Is the Harley-Davidson 131 the best bang for the buck?

Is the Harley-Davidson 131 the best bang for the buck?

Is the Harley-Davidson 131 the best bang for the buck?

Is the Harley-Davidson 131 the best bang for the buck?

Is the Harley-Davidson 131 the best bang for the buck? Who is this kit meant for?  Why would Harley-Davidson release something like this?  The answer to these questions and more as we drink a little too much and talk for a little too long. On the first episode of season 2 we have Roy, Mike, Aaron, Shane, and Jamie LIma.  Along with some other guys in the background.  We had been working really hard and were ready to let loose, and it shows.



Roy Merritt 0:00
So are you ready for the intro?

Mike VO 0:01
Yeah, fire it will.

Roy Merritt 0:14
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s Dell your mind. Either way, I think these boys have something to say. So sit back, grab a brew. We’re gonna have some to give you our point of view here on talking breath.

Did we totally make it through almost the whole intro about talking?

Shane Langdon 1:06
Social media and eating? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:10
Yeah, it’s it’s been a busy couple of days. A couple days.

Aaron Staudinger 1:15
Yeah. A couple of some. So

we’re gonna call this season two, Episode One.

Mike VO 1:34
Whatever. The last one was season one.

Oh, that was a wrap up of season one. Yeah, that was the last recorded

Roy Merritt 1:39
episode in 2019. Everything we record in 2020 will be season two. So, yeah, season two episode one. It’s weird. So much seemed

Mike VO 1:49
like that was like a three or four days ago. I know, man. I was just gonna say,

Roy Merritt 1:52
yeah, it happened so fast.

Aaron Staudinger 1:54
Are you almost there January. So

Roy Merritt 1:56
we’re talking br app and check us out on the web. Talking we were talking about it earlier. You can give us a call. We have an interesting voicemail to play in a little bit here because we do have a phone number. You can get a give us a call. It’s like 3046 I couldn’t remember exactly what it was earlier, but it’s like six zero brap or something. Check us out on Instagram talking brap Facebook. Twitter rap talking about Twitter. Anyways, so

Mike VO 2:33
Twitter only works for naughty presidents.

Roy Merritt 2:35
Yeah, there’s another reason I don’t want to. Yeah. So the talk of the town man right now in the Harley world between number

Mike VO 2:45
300 Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 2:50
Yeah, we’re doing motorcycles. So the second biggest

Roy Merritt 2:54
talk of the town right now is the Harley 131 Oh Mufasa You know, for probably shops way other than us, guys that don’t get to build a lot of custom stuff and only get to do harley parts, it’s probably a really big deal. You know, for the shops that want to play Harley friendly and want to build a performance bagger, they’re going to be able to put something that looks really good together. Maybe not performing.

Mike VO 3:23
Well, most of those shops aren’t gonna have dinos anyway.

Roy Merritt 3:27
Or they do I shouldn’t know. Yeah, I mean, should well you I mean, you’d have to dyno tune that right.

Mike VO 3:33
Well, I imagine it’ll have a it’ll have a drop into so Yeah, super tuner. A street

Roy Merritt 3:38
tune. Yeah. And what do you think do you want to they’re gonna want to run the auto tune on it?

Shane Langdon 3:41
Well, if you want to, I don’t know another $250 product. Sure. Yeah.

Mike VO 3:45
I don’t know. I mean, well, that’s the name of the game, right? Yeah. Well, so the drop in kit comes with on the oil cooled version. There’s the if you have a 107. It’s a 128. And it comes with cylinders. The SC eight 517 cam, a high flow oil cooler, which actually does look like a pretty interesting part. We’ve been breaking that out to try to get one to see what that’s all about. And it comes with a high flow catalyst exhaust head pipe.

Roy Merritt 4:17
So it’s fair to say it is a catalyst head pot. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 4:20
yeah, that’s my question.

Roy Merritt 4:21
Okay. Because the screamin Eagle pipe is still a free fluid pipe with catalyst in them, right because

Mike VO 4:28
it is the high flow catalysts. So it’s like the same catalysts that you would buy like in the SNS, Sidewinder where it’s still a high performance pipe. I mean, the catalysts really don’t impede as much flow as people think they do. They, you know, back in the 80s and 90s when they were first coming out, they were dogs but all the cars were dogs I mean the EPA choke the shit out of them and they didn’t really have the technology to overcome the restrictions back you know, then but they over the last 20 years, the the manufacturing and and the the ability to not have that happen. I mean, you look at some of these like Porsches, they have catalysts and they’re in their exhaust. Yeah. If you go and you buy a Maserati, it has a catalyst in the exhaust. And it’ll still do 160 miles an hour.

Roy Merritt 5:12
Yeah. Well, it would get rid of the hydrocarbons and the unburned fuel and things like that.

Mike VO 5:17
Well, it’s what it’s, it’s what pays Al Gore. So, I mean, you’ve got to make sure that you pay those guys.

Roy Merritt 5:24
Everybody gets paid. However, you know, we don’t so we get paid. So, you know, like I said, this is I had, I had I thought this through a little more, I might have got somebody from a shop like that to talk to because, like I said, I think this is an opportunity for a lot of people to try, you know, a lot of shops that wouldn’t do try to do what we do, to maybe try to do what we do. If you knew the

Mike VO 5:44
phone number, I could probably get somebody on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 5:46

Roy Merritt 5:52
Well, and and, you know, we see, you know, they’re saying 131 foot pounds of torque. So the question is on the 131 Yeah, the 131 crate motor. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:02
no, no, no on the drop ins. No. Well, they’re saying the same thing on the crate mode. Yeah,

Mike VO 6:06
well, it’s the same setup. Really? I mean, I don’t understand why you would buy the crate motor if you already have a motor, because it’s a drop in system. So I don’t know. I guess you’d have to do a kit breakdown on the actual like the pistons have the crate motor. And so I will to see if the rotating assembly has a different

Roy Merritt 6:22
part number, but I don’t think it does. Because I do tend to read stuff. I probably shouldn’t. The rumor is that that has a bigger case in it. That like a 120 does, where you can bore and go bigger than 131

Jamie Lima 6:38
lining themselves up for like a 150 something maybe? I don’t know if that’s true. We won’t know until the kid reads 4.310 steel sleeve cylinders extreme ported CNC. Yes.

Roy Merritt 6:50
Yeah. So

Mike VO 6:52
I’m curious to see what those heads look like. They have one day look like a horse. They have one millimeter over valves on Oh yeah, those couple With the drop in kits to drop in kids are like 30 $200, right around the 31 and change 3200. So we did a comparison of our like 124 128. And it’s, it’s almost identical price. Yeah. When I like out the door after Labor and all that to do a drop in, and you’re going to get about 120 horsepower, and 130 foot pounds of torque.

Roy Merritt 7:22
Well, that’s what I was going to say because they’ve said 131 foot pounds of torque. And now as you read around, everyone’s shooting in the dark at horsepower, because nothing’s really been released about horsepower.

Mike VO 7:34
Well, that the that I’ve price list that’s on HD net that you can download the PDF that we looked at, it has the charts. It has the horsepower and torque charts. Oh, it does. And the 128 is like 120 on their chart, which that’s a bullshit chart anyway, because it’s not a rear wheel chart. It’s epic. It’s at the flat rate. Yeah, you know what I mean? Because it’s the BMP or whatever the manual, the auto manufacturing standard. dyno tuning, which is Yeah. And so don’t we have that covered up on a 114 at least three times yeah

Unknown Speaker 8:09
yeah. I’m just saying well

Unknown Speaker 8:10
that’s that’s that’s kind of where we are

Aaron Staudinger 8:12
yeah we’re at the rear wheel

Roy Merritt 8:14
that’s the other part of this topic is that and you know we say we because we do it a lot I mean it can be done you know, we’re not the only people who can do this but it can be done for around the same price with much better results Yeah, but in the history of Harley kids that’s pretty much always been the case. And they still sold the shit out of those tire shredder kids right I don’t know about you guys but I’ve done come to those tires shredder kids yeah you know

Unknown Speaker 8:41
well that’s for shops not like us who yeah by the book.

Roy Merritt 8:45
Well, the shop I left now plays by the book even though they have a really nice dyno and

Unknown Speaker 8:51
still use the dyno tune Yeah. And just not tune all the parameters that are you know, that leave you with the screaming Eagle tuner.

Mike VO 8:58
Mine job I left is the same thing now that bytes are coming out of warranty. One of the good texts I used to work with over a superstition, he’s playing around a little bit. So he’s been talking to me they bought heads from us shout out to superstition. Yeah, they’ve sent them a set of heads few weeks ago. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, those guys are?

Roy Merritt 9:15
Well, I said that in the kind of beginning was everything’s gonna change in two or three years, when these bikes start coming out of warranty. And Harley’s not. You know, for the last couple years, Harley could pretty much walk into up to any bike and it was a brand new bike. You know what I mean? Because you could look at it from mile away and now not so much.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
Lemon, Marcus, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mike VO 9:42
You know, the only thing that sucks about about a podcast is you just can’t see how gorgeous Marcus

Unknown Speaker 9:47
is. It’s true. No, he doesn’t have

Unknown Speaker 9:50
a beard oil gave him.

Mike VO 9:52
No, he didn’t. He didn’t like my beard oil demo. Yeah, he didn’t like it. He was It was great.

Roy Merritt 9:59
Now, I don’t Not really. Oh yeah the good stuff I like

Unknown Speaker 10:03
that’s honest Amish.

Roy Merritt 10:04
Yeah, honest Amish. I’m weird about my smells

Jamie Lima 10:07
smells weird.

Shane Langdon 10:08
Yeah, almost almost like smells like sandalwood. I like that I do I

take a shower. I was gonna smell it shit every day. Somehow you get nothing.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
And whenever I

Unknown Speaker 10:22
spoke with Julie I’m like take a fucking shower. I agree that’s just dirty,

Unknown Speaker 10:25
like so. dreadlocks.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
That’s all close by

Roy Merritt 10:34
Yeah, anything that has that like clothes smell I don’t know how you would describe that kind of smell like your aircraft oil. The you know, all that stuff I call it truly reminds me this hippie chick I met years ago and it just it

Mike VO 10:47
dude. He puts Aero coil on his beard.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Yeah. wd 41 new

Mike VO 10:52
creeps and he’s like,

Roy Merritt 10:54
story me and my great grandfather would go out there his knees There you go. There’s three wd 40 on the motherfuckers always swear they fill up Better bionic sheets, visual ally,

Mike VO 11:03
you know, the

Roy Merritt 11:04
visual and the and the solvent helps it penetrate the skin quicker. There is a little science behind it trade.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Yeah, this might

Jamie Lima 11:10
be the fastest that we’ve gone this far off of course

Unknown Speaker 11:13
ever. I don’t know about that. I don’t know.

Mike VO 11:16
Usually it takes us about 30 minutes to get on to the topic.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
Yeah. So so the first the fastest and the fastest.

Mike VO 11:23
So everything, everything. Everything important about the podcast is over.

Roy Merritt 11:29
here Yeah. So the new that new Indian challenger thing. The Road Glide that everybody. Oh god. Yeah.

Mike VO 11:41
What’s his name? His last design for victory.

Roy Merritt 11:42
That was 120 horse. Sorry,

Unknown Speaker 11:47
you know, yeah, man.

Jamie Lima 11:48
Well, Marcelo, one of our really good customers called me today talking about that bike. I’m like, don’t do it. Well, you know,

Mike VO 11:55
you know lert you know, Kevin lurch. Yeah, the president of Baka You know, we’ve done a lot of a lot of stuff with the Baka club and he, we’ve done two or three different setups for him. And he was talking about the Indian and he’s like I wrote it, and it’s fast and it feels great. And he’s like, but man, it just feels like plastic. Cheese metric, right? Yeah, Phil’s metric here. And he’s like, he’s like you’re on a Harley. And it just doesn’t feel metric. Yeah,

Jamie Lima 12:24
your soul. Every one of those bikes has soul to me.

Roy Merritt 12:29
Well, you know, and that’s something that people don’t really understand.

Mike VO 12:32
But that challenger was Arlen ness is design right now.

Roy Merritt 12:36
So you say that even even my sporty like I my cow Saki I had for years. I absolutely adored that bike and it rode really well. It probably handled out of the box definitely handled better than the Sportster. But it still felt different. Like there was still a feel when you get get on a metric bike that is just different for whatever reason I don’t know but especially in the cruiser market you know it’s different and you know once my Harley is totally different like I would never do the half assed shit I did to my cow Saki to my Harley, like oh no,

Mike VO 13:15
well you’re you’re like you’re in a small group.

Roy Merritt 13:17
Yeah, I mean, yeah, well sportsters get it to work

Mike VO 13:21
fast shit the Harley’s all

Roy Merritt 13:22
sports there’s good at the worst we know that you know sports These are for the metric guys that really want to Harley and they want it still want to treat it like a metric bike which is you know, never changed oil and when ship crashed when ship breaks, you find a auto part store fix and,

Unknown Speaker 13:37
and they’re still we’ve never seen those bikes in here and there’s

Unknown Speaker 13:43
way too many strangers holding the fender that’s cool. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 13:48
it was still there. You know if it works.

Mike VO 13:53
My favorite thing is the solid core the commercial. Construction wire nuts. Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
The household wire nuts electrical.

Mike VO 14:01
So in Arizona you know we had this influx of snowbirds. So the offseason is summer and then come like October, everybody, all the retirees from Canada, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, they’d all flock down to Arizona because the weather so great, you know like from November 1 to about may 31. It’s like 80 degrees all the time. And it only rains two times the whole time you’re there so so it’s beautiful but you would they have their bike serviced in Canada and then they’d have them service here and we’re like, do they do they not know how to solder in Canada? And I wonder if that’s like if you have to have a special license to do it.

Roy Merritt 14:48
So in Florida where I was at was like a health and safety a it was like a hub for Canadian people like a lot of Canadian people like vacation down in Florida. You know? And I had many customers that would like put off service and Canada. Yeah, bring it down to us because they were like, man, I just don’t feel like they do as good a job as you guys do. I never, you know, never like banging on them or anything like that. But they’re like, you know, I’d rather bring it down here. You guys work on more bikes and blah, blah, blah. And it’s an import there. Yeah. And they’re probably not held to a standard this

Mike VO 15:26
Well, well, I don’t know. Because, you know, I had a class with a guy when a motor class of some sort with a dude from Nova Scotia. Yeah. And it was actually in Florida. And I started talking to them and I was like, you know, there can’t be that many master technicians and Canada and you got it, you know what I mean? And it was like, No, there’s not and I was like, Hmm, what would it take for like a guy like me to go and get a job like at a Harley shop in Canada, because that’d be cool. Especially, you know, at the time I was in Arizona, and I’m like, I go to Canada, June, July. August and then work up there during their writing season. And then when they get to snowmobile season, come back down here and follow the snowbirds. You know what I mean? Go go there, the snowbirds come down here. And it’s like, I wonder if I could say something like that up and he said, Man, it’s probably going to be so time consuming and cost effective that by the time you actually will do it, you wouldn’t want to do it anymore. They have to take you have to take like this huge written test. They have all these like proficiency tests and all this crazy shit. Like you can’t just be a certified master technician from Harley Davidson. And go to Canada and work on Harley davidsons.

Roy Merritt 16:37
Oh, yeah. Well, you’re going out of country. Yeah, everything changes when you go to another country even

Mike VO 16:42
even as a citizen you can’t in that country. We this guy was telling me you cannot just go and open up a shop.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Don’t you have to wear an orange vest and a propeller hat to ride up there.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
But he looked he looked serious when he said

Unknown Speaker 17:00

Roy Merritt 17:00
I I don’t know. So segway. segway.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Like, like,

Roy Merritt 17:06
we’re no we’re talking about Canada.

Mike VO 17:08
We’re segwaying into we’re already talking about kid the Segway.

Roy Merritt 17:12
segway is Canada. That’s our segue. So Canada’s making the fucking maybe this Oh, that is second coolest electric bike. It’s Damon motorcycle, electric bikes again. And so because because right now in the industry, this is the top. I know this is what’s going on

Mike VO 17:32
and not only in this industry, but in Greta Thun Berg’s world. How dare you tune Berg Thun? Berg. Berg, Thunder Oh, you know speaking of that, we’re going off topic again. You know, a bunch of kids tried to sue the government for climate change. hear about this.

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Oh, you know, she’s a time traveler, right.

Mike VO 17:54
Mister Oh,

Unknown Speaker 17:55
yeah, Mr. Oh, that what is that? She She came to the porthole backwards.

Mike VO 18:01
So I’m lost. I don’t know all the details, but there was a class action lawsuit against the United States government for a bunch of like young kids and whatever. And they said that the government is obliged to immediately immediately implement green policies because it’s, they have a fundamental right to a healthy environment. And they got turned down, we get this, they’re great. The Supreme Court said,

Roy Merritt 18:31
I can’t imagine why

Shane Langdon 18:32
their Supreme Court said, well, in the history of all civilizations, that’s never really okay.

Roy Merritt 18:39
That’s no better reason. The Whoa. So the reason I got on

Mike VO 18:45
that when it’s the lights are on.

Roy Merritt 18:47
I really thought I was ahead of the curve on this whole topic. And

Mike VO 18:52
what a great topic

Roy Merritt 18:54
I am about 24 hours off.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Now I’m confused that credit thumbs over

Roy Merritt 18:59
is it here’s here’s here’s the deal okay Damon motorcycles is making what they’re calling the most technologically advanced motorcycle on the road.

Mike VO 19:08
But isn’t that what zero said?

Roy Merritt 19:10
No, this thing watches what’s ahead of you warned you about like if you’re going to go and do a turn to quick all kinds of shit, like

Unknown Speaker 19:18
warns you if you’re going to turn too quick or it’ll slow you down if you’re going into danger.

Roy Merritt 19:23
Danger will Robinson danger. So 200 miles an hour 200 miles an hour. 200 horsepower, like so 200

Unknown Speaker 19:34
miles an hour. It’s like and it’s like something like

Roy Merritt 19:38
I think the range was close to that as well. It is

Jamie Lima 19:42
smart enough to know if you’re a shitty writer.

Aaron Staudinger 19:44
Yes. And it will tell you fuck off.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
You get on it’s like get off.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Exactly. Sir. Get the fuck off. Yeah.

Mike VO 19:54
Going up until it

Unknown Speaker 19:56
I can tell

Roy Merritt 20:00
By the way, your weight is shifted on top of me right now that you have no idea how to ride it off. So, anyways, the story here was supposed to be that I read an article about a week and a half two weeks ago that Damon motorcycles had put it out there that they were willing to license their motorcycle through a larger brand. Well, just as I’m pulling this up, Article released, might be one of the Japanese manufacturers might be on top of them. And I had honestly thought and I told Mike this, I’d honestly thought that this was something that Harley might jump on, where Harley is really looking to bring a presence into the electric they bought up ultimate ultimate motors, and then like took all their shit and kind of left them there. From what I understand Alta they kind of got the raw into the deal there. But that’s the way business is done. It’s not nothing any

Unknown Speaker 20:56
a lot of times Harley has a lot of pride where they put this much effort into them. They did Same thing with not gonna

Roy Merritt 21:01
Yeah. So via Gus well no there’s no banding there’s no abandoning like livewire or anything else this is just one more thing to add to your repertoire you know what I mean? If you’re gonna if you’re gonna do something like this so either the Japanese manufacturers which is what this article was was suggesting, are going to jump on this to maybe compete with like a Livewire so that if these things make it out on a track, there’s something of their brand that compete with it. Well, I mean,

Mike VO 21:28
but you know, I mean, it’s a it’s a sport bike, it’s a super bike, so it’s more in their wheelhouse anyway, because you know, every time it seems like when Harley ventures into that, arena, it is never a long lasting thing. I mean, look at look what happened with fuel. You know, beauty. Fuel was kind of in its own class until they came out with the 1125 or eight man, you know, no, couldn’t apply.

Unknown Speaker 21:53

Mike VO 21:55
This is a cat. This is a family friendly show. Okay?

Roy Merritt 21:58
Even if it is salt

Mike VO 22:02
I’ll give you $30 right? You’re making

Roy Merritt 22:03
me itch

taking me many years

Mike VO 22:10
to salt me put the pepper in the salt in one line. I’ll give you 30 bucks to snort it.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Yep, fuckin a man give it to me.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
Yeah, I’ll get it.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
Yeah, not that much salt. Let’s

Mike VO 22:23
do the line.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Honda. No straw man.

Roy Merritt 22:27
I don’t know Bill yo. Honda’s research and development is so deep. I do not see them like licensing another product like that. I think Honda’s probably already got a pretty legit electric bike.

Mike VO 22:43
And that’s probably what Harley is too.

Unknown Speaker 22:46
Well, Harley’s got another electric bike, they’re

Roy Merritt 22:48
talking $20,000 price point, which is what the market wants Harley to release something.

Mike VO 22:55
But they have that by coming out.

Roy Merritt 22:57
Well, this is maybe a little heftier than that.

Mike VO 23:01
Yeah, but I but I

Roy Merritt 23:03
and that’s what I’m saying. So they needed an they needed an entry into children right? So Jesus Christ

Unknown Speaker 23:16
he gave me the hell did he done yet man

Roy Merritt 23:22
like that they’re

Mike VO 23:23
not done yet

Unknown Speaker 23:30
oh wow he got out right at that time like a professional wow I’m impressed wait

Unknown Speaker 23:45
burns a little

Roy Merritt 23:48
so okay we’re gonna get way off topic.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
So snorting

Unknown Speaker 23:52
snots salt and pepper

Unknown Speaker 23:55
is not way off topic

Roy Merritt 23:56
color and pepper well here’s the deal I’ll try to make this short I worked in a restaurant.

Hey, you remember, remember, it was about what like $100 worth of weed like $30 30 bucks.

Mike VO 24:21
Hey, I know what I’m a firm believer in. So, you know, President Trump

Unknown Speaker 24:29

Mike VO 24:30
Warren that he’d give her like a million dollars or some shit if she took the the, the DNA test to prove she was an Indian and she did and prove she wasn’t an Indian. And then she was like, give me my money. And he’s like, Fuck you. Point

Unknown Speaker 24:43
0001 or some shit.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
I think it was determined that most Europeans have more Native American.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
He does.

Roy Merritt 24:53
Well, you know, that’s why I love people. They’re like, I’m Irish. And mo Are you sure because I know I went on ancestry and like, research what I could find on there. And they pointed to maybe I’m not quite as Irish as

Unknown Speaker 25:07
how much Neanderthal a lot.

Roy Merritt 25:09
Yeah, I’ve never done that. I’ve never been I’ve never done DNA. Yeah,

Mike VO 25:13
Jeremy’s 86% Neanderthal.

Roy Merritt 25:18
So I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But I do have to say that if you were a conspiracy theorist, the probably excuse me, the last thing you want to do is give them your DNA. Oh, yeah.

Mike VO 25:31
Well, you know, in the military, they put out a thing like urging active duty military people now. Yeah, not do those DNA tests, because they’re so inaccurate, that it causes issues with identification if they ever have to use DNA to identify the servicemembers.

Roy Merritt 25:48
Well, is that it? Or is that the neuralyzer? Is there like, seriously, I watched the new men and black movie and so the neuralyzer came to mind But you know you never you can’t believe anything anybody says Fuck everyone. I believe everything you should have a whiskey here. You shouldn’t believe shit. I say

Mike VO 26:08
the only thing I don’t believe the only thing I don’t believe is that Harley is gonna buy Bama. Damn Damon

Roy Merritt 26:13
day. No, no, no, no, not by that. I think they’re their licensing and it would be super easy they’re Canadian company. Harley’s in fuckin Milwaukee it would be super easy to be able to license somebody in Canada to build a product for you. But okay, we’re not gonna say like an exchange. We’re not gonna say battery American made but we can say North American made better than Taiwan. You do what I’m saying? It’s not a stretch radically. Yeah, practically American. Now the Japanese manufacturer the jumps on this total bonus being made in North America. You know, saying? Like, I think I think that’s a selling point for I don’t know which manufacturer I would say Suzuki would probably be my choice. Zeus he would who would like to take it I think Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha so hard in the race series yeah they’ve already got an electric race

Jamie Lima 27:11
posturing themselves

Unknown Speaker 27:14
yeah on this guy is gonna have something going on

Roy Merritt 27:17
his goddamn robots okay like real robots that walk around and do fucking jobs and shit okay, so a CMO was like the first one whatever it was yeah dude these things I mean Honda’s no joke

Mike VO 27:33
well Bruce Lee’s no

Roy Merritt 27:34
joke no yeah that’s true Bruce Lee is no joke we got into we got into Chuck Norris isms today. Wow, that’s like old school now. Yeah, you know, I can’t believe it’s old school. Well, world so. Yeah, well, we are old.

Mike VO 27:48
Tyler was making fun of me because I was old as I was in school and him on being strong. And his

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Oh, did you show to show Tyler that new crescent wrench that needs to buy Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 28:05
I did

Mike VO 28:07
so Marcus is gone now but old man

Unknown Speaker 28:10
strength man it’s a real thing dude. Marcus really takes care of Tyler

Unknown Speaker 28:15
he’s like the weird uncle that nobody wants

Shane Langdon 28:19
Marcus. Marcus

Unknown Speaker 28:24
he’s the child that says No Don’t touch me there

Mike VO 28:26
he’s the he’s the child that Marcus is like golden Meet me in the tool shed

Roy Merritt 28:32
dude I want a microphone on this place I think I swear to God I want to put that

Unknown Speaker 28:37
on record all the OCC doesn’t have shit.

Mike VO 28:41
Well, they have they have the angry throwing shit around we Yeah, we don’t really get mad. But now

Unknown Speaker 28:46
the drama but

Unknown Speaker 28:48
that’s all fucking

Unknown Speaker 28:52
short live.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
Yeah, we’re shortly I

Roy Merritt 28:55
said I guarantee you if we recorded everything here we would make gay people.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
Yes, funny. All the gay people that worked here left and we’re the gays people.

Roy Merritt 29:04
I’m a firm believer in there’s nothing more gay than a group of straight men.

Mike VO 29:09
Well, group of gay men is more gay than a group of straight men.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
No. Only Yeah, only

Roy Merritt 29:13
when they take their clothes off and actually start having sex. Right. Right up until that point, they’re probably way more respectful with each other than we are. Probably.

Mike VO 29:25
Still 100% Yeah,

Roy Merritt 29:27
well, yeah. Good. I’m saying like the shit that gets said and done is you

Mike VO 29:31
know, I know you’re gay. You macker made a pair of jeans shorts.

Roy Merritt 29:36
You have a rainbow bumper sticker that says I love balls.

Mike VO 29:40
You know, I know you’re gay. You literally just told me you stop sleeping with women.

Roy Merritt 29:46
You know, I know you’re gay. Cuz you like Coldplay? I am

Unknown Speaker 29:51

Unknown Speaker 29:55
What was that? That’s gay.

Roy Merritt 29:57
That was the bumper sticker. Geez we do cool

Unknown Speaker 30:04
so he’s for about four hours a day.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Hey, we’re back out there gone. Well,

Mike VO 30:09
I don’t know.

Roy Merritt 30:10
I think Roy may have had one but yeah one made it on my wife’s car for a little while. Right?

Unknown Speaker 30:17
I don’t know when I was when Uber

Unknown Speaker 30:23
for hire fell off mice truck

Unknown Speaker 30:28
and I put on his truck the next day I saw it was gone. I’m like, oh, he found the bumper sticker. He goes what bumper sticker? I’m like, Damn, it

Jamie Lima 30:35
took the opportunity to put minute man.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
I lived there for about a week. They’re magnetic. So y’all know so they do come off with

Roy Merritt 30:43
so yeah. In the reverse camera on the wife’s like newish car which I drove for the first two weeks of and I got the trunk open. I wouldn’t really pay attention. I’ll give you shit. You know my looking at the car, and I put it down and we’re standing there like smoking a cigarette or something stupid. Looking at it and there’s the bumper sticker thing it says gay is riding rainbow. And I just started laughing. I’m like, Oh my God, that’s hilarious. My wife’s like, Where the fuck did that come from? Oh my god, I came from a shop. And she’s like, well, it’s not funny. And I’m like, Well, yeah, it is.

Unknown Speaker 31:19
is it’s been on a lot of people’s call the other one

Roy Merritt 31:24
last round and I said, the Infinity doesn’t have anything metal on the back of it. It’s like a fiberglass trunk, like a plastic bumper, so you can’t put it on the infinity. I’ve never worried about it. And I said they finally got me on a car that didn’t stick it off. So it’s on here. So what did I do? I shut the trunk and left.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
The other one that the wife wasn’t happy about. Men’s butts. drive me nuts. Yeah, I don’t wear that one.

Mike VO 31:51
Yeah, that one and I think there was one that was proud micro penis owner.

Aaron Staudinger 31:55
And I never saw that one.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Yeah, we need to get some new bumper stickers. Yeah. I think Yeah, there was a game it was like you got point system like, the more everyday I have

Roy Merritt 32:06
it somewhere. I don’t know what I did with it now but the wife was pretty pissed. I thought it was all she’s always pissed. Yeah. She doesn’t Well, she’s a good guy. Like she doesn’t get the guide.

Mike VO 32:19
All of our lives are always best. Yeah. Well, that seems like it seems like you’re always like us because we’re all assholes. I know. But it seems like it seems like there’s always that level of like, how close to the cliff am I? Yeah, I mean, if I fall right now my falling over the edge, or am I just gonna?

Unknown Speaker 32:35
Or is there like a

Roy Merritt 32:36
little ledge right down below me that I could jump on to maybe get back up on top.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
And on top of it, it’s not I think there’s leave there contractually obligated for this.

Unknown Speaker 32:45
Yeah, it kind of stuck in it. So

Roy Merritt 32:48
we’re running circles in the wrong direction. I think we should listen to our awesome voicemail.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Oh, yeah. Hell yeah.

Roy Merritt 32:54
Let’s see here. Turn it up first. So it works. It will do so we’re saying shank and If you listen to it, you’ll know it for the people listening. We think Shane, I think it might be me. I think I think it’s shanking. I think he’s our biggest fan. I don’t know. We’ll see you next time. Tell him if you’re listening next time leave something better next

Mike VO 33:15
time except the charges.

Roy Merritt 33:16
Yeah, so I think it might be the wrong button.

Unknown Speaker 33:24
Here was that sound effect we’re talking about? We always have

Unknown Speaker 33:28
the rail

Unknown Speaker 33:35
fucking rail assault pepper, you know, I

Aaron Staudinger 33:39
have pepper pouring out of my goddamn

Unknown Speaker 33:41
salt and pepper in his head like creep. Creep creep. That’s the story

Roy Merritt 33:46
I was gonna tell about doing a line of white pepper on the dry store show. That here’s our here’s our message Okay.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
Hello. This is a prepaid debit call from I’m an inmate at the West Virginia Southwestern Regional Jail to excessive call press zero to refuse this call hang up or press one.

Roy Merritt 34:14
So the phone number I call Google, the phone number I got on Google Voice is a 304 area code, which is West Virginia. And the reason I took it is because the last five is brap. So it’s like cool I can get grabbing my phone number I’m doing now one. I get a lot of random calls. Mostly like bill collectors shit, that’s not cool to listen to. But apparently whoever had this number before me, which may have been a real number, I don’t know. Has someone in jail, I’m guessing or he really is maybe a fan. And then

Unknown Speaker 34:51
we can just hook up a weekend like

Roy Merritt 34:52
a weekly call. You really don’t have any fans. So

Unknown Speaker 34:55
it’s a long shot. I do this for a

Unknown Speaker 34:57
long shot that he did this first,

Unknown Speaker 34:58
although Phuket man

Roy Merritt 35:00
no bullshit. Honest to God, we do have listens on every continent. One Australia everywhere. Asia, no bullshit, we have listened to at least one. And I think it’s at least two episodes at least I can think I could say at least two on every continent.

Mike VO 35:17
So it’s probably safe to say that there’s at least 100 million people on every continent. So at one of those hundred million accidentally went Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 35:30
that’s not interesting. We’re vaping I am,

Unknown Speaker 35:34
I guess, smoked out. I wasn’t sure.

Roy Merritt 35:37
Thought that. I hit it too hard. To beer. Just the beer. It makes me more you haven’t touched your whiskey cigarettes. I did actually

Mike VO 35:50
touched it. I took a sip of it.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
big truck small penis.

Roy Merritt 35:58
A great bump. So that reminds me the bumper sticker received the other day driving home.

Aaron Staudinger 36:07
made your pepper

Unknown Speaker 36:09
pouring out of my nose.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Hey, you might not get it.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
But you’re getting the drip of it. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 36:22
After that, I don’t know what a zombie just to a line of fucking salt and pepper. Good. Yeah. There’s the trucker when we seen the other day. The fat guy in a trucker hat. I was like, Bro, I don’t care how gay that is. I want to put it on the back of my car. Like seriously, that is awesome.

Mike VO 36:43
Ricky’s staff stuff like that.

Roy Merritt 36:45
Yeah, Rick. Yeah. badass sticker rig. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So, you know, we always get on the electric bike topic, the Indian challenger we were talking about earlier. It’s 122 horse 128 foot pounds of torque

Mike VO 37:02
that’s unconfirmed. I haven’t seen anywhere that that’s actually

Roy Merritt 37:05
that could be motor. That’s what

Mike VO 37:06
I haven’t I haven’t seen any anything anywhere that says that. I just did online. That actual chart. Just a word it. This makes this much.

Roy Merritt 37:17
Yeah, I mean it was a Hey, this makes as much but here’s my question. So you know how the market is you know how Harley is you know how everything is? When do we see our 131 Road Glide

Unknown Speaker 37:32

Unknown Speaker 37:34
next year

Jamie Lima 37:35
now they’re gonna go in stages, I think.

Roy Merritt 37:38
But I mean, you know, Indian went balls out with the challenger,

Unknown Speaker 37:42
I think next year

Unknown Speaker 37:46
as maybe an option or the CBO.

Mike VO 37:49
Well, there’s no stage for unit. There’s no stage for production motorcycle.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
That’s true.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
It would be actually pretty cool.

Jamie Lima 38:00
If they went straight to it, because my fear is they’re gonna go

Roy Merritt 38:03
like, Well, I think we need I think we need to raise i think i think i think they’re gonna I think they’re gonna go back. I need something to combat that and I think that’s gonna have inverted forks. You’re not a touring bike on a road glide. Wow. I think they’re gonna go right after the challenger. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Unknown Speaker 38:29
I mean, I’d be silly Harley. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 38:30
if I was Harley, I’d be like, Oh, look, you came out with a bike like mine. Here’s what mine is

Unknown Speaker 38:35
doing is they copied our design.

Jamie Lima 38:38
Look at look at what’s happened recently, like as responsive as Harley has been to the market. They went looking around at what’s going on and they went, huh, here’s this company that makes aftermarket throttle bodies. You’re making a whole lot of money making manifolds and throttle bodies when they come out with manifolds.

Roy Merritt 38:56
You think you’re making that much money though?

Jamie Lima 38:58
That company As big as there may be, dude, I’ve seen the piles of stuff that ships out of that. Yeah, yeah, they they do very very well and they wanted they’re part of that business and they figured why not let’s

Roy Merritt 39:12
just let’s take our piece you guys in that fucking group chat

Unknown Speaker 39:15
you’re looking right can you hear that in the background just

Unknown Speaker 39:17
like being putting

Unknown Speaker 39:20
on silent

Roy Merritt 39:21
phones is stupid fucking watch my wife bought me a smartphone

Unknown Speaker 39:27
and you loved it it’s a

Roy Merritt 39:30
prosumer Gen five it’s fucking cool. Now they’re

Jamie Lima 39:36
they’re looking at the market and they’re looking at what aftermarket stuff is going on is it’s and although it’s sometimes it seems to be watered down. And in the pure sense of quality and performance edge of it is supposed to be they want their piece of the pie. And they’re doing it I wouldn’t be surprised if you would, you know, have them. Maybe at some point produce a bike with like a Kraus style suspension. Maybe they’ll adopt something Like, or openings or something like

Roy Merritt 40:01
adapt anything take take the, you take the forks off of a softail and you beat them up a little bit heavier springs in them. But then we’ve already we’ve already taken the 21 inch front wheel off a touring bike and put it on a softail which means the geometry is exactly the same as a touring bike. Except it sits behind it. So all they have to do is adapt trees. Well, they did to sit. Well, no, they did. Yeah, but Harley already knows this. Charlie’s not fucking stupid. They knew they know what works together.

Mike VO 40:30
But the problem that Harley Davidson has, to me is the problem that they’ve had for a long time Earl is fine, and they can figure out whether they’re going to move forward or stay in the same place and try to move an inch forward and take all that history and put it in like the new softail Low Rider s is the stupidest fucking motorcycle man.

Roy Merritt 40:53
I don’t disagree. I think

Shane Langdon 40:55
why did they try it and why did they try to make it the Dinah low writer

Roy Merritt 40:58
and see I say that about every so often. Like why call it a heritage? It doesn’t look like your heritage. It’s not two tone paint and chrome with fucking frills and stupid shit on it. That was a heritage you know through the years. Yeah, call it something else. You know it’s an awesome bike. I don’t dislike the bike, just like what you’re saying. I just like the trying to stretch back to something that it’s not just like, same breath. I believe in the last few years they are moving forward despite the news.

Mike VO 41:26
They’re moving forward Dinah’s, they’re moving forward but they’re trapped in this vortex of every time they make a design that doesn’t look like the shit that they did. 20 years ago, they get a bunch of negativity.

Unknown Speaker 41:38
Yeah, but let’s let’s just like the people that wrote Dinah’s, right and and Yeah, I know. Well, no, but in terms of Daniele,

Roy Merritt 41:46
who was like, come on, who’s the stand up? Everybody got haters.

Mike VO 41:48
Yeah, but I hate I hate you

Roy Merritt 41:51
got haters and you want to get rid of them. That’s the wrong idea. You need to keep doing better. Yeah, you want more haters. More haters. He’s better than less than

Unknown Speaker 42:01
softail used to be the had the most accessories and has a beach cruiser and handled like a couch. It was a couch. It didn’t corned into anything. They dropped the Dyna market which a lot of people including me were bummed about until I rode the new softail and then the new softails like oh my god this thing’s amazing. I will never because I hate

Unknown Speaker 42:20
it here’s the deals here’s

Unknown Speaker 42:22
what everybody who doesn’t riginal soft yeah all the diamond guys and

Mike VO 42:25
that’s who they’re listening to that

Unknown Speaker 42:26
said Oh, I’m just gonna go buy an old FX Are

Mike VO 42:29
you know be a poser. The next person that I hear that says the EVO is the best motor that Harley ever made you even on an EVO, because you probably you probably have a like a Nighthawk 450

Roy Merritt 42:43
Yeah, like you shut

Mike VO 42:44
the fuck up quickly. Me people. Yeah.

Jamie Lima 42:48
They ever made his goddamn Twin Cam.

Mike VO 42:50
Yeah. Me is amazing as far and above and that and that’s the best motor on the cruiser market. It’s not the best heart motor that Harley ever made. That’s the engine platform that everyone else that’s still trying to pretend to be a Harley so that they can still sell motor. Well

Jamie Lima 43:05
that’s the thing and part

of the problem is they want to they want to break in, but they want to maintain the heart and soul. So you’ve got the core, the 45 degree, the twin Harley motor oil cooled. Keep that surround it with some badass

Mike VO 43:21
thing. Yeah. Play with it. Hell no. Yeah, that

Roy Merritt 43:25
thing is man. Built by committee. Everything is built by committee where we’re at right now. If so, 2002 v rod motor comes out. Oh, seven, they change the frame. If they would have gone with Oh, nine rod motor at that point. I mean, come on. How many of you rod motors have you guys seen apart in your life? Not many? No. Okay. They’re pretty bulletproof goddamn motors, which is what the new 1250 platform Okay, you’re talking about a bagger that yes, is going to lack a little bit on torque, but they could have done something about it. Yeah, yeah, that that could have been fixed.

Jamie Lima 43:59
However, Harley Davidson will never deliver a bagger platform bike that doesn’t have the firing phase that we have right now.

Roy Merritt 44:06
I don’t agree they won’t I don’t agree his generation doesn’t give a fuck

Mike VO 44:11
about and the ones that

Roy Merritt 44:16
are the generation that can afford to ride right now there here’s there’s two different types okay there’s the smart ones and what they want is a fucking bike they can get on and ride like a metric bike and that’s a liquid cooled fucking motor that gives you reliability overhead cam easy Yeah, it’s been time proven in every motherfucking every platform everywhere has been proven pushrod motors are the most inefficient goddamn thing you can run just about the only people still doing a Chevy for the most part, but

Unknown Speaker 44:47
because it’s not as cost effective to be full.

Roy Merritt 44:50
It’s not and it’s not as reliable and there’s too many variables you know when you can isolate everything to above the cams and get rid of so much. It goes So much better. So the newer generations like myself, I mean, yeah, I love the sound of a V rod. If I’ve heard a fucking bagger that sounds like a V rod, I would be like, what the fuck?

Aaron Staudinger 45:12
No, like a destroyer rod.

Roy Merritt 45:15
Dude, all you got to do is put a set of pipes on the V rod, they sound great.

Mike VO 45:18
But the guys, the guys that the guys that are voicing all of the this is this, these, you know this, these new motors suck and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is their last motorcycle,

Roy Merritt 45:27
we’ll see. Here’s what I’m saying. There’s two types. There’s this smart guy who knows that he doesn’t give a shit about shovel heads and none of that he wants to ride and he wants to make it easy ride. And then there’s the new rider that was all his friends and things. All the old bikes are awesome. And then about eight years after rezoned two or three different old bikes that he could never fucking ride because he always had problems with work on them. If he’s lucky. He becomes a smart rider and buys a new bike. Yeah. Because ultimately, it’s about riding. It’s not about working on your bike. I mean, yeah, that’s fun. I get it. Well, one of the things about right I didn’t know

Unknown Speaker 46:02
and you know, we only shovelhead

Jamie Lima 46:04
wrote it until I got so goddamn sick and tired of working on it. I decided to buy an O seven diner. Yeah. rode the piss out of it.

Mike VO 46:12
Yeah, cuz all you had to do is get on it. Hit the button and go.

Jamie Lima 46:14
Yeah, change the oil. Yep. The clutches once in a while. That’s it

Unknown Speaker 46:17
and was the new the new the 1250 cc motor coming out. It’s the reboot. It’s a revolution. dual overhead cam is what it looks like. And the numbers on it look really good in that even on that was at 99795. And these are all four by

Roy Merritt 46:34
fours. Yeah. So that yeah, that Bronx, the Bronx has come in in the next six months or so. I guess. There’s a fear and the pain America. So okay, and this is interesting. This isn’t a great segue. Yeah,

Mike VO 46:47
this isn’t out yet. But you and McGregor and his buddy Charlie Brown

Roy Merritt 46:53
is out actually in the if you read online

Mike VO 46:56
are they done it? Yeah. So you know they did that long way around. Long way round and the long way down whenever now we’re doing like a long way up. So one of my sister dealerships and I have a bunch of friends at Scottsdale Harley Davidson in Arizona. Yeah, shout out and it was like right about when we released the, the live warrior on the Livewire video on moonshines YouTube channel, which we have a, you know, a little plug moonshine Harley, we have a whole bunch of performance videos and whatever and we have like a 20 minute video that kind of goes with me being an idiot and you know, having a limited vocabulary as one of one of the comments on vocabulary. And I didn’t reply I wanted to say like, Well, you know, I gotta dumb it down for you metric guys.

Roy Merritt 47:45
People don’t get it,

Mike VO 47:46
but about that same time. Like right when that came out right before it came out. One of my buddies Michael Jackson, at superstition goes by he goes, his name is Michael Jackson. And he goes with By MJ, and I’m like, you are Michael Jackson. And he’s like, so I always call him Michael Jackson and he, he hates it, but it’s kind of like a term of endearment now. Well, that’s a big word. I’m sorry if that guy’s listening. Okay, I want to keep it simple. So, look it up. He sends me a bunch of these pictures on on Facebook Messenger. And he’s like, check this out. You and McGregor and Charlie Bruna Hannah rune Han brew who run them, run them run, run, run, run. I apologize. I apologize if I don’t get your last name. When? When when you’re watching the show, which I’ve watched all the shows. They’re they’re super awesome. If you have not been watching them or not seeing these documentaries, they’re really really really fun.

Roy Merritt 48:39
Yeah, legit riding like guys that really like to ride and are riding for the right reasons.

Mike VO 48:44
Yep. You know what I mean? You know, and they ride like BMW those over overland bikes. And I mean, they break the frames out. It’s crazy. They really it’s really super superb adventure that you get to watch. So they stopped that oxtail, Harley and charged there, a lot of wires because they rode live wires from the tip of South America. And somewhere I think like to Anchorage, Alaska, I couldn’t remember where he said that the destination was. So they stopped and they they hung out at the dealership and Michael Jackson when you see the deal and he says My name is MJ, it’s not his name. His name is Michael Jackson.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
Yeah, that bike had the pan America fact rear suspension bags and then they fabricated an engine card to it right?

Mike VO 49:30
Yeah. And so you look at these bikes and they were totally hybrid and they were pan America parts and

Roy Merritt 49:36
those bikes will not sit in dealerships after that come out. That comes out. I’m telling you those live wires Oh, yeah. Any that are sitting in dealerships on that vid when that TV show comes out are gonna be gone. Oh, yeah. Because they’re not we’re only making like 700 we sold to, they’re gonna there’s gonna be 10s of thousands of people that watch that video to think that 700 of them are going to want to buy those bikes is not Like

Unknown Speaker 50:00
every one everybody that’s seen him and half of them go I don’t know anybody that rides like but once you ride him we’re the two patrol guys come in and talking crap. We said go ride them and they both got on gunboats and all and went down the street and they’re like, I can’t even talk cop anymore to various

Aaron Staudinger 50:18

Roy Merritt 50:21
direction. Yeah. Can we talk about the pan America? Okay. I saw I read an article yesterday. BMW sold. I want to say it was a record amount of K series dual sports. Yeah. It was just shy of 10,000 last year.

Does that seem like that big of a market

Unknown Speaker 50:47
is that I mean,

Unknown Speaker 50:48
that’s, that’s anybody that

Shane Langdon 50:50
tells me for front end though. The BMW that had the dual lever telephone, dual telephone lever front end whatever it is, or had the dual swing arm with the shock mounted But is that a dual sport? It is. It’s what they use to go so I don’t know, America

Unknown Speaker 51:09

Unknown Speaker 51:14
BMW had Oh, yellow lever front end that was basically a swing arm with the shock on the front with with forks. And that was the like best All Terrain trial.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Hold on. Hey, hold on.

Unknown Speaker 51:36

Unknown Speaker 51:39
that’s it. Oh yeah,

Roy Merritt 51:40
that’s right. We haven’t played too much of that anyways, we get in trouble. So the other interesting topic on that because I believe that Harley can make a competitive bike. If you’ve ever ridden a case series dual sport. They’re very heavy for one And they’re very solid like a Harley is, you know what I mean? Like everything doesn’t feel metric if you will. It feels German, you know? So the other interesting news in that topic is a cow Saki that makes it super linear are the two near one of the manufacturer I want to say it’s Kawasaki makes it

Mike VO 52:28
I think you’re thinking of Greg Kinnear?

Roy Merritt 52:31
No, no, it’s a it’s a dual sport. Oh, and the new 2020 near and I want to say it’s to the engineer and not the super tenere but the denier is coming in at MSRP at like 999 so somebody’s going hard. Wait market Wait a minute, like 999 99 Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 52:54
was like $1,000 999,

Unknown Speaker 52:57
Yamaha Yamaha. Okay,

Roy Merritt 53:01
so you’re talking about a bike in that market now? It’s no, it’s not going to have the power of the 1250 it’s not not it’s

Unknown Speaker 53:09
108 horsepower at at at 4.2 foot pounds of torque.

Roy Merritt 53:13
Yeah, so we’re talking 240 I think is what they know what they’re claiming out of the 1250. Was that right? Something like that. Yeah. So it’s, you know, it’s not gonna be on there and they have a super tenere

Unknown Speaker 53:26
that is, well, that is a Super Junior.

Roy Merritt 53:29
Okay, so there’s a ton there that I was reading about this 10 grand. So I’m gonna guess it’s probably less than that. But you’re looking at like, like that market? If so, so Harley’s gonna be at 20 I mean, they really said

Mike VO 53:42
Well, I don’t know but you know, Harley doesn’t really make budget effective entry level motorcycle. No, no, no, they don’t they don’t need to they never have

Aaron Staudinger 53:54
to Cadillac does. I mean if you

Mike VO 53:56
if you want, if you want a $3,000 Cadillac tried this Then go then get on Craigslist. Yeah. And buy a 1998 83 or 1200 Sportster and ride it around for a while and learn about Harley’s and get with all your, you know, the Senate crews.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
And then we’ll promise horses. All right. Oh,

Roy Merritt 54:17
I have to go into this because this segues

Unknown Speaker 54:20
ended thing. segue.

Roy Merritt 54:24
Yeah, this whole senate thing is new to me. Cuz I guess I’m old. I don’t know, but

Mike VO 54:31
because you’re not from the west coast.

Roy Merritt 54:33
That might be what it is. Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida. I don’t know. I just never heard this.

Mike VO 54:38
So what do they say? When they’re riding the airboats over the

Roy Merritt 54:43
fuck it? I don’t know. I mean, there’s not we don’t have like a dumb term. We just go down there. Just to drink to worry about the crocodile. Yeah, we get lucky. No, alligators are nowhere near as scary as people think. They’re not that bad. But

Unknown Speaker 54:56
when you’re on an airboat on a lake, when

Unknown Speaker 54:59
you’re there. safest fucking place yeah

Unknown Speaker 55:01
until it flips because the guy’s drifting it showing you showing it off these freaking people. Hey,

Roy Merritt 55:06
let me tell you something you have to be really drunk and stupid and flippin airboat. Well, I’m just saying you can be pretty drunk and stupid and not flipping your boat. Trust me

Unknown Speaker 55:15
well being being a West Coast guy on an airboat, and the guys talk about alligators, and then he’s drifting.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
But here’s the deals. We

Roy Merritt 55:24
need. Water. Yeah, we’ve been getting airboats out and running around fields when we were drunk. And hey, because we didn’t have any water to go.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
So it doesn’t get on airboats. So

Unknown Speaker 55:35
so that’s that’s the

Roy Merritt 55:38
like, like for that, for that lifestyle. To be honest with you, you you go out in the mud and you drink and you drink

Unknown Speaker 55:46
equivalent equivalent of the West Coast snowmobile in the summertime.

Roy Merritt 55:51
So like out in Arizona, you have like red rock and crossing 100 cross out there. It’s a lot of Baja and Rockland Yeah you know saying like like like things are set up well guys in Florida would build like rock climbers. Well there’s no fucking rocks in Florida which really need in Florida my boggers Well, yeah, and what you need is a lightweight truck with really tall and skinny tires. That’s what works the best in mud. Guys like to buy these big diesel trucks that shouldn’t go out there and I did it 100% a

Unknown Speaker 56:24
day there’s a show religion

Mike VO 56:26

Aaron Staudinger 56:26
like if you own a TV, there’s this show that comes on called dirty mother truckers addicted these frickin guys they must have like, nine oh yeah the frickin smokin hot

Unknown Speaker 56:38
especially like covered in mud. Oh,

Roy Merritt 56:41
dude, I’m not gonna lie. So like in my experience and my friends like we got a lot of hot wives you know I’m saying like, when it goes around even in the Harley world, I found very few people that don’t have good looking wives. You know, I’m saying we ride motorcycles we do cool sure I fucking good people, you know, but well, you Gotta have to take out you take wear

Unknown Speaker 57:01
affliction shirt with

Roy Merritt 57:03
I have never owned it

Mike VO 57:06
the only way to hate my mic is our

Roy Merritt 57:10
Tony here is it says is that good looking women only look better covered but without question. It happens every time I was out. I mean we would go out in the swamp so you got in Florida. You especially down closer to South Florida when you’re down near the Everglades and shit. It’s all like swamp. Okay, so you have snorkels you have whatever and you’re keeping water out of your motor and shit but for the most part, like if you have a four wheeler, the 90% of that four wheeler stays underwater for version what’s going yeah, I’m gonna show us on you about yes

Aaron Staudinger 57:46
see the truck coming out with now they they’re not big trucks. They’re they’re looking more like razors with 1000 horsepower. Okay, so in Florida The thing is,

Roy Merritt 57:57
and this this is probably not today. Okay, so you take a like a military military axles Yeah. Front rear big motor platform on top of it.

Jamie Lima 58:08
Oh yeah, I’ve seen that. It’s like a party bar. It’s a mud but

Roy Merritt 58:12
can you think of the term we used to call it right now but it was it is basically like a pontoon boat for the miles on it. Yeah. So you I mean, these guys we go out in the woods are big dudes with like 15 hot chicks in bikinis rolling around on a fucking flatbed trailer in the middle of nowhere on this monster truck with a flatbed on top of it and

Mike VO 58:32
they all listen to Bubba sparks and Oh, no. Even in even in Orlando.

Roy Merritt 58:37
Orlando if you see like a 78 Ford stepside on 40 fours. Guaranteed he’s playing rap music.

Mike VO 58:45
Yeah, guarantee.

Unknown Speaker 58:47

Unknown Speaker 58:50
motherfuck motherfuckers up yellow.

Roy Merritt 58:53
Yeah. This motherfuckers American flag

Aaron Staudinger 58:56
about the way they play.

Unknown Speaker 58:59
Yeah. Oh yeah. Mary out to big smile. I mean I say that weekend.

Roy Merritt 59:02
Oh yeah, that’s that’s Florida that’s gotta be Florida. Yeah, I see that they he showed me a video right now because trucks done that shit. It’s fucking Florida I guarantee it.

Mike VO 59:10
So here’s the other thing. Here’s the other thing you can do in Florida if you put in the date of your birthday. Yeah, and you and you go to Google, Florida man and put your birthday it will give you Okay, and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be somebody eating bath salts

Unknown Speaker 59:29
to do that for Ohio to see you in Florida you do that for Ohio because I was the grow

Roy Merritt 59:37
IO is crazier.

Mike VO 59:39
Ohio is the contender, Ohio,

Roy Merritt 59:42
Ohio is crazier than Florida.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
No way

Shane Langdon 59:44
No fucking way you know why cuz they don’t have they don’t have the Everglades.

Roy Merritt 59:49
The Everglades you’re awesome.

Mike VO 59:51
Yeah. And that’s how Florida man exists? Well, cuz it’s awesome. And it also breeds like the what? Fuck, I’m never going to

Roy Merritt 1:00:01
I’m going to tell you right now you have never lived so you lived in Florida for at least a year. Well, I guess I’m never gonna live different world. Yeah, I

Mike VO 1:00:09
know it’s a different world. I don’t know why you’re banned in Florida

Roy Merritt 1:00:12
dude. I would, man. I love it. It’s awesome. It’s different. It’s not as small liberal, California different but yet Dude, you go a little different.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
So I’m saying this in my phone. Right when?

Roy Merritt 1:00:28
What’s your expectation? I say I say before the end of next model year, we get some kind of a performance bagger out of Harley? I don’t think so. I’m not gonna say he’s got a 131 but doubtful I we have to get a Road Glide to match the gyro glide. roguelite because it’s a challenging road.

Mike VO 1:00:48
Road Road Glide road glides on it. Yeah, Road Glide did

Roy Merritt 1:00:52
now. Yeah. So here’s where here’s where Road Glide plays into the younger generation. Dannebrog a little more logical about things, which is what I believe is that it’s less likely to have buffeting on the highway.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Okay, buffeting, buffering, buffering.

Roy Merritt 1:01:16
Yeah, moving on Jimmy Buffett want to do stuff, like throw it around, that fairing is not holding you down, you know what I’m saying. So throw it in the front end around, especially in a parking lot, even a stock bike. But what I was gonna do if I was going to do like maneuvers in the parking lot, and that’s we use the medium bucks, I would rather do it on a roadblock. Because when I throw that bike down, and I want to grind the peg and go around, I don’t have to worry about the weight of that fairing. And I think this is why people are gravitating to that Road Glide. And I think if you do if you’re going to go after performance bagger, Hartley already owns the look of a Street Glide performance bagger real quick Opposite Yeah, nobody, nobody, nobody can compete with that. But now that Indian has brought this factory inverted for wannabe, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
well, you know what?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
I’m not gonna say want to be

Roy Merritt 1:02:13
right now right now Harley does not have a stock Road Glide. That looks like it would perform.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
That fairing of that bike that they put out is I almost identical to the heart. Okay.

Roy Merritt 1:02:30
So what about very if you were to sketch just loosely sketch every sport bike on the market, do you think you could tell them apart without colors? No, but

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
that’s been an ongoing thing.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:41
Well, that’s always an ongoing thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
So let’s take it another step.

Mike VO 1:02:45
You know what the only thing you could do is get a lion on fire.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
next step is

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
what about a bike? We have

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
to say we’ve got that reference in it. What about

Roy Merritt 1:02:57
every pickup truck ever made?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
A tailgater that’s

Mike VO 1:03:00
a lot of pickup trucks now.

Roy Merritt 1:03:02
I can tell you, no, I’m just saying if you were gonna like outline if you were gonna outline the overall design of every truck ever made. Well, the aficionados, the fact that Indian came out with this thing that looks like a Road Glide. It’s inevitable. I mean, come on. Nobody designs the look of a car that somebody else doesn’t copy. But here’s the deal and the look of anything that somebody else does, right?

Mike VO 1:03:26
But here’s what here’s, here’s the reality. So the challenger was actually announced last year. It came out like eight or nine months ago, and Harley came out with the softail standard.

Jamie Lima 1:03:43
I see your point.

Shane Langdon 1:03:44
Well, they’re they’re their mid year bike was like, Hey,

Aaron Staudinger 1:03:47
here’s the softail standard. Oh, they came

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
2020 roguelite. Special. Exactly. Right. And it’s one color that and it’s just

Roy Merritt 1:03:55
like every other regulation

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
I thought about I was like, What Yeah, they’re they

Roy Merritt 1:04:00
made a roguelike CBO. Yep, that is that is like a gray. I don’t know some call it

Mike VO 1:04:07
a badass. I did that they’re gonna make like a a budget. Street Glide or row glide the call the the alley glide. And they came out with this with the Street Glide standard which doesn’t have a radio to 107 no no frills, no whatever, for a price point. Yeah, but why would you use? Why would you take like the base, the base platform, which the only reason anybody would want that bike is so that they could put an aftermarket stereo aftermarket performance they get 106 do whatever they wanted to do with the one oh sevens irrelevant because like, you take a 107 I can take a 107 and in two days, I can give you 140 foot pounds of torque, and 125 horsepower, right? No problem. No big deal. So I get it, but why do they call it a standard Like that’s the stupidest thing like this special is the standard meaning because the special is the one that if you go in that octagon right now, which is our sales

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
the eight sided

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
sales building

Mike VO 1:05:14
we have an eight sided sales building and we work in a very very PC place so it is the octagon

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
it’s actually been sent to Christmas party by the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
by the so on.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
Get a couple you know when you get the serpent

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
they get all their fancy.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
But yeah,

Mike VO 1:05:35
so they’re there the the standard motorcycle is the special. Like that’s, that’s that’s where I think Harley will not go for the it’s the daemon right? I always want to call it the Bama daemon. And I think it’s because I’m so mad demon. I made nothing

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
there. Never forget

Roy Merritt 1:06:00
You’re 100% right now. Because if rumors are coming out that a Japanese manufacturer is going after him, there’s no way a Japanese manufacturer is going to get a deal. Get into a deal with them if they’re also going to license to somebody else.

Mike VO 1:06:15
Yeah, they’re not going to do it.

Roy Merritt 1:06:16
And they’re in talks. It’s out I was wrong, you know, that’s all there is to that. But that was that was actually what I thought was gonna be the interesting note. And I was a little off it was a Japanese movie, but but

Mike VO 1:06:28
but you know, you know, a cafe racing motorcycles isn’t our isn’t our heritage. It’s not our forte. And it’s not Harley’s it’s, it’s not something that Harley is really involved with. They made a couple of project bikes over the years to compete with VR 1000, which was the grandfather to the V rod. Yeah, you know, the the Buell 1125, was a super badass motorcycle. And the year it came out, they discontinued the program was because he called me with a shit

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
Call me want to shoot.

Mike VO 1:07:00
Well that is that and the people that buy the Harley’s are not the people buying cafe motorcycles people to buy cafe motorcycles are buying Japanese bikes, ladies and gentlemen. Now introducing Jamie Jamie Lima. He just stepped in. He did it right after we announced to the world the name of our sales building and as Christian at the sales meeting at the Christmas octagon, the octagon Oh, he turned Oh, he patted you down.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
Now, all right now your life.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
You guys look good. Really good, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
So what are we talking about?

Mike VO 1:07:38
We’re talking about so there’s an electric company called de ama Damon Damon Damon. And they make a cafe style electric bike that has 200 horsepower

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
200 motor miles

Mike VO 1:07:50
an hour and goes 200 miles and they are in talks of licensing the motorcycle to a larger like a mouse. Probably a coven brand. And Roy and I’m debating whether it be Harley Davidson and I say absolutely not what he thinks is Harley Davidson. But there’s there’s talk about a Japanese company and it’s more of a Japanese type product because they have that that

Jamie Lima 1:08:14
that’s their market, it would impasse. The specs that Harley is looking for it when pass their testing, once Harley got it, it would have to meet all of our criteria. And to get that bike through our process.

Now that’s that’s the question that I had. We talked about this earlier, it was like, is the process of watering down of a truly good product? Or is it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
quality control? What are we talking about?

Jamie Lima 1:08:37
Well, Harley’s the big dog, so if Harley’s gonna put their name on it, it’s got to meet all their testing. And Honda’s gonna do the same thing or BMW, but some of the smaller companies up and coming like zero, it’s easy for them to do it because if something fails, it’s not this huge reputation that has history behind the brand that they need to protect. If Harley put out a bike like zero. We We get a lot of backlash in the network from our customers if stuffs breaking left and right on the vehicle. Harley has taken a hit for the price of the first one that’s come out. But it is amazing product. It is. It is it’s it’s probably the nicest one on the market right now. It’s going to be for some time. And you have the dealership network backing it right. So if you have a problem, you’re covered pretty much anywhere. So any Harley dealership? Yeah, so if you’re gonna buy one of these, awesome, make sure you’re well protected with a network around your writing area. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
Because one of the zero guys there’s a rep for zero actually rode to a live wire program and

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
wrote a live wire. And then after you got that right and Livewire rode his home and then decided to live wire wire. is a better product than the 00. It’s

Mike VO 1:10:02
absolutely it is a product it is a better product. Because it’s when you write a Livewire, you’re riding a Harley Davidson. And we were talking earlier about Kevin lurch who decided to go test drive Indians because you know, he’s rode Harley’s his whole life. And he said, yeah, it’s fast. It’s got a lot of power and he’s like, but you know what it feels metric. And, and Harley davidsons do not feel that way. Ours is a

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
turnaround. It’s its resale value. It seems to drive a lot.

Mike VO 1:10:33
Well, yeah, but people don’t really people don’t understand that they don’t even go that far into the thought process. You know, it’s just how the the barring process is 100% How do you feel today when you’re when you write it when you go on the test? Right. How do you feel

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
Yeah, but but at the same time, the what retains its value is a big thing, too.

Mike VO 1:10:53
If it was Indian would already be out of business, right?

Jamie Lima 1:10:58
Not only that, but I think that Electric motorcycles, the value of them later is gonna be different than average motorcycle. It’s like a cell phone is your old cell phone worth as much as the new one, when it comes out the resale value, I think the resale values of these motorcycles five years from now are gonna be different than motorcycles we know of now. Because stuff is gonna happen quicker. And I think it’s going to be slower now. And it’s going to be quicker the farther we get from this moment, from five years from now, not so bad. But as we’re able to produce stuff quicker in these batteries are the technologies is expounding yearly, they’re going to be able to come out with new ones every six months. That’s how quick stuffs gonna and how rapid stuff’s gonna change. So I think the value later is going to change but I think the platforms are going to be different where when that new technology comes out, old parts come out of your motorcycle, new parts go in your motorcycle, you just buy the upgrades you move on.

Mike VO 1:11:52
Yeah. And I and we were talking about that with the challenger that Indian came out with the bagger that’s basically you know Arlen ness is parting gift to the world and. And it’s the it’s Indians performance bagger and it’s almost identical to a row glide. Do you think Harley is going to come out with an answer to the challenger? It’s got inverted forks, Scott stuff. I don’t know if Harley cares enough to do it. I don’t think that

Jamie Lima 1:12:18
they better. I say they better.

They they have it covered. They’ve been working on radial brakes, if you notice on the Live Wire, and all the new bikes coming out, like the pan America and the Street Fighter, the brakes now say Brembo. And now the radial brakes. Harley is now aware of the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
Brembo brakes before but they said Harley, which turned a lot of people off and went to Brembo aftermarket. Yeah,

Mike VO 1:12:43
they’d want to like well, not only brake, like, why do you want to get rid of your Brembo brake? Well, not only

Jamie Lima 1:12:48
that are Brembo brakes were made to function at a specific area specifically. So we weren’t supposed to stop the fastest, the most aggressive, we were supposed to be smooth. You know, like the Cadillac fuel brakes, not you touch it and boom, okay, your wife just smacked him back in the head. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
yes, yeah, that’s not what we’re going for. Right? So Exactly. So a customer.

Jamie Lima 1:13:11
customers don’t understand that you got to think of the average Harley rider isn’t riding every day. And Harley has it in mind, too. We were riding a lot, we can write something aggressive. And that’s back to the Livewire that we’re talking about too. We we can design a sport bike this 200 horse you don’t think we can do it? Yeah, surely not. You know, the Harley can do that. Do they want to do that on the box? No, they want a bike that my sister can ride. Your mom can ride. Mike can ride Roy can ride little Susie down the street, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
Like, where are you gonna ride 200 miles an hour. If you’re buying a luxury bike,

Mike VO 1:13:47
all right to work to.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
logically, hey, if

Jamie Lima 1:13:53
given the opportunity, man, hey, I moved from California. You know, I didn’t two or fifth. I didn’t see are splitting traffic the whole goddamn way to work?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03

Jamie Lima 1:14:04
I got on the freeway here. It’s like Open Season. I don’t see a cop I’m doing 110 Mike and I wrote a live

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
wire does 100 Live Wire does 110 the live load is 110 what are you gonna do 100 200 miles an hour

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
say hey, give me a shot. Why?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
Why do we build all the motors we build? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
because it’s better.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
Yeah, it gets you up there quicker. Yeah, it’s awesome. But

Unknown Speaker 1:14:30
I don’t I don’t see any place I do 200 miles an hour. There’s cars, there’s traffic. Track bike. Sure.

Jamie Lima 1:14:36
You really gonna do it?

You want the availability of that power? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
Well, sure.

Mike VO 1:14:44
What’s gonna happen is you might need to go 200 miles and I’m saying

Unknown Speaker 1:14:48
you never know.

Mike VO 1:14:50
I’ve been riding my driving my foreigner home and then like, I could only

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
go 100 miles an hour faster.

Shane Langdon 1:15:04
So yeah so yeah so so Roy said earlier that if you put your your you know Ohio man and your birthdate in it would do the same thing as a Florida no that is not true. It came up with zero searches, but I put a Florida man with 121 on it. And it comes up with Florida man and woman run over by a patrol car while Wigan road to watch Eclipse. So that that is not true.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
gas or bath salts on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
If you put in Florida man with your birthday, the chances are bath salts are very high. But But my birthday was Ohio man and my birthday came up with zero results just so you know.

Mike VO 1:15:54
Right? Well, okay, so Roy was just defending Florida saying those words I

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
know Florida is the own entities in Florida.

Roy Merritt 1:16:06
We’re gonna get my buddy on here.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
Yeah, for the people in Florida said no, we do that game with Ohio to make us feel better. So maybe specific dates will work.

Jamie Lima 1:16:20
So instead instead of these motorcycles in Florida, you have airboats.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:26
These airboats are done up just like these motorcycles. We have old ones, the new ones and the old ones break every

Aaron Staudinger 1:16:31
time you got an error, but you’re drinking Well, here’s what it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:38
completely avoided that. every

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
goddamn drink.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
All I remember is every time I got on my elbow,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:49

Jamie Lima 1:16:49
had to make sure I was supporting my local law enforcement with the sheriff’s hat they gave me

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
that way when we were on

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
the lake and they’re pulling all the boats over This True Story hold on True story. Everyone’s party in that like, they’re all going home. The police were circling all the boats the county was their

Shane Langdon 1:17:08
big huge festival. 500 boats were they in airboats,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
they were on air boats and regular boats. So coming by, they’re just pissed because they’re sober

Unknown Speaker 1:17:15
coming back to the boat ramp. Listen is coming

Jamie Lima 1:17:18
back to the boat ramp. There stopping all the boats one by one. I’m wearing a Seminole County Sheriff hat the whole time. People around me party and are like looking at me double taken me Not sure if they can still party next to me and I’m wearing it for a reason. So we’re driving back, all the boats are getting pulled over. They see my boat and they just wave it by a

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
bumper sticker you buy in every other state. They wave me by all three of my buddies have to pull over. They’re like, Ah, now we know why Jamie was wearing the hat question I have is how

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
many times have you

Jamie Lima 1:17:55
worn so I’m at Dr. Gilmore. I’m at Westfield. So here’s the thing about airboats I was on is all these boats are there and all sudden you’ll have somebody pull up next to you in a boat they built in their garage with parts they found. Okay, so you have a six cylinder, Lycoming that’s been put together with parts they found from their buddies for airboats that blew up. It’s a magnesium block which catches on fire. It weighs nothing spins 3200 RPM maxed out, and he has a piece of wood spinning at 3200 miles an hour with the tips of the proper bout to break the sound barrier because that’s what it does the tip of this Prop, that’s how fast or spinning and it’s six foot from your face.

And that prop he found in his yard.

So every once in a while,

every once in a while his prop maybe isn’t balanced perfectly, and the tip of a prop will fling

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47

Jamie Lima 1:18:48
So when a boat like that’s going behind me, I’m running to the opposite side of my boat ducking and was trying to figure out what I’m doing and all sudden the tip rips off

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
hits the bottom of his boat rips to the side hits this guy’s about They’re still trying to figure out why I was running away from that boat.

Jamie Lima 1:19:03
Like no one knew this was gonna happen. I mean, I spotted it when it was shaking, driving class dry ground pulling up to me that something was wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
And I want to say it again. This is Florida, not Ohio.

Mike VO 1:19:14
So now and I also want to reiterate

that will not happen anywhere but

Unknown Speaker 1:19:37
Russia. No, yeah. Russia. They use them on ice. But yeah, same thing in Russia. They’re snowmobiles, they use airplane or they’re jumping off roofs with bedsheets

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
diesel airboat,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:51

Jamie Lima 1:19:52
I don’t know. I feel bad for the next generation going through high school right now because I feel like if you took a bunch of Russian kids and stuck them in our high school schools they would dominate. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. dominate our kids be like, we don’t want to flex and they Russian kids be flexing all over our high school kids.

Roy Merritt 1:20:08
Yeah, murdered.

Mike VO 1:20:09
Well, the well i think that the only the Russian kids would be in the lunchroom.

Jamie Lima 1:20:16
The American kids would just be forced out into the field

serving lunch.

And the Russians would be in there eating and they’d be like, we took all their lunch money. Yeah, the kids the kids are hiding in

the closet behind a mop bucket like oh my god.

How much do we need to pay you to do along the side?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
Salt and pepper. Oh, $30 I’m the only person in the world that could drink a whole gallon of milk. Yeah, but the last line of salt and pepper. $30 No, no,

Jamie Lima 1:20:48
no. I’m still fucked up, man. Like, I’m my name my son. I don’t sound right.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
When did you do this? Hey. When did you

Mike VO 1:20:57
like like an hour ago? Oh, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
Yeah, I did not do a line right

Mike VO 1:21:02
now. That’s enough. That’s enough. That’s too much. Hey, remember pepper. I’m not doing remember when Trump told Warren that he would give her a million dollars. She took the DNA test and then she did and got debunked. And she was like, Where’s my million dollars? He’s like you

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
I bet you a million dollars. That happened to Aaron.

Jamie Lima 1:21:20
I got Derrick man. I don’t respond well to that shit.

I mean, if you were gonna pay my double A dog do a little Biden’s getting paid to be on that board. I would snort that and our yo.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:36
Tyler record, but until you’re paying me the hundred and 60 $600,000 a year or a month

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
to be sitting on a board.

Mike VO 1:21:49
That’s probably a good choice. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:21:51
both nostrils. on record. Dude, I’m not only thinking of snorting cocaine. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:02
not worth it and live in salt I don’t really care for the high it’s just the way it smells

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
well if we’re on that topic oh here we go

Unknown Speaker 1:22:15
so our AC hits in the shop

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
we have to change the filters like out monthly because you guys starting all the bikes up here like

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
we just changed every time we have somebody in here changing the filter the guys on the ladders during the day are like, Man, I’m getting dizzy.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
here so smell that or like smell what and they’re like, Man, I’m dizzy. I’m getting high in here like

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
this guy up there.

Mike VO 1:22:49
Good luck, lightweight

Unknown Speaker 1:22:50
in their. In their

Unknown Speaker 1:22:54
ways, man we do this daily. We don’t notice a thing.

Jamie Lima 1:22:58
We have a fan on the floor in the Like where we’re at because it gets so dense well,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
so it’s just like hockey when I first started playing hockey when you go into a rec hockey link, rink, link, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:11
About motorcycles, Tyler?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:15
how drunk is Tyler?

Roy Merritt 1:23:16
Need to play? how drunk is Shane? I hate

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
your sound effects so, so I go into the hockey rink. And as the first time first few weeks, I was like, man, it smells like shit. Because hockey here just reeks. You build a tolerance. So I brought my girlfriend with me to watch a hockey rink league going on. And she showed up. And the first thing she said was, it smells awful in here. I’m like, Really? I didn’t notice it. But you build a tolerance to it. And I think that’s the same thing with with motorcycles is you smell it? And it’s like at first it’s like oh man, it’s potent

Jamie Lima 1:24:03
you’re starting to get high on the fumes but then you have brake clean and it brings you level oh that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:24:12
the brake clean levels it out then you start to get a little dizzy from

Unknown Speaker 1:24:17
and then you got the brake clean come in and you’re back.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:20
Well back in the day when it was good when it was like zap, but nowadays it’s kind of weak.

Shane Langdon 1:24:26
Yeah that worth of course that

Unknown Speaker 1:24:27
worse stuff sucks.

Mike VO 1:24:29
And safety clean was here and I missed him because I was like, I don’t want this environmentally friendly shit. I want stuff that gets rid of oil. And I was trying to tell him that I missed him last

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
year. at Queen’s here. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
like, Yeah, they are. Yeah, they were leaving.

Jamie Lima 1:24:44
Well, back to what’s the new Indian the challenger. Yeah. challenger. So, I mean, it’s cool that Indians putting pressure on on Harley and coming out and copying.

Mike VO 1:24:54
They’re not though like,

Jamie Lima 1:24:55
but Well, here’s why they’re not I mean, I can’t believe they’re not smart enough. To take the fucking Indian head off the fender I mean, keep putting that fucking thing on Indian for us, please God

Unknown Speaker 1:25:08
is when I see that I think of like Moby Dick riding on the front of like,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
some man with his chest hair. Come on,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
like on there but people pay 20,000 plus dollars and that comes on the bike factory.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:23
Yeah, that trucker emblem that Tyler found earlier the fat trucker chick. That would be better for

Unknown Speaker 1:25:30
me, right? So I get to use school bike like inverted forks spaceship front end, old school 1920s Jean. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:40
On the Fang, like, what

Jamie Lima 1:25:41
are you doing you quickly before we lose this guy? Tell us what are your thoughts on the 131

or the 130 ones awesome that it’s available through the Harley network. Now you’re gonna spend a lot of money because people see off 3500 bucks but what they don’t realize is the labor cost right? gotta buy mufflers

are we talking about the whole the whole motor or just think about just

to put it in because a lot of people are going to call dealer see 3500 and think for $4,000 this thing’s installed in their mind killing it. So let’s get that out there. So it’s more than 18 hours depending on what shop you go, it’s probably gonna be up 18 or more can be 18 to 20 some plus hours depending on what you’re installing with it. Okay, so you have that included if you don’t tuning yet you need to buy the exhaust Yeah, if you’re not dyno tuning, they take four hours off and a lot of the shops can’t dine, they don’t

Mike VO 1:26:32
Well, they don’t know how to take the time off. A lot of them add the the tuning time even though all they’re doing is

Jamie Lima 1:26:37
pressing a button. Yeah. So what it is, and if someone’s doing that to a motor that you just built, I mean, you’re 70% there you’re not gonna be as responsive as crisp everything else

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
so who’s back but with that I got a microphone again. That’s my

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
book that moonshine. Last time Mike made me drink this. Leah showed up at The dealership like

Mike VO 1:27:00
three in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
I was there and I was like I’m driving home I’m fine. I walked

Jamie Lima 1:27:04
out of my truck and leaves like leaning against my truck.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:09
I called her

Mike VO 1:27:12
I sent her a text and said come get me.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:14
Like it’s completely Hi, I’m three cups of coffee in the morning. Oh fuck Don’t let Jamie drink his coffee. Oh my god. Here’s my next

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
thing. You know you’re getting a mean email. Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:27:27
I don’t understand why we can’t Bill 480 hours a day. That doesn’t make sense.

Jamie Lima 1:27:33
Really quietly, like, hey, Jamie, I think you’ve had enough coffee.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:38
Roy Roy Merritt has a shelf full of parts in the back. He’s just sitting on

Unknown Speaker 1:27:45
Oh yeah, he likes to drop the bombs on.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:50
Where we were talking

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51

Jamie Lima 1:27:53
Well, hold on. We’ll get back to this chieftain. We were making fun of it, but it’s good what they’re doing because Harley Harley for you, Harley customers. Now coming out with product to market quicker. Yeah, you used to be like, here’s your new color, pick your new color.

Roy Merritt 1:28:06
So I took your stance on this, to an extent I kind of said this is really good for the dealers that can’t do what we do. Oh, it’s because it’s allowing them to offer somewhat warranty friendly product that, you know, is is a performance bagger gives their buddies or bragging rights and this and that. Now what we can do for the same money is is a whole different discussion, but a lot of these dealerships won’t do what we’re willing to do. So it really helps the market I think in the end, and that’s why I think that Harley kind of almost has to answer the challenger with some kind of a Road Glide with an inverted four with you know, some it can’t be a Road Glide. Here’s the thing is not supposed to glide, you know what I mean? So where do we go with it from there, it’s not gonna be a streets can be a road. So here’s where we are road pounder. You know, that’s what I was joking earlier a road pounder. What is it, but we’re talking about a Road Glide platform, because hardly no matter what they do, they can take the shocks off of the softail put them right on the front of their developed forks. The geometry is already the same. Let me help you get out. Let me help you. It’s coming. It has to be let me help you.

Jamie Lima 1:29:21
It’s real easy. You have a low rider. You have a low rider s. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
you have a real glide. You have a Road Glide special. Yeah. And then you know, the Road Glide SS.

Roy Merritt 1:29:32
Well, yeah, that’s Super Sport. Boom. The designate What else? They won’t do that but do it they call it a glide, though. Here’s the deal. If you’re really gonna step up and go against the challenger, are you gonna call it a Road Glide?

Jamie Lima 1:29:44
I don’t care what they call it in all reality, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just not call it a standard. Let’s just not and then and then the question here to address that directly. So

I talked to Harley after they dropped that and I was like, so

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
again, so softail I know um,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
yeah, yeah. Because the people that I talked to replace so

Unknown Speaker 1:30:04
quickly, so

Unknown Speaker 1:30:06
what it is maybe they make I tell Harley I’m

Jamie Lima 1:30:08
like, Hey, who wants to buy a standard? Yeah, standard standard. I’m gonna go buy a new Harley standard today.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:16
Mustang Oh, hold on,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:18
because I dropped I dropped I dropped the

Jamie Lima 1:30:20
name. I dropped the name to Harley.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
They already did it.

Jamie Lima 1:30:24
I was like you have a street in the road. Okay, Street Glide Road Glide. The alleys not as big as road. It’s not as big as a street. It’s back. It’s hidden, called the alley glide. And when I said that, just turds. Full length. at third. We’re just coming out there button. I just stared at me. And then I was like the low rider asked, Why are we naming the spike lower? Why are we making it low? Everyone raises it. Yeah. It’s called the low rider. It’s called the dinette killer and they looked at me like oh, we can’t use killer but we like that was like Dinah Slayer. And like light bulbs went off in the room and people are writing stuff down and Nope, that was it. That’s as far as it Yeah.

Mike VO 1:30:58
And then it was a low rider S Yeah. It even indeed was even black with the name.

Jamie Lima 1:31:03
So if we can get more than like four people listen to this podcast we can get some momentum guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:07
Yeah, four will be a stretch that

Jamie Lima 1:31:08
goes back to the same

Unknown Speaker 1:31:10
No, they’re seven. There we got it. We gotta

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
we gotta stay

Roy Merritt 1:31:14
here our message from the West Virginia State Penitentiary we have a really big fan there. So you missed out on that. But I missed your big toe.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:24
So I missed yet it was showing

Jamie Lima 1:31:25
what he was saying. It goes back to exactly what I was talking about before and that’s like the dilution of the product that happens by group think and thoughts and designed by committee. You Need Is somebody to come in that has like, real performance reaching experience that knows what to do to put these things together and just make make something that is unidirectional. So that’s been My take is this want to take is this by the time you get to the end, it’s so fanned out and so broad, you haven’t like 100 Direct directly hit anyone market. It’s, you’re trying to please too many people.

Roy Merritt 1:32:06
Yeah, well, no. And like I said, I’m more, I’m more interested in the retaliation of the challenger. So we’re talking 122 horsepower, 128 foot pounds of torque. If Harley was going to do a rebuttal to that bike, you would have to have the new 131.

Jamie Lima 1:32:21
Yeah, and that’s why the 130 ones coming out or 120.

Roy Merritt 1:32:24
So if you did inverted forks, 131 good suspension, everything else. There’s no way that challenger could touch that bike. Yeah, the products are there. It’s all there.

Jamie Lima 1:32:36
Well, you gotta remember our bass doesn’t really want them bird fork. The majority of our bass doesn’t want that. It’s cool. We like it. People like it. If you weren’t handling anyone I know. But listen to me. Hold on. Just let me

Mike VO 1:32:47
I already have Indians. Bass doesn’t want it either. Yeah, we got

Jamie Lima 1:32:49
there are guys that want it. It’s cool. It’s out there. Harley will do it. It’s coming. It’s coming down the pipeline. But we need to have both because our core still likes what we have and it’s not bad. is a good riding bike for for the masses, your poor wants to travel

Mike VO 1:33:05
well and

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
you don’t travel the masses.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:09
So here’s

Jamie Lima 1:33:09
what we are we will have a bike that will come out. It will have the inverted fork on it. This is coming. It is coming. You will have radial brakes on it. Are we a little bit behind where we’d like to be? Yes, but it is it is coming. You will see this stuff come out from Harley. And when something comes out Second, it will be better or he’s gonna bring it out better so yeah, we’re gonna have the fork done. You’re gonna have it. It might not be produced like the regular bikes it’ll probably be like the low rider s where there’s a demand for it. The markets not oversaturated or trying to get them probably not in all the colors probably just come out in black and silver to

Unknown Speaker 1:33:49
be limited a limited

Jamie Lima 1:33:50
with the bit motor in it that will come out. It’ll be warrantied and we’ll make sure it meets everyone because that’s what Harley Davidson is wanting to do when they come in. To market with stuff and we’ve been a couple things like the flat track bike and some other stuff, but when when you’re the best You don’t have to be first. Well thing is, ultimately Well, hold on. We are we’re the benchmark. Well, everyone’s always trying to take the guy off the top and Harley knows that so back to my reference earlier is we used to only build bikes every 10 years we’ve changed them eight years, six years. Now you’re seeing stuff come to market every three every four years five year turnaround time on new product to market faster than it’s ever been. The reaction time to market is faster. reaction time what in the end and everyone’s doing is faster, but this 131 back on this thing. Let’s go back over this point. It is gonna be a 7000 to $8,000 bill. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:34:48
30 $500 Part Seven, eight, all seven in the motor, just a motor. It’s like says 6195

Unknown Speaker 1:34:55
Well, yeah,

Jamie Lima 1:34:57
go back to this 131 so we have a 114 that beat that. Oh, you’re the masses that 130 one’s gonna do what they wants can give him the torque and stuff now for the customers the 10% or a little bit less than that they want to be better than anyone else want to have the fastest stuff want to beat everyone. That’s who comes to us

Unknown Speaker 1:35:14
bragging rights.

Jamie Lima 1:35:14
Not everyone needs a supercharged Roush Mustang. No. Okay. Some guys are okay with the five oh, Mustang. They’re doing it

Roy Merritt 1:35:22
last night. Last night. We had a guy up here that was interested in building a sleeper. He was a real drag racer. Oh, yeah. Real drag racer. He wanted. Yeah, Rufus that would say Roscoe. I know he that wasn’t right. He’s real. Real drivers

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
from the street

Roy Merritt 1:35:38
really wants a fast bike that no one can tell. That guy would never buy a 131 I know just what he that that’s not what he wants. He doesn’t want bragging rights. He wants the money out of the fucking race. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:51
You know? So there’s two types of guys.

Jamie Lima 1:35:52
He’s looking for ducks on the street.

Roy Merritt 1:35:54
The customers dig me draw or the guy that wants the money out of the race. We’re not We’re not we’re not the guy that’s running around looking for bragging rights other than the fact that we built his motor we want the 131 is for the dealers that can’t do what we do to be able to build that bike for that guy that he can ride up to bike night with his 131 and be able to brag that Yeah, I got

Jamie Lima 1:36:18
it on the marketing documentation, it tells you if you want the biggest baddest Harley’s ever made exactly, this is what you want.

Roy Merritt 1:36:23
Yes, it is not going to give you the most power. No, and it’s not going to give you the most speed. But if you’re going to be able to roll up to bike night and guys are going to be able to look at your bike and say, oh, wow, you have a 131. So you have that argument. You know, you have that leg up. It’s Oh, wow, look at them. It’s kind of like the 120 motor for the most part. The 120 motor was never the most powerful motor you could get but on the new platform, you’re gonna get reliability. You walk up to 90% of people that ride motorcycles that know anything about Harley and then Like, oh, wow, you have a 120.

Jamie Lima 1:37:03
So we’ll take it back to the ones that

Unknown Speaker 1:37:05
Jamie was doing one of

Roy Merritt 1:37:07
the sevens that were the one that sings out of the water 131 years ago.

Jamie Lima 1:37:10
I’ll show you 314 teams that we’ve built here. Oh, yeah, that will smoke the living shit out of that one. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:37:17
And now that the 124 128 thing is so easy. In the end, that 124 120 a build with a good cam and some good setup. It’s gonna it’s gonna blow that Harley kid out of the water, you know? And what the hell?

Jamie Lima 1:37:36
Hey, so So just think about this. Our shop is not normal. No, yeah. So what we’re looking at and how we think of motors is what these other shops want to be. They don’t have the knowledge. They don’t have the mentors. They don’t put in the effort to learn. They haven’t had the racing pedigree we have. So what they did and what Harley did is they made a motor. So anyone who’s heard of the issues can be like, Here’s 131 These are the numbers you buy this, we pair you up with this muffler this intake, you get it installed, we hit this button, it gives the bike the download, which gets it really close to where it needs to be good. So what they’ve done is they streamlined it so they can take any dealership out there doesn’t matter their level and they can install this in your bike and you’re gonna get those numbers which is awesome. So if you’re far away from us and you don’t want make it down here and you don’t want us to build it, and you want a motor that is pretty cool on the street in your area. You buy this, you go spend about what you’re going to spend on one of our motors that produces about 25 more foot pounds of torque and 20 horsepower he spent about the same and you’ll get that 131 that beats everyone your neighborhood until you run across someone with one of our motors or a couple other motor builders out there that will just murder that Yeah, but you know we’ll go to an average Harley dealer bill install it. You can warranty it

Roy Merritt 1:38:56
without you know without inflating your ego too much Much at this point, you know, because that’s pretty easy to do, but, you know, we’ve touched on in the past and we’re not, you know, huge moonshine moonshine moonshine while we’re on the podcast but I think people know where we work and they know what we do and

Unknown Speaker 1:39:16
it’s five of the reason that I’m

Jamie Lima 1:39:18
here a year we you know, ultimately

Roy Merritt 1:39:20
that we get to do

Unknown Speaker 1:39:25
our two years just tasted it

Unknown Speaker 1:39:32
he’s got a watermelon now Oh,

Roy Merritt 1:39:36
yeah, we’re trying to Tennessee zone plan,

God but no, what I was getting at is, we are we are different than everybody else. And we are where we are in the industry right now in knowing what we know mainly because of you. It’s like I said, without influence all the research that goes into the program is completely Because he puts us in. Absolutely. And there are not many owners out there that are willing to put forth that effort. And that’s what really separates us. And we know and we’ve talked about a little bit in the past, like I said, we’re, we’re not big on, on, on plug in all that but we have talked about in the past that the reason we get to do what we do is because of you and because of our, you know, ability to kind of stretch things a little bit and, and, you know, our cam test videos, I mean, come on how many fucking dealers out there would do something like that, and you know, funded and that’s the thing, you know, maybe not a lot of people, you know, realize, but that was you know that it cost money. I’ll do that shit. Yeah, it costs a lot, a lot of time. You know, you’re talking about doing cam jobs over and over and over and over again, for a fucking video on YouTube, which sounds insane. But in the end, I mean, we’ve seen some really good results out of it. I mean, we do a lot of a lot of motor work,

Jamie Lima 1:40:59
and there’s More to come

Roy Merritt 1:41:00
yeah no and and doing a lot of motor work feeds our ability to do more motor work, because we get to test things like new cams, and new exhaust and we’re things like that cam right now. Yeah, I don’t know if I was gonna touch on that but we are we are we are trying to develop our own cam something made for the 124

Unknown Speaker 1:41:21
I don’t like the word it’s going on like this week. I know that. That’s something I would say. We are developing.

Mike VO 1:41:28
No, we have developed and it will be here. We will be here. Yeah, it’ll be here in days. Going into by Tuesday.

Jamie Lima 1:41:34
Now we’re not going to bring it to market until it pass all of our rest might get watered down in a group discussion by us.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:41
Yeah, we’re gonna develop no focus group I have a focus on numbers and not like you don’t have to do the water

Jamie Lima 1:41:48
flow or the markers that matters.

Mike VO 1:41:51
Well, our water is a water jet. So

Roy Merritt 1:41:54
we built a What is it a 124 128 40 for the first time First first bike we’re gonna try it on we built 124

Mike VO 1:42:04
millimeter throttle body 6.1

Roy Merritt 1:42:05
injector we’re shooting somewhere in between the 475 502 range. If I’m right it’s a 492 which we’re shooting for like a mild reliable cam it’s put up some good numbers still not just be crazy on this factory

Jamie Lima 1:42:25

Roy Merritt 1:42:27
yeah factory springs don’t

Jamie Lima 1:42:28
have to worry about you know springs throttle body and so we’ve put

now at this point we put 472 fingers just live everyone. We’ll be putting springs with this cam possibly we haven’t yet. Maybe might be

Unknown Speaker 1:42:42
yes because we were in development so it’s okay to lie. Well the reason I’m saying is

Jamie Lima 1:42:46
because when we build it, if we’re on the border, we want to do the springs because you don’t want you ran the bike week and then be down there and now spring you’re doing this so we are developing something different for that 120 For one platform that maybe we can use was stock springs. That’s it. That’s a debatable point. But definitely stock

Unknown Speaker 1:43:07
headstock, we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:43:08
hoping we can get a different power ban than what we’re seeing now. Okay, one more time, we’re not hoping we’re gonna get different power band right where we want it. And when it comes to market, it’s gonna murder the current game we have

Jamie Lima 1:43:24
to put up more numbers than that. Otherwise, it’s not coming to market because that’s not what we’re putting our name on. It doesn’t we go back and we’re gonna design it to make the power on horses in on torques.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:35
Well, and we want it

Jamie Lima 1:43:36
and otherwise it’s not coming to market. We’re not so releasing it.

Mike VO 1:43:40
We and we were doing a YouTube video on Tuesday of the installation, the the unboxing installation and dyno tuned to the cam. If it does what we think it’s going to do, that video will be on YouTube Friday.

Jamie Lima 1:43:54
Yes. And you’ll see you’ll see the cam card, it will say moonshine. It will have up all of the specs, not all of them. And you’ll see the datasheet. You’ll see the dyno sheet.

Mike VO 1:44:03
The specs will be a open duration of middle finger. And the datasheet

Unknown Speaker 1:44:11
will be an SAE. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:15
That’s awesome.

Aaron Staudinger 1:44:16
Yeah, you will get all you get is a total lift. Hey in the middle finger.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:21
While you’re gonna get

Jamie Lima 1:44:22
on Tuesday on Tuesday, we need to make a phone call to our exhaust manufacturer and tell him he needs to turn it up or Yeah, we need that exhaust get off the team as well. So yeah, we have other stuff coming. Not only do we want to be moonshine, Harley Davidson helping you guys build motors, we want to bring more parts to the network that fill the gaps that we have from the aftermarket companies is what we’re thinking of. There’s a lot of awesome aftermarket companies making some really cool stuff, but there are some gaps there. And we see it with customers wanting certain motor builds that you know, we pieced together the best parts of the best manufacturers but there are some holes and we’re trying to fill those holes for you guys and

Mike VO 1:44:59
and a lot of You know, because people People always there’s their you always run into the bigger is better.

Jamie Lima 1:45:07
Well just like the 465 475 so SNS says their best selling cam is a 475 everyone that has a stock Harley puts a 475 SNS cam in their bike. Big mistake, okay?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:19
If you would have put the 465

Jamie Lima 1:45:21
s&s cam in your bike and say that 475 was stock compression stock pistons.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:27
Well, you would love that 475 and Harley stage four kit is also a monster well well if you want

Jamie Lima 1:45:33
475 you got two pistons

Mike VO 1:45:34
and here’s the deal. We’ve also we’ve also worked with SNS and we now have the moonshine power pack through yellow cylinder so we can pair it

Roy Merritt 1:45:43
with our moonshine key. So we pair it with our cam one.

Mike VO 1:45:46
Yep. And or come with the fire exhaust five comes a great cam. But you know you it is a great cam for the applicant in when when it’s paired with everything else just like every other cam out there. There’s no

Unknown Speaker 1:46:01
There’s no magic bullet man

Mike VO 1:46:01
there. Yeah, you need to you need to pay attention and you need to match the top and the bottom together. And you know, you can have two of the three. But you only get two of the three.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:18
And what two of the three are talking about.

Mike VO 1:46:21
It can be cheap, good, and it can be good. But it won’t be fast. It can be good. And it can be cheap.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:31
But it won’t be felt good. Felt

Mike VO 1:46:33
good and it can be fast, but it won’t be cheap. Or it can be cheap, and it will be fast or it will be good.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:40
Yep. and verify for the listeners

Jamie Lima 1:46:44
as well. Well that gets back to this part. This part gets back the good and cheap gets back to everyone on our YouTube is like oh Harley put on a plane pump. That sucks. Why would they do it’s like no, no, no, that pumps fine. If I was able to go to the doctor and Be like, Here’s 10 grand. I want that guy’s heart. I want Usain Bolt heart transplant put it in me. I might be better it’s gonna pump more, more, more blood through me it’s gonna last longer. It’s healthier. I would do it. So when you put this pump and when you get s&s pump in your bike and the plate you don’t have to have it. But is the motor gonna like it? Is it gonna run a little? Absolutely? Are the parts gonna feel better? Is it gonna prolong the life of your part? Is it gonna reduce wear? Absolutely. Now do you have to have it with a stage two or three? No, no, Harley does not have it with a 131 kit. If I was buying a 131 kit from Harley Davidson from one of these dealerships out there. I’d be like, hey, I want you to put that since plate and pump. Why? It’s gonna make the parts the motor will feel the difference. Are you gonna feel the difference right in the bike?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:48

Jamie Lima 1:47:50
no, but the motor horsepower, the parts in there, it’s gonna be saying

Unknown Speaker 1:47:53
thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:54
Thank you. Oh 131 does come with a higher flow oil cooler. Yeah, I love it.

Mike VO 1:48:00
Yeah we’re looking into because

Unknown Speaker 1:48:01
because because

Mike VO 1:48:02
they brought that out we now recommend that for any of these high performance your kits you’re doing whether you’re doing with us or them we can get you the part number we could drop ship it to you guys give us a call, but that’s something you just install on your bike just because do you need it? No. But is the motor gonna like it and gonna feel it? Absolutely. And you know, and and, and we do a lot of different stuff that we don’t really talk about live because there’s no reason to talk about it while it’s in process. But you know, we’re working with Bill re on doing motor oil analysis with sin three oil on some of these big builds. I don’t I don’t care about stock. I don’t care about 1071 fourteens Harley davidsons regular stuff because they’ve already done millions of hours of r&d to prove this in three is a product that they will warranty for the life of their warranty. What they have not gone through is, you know, these larger displacement engines, they create a lot more heat, they heat up faster, they run hotter horsepowers bt you right? So So what we’ve done is we’ve taken we have test people that are like yes, we will definitely love to be part of this. So we take the cin three oil, we run it in their motors for 2500 miles with these big cubic inch motors. We pull the oil out, we fill a whole court send it to Bill Ray for analysis. We run bill Ray in their bike, send it to him for analysis. We even have a couple now. We have one with amsoil and we are working on with royal purple so we can get some across the board analysis of how these oils are working under the heat and the strain of these bigger motors with just stock. We aren’t doing anything special. We’re not putting love jugs, we’re not doing high flow anything. We’re just taking a 107 turn it into a 104 running it for 2500 miles the way whoever wrote 7104 into 124 Okay.

Jamie Lima 1:50:01
Someone’s paying attention. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:05
you’re just talking about how he was rapping. Or were you

Jamie Lima 1:50:15
practicing mumble rap again.

Mike VO 1:50:17
I like mumble rap. It was good. I think next week I’m going to get diamonds from for teeth. Real? No, I want I want my teeth to be diamonds. Oh no.

Jamie Lima 1:50:29
I want your teeth to be diamonds. Job. I’ll pitch in 10% he’s going odd jobs 10% on me. You need a pitch.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:50
Pitch but it’s good dude I heard

Unknown Speaker 1:50:53
when I hear my crap, all I could think of is those dudes that were

Jamie Lima 1:50:57
like I’m on a boat.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
specialties plan on

Unknown Speaker 1:51:09
my flip flop he’s on my walkie

Unknown Speaker 1:51:13
that is me

Unknown Speaker 1:51:14
That is me rapping I am

Unknown Speaker 1:51:19
the wind’s blowing is there because I

Unknown Speaker 1:51:21
know I got my headphones on my jacket

Unknown Speaker 1:51:25
oh this cold is shit in there right now in the winter I will tell you that.

Jamie Lima 1:51:29
Why are you giving me hands like

Shane Langdon 1:51:31
Roy saying

Unknown Speaker 1:51:32
out of memory time where we fucked you guys

Unknown Speaker 1:51:38
there’s so long on the table for God.

Mike VO 1:51:41
We added all this garbage out and then it’s like

Unknown Speaker 1:51:47
it’ll be out we’re live we’re not live loop wrapping Hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:50
hey $60 total second line.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:54
I feel like we need to video this and we need to

Unknown Speaker 1:51:58
know this. This Seems to be its own YouTube channel,

Mike VO 1:52:01
though. Yeah, we were talking this

Jamie Lima 1:52:02
seems to be its own YouTube channel like this. I didn’t realize how much I would like.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:09
Now I know why Joe Rogan’s doing this. Yeah, you and I probably one and a half bottle of moonshine gets you

Mike VO 1:52:17
even care how many people listen to doesn’t even

Unknown Speaker 1:52:19
know I would care.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:20
I would tell these guys I’m like OCC

Unknown Speaker 1:52:25
topic because

Jamie Lima 1:52:26
when I listen to podcasts in the first five minutes are talking about girls and their wife. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:31
I thought this top

Unknown Speaker 1:52:33
topic. We need to stay on top. I think we

Shane Langdon 1:52:37
need to know. Well, what’s the topic like when we start talking about 131 run it to the

Jamie Lima 1:52:41
end. Go through all our

Unknown Speaker 1:52:46
boss and here’s the schema. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:52:53
just me and Mike now. Wait, just me and Mike. I only saw the buttons hit a couple times in Marianna. You’re on this bitch. Mike’s eating his food now

Unknown Speaker 1:53:11
I’ll try to keep these guys on topic when I’m on Yeah, sorry listeners you got put up with all this bs wait oh

Unknown Speaker 1:53:20
cc wouldn’t have the shit on us

Unknown Speaker 1:53:25
Hey, I heard Orange County Choppers is trying to have another Discovery Channel show. Are they? Yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:53:33
I was like why the fuck would you watch that shit

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