thinks this way he speaks this way. He’s very totally into the exam and he’s very controlled. Very. Plus, he does. He probably does a lot of interviews about it. So yeah. Some of his responses I thought he was reading but it’s just his deliveries. So well thought about how he feels about this stuff. Yeah, extremely well spoken man. Like so. 2022 man

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
20 2022

Roy Merritt 1:06:55
let me know. Yeah. 2022 I’ll work it out. Dude, I’m gonna ride with this dude. We’re gonna go out. We’re going to Have some fun off the street and Oh yeah. I’m gonna get a ride together and when he comes over here, we’re gonna have some fun. I don’t give a fuck where he’s at, you know? Something’s coming in Nashville. I forget what it is. I don’t the players and events. Oh yeah, we’re a hotspot. I don’t know if you know that. But But no, like I said that the interview was really cool. Um, I like the way the guide talks, you know, he’s got I think he’s got the same kind of passion we do.

Aaron Staudinger 1:07:27
Extremely regimented, like structured guy.

Roy Merritt 1:07:30
Yeah, I mean, we’ve made a career out of our passion for the most part, most of us here and so is he, you know, and you can kind of tell that it was super nice to talk with him and he has a manager that I dealt with a little bit. And, um, you know, afterwards he had called me and was like, I really appreciate you know, the the interview and everything. He’s like, I felt like it went really well. And I was like, it did Don’t you know, don’t stress about it. You did really well. I think everything is gonna go Good and his manager kind of got involved after you text me today and say, Well, can we ask for edits and blah, blah, blah? And I’m like, no. So

Mike VO 1:08:10
you didn’t tell them that you’re in the top 40 million of podcasts.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
I’m like 139 999,000 or something. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:08:22
By the way, by the way, I am in the top 40 million.

I have seven listeners episode. I am doing really good. Yeah. But no, you know, I’m looking forward. I’m going to start reaching out to some warm people and maybe trying to do stuff like this. I don’t think the recorded Episode You know, the recorded interview was that bad? No, I think it gives us a way to stop and go. I do like having you guys for you know the interviews if I can help it because sometimes there are questions that need to be asked that I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
and right And frankly we show up. Yeah, well yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:09:05
Whether or not whether or not people like what we’re doing we have fun. We do have we can certainly kill a friggin topic. There’s beer all over the table. I fucking really disappointed in this GoPro man, it dies every time we fucking record, and I even got a backup battery plugged into it. I think it’s Woody’s fault.

Aaron Staudinger 1:09:22
I think our shows are better liquor fueled though.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
Yeah, well, I don’t know if this one was a bad

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
a bad show. I mean.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
Yeah, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
I feel better.

Roy Merritt 1:09:42
Because I talked to people all the time, and come on the show. A lot of people have like, anxiety when it comes to like the way their voice sounds or how they’re going to sound to other people and things like that. And I try to tell them like Look man, I promise make you sound as good as I can

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:01
make it sound

Roy Merritt 1:10:02
the audio side of things I’m pretty good at the video side of things I’m still struggling I am fucking hours of video that I need to go through and like man the video side of thing I am struggling with.

Mike VO 1:10:16
Yeah, but that’s alright. I mean Joe Rogan has a professional crew. That’s exactly and

Roy Merritt 1:10:20
I literally have zero help.

Mike VO 1:10:22
Nobody does. But podcasts aren’t designed to be watched Anyway, you guys

Roy Merritt 1:10:26
are all the help I get and that is in the actual recording part. But once we are done here, I have zero help from editing, to you know, marketing to all that shit.

Mike VO 1:10:39
We have Randy,

Roy Merritt 1:10:40
give it I don’t pay Randy. If I started coaching on that,

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:47
and I don’t blame them the break room goes away. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
well, yeah, no more podcast.

Roy Merritt 1:10:54
I like doing the podcast here. I think it’s kind of cool. I don’t know. It’s way better. Yeah, yeah. my garage is a little off.

Aaron Staudinger 1:11:00
The meals are better your place post for the

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
video you know there’s a motorcycle in the background yeah coffee

Roy Merritt 1:11:06
did catch the whole garage door thing on the last one. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 1:11:11
You actually had that on camera? You didn’t see my Instagram

Roy Merritt 1:11:15
back in California when this shit went Oh yeah, that’s about it man dude I posted it on my Instagram it’s fucking great it’s just it’s just well no it’s it’s it basically pops up with Mike like well I googled it and you’re more likely to get kidnapped by your garage door than you are to hit with your motorcycle. And and I fucking as soon as he said that we all started laughing I was like, Oh shit, this is the clip that’s going on. So I literally I was really impressed with myself. It took me about 15 minutes in the morning before I came to work. And I grabbed the video and I grabbed the audio that I had already edited for the podcast. clip them, cut them, put them together did everything I needed to do it about 15 minutes and I was like, Oh my god, I might be getting better. With video in less than three hours. That’s really good. But you know this this whole process the way with the podcast because there’s so many things I should be doing that I’m not the fact that we are as far with listeners and everything as we as we are right now. I’m pretty impressed with myself. Because I have slacked so much and I don’t even want to say Slack, I run out of time. You know, I go home and I’m like, I’m gonna edit this video today. And I get on there and I fucking pass out on the couch because I’ve been working all day. Yeah. And then I wake up and I’m like, Well, fuck, I got maybe time two days from now. You know, it’s like, but, you know, it’s been fun. I really enjoy it. I get a lot of feedback on social media for people that enjoy the show. We have a One of the one of the people that I talked to quite a bit. She’s just getting into this world. So she’s a wrench. And she works a shop and

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
she does a lot of

Roy Merritt 1:13:18
the word her posts. Not promotional but like uplifting posts about you know, and I’ve tried so hard to get here and I’m so glad to be here and things like that. Yeah. She’s, she’s on Instagram. I think it’s thrashes her name or something like that. She does some cool shit though. And and I kind of reached out to her a couple times was like, Hey, you know, I know you’re new in the business and you’re working in an aftermarket shop. You ever need help? Contact Us, you know what I mean? Because we do have quite a bit of experience when it comes to that. And she’s been very thankful about that. And she, you know, when I post something about an episode, she’s the first to be like, hell yeah. Let’s do this. So much luck. I’m gonna have to get her on the

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
show. I

Roy Merritt 1:14:05
don’t have to look it up. I’d have to look it up. But you know the guy we interviewed tonight, rotation? I definitely I’d like everybody to go out and follow them. I’m gonna, at 25 years old, I think he’s wrote a test motor sports on Instagram. I’ll put it all in the description and stuff. But he’s, he’s doing a lot of cool stuff. You know, he, he’s somebody that I think everybody needs to keep an eye on because thinking in a few more years, he’s going to be affecting more than just a little area he’s in. And I believe that

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:41
the cultural difference like really strikes me it’s really interesting. I watch a lot of Formula One. And he sounds like anyone who’s in Formula One European sports style. Yeah, very well groomed, well. mannered speaks really well. He understands every element of the sport. The etc i mean i’m sure this guy trains

Roy Merritt 1:15:02
he’s got to oh yeah but to be a professional you have to be yeah professional sounds dumb yeah but yeah if you want to be a professional freestyle rider for example then that is a life you live and if everyone then counter and everything you do that whole cultural difference

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:18
like really impressed me about you know, hearing what he had to say.

Roy Merritt 1:15:21
Yeah, insurance you better heavens health insurance. Yeah. Move that fucking microphone closer God damn you better have health insurance fuck I swear as time goes on, he just keeps sliding it further and further from and yelling at it. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
if you bother fires in your

Roy Merritt 1:15:44
face. Yeah, I know you might Deep Throat he calm down.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
What you’re prepping they’re

Mike VO 1:15:49
like, trying to find how do you spell his name? Who wrote a dash? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
our Oh h i i sh

Roy Merritt 1:15:59
Yeah. Hitesh sports.

Mike VO 1:16:02
Yeah Really ro Hitesh Motorsports.

Roy Merritt 1:16:05
Yeah. And and like I said he’s doing a lot of cool stuff. So he was out filming a commercial the other day and made some social media posts about Andy is just huge in this.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:15
Oh yeah, I mean, everybody there rides friggin motorcycles

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17

Mike VO 1:16:18
look at their traffic cams. It’s like everybody’s riding bikes. Well that’s like

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24

Roy Merritt 1:16:26
Thailand? Yeah, same way same mo nuts like they don’t even have street lights and shit road no lane. intersections at the same fucking time. Like I have watched that shit like, Oh yeah, I would die. I would fucking die. I would be stressed out I would be right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Fucking

Aaron Staudinger 1:16:47
pretty bad. What else is cool about rotation is doing. It’s not because he’s surrounded by five other bros that think it’s cool. He got roped in. Dude, he went, dude, that’s something I want. Do BAM went out and did it. Yeah, it’s not because he was surrounded by a culture or surrounded by people that said, Yeah, you need to do this.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
Anybody could buy a sport bike.

Aaron Staudinger 1:17:10
Yeah. Be definitely wasn’t made to do what it’s doing. Yeah. And is doing it.

Roy Merritt 1:17:15
Yeah, I’d like to I want to ride one of these Apache RTR and I couldn’t

Aaron Staudinger 1:17:19
use it, you can dump it off and get it for like 50 rubles or whatever.

Roy Merritt 1:17:25
And be like, yeah, done, man. Yeah, I mean, you’re here. Should I write an ad? And I get made fun of for it. You know what I mean? And, and the biggest, like, this guy’s got a 675 you know, or a man. So yeah. I love. I love when people talk shit about 83. I saw a guy the other day. It’s 883. They were they said something about Oh, it was a meme. And it was like a father and son and they said, Oh, Dad, I got a Harley. And he’s like, Oh, yeah, would you get? And he’s like, Oh, I got an 83 Sportster, and he’s like, I always knew you were gay. And I was like, oh, I went out, and I was so close to commenting. Come ride with me on my 83 and I’ll show you worse.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07

Roy Merritt 1:18:08
it might not be fast, but I don’t need to be that fast to lose your ass. I mean, because when it’s all said and done when you’re out on the road, you can’t open up 120 and runs for very long anyways.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:20
No. So he said quick.

Roy Merritt 1:18:23
Yeah, yeah, up to 100 miles an hour’s about all you really need to get around and race. Now if I wanted to race from here to my house, about about 107. And when it comes to in and out of traffic and turns and things like that, I can make up that difference that the 10 or so miles on the road, you can do 10 miles an hour faster than me. You know what I mean? So, in the end I To this day, I’ve Why haven’t done a 1200 kit, because you should I should want to know Yeah, not too so bad. I want To see that that bike actually has just enough power to do everything I want. You know what it sounds like, but it does. And I hear your bike coming around the fucking corner. Yeah. Well

Unknown Speaker 1:19:23
check us out Talkin

Unknown Speaker 1:19:26
for the next time

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