Its spring and my bike won’t run

We have all experienced a motor that will not start after sitting over winter.  What do you do? How can you avoid it? We talk about this and so much more.


Mike VO 0:00
one book the cops. That looks like a good intro coming

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straight from the underground

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once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s Delhi your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some of the same so sit back grab a broom, we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view here on Talkin Braap once again, welcome back is out Talkin anywhere you get a lot of cash and we are already listening to set on YouTube. I do unedited videos of our episode recordings. Yeah, so you

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should show that we put on is Yeah, you can you can see it for real.

Yeah, you can see unrehearsed

shenanigans. Yeah.

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bodily fluid and air samples we determined that

Unknown Speaker 2:57
so the title The topic

Roy Merritt 3:01
is it spring and my bike won’t run. And we’re getting a lot of that right now. Every year every shop I’ve been in you know that February March, April time, depending on where you’re at. Everybody starts digging their bikes out of the garage, and they can’t get them running.

Aaron Staudinger 3:18
We also got a lot of like these two guys right here. It’s spring and I want my bike to

Roy Merritt 3:22
run. Oh, yeah, well, yeah, I want to run better. Yeah, that’s a whole different subject. But you know, we get a lot of this and in our sports in general, especially older bikes, you know, the the more modern fuel injected bikes if you have the tank, you know, in winter and do your oil changes and stuff like that, for the most part, usually they run you keep the battery charged, they’ll run that’s

Mike VO 3:47
starter on or

Roy Merritt 3:48
stable stabilizer

Mike VO 3:51
they they run versus every 35 minutes of the fall.

Roy Merritt 3:54
Well, the one of the things that people may not understand about that is it is the air that kind of oxidizes I guess the fuel and causes the reaction.

Mike VO 4:06
I mean, like the air we breathe, yes, the air we breathe.

Roy Merritt 4:09
So if you have like a quarter tank of fuel and three quarters of a tank of air, that fuel is going to break down faster.

Mike VO 4:17
If somebody pancrase Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 4:21
So the best thing you can do for your fuel tank is to kill it off. Yeah, top it off. Before you park it.

Mike VO 4:30
It’s actually it’s a really good habit and bring it to us.

Roy Merritt 4:33
Yeah, off you top it off with water I just wouldn’t recommend not a good idea on fuel injected motorcycles. You might be able to fix it on the carbureted bike but once once that water gets in that fuel injection system, I don’t think you’ll ever get that out of

Unknown Speaker 4:49
there. Um

Roy Merritt 4:51
You know, a lot of this comes from the carbureted bikes. Obviously we see Harley’s because we work in Harley shop but you know, I’m sure in the in the Japanese side where they kind of work on everything. They probably see a lot of this right now. You know, a lot old carbureted bikes? And

Mike VO 5:08
I don’t think so. I think in the I think in the metric shops once, once if I just run a throwaway Yes, well,

Roy Merritt 5:15
disposable you ever been to a motorcycle junkyard? Yeah, no, Harley’s No, nope, nope. If you see one, it ain’t there. Very long.

Phillip Cabaniss 5:26
The one of the one of the shops close to me, they won’t work on anything. 20 years? Pass actually past 10 years.

Roy Merritt 5:33
Yeah, hold that is that is almost industry standard. Yeah,

Mike VO 5:36
the reason is, you know, at 10 in automotive industry, 10 years, it’s is the obsolescence point. So, once once a model is 10 years old, they don’t make parts for them anymore. And like, we had one the other day, you know, these these bikes that have been around for a long time, they’ve had a lot of them that so many people in, you know, people you know, you’re always trying to save money with a watch, they get to, you know, average Joe’s motorcycle shop, and they’ll do all my services for me. And they hack wiring up and they do all kinds of stuff. And then you bring it into, like a factory type place that does everything by the book. It knows how are they supposed to go together? Going for a tire change? bikes here for two and a half weeks? It ends up being a $2,000 job. Yeah. Because the the we had one where a 1998 this guy bought wheels. And he said, Oh, I just need tires. So he brings in the tires. And where repacking is is Timken bearings, and no spade. There were no spaces in there, everything was jacked up. It was all they got mad at us. We’re like, Hey, dude. You know,

Roy Merritt 6:36
we’re not gonna

Mike VO 6:38
say, you know, we can’t let you like, this is a safety concern, then it could be

Phillip Cabaniss 6:41
Yeah, bleep come back on you. And liability was,

Mike VO 6:44
I didn’t have to bring in like your man. You could have went somewhere else. Yeah. brought it to the place as long as you haven’t listened. Right, right. I’m sorry. That went from $500 to 18 $100. But yeah,

Roy Merritt 6:53
that’s, and that’s where the sealers right now.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Yeah, the

Mike VO 6:56
trailer will help you load it on there. And you take it right now, though, in pieces. That’s right. Okay. We’ll

Roy Merritt 7:00
get that dealership mentality. Yeah, that we’re always trying to steal. And then it’s not it at all. What it is, is that we have Harley Davidson. And this is the way I break it down for people. So in order to be a Harley Davidson dealer, there’s some give and take between us and the Motor Company, one of which is the work that rolls out of here. They have to stand behind as long as we do everything, right. Yeah. Now if a bike comes in here, like like he said, that the wheels though bearing spacing wasn’t right. If I let that leave that guy, Rex, and they sue us. Harley Davidson says you didn’t do that, right?

Phillip Cabaniss 7:45
Yeah, wash your hair done,

Roy Merritt 7:46
right. You know, that’s on you. We won’t help you. If you do everything the way the book said to improve it, they will stand behind you. And you will get Harley’s lawyers and I know Harley stuff. But you know, that’s a very, very rare circumstance, something like that happens. But in the end, we have to represent a larger company. So people bring their bikes in good example. We had one row in today was 94. The guy said, I just want to get it running. Okay, first off, that’s a huge red flag in a dealership. Because I don’t care if it runs the bike has to be safe. Yeah, so it can run good. But if your brakes and your tires and all that other stuffs bad you can’t ride that bike out of here how long I’ve been laid up, or? Well, here’s the kicker. So we you know, in looking at everything, first thing you do is look at the license plate. Exactly how long has it been since this thing run? And it last time it was tagged? it expired in 14? Wow. So we’re talking six, seven years that this bikes has not run?

Mike VO 8:50
legal to be on the road? Yeah,

Roy Merritt 8:52
correctly. And you know, they’re not riding if it’s not illegal. They’re not right. Yeah. So you know. And as a as a shop full of, I think we’re all you know, pretty well minded people that want to take care of the customer. Yeah. We have a big red flag here. You know, our shops. $120 an hour. That’s it. That’s pretty average rate for motorcycle shop nowadays. This thing hasn’t run in six or seven years. There’s not almost anything on this motorcycle that I don’t need to check, you know, period. Exactly. So now, now this bill is going up. And we’re talking about a 94 you know, softail whatever it is,

Mike VO 9:35
like 3500. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 9:36
what’s this bike worth? Now? Some people, you know, it’s a sentimental thing. I don’t care what it costs. It’s up there. Yeah, that guy doesn’t come in and say, I only want it to run just get it running. Yeah, that guy comes in and says this bike has been sitting for six, seven years, and I want to restore it. I want it back to its former glory. I know it’s gonna cost a lot of money. That’s like that’s easier. To start working on because as a technician, you know, especially a flat rate technician, your time is very valuable. Yeah. So if I’m going to invest an hour to diagnose this, I’m going to invest that time so that I can make time on the repair, you know, spending an hour to diagnose something to get paid maybe an hour. Is that your best use of time, right, you know, so I’m going to take the time and I’m going to go over this bike and I’m, I’m, you know, there’s probably going to be a really big bill when it’s all said and done. But when that bike rolls off of my lift, I’m going to give it to you just like you were one of my family members. And say, go ride it wherever you want to

Phillip Cabaniss 10:37
write feel totally comfortable. Exactly. It’s gonna be on the road. Yeah, he’s not gonna die.

Roy Merritt 10:42
People don’t understand that necessarily, I think and they commit God, they just wanted to charge me this and that will man there was a lot of stuff wrong with bike, you know, and we want you to be safe. And I think most dealerships are that way when it’s all said and done. You know, you hear horror stories about this and that, but I think as a rule, when you roll into a dealership, your expectations should be high. And you know, I’ve heard Oh, seven I thought I was gonna wait until like a week ago, my wife corrected me a note seven find focus. I was like, No, with, like 220,000 miles on it. Yeah, he runs great. I fix anything that needs to be fixed on it. Great little car. When I need certain things fixed, I go to the dealer because I want to make sure it’s done right when I need like something that I know is really easy and I can’t do it myself or I don’t have the time I might go to another shop. But in the end if I want my if I want to know if my car is right, I’m going to take it to the dealer. Yeah. Because nobody has seen more Ford focuses than the Ford dealer. Yeah, you know what I mean? If I roll it in there and say I need you look this thing over it’s got a lot of miles I you know, I want to keep it going they’re gonna come back and go Hey, man, do you need this probably you know, Joe, Joe whatever’s garage probably wouldn’t know that

Aaron Staudinger 12:06
you know, well, mileage not being an issue. The problem that we see is bikes with like, what 12 15,000 miles on them.

Roy Merritt 12:12
They haven’t been run yet haven’t been run and they just they sit around not riding the bike just worse. Just sit there and waste away. You know, riding a bike is worse.

Aaron Staudinger 12:21
Dry checked out.

Roy Merritt 12:23
I love that when people were like man, I got a 10 year old bike with 2500 miles on it and I’m like,

Phillip Cabaniss 12:27
That’s bad.

Mike VO 12:30

Phillip Cabaniss 12:34
A little bit

Roy Merritt 12:34
riding for a while before you decide to do anything with that thing. Because Yeah, you know, and the other one is I bought it from a mechanic. I love that when the mechanic on my bike. It is in the shop right now getting fixed. Now I am pretty particular about my bike, but I ride it every day.

Aaron Staudinger 12:53
You flog it every day. I do I flunked.

Roy Merritt 12:57
Yeah. I don’t know if we broke this down in the podcast. Man tell us I got a deal on Craigslist. And I’ve been riding around on a Sportster 83 I got 40 some 1000 miles on it. I bought it with about 20 to 25,000 miles or so on it and love it. Absolutely love it. People talk shit about an add three. I I tell you if you are not a professional racer, you can have a fuck ton of fun on an ad. I mean, like they’re a good little I know at

Aaron Staudinger 13:31
least one person that’s about wreck trying to

Roy Merritt 13:33
keep up. Oh, yeah, man. I hate I can’t tell you how many people I rode with that were like, that’s not an add three. And I’m like, I swear to God, it’s an add for you. They’re like, Yeah, but so

Aaron Staudinger 13:52
every gearshift.

Roy Merritt 13:55
Do that motor down because I had a buddy that had 1000 miles on his own a sporty low, same bike. He had 50,000 miles on it. We pulled the cylinders down. You can still see the fucking crosshatch and this is awesome. Like no bullshit. There were some rubs on there. The cylinders

Unknown Speaker 14:11
are a half inch thick.

Roy Merritt 14:12
Yeah, yeah. So I’m gonna tear mine down to see it anyways, babies. I got I found a deal on Craigslist. And this guy had the full 1200 drive train stage for everything. Well, he didn’t know stage for something. And in the pictures, I could tell that it wasn’t stopped. So I went over and I look at this thing and I’m walking you know, he’s got to sit on a little cart and I’m walking around it and you know, it’s got screaming Eagle heads. They’re etched in the heads. Nobody’s gonna do that to stock it. You know what I mean? That’s dumb. It’s got a 58 millimeter throttle body on it which is huge. And there’s only one way you really can get that throttle body, which is the stage for Hartley kit, which is high compression pistons. Screaming Eagle heads, 50 millimeter for Ottawa 8585 cams and so I took this thing, put it up on the lift and turned it over, everything seemed to check out everything seemed good. So I pulled my motor out, put it in, and literally receded to oil in it and put it on the street and the dyno dyno tuned to hit 95 horse and 80 foot pounds of torque, which is rockin for that setup. And it ran I mean, nothing was this fun? So I ride it, maybe 500 miles on it, maybe? Maybe. All right, yeah. So this is a great story. Because I’m young, I’m set off the revolute. Everywhere I go, I can pull so hard. It’s so much fun. So on the dymo on the diam, my power, torque and horse peak at 7200 RPM when I hit red line. So I’m bouncing off the red line all the time, cuz that’s where my powers at, you know. So I’m on the highway, I’m doing 90 100 or so. And this sport bike comes flying by me he’s doing like 40 bucks, 50 probably, and I can’t have that shit.

Bet. And I just egg it out with your eggs, it’s hard to tell because my speedometer bounces out at 120. But it takes somewhere around 121 2125 somewhere around there.

Unknown Speaker 16:26

Roy Merritt 16:28
so I run out here and as I died here, I bout fourth year. And as I hit fifth year, it just goes.

Point, I’m given a gas and it’s slowing down and I’m like back off of it. And it kind of comes back, oddly enough. And so I get home and I’m like whatever. I take it out we had a meet up with a bunch of guys from Nashville and whatnot.

Mike VO 17:09
I take another swipe.

Roy Merritt 17:12
And I again, they’re gonna pop meet. Those are good, too. So I go out and meet up with all these guys on my ride. I had, I think at this point, I had seen some oil around my head gasket. And I was like, I’m pretty sure I blew head gasket, you know. So I’m riding it and I’m out with Justin, we’re on the highway. And I just do like at 19 I was itching and I’m like, like, I see what this thing will do. And I tried to pick out fourth year and I couldn’t get out fourth year. And I’m like, Alright, something’s wrong. And we go to the meetup. I can see oil and I’m like, yeah, I’m pretty sure I blew a head gasket. You know, like pretty sure one of these head gaskets is gone. So on the way home, of course, I got to push it, you know. And so I I pushed it too hard that time. And at this point, I get up over 100 and it bogs down even in fourth gear, and then I couldn’t do over 90. And I could hear you know, I could hear where it sounded like the head had lifted. And I’m like, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that sound for sure. It’s a head gasket. So I was convinced I had blown head gaskets. And I brought it in here on a Sunday. And I said well I bought head gaskets and all this. I’m like I’m down 32 head gaskets will be good.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
And he’s like, Oh, this would be quick on the

Unknown Speaker 18:29
road today.

Aaron Staudinger 18:31
And I was here that Sunday,

Unknown Speaker 18:32
because we were to every white everyone was with Yeah, everyone was super intrigued.

Aaron Staudinger 18:37
Yep. And I come over to Roy and I’m like, dude, Hey, man, I you know, How’s it look? I don’t know. I don’t see the spot where it looks like it was blowing through. So. Yeah. And then a little deeper and then

Roy Merritt 18:48
and then to rotate the motor over. I need to pull the spark plugs. Will I swear to God, I put this thing in my bike. I need to change the spark plugs. I just put that picture in there ran it. So I take the rear spark plug out I go to get to the front spark plug in. It’s locked. And I’m like, Ah,

Mike VO 19:03
you’re kidding me. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 19:05
that’s Mike. Mike a seat like guys like me. I need a mic. Because Mike is that just do it. Guy. And I’m the power reason. Don’t worry about Yeah, I’m the How am I gonna do this guy. He’s just fucking do it.

Mike VO 19:22
Snap on 6000 pounds. Right now.

We’ll go back in. He’s

Roy Merritt 19:29
like, yeah, at that point. My washers were loose. Yeah. And I was like, well, dude, I can’t run it like this. I decided I was going to I actually considered it so I finally you know, might convince him. He’s like, dude, you fix that. And he’s right. I don’t want to ride on something I’m not 100% on so I stripped it out. Of course. It comes with threads and everything. Now my head spot. You don’t

Mike VO 19:52
even know the best part of the story. And what’s the best part? Keep going I’ll let you know. So

Roy Merritt 20:00
When I when I finally get the book out the end of it is gone. And I’m like, What the fuck? I dropped it though.

Mike VO 20:08
And I was like I was like, oh my god this must been like shit he was like I think I dropped it I was like

Roy Merritt 20:15
turned and melted I dropped it on my list far maybe they dropped and some things will break and I so I chalked it up to well maybe I dropped it in popped off I didn’t see it there I do accident.

Mike VO 20:30
Still in it.

Roy Merritt 20:31
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So oddly enough on the way in the bike ran perfect. I did over 100 miles an hour without trying like it ran perfect as I brought it in.

Mike VO 20:42
I always was like, as they’re blowing up. Yeah, I built the spark

Roy Merritt 20:46
plug out there’s no end to the spark plug in. I’m no one you know, if

Mike VO 20:50
your spark plug is about 100 miles an hour with a blown head gasket. You because You know every time that piston goes down, it’s sucking atmosphere into there. So it’s bringing all that cold air out.

Roy Merritt 21:02
And you’re just I don’t know, if you wrote that book if you wrote that thing. I don’t think the head gasket was the problem at all. I think the threads in the spark plug in the spark plug itself are the problem because Dude, that thing ripped all the way to the top of the ring land off? No, it will so the end of the spiral?

Mike VO 21:20
electrodes Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:21
yeah, the

Aaron Staudinger 21:22
the pins on the ring land.

Roy Merritt 21:23
Yeah. The edge of my my piston up to them like Well, fuck now I need pistons and heads. cylinders. I’m gonna

Mike VO 21:30
do so I’m like, just get just get the hammer camp. And he’s like, I’m like it’s never gonna be cheaper. Yeah, well, I want this another thing that people don’t realize. There’s there’s a point where I know it’s I know it’s 500 more dollars. But next year, it’s 1800 more dollars. Exactly. Right now to undo the cheapest it’s gonna be to do this.

Roy Merritt 21:54
I’m pretty sure my wife told me I could buy those cams and then forgot she told me because when I told her how much money I was spending, she got really see. And that’s,

Phillip Cabaniss 22:02
I’ll say this. I think that’s your first mistake. So you need to

Unknown Speaker 22:07
tell her Yeah, well.

Aaron Staudinger 22:11
If we don’t intros yet,

Roy Merritt 22:12
and we introduce,

Aaron Staudinger 22:15
we have to introduce our customer fill, fill our ideal

Phillip Cabaniss 22:18
customer fill. Customer fill. Number 562.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
Indiana, Indiana,

Roy Merritt 22:24
you’re getting the motor bill, and then some stuff going and stage to our last few episodes. I think we’ve had some people on that. We’re man are you blown up to Yeah.

Mike VO 22:35
Red alert on us, man.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
Red Alert.

Unknown Speaker 22:37

Unknown Speaker 22:45
throw the football.

Mike VO 22:48
That’s a good one. But yeah, so

Roy Merritt 22:50
you know, now I’m looking at cylinders and pistons. And the reason I you know, my thought process was we’re so busy right now it’s really hard to get these done on our personal bike, you know? So, if I could go back with you know, the same exact setup, I don’t need to go back in the dyno. And I don’t have to worry about and I do lean on Shane and some of the other guys who tuned more. I don’t really tune here and it’s been years since I did so I would much rather somebody that does it. Do my bike that amigo in there and look around for a whole day and not get it right you know? I mean, I’m sure I could but he can do it in a couple hours where it would take me an entire day now so I’d rather slip him some money go Hey, man, exising of good for me. But you know the cams I got to talk and if you don’t know hammer hammer performance that I don’t think there’s anybody out there. I don’t think there’s anybody out there that knows sport. He’s better than these guys. They’re they they do anything. Yeah. And they take 80 threes and tournament 100 plus horse bikes. So I kind of had messaged him back and forth that what was going on here. So if you’re in So yeah, I don’t know if I have any videos on my Instagram. But if you catch any of the videos, I post of me riding the 585 cam. It’s all Connecticut. And everywhere I go, the vowel train was so very loud with those 585 cams. And so it’s a Harley cam. And it’s what most of us call an EPA camp. So there’s not a lot of overlap in between the intake and exhaust, which helps with the unburned fuel coming out of the exhaust. That helps lower emissions but it lowers power as well. So hammer was like man, that 585 cam is not doing you any favors. You know he’s like it’s it EPA cam, so they have 560 a lot less lift, more duration and it’s made for cool Why are you so quiet? valvetrain operation was actually my that’s quite a driving factor that I wanted to get rid of that valvetrain noise. I’m hoping I can still make 100 horse. We’ll see

Unknown Speaker 25:16
that 15 times in a loop now. I don’t know.

Phillip Cabaniss 25:20
Yeah, sure. So, so you still have the add three here just Are you just taking that 1200 out and

Roy Merritt 25:27
the reason I’m taking it home? Yeah. Yeah. Did

Aaron Staudinger 25:31
you know he’s gonna swing the big hammer man.

Roy Merritt 25:34
My wife was gonna get it. You got it? I got the case. Oh, yeah, I already ordered the cams. They also do a bronze oil pump gear goes on the crankshaft designer box. Yeah, that’s that’s why I’m always good matches the 100 bucks here. 100 bucks there. Well, fuck it. I’m in there. Let’s do this.

Phillip Cabaniss 25:49
We all know what it stands for. I

Unknown Speaker 25:51
mean, I got your, your hitch.

Roy Merritt 25:57
Yeah, how much

Phillip Cabaniss 26:02
more going?

Aaron Staudinger 26:03
Where do you send it my right. Yeah, Charlie. Are they gonna clean it up at all? That the heads that you send the pair just the 101 if I

Unknown Speaker 26:13
said on both the

Mike VO 26:17
so it was in the wrong angle?

Roy Merritt 26:20
The smartboard was I’m sure yeah.

Mike VO 26:22
So I was crossed in there to begin with. Yeah, so they had to fill the hole

Roy Merritt 26:27
and start over. Also nice. Well, that’s a better repair anyway. Yeah, it’s all said and done. I would rather that than a he would coil or something like that. I nurse do they just fill it with Reeboks? bucks?

Unknown Speaker 26:45
650 he’s

Mike VO 26:47
not charging anything. He’s gonna be shipping 800 I could have bought a new one.

Roy Merritt 26:53
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:57

Mike VO 26:58
I sparkling with the impact on the invoices. Harley Davidson. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 27:05
I think we just bought a whole new machine just to do all their shit. Oh, shit. We might take care of you. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 27:10
that’s cool, though. No, I would rather anyways, I think it was really like he said we could have, we could have drilled six foot three to your coil.

Mike VO 27:20
And he has your head holding

Roy Merritt 27:24
on to get drunk and angry. And they’re, they’re a machine shop. Yeah, I would much rather send that to a machine shop and say, okay, you do what you think needs to be done to it. And let me feel comfortable about it. And then I’ll believe you do

Phillip Cabaniss 27:36
they just take well, that re machine and then

Roy Merritt 27:39
if I didn’t have to do that, I don’t know. Maybe.

Mike VO 27:41
Yeah. They completely filled it back up with aluminum and then and then re drilled a threaded yet the correct angle? Oh, yeah. And then repainted the head? Awesome.

Aaron Staudinger 27:51
We’ve got a really bad asset of heads for a Sportster? Yeah.

Mike VO 27:55
One day, they’re gonna go and polish and everything. Oh, yeah. That set him up for

Phillip Cabaniss 28:02
this. I’m a buddy of mine. He’s got an old shovel. And this is kind of like going back to like old bikes. It’s kind of like, it’s been sitting. He got it. It’s it’s like, it’s just sitting in his shed pretty much sold shovelhead cone, cone shovel, and it’s just been sitting there, but I checked it out. Like he finally showed it to me. And but it’s still plugged. So do plug heads. Like

Unknown Speaker 28:26
I know, it’s it was really good for me. I was gonna say that.

Phillip Cabaniss 28:29
I’m pretty sure it’s like a it’s a hot bike.

Mike VO 28:33
88 or something? Yeah,

Phillip Cabaniss 28:34
but it’s, it’s like it’s just sitting in there. Like he just he laid it down. He got it. And somebody didn’t properly bleed, bleed the brakes. And it was like he was he was just ripping around the yard and came I guess he came around a corner and like hit it no brakes whatsoever and he’s just like, Alright either kids and adults are logs so he like just laid it down

Mike VO 28:57
into the woods

Phillip Cabaniss 28:58
not just like I mean he had like entries he does like a solenoid or something so but but I mean it’s a it’s an awesome

Mike VO 29:06
I would and the kids there waste a ton of

Roy Merritt 29:13
money bikes though. And a lot of people don’t realize that so many guys are like bikes are so awesome. That you want to ride it and the brakes suck Yeah, they’re not fast. Bike Yeah. And it’s like Dude, I don’t understand why you like this.

Phillip Cabaniss 29:31
Like it’s like you see these like video clips on YouTube or whatever and they’ll be like, oh chopper days, and you’ll see these guys ripping around. But what they don’t show you is all the cuts like

Mike VO 29:42
I’m trying to get there. Yeah, they’re like 20 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
pumping it pumping it. Come on, man. Come on. Just, you know,

Mike VO 29:49
here’s the best part didn’t even listen to lock up bullshit.

Aaron Staudinger 29:56
Magazine. rates from coast to coast on an old hardtail shovel pan style motor to get from coast to coast. Because it’s so fucking impossible. Yeah, no snow nothing.

Roy Merritt 30:11
The big ass rides where they’re riding like all vintage shit. I totally dig I get that. You know what I mean? And there’s rodri kind of like you talked about with the wind speed. I’m sure there’s a camaraderie there when you know you’re all going together somebody breaks down you fix you go yes has

Phillip Cabaniss 30:24
another here and there,

Roy Merritt 30:26
right. I like to ride so I bought a fuel injected bike. Yeah, because I turned my key on I hit a button and I ride

Unknown Speaker 30:33
on them all the time. Yeah, I

Roy Merritt 30:34
don’t want to fuck with carburetor. Oh, yeah. Hey, well, my day off. The last thing I want to do is work on my bike.

Mike VO 30:39
When I was at when I was in Arizona at superstition, I remember one time I don’t remember what I was doing. at the dealership we had kind of like the service technician or you know, the big the big roll up door. And then it was like a big overhang where there’s lots of motorcycle parking right there. And then they had these these uh, like wooden benches where you could just kind of chill like, kind of on the outside of the wall service counter. And what’s funny is like the hog hog chapter, you know, they go there every Saturday. And then they’d like go to I hop was like a mile and a half down the road. Right? The call to the pine writers.

Unknown Speaker 31:16
Every weekend we had a viewer shift,

Roy Merritt 31:25
and that was the running joke always was like, Oh, the hog guys are here for their Bob Evans. Right.

Mike VO 31:38
Ready called this big trip and he had a motorbike like a 2015 or 2016. And he brought it in, we check it out. He had like 30 pounds of tools in the back. Are you gonna do it? I think I work on the bike, something that I did, or my buddy told me to another master tech that was over there. And I walked out. And I sit on the bench kind of take a break. He’s like, Hey, he’s like I kind of got a list of tools. You know, you come in, you guys know what’s going on. I’m going on a trip. And he’s like, here’s my lizard. And I was I was looking I was like, that’s pretty cool, man. And he’s like, what do you take when you go on a ride?

Unknown Speaker 32:15
Driver when

Mike VO 32:19
towing 500 miles in any direction that cost me $2 a month. Yeah, so I just call in I don’t have to carry all that heavy shit. That’s gonna break my neck a fall off on the highway.

Roy Merritt 32:33
It’s funny you say that because I have been embarrassed a few times. On we do Friday night streets here in Nashville and I ride with a bunch of guys that like stunt riding stuff. And we basically just go rip around Nashville and never stop. Nice. So you know, we get lit up by the cops.

Mike VO 32:49
Like 22 miles an hour.

Aaron Staudinger 32:51
Yeah, and one wheel

Roy Merritt 32:58
speed and whatever. Yeah, there’s a lot of slow riding when everybody’s doing wheelies.

Mike VO 33:03
I’m like looking at your lecture videos and I’m like you ever break 35 miles an hour? This isn’t fun. Yeah, well

Roy Merritt 33:08
that’s right. Yeah. Yeah, I like to ride back.

Aaron Staudinger 33:13
I mean, we’ve been out before ripping around Yeah,

Roy Merritt 33:17
hell yeah. Yeah, I like I like to ride that’s not a lot of like, I’ve found that that really not a lot of people are comfortable with 100 miles an hour like

Mike VO 33:25
a lot of people are comfortable about 50 miles Yeah,

Roy Merritt 33:27
I know. But like when you hit that Like 90 100 mark you fade out a lot of people especially when you get out on the highway and I want to rip even when I add three red lines 107 and I did that all the time. I was always there oh seven

Phillip Cabaniss 33:42
you just gotta you gotta like take it was one of like all the race guys do they just like on our sixes and stuff? They just take duct tape and put over the RPM gauge. It’s like this is where the power is. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:53
you don’t care

Phillip Cabaniss 33:54
about everything else like you know maybe between five and seven you know that’s where you might just be you know, you ride in a pack

Roy Merritt 34:00
with a dozen guys are doing wheelies you’re doing all this shit. A breakdown all the time. Most of these guys are working on themselves and are not Harley beginning. You know I’m not gonna be a dick about it. But they’re not hardly mechanics and they’re doing the work themselves. So example. wheelie front forks come apart. Oh, yeah. Did I

Phillip Cabaniss 34:26
think I saw that I saw that video

Roy Merritt 34:30
is gone. We know we had happened to a guy here. He’s serious. Fancy front end on and didn’t torque everything up. And in the first wheelie when he came down the fork came straight up trends. Yeah, it was bad. Really bad.

Mike VO 34:45
Hey, see?

Aaron Staudinger 34:47
So well the guys have been ready for in the morning.

Roy Merritt 34:50
It’s been so many times that people break down and I pull over and I’m like, oh man, what you got going on there and who I need this. I need that. I don’t have a single My bike doesn’t need to ride around with tools to fix other people’s shit. And they’re like, well made you work on bikes. You got anything and I’m like, No no, I work.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
I work.

Roy Merritt 35:13
The tools you know. I’ve even seen some really strange things I’ve seen. So Justin was out this was really interesting to me. We’re out riding and is he is a flat slide carburetor. You guys know that. So he’s got a flat, flat carburetor. And sometimes the dumbest things escaped. Without question, like, the easiest solution escaped me this again, where I like to have Mike like today I was having problem with a wiring thing. And he said, switch wires. And I could not wrap my head around. Why? But Mike says just try it. I didn’t work. I was like, I understand it before I do it. Right. Mike’s like, just try this. And I’m like, it worked. I’m like, motherfucker, how does he do that? But so he’s thinking you and so I grew up and I’m looking at this thing and he thought, you know, stops everything’s good.

Mike VO 36:10
checking in with a lighter

Roy Merritt 36:14
fires it up. And this thing is literally dumping fuel out of the top of the slot. Which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The way the carburetor works, there should never be fuel that above the fuckin venturi like period. And I’m sitting there and he’s like, Dude, what do you think’s causing this? I’m like, I have no fucking idea. Yet Well, it ran we and we got it back to the trailer with him like dumping fuel the whole time. I rode behind him and was getting fuel on me it was that bad. But I stayed behind him because I wanted to make sure if something happened, I could be there with him.

Mike VO 36:52
So would you put them out? I

Roy Merritt 37:05
couldn’t see anywhere. I was just going to tell him to Hey, you know hop on my bike. I’ll stay here with yours. Go put it in the trailer Come back with me to travel trailer down the road. So

Unknown Speaker 37:15
I just couldn’t

Roy Merritt 37:17
wrap my head around how fuel could be leaking out of the top of the carburetor just did not make sense. And so I was like, man, I have no idea. We get back there. And he goes back home and he texts me the next morning. He says I put a new fuel cap on my bike last night. Do you think that could be the problem? And I was like absolute fucking lewdly Oh, was it better? Yeah, I’m

Unknown Speaker 37:41
like now.

Roy Merritt 37:44
So Ben building when he when he would ride he would get hot get the tank that would feel pressure to shove it shove into fuel into the carburetor. And I was like, Fuck, I

Mike VO 37:53
can’t believe it. You know? Yes. Coming out of the knee. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 37:57
yeah. All he would do was like, loosen his fucking

Unknown Speaker 38:03
All right, I’m

Mike VO 38:03
like needle jet.

Roy Merritt 38:05
I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. You know, like it just in the moment. You’re thinking. Yeah. Now if you would have brought it in into the shop, I would have checked everything out then like, okay, when I wrote it, and then after it got hot and did something, I’ll be like, Alright, something’s going on here and then started checking for things. And I couldn’t figure it out in the shop. But when you’re out there on the road, and it’s in that you’re in that moment, you’re like,

Mike VO 38:30
now you have towing on your insurance. Right.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
Let’s go to the bar.

Mike VO 38:37
Oh, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Roy Merritt 38:40
So let’s circle back around into

Phillip Cabaniss 38:45
just get a garden and a sock and stuff it there.

Aaron Staudinger 38:49
We’re gonna have a problem. We’d be like riding on top gear with Mike. I’ll see you at the pub. You guys are on your own. I’m out. I’ll see.

Roy Merritt 38:59
Those guys are my heroes. Top Gear is like one of my jams.

Aaron Staudinger 39:06
happens. They break down. They’re like, we’ll be at the hotel.

Roy Merritt 39:11
Vietnam scooter? Yes. Just like riding a bike. Every time they get anything, you know, they have to run them into each other. The bone was pretty funny.

Aaron Staudinger 39:26
Those guys are good. You pay attention really closely. They put the graphics on the car in a way where they open the door. It always says penis.

Roy Merritt 39:39
They came to America and they drove through like Alabama, and they’re asking Oh yeah, they painted all this like fucking total liberal shit. I don’t even remember what it was. But they painted all this.

Aaron Staudinger 39:53
These dudes come out of a pickup truck with bats and stuff. They’re like yelling

Roy Merritt 39:58
over each other’s cars. And we’re driving through Alabama and it was funny. It was funny. I didn’t southerners I want to do shit like

Mike VO 40:15
paint all over Cornelius. Car.

Roy Merritt 40:18
No, I’m just saying I want to you know, I want to go do dumb shit like go like there’s a guy I follow on LinkedIn that does motor motorbike tours in Vietnam. And every day is posted a new like trail and it’s like, you know, dualsport type trails is not not necessarily road some of those road but it’s amazing and you can

Aaron Staudinger 40:37
take right to Vietnam. Vietnam

Phillip Cabaniss 40:40
not only not not like Roger, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:46
But he’s to Vietnam. I’m talking like

Roy Merritt 40:49
she’ll why trails drop. Yes. You know, in like Korea. And I’m like, man, I told my wife every time I see one. I tell my wife. I’m like, I’m gonna go to Vietnam one day go ride. So

Aaron Staudinger 41:00
was that the episode was that Peru? Where were they? Where they were on that? That bus trail that went across the edge, and I think that’s true. And it was frickin dropped off. And I guess 1000s people die on this road every year. And it’s like, it’s an interstate.

Roy Merritt 41:13
Yeah. They don’t even give a shit. They’re like, people like their wheels. Like Damn, you’re falling off

Aaron Staudinger 41:22
the buses with 15 dude sitting on the roof. chillin hanging out. Driving around this.

Mike VO 41:28
I don’t want to sit on the roof. The bus? smart guys. See some? Good? See some crazy stuff happening? You’d be like I’m failing. Yeah, but jumped out only 10 feet.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
Jump way that way.

Mike VO 41:53
Sir. So I learned a real hard lesson one time on a ride when I had a softail and it was a kickstart only it was it was pretty cool. Pretty cool bike. Aneta s&s boat and I had a chocolate chip and I ran a cable. No, no, I didn’t start to run the cables after that after after this happened. So you don’t have to like the rod for my foot clutch. And oh, Laughlin. It was like I don’t know, maybe 1997 or 1998 or something. And I had my girlfriend in the back and we’re leaving Laughlin and Mike off go through Death Valley. It’s really cool. You know, it’s only gonna be like 20 degrees. When you leave lockland Valley, there’s like this. I don’t remember what it’s called. But I think it’s pretty sure it’s where the lowest spot the world is. The road goes and it stops. And then the highway goes this way. And you’re like, I mean, you’re looking like 50 miles into depth out. So I get to that stop sign. I push my clutch. And that’s a threat in the in the rock stripped out. So the bike stalls. And I was like, What? And I looked down on my clutch. It’s gone. I have no luck. Yeah. And I’m like, wow, this is

Aaron Staudinger 43:09
like, if I’m on myself, I could push this thing on my own here.

Mike VO 43:13
I have like all this gear, no girlfriend. And, you know, it’s like, I don’t know, probably 1030 in the morning. Sounds like it’s gonna get hot. Look, you know, there’s no water. There’s nothing. We’re in the middle of nowhere. Unless you’re not from there, right. So I couldn’t figure out how to get it to go back. So we take all of our everything that we have laid it all out on the ground, you know, and I’m like walking. And I’m just looking at everything I’ve got. I’m like, something has got to be able to connect these two pieces together. That’s what I need. You know what I mean? Yeah. So I’m like walking and walking and walking lunchy cord? Well, she had a she had some sort of a nice dress or something. We were gonna go to dinner and she had a hanger. Oh, yeah, I saw the hanger though. This is like, you know, you’re a couple hours in by that by this time, you know? And I’m like, Well, I wonder if I can get this hanger. And I can do something with that. And I had like a pair of pliers was gonna roll up cool things. So got the hangar and I did it. I started it you know, and, and everything still laid out. I’m like, let me see if it works. You know what I mean? So sorry, I right up the road. Pull it in a couple of times. Yeah, I think it’s gonna work. So we roll everything back up, get it all repack, you know, by now. It’s like 233 o’clock in the afternoon. We get on the bike. Everything’s fine. We go haulin ass. So after that, I was like, well, all I really need is some baling wire. some electrical tape and like two pairs of pliers and a more back to it. And do live it fix it. Yeah. Yeah. Can’t Fix it on the road. Yeah, right. You know you all you

Roy Merritt 44:57
guys are good. Yeah, yeah. Do I always throw jumping togethers allowing you to ship

Mike VO 45:05
and so that’s your toolkit. That’s when you get a little bit of baling wire you get about 10 feet of baling wire. Yep, you can fix pretty much anything external. No, because you can twist it around it’s real strong. Yeah get some needlenose pliers to set I started right i mean it might it might wreck some shit make cosmetically but

Phillip Cabaniss 45:23
at that point you don’t really care

Mike VO 45:25
cosmetics when you’re in Death Valley. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 45:28
yeah not the chrome Yeah.

Mike VO 45:32
back six gallons of water we were like, I think about two and a half hours and then we’ll I’ve

Roy Merritt 45:38
been pretty lucky at the worst I’ve ever had happened to me on one of my bikes. Is that a clutch cable break? While I was riding it sucks. And and you know, I was way far from home. So it was it was

Unknown Speaker 45:52
no, it was a cable.

Roy Merritt 45:56
So no, actually,

Phillip Cabaniss 45:57
the cable sheared the end. The end show cable broke.

Roy Merritt 46:01
Okay, yes, the cable broke. So I didn’t have any, like Band Aid fixes. And so I would you hit a certain RPM you can shift. You know you if you know your RPMs Yep. So if I was,

Phillip Cabaniss 46:13
is that when the rev limiter is bouncing is what?

Roy Merritt 46:19
Let’s do this. So yeah, I would go to a light in first gear and kill it. And then like 123 steps enough to get it rolling and hit the starter in first gear. And that’s all go home, you know, and I got there. But you know, after you first gear, if you can match your RPMs in the right place, you can slip them into yours again, ease

Mike VO 46:45
up on it. When you’re going through real slow it’ll fall. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 46:48
Cars, you’re gonna see the car. You just kind of lay it close to third year when you hit it writing year and I’ve done that in cars but

but like I said to

Mike VO 47:03
circle back around our board, he has no

Aaron Staudinger 47:04
question he.

Mike VO 47:08
Yeah, no. I know. That’s intro Yeah. Everything else? So that’s great. It’s it’s spring.

Roy Merritt 47:17
Battery batteries, number one reason that you’re not going to ride and so

Aaron Staudinger 47:22
yeah, you can tell what time of year it is by,

Mike VO 47:25
by how many matters? When did they start putting tenders on Harley? 14 day start? Well, the bagger 1414? I think it was at 18.

Roy Merritt 47:35
Most modern bikes. Yeah. If you are not an everyday rider, or at least a three times a week rider. Man, I have a little tender, you really need a big tender, you know, you just need a little sender a little

Aaron Staudinger 47:52
point eight or point 9am.

Mike VO 47:55
What what’s the difference between a big tender and a little tender?

Roy Merritt 47:58
Well, my tender is a six. And that will charge a dead battery in about two hours.

Mike VO 48:06
But will it charge a battery that’s less than 30%? Because yes.

Roy Merritt 48:12
There is no now there is a point when you get down under a certain voltage where it will not charge. Yes, absolutely. But if I get a battery out here that’s like click. It’s got enough that I know it’s working. I can plug it in there in an hour or two. It’ll be charged. Now Harley sells different levels of chargers. I think their biggest one is 1.5 milli amps. 1.5 amps. They’re literally 777 Yeah, so a 750 milliamp charger is only a maintainer. The all that is ever going to do is keep a relatively charged battery card. If you have a battery that won’t start your bike don’t plug it into a 750 million chargers.

Mike VO 49:00
Like it’s so crazy. You get these new texts, put it back put into the into the the trickle chargers and they’re like why charge charging with a maintainer? Yeah every week. That’s why

Roy Merritt 49:13
I bought a six amp charger. For the most part, most techs we have two two lifts in our Bay. I have a 15 foot cord that reach either one. Almost every single bike hits my lift is plugged into that even if there’s nothing wrong with it. If I’m doing a service and oil change tires, whatever, I will wash that tender and see and if it doesn’t go fully charged by the time I’m done if it’s been like an hour I’ve worked on this bike for an hour and it’s standard I’m fully charged. There’s so many to look at. You know that’s a sixth and Carter issue you should do pretty well. So that’s part of my diagnostic artists plugging nothing in. It’s nice though when we get dead bikes and things like that I you know, hang in the morning within an hour, hour and a half. I didn’t have a bug charged and out of there. But it At home, there’s no need for that, you know, that’s a that’s a pretty extreme charger for a home use. The one and a half amp charger is probably the best bang for the buck for a home person. Because if you’re if you’re down to where your bike doesn’t want to start, you can probably plug it in with that overnight and get there. You know that that’ll probably get you there. But the biggest thing, and I tell people when they’re buying new bikes, you know, if you’re a once a week, once every two weeks rider that means you’re probably going to go three or four weeks without riding. You should happen. You know, if I didn’t ride every day to and from work yeah, it’d be weeks before I actually took it out and running and what’s your take on offseason motor oil?

Mike VO 50:48
What is offseason? That is a lot do where you learn more motor oil sitting, sitting,

Aaron Staudinger 50:52
oxidizing all that stuff. Just get rid of it. I fuck it.

Phillip Cabaniss 50:57
Like I just try to start mine and warm it up even through the winter and

Aaron Staudinger 51:02
do that. And

Roy Merritt 51:04
yeah, kind of varnishes Oh, man, I’ve seen motor sipar five fucking years. You know, so it’s hard to say that

Mike VO 51:10
really. Oil eat? Yeah. Motorola, Fox,

Roy Merritt 51:16
Fox brought his bike in 401 k in his oil over a couple of years. As I changed my oil, I don’t think I’ve ever been over 3000 mile.

Aaron Staudinger 51:27
Fox also rides like you.

Roy Merritt 51:28
I know, I was gonna say, but I don’t mind off the red letter. So if you’re up in those RPMs, you’re gonna burn up at oil, it’s hot, just just the way it is, you know, if you, you know, most people ride way lower in the RPMs than I do. So that’s where those service standards are set up for. If you’re beating the hell out of your bike, you might want to change your oil a little more often rotate and yeah, and you can tell the way people ride their bikes by their oil pretty pretty well you know, when you when you command a guy’s got a 5k and you drop it and it still looks pretty good. That guy never has his rev limiter ever. You know, he’s never been there. For the most part, though, that’s very rare to get a bike in 5000 miles Doyle’s not pretty black. But there is some differences you know, when he gets burned, it’s it’s a staining block. You know, when you when you get on your, your, your towels are on your hands at once. It’s a different color. But when, when it’s just like kind of dark from use and time and you haven’t earned that oil. It’s different.

Aaron Staudinger 52:35
Like when you crack the camp, chest up, and you smell it wafting out.

Phillip Cabaniss 52:39
It’s like, if you ever work on a diesel truck, like I don’t know all the comments, and it’s like old 12 valve. And anytime you touch anything in the motor, it’s like your hands are instantly Yeah, and it’s like it’s all the suit Now, of course, different case scenario because it’s different fuel. But you could just imagine like, like the same the hydrocarbons or whatever it is. And

Roy Merritt 53:01
I’ve worked on easels and that that really burnt like chalky way that that the oil comes out of there, especially when it’s old is very similar to when you when you’re revving it up in high rpm. Yeah, you burn up pretty good. And I think he said he put couple quarts of oil and that he brought the hell out of it. Yeah. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 53:25
Find out about that your theory

Roy Merritt 53:26
is probably a number one. And the simplest solution is just a battery thinner.

Aaron Staudinger 53:32
It’s not cheap RV batteries now almost 200.

Roy Merritt 53:34
So when I was in school, we, me and my buddy, we thought we came up with this idea. So especially when you’re in school, why these guys are living in dorms and hotels and dumb shit, and you don’t have a garage. You don’t you don’t have a way to run an extension cord. On the second floor. I can’t run an extension cord down on my bike to charge it when I need it. So we thought, Man, what if you made a bike cover with a solar panel on and you just plug it in your tender cover your bike, it will get in the door in two seconds. So I did a lot of research on this and ends up where it was. There’s a guy in England in the UK that is making these things I think they’re called power covers. And he started on like the boat side. Yeah, that’s how his came out. Because most people you know 90% of boat owners park their fucking months at a time. Yeah. So I think that’s probably where he started from it. And then he started getting into like four wheelers and side by sides and motorcycles and I actually was in conversations with this guy for quite a while and had I been in a better spot financially. At the time I was in school. I he was willing to offer me distribution for You

Aaron Staudinger 55:00
know is the cover itself made out of the photoreactive material but every

Roy Merritt 55:06
panel on it they are they are like hanstone in Italy Oh God with all this shit is crazy stuff.

Phillip Cabaniss 55:13
So now you barely can do one of them. Yeah, nothing

Roy Merritt 55:18
really high I think the idea is sounds to me, you know, an apartment complex or something like that. And all it takes is some eyelets and some locks so you could lock it on there pretty well. You know what I mean? If you really wanted to that that part is is easy to figure out. But the idea of having a cover even on your boat, you know, the outside your house. That’s a great fucking idea, man, you know, put a cover on it. Oh, this is years ago somebody else already did. It’s not like he’s probably

Phillip Cabaniss 55:49
got Yeah,

Roy Merritt 55:50
yeah, I probably has rights today. He was working on that. And so that was years ago.

Unknown Speaker 55:54

Roy Merritt 55:56
right. I’m so you want a yacht? Right. I’m still surprised to this day that I have not seen them outside of me trying to find Well, you know, obviously they aren’t cost maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time I should start calling them again.

Mike VO 56:09
Yeah. Well, what what is solar solar panel solar panels on their best day? What are 30%? Well,

Roy Merritt 56:19
I was gonna say that that’s one biggest problem with solar. Yeah, right. They get a lot better. biggest problem with solar is that to get like a one amp charge you need have a soul 28 you are not gonna charge your Livewire with this cover? No, absolutely not. In fact, I don’t know if you if you like the battery packs that you use for your phones and stuff. They make some they have solar panels now. I’ve seen one that folded out into like four solar panels, not the size of your phone. Yeah. And from what I read on reviews, it was still like, like, at least a day or two to charge

Unknown Speaker 56:59
that song. That’s like an emergency.

Mike VO 57:02
outside. Yeah, a full sunlight. Two days, you can recharge,

Aaron Staudinger 57:06
recharge your phone, you die of exposure. Oh, sweet. All right.

Roy Merritt 57:23
Move on, because I want to I want to get through some stuff before.

Unknown Speaker 57:27

Roy Merritt 57:29
the other reason your bike doesn’t run is because your carb is gummed up. For the most part, like we said earlier, the fuel injection bikes don’t suffer from this. It takes years. You know, before you really see a fuel injected bike suffering from the fuel getting bad in the fuel system. So

Phillip Cabaniss 57:51
like even the type of fuel the type of fuel. Yeah, I

Roy Merritt 57:54
mean, well, we’ll talk about that

Mike VO 57:57
is really break down fuel quickly.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Yeah. But

Roy Merritt 58:00
so we get Flipside to that people come in all the time. And they’re having runnability issues or some type of issue. And when I asked you know, I’m running ethanol free. Oh, why are you running? This is a 2018. motorcycle. Why are you running ethanol free? First off? Yes. Are

Phillip Cabaniss 58:22
you running on what I was gonna

Roy Merritt 58:23
say? Yeah, the first. First and foremost thing with fuel and a Harley Davidson is that should be a minimum of 91 octane. Now, most ethanol free fuels are 87 or 89. It is very hard to find 91 and above ethanol free fuel. That is a rarity. Yeah, because most people are running those things in boats and lawnmowers and things like that. That don’t need

Phillip Cabaniss 58:48
rack rack fuel. Yeah. But up is because we’re like, in the country. So

Roy Merritt 58:53
yeah, we just recreational use of red diesel. Yeah.

Phillip Cabaniss 58:57
Yeah. Yeah. For diesel, but it’s not really anything. It’s just died. And yes, got red

Aaron Staudinger 59:05
diet to make sure you’re not right. That’s right.

Phillip Cabaniss 59:06
Yeah. So

Mike VO 59:08
well, it has sulfur in it. Yeah. All the shit that makes diesel’s happy.

Roy Merritt 59:12
Yeah. In fact, additives in general. If I tear a motor down, I can tell you whether you’ve been running additive or not.

Aaron Staudinger 59:19
At the top of the piston with immediately.

Phillip Cabaniss 59:22
Yeah, cuz like that would probably tie which I’m maybe getting off track, but that would tie into like, all the stuff with like venting the carburetors and you know, the new car because they have all that, like with the inmates, at least they have like, all the head breathers and everything like that. And people are all so planing about the fuel is aeration.

Roy Merritt 59:43
Yeah, the crankcase breathing. Right. crankies.

Phillip Cabaniss 59:46
What I’ve heard is it’s like, it’s like a combination of things. You know, not just that cross.

Mike VO 59:52
Most of that is most of the issues with the MA is internet.

Phillip Cabaniss 59:58
Yeah, well, it’s like every almost

Mike VO 1:00:00
nil all the big ones you hear about the costs from forums. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:06
I’ve told people a lot. There are hundreds of 1000s of these bikes running around with no problem, right? Oh, yeah. Five that have a problem are extremely vocal. Yeah. All over that billboard you read.

Roy Merritt 1:00:18
It’s not as bad as I think it would maybe really not and a little deeper, or just add a little more airspace in that motor or don’t overfill it wouldn’t be an issue.

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:28
You know what I mean? Start with not over filling it. That’s not heard. Yeah,

Phillip Cabaniss 1:00:31
combination. I

Mike VO 1:00:32
don’t think that. I, I think that the engineers are that they aren’t the same people that were there 10 years ago. Oh, no. And they never they didn’t realize that as soon as he came out, we’re going to take them apart. Okay. What do we need to throw away? Yes. What happened? What they, you know, though, we got so ahead of the game with the power that you know, I know we’ll do we’ll change the ECM.

Roy Merritt 1:00:56
side to that. Yeah. Sounds a pitches. I feel like they were planning on more because that your cylinder sleeves Don’t come near to ensure that

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:05
they’re, they’re ready for one factory.

Roy Merritt 1:01:08
They when they built that I feel like they

Mike VO 1:01:10
kind of look forward right. Not enough. But they did. Yeah, they didn’t plan on, you know, the society. The hot rodding has taken it so far, so fast, you know, because, because, I mean, it’s, what’s crazy is, you know, like, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Harley Davidson, any manufacturer, engineers are stupid fucking college kids that don’t know anything about the actual machines. They design everything on a computer. And they run them in wind tunnels, and they do all these simulations, and they have no fucking clue about actual real world application of the products that they’re building on these computers. So like, you don’t see any engineers with our garage. It’s taking the shit apart and putting it back together. Is there a school?

Phillip Cabaniss 1:01:59
Yeah, that’s like the

BMW Tech’s buys a BMW.

Mike VO 1:02:07
Great. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:02:09
Pow was joining MMI around that time and had a class and all this stuff. And they’re all separate. Yeah. So the guy that ran the BMW, I can’t really turn with the car can’t for the life meet that gives a name right now. He was training in one of my classes, and we kind of hit it off and got to talk. And, you know, when I was in school, I did pretty well. So like, I kind of had a pretty close line with all the teachers and things like that. Because once they figured out that I could do it. They focused on other people, and you know what I mean? So, but he really wanted me to go to BMW. He’s like, Man, you can make really good money, BMW. And these are the easiest bikes to work on. And I was just

Mike VO 1:02:53
beautiful that says, I’m a dude. He

Phillip Cabaniss 1:02:55
was coined you have socialized tool. He was 20 plus years.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
He said

Roy Merritt 1:03:05
he had a problem with BMW, you plug it into the computer and that’s the that’s the goal. I told you what to replace.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Just like the cars just like like

Roy Merritt 1:03:16
that, like with everything. The wiring verboten wiring is very animal. I can’t read German. I’m sure they probably were already running on the bus. Yeah, they’re already running on a canvas system. I’m sure. They said wiring is very minimal, almost never have wiring problems. He’s like, pretty much you get into computer and it’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. That’s cool. You hear it’s motor makes noise. Well, you got to get sporster supposedly noise

Phillip Cabaniss 1:03:45
sounds like a sewing machine. You

Mike VO 1:03:46
know what’s really funny though? Wow. And then you’re like, have you ever listened to a Kawasaki? Dude Kawasaki story. Like, fuck, never say things.

Roy Merritt 1:04:02
Okay, I was working at Harley and I went out to Daytona and did demo rides because every year a bike week to do all the manufacturers bring out the bikes, the demo rides every year. We would go out there for a day or two in the mornings and right all the new bikes and it was a keroh I think is what it was kosaki was a Yamaha Yamaha. I think that six I don’t know whatever it was, I think it was kosaki procap got on a

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
metric shit.

Roy Merritt 1:04:27
dresser you know, touring bike. Yeah, and dude, nothing was loud. I was like, riding around, come back and I’m like, dude, is there something wrong with this? And he’s like, No, and I was like, I ride outside. It does not sound like this 20 year old Kawasaki did it was a 94

Phillip Cabaniss 1:04:42
that’s when the tolerances are probably tighter and yeah, everything is totally

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48

Mike VO 1:04:50
What the hell are those where you do the valve lash?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
I was the lash HLA suck it over strong lash. I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
just yeah, so

Roy Merritt 1:05:00
I bought the bike before I went to school I did have some mechanic knowledge and I didn’t know I was not into the bike world you know what I mean at that time I was new to it I had written by x and done all that you know and I knew how to ride and all this

Mike VO 1:05:16
plus you were way into the club scene

Roy Merritt 1:05:24
so I I research and what I found that there’s really weird things out there like fuel gauges. Especially at that time, not really that popular. Like a lot of mics don’t have fucking fuel gauge is why they have a connoisseur. Yeah, let’s

Mike VO 1:05:45
you better get to a gas station seven you still don’t have a gas station? Mark when he had Yeah, it was like a fucking $900 job. only worth 25

Roy Merritt 1:06:03
helmet locks are not a thing. You don’t get that. At that time, I did not want a chain I knew that I still don’t want a chain chain. I like your obvious choice after that is his belt or shaft. shaft is take the shaft zero maintenance.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:06:23
It’s pretty nice. I had to goldwings laugh at me if you will, but going

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:27
like now on a shaft like yeah, the pinion tries to climb the ring right so you get that rise in the back of the bike.

Roy Merritt 1:06:35
I never noticed something blows up I never noticed I don’t know that I

Phillip Cabaniss 1:06:40
can say that. I noticed it on

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:44
bikes I’ve written with and guys like sorry, the bike picks up. How can that be good for handle? See you don’t feel it?

Roy Merritt 1:06:52
Really don’t you really don’t. So fuel gauge helmet logs shaft drive, trying to think of the other where there was a couple little things and I I narrowed it down to the volken 750 they made the bike from 1986 to 2006. The exact same 20 years have had to be fairly decent bike, you know, arts diamond doesn’t I could gaze if I’m anywhere. So I went through because I’m really an analytical person. So I went through all this stuff. And that ended up being my first real bike. I had some other ones

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
down here. I’m good.

Roy Merritt 1:07:33
So I bought this thing and I absolutely loved that bike. I beat the hell out of it. It was a great bike and hydraulic lash adjusters. That was one of the other things which still was not exactly so that the chain tensioners on this bike were problematic. And they had like a cap screw on it. And then this tube. And then you could stick like a screwdriver in and adjust them a little bit or whatever. But do they suck. So I literally took anything out

Aaron Staudinger 1:08:07
because just saw blade, they suck

Roy Merritt 1:08:10
that app screw. Yeah, put a washer and an O ring, and then put a long screw in there. So it ran right into the fucking adjuster. And I had manual change adjusters which fix every bit of noise on that bike. If it got loud, I just go down there and pick the fucking losing, went away and went away. It was great. All of these things led me to this bike and the hydraulic lash adjusters have one of them but there’s always a weak spot and everything and on that bike it was the stater. So believe on those the rotor spun on the

Mike VO 1:08:53
Yeah, both crankshaft?

Roy Merritt 1:08:55
Yeah. And then the state or the state are set on the case on the outside. Well, in button Kawasaki is infinite wisdom. You had to pull the motor out to get that side cover the motor out of that Kawasaki three times. And it was about every 20,000 miles.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:09:14
It just burned. Like it just

Roy Merritt 1:09:15
burned up who just burn up the standard

Mike VO 1:09:17
is a lot. And you knew some guy that was like, wow. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:09:23
Yeah, like 60,000 miles on that bike, you know? So, like, it was a tough job. Like the thing was fun. I used to get the arrows. I met this guy. He was from Michigan. And he had rode down to Florida. He wrote a CBR xx, the 1100 which was is still on like my favorite list because when I was graduating high school that was the is that the

Phillip Cabaniss 1:09:48
Blackbird Blackbird carosa my Okay, so my not to derail this, but so my wife’s uncle had one and it was like, a track bike. Pretty much he did like nah, so that

Roy Merritt 1:09:58
was the predecessor. To this new stuff though, they came out with that and I was a badass bike again, the booster came and that thing just did couldn’t hang. What was that? Tiny 799 around there? Let’s see. Oh, it

Phillip Cabaniss 1:10:11
was it was only in production for Yeah, not a really, really long time. But

Roy Merritt 1:10:16
so I met this guy, and we’re out riding so he had rode from Michigan. down to Texas. He had some friends that lived in Texas 96 the 2007 actually got a lot less toxic. Yeah. Wow. I was thinking early videos I wanted and they only made me silver and black that I know that it might

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:38
have 919 CBR. Let me read was that a bike?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
Ducati for 199

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:46
it was the CBR it was known at the nine to

Phillip Cabaniss 1:10:48
909 to nine.

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:50
I want it so bad.

Roy Merritt 1:10:51
Yeah. So anyways, he had rode down to Texas. his buddy lives like right on the border of Mexico. So he was he was staying at his buddy’s house. He was riding in New Mexico and like partying down in Mexico riding back every day. And this was like during winter, no Michigan, winter came out here. And now. So he ends up meeting this chick,

Mike VO 1:11:15
right now owns a

Roy Merritt 1:11:16
bar in Mexico. And he’s down in Mexico for I don’t want to be down there. Okay. And he’s sleeping on the floor of the bar next to his bike. He was like in the bar and sleep on the floor in the bar next to his bike. That’s hard core story is like seeing whatever, I couldn’t let him in there. So he he ends up riding over to like New Orleans and made it down into Florida for like weeks, which is early March. And then Leesburg like best is April. So he hung out from like early March till mid April. And I met him like right when he first got here. So we started riding together like all the time and he’s like fucking a Metallica right? And I had this Vulcan 750 and this guy’s riding around on a CBR xx. And we would go out just fucking hell out of her place. Like one of the first times I wrote them a guy, one of the best compliments fucking made me so happy we rolled up and he’s like, looks over at me. And he’s like, I think it’s a lot faster than I thought it would be. And I was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
hell yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:12:22
Yeah, exactly. And he’s like, Dude, that thing’s a lot faster than I thought it would be. And I’m like, Fuck, Yeah, dude, that shit made me happy. But I get that guy used to get that on the ad free all the time. You were like, Man, I’ve never seen any ride at

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:38
32 Motors later.

Mike VO 1:12:42
I said that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
Let me take some

Roy Merritt 1:12:47
reliability on like a 1200 motor or whatever. And I was like, Well, let me give you this 25,000 miles on an 83 bouncing off the rev limiter. No problems. It still runs sitting back there. I was like 500 miles on a high compression 1200. It’s

Phillip Cabaniss 1:13:02
like, it’s like the it’s like everyone knows that’s what that compression was at the 90s. Man, you could just bounce it off, limiter nonstop. And just keep riding like it No problem. I got a Honda Accord and just did that all through the 90s. It was like, I could just bounce it. And it was like 200,000 miles and still still fine. Oh. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:25
I learned that the hard with my VW when I was drag racing for money back in high school

Phillip Cabaniss 1:13:29
VW. That’s

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:31
Well, I had a VW really fast VW. And I learned the hard way that you can really Jeff. I had a first it was an 1835 cc that I built with.

Roy Merritt 1:13:42
Bug VW. Yeah, but

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:46
that was dual dillards on that one. And then I blew that up. And then I built a 20 to 75 with 48. Id a Weber’s on it. That was fast. That was a fast one I’ve seen.

Roy Merritt 1:14:01
I’ve seen that I blew up recently. I’ve seen like high eight second bug.

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:06
This thing was Quinn

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
there dude.

Aaron Staudinger 1:14:09
What about yanked the wheels off the ground?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:11
there? Yeah, yeah, crazy.

Roy Merritt 1:14:13
I’ve seen That’s crazy. So I had a 87 Jetta goi and club scene.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
It was

Roy Merritt 1:14:24
our old leather seats sunroof I’ve done in the past. It was fast. It was a fun, love who had the 260,000 miles. And so I’m driving down the road. just died and I knew as soon as it went, I’m like, Oh, yeah, this thing’s been. So I called I worked at a Volkswagen dealership years before. So I called The old man there the mastertech. And I was like, Hey, man, you remember my card? He’s like, Yeah. Like my timing belt broke.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
He’s like, Oh, I was like, so

Roy Merritt 1:15:10
what are the chances that this motor is okay? Because if you don’t know, there’s what they call interference motors. And those motors if timing is not exactly right now, yeah, Amit Bao good way adds stuff just like and probably scattered. He’s like most of the time that happens, your flux, so then we like well,

Mike VO 1:15:35
so are you saying I’m going straight? So

Phillip Cabaniss 1:15:41
the right path, right?

Roy Merritt 1:15:42
Yeah. Even like today

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:45
my motor gearbox out the bag. So

Roy Merritt 1:15:52
obviously, I’m not going back stock motor down. I’m not going back stock. So I started looking and there’s a huge Afro that time specially huge aftermarket for those motor. I mean, I can build like a 300 horse naturally aspirated four cylinder and I’m like, Fuck, this is cool. So the rabbit hole gets so deep that I kind of hesitate, you know, I mean, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24
that’s called the

Mike VO 1:16:31
singlet like, Chris Rock was

Roy Merritt 1:16:34
talking about salad man. But anyway, so I start pricing all this shit out and start getting expensive. So I started hesitate. Well, next thing you know, of booking your, whatever, maybe two rolls by, and I’ve this car still sitting in my driveway. I’m like, and one of the guys that used to work with Volkswagen calls me one day he’s like, Hey, man, you still got that? You know, goi sitting there and I’m like, yeah, still sitting here. It could be fixed yet and I’m like, Nah, still sitting here and he’s like, buy it for a girlfriend now. And I’m Mike Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
I’ll give you things are getting really serious.

Roy Merritt 1:17:11
Give me like three or 500 bucks for you know this motor was worth anything You know? So I was like, yeah, whatever come get it calls me Two weeks later. I put a fucking timing belt on it. It runs like a champ. Like you mother fucker.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:27
My favorite brand

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
He’s my

Roy Merritt 1:17:43

I don’t think anybody learned anything

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
about storing their bikes or no, no, no.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:17:55
No gas.

Aaron Staudinger 1:17:56
We talked about tenders.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
Talk even talk a little bit.

Roy Merritt 1:18:01
Actually. Well, I googled this and Wikipedia how to winterize your motorcycle

Mike VO 1:18:10
and see what the liberal higher bike service

Phillip Cabaniss 1:18:14
parcels are a nice subtly correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
Sex we

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
tried one.

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:24
name names but I had a guy in the offseason, the bike was stored in some sort of frickin thing pulled up

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
off the ground. Yes, I would say crazy yet dude,

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:38
craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Okay, not naming names. But I had someone describe to me that in the offseason, they would sling their motorcycle in the air.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:18:50
I’ve only done that on a Buell. They’ll

Roy Merritt 1:18:52
get when you go.

Aaron Staudinger 1:18:58
Some ratchet straps, we have to be super careful. Because this guy is so particular, the bike is stored in the winter in what I would presume is some sort of motorcycle sex. we handled it extremely carefully. What is that called?

Phillip Cabaniss 1:19:12
There’s an actual like, there’s a psychological term not to offend anybody. But it’s like where somebody falls in love with a

Mike VO 1:19:22
inanimate object. Yes. And it’s like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25

Aaron Staudinger 1:19:25
I’m not sure if I’m going that far with this.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:19:27
Like that’s what it kind of sounds like maybe

Aaron Staudinger 1:19:29
I’m out but

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
we’ve only had a concern.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
Yeah, had that never happened. But

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
like I say, we’ll see that tailpipe.

Roy Merritt 1:19:39
Oh, 505 Ultra conversion to try.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:42
Okay. So horrible. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:19:46
it was it was a trike conversion and on the newer trikes, they have a stronger transmission case, because a lot of of your torque comes through that swing arm shaft. that people don’t realize about well. So this guy, I don’t remember what brought it in the first time. He brought it up, it was a transmission oily, and he hid the whole back end of his transmission was broken off where the swing arm goes through, just totally snapped up with the picture. And we were like, holy shit, and I never really seen that.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:21
So we replaced

Roy Merritt 1:20:22
it, fixed it, you know, did everything in there, he brings it back in, like, couple months later, broken transmission again. And we’re like, Dude, what in the fuck? Like, they’d never seen this before the same guy twice. So we fix it, and the guy comes in, picks it up. And he’s got, like a Reese hitch thing that he pulls his front tire in, and then it lifts up, and it’s just the front tire of the tracks.

Aaron Staudinger 1:20:56
right on down the road. Is anything else strapped in?

Roy Merritt 1:20:59
Yeah, all stress. can’t do this. Yep. You can’t go side to side.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:03
Yep. So he’s going

Roy Merritt 1:21:04
down the road, and the fucking assets doing this. Run in won’t do anything. And as soon as we seen them loaded up, we were like,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
Whoa, Whoa, dude,

Roy Merritt 1:21:16
you need to stop this is why your transmissions breaking that.

You always get that shit, right. like two months later causes transmissions broke again. And we’re like, go somewhere else. Yeah. You know, if you’re not gonna listen to us because he was like, you need to pay for the you know, of course blaming it on us and we’re like, Nah, man you left and we told you that she was not gonna work. Yeah. So we’re gonna run through these because it’s funny because the last one is related resources. No, well Yeah, fuck that one. Oh, have your bike service inspect chains it really is a good idea get everything right on your bike before you park it clean your bike your bikes dirty menu once that shit to sit there for months. That’s right. horrible idea. Right getting an oil change. I think that kind of reverts back to number one which is have your bike serviced. Use a fuel stabilizer we talked about that? idea six charge. charge your battery. Yeah, find indoor storage. Indoor. That is that is a great one.

Mike VO 1:22:18
This is Wikipedia number.

Roy Merritt 1:22:22
Number seven is Mike’s answer. Update your motorcycle coverage, right? Make sure you have towing and

Phillip Cabaniss 1:22:35
you don’t have to carry 100 pounds of tools with you. So

Unknown Speaker 1:22:37
you’re thinking winterizing

Roy Merritt 1:22:40
is a very foreign concept to me because I lived in Florida you know

Phillip Cabaniss 1:22:45
winterize by and honestly even here I don’t think you guys really have to write we don’t have to I mean it’s nice just to

Mike VO 1:22:51
yeah like you don’t have the all my all my yard equipment. I saw the last time I like mowed my yard and all that stuff last year I got five gallons gas I got some star Tron poured in the gas mix them to cycle oil all that star Tron in it filled up everything what used it all last time. But shit the garage went out like a couple weeks ago and warmed up everything fired right up so yeah, shit. My pressure washer. I

Aaron Staudinger 1:23:17
didn’t even I didn’t on my mower. I didn’t even have a mini bike. I didn’t even have a charger on it. And I went there and I sat down the first time of the year and crank crank crank crank it Okay, no tenders spray a little bit of that ether mix stuff in it just to get a kick

Roy Merritt 1:23:32
on the vehicle or meat

Mike VO 1:23:34
tenders or like wheel weights. Yeah, no, he

Roy Merritt 1:23:36
didn’t like we’ll wait hater Yeah, yeah, it’s a farce my minibike you didn’t have a battery or anything happened I started out on a six months and I went out the other day. Every time I run it when I get done and this is a really good thing because this is what we need to say. When you park it carbureted anything if you want it to run really good the next time

Mike VO 1:24:00
I run the gas I’ll

Roy Merritt 1:24:03
turn the gas off and let it run until it dies. And that’s what I do every time on mini bike and every time I get up to three pools max it runs it never ever

Mike VO 1:24:13
falls first time the neck because you got to get all the new gasket there and then keep your you’ll keep your tank full of gas create some sort of a breakdown inhibitor like Star Tron or stable, stable stable, whatever. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:24:26
yeah, I mean, you could put a ship or a year that way you just if you’re on your bike, you just fire it up, let it run, go ride do whatever you’re gonna do when you come home just turn your fuel off and let it go till it dies and you’re real nervous by

Mike VO 1:24:37
your battery. just disconnect the ground. Correct if

Roy Merritt 1:24:40
you don’t have a tender and you can’t charge it disconnected pull your main fuse do something depending on your bike and how it’s wired. Easiest way like you said just connect your negative terminal and just let it sit. A battery will sit if it does not have a draw for quite a while and not have a rhombus doesn’t

Mike VO 1:24:56
have a lot of temperature fluctuation or if it’s like If it’s on concrete or something that leeches cold, yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:25:04
people think you set a battery on concrete that it grounds it out and kills the charge. It’s actually not grounding out, it’s the temperature. Yeah, concrete will suck the heat out of that battery and moist. And, and when you’re, when when it’s cold outside as well, your battery will not put out nearly the amount of voltage, otherwise

Mike VO 1:25:22
they’ll put fighters in the freezer. So

Roy Merritt 1:25:26
I had a teacher in MMI that told a story, long story short, he’s, it was winter, in old his biker car, whatever it was out, turn the key on and went inside. Let the lights on for like 30 minutes or whatever. However long 40 minutes, whatever the thought process is my battery’s super cold, right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
warm it up. So

Roy Merritt 1:25:54
just a little bit of power. I’m going to warm up that battery then you go out car starts right up. The you know, the the ending of the story was coming out the next day and his neighbor having a dead battery because he turned his key on all night and lifted on all night so that his battery was starting the morning. You know, haha, whatever. The you know, the theory is is real you know, the the science, if you will, is real. If you can get that battery warmer, it’s gonna put out more voltage. You know, I killed my diesel batteries one time, just by leaving my handheld flash dinner. But you know, sat for probably five days. I was gonna say we sat for about a week.

Aaron Staudinger 1:26:34
That’s about it. I walked back out, looked at it done.

Mike VO 1:26:40
That’s it. Another thing that people don’t understand is, you know, you have a portable battery. Well, a float chart on a total battery by 4.6 volts. If it gets down past about 12.2. If it’s you know, I mean, you will need to lose about one volt on those diesel batteries. It will start the car. Yeah. You know, you have to keep it with so much depression. Yeah, yeah, we

Roy Merritt 1:27:04
need a motor and a fuel.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:27:07
Yeah, fuel the new fuel system. Yes.

Roy Merritt 1:27:09
They run it like 1000 psi, some stupid. I don’t know, I was told it was like 5000. I don’t know if that’s true. But whatever it is, I know it’s fucking way higher than gasoline.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:27:18
It’s so high that you have to

Mike VO 1:27:21
at 120 to one

Phillip Cabaniss 1:27:22
you have to you have to bleed it off. Because otherwise, I’ve heard like horror stories of guys getting like, pull shot through their chest. Because of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:29
It’s just like,

Roy Merritt 1:27:30
if you don’t try that, that causes the bank. Because you don’t have a spark plugs. So yeah, you have to have that fuel coming in at a high pressure. And you got to have a lot of heat.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:27:38
Yeah, that’s right. And that’s especially on the new the new diesel. Yeah,

Mike VO 1:27:41
the old diesel is just there. The Football diaper cold starts. Yeah, as you know, the cylinder hasn’t got hot enough to create the heat.

Roy Merritt 1:27:53
I think we’ve covered enough tonight.

Mike VO 1:27:54
We’ll had Alan doing it because he was, you know, doing all that shit selling his wheel and all that crap. I took my wheels sold the queue so that we could get all that taken care of. So he put the tires on him. And I said don’t balance. And he’s like, but I was like, Don’t tell me what to do. And he like, came out. He’s like, were you joking about bouncing? You

Aaron Staudinger 1:28:23
know, he had asked a question.

Mike VO 1:28:27
And he was like, and I was like, everyone else. Yeah. Don’t Don’t put weight on my will. It’s a whitetail anyway. And he was like, I first heard Mike said that

Aaron Staudinger 1:28:42
they waited for the other shoe to drop off.

Roy Merritt 1:28:44
Yeah. Well,

Mike VO 1:28:46
no, it’s like break it. You know, they have the same break and procedures on these modern engines, as they did on the old skill cylinders. That took literally like four or five minutes to get the operating temperature where you didn’t have the technology they have now. When you when we get the PDS in and we do that by mouth. That’s right. The fucking motors broken now it’s done. As soon as it gets hot, you’re good to go. I mean, you don’t have to do that shit anymore. All the stuff with wheel weights. First of all, it was back when they had those bias ply tires. And they were like balloon tires, and they didn’t have any kind of standards. I mean, you’re manufacturing the shaft on their Bridgestone? Yeah, they have

Roy Merritt 1:29:28
a lot of them like Avon. Michelin is entering. But But I think those same people are claiming that their tire is bounce.

Mike VO 1:29:37
Right? Well, sorry. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:29:40
Yeah, but the bridge shows they give you a lightest point of the tire. So they’re not claiming that it’s completely balanced.

Mike VO 1:29:46
I mean, I’ll bet it’s maybe a third of an ounce or Yeah, one side of the other. And then maybe you have two or three ounces in the wheel because I mean, the manufacturing now is so tight. We shouldn’t be doing what any cymax anywhere and the only people that I’ve ever come and claim that they’ve lost weight to now there’s a vibration are the ones that saw the weights on the ground.

Roy Merritt 1:30:09
Yeah, or see the missing weight tell you how

Mike VO 1:30:11
many hundreds of tires I’ve done where the weights are gone. And you put it back on rebound. So down the road, the guy come back one month later, the weights are gone. don’t fucking know. And another thing that people don’t understand is, as you ride the tire, where the tire out, you’re changing the tire all the time come down as 300 miles it’s out. It’s only balanced from here to the guy’s house. And then it’s already about because when you’re going around corners, you’re wearing the rubber differently. What about balance speeds? Man talking about balance?

Roy Merritt 1:30:44
I do jacking around matter on balance.

Mike VO 1:30:47
I don’t know. Well, they’re just like the dot.

Roy Merritt 1:30:49
Well, it supposedly they run them Formula One stuff like that.

Mike VO 1:30:54
Because as the nurse and in the light spot changes the balance beats go to that spot, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
I don’t know, man.

Mike VO 1:31:01
I know that shit matters. I don’t. You’re not now

Aaron Staudinger 1:31:05
I have 200 miles now.

Roy Merritt 1:31:07
I’m Danny right now I have done countless came tell you how many wheels with balance speed. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a customer come back.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:18
Oh, you know why?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
Here’s why. Here’s why.

Roy Merritt 1:31:23
I just don’t

Aaron Staudinger 1:31:24
stress it earlier. They can’t possibly leave the wheel.

Mike VO 1:31:28
So they’re not on the ground on the

Aaron Staudinger 1:31:30
ground. So they can’t say well,

Mike VO 1:31:33
everything’s fine. Yeah, I don’t know, man, because the only time anybody ever notice is a handling issue because of their weights is when they realize they aren’t there. So we might do a tire box. I don’t know. We know do you lube the beat

Roy Merritt 1:31:49
right? Now? She said depending on whether you’re using a brush or spray gun or whatever, liquid always gets inside that. Yeah, I’ll give a fuck who you are.

Mike VO 1:31:59
Well, it gets inside with air. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:03
Yeah, those of you doing it right you do nitrogen use a little beads?

Roy Merritt 1:32:07
I don’t give a fuck what anybody says are gonna hone to those words. It just works. There’s so like.

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:14
So would you say? I don’t know. It’s our placebo.

Mike VO 1:32:19
It’s all I don’t

Roy Merritt 1:32:20
know, man. Because they say they run them in Formula One

Aaron Staudinger 1:32:24
that that has their do is to have 100 miles an hour and they dry fit those tires. And they purge those tires with nitrogen

Mike VO 1:32:32
after they get them. Here’s my question.

Roy Merritt 1:32:35
I’m running down the road and purging my wheels doing this right. And my balance beads have found their spot that they want to stay in while I’m doing this, right? Yeah, but now I speed up.

Mike VO 1:32:47
Sorry, they’re

Roy Merritt 1:32:51
slow down. And then I’m gonna speed up and slow down. I’m not gonna move those beads around.

Mike VO 1:32:55
But they hit the hit the low spot like 10 miles an hour.

Roy Merritt 1:33:00
And you know, things there after that you don’t think they move at all, even though you’re like on and off the throttle like that that

Unknown Speaker 1:33:05
quick? No, no, obviously. I know.

Roy Merritt 1:33:09
Obviously this is it. Right? But you’re just talking about nailing it and then you’re not doing as hard and then you’re doing more we’re still there tire in the tire, but not on the beat

Mike VO 1:33:20
that Yeah, it is. It’s slowing out with enough force where you know, when you go to the fair, you’re right. You’re on that ride. Like a shake. It spins around. And you’re in the little thing in the spaceship at the top. Yeah, well, you slide up at the top. At the very beginning, you’re there until the right stop because

Roy Merritt 1:33:36
you’re stressed. You’re strapped to your strategy slide the beads are not strapping those are rolling around inside, what

Mike VO 1:33:44
I’m saying is the pressure force in the tire almost constant. No matter how fast it’s spinning, no matter how slow is beneath you turn whatever. Because like think about that, right? So you slide up to the top things speed up, and it turns this way. And he turns this way. And it slows down but you’re struggling. But you put your slide up to the top, and you stay on top for the

Roy Merritt 1:34:08
if I’m running 120 miles an hour, and I jam on my brakes and get down to 60 and take back off again. You’re saying those beads now here’s the thing.

Mike VO 1:34:15
Then when you spin again, they go right back up immediately. And

Phillip Cabaniss 1:34:19
this recluse auto clutch thing of that

Mike VO 1:34:21

Aaron Staudinger 1:34:22
there’s Yeah, I just did one the other day. Let me explain. What he’s saying is there’s a minimum level to keep those in place. I know what,

Mike VO 1:34:31
once you keep them out,

Roy Merritt 1:34:32
right? What I’m saying is if like say to you, have you ever ever played with a shaker? Right, like, what do you call them? You know, shaker for drum thing, whatever. Right? And then you twist it? Well, yeah, they’ll if you twist it like this, you can get them all spin in the same way. Right? Right. And it doesn’t make a lot of noise. But then you slow that down and they’re going to slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:52
Right. No. They really will,

Aaron Staudinger 1:34:56
though, because you’re talking about something on a rope. That’s tied to a Central access, these

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
are What’s

Unknown Speaker 1:35:01
up, shake,

Roy Merritt 1:35:04
a handheld shake right

Mike VO 1:35:05
thing, you’re talking about a little drum that’s halfway full of beats. On a tire, you’re talking about this huge surface area, it’s got like a little pile of beats. It’s not like there’s own. So I think the

Roy Merritt 1:35:17
seeds would be moving like when you change speed rapidly, I would think those, we could do a whole

Unknown Speaker 1:35:22
damn show on speed. As soon as as soon as you

Mike VO 1:35:25
pass enough for them, like like he said, or like a like a lockout clutch. As soon as it gets the RPM where they hit the outside, they’re not going to move again, until you slow down in the form of a fall by themselves

Aaron Staudinger 1:35:38
right now.

Mike VO 1:35:38
And you’re talking about velocity, there’s a force for them to fall out of sense. And it’s like, and it’s like, you go 10 miles an hour, you think about your tire when you go 10 miles an hour, going, What? 300 RPM, 400 rpm. So I’m sure we do the math and it’s like it almost immediately as soon as you start go, they fly to the outside, they stay there until you stop in the fall. And then you start going back the outside they stay there. And then at a minimum speed and they stay

Aaron Staudinger 1:36:07
there and they

Mike VO 1:36:08
will move they will move to the they will move to the place of least inertia. So they’ll move to the lifestyle the tire. And they say there they won’t move. Yeah, look, again,

Roy Merritt 1:36:18
you lock out. My troubles are in here. I know that if they’re running them in Formula One, the speed differences can’t be that drastic because

Mike VO 1:36:28
they go really fast release. Bullshit anyway, so that’s probably beat. Fuck yeah, you put him on the donkey. It’s all it’s

Phillip Cabaniss 1:36:36
like, if they’re gaining, like a 10th of a second in anything.

Mike VO 1:36:41
It’s all in their head. That’s Yeah,

Phillip Cabaniss 1:36:43
well, and that’s it. You know, they can see all the math

Mike VO 1:36:47
racing. You’re running everything to the extreme. So yep, that’s a little bit different. You’re not running anything to the extreme on these? No, no.

Phillip Cabaniss 1:36:53
Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Well, for like an 83 or something. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:37:01
That’s the thing about if you’re not bouncing off the rev limiter, you’re behind every

Mike VO 1:37:06
piston to work. And he’s on. I was right next to him. And he’s like, man, I was like, man, I was riding right next to gold. No, no, no. I was 110.

Roy Merritt 1:37:19
Well, 107 is Oh, mine would do so I doubt he was doing want to definitely. Yeah. All right. So it’s about time we’re gonna wrap things up. Check us out Talkin you know the deal. Yeah, there’s some intro going in the background. I’ll move that around. Like I said, Talkin Check us out YouTube, check out the videos, like and share. I do not market this shit at all. So if you listen, share it with your friends.

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