Rider Safety

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Rider Safety

Rider Safety

Talkin Braap
Talkin Braap
Rider Safety

In the second episode Roy, Mike and Aaron talk about motorcycle rider safety.  This is part 1 of 2 where safety is the subject.  From gloves and helmets to rider training and more.  A riding instructor joins the conversation, Shane L.  




Mike VO 0:00
This is what I’m thinking. I don’t want to hear it.

Unknown Speaker 0:06
So nice to have the Ohio players back, you know, I promised him and I’d have him back. He said it’s your favorite group you see makes her how makes her dance and do crazy things with her.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Welcome the Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
We can we can do this for sure. Realize that

Roy Merritt 0:57
was a live version. So right, that’ll work. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you for joining us. This is talking crap episode to take two.

Aaron Staudinger 1:08

Roy Merritt 1:09
incident. Yeah, so we have to mention this because we did a really good episode. On a pretty hot topic right now electric electric bikes. And I had some technical difficulties on my end. So needless to say, it was an epic failure. And we’re moving on so. Oh, it was a great conversation. I think I think listeners are missing out for sure.

Mike VO 1:41
And we had a we had a great call in

Roy Merritt 1:44
Yeah. No. Robert panda. Yeah. Yeah. Robert handy. So just a little bit. I you know, I want to mention in many ways, because, you know, we had intended on having him on on the second episode. And Robert Penny has worked with, you know, pretty much all the really big manufacturers out there, Piaggio, group, and Indian and all these other things. And right now he’s doing a program with the international motorcycle shows, I believe it is. It’s called discover the ride new to two, and they have zero electric motorcycles. And they are putting people on these things that are D tuned to like 15% of what they’re capable of. And they’re putting people who’ve never been on motorcycles before on motorcycles. And when it’s all said and done, it’s something that needs to be mentioned, and mentioned often is getting new people into the sport. It’s one of those things that I don’t think there’s a textbook answer for or a right answer for. It’s going to take effort from every angle, I think so. It sounds like some cool technology. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 2:53
like yeah, killer, ride and possibilities.

Roy Merritt 2:56
Yeah, so I’m gonna, let’s see what we. So there’s some shows coming up Minneapolis, Washington, DC, Chicago, I’m going to cut in here and I’m going to play his plug when we were talking to him on the phone, because I did catch that on the recording. Will do that now.

Robert Pandya 3:15
And then I invite anybody who’s listening who wants to just understand a little bit more, particularly if you’re 100% new rider is to visit us at at the International motorcycle shows. And I will be at every single one of those shows, putting people on bikes, teaching them how to ride and we’ve got a lot of experienced riders who just want to try one you know, and so we have the ones that are speed limited and acceleration limited for the training stuff. But Chris Tyson XDL, he does the all the stuff. He has a fully unrestricted Zero on a dyno where you can you can learn how to wheelie and this zero modern it’s full power full torque 80 foot pounds of torque at like zero RPM, you know, and the bike is just it’s a riot, you’re indoors having a good time at the Motorcycle Show. So anybody wants to get on a motorcycle shows calm This is my plug. By the way, notice the Segway get on motorcycle shows calm and you can punch in DTR one nine, which is our coupon code for discover the ride. So GDPR one nine will save you $3 and if two people save $3 each, they can buy me a cup of coffee.

Roy Merritt 4:39
And then we’ll move along and you know you can check out check him out. He gives us a discount code. Use it. I know check us out while we’re mentioning it. website talkinbraap.com Braap in case you’re wondering. We’re also we’re going to have him back on the show. Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. But back back to the social media we’re on Instagram, Facebook and talkinbraap on Twitter we’re at Braaptalkin didn’t work out so well there but you know it is what it is you know follow hashtag talking rap. We have other things going on and we cross promote So for the most part you follow talking rap hashtag talking rap. You’re gonna find some cool stuff, man, it’s gonna be out there. So today we’re talking about riding safety. And there’s so many facets to this. I figured we would start with maybe rider safety if you will. And get into that a little bit you know, I think that kind of starts with gear and then into the rider himself. You know you can put the best gear on somebody and that might really need to use it so we do have a call in tonight from a friend He’s a riding instructor and he has done a bunch of you know he’s been in the motorcycle world a long time and I look kind of let him talk to you know about himself when when he gets on but you know we’re What do you think and Mike you know, with the safe rider safety you know, we obviously have the

the obvious gear you know, helmets and leathers and gloves and and that’ll changes with the bike your ride and the style you are you know, you could spend days talking about this

Aaron Staudinger 6:35
Not for me, man, I ride a full face. I ride a streetglide and a dyna. And I converted over from a three quarter helmet to a full face. And I have rode with both and im never going back. Yeah, I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen people with cracked up faces. I mean, even in our own shop, you know, Damion’s wreck last year got his face. He wouldn’t had any of that. Any of the injuries that he sustained you he wouldn’t have dealt with it.

Roy Merritt 6:57
Oh yeah, I watched a very good friend of mine. The three of us rode quite often in Orlando. In fact, one of them was Michael was on our last episode. In fact, it was Mike’s bike and you know, we were pretty crazy. We wrote like we didn’t care. And we you know, we’d stop at a stoplight and just hop off bikes and hop on each other’s bikes and go ride around, you know, just for fun. And we had done that I think I was on. If I remember correctly, I was on my buddy soft tail. I think Mike was on my cow Saki and my other buddy was on his Sportster got into a lane. little too early and there was a median way before you know, there should have been if he would have gotten over supposed to hit the median flipped. I mean, just tore the bike up. Everywhere that he was damaged had he had like a full face helmet and jacket and like, you know, regular gear, gloves, everything. He would gotten up without a stretch. And that was a big, big eye opener for me as well. myself in the summer. I’m a little claustrophobic so the faces gonna mess with me a little bit but it when it’s cold or rainy. They don’t mess with me at all. I mean, you’re a half Alma guy, aren’t you, Mike?

Mike VO 8:14
No, actually, I wear Well, I only wear half a half I’m going to work and it’s just so that I can hear. Yeah, so I can hear the noises the motorcycles make and but I grew up in a bit of the outlaw community and I hated where I was. And I actually I’ve been in three fairly decent motorcycle wrecks. And two of the three It was not wearing a helmet. My last accident was in I think 2011 on my v rod and I was on the freeway. And I just got on the freeway, and a work truck lost a 20 foot extension ladder in rush hour traffic. So the flies off the truck in the right hand lane. Obviously mayhem ensues on the road. So I shot over to the left hand. And the nice thing about having a V rod is you have plenty of power. So you know, it wasn’t it wasn’t difficult at all for me to move from lane lane. I thought I was out of the way. And the next thing I know, the car and the next lane in front of me hits this ladder and it swings into my point of view and hit the front tire of my bike on you know, freeway speeds.

Unknown Speaker 9:32

Mike VO 9:35
Well, I think I think we were probably all going around 60 Yeah, at the time because it was it was fairly decent traffic, it was like seven o’clock in the morning. And I mean everybody was kind of like slowing down because of what was going on. So I remember seeing the light the flash the ladder and hitting the tire and the bike flipping up in the air to the left. And then I had that Ricky Bobby moment where you know, I’m like Superman eating my motorcycles underneath me between me and the road and I’m just looking at the road. And I’m like, I’m flying through the air. This is not good. So I surf the bike. I just grabbed it. I didn’t know what to do, you know, so I was like, Well, I’m gonna die. So the best protection I have right now is this big ass motorcycle. That’s between me and the asphalt. Yeah, so I just grabbed onto it and surfed it at some point it flipped me over and I got minor I got minor abrasions and whatnot. But I broke a couple ribs and didn’t have any any anything. extremely detrimental. Now for protective gear. I was wearing a bandana over my face over my so that I didn’t get debris in my nose. I hate that. And sunglasses, hoodie, jeans and steel toed boots. The interesting thing is my left foot must have dropped off the side of the motorcycle, because it grounds through the steel online.

Roy Merritt 11:03
Oh, wow.

Mike VO 11:04
Yeah, on my Georgia boots. And I remember when I got up, you know, I just thought my clothes were all rags. And there’s blood coming down my face because my head scratched got kind of tore up and I thought well, at any moment, I’m going to die. So yeah, you know, I couldn’t breathe because my, my ribs. Yeah, so I still didn’t wear a helmet after that. Because, you know, you have to get into that whole philosophical part of it where I’m like, Well, you know, especially when your tickets clock your tickets clocked in, you know, who is it this really in charge here. But around six months later, I started having more and more close calls. You know, so and I’ve been writing years and years and years and years of no helmet, but as technology, lack of attention, and the stress of all the things we have to do in life collide, it seems like I started going you know what, I think I’m going to get a helmet. So I wear I wear a full face on it. Yeah.

And I started that in about 2012 and I wear a full face

Roy Merritt 12:18
helmet except when I’m on test rides at work. I know I grew up in Central Florida and you know we won’t get on the drivers topic but let’s just say drivers aren’t the best around there and especially when I was going to MMI I was riding every day everywhere and I never really had the urge to ride without a helmet necessarily but definitely saw enough and I kid you not three times a week somebody tried to kill me on the road and I had to ride you know i for through downtown Orlando. You know, I had to be indoor spots every day you know so but I kid you not at least three times a week somebody tried to kill me and that was when I bought my full face helmet. You know, same kind of mentality was like you know what? I don’t care what you know what I look like or what I feel like I want to make it home. So I do wear my full face helmet a lot of the time but we know when it gets hot outside. I wear a three quarter biscuit the full shield on it and I know didn’t really help you necessarily in a wreck but it talks a lot when I’m on the highway and I watch a rock fly up and hit that thing. I fucking smile Yeah, you bitches talk shit about my fucking shield. The right now you have a bloody lip. So fuck you. But no, you know and and new writers I think really suffer from this and that they feel the pressure to look over be cool or be something that maybe they’re not,

Mike VO 13:51
especially when they’re 50.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
With but you know, I don’t I don’t understand. I could never sell motorcycles. Because I would disqualify half the people that came to buy a motorcycle from me, they’d be like, Oh, I want a road King. And I’d be like, let’s look at this street. 750 over here with your experience. And with you know, the vibe I’m getting from you? Well, you know, I’m sure

Roy Merritt 14:15
this is bad. I probably should have said this. But you know, said multiple times that you would think that people who could afford a Harley would maybe be smart enough to do something else with their money. Because they’re not fucking cheap, man. And we will watch guys dump hundred fucking grand in these things, you know? And like, it’s nothing and you think, man, you can’t be a dumb ass to have the money to spend like that. So you have separate worlds though. Oh, yeah, it was like dumb ass In what world? Like this world is completely different from being on the road. Oh, yeah. Especially on the bike with any means, or any manner of power. Oh, I bet you could line up a dozen, you know, professional athletes, and then bring people they know. And they’ll tell you, they’re the dumbest person on earth. And they’re making 10 times more than everyone they’ve ever known. So it’s not about intelligence, that’s for sure.

Aaron Staudinger 15:11
How about gloves? Anybody wear gloves around here? I always wear gloves, gloves. Every time I’m on a bike. Actually, I went for a test drive with you the other day. And I didn’t have my helmet. I didn’t have my gloves. And it feels like strange. Like, I feel like I don’t have the same contact I usually do with a bike. So I’m used to feeling it through those parts. You don’t I mean, I don’t have that. It’s just a strange feeling. Actually, when I felt the mushy break, and we were out test riding that bike, I was surprised I was able to get the feedback because I’m just so used to feeling a certain feel, you know, in the grips and in the handle controls where I’m just used to it. And that’s just the way I ride every day.

Roy Merritt 15:47
I mean, I like to wear gloves. I believe in wearing gloves. I come from Florida, so when is hot as hell, it’s really hard to put gloves on. I tried to too. I should have been to school with the guy who lost two fingers this whole pinky and I think part of another finger if I remember correctly, and it was in a motorcycle accident. He’s like, dude, you have no fucking idea how easy those things come?

Mike VO 16:13
Well hey, you know if nothing else, here’s a good reason to wear gloves. The oils on your hand eat the rubber. I’m gone on. And it’s fucking gross. Yeah, it is gross, dude.

Roy Merritt 16:26
Like them guys have been fucking gorilla grip.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
Mike comes into service and you gotta put tape on it because it’s all sticky.

Roy Merritt 16:37
seen that many times? It’s like reverse. It’s like the duct tape. Forget. And again, you know, we’re talking about safety is that say, you know, I wrote me a streaker It was like,

Mike VO 16:47
Well, I don’t know your answer.

Roy Merritt 16:52
I’ll take that one. Yeah. free ticket to really I think you when you get into that you’re into really good Frankel or issue if you will. And that was you know, 2030 minutes late. Well, that’s

an indication of lack of maintenance. Yeah.

When I was in and like you said, I think people gorilla confidence things.

Mike VO 17:20
Because, you know, you

Roy Merritt 17:22
want to be relaxed, experienced writer but

Unknown Speaker 17:24
I mean, I basically dragged my hands will bars.

Mike VO 17:29
If I’m turning, you know, push, kind of loosen

Unknown Speaker 17:31
where the other bars for the most part. I mean,

Mike VO 17:33
I don’t you don’t want to grip real hard because

Unknown Speaker 17:38
as well and if you need to make a sudden by having a really you’re already making realize that physical effort

Unknown Speaker 17:47
it’s gonna take longer than,

Roy Merritt 17:49
you know talking

Aaron Staudinger 17:50
about wallet. Same thing to and modification of bikes that we’ve seen. I’m not going to name names not going to talk about parts, but we’ve experienced at the shop, switching from bar, a bar on a road lied. The bikes are pretty carefully designed, you know, to a certain way, and we change these parts on this bike, and the bike started experiencing wobbles, trying to figure out exactly why we are down literally, to I mean, how much those things way, man like probably 12 ounces like

Mike VO 18:19
yeah, the counterweights on the road, lads. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 18:22
I think No, actually, they’re like 16.4 or something. They’re like a pound apiece. But they add a tremendous amount of stability to that bike. And we had to end up going back to a model or a type of bar that would accept the the factory counterweights on the handlebars. Yeah. You know, I think there’s probably a lot of accessories that people put on bikes that are unsafe. Hold on. This is a good one go. You got to pause while open this. Natty ice.

No pause necessary, man.

Roy Merritt 18:49
That was it right there. Yeah, we get a six pack in that he is sitting on the table. Just so you know,

Mike VO 18:56
Aaron and I rode to Florida to buy a chopper basket case that we came back. It was like a 40 hour continuous trip. And it ended with our last show that kind of got foo bar. But it was

Roy Merritt 19:12
so hard.

Unknown Speaker 19:14
And we stopped at the gas station. We’re like, let’s get some beer for the show. Oh, man. Natty ice.

Mike VO 19:21
And I think we were talking about earlier that day. Yeah. Or like, a couple days before. Yeah, that was a really long day. But yeah,

Roy Merritt 19:27
you gotta love the Matty ice man. You know, you’re not a man. So you got drunk on Natty

Mike VO 19:32
ice. You know, the manufacturers of motorcycles spend millions and millions of dollars on ergonomics. Yeah, because the ergonomics is a huge safety factor. And I think it was like last year I worked on a diner actually you worked on it and then I did it had a wobble it came in for like something it was like something

Roy Merritt 19:57
no no mentioned the wobble somebody anything we figured it out mid street without getting too much into this he was sold a progressive suspension to fix the wobble that nobody diagnosed yet yeah, that’s what broke down

Aaron Staudinger 20:14
was this was this like that’s what it was made years. touring bike

Mike VO 20:18
No, no, it was at

Roy Merritt 20:21
least 2010 somewhere around there maybe you know

Unknown Speaker 20:25
millimeter for

Roy Merritt 20:26
Yeah, yeah. And he had some pretty tall apes on it and it nastiest wobble I’ve ever fucking written and I I kid you not I have never been scared on a bike. Like I was on that bike. When I got on the highway. I wasn’t thinking much about it. Most of the time customers come in complaining about wobble. It’s a bunch of shit. So I didn’t think much of it the bike was pretty much stock. I mean, it wasn’t much, you know much wrong with it.

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Well, they had 16 inch bars with full controls full mirror so it had huge wind stops Yeah,

Roy Merritt 20:58
and I think still i don’t know i’m still confused as what’s going on with that but we can talk about that another time. Anyways, I took it out on to was 65 there so I get on 65 and I head south I’m just going to cool springs there and I’m gonna I’m gonna run it and get up and I got out on the highway like I ride a bike which is to 80 or 90 about as quick as I can so that I can merge and see what’s going on. And I got up to about 65 and that thing went into a death wobble shit and I fucking I’ve never been so scared straight sit still Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I mean it was off the throttle and luckily I think I had just gotten out of the right lane so I immediately went back into the right lane and was like oh my god you know slowing down until it started to control itself and I sped back up you know being a technician you can’t help it do it again. I said back up to see about where started it right around 6065 and man when it started you could not stop it. It was scary as I roll back in the shop and I was like dude, this guy’s got a straight up complaint like there is a problem here like something’s going on. And I think we did steering had bearings there was playing his swing arm bearings we didn’t swing arm bearings I mean when it when it all boiled down to it we did just about everything we could and I think still at a wobble and

Mike VO 22:27
well when we got done when we did this after we did the neck bearings and the swing our bearings and I treat the tire

or retrieved the wheel I think it ended up ID

Roy Merritt 22:40
yes I think you finished it up I didn’t end up but whatever happened I wasn’t on it yeah when he came back

Mike VO 22:45
yeah I think I’m bearings in it and then I went wrote it and I got the same you got up to about 60 miles an hour and was like

Aaron Staudinger 22:58
guys to tell me this really quick between Have you been service Tell me as a bolt on part of a bolt on modification that you guys see over and over and over again. Talking about safety what would be the number one complaint that you have to bring bikes in on safety? What would your biggest complaint be I’d be really surprised if Mike doesn’t go to the first thing that I do

Mike VO 23:18
Don’t worry I’m waiting in anticipation lowering box. Oh yeah

Roy Merritt 23:24
don’t put the no just a little blocks that well even even and don’t fucking put that shit on your bike. I’ve seen swing arms break. I’ve seen shocks break I’ve seen bolts break I’ve seen everything break like lowering blocks as they call them for the most part are the absolute worst thing just went out of the bike. Well, you’re changing the rake in the trail on the bike. Yeah, well, you’re also changing the geometry of that rear shock and you’re putting a lot more force on the middle of that pole or the middle of that shaft that you don’t want to and it wears out seals it it’s it’s horrible. And like I said I’ve seen now on the Rushmore not bikes. As much as I don’t want to say this. I haven’t seen a swing arm break. Those those newer swing arms are pretty stout like hydrophone but yeah, if you don’t have like a move for Rushmore, when did they start that swing? arm? Nine, nine. Okay, so if you don’t have like a nine or 10 or up Absolutely, I will almost guarantee you if you put more than 10,000 miles on

Aaron Staudinger 24:27
those now I know you will die. I’ve known more than two people personally, you know from a shop that I knew was really good friends with back in California. You know, Lofton river run comes everybody hops in their bike takes off runs through the desert. At least two people that I know have had been on a touring bike on those early like mid 2000s models that have just absolutely eaten shit in the rocks on the freeway with people that I know beside him going yeah, man holding us down the road and Charlie’s fucking off in the Roxy read. That’s it. Like your inbox? Just those old touring bikes. Yeah. You know, the rear ended issues that they had with uh, yeah, well, this will old swing arms were I mean, they were. They’re just a little box frame. I wouldn’t really that big of a deal. And going again, back to safety. Yeah. drop this back. One guy full face helmet. full gear. Got up. Went in a rental car went part of the rest of the weekend called insurance got a new bike. Yeah. Okay. Intensive Care. Half helmet.

Roy Merritt 25:26
Nothing else on Yeah. in debt for the rest of

Aaron Staudinger 25:28
his life. Yeah. And he wasn’t wearing flip flops, which I brought some pictures of. Oh, yeah.

Mike VO 25:33

Aaron Staudinger 25:34
that out. Boy. That’s what happens when you wear flip flops. I can’t.

Roy Merritt 25:40
That’s horrible.

Aaron Staudinger 25:41
I see people riding flip flops on a bike. I’m like,

Roy Merritt 25:45
you’re a tool. Like what in the world? Are you doing? Yeah, my cousin. Oh, you’re not from Florida? I don’t know. Maybe California California people pull it off too. Oh, no, Florida. Everyone wears fucking flip flops or shorts. Yeah. tank tops. Yeah, absolutely.

Mike VO 26:00
So you know, it’s super funny is like, so you look at different types of riders, right? So you have like, the Harley rider, and they’ll wear full leathers, when it’s 120 degrees. Right where I live, and no helmet, because there’s no helmet state. And then they’ll pull up to a light next to a sport by guy that have a full face helmet on. And a tank top shorts.

And you’re like,

Unknown Speaker 26:27
what the fuck?

Mike VO 26:30
And it’s like, it’s like, just like you said, you know, depending on the bikes, you ride the gear you were in the culture. I mean, the sport by guys. And and that whole genre, for the most part always wear helmets. And they always were full set full face and they’ll and they’ll have like, Bill awry. Yeah. I mean, you know, no joke helmets. Yeah. Harley guys, they’ll have a $500 leather jacket. $300 shops and now we’re at $65 skillet. We you know, like mine that I read texts on test rides is done things coming off. If I come if I go down on a test right.

Aaron Staudinger 27:09
Now it’s occurred to me from time to time and like, you

Mike VO 27:14
know that that one that you were that one’s that one’s a snow that full face? Is it the little little green one that I have? Yeah, do that thing was like, master the

Aaron Staudinger 27:23
plastic snap just bothers me. It’s like, I want the double duty ring. Well, it obviously

Mike VO 27:27
works because you can’t ever get it off. I’ve experienced that as

Aaron Staudinger 27:31
did there by the wash. Yeah, try to pull it off a couple times. Stupid snap,

got a beard like I do. It locks into it. And then it’s part of the locking mechanism at that point. It’s frickin awesome. I

Mike VO 27:48
know it’s a it’s a speeding straight helmet. It’s It’s It’s so

Roy Merritt 27:53
anyways, circling back. Have you heard from Shane?

Mike VO 27:59
Oh, he’s just waiting for us. Yeah, you want to call it?

Unknown Speaker 28:02
See what happens. I’ll try to keep it open here.

Mike VO 28:05
So this, this wild man on the phone is a guy that I’ve known since the 60s. His name is Shane, LinkedIn. And he is a instructor for writers edge, which is a writers instructor school. I met Shane in Vietnam, actually. And we’ve kind of known each other ever since. So what got you the bug to ride start riding motorcycles shame.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
Or the word

Unknown Speaker 28:38
my old man I got me into it. He’s

Unknown Speaker 28:42
been riding his whole life. There’s his 14 on the farm. And so basically started getting the bug from that and working a little hotter than the middle of nowhere out in the mountains and a big port bike and writing influence up there and just kind of started writing for five. So my old man got a newer Forster I started writing in around and kind of got the bug for for the Harley scene as well. And what

Unknown Speaker 29:11
the writer said was that,

Mike VO 29:13
how did you become an instructor with writer’s edge.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
So after working at a dealership for a few years, I started doing the riders that in house and they wanted to know if anybody wanted to become an instructor. They were looking for inside guys to keep the instructors kind of on on theme a little bit more than just the classroom. So I went ahead and applied went through all the training, we have to go through training just like everybody else showed me we can ride kind of learn the fundamentals of how to teach the, the process there.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
And yeah, it’s pretty interesting experience to do that first few years. Yeah, you know, I have to tell you, I am a little jealous, because believe it or not.

Roy Merritt 30:01
When I came out of school, I set a lot goals for myself, most of which I’ve already reached. The only one I haven’t was I really wanted to be a writer, set instructor as well. I thought it would be really cool and and they make decent money to you know, it’s a good little side hustle if you can make money and in something else and yeah, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 30:23
here’s a question for you,

Unknown Speaker 30:24
man. I want to get back into it out here. That was established out here in Tennessee, I like to try to get back into it. Yeah, yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 30:32
Now check this out, I rode the beginning of my writing life, I guess you could say, without a license without anything for about probably six years. And after that I went through, and I decided to you know what, I’m gonna go ahead and take the course my wife wanted to learn how to ride. So I decided, you know what, I already got my license, I’m going to take the course with you. And I ended up walking away from that going, God, You know what, I actually learned some pretty interesting shit. And I became a better writer. As a result. I didn’t think I do. I didn’t think I’d walk away from it that way. But it did. So I’m curious. Having been through that training, do you find yourself a better writer applying the stuff that you teach? Or is it is it is it conveying to students, if you will, information that you already know?

Unknown Speaker 31:20
Well, just like anything, I mean, the more you progress in, the more you try to get better at something and you get more technical with things, you do tend to drift away from fundamental. And anytime you get to go back and work on fundamentals with somebody was it doesn’t matter what you’re teaching, writing fault, for whatever the case may be, when you start going back and teaching other people’s fundamentals, it kind of wakes that part of your brain up again, going Oh, yeah, okay, I remember this. And it does help hone your skills. In those times writing where you get so complacent, just because you’ve been writing for so long that you forget, this is all more muscle memory and habits. So when you do start doing certain things, and you kind of catch yourself going, Oh, yeah, that was wrong. And you have to do this. You know, it does help. Kind of re re hone those skills that are basic, but also very important for all all, you know, writing skills, whether it be beginners or people who live on the track.

Aaron Staudinger 32:22
Yeah, that was like a decade ago, and I still catch myself every once in a while. In a situation I go, you know what, I just did something that I learned from back then it still kind of flashes back on me. So I think it’s a pretty, it made an impression for sure. And how I ride, I had a customer back and Central Florida who, every time he wrote he said he would ride

Roy Merritt 32:42
up to like Publix, or whatever it was, you know, a local parking lot. And, you know, do figure eights, if you will, or a little, you know, just some maneuvers. And he said if he if he felt like he wasn’t on his game, he would either practice until he was or he would go home. Because, you know, he said he was an older guy, you know, he said, so sometimes I don’t have my wits about me, and I don’t know it. So he’s like, I go out and I ride and I go to a parking lot. And I do some tests, practice stuff, you know, fundamentals, if you will. And he’s like, if I don’t feel like I did all those things in a good manner, then I go home, or I keep going until I feel like I did do them in a good manner.

Aaron Staudinger 33:23
Where you get my bike and just like, I must not feeling it today. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 33:27
yes, absolutely. Oh, yeah. Everyone, you know, it’s funny, as most of the guys, a lot of people, mostly male, that come with their girlfriend or their wife. And I’ve been writing years and just decided to go to take it with their wife. And those are the people that I got the most response to the most, like, you know, telling me Wow, man, you know, I’ve been writing for this, you know, five years and I didn’t know this or didn’t know that. They go into it thinking that, you know, they’re already accomplished writer and they’re not gonna learn anything they just want to go in to be with their life, they walk away, you know, realizing that they’ve been doing something completely wrong or half the people in the class have been writing for years don’t even know that term, counter steer. Where you know, you push the left bar forward, you look left, you go left, you know, yeah, but you do want a bicycle but you don’t really notice you’re doing it on a bicycle. Because it’s such a small gradual thing. Yeah. Well, guys been going all the right 510 years. I’m gonna go good. So you know, the counters change process know like, huh? Yeah. And so it’s like, you know, there, you know, a lot of those guys do they have their head for their eyes in a position that they shouldn’t wear? If you’re making a left turn or tight you turn? A lot of people go into slower they go, the more they look down with the road, like where they’re tired, as opposed to looking up over their shoulder. Yeah, and filling your head all the way around the two times I’ve crashed on a motorcycle, like for real crash, not just like a little loops and kind of stepped off for some. I crashed exactly where I was looking. Yeah, I mean, up to the plate. Yeah, I probably could, except for one where I just like literally took the front end and want my on my chin.

Mike VO 35:06
So that opens up another topic. How many times have you just like, oops, that crashed that. mean? You said you’ve had two major crashes. But you alluded to several times

Unknown Speaker 35:18
that you’ve fallen over, I’ve gone completely

Aaron Staudinger 35:21
down like skidding off twice, both on the sport bike knock on wood. Never on a Harley Davidson, it was always on a sport fight. But that was when I was younger. Pushing the limit, one time talking about going back to that feeling of when you just don’t feel it. That was on a sport bike, and I’m coming down a canyon. And I just didn’t feel it got to the top of the hill. And I was going to come down and I went, you know what, I don’t know, it just feels weird. I just don’t feel it pushed with the rest of the group coming down the hill, pushed a little hard, hit a reflector, skip the rear end out and ended up in the dirt bank has just went off. He’s just that’s just it, whether the reflector had anything to do

Unknown Speaker 36:05
or not, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
The looking where you you know going where you look, or you know, where you look is where you go. I mean, we all know that now and everything. But the biggest problem with that as a riders when you’re looking at a high pace, and you come out of a corner, you know, you take the apex and a little too early and it pushes you wide early. Well, you’re kind of you know, you’re coming close to the shoulder or whatever’s on that side. A lot of us will want to look over to go, Oh, no, how much room Do I have, and it’ll take the bike just just fade away from you.

Roy Merritt 36:41
Yeah. And that’s the hardest thing to teach yourself is the key, doesn’t matter. If you think you’re gonna go that way. You pull the bike with your head, and you try to look through the corner as hard as you can and will yourself through. And that’s what I didn’t do. When I hit the back end skipped out, it gave me a big like one or two high side, I started to lean and I was running out of room and I literally looked over and as exactly where I went, I was looking for the soft spot. And that’s what I get.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
And that’s and that’s why you’re doing that. The other trick is to try to not, you can let up on the floor a little bit, try to stay away from the brakes, because that’s just going to stand you up and put your note on the corner as well.

Mike VO 37:23
So, so if you feel that you’re going into a corner a little hard, and your tendency is to hit the brake. And then you can get the mental facilities to say, Okay, I’m not gonna hit the brake, what do you do, you just look see the corner. And just, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 37:42
if you can, if you can, you know, you push, you can, you know, you push through the corner. To make it a left, you kind of push through the left, try you just trying to like if it’s if it’s a real tight turn, you know, you just keep you charged to keep looking at through it as much as you can, VR tenancy, and so on a T equals even our peripheral to see how much room we have. But if you’re already worried about it, you don’t need to worry about that you need to worry about the possibility of trying to make it through. Right. A lot of people, a lot of people especially sport, right, the rear brake isn’t as drastic as a Harley. Yeah, so it’s really hard to lock up a sport bike, rear brake. So that’s what they have that because you can kind of direct that foot back that rear brake, without really staying on the bike, or making the front end dive too hard. And while you’re while you’re kind of riding through to try and scrub a little bit of speed, so you can dive in a little bit more. But yeah, the front blank, I mean, you know, the classes we teach everybody from break because it’s 70% of your stopping power in a motorcycle, right. But a tire can only hire can only do one thing really well. And so if you’re trying to make it handle, like corner, and then stop is now trying to split that one thing that’s really good into two things. So smart going to grab the road is strong, because it’s trying to apply braking force and the braking is going to want to stay on the bike up. So if you do need to hit the brakes, you want to do a light a light drag just enough to try to put a drag but then you also have to force the bike down into the corner more. It’s one of those things that you really only learn from habit,

Roy Merritt 39:22
right and practice

Unknown Speaker 39:25
and fighting through it. The muscle memory thing you know, a lot of new writers don’t have bad habits they have no habits at all. Yeah, they create bad habits as they ride don’t know that they’re doing something incorrectly yet well I always thought though that’s what we try to start as a teach people the best habits possible from the beginning and it’s easier to take somebody who’s never written and teach them how to be a good writer than somebody who’s been writing five years horribly and break them along. Well my my thing with the inner not just the riders edge there’s MSC, there’s, you know, there’s so many of them now

Roy Merritt 40:00

Unknown Speaker 40:01

Roy Merritt 40:03
you know it you teach people that your front brake is 70% of your brain, which is true. totally true. When you’re going straight. Pretty much any other time. You don’t want to use it, you know and I mean yeah, it’s not necessarily true that way but for the most part myself, I am a heavy backbreaker. You know, it comes from the sport bike world It comes from you know riding and and whatnot and learning. My front brakes are for when I’m coming to a stop pretty much if I’m not going to stop or I don’t know, I’m coming to a stop. I’m using my back brace while Yeah, they only provide 30% of your braking power. They provide like, you know, 80 or 90% of your breaking if you’re writing you know, to the best of your ability and like control, like yeah, corner, I’ll drag a little bit just to kind of get the thing. Corner leave a tiny bit and get

Aaron Staudinger 41:03
a wag in the corner and it kind of settles and drops in you know.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
I don’t mind

Unknown Speaker 41:10
technique that you learn as you live longer. And we tried out the the writers edge is more of an intro to writing and we try not to get people fixated because when they panic. It’s always a heavy grab or a heavy brake pedal. Yeah. And you don’t want to stop that rear brake in the middle of the corner. Well, that’s

Roy Merritt 41:30
that’s why I’ve always said I think the best riders were off road before they were on road. Oh, definitely. And I think that a lot of that has to do with yet you know, when you’re on it, when you’re especially back in the two stroke days, when you’re in a dirt bike, that rear tire is almost never lined up with the front tire. Tire or you’re really ripping it is almost never lined up. And I think it’s something you get kind of I don’t want to say used to but you know, you you get the feel of and when you get out on the street and the first time you nail it. And I did this one time at two o’clock in the morning, and we left a bar and in Orlando was the same guys drinking Oh, no, there was lots of drinking, but it was, you know, we get out of school like midnight, so I only had two hours to drink. And we got out and there was due out on the road, you know, you get that wet do on the road. And we jumped out and I was being you know, hot shit jumped out in front of everybody and nailed it and went completely sideways. And everybody knew, you know, I ride hard. I don’t read stupid. So everybody knew when I went sideways that it was not intentional. You know what I mean? Yeah, and so we get up to the next slide. My buddy comes rolling on next to me, and he’s like, how you doing over there? And I was like, I’m all right, but I might need to change the draw.

Unknown Speaker 42:56
You know, but I

Roy Merritt 43:00
suck it back up. That’s right. And I think had I not had the off road experience of a dirt bike. You know, when you’re kicking around a corner with the SN kicked out and you’re just throttling it, that you kind of gotta stay in it and ride it out and bring it back in to really do it because if you lead off at the wrong point, you’re gonna high side you know you’re done.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
Oh yeah.

Roy Merritt 43:24
So you kind of got to know to ride it out and I think that a lot of that came from the off road experience that I had before I was on road because I didn’t have thousands of miles on the road at that time. I think I was pretty fresh you know for the most part and you know experience experience beats all you know, ultimately

Unknown Speaker 43:45
oh absolutely

Aaron Staudinger 43:47

Unknown Speaker 43:48
I didn’t have the background of dirt bike riding so when I came on the street I was I was fresh but I was also young and started you know ride with the guys a bunch of you know 3040 year olds let’s talk about another sport bike will roll track the racers it actually took me under their wing to kind of you know watch me and if I was over my head or going over the double yellow they sent me home or reach over and hit my kill switch so I couldn’t keep up until the next stop and then yell at me as the next off and yeah that kind of stuff and then eventually I started going and doing Oprah track days and that all glamorous I mean I had like a 30% crash rate on the track and find a beat your friends time and pushing and all I can take this point a little bit faster but you know as fatigue was tough whereas no day your tire where he miss Georgia corner you know those kind of things? Yeah, but it is the best place to learn how to go fast because there’s no there’s no cars it’s pretty much proven track.

Roy Merritt 44:50
Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do it. Never never been able to but always wanted to.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
Always been up known as an OpenStack day for Harley’s Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 45:00
Loretta Lynn’s out there. Oh, yeah, that’s pretty much open track days. And I heard you guys were out there chatted up last last year.

Was Nick out there with you guys turn up in the dirt.

Mike VO 45:10
I didn’t Nick like drive through the barn or some shit. This a bunch of the end there was a motorcycle show and he didn’t know he went to

Unknown Speaker 45:20
bike into the shop. It’s

Aaron Staudinger 45:21
like covered in mud. Again, some dirt track hauling ass man. It was awesome.

So here’s here’s a question for you. We were having a little bit of a discussion before we came in here as we were leaving the shop today. And you know, a lot of the accidents that people get into it’s assumed generally speaking that somebody’s got the bike somebody’s got into him somebody did something stupid cause an accident of the bike. What are your feelings on that? from a guy who’s been you know, teaching probably seen a lot of data as to how these kind of accidents happen? Is it primarily writer error? somebody doing something just absolutely fucking stupid? Or is it? Is it just inherently dangerous? And at some point, you gotta keep your eyes open? Cuz you might get whacked? What What’s your feeling on that?

Unknown Speaker 46:07
I think I think it’s more so the ladder. I mean, there is a lot of people who just drive absolutely stupid. See the guys, you know, repin 120 you know, download freeways listen in and out with cars. Whether or not they made a mistake, or a car didn’t see them. I mean, when you’re coming up and someone’s reviewed 120 cars there they could have their blinker on they can come over a couple times. You know, I have seen a lot of motorcyclists just falling way too closely in in high speed traffic. And mostly because of setting themselves in the tire passing the lane you know hanging to the left tire tread or the right tire tread of a car to where the sticky side of the you know where the roads the nice and grippy instead of the center of the road where all the oil and antifreeze and Brian no drips down and bleeds up. So if I mean if you’re, if you’re a good writer and you give yourself enough distance or know to give yourself an hour, you know, don’t let yourself get boxed in. There’s rarely a time or if you’re like an abbreviated or writing stupid there’s rarely a time that that it’s going to be your fault. It’s doing somebody that you know, I’ve been next to people in sport bikes and they don’t really know nearly as loud as Harley’s I’ve also been on a Harley and pulled up next to somebody on the highway and beta eye contact with them to let them know I was there. And then another half a mile they put their blinker on came over. Maybe even though they knew I was there. Yeah,

Mike VO 47:42
yeah, but I’ve seen cars. I’ve actually witnessed a car change lanes into a semi trailer.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
And that’s usually 99% of its the car or the driver is in there there will arm cage as we call them. sitting there with their tunes up just zoned out on their phone, doing their makeup, whatever the case may be. So I kind of got it here because

Roy Merritt 48:12
I don’t want to say I disagree. I disagree, but I am not a I agree that there are some things that cannot be avoided. There is a fucking 16 year old girl that is on her phone texting that I don’t give a fuck how good of a writer you are. You’re fucked. She’s gonna kill you. Okay, but yeah, I’m gonna say what’s up to be a girl? Why do you gotta be a racist? You know, I’m just saying, because I got rear ended by a 16 year old girl. So that’s why

Aaron Staudinger 48:44
I’ve seen more rear end accidents out here. Yes, I move than I’ve ever seen. Like, that didn’t happen. Right? I am from it seems to happen more. I don’t know why.

Roy Merritt 48:53
But I believe because I have avoided more accident on my motorcycle, then I could ever count in. I don’t mean like close calls, like holy shit. I’m gonna go home and talk to my friends about. I’m talking about cruising down the highway in the left lane. And I see Oh, yeah, I see four cars up this person. I’m not going to go gender. This person in their car. And I can just tell by the way the car is moving. By the way they’re moving, that they’re about to get in front of me. Yeah. And I slow down even though I want to haul ass and there’s room in front of me and I slow down. And sure enough, not two seconds later. No blinker. No nothing. They jumped over. Now whether I’m lucky or I have a fucking mutant power, or whatever it is. I don’t know. But I believe and I’m going to go with a safe estimate here. But 50% of the time there is motorcycle involved in an accident that that motorcyclist could have avoided it

Unknown Speaker 50:06

Unknown Speaker 50:08
talked about Yeah, it is hard to avoid. I thought your question was, who’s at fault more? Well, yes. Or motorcyclists? Yeah. And I like I said, I believe the cars cause a lot more. Oh, yeah. There are a lot of things the motorcyclists can do to avoid, like I said, fans on one side or the other so you can view traffic up ahead. Yes. giving yourself a good a good safe distance, the following distance. Yes. And the big thing that was not letting yourself get box? Well, is when you’re writing and somebody slams on the brakes and sunny and there’s a car in the left corner, right? Yeah, you got nowhere to go. If you’re a good rider. Generally, you can do you know used to be able to you know, if you’re on a sport bike or something, usually you’d be able to read the car. But nowadays, everything’s got to enter lock brakes and everything else. And yeah, you know, I’ll stop writing just kind of cruise and enjoying it. You’re not always hearing straight ahead, you’re enjoying the ride or you know, kind of looking at other colors. And when you take your eye off of that car and running for a second, it could be a big deal. Absolutely. Well, and Okay, so

Mike VO 51:15
Shane, obviously, we neither one of us were in Vietnam, unless you were there for vacation. But how long have you been? How long? Have you been operating a motorized vehicle? Like a car, motorcycle, whatever. How many years? 20 I’ve been? I’ve been for 21 years. 21 years. So how about you, right?

Roy Merritt 51:38
Should you ask me that? I didn’t do math. 25 we’re drinking Natty ice. You can do fucking math. Matty Ice Age

Unknown Speaker 51:49
14 1414

Unknown Speaker 51:51
with your life 20 years old? Almost. 45.

Aaron Staudinger 51:56
So how about how about you, Aaron? Let’s see. I’m getting the calculator. 14. How many?

Roy Merritt 52:03
fucking know 24 more like 24

Mike VO 52:06
cuz we’re having this this discussion earlier to where some people, some acquaintances of mine were like, I will never be a mathematician. Okay, obviously, that was

Roy Merritt 52:16
this was our pre podcast. I’m pretty darn good

Mike VO 52:19
at math. So

you’ve been operating a motorized vehicle via a motorcycle, or a car or a taxi or a bus or a frickin airplane? for 10 years. You are lying. If you say I’ve never cut anyone off.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 52:41
Absolutely. On purpose, or just

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Just no.

Mike VO 52:45
Purpose. I mean, locate. Sometimes it’s on purpose. But yeah, you know, you just you just don’t know. Yeah, I mean, you’re just like, Oh, I need to I need to merge love. OH, honking horns. Oh, yeah. Sorry, buddy. Either. 1997. Right. Asshole in the Porsche. Yeah, you got it on. Yeah. So I have I have been in a car. And I’ve cut off a motorcycle rider.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
I’ve done Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
I haven’t done that as well. I mean,

Mike VO 53:12
he’s done it. We’ve all done it. So if you’re saying like, No, I haven’t you just didn’t know. Because you cut them off.

Roy Merritt 53:18
Yeah. You straight up didn’t?

Mike VO 53:22
Yeah. So I’ve and I’ve been on a motorcycle. And I’ve been cut off by cars. And I’ve also been on a motorcycle. And I’ve been cut off on a car by car because I was being an ass. Yes. Because I was going 20 miles over the speed limit. Yeah. You know, what people don’t realize is motorcycles are small. So when someone is going to Murcia left, okay, and say, even if you’re a responsible driver, what do you do? You look in your mirrors every three to five seconds. Right? Sure. A lot. Yeah. Okay. So if you’re going to 70 miles an hour, and you look in your mirror, and then you look the other mirrors in three seconds goes by, and there’s a someone on a motorcycle going 110 miles an hour. They weren’t in your mirror three seconds ago. Yeah. And now you’re Merritt, you’re merging to the left. And all of a sudden, you’re cutting off some guy? Well, with police forensics, I believe they they measure skin patterns, right? As part of how they tell us going What?

Unknown Speaker 54:25

Mike VO 54:27
So when when you’re going 20 or 30 miles over the speed limit. And somebody cuts into your lane and you hit them. You don’t necessarily leave a skid better. Yeah. You do with your face.

Aaron Staudinger 54:39
Yeah. But

Mike VO 54:43
everyone blames the car. And I’ve gotten shit for this for years and years and years. Because I blame motorcycle riders. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 54:51
I do that earlier.

Mike VO 54:53
Just like Roy. Yeah, you know, I have avoided I don’t even know how many accidents Yeah, and if you’re on a motorcycle, and you you have a standard lane of traffic, you actually have five lanes you can ride in. Am I am i right on that? Because you have Yeah, there’s the two lines. The two tire treads and the middle.

Roy Merritt 55:14
Well, yeah, and you know, I see this a lot because I ride the interstate every day to and from work. So I I my thought processes if I ride faster than everybody else, then all I have to worry about is obscene. I run from that same strategy. So I write for I you know, 89 Mountain hours and pretty much minimum for me on the interstate. But I’ll chill so I’ll cut past people. Oh, yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 55:40
Yeah, and I’ll blow by him and then I’ll find myself a little pocket where I’ve got no one in front of me. I know they can see me and I’ll settle in even if we’re all doing like 7580 Yeah, like to usually go faster than that. But I don’t like being behind somebody I don’t like being boxed in my strategy is get in front get ya get seen and even if a cop is sitting there, and I get pulled over which has happened to me I got laid off one time Yeah, why are you going so fast? Because I don’t like riding behind people I’m cutting through because I don’t want to get killed. Yeah, I want to ride in front of them. And if I have to speed a little bit to get there to where I feel safe that’s how I’m gonna ride. Write me a ticket you want to write me a ticket write me a ticket in Central Florida especially South Florida fuck have you ever driven down there? I don’t know. If you’re not an aggressive or rider or aggressive driver even in a fucking car.

Roy Merritt 56:29
You’re dead? I promise you right? in my area in LA me. You are not an aggressive driver. You will die within 30 minutes on the road out there. I fucking shit you not man. It is crazy Central. San Francisco’s the same way.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Yeah. If you if you use your single you’re never getting in

Roy Merritt 56:54
a spot of barge in and then we’re halfway in water. So So wait, this. This brings up a really great topic. So I grew up in Florida. And actually I had a stop sign at the end of my driveway. And so when you say say 25 mile an hour roll or road you roll up to a stop sign you slow down to about like two to three miles an hour and then keep rolling. We call that a California stop

Unknown Speaker 57:23
yeah yeah.

Roy Merritt 57:32
California that’s a that’s a stop Yeah, go for the stop is stuck in three seconds or you’re in a ticket that’s Florida, you know?

Unknown Speaker 57:44
So they’ll get your first ticket out there for that as well. However, there’s so many freakin cars and traffic a lot of times you come out to the side street stop and you don’t hit that gap in between the life where you know you can get out you’re not going to make take it further you know, whole life cycle and after somebody left you a miss the road isn’t block. Yeah. So you’re just you know, it’s like, like, you know, I came out here I’m like, why everything stop signs out here.

Roy Merritt 58:13
What is taking everybody so long to this damn stop sign and nobody knows how to fucking merge it apparently when you get to a 65 mile an hour road and your lane is merging onto that road. You have to stop.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
There’s both a breakout here,

Roy Merritt 58:28
right? Yes, yes, this is stopping. And then you have to wait for at least three or four cars to line up behind you before you decide to go at least that’s what I’ve experienced here in Nashville. But I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 58:41
Nothing. Nothing safer than merging.

Aaron Staudinger 58:49
California transplant like me, man, tell me how bad you miss splitting lanes

Unknown Speaker 58:55
so I do miss it. But at the same time the the traffic here isn’t isn’t delivery times want to stop and go on the freeway where I’m just like, okay, but the other problem is in Cali the travel, do it 15 minutes 50 miles an hour if that the average commute times four minutes a mile out there right now.

Mike VO 59:18
It’s bad, though.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
You have to keep moving. Otherwise, it’s going overheat. But you do have people that you literally have to watch their eyes in the rearview mirror to see if they’re paying attention. And if they’re reaching over to grab something or doing this. And I’ve had people pull out like literally like to block off the delay where I’m splitting. Yeah, well, I’ve had people so throw astronauts out I’ll be like, they’re they’re pissed even though there’s been an AC car and 100 degrees while you’re trying to get somewhere you know, to stop

Roy Merritt 59:50
me like fuck you by bike and keep going.

Aaron Staudinger 59:54
badly, they pull over and try to like, block the side and leave the shoulder or been

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
sound like yeah, step in the shoulder.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
Yeah, you’ll you’ll be putting up you know, between the fast lane and the middle lane on the on the median. And you’re technically supposed to be in a lane if you’re still survived the line. So if if you’re in a lane, you’re supposed to pick, go into the other lane be there for two seconds and kind of like, like, kind of dance over that line and not supposed to ride the line. Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Very close to the lane sharing, not lane winning, but nobody ever does that. No. And it also doesn’t know we go limit the lanes was wide wide enough to have two cars. There’s no limit to actual four lane. You could have two cars, right. But there is a limit. Right.

Roy Merritt 1:00:49
8590 mile an hour is not legal, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
No, there’s there’s no real law, but they don’t want to go on more than 15 miles an hour over. The flow of traffic was

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:02
so lucky. I broken that every time.

Mike VO 1:01:05
So so that’s a pretty good point. So this goes kind of back to the is it. The car the motorcycles fault. Okay. So I lived in Sacramento, two different times. So I spent some years in California. And I remember in San Francisco one time, we were driving into San Francisco, and we were on the Bay Bridge. And it’s bumper to bumper traffic and we’re going at a snail’s pace. And this guy comes past us and we’re like, you know, that’s like what five lanes? Five lane road? I mean that that’s, that’s a frickin huge. Yeah, it’s like five lanes in and five lanes out. So there’s five lanes, and then there’s a big ass divider to go into San Francisco. And then there’s five lanes coming out. So you’re talking this is like a 300 foot wide bridge damn near you know, I mean, so we’re sitting somewhere in the middle. One of the middle lanes. This guy on a sport bike. We’re going five, maybe 10 miles an hour, everyone. bumper to bumper, hundreds of cars. This dude comes flying. right past me at probably 70 miles an hour.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it’s an accident. It’s absolutely as well.

Mike VO 1:02:24
Is it scared me so bad. I almost veered into the car next to me because I mean, you don’t even know that’s coming. You’re just sitting there. And you’re all talking and you’re in traffic and all sudden now. You’re like, what the hell just happened? I almost want to hit the gas and smash into people just because I want to get away. So not two seconds later. CHP Yeah. on a bike. Yeah, yeah, they went and they pulled him over. And he was all pissed because lanes fittings legal. But you know, when I leave split in California, you have have to use common sense, man. I mean, you can’t go 75 miles an hour in between well, traffic, because what if somebody just, like opens their door to pour

Aaron Staudinger 1:03:10
out of a cup? Drink is legal. But it ain’t Eric a bottle of vodka and go up downtown, because you’re going to be too drunk. And they’re going to tell you to go home and you’re going to get public. It was always considered amongst us guys out there. It you did it at your own risk, and you kind of accepted what it was. And to that end, yeah, there are times where I do 6070 miles an hour, there’s times I do 10 you have to look at what the cars are doing what people are doing around you. And I mean, only that that goes to any kind of writing. I mean, like what’s the conditions will bear like what up with you couldn’t pay me enough to roll you know, 3040 mile an hour faster than cars splitting lanes?

Roy Merritt 1:03:49

know. I mean, like if traffic’s going 10 miles an I’m not going 40 or 50 mile an hour, you will I would roll 20 or 30 would I get

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
the guy here the guy was, like, stacked

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:11
up behind them looking to change lanes and go to the middle and get around and jump back into the fast lane. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
Know what happened? Yeah, you do because you just get used to it. Like, like, like Shane said, you know, yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:04:24
I wouldn’t be too nervous about the cars opening doors being dicks, because everybody should fucking dig.

Mike VO 1:04:28
But you do but you don’t. You’re not nervous because you do it every day. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:33
dude. And you know what? To be honest, and not not to talk down all the drivers out there in California to you know what? More and more as time went by you get like minded people. They pull over?

Yeah. And they give you a 1015 feet. Yeah. And those are the spots where you can Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
yeah. But you also have those guys, like, watch this motherfucker and block you all and they and they just veer left and you’re going 60 miles an hour and all sudden you’re hitting

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
there’s a front fender

Mike VO 1:04:56
instead of a dotted line.

Roy Merritt 1:05:00
Wouldn’t handle that. Well, it’s it’s rough, though. It end up bad for me.

Mike VO 1:05:05
But I think i think i think motorcycle riders create their own negative publicity. Absolutely. You know, like those look twice stickers I hate I’m sorry, guys. I hate them. I hate those look twice stickers, because I don’t understand why. As a motorcycle rider and enthusiast, you need to look for me. When it’s my life.

On the line I’m looking for you

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
Don’t worry about where everybody doesn’t look.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
Everybody needs to look twice for anything. So people don’t even look over their shoulder to merge. Exactly. And go,

Roy Merritt 1:05:47
you know, I hadn’t really planned on mentioning this. But just within the last few weeks, UCLA just released a study that was partially funded I believe by Harley Davidson. And they studied a group of 50 or 100 riders experienced riders, they said they measured their it’s not serotonin, it’s whatever it is that causes stress. It’s something similar to that. But another chemical release by the brain is

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:17
a marriage.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
That’s great. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:06:27
Sorry, baby. I love you.

So anyways, they measured you know, whatever. Cortisol, cortisol. Yeah, I believe you’re right there. That sounds right. Yeah, that sounds just hit me. If not, I’m going with them. So they measured cortisol levels in the me 50, or whatever it was people and what they found between measuring brainwaves and cortisol levels. And all of this was that riders who rode regularly experienced on average 28% less stress and had the cognitive function in concentration levels. on par with those who heavily meditate was how it was worded. And this was people who ride regularly. They also in not so many words, said that. The concentration and the stress relief and everything involved in writing was very good for your brain. See, when you come up with some kind of like thing to put on a T shirt like riding this is close to godliness or something like that. I would just put on my T shirt. I’m smarter than you because I ride. Yes, yes. But yeah, it’s actually fucking medically proven now. You know? So. You know, maybe this helps the the industry move forward? I don’t know. But safety wise. We’re just better. Yeah, we are better than everybody else. We just like it’s just the way it works. There’s a hierarchy whether they want there to be or not, there is a hierarchy in life and where you fit into the hierarchy. It is what it is, man, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 1:08:19
the hierarchy. Man, I appreciate you. Mike has a very Darwin esque approach about a lot of things. Yeah. Like very much. Yeah, like, live or die. Yeah, you’re like, you’re gonna make it or you’re not, you know, do something stupid. You die.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
Well, that’s how we got here. Yeah, so we shouldn’t. Yeah, we’re real naive. I think we can change the rules now and be successful. Right?

Aaron Staudinger 1:08:42
Yeah. As difficult as, as difficult as it is to admit, yeah, it’s, you’re right.

Roy Merritt 1:08:52
I think I think we need let Shane go. I think he got some kids and yeah, YCN and a bunch of stuff going on back there if I remember correctly, so it’s good talking with you, my buddy.

Mike VO 1:09:03
Yeah, thank you very much. Thank you.

Roy Merritt 1:09:10
Alright, so that was good. Shane’s a cool guy, man, he’s, he’s been doing a lot of stuff. knows a lot about Harley’s cool guy knows a lot about riding. Yes, he does. Absolutely. So you know, we’ll get back on the subject here. And and, and we’re talking about safety. So you know, we talked about gear we talked about the rider himself. And then we talked about the bike. So you know, I think this can be a fairly quick topic between us.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
I don’t know if there’s ever been one of those.

Roy Merritt 1:09:46
Yeah. But you know, there’s things you need to check on your bike regular basis to get to that if you’re not checking your tire pressure on a regular basis and setting it where it needs to be. You’re missing out and I can tell you I wrote a sport shirts and add three low I replace the stock tires that were I think before one or something like that Dunlop tires with elite force and this is the newest dual compound tire gives me the soft sighs heart center seemed like a great idea. It’s a time Yeah, yeah, I’m not convinced. I’d be honest with you. My next set of tires will probably go back to stop switching

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:29
over tonight dragons I got instead of sitting back there and waiting a mountain but anyway I get my bike back and my

Roy Merritt 1:10:35
my done mobs my stop tires. I mean, I fucking never checked the air in those tires. I shit you not do I fucking never checked it was horrible. And when I would check them, I would be like, oh my god. Oh my god, I should have checked these like weeks ago. So I put these elite fours on and and this is how sensitive director is. Now on the stop tires. I’d pump it up no big deal. I didn’t notice a lot until it was like dangerously low. And then I was like off. feel weird. Yeah. And I put air in it. So I took these elite fours and we do nitrogen at work. I’ve never put nitrogen in my tires before you do. You put air in your tires. Yeah, you put 70% nitrogen. Yes, right. Yeah, no. So I never used a nitrogen machine. So I pumped it up and I set I think my factory. I remember correctly, my factory setting is somewhere like 30 to 35 on my front tire somewhere around there should be 30 you know, so 1919 Yeah, so I think it’s your 32 or 35 I always have to look at my frame. But anyways, so pumped up with nitrogen thinking, Oh, well, fuck it. I like my tires a little hard anyways, I pump them up to I think it was 38 it’s like, at least 35 mindset. So 38 I’m thinking all right, give me two more weeks, and I haven’t checked my air, you know. And I’m running nitrogen, so be cool. I got on the bike I wrote home. Again, I want to get on the interstate 80 mile an hour’s about the slowest I do. I got up to 80 miles an hour and I got to do a fucking wobble. And I was like holy shit. And I started freaking out because I just bought this brand new front tire. You know, I’d put the rear on a couple months before. And then I had this you know, I had an elite four on the back. So I said I’m going to put delete for on the front. And I got out on the road. I got into this wobble and I’m like, What the hell I do this every day. I’ve never felt this before. So I got home. And by this point, I think my pressure was up a little higher, somewhere around 40 or so. So I let a bunch of air out of the tire and said well, we’ll see how it goes in the morning. And I wrote in in the morning. Fine. Everything was good. So I said I’ll put too much air on the tire. No big deal. Well, a few weeks later, again, I don’t check my air pressure. A few weeks later, I get out on the highway. Sure enough, here’s that wobble again. And I’ve never felt on my bike before I get to work I’m at like 32 psi. So I run about three psi off of factory recommendation. And I have a wobble again. So I never felt this with the stock tire. And this is what I try to tell customers all the time. There’s a reason that tires on that like you know Harley has done way more testing than anybody else on these bikes. They put these tires on there for now you’re making me nervous man. Yeah, so yeah, I put these headers on Yeah, and now if I put my air pressure where they’re supposed to be, I have no complaints. I can say that my room tire is starting to wear little flat in the center, which I’m a little disappointed in but that’s a dual compound tire problem. But other than that I if I get more than two or three psi off of where it should be. I totally feel it and handling because the profile was higher You think I don’t know I really don’t have an answer to that.

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:22
Because I have you know change tires on sport bikes and stuff before and the profile the tire, you know flat tire doesn’t tip in as good and so that’s kind of why I’m making that change. Glad I want that rounder tire and we’ll roll exactly hopefully will fall right in the corner and tip in a lot better Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:14:38
that’s I’m hoping for when you get to the edge on one of those like, you know, Doug Dunlop with that kind of hard edge when you get to the edge and you roll on that edge is the last time you do that. I’ve done it I know I’ve gotten over that far and it’s like you feel it you know you you know in every ounce of your body like oh my god I’m never doing that again going

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:05
back in

Yeah, yeah, like trail breaking with the rear and you kind of

Roy Merritt 1:15:09
get ya Whoa,

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:10
she’s way out there and then it kind of hooks and dies in the corner. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
yeah. Yeah. So yeah, I mean

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
so many interesting things. So

Roy Merritt 1:15:24
nitrogen Do you do prefer No, you’re not you will never fucking especially now that I put in my tires, you’ll never convince me

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:33
nitrogen is just the ability right? Like it doesn’t

Roy Merritt 1:15:39
scientists they’re gonna make some money. That’s what happened.

Mike VO 1:15:42
No, no, here. here’s the here’s actually the scientific reason why they put nitrogen in NASCAR tires is dryer know the molecules are bigger. So the nitrogen molecules are big. So it is harder for the nitrogen to escape through the beads of the tire. Yeah, then the oxygen and all the other chemicals that are in the air. So they are more stable. As far as fluctuating air pressure,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
yes. So

Mike VO 1:16:14
so so with extreme temperature, if you if your tire is cold and you have 46 psi, and then your tire is 180 degrees will with 70% nitrogen and then 30% everything else in the atmosphere, which is what you get when you just fill your tire, you have that 30% fluctuation of all those other molecules that under heat expand and create pressure difference. Well the nitrogen is more stable. So when you put nitrogen in a race car tire and is 50 pounds cold and then at 190 degrees, it might be 53 pounds or change thoughtless whereas you put nitrogen you put just regular air in that same tire and it’s 50 pounds and then at 180 degrees it’s 59 pounds right well they can also compress nitrogen a lot more when you

Aaron Staudinger 1:17:10
when you’re at the racetrack you have two bottles basically but I’m saying you can hold a lot more in a nitrogen bottle you can fill up more tires with a nitrogen bottle yeah regular compressed air bo MI or you can hold a lot more and it’s dryer yeah water vapor in the tire is another problem you got like water vapor when it gets hot especially on a racing conditions you know 190 degrees and start turning water into vapor and right I will make that tires expand so when it changes when it when the tires expand it changes your stagger when the staggered changes the car changes and you lose yeah that’s

Roy Merritt 1:17:42
basically how it were as much as as much as this is probably going to hurt me one day to say this right now. I would never pay someone to put my feet on my tires yeah good never happened to

jack crap if you just add it if you purge the tire

Two weeks later maybe you’ll see right

Mike VO 1:18:06
machine does I mean our machine purchase out all the you know it purge fill purge purge fill so it’s hundred percent

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:12
nitrogen What about the aluminum wheels? And whether or not they’re oxidizing on the insight?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:20
Wasn’t sure yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:21
that was that’s another reason

Roy Merritt 1:18:23
that will that will company didn’t test that ship with nitric it has nothing

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:27
to save

Roy Merritt 1:18:28
you. So what is it? About ization? when they when they made that wheel and they put a tire on it to test it? They put fucking hair? Okay, the same thing with every tire that you buy manufactured in test. I shouldn’t say this has to be done with nitrogen. But no they put air in it tested it ran it Yeah, you know, I get the theory behind it and all that that’s great. My experience with it hasn’t been anything better than compressed air. And two fucking weeks later, unless you got a nitrogen machine at home, you’re going to be putting together we’re down too

Aaron Staudinger 1:19:01
fast to make it anyway.

Mike VO 1:19:03
Well what you have to do is you have to be able to discern what they do on race tracks versus what they do on the street. And what’s actually what’s actually an economically viable solution. You know, nitrogen is a selling point for many dealerships. I’m super glad that we don’t charge for it you know, we use it as a selling point like all the all of our all of our all of our sales bikes have nitrogen in Him Who cares? It doesn’t matter. Now, if you’re going to be racing nitrogen because you’re going to have a more stable tire pressure difference at heat differentials.

Roy Merritt 1:19:42
That’s it Yeah, you know, it’s funny. I’ve had customers they’re like sue you know, how much does it cost put nitrogen in my tires and I’m like, just tell tell them 50 bucks well yeah 3995 they’re like so is it worth it?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
Okay, yeah

Roy Merritt 1:19:59
right but I don’t just like flat out be like oh, yeah, it’s to be nice.

Yeah, I’m like Look man, if it’s something that you feel like did you know you want absolutely Hey, but

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10
you you feel like giving me $40 so give me the $40

Roy Merritt 1:20:14
I you know I have a hard time not spending people’s money but at the same time man I can’t I have a hard time So anyways, we’ll keep moving. So you know we talked about you know the bikes tire pressure brake pads keep your bike on a fucking battery tender I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Aaron Staudinger 1:20:35
Yeah, keep your fucking bike ride every fucking day just keep your bike on a fucking battery tender man it’s not that hard to terrific technician sitting here telling me some items on guys bikes they should not involve regularly

Roy Merritt 1:20:51
well, you know you’re talking that depends on the for your own safety. Yeah. To be honest with you with a real bike if you haven’t served properly by people that are doing their job, a modern motorcycle, you should not have to not invoke stuff just oh yeah racing that’s different. That’s how I um, you know for them 99% of the bikes on the road, especially modern motorcycles. If you are having I don’t care if it’s a Harley Honda Yamaha I’m going to assume that all manufacturers have decent technicians in their dealerships. If you are having that bike regularly maintained in the dealership following the manufacturers service intervals there’s no reason for you to put a wrench on your bike. That’s the way I look at it if you have 79 fucking Iron Head that you bought from a friend they tried to make a chopper and it didn’t work out and they got the you know the hard tail welded on but Springer they bought was shit so you bought it and put you know inverted forks on it because you wanted to be cool. And now you want this you know thing running properly and all that that it’s it’s a different ball game. You know, to a backpack full of fucking tools. And every goddamn 50 miles you’re gonna be working on that fucking but you know what?

Mike VO 1:22:16
Here’s what you need a regular maintain

Roy Merritt 1:22:19
tire pressure. Yeah, absolutely. Most important thing. Just tire pressure. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
I never checked mine. Yeah, no, I don’t.

Mike VO 1:22:27
Yeah, I did. You know what? When I check my tire pressure, I’m like, Damn, this thing feels heavy when I turned it Well, yeah. Oh, shit. I only have eight pounds of shit and my tires cup. Yeah.

That’s I’m horrible. I and you know what? I do this every day all day. And every day. I’m like,

Roy Merritt 1:22:43
this was I just don’t like it. And it’s just awesome truck and the guy was a mechanic. Check your boy. Yeah, no, no, no, no, you don’t want that. Don’t know. The guy was a truck mechanic. Trust me. Dude. The last thing you wanted to fucking work on was Don’t run. Don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
I get it. But I’ll tell you. I’ll

Mike VO 1:23:01
tell you what I do. Check. All the time.

Roy Merritt 1:23:04
Oil. Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Mike VO 1:23:06
Yes. I just pulled the dipstick and it doesn’t need to be on the top. It doesn’t need to be on the bottom. If I pull my dipstick and you don’t you want to do it. Like run the bike or car or any vehicle. Yeah, run it, shut it off. Wait about three minutes. Pull the dipstick, wipe it off, put it back into wherever the specification because sometimes the specification is screwed all the way down. Sometimes it’s just plug it in sometimes it’s on the stand,

Aaron Staudinger 1:23:39

Mike VO 1:23:40
Yes. Straight up off the stand, you know, whatever.

Whatever your manual specification is. If it’s on the dipstick,

Aaron Staudinger 1:23:51
you’re okay. Got pressure.

Roy Merritt 1:23:52
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:55
You know,

Mike VO 1:23:56
just people. People get worried about that. And, and then one thing people don’t realize they think that your, their, their machine is going to blow up. If there’s a drop of oil on the ground. Well, if you get a teaspoon of oil, super hot and put it on the on the ground, it’s gonna be like a six inch circle. Yeah. You know, a teaspoon. Yeah. So you really, when you’re looking at safety if you’re if you’re like, I’ve got an oil leak. What do you mean you have an oil leak? Like the side of your oil you’ve side of your motorcycle is covered in oil and your tires wet. And your brakes don’t work. Kind of oil leak?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:37
No. Yeah, no, I found a drop. Oh, no, there’s there’s

Mike VO 1:24:41
some splatter on my exhaust. You need to come pick my bike up. No, we don’t write it down here. And and while it’s hot. I can just I can discover the oily it’s almost it’s so hard to find oil leaks when when the machines are cold. Yeah. Because most of

Roy Merritt 1:25:02
that guy that’s like oh man had an oily but I fucking spent three hours cleaning it off. Yeah, well, thanks, dude now here but we clean it and won’t help me. Yeah, exactly. It’s like Dude, well, you fucking clean you. And you know you get those guys that ride for 30 minutes. You clean for three and a half hours, man. You know, they’re out there. It had heard that. Yeah, there. That’s not me. Well, again, let’s try to steer back on to some safety stuff here. Cyrus copes gyroscope do do. We’re going to touch on some stuff here. And I’m going to try to burn through some topics here pretty quick. Because I have a feeling that a couple of them are going to lag. One of the first technologies we’re going to talk about and right now what we’re talking about really is CPE technology. Wait, hold on, hold on. Okay, airbags,

Mike VO 1:25:51
this is where we need to start. Good job. So what if we do this? What if we made a different episode? about technology ology and

technology? So

Roy Merritt 1:26:03
we save this Save to save what we got here for? Yeah, man. Yeah. Okay. Make him hunger for I mean, so so so we’re talking rider safety and vehicle. Safety to the most part is now we’re talking about here. Yeah, I’m done with that. I mean, we do covered on we’ve covered some serious. We talked mostly about

Mike VO 1:26:24
technique and stuff today. And you know, I mean, the future is all pretty amazing. Dude. I have some really cool. You’ve seen the helmets with the airbags in them.

Roy Merritt 1:26:33
Oh, dude, I have it all your neck restraints with little things. I’m gonna

leave a teaser here and I’m gonna leave a teaser here for our listeners. And for you guys. gyroscopes know. Jarvis, Jr. Oh, yeah. Jarvis. Jarvis. Yeah. Okay, and I thought only

Mike VO 1:26:49
get pilots that heads up. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:26:51
now we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about this for a second because I have some paper here. Okay. All right, here we go. Jarvis. It’s like Jarvis. You know? Everybody knows who fucking Jarvis is. But with an H. Now, Jarvis has these two like revolutionary helmets. I’m going to talk about the greater one because I don’t know exactly what the lesser remember doesn’t.

Mike VO 1:27:21
Like 90 seconds ago, we were making this a new episode.

Roy Merritt 1:27:24
Yeah, I know. But no, this is the teaser for the actually

Jarvis they started as a Kickstarter. You’re going into

Mike VO 1:27:33
the episode. I’m not.

Roy Merritt 1:27:35
Now there.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:38
There’s the

Roy Merritt 1:27:39
teaser always. I’m going to I’m going to use two words here. augmented reality. Sweet. Yeah, okay. augmented reality. Now I’m gonna blow your mind a little bit more Pokemon when you’re right. They started a fucking Kickstarter to get this going. They were trying to raise $50,000. Okay, they had a working prototype or whatever. Supposedly. The augmented reality helmet with front and rear camera and liberty blab. Live replay. on Kickstarter was 899.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
Okay, that’s fucking cheap.

Roy Merritt 1:28:17
Okay, how much did they raised? Last I checked yesterday. 422,800. Wow. or dollars didn’t end that they raised for? Yeah. It was funny, because I had for 20 OA on Kickstarter, but when I went on their website, they said for 22. But anyways, out of 50,420 $2,000. So now they’re pre sailing them, they’re still not production. So they’re pre sailing. And I believe it was like summer, if I remember correctly, that ship dates where they’re pre selling them for 1099. But they’re saying after the campaign or presale campaigns are going to be 1599. I am really interested in buying one of these helmets, man, I’m not gonna lie.

Mike VO 1:29:08
Okay, so why don’t we do this?

Let’s have another episode in the future. That goes into Jarvis gyroscopes. Oh, I have it all here. And

Roy Merritt 1:29:22
let’s get some cops to call in. You know what we should do? We should do something that’s never been done before. Let’s do an episode in the past.

Just saying they’re all going to be in the future, hopefully.

Aaron Staudinger 1:29:42
But yeah, we were going to do a past episode. We’re going to try and recreate what we were supposed to record last time. But I’m not sure what.

Mike VO 1:29:48
Yeah, we’re gonna we’re just gonna turn that into something. Yeah, that’s gonna be a topic.

Brian Leroy. Roy. That was it. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:30:00
Robert candy. Yeah, Robert. I’m actually yeah, we are not Oh, do the worst part about the worst part about this is you missed all this conversation. And he was ripping on us pretty good.

Aaron Staudinger 1:30:12
Yeah, he was. Yeah, he was actually on Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:16
And your mom and his grandparents who are only listeners, you know, aunties, aunties. That’s what it was. It was on tease. Oh, yeah. I think it was talking to my

Unknown Speaker 1:30:25
dog. Yeah, he’s

Roy Merritt 1:30:26
got like, all Yeah, he was ripping on us. So and we appreciate that, you know, that’s what it’s all about. So, I’m gonna, you know, I think we’ve decided that looks like we’ve covered a hell of a lot of time here. You know, I’m going to remind everybody, we have a phone numbers 304-602-7227. It’s also 3046 and zero Brad. On Instagram talking rap on Facebook at talking rap. Twitter, Twitter at Brett talking, Kevin. And follow hashtag talking brat, man. We’re always posting stuff and doing crazy stuff.

Mike VO 1:31:12
I do a lot of engine builds on.

Roy Merritt 1:31:13
Yeah, yeah, we do.

We do a lot of Milwaukee stuff. So we’re we’re pushing the envelope. Give us a call, man. Leave us a crazy message. Tell us what you think we should talk about. Tell us who we should talk to give us suggestions. We want to hear from you. Want to you know, we want to want your feedback if you hate us, leave it the fuck alone. We want to hear from you. I do. I love haters are haters love you love us. Give us a call. If you want to be a groupie. I can give you my personal number. However, it works out. We could do this. So yeah, let’s take us out here Mike. What are we listening to?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:55
We’re all where we were listening to

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
Who’s this?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:02
God dammit Yeah.

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