King of The Baggers

We talk about the much anticipated King of the Baggers race at Laguna Seca. The only disappointment in this race was how short it was.


Roy Merritt 0:00
Well, let’s give her some Hello.

Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s double your mind. Either way, I think these boys have something to say. So sit back, grab a brew, we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view. Here on Talkin Braap

Welcome back. Call him grab season two, Episode 14.

Mike VO 2:01
Oh came

Roy Merritt 2:02
out. This week. We are all excited to talk because we are talking about king of the baggers. And we can

Mike VO 2:11
and if you

Roy Merritt 2:12
did not watch the king of the baggers race at Laguna Seca sucker, you have issues. And everybody’s probably seen it now. It’s all over YouTube. It’s all over everywhere. They took 14 touring bikes to Indians. 12 Harley’s

Unknown Speaker 2:34

Roy Merritt 2:36
these guys highly modified these bikes, and they put them around the track a lot faster than anybody thought they were going to. People thought this was gonna be like an exhibition. Some guys with radios and baggage, you’re gonna go ride around the track and fucking wave at people.

Aaron Staudinger 2:53
Yeah, there was all sorts of memes on the internet. Like what’s turn one gonna look like? And it’s a bunch of kids on slits crashing into each other.

Roy Merritt 2:58
Yeah, it did not look like that at all. No, they Well, they had real riders, you know? Good. So,

Mike VO 3:06
and three teams built bikes to race.

Aaron Staudinger 3:09
Yeah, there were the rest of them. Were kind of out to lunch a little bit

Mike VO 3:12
there. So we’re just like, Oh, cool. Cool. We’re cool.

Roy Merritt 3:15
Yeah, well, they you know, those top three were fast bikes, for sure. And so if you didn’t watch the race, go on YouTube. You know, whatever. Watch it. I’ll try to find the link. I’ll put it on there. But it was a pretty quick I think eight lap race as a little short. Yeah, it was way too short. Way too short. No endurance. You know what I mean? I like to see endurance prevail a little bit. I think those guys who build a badass bike for eight laps aren’t going to make it 15

Shane Langdon 3:42
Yeah, like the one that Indian wouldn’t have made it 15 laps

Roy Merritt 3:46
coming off. He didn’t even have rear brakes the whole race he said in one of the first smoking that that we seen was his brake fluid hit is hitting his exhaust

Mike VO 3:55
excuse me lately that we saw. We didn’t seen it. We saw

Roy Merritt 4:01
it. I see it with my own two eyes.

Shane Langdon 4:05
Children grammar talking

Aaron Staudinger 4:09
about why he sailed into turn to down there and kind of went off into the sand.

Roy Merritt 4:13
Um, you know that he was just cooking? No, he said he hadn’t had any problems all day in turn, too. So he just came into hot

Aaron Staudinger 4:19
and you seen the videos? khaki infield of that corner. There’s a video of him sailing in there. And he was you clear it?

Unknown Speaker 4:29
Yeah, and

Aaron Staudinger 4:29
it down in there. And he’s like, I’m gonna check out half a lap. Right here you can hear one of the

Roy Merritt 4:40
stories in this race was the Indian I thought it was you know well no spectators I sucked ass but they’re they showed up the two Indians entered finish first and third.

Mike VO 4:54
They were also waiting who factory support bikes. So yeah, oh

Roy Merritt 4:57
yeah. 100%

Mike VO 4:58
Yeah, the factory support bikes in the race which Harley misses the mark way yet again? Oh, yeah. A minute. By so I think Harley Harley digs Well, yeah. I think I think they

Roy Merritt 5:10
figured that they were gonna own the field though.

Mike VO 5:12
I don’t think so. And it didn’t matter. I think they just didn’t care.

Aaron Staudinger 5:16
Yeah, how can you not care that

Shane Langdon 5:18
was because it’s not their their market

Mike VO 5:21
their niche. I’ll tell you why. Because the people in the walkie that run Harley Davidson don’t see what’s happening on the street with Harley Davidson mark, right, because I would I would be surprised if 40% of the people that are at Harley Davidson company headquarters ride motorcycles. If 40% of them ride motorcycles, I’d say that that’s being generous.

Roy Merritt 5:42
Well, I think they ride. I don’t think they’re right, but they only ride when Harley gives him a bike to ride.

Mike VO 5:49
And they ride a little bit. Some of them do mabuchi most of them will walk you can’t ride your round. So there’s only so much right it doesn’t matter. But they Yeah, they’re not there to ride motorcycles. They’re there to do other stuff. So

Roy Merritt 6:02
the reaction of the people there the announcers, I think everyone we’ve talked I’ve talked to not just race Oh yeah, the now

Unknown Speaker 6:13
shit The world is that

Roy Merritt 6:14
all the racers? Yeah, everyone in the paddock, everyone. They said when those Harley’s fired up and started running, everyone that was doing anything else came to see what was going on. And if you I honestly I can’t think of a better track for them to have started on then Laguna Seca because it is probably one of the best road courses here in America at least. Just because of the chicanes and the up and downs and everything and

Aaron Staudinger 6:46
legendary trialing it is I mean, chain, you’ve written that back, right. It’s not a big horsepower track, right have been a contender to handling track.

Shane Langdon 6:54
It’s, it’s a scary track.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
That’s Yeah.

Shane Langdon 6:57
Because you’re coming back straight right before the game. When you’re coming over the hill, all you have is your braking marks, you know, the countdown meters and the side marks and skid marks in your pants. Yeah. You’re on the right side of that road coming up. And you basically just have to know your turning point because you cannot see

Mike VO 7:18
said you can

Shane Langdon 7:21
literally throw it hard left. And as soon as you’re fully left coming up over the hill, or flip it right, to get that and then I believe it’s an off camber weather rather than other right?

Unknown Speaker 7:33
Yeah, no,

Shane Langdon 7:34
that’s a right down and then a left. Yeah, right. That was an off camber. So it’s

Roy Merritt 7:38
it pulls which way are you running a clockwise or counterclockwise this way? Is that the way they were running it?

Shane Langdon 7:45
Yes, they were gone. Yeah, cuz that’s the straight and that’s

Mike VO 7:48
clockwise. For those of you that know, we’re

Roy Merritt 7:52
looking at the layout of Laguna Seca, which you can google and pull up I’ll send a link or something. But

it’s, so if you’ve run them, if you play video games, you play racing video games, you have raced on Laguna Seca. Oh yeah. Whether or not they said it was Laguna Seca or not that I guarantee you they copied Laguna Seca because it’s a great track. Um, not so much for the top speed. But a very technical track so yeah.

Shane Langdon 8:21
Running in reverse that she came the corkscrew you’re talking about goes uphill, right? Yeah, it goes up hill to the left and then to the right. And you can’t see shit over. You can see that either way. You go You can’t see the crest that goes downhill into that hard corner. Yeah. So as soon as you crest the hill, you’re in a hard left and then you’re coming down to meet those guys came through those turns I think fuckton faster than anybody thought they could. Oh, yeah, those guys were kidding it so the bikes have modified though. Okay. Oh, yeah. And I think the only real there’s like four or five main rules, which was I’d have a stock frame. No carbon wheels had to have a fairing and have setup. I had that saddlebags I think they could have bigger

than the 131 cubic yard. That was basically Yeah, that was basically it. Yeah, so trashcan out there was like 131 with a turbo. Yeah. Which got in fourth place. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 9:14
And to be honest with you, I think that’s probably

Shane Langdon 9:18
the fastest track speed trap I believe, though Yeah, when they get in the straightaways they could get up to a quicker speed turns that straightaway isn’t straight. Yeah, it’s a kink and it’s you know, the best one is coming up the hill towards the chicane rol street if you make that curve coming up because it’s a hill climb basically you know you’re right up and going up so that by probably a pretty good right there. Yeah, so I you know, I’m curious to I would love to be able to

Roy Merritt 9:48
see this everybody setups in their motors like see what kind of power they’re putting out where they went where they were going for horsepower or torque or because I would imagine putting professional riders on those bikes

I would imagine you would put some pretty high horsepower cams. Yeah, because they’re gonna want to bounce things off the fucking rev limiter everywhere they go. And there was some Carnage over the weekend. Yeah, there were a couple of hurt motors. A well fueling her motor. Yeah. Um, from what I understand I think Trask I think they said Trask roasted a transmission. Yeah. To practice. Yeah. And then they had a transmission in it, which there’s no way I would show up with a Harley and go to one of those track races without another.

Mike VO 10:32
There’s no way other teams are helping them get it back together because they all wanted a full field. Well, yeah. Well, and because there’s no money. Yeah, when there’s no money racing is badass. Yeah, that’s the best thing about land speed racing. When we go out and land speed racing, if you’re if your motorcycle breaks down, everybody, yeah, will scramble to try to help you get back on there. Somebody’s got parts or thousands of dollars to go there. Yeah, and it doesn’t nobody’s gonna The only what are you gonna do? You’re gonna be like, Oh, I got the record. Yeah. What was really interesting, too, is like the interpretation of the rulebook. You had a couple of teams really got it and read the rulebook, I think, and into the gray area like the road King with the little tiny fairy. Yeah. Oh, what did they call it? The mullet? That was a our way? Yeah, it’s pretty slick. Yeah. And, and at the same time, though, that were like extremely stock. You’re buying mid control? lights? Yeah, set up the same if not better than their bike was.

Roy Merritt 11:28
Because they ran. They didn’t they didn’t go with inverted Porsche or anything. They ran their alloy or lowers.

Mike VO 11:34
Yeah. Yeah, really?

Shane Langdon 11:38
Yeah. And then Krauss set up the others with the other side. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 11:42
So, um, you know, I’m, I’m curious to see where this goes. Because, you know, this, this is how hooligan racing started. It’s, yeah, basically, I’ll tell you, somebody, somebody at one track was like, Hey, we got a bunch of guys with sporties we’re gonna go around this flat track. And they’re street tires, you know what I mean? And that’s how it all started, you know, street hooligan. So now you will open up, you know, bagger classes. And why not a street bagger? Why not a race bagger? You know, guys like on the internet react and we were out riding Sunday and you know, we were sitting there talking to Graham looking at his bike you know, aluminum swing arm inverted forks. He’s got the full setup that all his bikes have now great he’s probably got a couple hundred pounds more weight and it’s all said and done. Radio and all this shit

Shane Langdon 12:33
gonna bring that up but so

Roy Merritt 12:36
but he’s in a in a street class like a do tease like street class that bike would fucking that would work. germ is rip

Mike VO 12:45
rip. That bike would rip.

Aaron Staudinger 12:49
Rip there was a practice start during that race. Oh, yeah. We find on the internet, I believe.

Unknown Speaker 12:54
Yeah, you flip

Mike VO 12:55
it upside down. Indian.

Shane Langdon 12:58
Those tires, whatever they are. Yeah, fucking thing.

Aaron Staudinger 13:03
lifts him flat on his back and the bike came down on his lap.

Mike VO 13:06
So on his femur,

Roy Merritt 13:09
yeah, he broke the handlebar in his femur. He was all black and blue city. Aluminum. The night before the race. He woke up every hour and stretched, so that when he got up in the morning, he wasn’t like, Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I mean, dude, what? That’s that’s awesome commitment, man. You know what I mean? Like, seriously, like,

Aaron Staudinger 13:26
Yeah, he’s racing the foot pounds of torque. And then this thing is probably making 1340 foot pounds of torque on the bottom. It just went so

Roy Merritt 13:34
I’m gonna send some some links. I’m gonna put some links in the descriptions of the the episode. These are things that I’ve posted on LinkedIn. And it’s, it’s all about king of baggers, a lot of pictures. So one of the things I really wanted to talk about was the Indians and their seat placement. And we talked about this in a previous episode. And the picture we had seen then was very crude. You know, because even Mike was like, What the fuck is that shit? That looks like shit. You know? Obviously they had it wrapped they did it a little better. Not much but they have raised the seat height a good four or five inches you know at least and the other Indian. Um, let’s see no that was in this one the number 14 Yeah, the other Indian the Garcia was writing a 29 on a 40 There we go. They did the same thing but they did it completely different. It looks like they have a hill Yeah, they have a wholesale section.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
Yeah. And

Mike VO 14:36
if you look at the first Indian versus this one, they raised the fairing on the first one too. Oh, yeah,

Roy Merritt 14:42
sure. No, maybe they lowered the fairing on this one. You know what I mean? That’s probably like stock placement cuz that looks about stop. So the other one probably had stock placement which

Shane Langdon 14:53
about the weight go down a little bit.

Mike VO 14:55
I don’t know pull up a chieftain or whatever the fuck the challenger.

Aaron Staudinger 14:58
Look at the travel

Roy Merritt 15:00
That was probably sometime after testing. Oh, yeah, yeah, his little travel Grand Rounds all the way down. So those Indians, I mean, there’s no doubt about it they were fucking quicker on that track and like like Mike said they had they had SNS and they had fuckin factory support.

Mike VO 15:16
And then do you get better than when I was talking to Aaron about this? I think yesterday, the guy that 129 also had Roland Sands is one of the lead ergonomic designers. And you know, Roland Sands Yeah, he makes stuff for his, you know, his dad’s performance machine. But he grew up in Moto GP. Yeah. So he was doing performance harm custom Harley’s that were like road road and track type bike cafe type bikes 15 years ago, you know, so he was way ahead of the curve, definitely one of the forefront designers that were saying hey, these Harley’s if you just set them up a little bit different are competitive. Yeah. And he was doing that even like he there was an episode of biker build off. And the other guy built you know, some pro street pro Street. big long frame 18 inch gas tank bullshit thing that they were doing back in the in the early 2000s. And I believe he built a I think he built a Dyna. And it had like an aluminum swing arm and set it up cafe style. Yeah. And put radial brakes and an inverted front end. And you know, by that time, he stole all that shit off of a jet bike cuz they didn’t have anything It was no car, inverted front end, and radial brakes and all that on my v rod. Well, I actually don’t have any front brakes on the V rod but I have a whole front end off of a Kawasaki Zx 10. And I just made a new a made in a custom stem and made it work on the front end of the V rod. Yeah, for the land speed racing because it makes it so much more sturdy and makes it handle so much better.

Aaron Staudinger 17:01
Look at the difference in the seat.

Roy Merritt 17:02
So So right now we’re looking at the track bike number 86. So Trask brought a 200 horse turbo bike out there. This is Milwaukee eight turbo rearsets. Um, you know, alunos, who do you think makes a swing arm? You think that’s him?

Mike VO 17:19
Yeah. Yeah, that’s their swing. Are it? Is that true?

Unknown Speaker 17:22
I don’t remember that big patch in it.

Mike VO 17:24
Well, they put a carbon fiber coloring on there to make it look neat.

Roy Merritt 17:28
Yeah. But they’re running like stock side covers. I mean, they look like,

Mike VO 17:32
well, I doubt there’s very much modification to the motor. You think so you think that’s carbon fiber covers carbon fiber bags? Probably? I guess.

Roy Merritt 17:40
Yeah, he probably shut the fuck ton away.

Shane Langdon 17:43
Like 600 pounds. I

Roy Merritt 17:45
mean, looking at this bike, because the only thing it doesn’t I don’t know if they did was the two over forks in the front. Have you seen that before? And those other guys were running over?

Aaron Staudinger 17:55
That’s the before and after picture. Well, that’s what they started with me. Yeah, that clapped out. Like, it looks like I’ve been wrecked at 1.0 that’s the best thing to say. Yeah. You know, I won that race bike. Yeah. Well, into the fan. Not

Roy Merritt 18:10
everybody’s got the money to buy a new one and do it, you know, and they’re gonna take a beating. There’s, you know,

Shane Langdon 18:15
if I buy MMA, it’s gonna be off the salvage. You really think so? Say frame doctor. How many?

Roy Merritt 18:21
How many races? Does moto America run a year?

Mike VO 18:25
moto America?

Roy Merritt 18:26
Yeah. Because moto America is is the? The like? I don’t know, they’re the ones that put on the races and the circuit and all of that.

Mike VO 18:36
So they do a bunch. I mean, there was they do. I mean, that’s an actual race circuit. But this is they were talking about maybe doing three exhibition races next year. But you know, what they need to do is they need to get they need to get this bullshit out of here. That’s never going to be competitive on a road circuit. It’s just not the turbo. Yeah, it’s just not because if it was a fucking race bike out there would have been

Roy Merritt 19:01
a 20 motoamerica season consisted of nine races. So I figured it was probably around eight. That’s pretty close. So you build anymore. Your fuck you build a race motor? You think it’s gonna make all nine races?

Aaron Staudinger 19:15
Oh, you’re gonna show up in the season with at least three or four? You know for nine races and you have three or four motor?

Roy Merritt 19:20
Yeah, I mean, so to be competitive,

Mike VO 19:23
but those are actual real races like,

Aaron Staudinger 19:25
well, that’s what I think they were kind of doing. laps 100 laps, toss some stuff out. See what works. See what did

Mike VO 19:32
they say? They’re really gonna try to do three. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what, how this this whole thing started with. The movement for the performance baggers has been kind of Oh, and just performance. Harley in general has been kind of creeping up and v2 and visionary. You know, as much as I fucking love that dude, Jeff Holt says he sees got his pulse on the trend. And he got together with a couple of the guys and they started the performance bagger bike company. petitions, you know, at the at the rallies? Oh, yeah. And I’m pretty sure he was involved in the beginning of this in saying we should have a road race. Yeah. You know what I mean? And then it was basically the companies like alloy art, cross moto. It was these small aftermarket companies, I’m sure. I think speed merchants, like, you know, these guys that are already breaking. They’re already making these parts for the guys that are just riding them on the road. So they kind of got together and said, Why don’t we show people what we can do with the performance baggers. And then it kind of grew and grew and grew, and it got put off because of all the bullshit going on this year. But then when they decided to have like an actual deal by then, by time Harley even probably caught wind of this because Harley Davidson is smug sometimes in their arrogance, and they don’t pay attention to the to what’s actually going on until it starts kicking them in the ass. Yeah. So they figured it out. You know, they like gave a bike to Vance and Hines and said, oh, here Oh, and here’s a motor, you know, and and Vance and Hines. Luckily, they have the racing background already. They knew they knew what to do. They restructured flat track

Aaron Staudinger 21:15
and now this to come on now. Yeah. So he should have been in front of this and gone like, okay, we’re on our hind foot and flat track. We’re gonna come out here and we’re gonna mop the floor with everybody. Yeah, but they missed it. They completely missed that opportunity. They had it wasn’t Harley? Oh, yeah. He had it in the palm of their hand. Just had someone to go, Hey, look over here.

Roy Merritt 21:39
Man. I mean, Vance, and Hines. But the only podium bike out there.

Mike VO 21:42
Was it and the Street Glide? Yeah. But it was also the only race team. Right? Yeah. Because none of these other pieces. These other other companies are race teams. They’re just aftermarket companies that are throwing a bunch of money at this project for fun, and to try to get their name out there. So they can sell parts, right? I mean, not really. That’s what it is, you know? Oh, yeah. The whole thing was drag. Specially sales pitch. Yeah. Hold on. Yeah. The whole thing.

Shane Langdon 22:10
Yeah. So how do we get in there next year to sell our motors,

Mike VO 22:14
you have to get invited? No,

Roy Merritt 22:15
no, maybe not. If they open it up to a season, they may say, hey, show up with a bike. Here’s the real downside to that is we’re very small place. Okay, Earth. No, I’m gonna try and do a lot of work and we sell a lot of stuff. But the money would take to be competitive. is a lot. I mean, you’re gonna have to

Aaron Staudinger 22:39
put that zeal and we’re

Roy Merritt 22:40
not writing it. You know what I’m saying? Like, you’re gonna have to pay somebody. That’s good to write it to

Shane Langdon 22:47
the writers in this building before I put Jamie on it. We have

Roy Merritt 22:50
Jamie’s paying for it. So you better believe he’s the first one that’s gonna ride. Hey, Jimmy’s not

Shane Langdon 22:56
you know, he’s not a bad writer, man. He said he’s a bad writer. Yeah. was saying none of

Unknown Speaker 23:00
us are this. No, no, no. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 23:04
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You even Jamie did good on flat tracks and stuff. You know, he can ride but if we wanted to be competitive, it wouldn’t be worth us doing just to be in it. We’d really want to be competitive. Yeah. Because when you win, you know, you win on Sunday. You sell on Monday. Yeah, and it’s true. Not cool

Mike VO 23:22
about that. And that dude, what is it Willie? Willie Bilton races on bike. He just he’s, he’s out of the game he sent fuck around. Yeah, yeah. I thought

Unknown Speaker 23:35
that our pipe

Mike VO 23:37
on the floor,

Roy Merritt 23:39
which fueling that, that that might

Unknown Speaker 23:42
look fairly stock, man. I mean,

Roy Merritt 23:44
when it’s all said and done, it lowers some nicer odors. I mean, that’s a factory fairing, headlights, bags, all that shit.

Shane Langdon 23:53
They’re all still in there. Yeah, why the headlights they’re like

Mike VO 23:56
this because they, these the privateer teams didn’t realize this was going to be a big deal until and really, they should have they should have kicked Indian out. Because they shouldn’t they should not. It’s not a privateer race. If you have a factory a factory sponsorship, you don’t I mean, that’s bullshit. That’s like that’s like you know, no, I’m still racing. Ricky Carmichael is still

Aaron Staudinger 24:22
Yeah, I mean that you go to race. It’s a full race. kind of deal. You got to win man I would have stripped all the wiring out of it but light wire in it out of done everyday hard. I was just

Roy Merritt 24:34
I was gonna ask on how many teams do you think rewired? I would have I would have pulled to me has ever been like injectors sounds a wire start with what I need and wire that shit in and be done with it, man.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
What’s that standalone ECM, either a max ECM or motek or know what we put on ECM as a BCM?

Shane Langdon 24:54
Well, yeah, Thunder max.

Roy Merritt 24:58
But if you’re thinking of the Bluetooth gadget

Aaron Staudinger 25:03
gadget couple the byte that’s more running on on Mac DCU. So they’ve got something figured out.

Roy Merritt 25:12
I mean, really all you really have to do is cut all the zip ties and everything on the factory wiring harness and neat and just pull up the sheet. You don’t need to cut it. Well. The few

Mike VO 25:21
that were the few that were the real competitors. There were no lights. There were no cam controls, there’s no wind button and that was it. No and a tether. Yeah, so they didn’t have a BCM. They didn’t have any of that which

Roy Merritt 25:33
surprises me with fueling because they have a pretty healthy r&d like they’re they’re not they’re not a little tiny.

Aaron Staudinger 25:44
Trying to but here’s what they want to do our workflow that we have here. Yes, what they were working with and

Mike VO 25:49
what they wanted to do was they just wanted him to say fueling, fueling, fueling, fueling, fueling, fueling, fueling on TV 50. times. Yeah. And so that’s what they did they accomplish their goal that

Roy Merritt 25:59
and I think some of the teams kind of went with the only stuff we can get out of the drag specialties catalog. Because I think they didn’t say that was a rule. But I think that was a rule. Yeah, no, it wasn’t a rule. But I think a lot of the teams kind of thought it was you know what I mean inadvertently cuz drag especially choose do.

Mike VO 26:23
I like this,

Roy Merritt 26:25
probably all could get out.

Mike VO 26:26
I really think that most of the teams didn’t even change your motion handle the team. Most of the, like, there were like five teams that did that.

Roy Merritt 26:36
So that’s the the one without a headlight that we were looking at earlier and going

Aaron Staudinger 26:42
back to what sauce he says yeah, he came by this mix in the position of the rider. So this

Roy Merritt 26:46
is saddled with it. This is Salomon’s bike and Kraus and oh and cross

Mike VO 26:51
check Krauts. Okay, so

Roy Merritt 26:53
this bike is pretty legit. Like date they took out the headlight they gutted the fairing. Yeah, they dish the fuel tank so the guy could get his knees in better and they lifted the rider up.

Shane Langdon 27:03
That’s my like, this one

Roy Merritt 27:06
is probably one of my favorites looking at. You can tell they ran to over forks or shocks in the front, because they lifted it up. And you know, they’re inverted forks there, everything’s there that you would want to do if you know they even got the belly pan, you know,

Mike VO 27:26
so that was my favorite Panther. The interesting thing on this is that those are the ps4 Brembo brakes that I want to run on mine. And why aren’t they bear injures Yeah, so I thought that was kind of interesting with his with his so I wonder more about how Chris Kraus pushes beringer so you know those tires or do t 17 inch they have to be there

Roy Merritt 27:53
Yeah, they’re there what h fours or something they said Dunlop h4 I think they said h3 h4 something like that and they’re they have a little bit of tread on them but those guys are getting down on those fucking tires. So

Mike VO 28:06
yeah they have to be road tires

Roy Merritt 28:08
yeah yeah to run well for this whatever it was. Yeah, yeah. So what’s his that’s fueling that feeling dad mid controls I mean, the guy was up pretty far. I think getting that rider up a little more is going to be a thing I really believe he’s up pretty far on that one but I think it knows guys and I think that this this pullback isn’t right. I think that Barney’s you know what I mean? I think they need to be up and get the bike the rider leaned over the tank a little bit more in the bars a little more down

Mike VO 28:42
well I would even venture that they need to move the sets backwards another six inches over sets

Roy Merritt 28:48
there’s a couple people running on was it

Aaron Staudinger 28:54
it’s only kind of had a rear set that’s almost like a clip on

Roy Merritt 28:58
like that but it’s right over the transmission right over the the side cover the transmission

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Yeah, now it’s hard to

Aaron Staudinger 29:04
see nobody was using an air shifter or any of that kind of stuff either everybody not everybody sorry like four or five bikes did have reverse pattern

Shane Langdon 29:12
is they did have the shift interrupt and all that on there too. But

Roy Merritt 29:16
ah you know I don’t think anybody is was that far sets? Yeah, the Indian so you know that that that Indian perform damn good man. As much as you say it

Mike VO 29:27
go. I really do back to that to that Salomon bike.

Aaron Staudinger 29:30
Well, that’s,

Mike VO 29:32
that’s it right there. That’s the profile of it, though.

Shane Langdon 29:35
But again, you say the Indian Performance Team to get and the Indian that took first when they made 12 or 15 laps.

Mike VO 29:44
Another thing you’ll notice. They want to know the seat. The backbone of the seat is over the saddlebag. Yeah, so the rider sitting farther back and he’s got his leg like stuck behind him so that he can took over and then Had the town’s yeah

Roy Merritt 30:00
notice his bars are much lower like I was saying they have like at pullbacks

Mike VO 30:05
events and highway kind of chip joins this man.

Roy Merritt 30:09
I didn’t like try to get all I just pulled up a couple of things fill

Mike VO 30:12
up the winner there’s there’s

Roy Merritt 30:15
like right there. No I’m pretty sure that that is a sticker

Mike VO 30:19
it is. Yeah. It’s a race. They came to race city and came to

Shane Langdon 30:24
they didn’t came

Roy Merritt 30:26
in came

Unknown Speaker 30:27
here every

Mike VO 30:30
second of the day. They didn’t came because they came in second.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Sitting on

Mike VO 30:37
a seat. I seen him in second. I seen him came in second.

Shane Langdon 30:44
I’m frickin kid from the.

Roy Merritt 30:47
Alright, let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 30:52

Shane Langdon 30:54
Duke boys, orange.

Aaron Staudinger 30:56
otter in 31 inch.

Roy Merritt 30:59
That’s no help at all.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Looks like they ran approximate. No dial numbers. Oh,

Aaron Staudinger 31:05
no. And furthermore, I don’t know what camp they had. They said they had 131 inch. Okay, so here’s the motor, but I don’t know what they did

Roy Merritt 31:13
that on YouTube.

Aaron Staudinger 31:17
It definitely wasn’t an off the shelf. 131

Shane Langdon 31:22
That’s why I took second. It’s a crate motor from Harley. Hey.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
with experts?

Shane Langdon 31:29
I was gonna say better have better. They honestly are 130 ones put out way more than those. Yeah, yeah. You do. You think it’s a second?

Roy Merritt 31:39
I be willing to bet you. I heard

Unknown Speaker 31:42
that. Saying that. That’s a

Roy Merritt 31:44

  1. And then I’m almost bet you that didn’t have anything but Harley, I would almost bet because I don’t think Harley would have let him run it.

Aaron Staudinger 31:54
Oh, come on.

Mike VO 31:54
Probably wouldn’t. So what what I saw happening was by the time Harley got when that this is serious. That’s when Vance and Hines got involved. And they got involved at the end. Yeah. You know, we’re one of the first 10 teams going Oh, yeah, they were all the fucking those other guys that were out there. Just have a good time.

Roy Merritt 32:16
pretty deep racing history and stuff like that. Yeah.

Mike VO 32:22
So I think when Harley was running factory support, and then, like Indian was going out there to mop the floor, they were like, Fuck,

Unknown Speaker 32:29
yeah. You know. So actually,

Mike VO 32:31
it was a smart decision for him to get involved advanced at Heinz, because it’s the only team out there that has experienced it. It’s Harley, you know, I mean, their

Aaron Staudinger 32:38
technical ability to make the parts that they had to make to

Mike VO 32:41
write in the time they had they come because I don’t think they even entered this until June or July. Where the other ones were doing this in like February.

Roy Merritt 32:49
Oh, yeah. They were talking about this room. Yeah. Then so

Mike VO 32:54
yeah. And I don’t think that team even entered until just a few months ago.

Aaron Staudinger 32:58
Well, mg K’s bike didn’t make it across the border. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 33:02
Yeah, they because of COVID. They said fuck

Mike VO 33:05
that guy.

Roy Merritt 33:06
They want to raise Hey, dude, that would have been the most expensive retail bike on the track without question. Just the brakes. They’re the only people that out there. Dressed in

Shane Langdon 33:16
price, like a quarter to half these bikes.

Roy Merritt 33:19
Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna have a mortgage.

Mike VO 33:23
But Mgk breaks and floorboards you have the entire budget of the speed merchants motorcycle.

Roy Merritt 33:30
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Like, if you’re at a retail price out MJ Ks bike, I guarantee you would have been the most expensive but you can’t get it because you have to get five other parts to get those Oh, yeah, well, that’s why you have to add it all up.

Mike VO 33:41
So you know, when when Satya Kraus was here, I’m gonna work with him on hopefully this helping design breaks. So he’s gonna send some prototype stuff to us to run like he’s gonna send a prototype gauge mount for the top of the, of the clamp on the wolf one setup. And I’m gonna I’m gonna run that Jamie and I are both gonna run it and tell him how he’s thinking, you know, we’re gonna we help them with placement kind of ran over some ideas. And I said, I only have one request anything that you send me that’s a prototype, I wanted to say fuck Mjk laser etched in there in your thought. And he was like, You got it. You got it.

Roy Merritt 34:22
So for the listeners, we had a horsepower weekend this this last weekend. And such a Kraus came and talked with customers a bunch of people and kind of hung out for the weekend. He’s a super cool guy. You know, he’s a, he’s got my finger on the pulse. Yeah, that guy’s got his finger on the pulse. He knows. He knows what’s coming and he is ready for it. You know, he’s Mike said he’s got a ridiculous amount of machines running and his production was well, way more than I would have if it was nine six axis machines. Seven days, seven days a week. I would have never I would have never guessed that much.

Mike VO 35:01
I don’t remember exactly what we talked about because we were super hammered. And there was blow everywhere, but it was something like that hookers and blow.

Shane Langdon 35:16
Blow Yeah,

Roy Merritt 35:19
it smells

Unknown Speaker 35:22
and it’s not salt.

Mike VO 35:25
So what what I talked to him about doing is doing controls for that, because those, you know, those bearings or controls did and it’s great, but it sucks you got when you got to ride these things around on the road, you can’t make it super complicated and crazy, so touchy, you know, it’s not fun. So he’s gonna make controls that that mount right up to the to the stock controls, they have the buttons for your, your safety switches, your brake your your clutch switch and all that already integrated, so we don’t have to do all the weird wiring shit that we’re gonna have to do. And he was talking about doing like different master cylinder sizes. And my idea was make one master cylinder size, make it stock and then when he machines, his calipers, machine casters with different piston sizes, so you can have a, you can have like a kind of more of a softer, more modular handle. Yeah, more what I call like an emotional feel. And then you can have a stiffer reactionary feel, you know, because you could just do that by offering two different piston sizes in the same caliber, which would save machining time and cost. And then you could have the same you could basically just say, here’s your choices. You know, your your setup is Brembo right?

Aaron Staudinger 36:46
Yeah, that’s clean. Is it an artistic caliper or an r1? caliper? Something like that?

Mike VO 36:52
Yeah. Those came off a GS xr 11. hydrea. They’re pretty like all Suzuki calipers and Brembo

Roy Merritt 37:01
Yeah, they like nuts out of I Would you say that’s the cleanest setup? Yeah, they got

Aaron Staudinger 37:06
it lowers now. I want that setup. That is Yeah. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 37:10
That’s really nice. That’s what they should we do them with the.

Mike VO 37:13
Yeah, those are the forks and stuff. Those are the M those are Brymbo m fours. One over that radio mount with that cross with the PX fours. Those are the balls because those are, those have a different size leading and trailing. piston, and brembos. Use ceramic pistons. They don’t use titanium like a lot of the other ones. And I I just really liked the Brembo brakes a lot. I think they’re ambos got the shit down. Remo knows what they’re doing for sure. Yeah. So there’s like three different three different bearings yours real popular.

Roy Merritt 37:47
But I

Mike VO 37:49
Well, it’s Italian.

Roy Merritt 37:50
I was gonna say I didn’t know a lot about beringer. So like, it just was an odd brand to me for the most part, you know, brembos have a doubt, you know, I mean, brembos made brakes for everything. You know, in any racing circuit damn near they’ve made some for

Mike VO 38:03
the hard part about that kind of stuff is is super complicated to figure out what the hell you’re even looking at. You know, because if you don’t, if you don’t,

Roy Merritt 38:12
yeah, finding a caliper that mounts with the right spacing and all that stuff.

Mike VO 38:17
You have to match the piston size to your bore size. So you’ve got to match the amount of fluid because it’s all hydraulic. So you know, if you don’t get the right. If you have too small of a bore, in your master cylinder, your brakes get spongy, you know, which is like a nine sixteenths on a single rotor versus 11 sixteenths on a double rotor push more fluid. Oh, you know, all these performance brakes, and none of them are American. So there’s no 16 it’s all? No. Most of them. Most of them are made for between a 14 and a 17 millimeter. The Brembo matched master cylinders are in between sizes. So how how do

Roy Merritt 39:01
you make you know, I’m curious about how do you make controls that work on the canvas system?

Mike VO 39:11
Well, they don’t need to work on the combat system. They just have to have

Unknown Speaker 39:15
a finger

Mike VO 39:17
that’ll hit that’ll contact the switch.

Shane Langdon 39:19
We’re basically moving the switch and wiring it in.

Mike VO 39:23
Yeah, so like on these bearings that

Roy Merritt 39:24
we have on the road Zilla, so you’re doing my like perches and like lever controls not.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Mike VO 39:32
Yeah, the purchasing the levers are gonna mount right up to the stock button controls, and they’ll integrate with the safety switches, so that it’s a true bolt on

Aaron Staudinger 39:41
run that if you want to do off a pressure switch downstream. You can go in,

Shane Langdon 39:46
well, you can it can be rewired and it’s gonna throw codes on the BCM.

Mike VO 39:49
Yeah, the issue that you run into is the BCM is gonna think that either you don’t have brakes,

Aaron Staudinger 39:55
unless you send it that down

Shane Langdon 39:56
for that pressure. Well, you know, you can’t cuz it’s Yeah, it’s a electronic switch, no pressure switch. So the so the way they’re doing it is us is what yeah system is, is that you’re taking the ribbon that goes to the brake switch and extending extending the wires to another switch that you’re bolting up. And so

Mike VO 40:16
you’re cutting that switch and then running like a computer ribbon to learn new switch. Yeah, just Canvas doesn’t realize the switches is being moved or changed. Which is asinine. And it’s something on a road bike that why why just make it so that if it’s going to be designed for this fitment then just make it just make it so that when you bolt it on

Roy Merritt 40:38
Harley is really good about it doesn’t matter which bike all their controls are pretty much exactly the same. Yeah, you mean like that? Or they do pretty well. So

Mike VO 40:46
and I will say this to Harley Davidson controls. Feel the highest end of any motorcycle with a question. Yeah. 100% when you sit on a Harley Davidson the hand controls you’re like, Oh, yeah, this is a premium motorcycle. Yeah, when you sit on Indians Jap any of the jet bikes trick. They just feel plastic. big and bold. Like

Shane Langdon 41:06
this man. You’re looking at like the the Honda goldwing there’s, it looks like a spaceship cockpits per spaceship with all the controls they have everywhere eat and massage and the the Harley the with the that five way joystick on each side. Basically, those switches from stock to the same amount of things that the conda does it just wait with one’s wait? Yeah. So plus Harley allows you to mess with your nav while you’re riding. We’re in the Honda. You have to literally pull over the vehicle. That’s right. Yeah, yeah, no, they’re great controls. Yeah, the only thing you need to figure out is how to wire up a fake brake light switch. So we know these are binding and you’re coasting into a corner, you can hit that button and make your brake lights come on, and then just take off. An old manager might easily rip our sport bikes around, he had a switch on his handlebars Wired In. So he just say all you need is a temporary, but it is and that’s all he had. And so he hit the button is wired into

Roy Merritt 42:17
your switch.

Shane Langdon 42:19
So when you’re coming up on him really fast right before a corner, he would hit that button and his brake lights and shoot on and you grab a handful of brakes and really he’s accelerating.

Unknown Speaker 42:28

Shane Langdon 42:30
Come on in. You hit the brakes as you’re coming up on him. And really, there’s no brake lights. He just takes off. It’s just I call you. It’s a good trick. I love it. That’s why my sporty I have just a rear switch. That’s only such I had to work my brakes. And I can hit it enough to where it turns the lights on. But I’m not really doing anything dragging.

Roy Merritt 42:51
Yeah, the king of the baggers, man. I think there’s going

Aaron Staudinger 42:55
it was an experience. I watched it now probably about five times. I think you’ll do three races in six minutes. Worth

Shane Langdon 43:03
like so really 14 minutes. So yeah, it was like,

Roy Merritt 43:06
watch the race laps to watch the race if you didn’t have I think Mab TV. And I don’t know if it even aired all the way through. It’s all over YouTube. No, yeah. But to watch it live, you had to go on to motoamerica or Ma’am, you got a like $9 999 for one event or you pay $75 for the year, which in all reality if you if you’re into racing anyways, you’ll spend that at one event without question. You know, if you were to go so

Aaron Staudinger 43:34
out of season next year, I’ll buy the season pass man, I’ll support my dog.

Roy Merritt 43:38
Yeah, yeah, if king of the baggers gets bigger, absolutely. So here’s what I and we talked about this a little bit, you know, today and that you said you wanted to kind of wanted to see the metrics of what’s going on, because I think motoamerica probably saw a spike of people like me.

Shane Langdon 43:55
Oh, absolutely.

Roy Merritt 43:57
Pay $10 I want to see this rate,

Mike VO 44:00
guys. I think their biggest metric was 18 to 27 females. And

Aaron Staudinger 44:04
yeah, there’s you know, yeah.

Roy Merritt 44:11
They see it. And I think next year if they do three races that are highest, you know, attendance or however you want to look at it. their highest viewership will be those three races. And then the year after, it’ll be not. You know what I mean? Because they want that in every race they want. They want the viewership in every race. So yeah, it’s great. I can watch it. Laguna Seca. They tell me to races

Unknown Speaker 44:34
long enough. Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 44:39
last issue last an hour.

Shane Langdon 44:42
It should have been at least 18.

Mike VO 44:44
So I you know, I use the drag specialties code. And it took me longer to figure out how to get the fucking code in there and getting the race around in the race lasted Yeah, I was like, that’s why now here’s

Aaron Staudinger 44:52
another thing. I really hope that I’m putting out there please moto America. You might be listening. They are right. Probably not listen to what I’m saying Don’t let this get out of control. Keep the bikes more or less stock don’t go completely nuts with what we do with the bike

Roy Merritt 45:14
you’re gonna have to run out you’re gonna have to run a stock class you have to run a you know, you’re gonna have to run a

Unknown Speaker 45:19
and that will be fine.

Mike VO 45:23
That’s fine. You don’t I mean, next your

Aaron Staudinger 45:28
stock ride height, or you change the bars, no motor,

Shane Langdon 45:31
no awesome.

Mike VO 45:33
free for all so that people join. Yeah, and then if it gets popular enough, then they

Aaron Staudinger 45:38
want to see happen to this though is what happened to like NASCAR over the years, right, where the cars used to be stock cars. And it was awesome and exciting, because you got to see what performed on the track and how it related to what you had on the street. Yeah. Once it deviated from that, and it went to completely fabricated everything. They’re cookie cutter, they’re all the damn same. And all you get is it’s a technology war and different body styles with a different like,

Roy Merritt 46:06
they already they’ve already passed that.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah, there you go.

Roy Merritt 46:10
The king is magazine. Yeah, they already Vance and Hines saddleman all those guys empty fairing

Aaron Staudinger 46:18
man that’s totally fine. Well, I’m talking about like

Mike VO 46:25
motorcyclists weighed 550 pounds.

Roy Merritt 46:31
He was the most uncomfortable racer

Shane Langdon 46:39
to 300 races they’ll see it’ll be broken in

Roy Merritt 46:44
the Salomon guys

Aaron Staudinger 46:47
my first bike man Yeah.

Shane Langdon 46:50
Putting a little pair of stickers on my blog dude.

Roy Merritt 46:53
I told them they came in here like a week after the drag specially show and I was like, man, we pulled out onto the fucking Street and saw your trailer. And if we weren’t on a one way road or whatever it was. I was like we couldn’t turn around easily. I was like, but we were gonna pepper your fucking trailer with a pair of stickers. He fucking assholes

Shane Langdon 47:14
will say they’re the only ones that make a high arched back seat for my old ass sporty you got our era yeah Lapera doesn’t they? They don’t owe the only one that makes a high back well, I think lucky David might do. Especially

Aaron Staudinger 47:35
no joke.

Shane Langdon 47:38
Dave makes them yeah, no, they don’t they totally make them realize that’s the case I’ll pay for So

Mike VO 47:47
please, all those that let’s settle on make small today custom. I’ve sat on

Roy Merritt 47:52
San Diego custom if the salmon seats and I’ve set on 20 drag seats. I take every one of those drags. And I don’t like that stiff feel of the saddle and they’re good looking seats are nice quality. They’re they’re awesome seats. But man. I don’t know man.

Shane Langdon 48:08
sparser doesn’t go more than 100 miles before I got to fill up anyway. So yeah. Now this new motor, who knows? It might be 80.

Roy Merritt 48:18
If you’re like me, I will be Yeah, you if you’re bouncing off the top of the same string. They like to drink.

Aaron Staudinger 48:24
Yeah, Roy, we were riding this weekend, man, you jumped in front of me. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a sporty rebel. I was like, Whoa, man, this is so damn, I

Roy Merritt 48:36
put a progressive mono tube suspension in the front. And I got it from a friend. And I did not get the top out springs. So the top house springs are shorter from progressive. So I put the longer top out springs and both preloads in it. I had to push down on the cartridge to get it in, which is not normal. So I know that he’s got a lot of speed with preload. So I found out Sunday when we all rode that when I run full throttle through first and second when I bang second, drop the clutch. I’ve so much preload that it bounces the front end off of the ground when I hit a second it’s 83 you know, but dude, yeah, the other 83 rip, rip, people, people sleep on those 80 threes, and I love it because we were talking about this with Shane because Shane got his bike back together. And somebody was saying I was like, I need to go out and rip and and somebody was like, Yeah, well, you know, you’ll be able to keep up and I was like, well, supposedly she knows how to ride his bike and I might and I’m not talking shit. I’m just saying because I’ve never seen him ride his bike. And I was like, and if he doesn’t have his ride ride his bike then No, I won’t be able to keep up. I said but if he doesn’t know how to ride his bike, then yes, I will be able to

Aaron Staudinger 49:50
add three for money comes

Mike VO 49:56
in, we can run

Shane Langdon 49:58
the old kit. That’s awesome. Before did the head quiet

Mike VO 50:01
man, we left,

Unknown Speaker 50:02
we left.

Mike VO 50:05
We did 83 hits,

Shane Langdon 50:06
we made the turn our back road. And I thought everybody behind me like Nick and everybody was gonna go for it. So I made the turn and I waited for everybody to make the turn. So it was like, okay, we’re all here straightaway get on it. So I get on it. And I’m just going and you hit the sweeper through this back row on Joe Brown road. And I make it as brand new tires to just build this motor. So I’m not even thinking I’m just like, Yeah, go for it. It wasn’t raining.

Indian guy going into turn to going Oh, Shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow. And I went so wide out of the corner. No cars coming. Thank God put me in the corner and I’m going and then I get to the end of the road. I’m like, there’s no one behind me. Now I’m sitting there another 22nd goodbye. I’m like, okay, to turn back around. And everyone’s in that corner stopped helping Cedric drag his sponsor out. Because apparently, Cedric see only one that tried to go with me. Yeah. And he’s like, dude, I couldn’t even see you. By the time we got close to that corner. You’re gone.

Mike VO 51:16
Yeah, it’s cuz you’re eating fucking dirt.

Shane Langdon 51:20
And then I went in the corner and I was like, nope. And I locked it up and slid right into the trees.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
You gotta know

Roy Merritt 51:27
what to do when you’re coming into hot. You know, you can’t just break it.

Aaron Staudinger 51:31
Oh man, is what you do. Like Tyler O’Hara, don’t turn to is he straightened out. He kept it up. He backed it in, backed it in and window, stood out and just went straight to the sand.

Shane Langdon 51:42
Yeah. And when you have a sand run off, it’s nice. When it’s a mountain, the cliff or a tree or a guardrail. You’re fucked up in sketch.

Roy Merritt 51:53
When he hit that we were getting into mountain road and there was no off you know, there was no going off of the road. It was wall on one side, you know, mount on one side. And luckily, he hit a car

Shane Langdon 52:05
and bounced off. So but before this build, so Nick, he took me dirt bike right before my first time. Yeah. And he called me. Probably it was a Saturday night. So I was in two nights into a good booze and coke

Unknown Speaker 52:24
better you can enter.

Shane Langdon 52:27
And he goes, Hey, man, we are going dirtbike riding tomorrow. I’m new into the family. So I’m like, hell yeah, I’m all buzzed up. I’m like, yeah, I’ll go dirt bike riding. Yeah, so some hammy down boots are caked with 30 pounds of dry dirt. Yeah, my hockey shin pads and his dad’s Thank God you actually worship as yes I’m 50 X with with the Start button. Thank God. So we go to come to find out my shin pads. Hook the fairing of the dirt bike every time I try to lift my foot up to grab her break. Yeah, no rear brake and we’re pi pi which is a really good course but as the dries conditions in California they seem so there’s no there’s no tackiness to the road. No, I know dirt. I know you said in the groove. You come around you see the apex you hit and you go throttle out. First turn my throttle out. No stick bumps off the burn. shoots me into the fucking trees. The whole weekend. I’m so hung over dragon ass. I’m like how much longer they’re like Oh, just around the bend every time Really? We’re doing a circle around the fucking truck that we trailered

bike goes wide I’m in the berm I’m just like basically riding my body against the berm and the trees as I slow down to fall over and then Jeff my father in law goes by goes EZ Pass right so when I when I got them to sell their sport bikes or their their some of their dirt bikes and their toy hauler, and got them into Harley’s Nick got a stage 1103 dyno with the club kit on it and I took him up the mountain road back home California Highway nine which is a tail the dragon Yeah, yeah, killer. That’s right. Yeah. And it’s a 35 mile one way one lane just twist the monster and I’m telling him the same thing he told me Oh, right at your own speed will stop at the stop so wait for everybody. And he’s looking at me like yeah, whatever dude, fuck you. Yeah. And so my little 97 1200 sports are fucking walked his ass entire mountain and he is dragging pipe and peg and everything trying to keep up or I’m lifted up and I rode my bike around there for years. So I know the road so knowing the road is better than any guy. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Knowing the road is better than any performance you can put on. So Then we’re in a straightaway up in the top of the mountain, and he blows by me like hundred miles an hour. And so I reel him in and pass them probably about 130 miles an hour my sponsor, and he’s like, what the fuck? He’s so bitter that he bought this brand new Dyna.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Yeah, he’s

Roy Merritt 55:19
already Yep.

Shane Langdon 55:20
And so later on we’re hanging out with his heels, wheelie buddies and like, Oh, well you ride I’m like, I just have a little 97 sporty no big deal. No, like, Oh, cool. And they go the next person. He’s like, Don’t let him do that shit to you. Yeah. But you know people sleep on sports is the sporty I have was the first Harley ever worked on first Harley I ever rode. And it was my my old man’s bike. Yeah. So it’s a it’s a forever bike. Yeah, I just keep building it blowing it up. Keep building it. Because people sleep on sports shoes, man. I’ve left bars and talk to the guys with loping baggers and go all in that’s nice bike man. And they go all yours is cute. Where’s the rest of it? And I tell them I left it at home so it’s fair. And then they want to race in their 200 pound wife comes Wallah on the bar to get on the back of their bike and I’m just like, Fuck, now’s a fair power to wait. You know, people sleep on sportsters. And, you know, I’m excited to get this thing tuned up on the dyno and see what I can who I can terrorize. Yeah, Holly’s Ma. Excited. You’re right. We’re not gonna I’m not gonna beat everyone. I mean, these these motors we build on these inmates. They are super impressive. Oh, yeah. But revenue 775 with the power. Wait. I think I can surprise a couple of them. Because I don’t think the riders we got to figure out are as good. I don’t I just don’t think the riders we buy don’t have the experience.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
I was just I was looking at all

Aaron Staudinger 56:46
time for what we did this week went a little bit.

Mike VO 56:49
Yeah. Last time we did that. Yeah. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 56:52
My wife was like, if you’re written with Mike knows, I

Shane Langdon 56:55

Roy Merritt 56:57
He spent almost three years and I think the only time we rode was like, together was like from kids in the morning meetings to hear. I was like, I don’t think me and Mike have ever rode together. No, I don’t know. Like I honestly don’t know what kind of rider he is. I’ve never ridden with him. I don’t know. I forgot how small a fucking sport he really is. I got on it. I was like, God, I’m fucking a football. Yeah. So I’ve been contemplating cuz I got like 16 inch tapes and whatnot on the bike. And it’s set up for comfort, because I ride it every day.

Unknown Speaker 57:29

Roy Merritt 57:31
I’ve really been because I ride the way I ride it is pretty much wide open, wide open up here all the time. Which the position I’m in and the bars and Everything I have is not really conducive to writing like the year when Yeah, you know, yeah, it’s kind of Yeah, you 55 miles an hour everywhere. Yeah, apes and fucking shitter Great. So I’ve been really tossing around the idea of switching it up and go into like mids or rearsets and emoto Stefan’s or lower bars getting my weight forward because in the turns at 100 miles an hour. I get wobbly. Yeah, no, there’s no weight on the front end. Yeah. And I’m like I got to get my weight up there. I got it. You know, I got to so I’ve really been tossing around the idea I’ve been looking at you know, going online and Google searching

Shane Langdon 58:17
for a sport is it’s like a quarter of the cost of your or the retail your you

Roy Merritt 58:20
can’t even get me control. Because I guess you just buy stock made controls. Nobody makes mid control.

Shane Langdon 58:27
I go for 100 bucks. I’m like, that’s like the corner. Chinese. They make every kind of

Unknown Speaker 58:36
you can’t give me control.

Mike VO 58:37
Well, yeah, it’s by the stock ones.

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Yeah, that’s

Mike VO 58:41
Yeah, you can’t buy make controls for Donna’s you just buy stock ones because that like that that Dinah the I have that done. It’s fast, man. That’s a fucking fast 96 inch Donna

Aaron Staudinger 58:51
do 96 with a six speed and oh 708 those bikes?

Unknown Speaker 58:55
smokin Aaron.

Mike VO 58:59
And we have to say we I mean, you’ve got to stock 96 right. I do. And so yeah, I don’t know, buy or tune. But it was I was like, hey, this bike is fast. Considering I was like, dude, your bike is fast. And I’m like, you just don’t know how to ride. Yeah. And then and then like when we’re going I was like, This bike is pretty quick for six. Good man. It’s still a small bike

Aaron Staudinger 59:22
but transmission on that bike. Is that not the best transmission you felt on on a Harley? Mine in my oh seven that transmission is the best investment

Shane Langdon 59:32
because it’s not no six.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
They did something

Shane Langdon 59:38
special. They actually put dolls and didn’t have ports cases. Because oh six was like the worst is the first year the 16.

Mike VO 59:47
But those four controls fucking suck. They’re garbage.

Shane Langdon 59:50
You can’t You can’t put your weight down. On the outside. Corner. I’m

Mike VO 59:56
going around like corners. I had to lift my foot off and just let them go. The pigs like Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang off the ground. I’m just like, and so I just like skin, my foot on the ground walk around.

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:08
Like so low, my diner, I hang my heel down. So I’m out where I think the pipe is on the right hand side. So what I’m doing right, yeah, so I feel my heel, go drag and I shift my butt over and I stand the bike up and I keep hauling. Yeah,

Shane Langdon 1:00:24
well, that’s a cool thing is like looks good with

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:26
with balls. All right, it’s too low. I mean, to do what we were doing this weekend, I had to push. Probably more than I prefer to push to make that bike do what it does. One inch front wheel, and it’s super, it’s got 10 inch rear shocks on it.

Mike VO 1:00:38
Yeah. And you went you went wide a couple times on those corners, the return or any quarter that I had to lift my foot off the so that I could just bang ding the peg off the ground and not like grind those because I’m keeping those my I love the pigs. Oh, I was like, Well, I guess we’re over. I’m just

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:56
I’ve dragged site several times and I just don’t want to keep dragging it. So I just try to limit and that’s that’s why

Shane Langdon 1:01:02
I’m telling you man. Oh, my pipes. I had low shocks. Dude.

Mike VO 1:01:04
It was a good ride to take a gander out here and just snatch up

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:09
my bag. It’s not I don’t have to worry about it.

Shane Langdon 1:01:12
I still want to ride bikes across the street. Yeah, my own bike. My lifters we broke off. I

Roy Merritt 1:01:22
mean, we broke off and kind of went out on our own. That was much more fun. You know? Yeah. You know, we’re blasting back. Yeah, and that’ll man. Man. He was getting it. He fucking he wasn’t playing dude. Yeah. Yeah, we were getting it dude. Through all the sweepers and I looked back. He was right on my ass the whole time. I was like, Well, fuck, yeah. And then. But

Mike VO 1:01:41
then when when Google got all fucking weirded out and like, turn around. I was like, What? I pulled over and he was like, you know where you’re going? I said, I told him I didn’t know where I was going to the gas station. And he’s like, well, he’s like, what’s up? And I said, well, Google said I got a turn. It’s like, No, no, no, the turn off right over here. Follow me. And I was like, Okay, so then we’re fucking following him through.

Roy Merritt 1:01:59
He wasn’t slouching man he was getting.

Mike VO 1:02:01
So we pulled up to that four way stop. And he’s like, well, you guys know how to ride. I was like,

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:06

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
that’s what we do.

Mike VO 1:02:10
He’s like, I found my shop. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 1:02:13
So he wasn’t the guy from here.

Mike VO 1:02:15
No, he just moved here from Wisconsin. Yeah, Jamie and I actually sat with him and his wife when we ate. And this was their first outing. Really to hear what’s going on that ride.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:25
Good first outing. That was a good day.

Roy Merritt 1:02:28
It was it was good day that that Mills cooled as the food was good. I mean, it did. The experience was a little long while you’re there, but other night. Well,

Shane Langdon 1:02:36
while you guys are doing that I get to work on a Sportster backer so good. I wasn’t when I worked on

Mike VO 1:02:41
the other day.

Shane Langdon 1:02:43
You have a Samsung tablet glued? Yes. fairing? Yes. I’ve worked on that bike. Yes.

Roy Merritt 1:02:50
It’s got full bags. It’s got like a 23 inch front wheel. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
I’m excited. I’m excited. This is awesome.

Shane Langdon 1:03:02
trailer you bracket bolted with about nine washers. We don’t you don’t want

Mike VO 1:03:08
it to come loose, man. Have you guys seen that mean? I think Preston was sending it to everybody that like a little kids in the hospital bed. And the dad and he’s like if when I get better, I wanna

Shane Langdon 1:03:22
get better. I’ll buy any bike you want.

So I wrote Hey, look at this shit. As bad as writing is out writing it out. Yes. JOHN Paul’s like to write I’m running out. My God. Is this thing out? Is this ours? Oh, I keep saying I want to. I want a Sportster bagger with a big wheel. Yeah, yeah, friends anymore. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:04:05
I need bags. And I thought about it for about a week. And I was like, No, I can’t

Shane Langdon 1:04:15
bad rivets holding the side covers to the bags to make it fit.

Roy Merritt 1:04:23
Yeah, you know the the fake side covers that go over bag or side covers to kind of transition from the side cover to the front of the bag. He had those riveted to the front of the bag so it would look good. They’re they’re cool.

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:36
Hey, you know what, man? I can’t hate you got he got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38
If he’s riding it saw

Mike VO 1:04:42
a lot of work.

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:44
I don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
It was actually a tablet.

Roy Merritt 1:04:47
Yeah, I mean, he does some shit to it. I know that bike is gone. But he

Shane Langdon 1:04:51
bought it like that. Oh, yeah. He said I bought it like this. So there’s the U bracket holdings Wow shirts.

Roy Merritt 1:05:02
Amazing I’m gonna play some

Shane Langdon 1:05:04
outro outro and well it’s a true outro it’s both it’s like cloudy in here from your vape

Mike VO 1:05:10
Yeah, I know. So it doesn’t even smell like marshmallows.

Roy Merritt 1:05:15
Yeah it’s gonna wrap up this episode they don’t sell

Mike VO 1:05:17
flavored vaping so I thought they like outlawed or some shit I don’t know what the fuck

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:23
is their YouTube address or anything like that we can get people to watch the

Roy Merritt 1:05:30
to figure that out but in the description perfect. Yeah. Yeah, so go to the website Talkin all the episodes have transcripts and links and all that stuff on them. They play right from the webpage. So if you don’t want to go through your app or whatever, you can go right to the web page at Talkin check us out on all social medias fuck brat Twitter grab talking but I don’t use Twitter. So fuck

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