Motorcycle Firsts

We attempt again to talk about notable motorcycles firsts. Like the first motorcycle, the first production motorcycle, the first turbo motorcycle and more.  We also create a new game and get way off track.


Jamie Lima 0:00
my favorite thing about podcasts when they start and then they fuck off for like 10 minutes before they get to the conversation

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hey well

Roy Merritt 0:08
guess what hey like a good time to start the intro

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yeah this can be your favorite


because that’s all we left off for

about the whole thing

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once again it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind or maybe it’s delete your mind either way i think these boys have some of the same so sit back grab a broom we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view here on Talkin Braap

Unknown Speaker 1:10
know you’re a hooker

Unknown Speaker 1:18
welcome back

Unknown Speaker 1:19
Talkin Braap season three episode two but almost can see take two but

Shane Langdon 1:26
yeah one and a half maybe what

Roy Merritt 1:28
yeah okay season three episode to

Unknown Speaker 1:32
hear nothing

Roy Merritt 1:34
no snare in my headphone so we we started our last episode in the volume a little bit of trouble and we ended up failing and doing our own thing which we do a lot anyways so we started off trying to do what i had the idea was motorcycle first and that starts with the first motorcycle obviously so i did a little research and of course who else but godley i’m learning opps up as the first patented motorcycle

Unknown Speaker 2:12
didn’t start off our willie’s riding it

Roy Merritt 2:14
not exactly but it was there it did overheat

Unknown Speaker 2:19
like riding a bomb

Roy Merritt 2:20
with the looks like it i mean it from the pictures which again if you’re listening go online Talkin all of our episodes have links you can steal like i mean there’s nowhere else sitting in that big brass looking leather saddle yeah whatever the heck that thing is

Unknown Speaker 2:43
as the whole of

Roy Merritt 2:44
the steering steering jamie because he is really wicked it’s like s curved up and moves all weird this is like woodley sherman when

Unknown Speaker 2:58
you expect and share the story goes you can just come straight up and out like nine now if you look

Roy Merritt 3:08
it has like training wheels if you will

Unknown Speaker 3:11
sweet but because

Roy Merritt 3:14
as i was researching this that maybach and daimler were starting to build engines and they were one of the first people to really start doing it so they started off in engines were turning like two 300 rpm and very little power so one no this was 1985 1885 was when the 85 yeah so it’s pretty old but so they had gotten they had kept building these motors so they could turn more and more rpm and i think this around this time if i read correctly it was somewhere in the six or 700 rpm range is what this motor turned it somehow that i guess they their whole idea was to make a motor small enough and powerful enough to make some kind of a vehicle you know so i guess logically the first thing you’re going to do is put it on a bicycle and see if it’ll go around so

Unknown Speaker 4:11
it’s a motor like

Jamie Lima 4:12
the motor at the fair when they’re making the popcorn

Roy Merritt 4:17
yeah well it was obviously just 264 cc air cooled four stroke engine that made point five horsepower

Jamie Lima 4:26
right yeah so back then if you’re on a horse you were doing better yeah

Roy Merritt 4:31
okay and it is fun to make sure i spelled better

Jamie Lima 4:35
and you didn’t die when you wrote it okay

Roy Merritt 4:38
so they made they only made a couple of these they were done as a proof of concept if you will not even a term then and they never i’m learned never ever made another motorcycle again he went to four sizes everything

Unknown Speaker 4:55
that then was made in a shed right

Unknown Speaker 4:57
yeah yeah

Unknown Speaker 4:57
yeah yeah

Roy Merritt 4:58
there wasn’t like they had a big

Jamie Lima 5:00
well cities were different back then as well i mean it was just a different yeah

Unknown Speaker 5:04
time aid in a shed cast down party and

Unknown Speaker 5:08
all that

Unknown Speaker 5:09

Roy Merritt 5:11
so you know there’s some interesting stuff here so it was it they drove it from one city to another and i think it was this road it and it overheated and had nothing very problem how do we go to bike number two so you will see you will see if you have the around the world and they are all reflect on a lot more horsepower the originals all burned in a fire and like 1903 years old at that time

Unknown Speaker 5:48
we moved to the next america

Unknown Speaker 5:49
in 1885 dave rudabeh which was a member of philly kids gang was the captain

Roy Merritt 5:56
nice so you know

Unknown Speaker 6:01
while dinela was milled and building motorcycles yeah yeah well he was saying members were being decapitated oh they were here in america give me a link we want reliable

Jamie Lima 6:12
transportation when did fn build the first their first motorcycle fn fn

Roy Merritt 6:18
so the next my next step on this logic was the first production motorcycle

Unknown Speaker 6:30

Shane Langdon 6:36
the slowest grab ever

Jamie Lima 6:39
grab ever not sure

Unknown Speaker 6:41
join over there you know what you know you those

Jamie Lima 6:44
pressing buttons slotted by magic seeking man was brighter closer that that’s why we have all this email spam now i can’t get my email anymore

Shane Langdon 7:01
ask me for money

Unknown Speaker 7:03
on grindr account pops up

Unknown Speaker 7:04
motorcycles and

Jamie Lima 7:06
documents back please send us 10 grand every

Unknown Speaker 7:08
time i type in motorcycles it chills me stumped port

Roy Merritt 7:13
thought i was already here

Jamie Lima 7:18
getting while you were there don’t and steven now

Unknown Speaker 7:21
you know competing bullshit right it’s all run by the black hats

Jamie Lima 7:26
yeah so motorcycle number two

Roy Merritt 7:30
brand and wolf mujer mueller was the first actual production motorcycle in

Unknown Speaker 7:39
1896 what happened in america

Roy Merritt 7:47
the first the first production motorcycle in the us was the orient asner built by charles metz in 1898 in his factory in waltham massachusetts

Unknown Speaker 7:58
and how to improve improve

Roy Merritt 8:02
so i’m going to let you know how obscure an orient aster is it’s not even a hyperlink on wikipedia where you can find out more information

Unknown Speaker 8:13
in america in 1896 butch cassidy elsie lane harvey kitt curry logan rob the bank in montpelier idaho

Unknown Speaker 8:21

Roy Merritt 8:24
so you said first fn motorcycle

Unknown Speaker 8:27

Unknown Speaker 8:32
america was way cooler than germany in 1996 and pretty much every year

Roy Merritt 8:38
1901 to 1967 was fn f3 red ribbon 133 cc single cylinder in 1904 went to a 300 cc single cylinder as a shaft driven nothing

Jamie Lima 8:56
interesting it was also the first production in line four

Roy Merritt 9:00
so that’s there’s a good first that’s probably the first shaft driven because

Jamie Lima 9:06
pretty much every japanese brand running right now in the industry

Unknown Speaker 9:10
is what they’re running

Jamie Lima 9:11
no in line

Roy Merritt 9:12
four oh in line four

Jamie Lima 9:13
oh yeah and fn was the first company to bring it to market in a motorcycle now they weren’t sideways like they are now they were you know turns 90 degrees so they ran from seat to stem in a line but you know that is what’s been adopted now in your inline fours compared to the between market and they were doing that alone time ago

Roy Merritt 9:36
so one of the other things that you know comes to mind when i was looking this stuff up was like first the first moto shock motorcycle because you know in the in the 80s or 90s when was it that pay 71 are a little bit earlier 71 7071 and race 7475 in production was the first dirt bike with monoshock wasn’t it Yamaha yz 490 y z 250 Yeah. So, what’s this? Oh, is that the FN? Okay.

Jamie Lima 10:09
Oh yeah, and line four.

Roy Merritt 10:10
Yeah, that’s a pretty little motor there. 131 cc’s are gonna say that might be one of the earliest ones because that’s

Unknown Speaker 10:17
gonna bring you a book someday. It’s a book called where they raised. Yeah. And it’s, I got it when I was back in Southern California. And this is,

Unknown Speaker 10:27
this part is like, it’s just like, and then silence. Really? No, I can lift it up. It’s a

Unknown Speaker 10:35
ghost writer in Southern California where they built these big ass tracks. You gotta put your mouth on it. And they would have miles. mile long board tracks.

Unknown Speaker 10:45
There you go. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
setup. Yeah, like Maybelline Brentwood. Like now which are like Hollywood area. It was like farmland back then. And they would race these bikes back then. And these guys were absolutely frickin nuts. Yeah, like 40 degree 45 degree banking board tracks.

Unknown Speaker 11:01
Everyone was nice before the leftist took over. So

Roy Merritt 11:04
the there’s a there’s a British guy that used to race I can’t think of his name right now. He’s an ex racer. And he’s a football

Unknown Speaker 11:13
helmets on until

Roy Merritt 11:14
the leftist took over and he tried to set there were I don’t know if he did but he tried to set the world record for like the fastest wallet death. And he built one that was like, twice the size. The size. Yeah. And he got it and like, was about to like pass out at point.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
Yeah, I was gonna say, like, sigma g forces or something. I almost died on it. Yeah. Awesome. That’s right.

Shane Langdon 11:36
It’s awesome. So

Unknown Speaker 11:41
as you know, liberal

Shane Langdon 11:45
as you

Roy Merritt 11:46
go back, looking into moto shock, motorcycles, there was actually a bunch of them in like the 30s shit. Well,

Unknown Speaker 11:56
I think Maiko and Italian outfit was really, really big in Yeah, there’s

Roy Merritt 12:01
so the with your stuff. Yeah. Where they had like, technical monoshock Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:06
seems it seems like it was Maiko that was like, Oh, you’re

Unknown Speaker 12:12

Unknown Speaker 12:14
We’re here after hours.

Roy Merritt 12:15
Yeah. Should have

Unknown Speaker 12:17
should like that’s gonna happen. Um,

Unknown Speaker 12:19

Roy Merritt 12:19
You know.

Unknown Speaker 12:23
makes it not record.

Roy Merritt 12:24
So first turbo motorcycles popped into mind because I’ve always wanted I’ve had a turbo car. I’ve always wanted to like I don’t want to say ride a turbo motorcycle. But I want to like have one to ride for longer than a couple out. You know what I mean? Like something I can beat on?

Unknown Speaker 12:47
crickets? Because I want to know

Unknown Speaker 12:51
when you make your next joke, you play that there was

Roy Merritt 12:56
there was turbo motorcycles made for racing and things earlier but the 82 cX 500. Turbo Honda is the first considered production mass produced turbo motorcycle. And I met the thing got it dude a 500 cc with a turbo on

Unknown Speaker 13:16
it. We were watching what was that beat router saying that we’re watching yesterday and that new Kawasaki

Shane Langdon 13:24
that is the new naked galley came out. But there’s like two parties got one. I guess there’s one. Yeah, they’re all super dark like a big cylinder.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
It was an h2 on the dyno here last year. radish. Oh my god.

Roy Merritt 13:46
It sounded amazing inside the shop and I was working on I was like, What the fuck is on the dyno out there? Yeah. And by the time I got to go look, I didn’t you know, there was nothing going on.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
In the audience. Good. That

Unknown Speaker 14:12
sounds pretty good. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 14:15
Jamie, oh, seven, seven.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Apples out loves it.

Unknown Speaker 14:21
I thought he left. He did. Oh, he’s

Unknown Speaker 14:25

Unknown Speaker 14:29
That’s not a button.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
I thought it was in the shop.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
Oh, no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
I love it a

Unknown Speaker 14:53
whole new level.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
We’ve had the sound effects the whole time and we had no idea he was holding out on us. Yeah. That’s about I just sat next to the board to make sure that read but awesome.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Job done.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Are you sure that thing didn’t start on fire that

Roy Merritt 15:08
one of them did I remember her son was the first rider. Yeah, I thought we talked about last letter. This is what tower This is 15 feet back you need to know about the first motorcycle as

Unknown Speaker 15:20
far as

Unknown Speaker 15:22
I know. I’ve made it to seven already. So

Unknown Speaker 15:32
he does not know.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
These buttons do he’s just hidden. And he’s

Unknown Speaker 15:37
knocking it out of the park.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
Now, now

Roy Merritt 15:44
here, I’ve never heard this before. This is number three that Daimler is the father of

Unknown Speaker 15:51
number seven.

Roy Merritt 15:52
I’m confused. So we’ve already talked about all the other. I covered it all we did. Okay, that’s what the right wagon in German means writing leg.

Shane Langdon 16:01
I didn’t talk about that. Is it the third? Right.

Roy Merritt 16:18
So there was a good list here as well. So like the first motorcycle to hit 100 miles an hour,

Unknown Speaker 16:27
you know what’s really funny? I’m sorry. Sorry to bring it up. Jamie hates our podcasts. I know. He gets on. He’s like you can just see his like, his CDs like

Unknown Speaker 16:40
stay on topic. What’s the next

Unknown Speaker 16:49
one? We need to research it? We’re gonna be late on the podcast. I have to research.

Shane Langdon 16:54
I don’t research these like, look like Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 17:02
So the first motorcycle hit 100 miles an hour production is the bro superior SS bro.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
The bro superior.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
Isn’t that how you say it, bro?

Unknown Speaker 17:11
I don’t know. R o. r Oh, pretty sure it takes that.

Roy Merritt 17:18
And this was in 1925. It was made from 25 to 40. So 1925 100 miles an hour was pretty fast shit,

Unknown Speaker 17:27

Roy Merritt 17:28
Like the roads, there was probably nowhere to ride 100 miles an hour. You know

Unknown Speaker 17:33
what a beer. We’ll get one.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Back in the day Didn’t they call that? When you had a motorcycle? They call it breaking the ton. And then in England, they had what they call the tun up club. There’s some cafe somewhere in this kind of the term where cafe racing came from was a bunch of guys that were torn up club. They call it

Unknown Speaker 17:57
cafe racing was in was in Spain.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
England. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 18:03
I forgot the name of this cafe but it’s still open Ace cafe. You got it? That’s the one Ace cafe still does. We eyes old cafe bikes and I’m pretty sure they called the tunnel club like it’s old downtown style bikes that go 100 miles an hour.

Shane Langdon 18:17
We did the alley. I’ll probably had we had a selfie club is what they call it. Yeah. Made it from Alice’s read from foreigners. Alice’s Restaurant and back. And under so many minutes. We were averaging over 100 miles an hour. Huck. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:33

Unknown Speaker 18:35
that’s fun.

Roy Merritt 18:38
So a little update for the listeners that don’t know about the new motor off of the rev limiter for a little too long and too many times

Unknown Speaker 18:49
it’s not an add three anymore. thing up so you can hang out with big duck.

Roy Merritt 18:55
I was in 120 plus in fourth gear when I hit there was a sport play. I wanted to get

Unknown Speaker 19:01
video or didn’t happen.

Shane Langdon 19:05
I’ll give you that I hit on the fourth and when I hit fifth

Unknown Speaker 19:16
you broke.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Shane Langdon 19:20
Both the best part was you still cried was the price. Yeah. Like you’re like oh yeah, I blew up ahead gas No, my sporting like those based on the sport bike on the freeway.

Roy Merritt 19:38
I was like hell yeah. But yeah. So I got a little engine work to do and it

Unknown Speaker 19:44
you know what’s weird and better only really eight o’clock. Let’s just fucking see while they’re in there

Unknown Speaker 20:04
See you’re in there as much shit done.

Roy Merritt 20:07
So it’s, you know, we we go to first ring

Unknown Speaker 20:10
until he picks it up.

Roy Merritt 20:12
The other big bike big name old school bike is the vincit Black Lightning, which was 150 miles an hour 9049 now to give

Shane Langdon 20:21

Unknown Speaker 20:23
we can get his own gotcha. It

Roy Merritt 20:29
was 110 miles an hour. So they went from a bike that you know, the record before that was 110 miles an hour. They’re like fuck you. Here’s 150 50 join one. There’s some others afterwards that were slower. Actually the the vincit Black Lightning. See, that was 1949 to 1950 to

Unknown Speaker 20:54
ever watch Top Gear. Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 20:56
It’s 1984 before production motorcycle does 150 miles an hour. Wow.

Shane Langdon 21:02
Who is that? Honda Vf 1000

Unknown Speaker 21:07
single swing arm by grid.

Shane Langdon 21:11

Unknown Speaker 21:13
they Mars bikes. 40.

Roy Merritt 21:20
VFR platform is a really cool bike. Was was is whatever I saw one today it had poor pat on the back of it. I was test riding a bike. I saw it coming

Unknown Speaker 21:34
up, you know, I

Roy Merritt 21:34
was like, VFR, I was gonna like be a cool bike. You know, it’s a pipe. He’s got a big escort back on the back and I was like, and

Unknown Speaker 21:43
I’m the guy that wants to put our bags on his Sportster

Roy Merritt 21:46
puts out a backbone. They’re like,

Unknown Speaker 21:48
you need to get that Road Glide bearing that that one has.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
bearing on screen.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Have you seen the rods? What the What are the T split rod glides? That’ll

Unknown Speaker 22:00
work? Let’s put I want to Sportback.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
The glide rods because they What are they? Are they? They had those Road Glide bearings? You could put on zero? rod? rod rod rod rod. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 22:11
we built the people in my shop that one before I worked. Well,

Unknown Speaker 22:15
we had a customer that had one that I mean, he wrote the shit out of it, but every time he saw it, you’re like, fuck. No.

Roy Merritt 22:23
You do it is is actually a pretty awesome. And we were pretty sure that we were gonna see that bike. Well, I think we still will, that that motor

Unknown Speaker 22:39
can only survive with

Roy Merritt 22:39
air cooled motors so long. Yeah, but but it won’t be that motor, you know?

Unknown Speaker 22:44
Well, that’s the platform that’s in the 1215 the pan America 50 is nice. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:49
yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 22:50
a whole different

Shane Langdon 22:51
timing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
It’s a revolution motor motor. Yeah. I mean, they didn’t read. They didn’t call it something else. It’s the revolution motor. Even better than

Roy Merritt 23:02
even more than it was for hockey. And we derived one of those. If we did, he had a lot of good things to say. I’ve never heard john say anything good about a Harley. He was.

Unknown Speaker 23:13
Yeah. Ever he was losing all I’ve ever heard john say anything good about anything.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
It’s up to you to

Roy Merritt 23:20
know, except about too expensive. Camaro is a small block Chevy’s they’re all awesome. ls platform stuff. platform. Awesome. Anything else? Anything, Chevy, anything? Well, his whatever he owns, is good shit. Yeah. But yeah, he called him out minibus I was like, well, it must be good. Because I’ve never heard john say anything good about a fucking Harley before so.

Unknown Speaker 23:48

Unknown Speaker 23:50
I love his presentation.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
No one wanted Shut up.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
Like, you know, you walk over there. They’re like, nope, nope, nope. You’re gonna go ride the Ducati and they did that for a reason.

Roy Merritt 24:01
Which sounds like they, you know? Yeah, the story was 22 people. So for the listeners that don’t know what’s going on. Harley’s go into certain areas of the country and inviting people from the dealerships into ride deep in America. So we sent a couple of people from our dealership over there. They showed up expecting to ride in America. What they rode was a Ducati. KTM a KTM and a BMW. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 24:36
All they’re gonna have the sport

Unknown Speaker 24:36
better. And for those of you that don’t know the pan America is Harley’s new adventure touring bike.

Roy Merritt 24:43
Yeah, this is their direct competitors, which everybody says Harley can’t compete with. So john who says rides, adventure touring. He has done A

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Yamaha f 909 or so whatever, that’s

Roy Merritt 25:05
got something but it’s not an adventure tour, but it’s something similar, but he is in touring groups. And this guy’s like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 25:14
well I’m engineering over here

Roy Merritt 25:21
but yeah, he’s working to that. He’s got it. I

Unknown Speaker 25:22
got it now. I’m all good now uncomfortable. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 25:26
but kambakhsh

Roy Merritt 25:28
wrote all these other bikes because it doesn’t matter what class what group you’re talking about. As you’re right, right, different manufacturers in the same group of something trucks or sedans or whatever, there’s going to be differences. And so that was the idea behind writing each of the bikes because you’re the KTM I’m gonna say right off the bat I think he said it was KTM gonna be a top and you know racer? Yeah, you know that’s how they like to ride the Ducati is going to have a ton of torque. There are you know, Ducati usually have a lot of fun, right? It’s gonna be noisy.

Shane Langdon 26:04
But it’s black. Oh, it’s black.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Which I have the

Unknown Speaker 26:11
pitar or the Ducati. What would you rather have? It’s down to 50 the pitar or the Ducati? What would you rather give up? Do you have to give up one

Unknown Speaker 26:19
well, you already gave up the Ducati?

Roy Merritt 26:23
Yeah, he already gave us his brother’s ride

Unknown Speaker 26:25

Unknown Speaker 26:28
Oprah chase

Unknown Speaker 26:31
knows Oprah

Unknown Speaker 26:40
f f marry kill the lowrider s the Ducati or the PD gotta fuck one Mary won’t kill one

Unknown Speaker 26:53
Kill Kill the little writer so we already did

Unknown Speaker 27:08
a whole new game motorcycle

Unknown Speaker 27:09
fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Yeah, so yeah, for the listeners

Roy Merritt 27:15
said he had a pretty sick bow rider. softail Low Rider as me. Sorry. I meant to say me Low Rider esque that he

Unknown Speaker 27:25
got right. Oh. away.

Roy Merritt 27:27
And Mike was bribed with a when it happened but yeah, had an incident on the highway and told us by I mean somebody’s trying to kill him.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
It was attempted murder surfing

Shane Langdon 27:36
by like at being pushed by the

Roy Merritt 27:40
so there was a road rage incident. And yeah, guys,

Unknown Speaker 27:46
we can’t hear you don’t have a microphone.

Unknown Speaker 27:48
Get in here man.

Roy Merritt 27:52
Not gonna do it. Bad

Unknown Speaker 28:00

Unknown Speaker 28:01
happening right now.

Roy Merritt 28:02
It is happening.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
So continue the story.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
So is he done for the night?

Roy Merritt 28:10
In which one

Unknown Speaker 28:12
said he’s accident. Well, that

Roy Merritt 28:13
was pretty much the you know. Yeah, I don’t want to get

Unknown Speaker 28:18
back. Like I said,

Unknown Speaker 28:20
is that a motorcycle?

Shane Langdon 28:23
No Ram. No.

Unknown Speaker 28:24
We got to ended the podcast as well. We

Roy Merritt 28:27
went through some stuff. And we got derailed. Lavie always

Unknown Speaker 28:31
was the most fun,

Shane Langdon 28:32
but we’re back to motorcycle first. Where’s the first time that he said anything good about a Harley.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Motorcycle first.

Roy Merritt 28:39
What was your first take? Because I think we’ve talked about our first motorcycles. What was your first my

Shane Langdon 28:43
first motorcycle was the band. A band it is again? air cooled. Motor? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:50

Roy Merritt 28:53
Yeah. I think all bikes are fun if you want them to be, you know what I mean? Like, if if you’re if you just go no bike fun, you know, if you want to go out and beat the hell out of it.

Shane Langdon 29:04
Just do what? Or twice.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
First, like, like,

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Rob, Rob Robert.

Shane Langdon 29:16
Around, but I want to hear what he said about that. A new Harley versus he wrote a KTM. He wrote all these What else? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 29:27
I would assume you were talking about BMW was probably the smoothest. You know what I mean of the three. BMW is pretty, pretty new to you in a balanced power and all of that, Jordan, but from what I understand, because I had a friend that owned one there. They’re very heavy. They’re there a lot. And he was hardly Yeah, he said he bought it. It came into the dealership and he was like, he lived on a dirt road shed. He’s like, I love this thing. I want It so we bought it. And he’s like, Man, it’s a lot of fun. And then he put like 3070 whatever tires on it and he’s, I guess, killed it on the highway. Yeah. After that he’s like he can’t ride on the highway. And

Unknown Speaker 30:14

Unknown Speaker 30:19
talked to Mr. Graham today. And Anthony Graham has that really nice Road Glide? Yeah. That we built for him. Kraus setup built motor. He spent after knee surgery, a little bit of time because of the weight on his BMW. And he said to me today I miss I miss riding my Road Glide. Yeah, that bike is so much fun. Yeah, it’s way more fun on that bike.

Shane Langdon 30:42
Well, Harley river, according to john,

Unknown Speaker 30:46
yeah, tore it up. Yeah. He said, it was 139 miles an hour.

Roy Merritt 30:51
He said you were really limited. I don’t know how he I don’t know how that works. Because I thought they were all like 110 that was a thing with Harley, every bike 110.

Shane Langdon 31:02
Maybe they don’t have the loader on there.

Roy Merritt 31:03
I don’t know. He said it did 139 miles an hour. He said it would wheelies that he did. Everything said nimble. I was

Unknown Speaker 31:13
so you should

Roy Merritt 31:15
standard He said it was a little too tall. Right? Or a little too short. Oh, he said I think what he said too high C was too close to the peg on the on their standard what he said. And so they moved him over to another one where the pegs were moved down and the seat was moved up a little bit. He was perfect. He said he was it was exactly.

Unknown Speaker 31:34
Yeah, you can just see Well, the special

Roy Merritt 31:36
muscle you can adjust it has the right height adjustment automatic right adjustment. So as you look to stop and then as you go, also supposed

Shane Langdon 31:46
to read the passenger rider and plate of the motorcycle.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
Why come? You have no debt? scannable

Unknown Speaker 31:58
I guess. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 32:03
So variable valve timing.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
VVT. Actually, probably closer to the Coyote motor for Ford uses

Roy Merritt 32:09
oil pressure. Yeah. Yeah, I think the V tech and like the Honda was electric was Yeah, like solenoid controlled. I think oil pressure.

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Yeah. And then the Coyote. The Fords pressure? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
I had an sg 1000 I had that. Yeah, it was crazy. You’d hit? Was it four grand four. Yeah, those four grand thing would go by

Unknown Speaker 32:30
and take off like a dirt

Unknown Speaker 32:31
bike. Wow.

Roy Merritt 32:33
So when I was in high school and the 90 like the graduated 97 so by then the V tech was out. And Honda’s were already cool before the V deck hit. You know what I mean? At that time? Because they were cheap.

Unknown Speaker 32:46
Yeah, they were say

Roy Merritt 32:48
down there. Oh, dude, I used to I yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 32:53
would not have hung out in high school.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
I had a car I would have pulled

Unknown Speaker 32:59
up next year. text here is a little Prelude in my 67 coordinate pulled up from Reagan.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
And I drive an escort.

Roy Merritt 33:20
First buddy that had a V tech that we threw should have taken exhaust on anything. You hear the motor, you know? And there was three lobes or whatever you want to call it to those. So you would hit it was Bo Did you hit the Segway? Whoa. And it was like you could feel it. You could hear it. It was like

Shane Langdon 33:41
what the fuck this is?

Unknown Speaker 33:43
And then you’re going 70

Unknown Speaker 33:44

Unknown Speaker 33:46
But the coyote Oh, man, you can get tuning it’s a pretty diverse back in the day, like computer control. You can make it lopid idle and do all kinds of crazy stuff in tuning. It’s really really cool. What they’re doing with that motor is going to be pretty insane.

Mike VO 34:01
Like Cody coyote is the hybrid motor dude. That’s like coyote motors, what’s in those f150 hybrid, and they make a cross plane version of that. I put in the what Gt 350 hybrid f 150 with the coyote hybrid motor. Yeah. As like a 10,000 pound towing capability. And it’s like 60 miles per gallon. Yeah. those motherfuckers new the new the new hybrid port has like a hybrid.

Roy Merritt 34:31
Yeah, cuz they cracked open the beers I’m gonna get one of them.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
I did that shit. So, alright, chain, f Marry, Kill.

Roy Merritt 34:50
f marry

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Sportster. Now you

Unknown Speaker 34:53
got to do you got to do f Oh

Unknown Speaker 34:57
yeah, we got to do like a lightning.

Unknown Speaker 35:00

Roy Merritt 35:02
it’s got to be like ride. destroyer ride.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
It’s gotta be ride with your buddies. Ride to work or ride off a cliff.

Unknown Speaker 35:15

Roy Merritt 35:19
Because we work with people I would ride ride, ride ride with your buddies ride alone, right off the plane.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
So it’s like the

Unknown Speaker 35:31
big chick moped kind of thing. Like, you know, you’re gonna have fun on it, but you know anybody say on it?

Roy Merritt 35:37
Hey, dude, I own around. I was proud. I was like, 15 I was the shit. I had a motorcycle.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
Alright, so we’ll make this stuff. Your Sportster

Unknown Speaker 35:54

Unknown Speaker 35:55
or if you’re brand new 2020 Road Glide with one of our 128 and a 492 setup with a big with a DND big bore. Right up. Come on now.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
It’s got to be like a beautiful, beautiful

Shane Langdon 36:14
light. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
ones that I see are tough to decide between as your Sportster and the new Road Glide. For the last time you acted like you were at Niagara Falls when you heard us mention the word mule?

Unknown Speaker 36:28
No. Specify Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:34
I’ve seen a blast and lightning

Unknown Speaker 36:37
like this little fucking turd bike that they use in like any training academy. Yeah, yeah. Only one cylinder.

Shane Langdon 36:44
Yeah. With an automatic Joe, you have to address those things like every file.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
It’s got like a belt drive and the rear pole. He’s like this level is designed to ride like 3000 Okay, we

Unknown Speaker 37:08
got that. Ta

Shane Langdon 37:12
Oh, yeah, the whole thing. Yeah. Y’all did a video where he cuz he was tired of like, he was trying to get the race market but he’s still at the blast. He was like this is hindering me. So he made a video online of them literally crushing a Buell blast into a square and there was like and he’s like, get your new boat acre or your tables like he made this whole video about the blast into the sport era. Oh, that’s funny. So you buy like 500 bucks brush if you want it? Yeah, conversation piece, I

Unknown Speaker 37:45
suppose. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 37:46
Have you stable?

Unknown Speaker 37:49
The same price running or as an order?

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Probably more.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
It’d be worth more.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
I still want to buy that one.

Unknown Speaker 38:01
Alright, so we know what you’re burnin. What do you want your buddies and what do you write in home?

Shane Langdon 38:08
I don’t know. I like what’s already been beat the bigger bike but that’s a good loan. Like I do the bagger with the buddies just because I know it would run harder

Unknown Speaker 38:18
and continue to run.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
Okay feeling of 40 miles a gallon.

Shane Langdon 38:25
Like, like Rangers in the back of a radio. No, I

Roy Merritt 38:30
mean, seriously though, me baggers are finally if you set one up rider friendly competition for sport EasyJet. Yeah, it is what it is now. Not so but 10 years old.

Shane Langdon 38:42
Build one it would be that that 130 kit that we did for Escobar that you know 160 horsepower 140 foot pounds of torque 20s up until about three grants so it’s useful on the bottom and you can get into a hard without spinning easy pushing. Yeah. Winds out and nothing’s gonna hurt the feeling is sivasspor by fleets on that thing. It’s good to just eat it in the quarter like the light Eight Mile

Unknown Speaker 39:09
mountain no problem. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:10
I’ve got one go for it. Aaron Yeah. Oh, here we go. off a cliff. Right alone right as your buddy okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:19

Unknown Speaker 39:21

Unknown Speaker 39:23
the pan America

Unknown Speaker 39:26

Unknown Speaker 39:28
one of our bagger.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
One on 130 like Escobar with cow suspension. The whole whole thing, man.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
That’s tough.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
So wait again,

Unknown Speaker 39:41
it’s right off a cliff right off a cliff

Unknown Speaker 39:42
right on your ride with your buddies.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Right, right off the cliff. electric bike.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
I’m sorry, cheese. I

Unknown Speaker 39:51
love that thing.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
But I’d ride on who’s gonna make

Shane Langdon 39:56
the 90 mile mark

Unknown Speaker 40:03
Yeah, I

Roy Merritt 40:04
don’t know man. I think I think our baggers 130 Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:07
I don’t know do you

Roy Merritt 40:09
ride with my buddies nice blockhead and them down in Florida did a race of the Harley 131 and one and they were about even and you know we can roll

Unknown Speaker 40:19
those guys come on, but I’m just saying

Roy Merritt 40:27
you might be able to feather out there or fuck up the 131 you really can’t fuck up that Livewire, you just full throttle. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 40:35
Yeah, I think those things are fun. They rip, they rip.

Roy Merritt 40:38
Yeah, they rip the writer air out of it. Well, it’s the sound is everything is just totally different. And

Unknown Speaker 40:46
I wrote a very, very short distance. But, man, when you crack the throttle on those things, the amount of control that you have, because it’s like immediate torque everywhere. You can get the bike tipped way over, and you just crack the throttle and you’re like walk and you’re popping out of the corner and you’re gone, you

Shane Langdon 41:04
won’t let the wheel spin at certain angles of the limit, or the rear wheel. It’s kind of like this BMW with 1000s for life, but so I’m kind of known

Unknown Speaker 41:13
around these parts for helping to build some of the baddest ass motors in the country, so I can’t really ride an electric around my buddies, so that’s out

Unknown Speaker 41:22
in America off the cliff,

Unknown Speaker 41:23
I would ride the pan America with my buddies, because chances are they’re gonna be down some country as backroads and doing some dumb shit and I don’t have to worry about the nice new paint on the 130 I would ride that 130 setup by myself or I wouldn’t have to have anybody in my way and I could act a complete jackass on that fair enough.

Roy Merritt 41:43
I do my hardest riding horse power

Unknown Speaker 41:45
and joy say

Unknown Speaker 41:56
I believe

Roy Merritt 41:59
the real writer that you are is the writer that you are when you’re by yourself

Unknown Speaker 42:05
right but he’s around that’s why I want to be on that 130 cuz I want to act like an asshole and not worry about somebody checking up in front of me.

Roy Merritt 42:12
I ride her way tamer when I’m around other people same here and I do want to love myself but I’m by myself. I really don’t give a fuck

Shane Langdon 42:20
Yes, rise on these new builds. See now

Unknown Speaker 42:27
Hey, man, we just been test rides. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 42:35
She was filling our

Unknown Speaker 42:38
ribbon panels cars and they’re like hitting the brakes and shit because they don’t cuz he’s

Shane Langdon 42:43
here hear each other. So we’re writing like 15 these like holeshot that car because we’re next to each other like that.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
Now that’s crazy.

Shane Langdon 42:50
Ah, oh, and then him like holeshot and he would go and then we were we’re gonna turn lane we need to go straight. That was that. Was that some Mopar? Yeah, like, like, cat or something? Yeah. Smoke that the lights are green in here spool up and spin the tires. That’s all we heard were pretty cool. It feels like you’re on speeder bike because it’s just that Yeah, you’re indoors and there’s a that’s cool.

Roy Merritt 43:16
If I was gonna have a Livewire I would definitely want to have to.

Shane Langdon 43:19
Yeah, you know,

Roy Merritt 43:20
or, or somebody that I wrote with a lot have one as well. Because Yeah, that the experience of losing that sound and kind of being more in touch with really gross retail. Yeah, is amazing. And the end

Unknown Speaker 43:33
handles like, it’s Yeah, great.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
It’s so much fun. It’s been how long year and a half or so has been

Shane Langdon 43:39
out. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 43:40
yeah. You still can’t find a bad review as to when he’s written one. No.

Unknown Speaker 43:44
Yes. So I don’t see him jumping off the floor.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
But one of them started on fire.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
at daytona Bike Week. Yeah. This year.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
Yeah. Yeah, the demo No, he had it was like at Ross Myers was just like spontaneously combusted. Hey, cool. Is that part of the show? They’re like no.

Shane Langdon 44:08
Fire Nikola Harley. Like come get these things. We don’t want to stop. It’s new and exciting. Yeah, it’s gone.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
It went to motorcycle heaven.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
Wow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
Yeah. So people like filming it and shit. Ross Myrick.

Shane Langdon 44:31
Yeah, put it out and get it out.

Roy Merritt 44:35
So from what I understand there was a fairly good turnout at bike B this year. It’s a

Unknown Speaker 44:39
fairly good turnout every year. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:41
But I mean, I heard this year was awesome. They were not anticipating the kind of crowd volume they got and they would ever run out of beer and all this kind of stuff that I heard about and it was crazy. And people were like, Oh, I’m bummed out.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
They left.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
Stupid about that about put it on his didn’t Sturgis. Almost the have like a record frickin turnout in the middle of COVID. So if you ran out of here and like weak, you’re just an idiot.

Unknown Speaker 45:05
Yeah, I agree.

Unknown Speaker 45:06
I mean, you should. Why would you think

Unknown Speaker 45:09
that it’s better event?

Unknown Speaker 45:10
Yeah, everything’s a super spreader event to liberals

Roy Merritt 45:15
liquor store get beer, she did all this and the girl behind the counter is talking to one of their employees. And the guy’s like, Oh yeah, well, you know, when all this blows over, y’all should come over and hang out and blah, blah,

Unknown Speaker 45:28
blah. And then she says, Well, yeah,

Roy Merritt 45:31
we’re starting to get our vaccination stuff. So we should be good soon. And I was like, I just sit there like looking at him. Like, tell

Unknown Speaker 45:41
me right now.

Roy Merritt 45:42
Like, Is this real? Are y’all for real right now? Like, you’re seriously you’re gonna take that thing? You’re gonna you’re like, lining up to take that shit. So

Unknown Speaker 45:53
yeah, okay. He was even to Disney World said he did yeah. Yeah, we can hear you know,

Unknown Speaker 46:01
he was in Disney World. anytime he wouldn’t go into Disney World. Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 46:08
Here we go. Here we go. We’ll start over

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Tales from behind the mask with Cedric.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
Living with mass cold.

Cedric Landree 46:29
And we were at the hotel. And this lady. pretentious lady came into, because they’re limiting how many people go into an elevator and it’s. It’s

Unknown Speaker 46:42
good to do that anyway.

Unknown Speaker 46:43
No, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
The family is. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:48
So many of you have like, four kids and two parents.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Downstairs kids and wait.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
The kids downstairs?

Cedric Landree 46:55
Yeah. Okay. All right. Anyway, so this

Unknown Speaker 46:59
hanging down halfway just came back from the pool staring at your kids. So we’ll take the stairs. This lady.

Cedric Landree 47:05
Like, there maybe mid 50s or something. Right. So

Unknown Speaker 47:17
it’s stupid outside.

Cedric Landree 47:18
So they were like, you know, lady, she’s sitting at the door, the elevator and telling people who can and can’t come into the elevator, blah, blah, blah COVID stuff.

Unknown Speaker 47:28
So they’re paying somebody to stand at the elevator and tell you that’s

Cedric Landree 47:31
her job. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 47:33

Unknown Speaker 47:35
these pretentious mid, middle aged

Unknown Speaker 47:39
mid 50s not to be racist.

Cedric Landree 47:41
Yes. Come in and just, you know, assaults in my girlfriend elevator, and they just assault us with their presence. elevator. She says Don’t worry, we’ve been

Unknown Speaker 47:57

Cedric Landree 48:04
The best part is I told her will be

Shane Langdon 48:06
my whole family of

Unknown Speaker 48:11

Roy Merritt 48:13
Do you tell them when they say that?

Cedric Landree 48:14
You go Oh, good.

Roy Merritt 48:15
Do you know that makes you a super spreader? They go away.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
I didn’t say how you spread it more. But I told him I just say oh, let’s get him a carrier.

Cedric Landree 48:27
And they’re done that over it. I basically told him I didn’t have a vaccine and they freaked out. happiest day on earth.

Shane Langdon 48:42
I have a fever. And

Unknown Speaker 48:46
that’s, you know, did Mickey Mouse have a mask on his face? He’s wearing a face shield and a mask. He’s driving around in Franklin in the car. No.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
Was our mascot on the outside?

Unknown Speaker 49:01
Did he have like a Mickey Mouse mask?

Unknown Speaker 49:03
No. No, I

Unknown Speaker 49:04
was like, he’s like well fuck.

Unknown Speaker 49:08
cancel our tickets.

Roy Merritt 49:18
If you’ve never been to Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, I have not it is a fucking man is really good. It is expensive tip

Unknown Speaker 49:26
not this year.

Roy Merritt 49:28
I don’t give a shit. any of that it

Shane Langdon 49:30
honestly limiting the amount of people into the park right now.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
He said he started standing long as lines. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 49:38
That’s great.

Roy Merritt 49:39
Yeah, there’s long lines and I know fast passes.

Shane Langdon 49:47
I do know that Disneyland and California. They do not check. They check your backpack for glass. But they don’t check what’s in the bottles the last bottle so you can have a smile. Either have Oh, and then a liter of whiskey.

Unknown Speaker 50:04
Do we have liter cola? We don’t know what that is.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Let’s admire the new drink drinks machine.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
Yeah. I like

Unknown Speaker 50:20
finally got the shit straightened out where it actually gives you now our

Unknown Speaker 50:24
opposite guy. He was like wanting to call me and I was like, well, I figured we run out soon anyway.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
We did we relabeled it.

Shane Langdon 50:30
He was like this is embarrassing.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
Your fucking machine? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:39
All right. I got one for Mike now.

Unknown Speaker 50:42
The three

Unknown Speaker 50:44
your Sportster. A built v rod. Or the Dyna we built for your brother.

Mike VO 50:56
Well, I probably have to read the V rod off clip. Oh. No fucking time you cut it off. Yeah, she’s like, if the clip was the Grand Canyon, I’d be like, Can I clear the river? The Snake River jump. Yeah, exactly. But that’s the only reason I love the rods. And I probably well, you know, my brother’s done his screen looking dude, I hate that bike. But did the motors the motors tight? I probably ride that with my friends and I’d make sure I wear a bandana

Unknown Speaker 51:38
and Balmain jeans

Unknown Speaker 51:41
to go get some my brother’s Balmain sequence sequence Florida leaves on the pockets and they’ll be like t shirts with angel wings on.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
Tap out t shirt.

Unknown Speaker 52:03
shit dude. to flip flops. Tap out.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
And what’s that? What’s that? There’s a hat that they make. That’s another another fight brand that everybody see. You’re like you have never been. There’s another one that’s like that. Not tap out. But or a fox hat. Fox. Like I’ve

Unknown Speaker 52:25
been Anaheim, all two or three times every year.

Roy Merritt 52:30
I don’t know what it is. I have tried. But as soon as I put a flat bill hat on my head and look at myself. I’m like no. Get off my hat. I cannot do I don’t know to me. Like a hat is supposed to protect you from the sun. It does that the best but it’s curved.

Cedric Landree 52:51
Let me see ya. Look at him there that has that’s what I do to mine.

Shane Langdon 52:57

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Total protection. So Greenland. Let’s see. Here’s the deal. See how small his head is and how big his his his his separate his sides is? Maybe it’s just the hair. Maybe.

Roy Merritt 53:19
You look like you got a big melon.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
You do look like a big hit. You were seven papers. We’ve

Unknown Speaker 53:27

Unknown Speaker 53:29
We’ve crashed.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
crashed the V rod. What else are we doing?

Unknown Speaker 53:39
I would ride my horn about your brother’s bike. I would ride the Dyna with my friends and I would wear tapout t shirt. Literally sequin pants, flat bill Fox hat. And then I’d ride the Sportster alone because it’s badass on

Shane Langdon 53:54
like our painter.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Especially when it’s done.

Unknown Speaker 53:58
Yeah. Damn. Yeah. I’m gonna ride that one day. I’ll show all right, my one day one day I saw a bunch of motorbikes my

Unknown Speaker 54:05
ride his one day for machining I saw what your parts going out for machining

Unknown Speaker 54:12
clothes. I’m as close as I was two years ago. Actually I’m farther away go to the other bike. I was like man, it’s gonna be a great weekend around Paris cute. I was like

Unknown Speaker 54:29
with a carbon fiber wheels on the planet sitting there

Unknown Speaker 54:34
at the warehouse.

Unknown Speaker 54:35
Make up three

Roy Merritt 54:38
or six people here four of us have workers and they’re all not running.

Unknown Speaker 54:45
Some sort of anomaly.

Shane Langdon 54:47
I know.

Roy Merritt 54:49
I could run it but it just doesn’t

Shane Langdon 54:53
come in on a day off the tune.

Roy Merritt 54:56
usually used to be tune his needs to be

Unknown Speaker 55:00
This needs to be 203

Unknown Speaker 55:00

Unknown Speaker 55:05
run it. All right, I

Unknown Speaker 55:06
have one that runs one that doesn’t

Shane Langdon 55:08
have one because

Unknown Speaker 55:11
I live on a mud road, the one that did run and it’s got no fenders so my wheels one with my take on it I knew

Roy Merritt 55:26
I felt so bad I really didn’t know.

Shane Langdon 55:29
Like, I was like, I’m sorry. I said I didn’t know I was taking this lift up.

Like this is gonna fit them like oh yeah, sure. Yeah, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
No, I knew it wasn’t gonna fit. I was like, I knew you.

Unknown Speaker 55:47
I did. Yeah, I

Shane Langdon 55:48
was like, I don’t care I just he’s like I feel so bad like I’m laughing about it. Yeah

I’ll just take one of Tyler’s took care cutie

mark is gonna have fun working on that. That was that SM bat big dog big dog.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
Oh come on. It’s gonna be cool. We’re gonna is that what that is the big turbo is why CES Denise’s we’re gonna we’re gonna take it take it apart painted

Shane Langdon 56:19
pink as soon as as soon as it came into like it looks like it looks like a marquee name all over it

Roy Merritt 56:27
Well, alright, shame Be honest with this bike really all

Unknown Speaker 56:30
you got to do is through

Roy Merritt 56:33
where you run into problems with those is like the primaries. They usually run some weird fucking primary

Unknown Speaker 56:39
when you try to start them or work on

Roy Merritt 56:41
the wire easily have that wiring can be a bit because I think the big dogs are the ones that are all black wires that off Rand belt drive that used to go the ultimate

Unknown Speaker 56:52

Unknown Speaker 56:53
ultimate belt drive on it.

Unknown Speaker 56:55
It ultimately is garbage.

Roy Merritt 56:58
Yeah, back in the day. There was like What were these big dog? There was swift

Unknown Speaker 57:06
big dog. I don’t know there were 50 of them. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:10
Yeah, try

Unknown Speaker 57:11
that and they were all running good.

Unknown Speaker 57:14
They all had their own their own like controls and all their own shit that you couldn’t get anywhere. All right, yeah, well, no. All the American pro street manufacturers that came out after OCC made a little Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Who was that dude from Arizona that was making those for a while. Forget Yes. The Pro street thing yet had those be

Unknown Speaker 57:41
Yeah, I was just able to easily swing stuff. Yeah, forget Yeah. Forget was one of the pioneers though. His were different. Yeah, they

Unknown Speaker 57:49
were pro street brain. Pro streets. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
I was like did

Roy Merritt 57:54
he was the head of that

Unknown Speaker 57:55
Pat Kennedy. Forget

Unknown Speaker 57:58
parallettes made an error with

Shane Langdon 58:00
big bite stoppers. They were they

Unknown Speaker 58:01
were they were probably about a half a dozen guys that were well, Tony Smith was huge. Back then it was

Unknown Speaker 58:08
bikes like redneck frames. Were fucking dope.

Unknown Speaker 58:10
Fuck redneck.

Unknown Speaker 58:12
I saw some redneck frames that were cool as hell do

Unknown Speaker 58:15
you see him riding on the road or do you see him in shows chose?

Roy Merritt 58:22
That’s about right. Yeah,

Shane Langdon 58:23
yeah. BMC we got a couple of those at some dealerships trying to sell those in Cali is big my shoppers but they’re called DMC choppers. So it’s big Mike’s choppers choppers understand, but they were here just bikes and he just did leak coolant or dot dot four and four on your floor. Let’s sit there.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
Fun shit, I

Shane Langdon 58:51
look cool. But it’s you know, all those companies are the reason

Mike VO 58:56
they would do that. They would do that. That stuff that like you know, in the show bikes like they would run those little tiny lines and run them inside the frame. But that’s not functional. Know, if people don’t realize that, you know, and the thing that really sucks is like some of these guys, wouldn’t they be like, oh man, I’m a builder and they just start fucking putting motorcycle parts together. And I have no idea what tons of them like some some shits there for a reason, like, dots.

Roy Merritt 59:24
everything up or the reason that the whole market collapsed like

Unknown Speaker 59:27
Sucker Punch. They were selling those

Unknown Speaker 59:31

Shane Langdon 59:32
Yeah, but they were selling coppers. Yeah. He sold like,

Unknown Speaker 59:46
yeah, that’s right. Don’t worry about the reason that convened in New York. Yes, it’s already run. It’s because there was

Shane Langdon 59:57
no backyard. That’s evil greenstar it was No Don’t be 30 days wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
doing that to like yeah, we’ll take a deposit in this car and make your next one’s cool

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
wasn’t DeLorean he was funded by the cartel though right?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
I think so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
there’s never any with an LS motor I should

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
really google it but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
after I’d

Roy Merritt 1:00:20
heard that he went down but when you look into like the history as I watched the thing of DeLorean

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
here we go

Roy Merritt 1:00:28
and nothing about drugs ever came about

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
well here’s the message

Shane Langdon 1:00:32
was that the motor The plan was bad it was basic but the engine bay was set up fake has mounts for almost any type of motor available so you can pull like Chevy motor or motor and drop it right in that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
it was right.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
Good luck.

Roy Merritt 1:00:57
I’ve watched a documentary john

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
z DeLorean resident 20. Cocaine dad don’t say

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
his claim to fame was not being supported by the Qatar oil cartel rather but supporting the cartel with his

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
claim to fame with stainless steel bodies. Yes, those

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14

Shane Langdon 1:01:14
go away.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
I don’t think the drug was an Irish fame right? I think the drug part was like fuck, I caught this is a really good concept. He just couldn’t get any of the major players to support him. So he wasn’t somebody who really made an Ireland. Irish a DeLorean Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
Say it’s not a motorcycle.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
Yeah, now that you’re actually looking it up. I watched this documentary that was produced by his son and it never said anything about him being

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
you know well.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
Jim Hoffman said the car designer desperate for money to keep this company going. asked him to sell bus drugs. So I’m going to think

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Yeah, he had his own spot at Dell. I think if I’m right, he got busted on a drug deal and his own company

Roy Merritt 1:02:05
those American nevermind,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
forget the one that was

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
like it was already big jug by I guess that went sideways.

Shane Langdon 1:02:13
Was the new one. That’s the new concept of level electric.

Roy Merritt 1:02:16
So you know, it was bought like all of the rights and everything was bought by a company in Texas.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Looks like

Roy Merritt 1:02:28
your new old stock parts all that shit. They bought everything Dorian, as they they take deloreans and they completely rebuild them rebuild them as new new parts.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
How many friends are there? Like? 30?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
No, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
more than that.

Roy Merritt 1:02:43
How many? Are they more than that? And they get six figure

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
on a Dory. It’s crazy. There was a company in California that used to take me autos and hurt Dorito

Roy Merritt 1:02:53
motors is called

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
monster miatas. It was a company called monster me

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
talking about doing it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
Shit. Was

Shane Langdon 1:03:09
electric. So little known fact.

Roy Merritt 1:03:11
What would you call that city? Right? They’re humble. Humble Texas. Right? And wrong. They will fucking destroy you. In humble if you call it humble. Because it is unbel. Humble

Shane Langdon 1:03:26
that I built a store there. All right, that’s

Roy Merritt 1:03:31
what a few years ago

Shane Langdon 1:03:32
Hey, it versus like, yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:03:34
I’m working with them. And I kept saying humps and feel humble. They literally were like, you gotta stop staying humble. And I’m like, Why? It’s pronounced humble. And I was like, Oh, is it? And they’re like, yeah. And I was like, I didn’t realize are we in a suburb of Houston.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
She looked at me like, what I was like, Well, if H is silent and huddle, why isn’t it silent?

Roy Merritt 1:04:03
Because it’s part of summer refused to outline. She was like, just look at me. Like I was some kind of an athlete when I was like, Ah, yeah, I was like, you get to drop the age, but everybody else does it. Like how does that work? Wait, yeah,

Mike VO 1:04:16
there’s this little town, just out there called Santa Fe, Santa Fe. And they had they they had a farmers market or something. And Erica went over there. And she was like, walking around. She’s like, Oh, she’s so she said, Oh, I really like Santa Fe. And they’re like a Santa Fe. She was like, No, it isn’t a Santa Fe. And they’re like, no, it’s not Santa feet. She was like, Oh, well, when they you know it’s a Mexican word. And like Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sorry. I didn’t realize you guys and they’re like it’s not has nothing to do with New Mexico. She was like really? word it and so she she said in there. She looks it up on Google. The guy that started Santa Fe. He was in the Texas Mexican War, you know. And then he was stationed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And he liked it so much. He came back and he started the town and named it Santa Fe. And she’s and she likes she likes children. The the lady was like, Look, the guy. It’s named after Santa Fe, New Mexico. And she was like,

Shane Langdon 1:05:09
is the same thing that was in during the American Civil War. And so he came back and he made the town.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
And so the lady, Erica said like she got really? Yeah, she’s like, they were so mad at her. They’re like,

Roy Merritt 1:05:31
we’ll take time, Libby, your pack around here?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
Yeah, I mean, I went to register my truck in Mari County. And she’s like, Marie, and I was like, Oh, is it I said, sorry. It’s spelled Mari she’s like, nobody calls it Mari. And I said Maury Povich does. And she was like, What? And I was like Maury Povich listeners,

Shane Langdon 1:05:50
it’s ma you are Why is Mari and they all say

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
County, and they’re like, it’s Marie.

Shane Langdon 1:06:00
Lebanon is Lebanon, Lebanon. Lebanon was a really good one.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
Okay, so it’s not just here though. So I went to I got a job in Lewisville, Colorado and only knowing of Louisville, Kentucky smelled exactly the same. I was like Oh, so you know, I said something to somebody and I was like, Oh, you had a Louisville of Colorado. They’re like it’s Lewisville. Louisville is in Kentucky. And I’m like, That’s fucking weird. You know, slow down, man. People find strange stuff to get upset about like, Nevada

Shane Langdon 1:06:40
is bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
Like, it’s a lot of desert to dump your

Shane Langdon 1:06:44
body and buddy.

Mike VO 1:06:49
You know what was awesome about Nevada? Yeah. But somebody I know. triggered triggered a leftist Nevada. So I lived in Sacramento, and I had families lived in Salt Lake City. So I’d get on my v rod. And you’d go over the over daughters pass and you’d get on on 80. Yep. And there were no cops anywhere except where the towns were. Yep. And so well, yeah, the hookers are also at the towns to hang out but there’s not towns.

Yeah, they don’t hang out on top. Nothing is on sale. In case you don’t know indication are familiar with Nevada. There’s nothing on it unless there’s a town and all the towns are like these little gambling fucking shithole towns, but I would get on my v rod and I would just hit it at 100 and then I throw the thumb screw up. Take my hands over the handlebars and that I just took my feet over the passenger pegs and just lay on top of it and just do 100 miles an hour. And then every time you would only get about 150 miles of gas. So every single town is it’s about 110 miles out. Just pull over. Get gas get back on the freeway. Whoa. So I’d make it like in six and a half hours from Sacramento to Salt Lake City. Street 100 miles an hour the whole fucking way there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Yeah, cuz there’s no ditch no cops. There’s no cop. The cops don’t give a fuck. They’re like it’s a straight road. It hurts like 600 miles.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
Alright, I got desert. I got one more for Tennessee. And this is for Tyler.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
Oh shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
from Illinois.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
Greenland. Greenland. from around here man. Greenland. He’s not from around here.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
I made the mistake of going to get my car license in Shelbyville.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
He doesn’t even know where that is. shovel.

Shane Langdon 1:08:41
That was the one I was thinking.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
A mistake dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
It’s not shovel shovel. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Yeah. And if you shovel the shovel, shovel

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
and I know people I live the hair and they will come

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
to correct you. It’s not shovel.

Roy Merritt 1:08:59
shovel. shovel. shovel. Well, I think it’s about that time that

Shane Langdon 1:09:12
nice whiskey in there, don’t you? We’re gonna

Roy Merritt 1:09:15
turn that down. It’s gonna record anyways.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
Good show, man. Really? We had fun. We had asked you about your three bikes next time. Ah,

Shane Langdon 1:09:23
yeah. You’re saying we’re supposed to live your sports with our bad running without a gasket. Ah, live wire. Oh, or

hard bag.

Roy Merritt 1:09:41
Darn it, like sporster off a cliff.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46
Okay, so he’s been talking

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
for a year.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
I just find the fire. You are not joking.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
He’s like I got to keep on this

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
story. Well, you’re gonna have to need was a Sportster.

Roy Merritt 1:10:04
There’s no way I would actually do it. I think it’s funny. Sometimes.

Shane Langdon 1:10:09
I just Yeah. Oh Anyway, what are you doing? riding your bike?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
Yeah and your bike.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
I would ride the Livewire alone and the

Shane Langdon 1:10:27
100 miles

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
yeah 100 miles

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
is the only fucking writing it

Roy Merritt 1:10:41
show show show. Oh

check us out Talkin

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
Haley Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:10:56
anywhere you get podcasts but check us out on the website, all the links to all the books that we talked about

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
your pod bean. Pretty sure like you know I never lose

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