Exhaust and Big Motors

Exhaust and Big Motors

Exhaust and Big Motors

Exhaust and Big Motors

In the first episode Roy, Mike, and Aaron talk about Harley-Davidson exhaust systems and how they effect large displacement engines.  We also talk with Mike B on the phone about his 90ci sportster and what all he had to do.

Check out these LInks to things we talked about in this episode.

Full-sac Header pipe Hammer Performance





Roy Merritt 0:00
Let’s see

I’ve allways wanted to start off this way.

To me that’s an excellent intro song. I don’t know about you guys.

All right, well welcome. This is Talking Braap episode one. I’m Roy here with me is Aaron and Mike.

We’re going to do a little intros here for a minute just so people can get to know us a little bit. My name is Roy got into the Harley Davidson world and around 10 I’ve been riding for 20 plus years. Got my first motor bike at 15. It was a 1978 Vespa Ciao, you had to pedal it to start it. And it did about 27 miles an hour. But I was hooked from that. You know, like most of us here, we’re all Harley oriented. I did ride metric bikes for many years. But let’s face it, Harley, Harley makes a damn good bike and we love them. Mike is a performance guru, dyno tuning guru once you tell us something about yourself?

Mike VO 1:28
Well, on the performance, I am at the black light lounge. And I had a Saturday night gig but I didn’t make enough. So now I’m on Sunday afternoons.

Roy Merritt 1:43
All right, what time is that?

Mike VO 1:46
It’s open 24 hours. Technically, yes. This doesn’t really have hours. Just it just depends on how many people are in there. Yeah, it’s weird when you get into that business. It just kind of depends on the flow of the customer traffic.

Roy Merritt 2:00
Gotcha. And how much they’ve had to drink. Yeah. All right over here we got Aaron.

He is,well, you know, parts specialist and a cosmetic. What was it I thought of earlier today? He’s very good at the cosmetic stuff. Let’s go with that

Aaron Staudinger 2:17
cosmetics? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 2:19
Well, no, I mean,you know, people can sit down and pick stuff out say this is going to look good. This is gonna look bad. And I’m not one of those guys.

Aaron Staudinger 2:27
Well thank you I’ll take that.

Roy Merritt 2:28
Yeah, I would sit down and you know, end up painting way too much crap. And when they got done, it would look cheap. And it’s just how things work for me. I know where my strengths and weaknesses are and like, color and creativeness are really not one of them.

Aaron Staudinger 2:45
Yeah, it’s easy to overdo. Definitely overdo it.

Roy Merritt 2:49
So what about you, man? So tell us tell the guys a little bit about yourself.

Aaron Staudinger 2:52
Well, kinda like you I’ve been riding all my life. Got sat on my bike the first time when I was five years old, and had the hook in my mouth ever since actually bought that bike that I sat on

Mike VO 3:03
Wait. Yeah, I didn’t realize we were doing that Bio. I got confused for a second.

Roy Merritt 3:11
You want to go back?

Mike VO 3:12
No, go ahead.

Aaron Staudinger 3:15
Anyway, I bought that bike back.

Roy Merritt 3:16
Turn that mic a little bit more towards you

Mike VO 3:18
turn this. Well, the other way is where it picks up the front there.

Roy Merritt 3:22
There you go.

Aaron Staudinger 3:23
It’s a 77 Yamaha XS 650

Roy Merritt 3:26

That would be an awesome bike right now.

Aaron Staudinger 3:27

I got it. I have it. I’m going to bring it into the shop and he’s a little bit of carburetor work, which is I mean, I’m an EFI guy. carburetors. I know. Chevrolet. 4412’s and four barrells and stuff.

Roy Merritt 3:39
Holley 750 Yeah, yeah, that rebuilding,takes like 15 minutes.

Mike VO 3:45
And it takes three and a half days to dial in the accellerator pump.

Roy Merritt 3:49
And then the weather changes. You gotta do something.

Aaron Staudinger 3:52
And then after that, there’s two carburetors and that thing trying to get them to sink and all that Forget about it. It’s not it’s it’s out of my expertise. So Mike, you’ll be helping with me that.

Roy Merritt 4:00
Yeah, I had twin carbs on a Kawasaki I had and I sync’d them up never really had a problem. That was one of my favorite bikes I ever owned. It was really cheesy. If you guys saw it, you would be like, Oh, yeah, that’s totally a bike for you. Like it just it totally. It was it was my thing I wrote it for I think I put 50,000 miles on the thing. So yeah, yeah, I rode the wheels off of it. But three staters and I pulled the motor out of it three times. blew it up and wrote it 150 miles after I blew the water pump in it. So drunk is shit.

Mike VO 4:30
Technically, my first bike was a Yamaha. 650 maximum.

Roy Merritt 4:34
Oh, yeah. Okay. Is that a twin?

Mike VO 4:36
Yeah, you know, I was like, 12 or 13. I don’t even know where how I got it. I don’t remember where I mean, I just like my dad was like,

Roy Merritt 4:46
here’s motorcycle. Yeah. And I was like, Okay, thank you. Yeah, he wouldn’t ever let me have any Harley’s and

I’m the only person in my family that rides my uncle was into like dirt bikes and off road stuff about a few bikes, but I mean, he just never really wrote he was into it. But you know, he was working hard and doing all kinds of stuff. So he never got to ride the bikes and I would ride him. That’s how I got to ride for most of my my younger years was he would buy cool stuff and I would ride the shit out of it. So yeah

Mike VO 5:15
I was always into motorcycles. I my dad got me a little mini bike when I was, I don’t even remember, I was like four. And he would start it for me, it was like a little lawn mower engine , you start by hand. I think he made it. Yeah, I was too young. I don’t remember you know, I did a lot of drugs back then. So my memory kind of fades in and out. But I remember him saying that as soon as I was big enough to start it on my own he was going to sell it and I was and I remember like being four, like how are you going to know if I can start it? Well, the day that I could start it. I started it when nobody was home and I decided to ride it down to the store and I got out on the road and I rodde it and crashed in the middle Street and made a big scene with the cops and all that you know and they’re picking up this little kid and they take me home and my dad’s like, yep i am selling it.

Roy Merritt 6:04
told you

Aaron Staudinger 6:05
he had a premonition about you.

Roy Merritt 6:08
Okay, how’s he gonna know?

Yeah, well you know once you get the bug it you know, it’s pretty hard to shake at that point. You know, I think anybody that rides on a regular definitely has the bug. Some guys I think buy bikes because they think they’re cool, but they don’t have the bug

you buy them to make them cool. I mean, that’s what yeah, I mean, come on, you know, look at my bike. It needs lots of stuff to be if you ever talk bike you ever left a bike completely stop now Yeah, like what’s the point right well, that’s somebody I’m hoping to talk to tonight. A buddy of mine down in Florida he’s got a little side company if you will, where he does t shirts and stickers and like strange things for a motor but it’s SBS and it’s stock bike sock and yeah, he’s done custom bikes he’s been a bike builder he’s done a lot of cool stuff and you know he’s he rides a 103 Road Glide that’s pretty nasty calm delete all that stuff. You know he’s in any he’s pretty much worked out I think pretty sure so one of the three and I think he’s worked it out about as far as you can go with one of the three you know without being born and all that and it moves man it’s a it’s a nice little bite. But yeah, um, you know, we had talked a little bit earlier we were going to kind of touch on exhaust a little bit tonight because what Mike’s been doing in the shop and for those that don’t know we we all three actually work in a shop here just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Mike does a lot of performance and dyno tuning. We have a customer with a Was it a fat boy low that he has, in stages done all kinds of stuff to this thing in his last bit is what a 124 when Tony a window. Okay, went 28. And when you got it on the dyno, you found that the exhaust was hurting performance was bad.

Aaron Staudinger 8:09
We saw we saw it start on the 117 actually, when we built that motor, okay, it was kind of pushing the limits got really, really good set of heads on it. Really good throttle body on it. And real aggressive, real aggressive cam. Yeah, a lot of overlap in the game. And he’s, you know, running on the dyno and running the dyno, and it just seemed to plateau. And even at that point, we were kind of shaking her head going, man, I may not be enough. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 8:33
And if I remember correctly, we owe you on the dyno sheet, there was a pretty good dip there in the low end.

Mike VO 8:38
Yeah, like, like 90 horsepower to 3000. And then it rockets up to 130. Because I find it took man, it probably took two or three hours just to work out the top end of it. You know, at the bottom, I was like, man, I think I ran that for probably 20 minutes. And then I call it air and I was like,

Roy Merritt 8:56
I don’t know if this is gonna work.

Aaron Staudinger 9:00
He was like a 1800 dollar pipe or something. And the guy’s got money in it. And it looked really good in the bike. It sounds really, really ready nasty on the bike as just kind of ashamed doesn’t

Roy Merritt 9:10
M work. But if it doesn’t work doesn’t work. It’s coming off. Me and Mike attack kind of talked about this. I have dyno tuning experience and whatnot. And, you know, that’s kind of what separates me from the really good tuners. I can get you a good tune. But if I put it on the dyno, and it’s not, you know, putting performance out that I think it should, that’s about where my expertise starts to run out, you know, I probably wouldn’t have just said, Hey, this exhaust is not breathing, you know, it would probably would have taken somebody else to put me in there. But that’s, that’s part of why Mike does what he does. And And truth be truth be told on that

Aaron Staudinger 9:49
side of it, we cheat a little bit, in that we’ve got some references that we can look at, on what similar builds do and we can, you know, we look really carefully about, you know, at ZA, this setup on a different pipe, completely different. Yeah, so we can kind of pull from that. And you know, it’s not build for build part for part exactly the same. But you can go, Hey, wait a minute. That’s the only, you know, the only change that we made there. So that kind of gives us a hint as to where we can look. One and we’re lucky because we’ve done so many now, you know, and we have

Mike VO 10:23
where we’re trying so hard to get the word out that that this is something that we’re striving to be real skilled at. So yeah, you know, we, we have a lot of people come in, so when we, when we get a new cam that we try or a new exhaust, we can usually talk two or three people into buying it. Yeah, you know, yeah, it happens a lot.

Roy Merritt 10:45

Mike VO 10:46
It happens a lot. That’s for sure. So then we can and part of it is because you know, if we don’t like it, we want within like Okay, that’s it, you know, you know, like this particular brand new pipe is great for Twin Cam, and an EVO and it was from a real well known drag racing record holder, Bonneville, but the Milwaukee motors are different. And they’re different enough that if you go into this engine with all the things that you know, work, you’re not going to make it Yeah, you know, you’re going to get so far and that’s it.

Roy Merritt 11:18
You know, when the Milwaukee first dropped. I came from Florida at a shop that was also very performance oriented. One of the guys and one episode will have to get into the the whole tuning thing TTS and all that. One of the guys that had a shop right down the street from us, for those that don’t know, basically teaches people how to dyno tune. He’s been doing it for like 40 freakin years or whatever. That’s all he does is dyno tune Harley’s literally wrote the book that MMI uses to train people on dinos. I’m sure it’s been modified a little since then. But you know, he was the first one to come in and do that. Not necessarily the easiest person to deal with, if you don’t know how to take him, you know, kinda

Aaron Staudinger 12:05
seems to be the guys that really know what they’re doing or that way

Roy Merritt 12:08
Yeah, really nicely on a lot and but but he can kind of rub people the wrong way. So but you know, he builds anything pan heads or whatever he does it. And he’s, you know, has to be one of the best tuners out there. You know, he’s very hard to deal with and whatnot for a lot of people. But I had the good fortune of working down the street from him and learning a lot from him. The person that I worked with very closely, much like Mike that did all the dyno tuning there, for the most part, worked with him on the weekends on the side for years. So he had soaked a lot up from him. And I always tell people, there’s only three dyno tuners that I know of that actually dyno to motorcycles. That’s Mike, my buddy Corey and doc down south, those that I’ve met, you know, that’s not saying that other people aren’t, but the people that I’ve met that I’ve talked to that tune, you can pick them out pretty quickly whether or not they know what they’re talking about, you know. And Mike does.

Mike VO 13:05
Well, the hard thing about it is it’s not, it’s it’s really difficult to actually learn how to do it, because really, the only people that know how to do it are your competitors. Yeah. And so if you start, you know, I mean, anybody can go in and look at air fuel line and adjust the air fuel up and down, and then try to make sense of it and make it so that it doesn’t have a lot of diesel after burn. And doesn’t stall. When you wrap the throttle. Yeah, but a lot of a lot of people that go to, you know, the, like diode jet, they have the basic dyno tuning school. Yeah, then they use power vision. Well, it teaches you how to strap down the motorcycle, how to hook everything up, how to run auto tune, and how to do it, how to quickly Yeah, how to log events, you know, and things like that. But and I’ve actually tried to come source with power vision, you know, a few times because sometimes you just run into things that are difficult, you know, sometimes you’ll have an airfield spike, or you’ll have a drop in power. And we ran into it a lot with the MH when we started doing the performance, this performance stuff, you know, putting these high compression 117 and, you know, only two companies make exhaust, you know, and so you’re like trying to kind of figure out, you know, we get this s&s huge cam on there. And we’re like, Okay, well, this cameras. Let’s throw this thing on there. Oh, yeah, I’m great. You know, I knew it and you’re running you like, Man, this doesn’t seem like it’s running.

Roy Merritt 14:35
Great. Yeah. And it’s really been in the last year or so that we’ve really gotten anything good for the MA, you know, like I was, I was kind of getting at earlier, when the MA first came out, you know, down south, we kind of like any shop, this performance oriented kind of has, you know, contact with all the DND and all those people and what they’re doing and when the Milwaukee hit, these guys are all making pipes form and they’re not making more power. Yeah. And they were all kind of scratching their head. How do we sell us $800 set of headers, if it’s not going to make more power? And

Aaron Staudinger 15:05
some of them like less? Yeah. easier. Some of them like repeatedly, the same issues same like you can send it now you start to break down what is it? What is it and you find little design cues in it you go that’s not working? You know, you get these guys Oh, man, I

Roy Merritt 15:19
gotta have my long shots with their fish tails. Man, it looks so fucking sweet. Your bikes gonna run like shit.

Mike VO 15:26
Yeah. Yeah, well, I got a stage for Yeah, with with with Samson? Me with long fish tails. Yeah, exactly.

Roy Merritt 15:34
When they’re pitched off to a half an inch wide. And back from any wonders why it’s not running good. From a

Aaron Staudinger 15:41
sales perspective there at the counter. I spent a lot of time with people actually kind of talking them off the fence a little bit like they get an idea of what they think they want the bike and I got to kind of tell them what they need on the bike. Yeah, and it you know, after a while, some people you can convince some you can’t and then you learn real quick, you know, hey, it is really a performance minded person.

Roy Merritt 15:58
Yeah. Or they’re not just one looks, man, they don’t care about it. That’s fine. You know what you want to do that it changes my direction with that with that person, that’s fine. You know what, this is the direction you want to go. Not a problem, listen to that way, but don’t have the expectation that it’s going to run. And that’s really, you know, with the you know, kind of where we’re back on topic with the the soft tail, the fat boy, the customer that we’re dealing with there is is very receptive to what we have to tell him and I believe now are we getting into maybe doing a custom exhaust for that? Yeah. fabricated pipe. Yeah, I’m

Aaron Staudinger 16:32
gonna build it. And he literally said, he said, I don’t care what it looks like I want to run. Yeah. So that that gets me rub my hands together. Because I come from I come from the stock car racing background. And it doesn’t matter what stuff looks like, Well, you know,

some pretty ugly things. We built some stuff that really, really good. Yeah, when we went through MMI,

Roy Merritt 16:55
the gate was formulas for calculating link for hitting the sonic pulses. Probably a little over the head of some people. But I won’t get on that too much. Because we could probably talk for a long time, right. But you know, there are tuned links for first, second, third posts and things like that. They may be worth looking into. In fact, mine are probably sitting right over here.

Mike VO 17:18
One of the things you run into though with that is

the big variable that you have is your exhaust timing. Yeah. So if you have like a long duration, heavy overlap cam, the exhaust timing is going to change that formula.

Aaron Staudinger 17:36
So these these motors don’t fire 90 or 180 out. They don’t they fire it some odd angle like to 70 and it’s like it was a 270 degrees or something. I read something on it.

Mike VO 17:47
I forgotten it. But I’m off today. I’m not doing that. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 17:52
Yeah, I got a beer in my hand. Sorry.

Mike VO 17:56

America’s oldest Harry, we are drinking,

Aaron Staudinger 17:59
by the way is is I think going to be a common theme.

Roy Merritt 18:02
Yes. Hey, do you know that’s kind of what this is all about? People say why are you doing a podcast? I don’t know. Why. Why not? And they’re like, well, what are you going to do it about? And I was like, Well, of course it’s going to be motorcycles. I ride a motorcycle every day. I mean, it’s 30 degrees outside I’m on my bike, you know what I mean? So it’s like yeah, what else would it be about? I’m you know, I love motorcycles. So you know, are you going to do this you’re going to do that and I don’t know what I’m going to do. We’re going to sit down we’re going to turn on some microphones and we’re going to let this let this happen and see what happens you know, I’m hoping my buddy gives me a call here very shortly but you know, basically you know what, what we’re what we’re talking about for the most part on the exhaustive is you know, you a lot of pipes look good and most of those pipes don’t run good for the most part you know, and it also depends on your writing style and what you’re looking for. Because if you ride like I do so to short shots are probably great for you you know what I mean? Because I’m always in the upper RPM I’m bouncing off the rev limiter all the time and I love making noise so you know pipe like that is going to fit for me it’s what I would choose know I’m going to go with two into one or you know something I know I can make a little more power out of But

Mike VO 19:11
yeah, I was about to leave Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for a second I was like Roy I’m in the wrong I’m sorry I came to the wrong place and it hit us and we don’t know this guy.

Those guys to sit down they’re like man, I beat the

Roy Merritt 19:25
hell out of my bike. And I want to make as much noise as possible in your fucking short shots here for you

Mike VO 19:31
still gotta do better Really? Yeah, trust me I Who

Roy Merritt 19:34
are you and what did you do with really well you know me I’ve been researching I’ve been on the serious hammer website for the the sport stirs and they have this pipe I can’t think of the name of it right now. And it’s you know what you run when you’re running 100 plus horsepower on these things.

Mike VO 19:49
Is it a cone?

Roy Merritt 19:50
No, it’s not a cone actually. And they have all the stuff listed on there all the pipes compared to each other and this man

Mike VO 19:58
you know, I think I know what to hold on. Hold on. Hold on. The Bat phone is ringing

caller one you’re on the air.

Roy Merritt 20:07
No, I think we’re going post fader here so first time long time buddy. Hello post Phaedra you’re on the air Mike. Are you on there?

Mike VO 20:13

Roy Merritt 20:16
Then I go the wrong

Mike VO 20:16
way. I don’t know but I’m on here.

Hello, hello.

Roy Merritt 20:22
Hey, buddy. What’s going on? Can you hear us


We’re having technical difficulties here.

Aaron Staudinger 20:33
Fire the engineer Where do you go? Yeah, who is the captain

Roy Merritt 20:38
guy that likes short shots

Mike B 20:42
every day

Aaron Staudinger 20:46
Thank you The one thing I do us up there like once I realized that I was like completely just shit on someone’s like you know they got that idea in their head what they’re gonna do I’m gonna put your thoughts on it I’m like oh,

I do go back to what you do all the time that you like You know what though? Thank you tonight All right.

Mike VO 21:03
Hey, they do they don’t feel so bad shit and I’m you know, I tell you what they’re you know the Vance and Hines short shots raid big radius long shots are their best tuning pipes are you there might

look so he’s on maybe maybe you got scared?

Roy Merritt 21:21
I don’t think he got scared he’s not that time he went away

Aaron Staudinger 21:26
off a cliff is this the phone that they just fixed for you maybe he heard

Roy Merritt 21:31
the saying they didn’t fix I thought I

Mike VO 21:34
heard about the short shots was like

Roy Merritt 21:41
I’m kind of confused as was not working

Mike VO 21:42
for they, you know, they don’t make a lot of power. But they make power and all the right places. And they make they make me money. Because they’re super easy to tune. And they have really great looking curves. And you know, like next week when this podcast is viral. We’ll have a screen up here and we’ll end will like show some screens of different different graph graph savvy, awesome data and graphs and will be like Hey, check this out. Louis, your thoughts? Those are sweet.

Aaron Staudinger 22:12
While we’re waiting, Mike wants to talk a little bit too since we’re talking about sheets and all that kind of stuff a difference between peak horsepower and area of the curve and all that kind of stuff. Does that make any sense? Talk about it all? I don’t know.

Roy Merritt 22:26
What do you mean?

Aaron Staudinger 22:27
Doesn’t make sense to you? It does. Oh, well then it means a lot to me. Anyway.

Roy Merritt 22:31
Let’s see what’s going on here. Hopefully I hear something

Mike VO 22:37
I do. It sounds like a phone underwater.

You have to answer it Really? No. Somebody else has to answer it. Do I need to answer it?

How can they see me

Roy Merritt 23:00
see here well, it worked with my setup before which was not working so I changed the setup here before recording and now it’s not either I’m a little confused let’s try it let’s try Mike again here man right here yeah audio this time he should have Hey, Mike, can you hear me this time? Bad All right. All right. See, I knew I knew we were going to be I knew I was close at least. So what’s up man How you doing? I’m doing good How you doing? Oh you know living the dream? Well,

I’m here with every day

Yeah, I know you do you live in the same world we do. So I’m here with my buddy Aaron Mike and while we were talking about how exhaust makes a big difference especially when you’re getting into these big inch motors and stuff and I know you begin your sporty didn’t you? Yeah, I

Mike B 24:14
started life as an editor

at a cubicle 90

Mike VO 24:21
and still only $20 a month to ensure

Roy Merritt 24:28
he says still only $20 a month to ensure

Mike VO 24:38
so you drag race this biker Need Is it a daily driver

Mike B 24:46
It was originally when it was it eight inch. It was kind of teetering. Both I did a lot of drag racing with it, but I can try to demonstrate. But now when I did the 90 I’m going to race gas and I mean like I could probably slip it down to the ball and stuff like that. It doesn’t do bad but you can go to the red light and you know do that stuff like you just

Mike VO 25:12
gonna hold it at 2000 rpm.

Roy Merritt 25:14
What? What kind of power you push another thing

Mike B 25:19
so I’m 26 horsepower and 130 foot pounds. Nice.

Roy Merritt 25:24
Yeah, I’m shooting for like just under 110 if I can add my way with mine

Mike B 25:30
are you going to a 75

Roy Merritt 25:32
Yeah, you know we you know kind of you can’t help but go to the hammer site when you when you’re doing that stuff because they obviously pretty much do it best. We deal with another company that does a lot of head work for us and I’m kind of curious to see what happens if I can send them ahead so I haven’t made up my mind I’ll do yet but it’s probably gonna be at 1275 base

Mike B 25:54
lie 88 inch kit. So I did all the motor vehicle stuff and all the assembly but the machine working stuff on the first time to NRHJ and if you go to their website and click on our dyno sheets, unless he’s trying something I’m still the first dyno sheet nice. And that was that motor to the heart and it was doing 120 and I can’t remember his total number but he couldn’t leave it it was just he couldn’t stay so we backed it up and the final tune on that was like 114 93 yeah when I went with a 90 I went with him performance and basically because of the hey it’s because it came out with a bit DFHA it

Roy Merritt 26:48
Yeah, is that they’re like sure whatever they call it

Mike B 26:51
well so they raise my head yeah like what you said crushing sledge and stuff like DM me like a year ago he came out and it’s it’s not really easy to find on their website it’s a lot easier if you google BFH head yeah performance and and go that way but he actually changes the world before the head up and he does the placement or left face in a chamber. Okay. At least tipping the same spot so you can use the same bathroom theology but you’re only limited without doing that you’re limited with the vow size that you can go

Mike VO 27:35
Yeah, right. What for? cylinder sorry piston developments so just the physical size of the head well then valve developed got it Yeah, now the on clearance itself. Yeah, yeah, you can’t you can only go so big before you everything starts contacting itself.

Mike B 27:50

Roy Merritt 27:52
Yeah, so you know I wanted to call you Mike because I know you’re in what Rocky Mountain North Carolina? Is that right? You know, we do we do lots of Milwaukee aid stuff but we not a lot of people bring sponsors for us to trick out the only sponsors we get to do our own. I think everybody has their own. Yeah, at least you know, but we don’t have anybody you know, that’s willing to come in and drop 10 grand on the Sportster like they are you know, Milwaukee a soft tail or you know, whatever it is you know, so we don’t get to play around much so, you know, I just kind of wanted to talk to you and pick your brain a little bit and you know, see see how that all turned out for you because I know we had talked when I was down in Florida about you may be bringing it down and tuning it did you are you still running a super tuner on that

Mike B 28:40
idiot Yeah, still run a super time.

Mike VO 28:42
Wow. What cams Are you running it?

Mike B 28:49

Mike VO 28:50

so and you got you got that Oh, seven XO on their website, the micro Blankenship it’s a good Oh yeah. It’s a good looking curve. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 29:05
They’re googling it while we’re talking. So.

Mike B 29:11
So 88 inch Motorhead and which 940 camshaft or I’m sorry Indian style 40 intake valve in it. And when we went with the BFI chase it let me put a tool to anti gravity nice

Mike VO 29:27
what how you know how far over did you go on the exhaust?

What was that Roy? How far over did you go on the exhaust? Did you just go like one over did you go when you went to the BFHA did you go bigger exhaust valve as well?

Mike B 29:43
In has a bigger Excel file but I can’t even begin to tell you what

Mike VO 29:49
to look. Yeah, yeah, I don’t remember all the numbers either. What’s the Christians

Mike B 29:54
like exhausted as you know, is nowhere near as critical. I mean, to get out one to finish Yeah,

Roy Merritt 30:03
we’re kind of exhausted.

Mike VO 30:04
And so that’s what’s different on the MH man. Yeah. On the MH getting it in the head is no problem is getting it out. There there it’s like almost like the tables have flipped on their

Roy Merritt 30:14
head. Yeah, so little, little background like we we have a 128 I thought it was a 124 but 128 inch Milwaukee that we have put several different exhausts on almost all of which are lacking in the bottom end and not flowing properly for this 128 inch motor. We ended up putting

Aaron Staudinger 30:38
factory FX Dr.

Roy Merritt 30:41
Better pipe Yeah. Just just 100 pipe no muffler. Yeah, from an FX Dr. Factory, the catalyst and he gained how much

Mike VO 30:48
horsepower and torque 30 horsepower and torque at 3000 rpm.

Roy Merritt 30:52

Mike VO 30:53
Yeah. And we didn’t know air fuel. Nothing. Just put the exhaust on warmed it up. ran at one time. The curve look beautiful. Yeah. It’s still suffered at the peak of time. Yeah, it’s still only made like 135 horsepower, 935 Tour, which it should be in the mid 140s. to maybe we’re going to try to kiss 150 if we can, but it was it was real eye opening. Because I mean, we’re using you know, professional race exhausting to three tried three different two inch head pipe collectors, all kinds of different scenarios. Yeah, nothing would breathe, and then we pop that stock went on there. And it just blew everything out of the water. And that’s an inch and three quarter primary into a three inch collector. So,

Aaron Staudinger 31:38
yeah, this tells you a lot about what the collector was doing there to us.

Roy Merritt 31:42
Yeah, and so and, you know, the Milwaukee is still pretty new. So we’re all kind of learning, you know, as we do this stuff. But yeah, you know, to see, you know, gains like that often exhaust, especially just throwing a header on it with no, no mufflers or anything, it’s got just a catalyst in there. Obviously Harley’s doing something right with their header. For the most part, if you throw that thing on a 128 and makes good power. Hey, you know, you can’t argue with those numbers. Yeah. But, you know, and the reason Mike’s being kind of vague with with the pipes and stuff is because we’re not here to bash anybody. You know, and these companies that we’re getting these parts from, you know, they’re probably not testing among the 128 with what 520 cams or something, or something crazy five, to hit 550 cams, you know, they’re probably not getting a chance to test on that stuff. So it’s not their fault. You know, they’re they’re testing on bikes with with lower output. So, you know, we just have to kind of pave the way and figure something out on our own. And that’s what we’re getting into now. is trying to build a custom exhaust for it.

Aaron Staudinger 32:48
But yeah, we have seen is the manufacturers that try to apply exactly what they did on Twin Cam. To me. It’s just it’s not going to work.

Yeah, stuff. We’re, we’re we’re having to change.

Yeah, change your philosophy, whole plan of attack has to change. It’s just different. The port design, the head is different, the flow is different, and we have to adapt to

Roy Merritt 33:10
it. So Mike, do you guys do a lot of Milwaukee performance stuff over there? Or?

Mike B 33:15
We do but not

you guys, you know, I watched your videos and stuff. You guys have a lot more?

Probably the largest flexibility than I do.

Mike VO 33:29
Yes. You work for a dealership?

Roy Merritt 33:32
Yeah. Yeah, he does. Yeah, flexibility is a good term. Yeah, I mean, you know, When, when, with the the shop that we work at the owner is kind of all about performance. And kind of, you know, we’re going to do what customers want to do. You know, we’re not, we’re not sticking the middle finger up at people. But if a guy wants to put money into his motor, why wouldn’t we?

Mike B 33:56
You know, well, and not Not only that, but how many of you as all of that?

What do you mean planet? x? Five, five or six? Ok. So now, you know, final master tape. But I’m, I’m the service manager. So calculators and keyboards, there is one tech. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 34:18
So, you know, you get him tied up in a 20 hour job. And yeah,

Mike B 34:24
exactly. So so now that we’re trying to remedy that we absolutely all but thanks for getting a little hard to come by. So yeah, well, he’s tied up a 20 hour job, I have to be handling the rest of you know, the service manager back in the match tech realm, which I don’t really care for any longer.

Mike VO 34:45
When we do these motors, though, is we set the expectation in the beginning that when they go down this road, they’re going to not see their bike for a month, sometimes six weeks, you know, that gives us the time that we did an epic car about a month ago. Andrews actually made a prototype 550 cam for us to put in one of our real big motors. They gave it to us. Then they gave one to revolution performance. And neither of us have run it yet, because we tried to put it in a in a high conversion 117. It was exactly the same thing I’m running into with the 128. It just wouldn’t. I ran it for like 10 minutes on the dyno and was like, Okay, you know what, we’re taking this cam out. It’s too much, it’s too much for the motor. It’s not going to turn you know, it’s not going to turn well. And then we put ended up putting a smaller cabinet. And the bike made 128 horsepower, and 127 torque out of 117 cubic inch and eight. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 35:46
And then I talked to the manufacturer right after that, because we have a really good really, you know, relationship with this manufacturer. And he tells me, you know what, it kind of stands to reason a little bit. The only other person that has that came on the planet is going to put in a 139. Yeah. So I kind of went okay, yeah, kind of

Roy Merritt 36:00
makes a little bit of SY like that. Not 151 they got out there. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay, I’m that goes in that doesn’t work in in 107. You know, how it works. So,

Mike VO 36:12
unfortunately, though, you know, you talk to manufacturers and people that are trying to sell things, and they want to sell you things. Yeah. So they don’t necessarily tell you what to actually do. When you want to buy their product. They’re like, yes, buy it. It will work, right.

Roy Merritt 36:28
Yeah. And that’s one thing I’ve seen. I know Mike can probably attest, you probably spend some time on the phone with a hammer. I’ve heard really good things about him that he’s not really the type to just try to sell you something but you know, to try to treat you right and make sure you get it. Right. Right. You know, he’s obviously built himself a hell of a following because, you know, they definitely know what they’re doing with the sport. Nice.

Mike B 36:53
It’s good stuff from you know, from what I can tell on the table together with me now. No, totally. thrash won the Best. But

Roy Merritt 37:02
what do you what do you what do you run in nothing? You run an Eight Mile quarter mile, what do you run?

Mike B 37:06
Whatever it’s got try and drive on it. So it depends on whatever I want to do. I just hit the chassis up. So if I want to run, if I want to run, and as I run a 63 rivers flowing, or sprocket and if I want to run a quarter, and just stand it and swap and put a 62 first rock,

Roy Merritt 37:25
what do you run in a quarter?

Mike B 37:28
I haven’t ran it in a quarter with this motor. Yeah. And the last time I ran was in Bristol, at Thunder Valley. And I think if I remember right, that’s been a year year and a half ago. I ran


Now Yeah.

Well, here’s the issue with that. You can add somebody that could really ride a motorcycle is probably a lot. Factory Dunlop back car on. Oh, man, a stock wheelbase. It’s not strange. It’s not a wheelie bar that regular motorcycle, and then hundred 26 horsepower in a forced yourself. It’s a handful. Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 38:18
And you put a deal front end on there. And I remember correctly, right?

Mike B 38:20
Yeah. So what happened was it It had a 19 inch, you know, factor for me and Merritt glass on it. And I couldn’t keep the for me and you put it in third gear. And as soon as you pull out and you’d be on one, we’ll put it down you go into second Europe back on the one. Same thing in third. Look, I said let’s, let’s kind of run the frame down here. And let’s put up your for me and on and let’s go from from a 19 to a 17. And a whole lot less for so I thought maybe I could overcome the fulcrum. And so so the motorcycle kind of being rocked to the fact so the the language point would be forward. Been a real dumb I added 12 more horsepower and put it in a cinco cinco drag radial on the back. Yeah. And you can like stick your finger in it. It’s so solid. And yeah, same same. It’s even more snap.

Aaron Staudinger 39:23
shots like what’s the swing arm angle and all that?

Mike B 39:29
I don’t know. Are you hearing here? Can you hear me? I can hear you.

Aaron Staudinger 39:33
Sorry about that. Well, you run in the factory rear shocks like what’s the swing arm angle?

Mike B 39:39
Not which the shocks or struts should always

Aaron Staudinger 39:43
stood it. How long are they?

Mike VO 39:50
Are they are they in stock? Is it around stock? There’s a lower?

Mike B 39:55
No, it’s Tango only gives you certain options. She bought them. Jamar running Michael. I was really born out. I just haven’t. I just finished it. And I haven’t had a chance to run it with the word Baraka track close. Yeah. So when I came here they had a destroyer that they had sold. Well, they had boxes and or they didn’t know what it was. And in those boxes was a destroy your Willie ball. And a screen head. It was a three piece boxes. There should have been three boxes. Well, they only had two. But the only pieces that were missing one of the stickers that went down inside. Nice. So perfect. So I took it. I got the struts I put it on and it was way too high. Like extremely glad. Be the machine shop and had him put a notch out of it net let it come down.

It’s right now it’s a trade

Roy Merritt 41:03
around. Yeah. So you’re not on the wheelie bar at like 10 o’clock. Trying to see down the track. Well,

Mike B 41:14
that’s what I’m trying to get somebody to really rise up great.

Roy Merritt 41:23
Yeah, we were talking about that earlier. I was saying, you know, I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, you know, and, you know, the statics and cosmetics and color and things like that. They’re they’re not my strong point. You know? What are you waiting for that?

Mike VO 41:45
We were being nice about it.

My whole but

Mike B 41:51
what i what i understand about the Luna bar is if you get it, you get it wrong. If you get the highs are different wrong on it can come up on the wheelie bar and actually flow the vector off the bat terroir your own. So, the adjustments, very critical. I said, I haven’t had a chance to ride it with it yet. Yeah, I got the ball about an inch and a half off the ground. So

Aaron Staudinger 42:19
many times, how many times here to get to take the bike out to test and all that.

What was that? How many times a year do you get to take the bike out and test?

Mike B 42:32
I don’t know we go quite a bit. I didn’t go as much this year.

You know they like to but last year we went

can 12 times last year. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 42:45
Nice. So you’re once a month.

Mike VO 42:47
Well, that’s way better than speed racing. Yeah.

Mike B 42:51
I had a I had a my finance manager had to do six Corvette. And he was drag racing. So when he would do that, I was just staring back his truck. He was pulling trailer which car anyway.

Roy Merritt 43:08

What was what was his Corvette running?

Mike B 43:20
I can’t even remember. When

Mike VO 43:31
he could get it to hook.

Mike B 43:35
It was

on the fourth

quarter, probably three quarter track.

Yeah, I mean, he would come by me.

And it was like he was running 300 miles an hour.

Unknown Speaker 43:52
turbo car.

Mike B 43:55
And, okay.

Roy Merritt 43:57
I don’t know why you seem to be going to him too. Well, Mr. Booker, is it a turbo?

Mike B 44:04
No, no, it’s a it was a, you know, obviously the corporate coming for 27 06 does. He ran into a guy that had like something like, like a full 46 race block in his Corvette. And that guy was trading and they weren’t going giving any money for that. So they swapped and Travis gave him some books for that motoring and built their motor. United to stamp on it. It had about a 200 shot of juice. And it was it was exciting. I mean, it was it was the first car ever rode in and had juice in it. So if it was a 83 mile STM pickup truck and dastoor what it was probably like, Whoa, but you’re already in a Corvette flying? Yeah.

It’s like holy shit. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 45:01
Yeah, I joked about putting like a 50 shot on my add three until it blows up. Sorry. And then I can force myself to do the 1275 kid. So

Mike B 45:13
I have a zipper

zipper mattress kit. It’s made it basically somebody took an old school stage one twin came back in like, was a person who did it and they they nailed it, and then put an archer solenoid in it for the nozzle. And so I’m going to order I have an HP 55 millimeter. Oh, my Sportster.

Roy Merritt 45:40
Yeah, there’s a big old in takers. 40. Just to put it in perspective. We’re

Aaron Staudinger 45:44
running 50 eights on these inmates at 128 cubic inches. Yeah. So

Mike B 45:53
I know that sounds strange, but like I, I think that there’s a lot of performance left in stock pieces. So the throttle body. I took an original sports your throttle body. And old it out. I sent it to a company called Ben Vance racing. And he he pointed out a famous forces are 44 millimeter. He voted to a 49. And that is what you see on in RHS performance doing 114.5. Yeah. To get to the 126 I had to go with HPF and I had just this was last year that just came out with a sports to throttle body. And I pre ordered it and they didn’t have the Porsche to make it

the entire motor field

and was waiting on me as it had to go actually 200 performance and the and I had Dino Ford and polish it. And then I put it off.

Mike VO 46:54
Yeah. Well, and another thing that that the stock speaking of stock, you know, when you look at, like that Sportster stage four kit that Hurley offers. I think that’s a 52 millimeter. Really? throttle body, right, that comes with that. You know, is that is that correct, Mike?

Mike B 47:17
It is but the downfall of that that is a very, very bright, but the problem is, is the manifold is most of stock manifold, right? Yeah. So it has it like you can get it and it just hits this wall. It just bottlenecks it back. Well, sure.

Mike VO 47:33
They tune is specifically for that setup, though. You know, I mean, they’re they’re tuning it to take your your stock at three or 1200 put their kid on with that throttle body.

Roy Merritt 47:45
Yeah, if you start changing other stuff yesterday and things like that. Yeah, it’s just not doing for

Mike VO 47:50
that. Yeah. And I think those I think those states, to Canada for states for cans or whatever, I think they’re only like a mid 500 Lyft. I don’t think it’s super

Roy Merritt 48:01
well, I think cameras getting 100 plus horsepower, like 560 lyst cams. No, no, they’re smaller when they’re 560s. With what was it? They’re like crush head performance or whatever. And and yeah, they were pushing. I think it was I think that was the 110 package. I think

Mike B 48:19
I really love my Sportster is fine. So what am I supposed to be? Roy? You know this better than anybody? I have never wore full face helmet. Yeah, I bought a Simpson Street Band it to wear with that. But if I had to do it over again, there is no way under the sun. I would ever cut the cases. Yeah. Because what those guys are doing with a 1275 kit. It isn’t worth the headache and the hassle of Yeah, specially a rebel mouse. Turn a rubber man apart. I agree the way,

Mike VO 49:00
dude. Yeah, I agree. We just we just talked to one of our co workers is another sports fan that has the 1275 kid that

Roy Merritt 49:09
smoked it.

Mike VO 49:12
And he was he was gonna split it and, and he was gonna do an ad and then we’re like, wow, just do an idea. I mean, if you’re gonna split the gays, it’s not going to do 100 inch s&s block on it? But, you know, I agree with you. I think that once you hit that point, one, there’s no coming back. And to now you’re talking, you know, $1,000 a horse.

Roy Merritt 49:32
Yeah. Well, and at that point, how much money are you willing to put into it? For sure, right. Yeah, I’m sure Mike, you probably know about that. You know, how much money do you want to put in? Right?

Mike B 49:44
Right, exactly.

And it’s so much harder. So I don’t know

what I’ve done with fuel injection.

Okay. It’s usually those guys are doing it are doing carburetors.

Roy Merritt 50:03
Yeah, no, mean we were kind of kids because they don’t understand it. Yeah. Cuz they don’t they don’t notice who’s doing you’re tuning.

Mike B 50:11
So I

so I couldn’t hardly find anybody to turn it on the grayscale. So I took it to a guy.

Hang on. I’m okay. It’s on the other side of Bristol.

And that guy, that guy’s name was Lucas.

And he did real good. It was it was reasonably close. It wasn’t like he was having to take an 83 and 88 inch kit on it. So it was totally out of the room.

It is not enough.

or nine days of the work is going to take there’s no water.

Roy Merritt 51:07
Yeah. Oh, yeah. You had to pay for those labor hours. Yeah.

Mike B 51:11
Well, and then what happens

on the day that I can’t get away, okay. In a Tupperware box for 400 off.


Roy Merritt 51:26
and we bought it from somebody else. Yeah,

Mike B 51:29
yeah. So so the independent shop was fine by

on the auction on the internet

comes across the auction. He wants to buy a forester for his girlfriend. It says hey, bike doesn’t run so he says well shit I’m gonna take I can buy it and fix it. So against him, he realizes, oh crap, this is this is a kid so he takes it off and he says I don’t want it I just want it to be a 1200 took it in this box. And he tried to sell it before and he just want to wait too much for and he got into money bind about a year later. And I gave him $400 for it broke. It broke two piece on the drop cam an extra reason why it wasn’t running.


it was for car writer. The difference between the difference between a carburetor TNEFI head and I did not know this was the the intake manifold facing is different. Okay. So, and I can’t remember which way it is. So I called him a performance I told him what ahead I said no, you can’t do it. So they are called NRHS Yeah, we can absolutely do it. Well. No

Mike VO 52:52
no, you can’t

they called me back and said we can’t do it. But I have a really good deal this a heads that will work because years are gone.

Mike B 53:05
So the hands are really the only thing that I kept

from that original $400 kit

was the cylinders. The cylinders and gems are all the rocks. Yeah. Yeah,

Mike VO 53:20
so it’s about 100 bucks.

Mike B 53:27
It’s a money

under really hard acceleration, then you would get to about 100 miles an hour. It would get this really really lazy wobble to it. Yeah, well, when you get to about 110 this wobble was nowhere near as lazy as it had been. And what was happening if you if you mess with your was happening was the paradigm was the harmonics of it was shifting back and forth in the shrine kinda like a like a rubber mountain now like a like a torn bike. Yeah, it was bad. So beautiful, in his infinite wisdom, if you ever seen the Belhaven sports your head on the back of the little pad, rear of a sparkler calm, kind of like there is for the horn bracket that we all drilled and put a tie link back to the front. Yeah, the whole demote was forced you don’t have it. So the only other option is van from time to make Polly polyurethane, rear motor mounts that are mandatory to be ran in the XR circuit? Yeah. So that goes in well now it’s considerably more but no more lazy waffle. Yeah.

Mike VO 54:59
All that

stuff that nobody knows.

Roy Merritt 55:02
Yeah, yeah. And that’s the thing you know, you online Oh, I’m going to do this to my bike and then six months later you’re like I don’t understand why this isn’t working. And that’s even though those of us that know what we’re doing we still end up that way.

Aaron Staudinger 55:16
I’m curious to get that power what kind of injectors zero so

Roy Merritt 55:21
do you hear that Mike? What kind of injectors Are you relevant?

Mike B 55:26
Yellow pants 6.2 6.2

their, their HP? If I had to do it again, the company of Florida I don’t know the name of HPC I was just born monster hole in a Cinderella Yes, basically a garden hose. There’s a company in Florida that will feel doing injector just ever how many female 16 or 32 PNO. And it helps with Adam relation. But I really wish that

Mike VO 55:53
how long ago did you get the by the injectors?

Try that one more time. How long did you buy the injectors?

Mike B 56:04
How long have a head the engine

Mike VO 56:05
Yeah, how long ago did you buy him

Mike B 56:11
a long time because when I built my soft tail, I outflow the stock injectors. And I originally felt like we back to softer love some so I wouldn’t have flow. The duty cycle on the injectors in it like they’re almost wide open. They’re like 95% Wow. Yes, so they’ll hold trust me they will hold for a long time. I’ve got 50,000 miles on and then as I started this forced to do it, I was like, Oh shit. I’ve got

to come off your other budget. Well, I never put me in they were they were

Yeah, originally plan to to build my salsa. But you know, I just was buying stuff. And I didn’t really have much honestly, when I was like, Oh shit, I’ll just use me. And so now I don’t really read this off too much.

Roy Merritt 57:14
You know how many how many books she got mine

Mike VO 57:23
starts with it. Let me think about it. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 57:26
Yeah, I know. You got a plethora bikes. You got What? You have an old v 65 magnitude, don’t you?

Mike B 57:38
I do I have a 65 magnet. Yes. Same place it was when I met you.

Mike VO 57:44
I used to have a V 65 magnet. I bought it. I bought it out of the paper for 500 bucks because it didn’t really needed a battery in the carburetors clean. And so I did it right there in the parking lot of the guys. Hotel hot think I was 13 started it up. Really off, man. Was he pissed? Because it was only like three or four years old at the time.

Roy Merritt 58:06

Mike VO 58:08
I wrecked it.

Mike B 58:13
Really fast. Yeah, at least 65 will that run?

Roy Merritt 58:17
Every one of those things are fast, man. They’re fun little bikes. And you got it. You have a V max too, don’t you? Yeah. Well, you know, you never know what’s gonna happen. It comes up.

Mike VO 58:35
Oh, God.

Mike B 58:39

Roy Merritt 58:40
to meet you guys seven Harley’s Is that what it is?

Mike B 58:43
I have. I have

Roy Merritt 58:47
an interview. So yeah, you got seven releases fun. I consider bundle early. Yeah. Well.

Mike B 58:55
I bought it for $100 Oh, good. What kind of music? It is an empty. Okay, cyclone. Yeah, I’ve never wrote it.

When I got here to this horror show.

It wasn’t charging. I picked it up on a roll back. And they dropped

Mike VO 59:16
save no more. For $300 right now.

Roy Merritt 59:22
Say no more. I’ll buy it for $300 right now.

Yeah, that’s hard to say no to right. Yeah, but

Mike B 59:38
like the foot peg off of it and like the mirror. And so we diagnosis This is long before I come. They call the guy that was the last time I heard from him. They pushed me across the street. I get here even Phaedra almost a year there’s a door door for on it for $13,000. The guy who brought it was not the guy that owned it. So we fought for mechanic’s lien on it with the DMV. The deals we gave notice at the time that the DMV got in contact with the guy that and he was a navy seal. Now, he wasn’t like a Navy SEAL like what you see on TV, but he was in the seal donation. And he when the sales went out and there was like some bombs or something he was the person that

Roy Merritt 1:00:37
Okay, so EOD, I’m guessing or something like

Mike B 1:00:39
that. Yeah, something Yeah. So he comes ps ps because he’s all along this guy his head. So they work out a deal he has to pay whatever format is 400 bucks. And so I’ll let him pay his money and I said okay, now that we got destroyed yourself, he said he said give me $100 short. Yes, I’m so he should I’m so glad he said I did not one strength. He said and I was going to take this home and call my buddies and we will come over drink beer. And we were literally going to blow this thing up around it and blow it up in the sky. It sounds like fun. So I’m glad that I had got the chance to

Mike VO 1:01:36
really sit blow this up.

Roy Merritt 1:01:39
I’m wondering if that’s in the headphones or the microphones and might be just in our headphones we’ll find out when I get the recording later. Well yeah, man like I said we just wanted to holler at you today and shout a little bit about the sporty project you got there you know like I said we were talking about exhausts and things like that and that begins 40 was on my mind so do we find out what is running for a pipe? Amen? Yeah, what are you running for a pipe bomb

Mike B 1:02:07
so we have a patriots offender Okay, that’s the one

Roy Merritt 1:02:11
that’s the one the hammer site says we’re talking about her couldn’t remember the name of that’s the one I said puts up

Mike B 1:02:17
the most power you text me about exhaust I was like holy shit that’s the part I know the least of all because hammer hammer does all the research Yeah. He you know you compare all these other pipes

the founder it is

Roy Merritt 1:02:36
yeah, I can’t make him online and whether I liked the way it looks or not. I can’t say it’s horrible but I can’t say it’s great and so like I look at it and I’m like

Mike B 1:02:46
I can’t make up my mind.

It works very well.

It has a flat if

you kind of read it but you don’t need a real good context of how the flap work so it has a perforated baffle in it channel C and D or whatever but with DNDU and I like the end but parody is hanging on hope it works with the Patriot you have a flat so you have the ability to just or just the fact fresh Yeah. Which kind of old school founder header like with the tab that you’ve been into the stuff that is really low to the ground so you know how I like to drag shit and so sparks yeah so on day number two is flying to the end of the ground actually broken away from the bracket. So you’ve actually grabbed them off and just pull it out from the box that we had a while back.

Roy Merritt 1:03:48
I remember I remember when you put them short shots on this 40 when we’re done in Florida and I don’t think he made it an hour or two before you scraped to shoot and things going around and turn came back tested and hollering

Mike B 1:04:00
yeah those had those hit three or four times the ground Clarence let’s get favorite defenders up Oh really? Wow. Oh yeah and then so it’s it’s at least with my hands in hands like I feel like those people may have a motorcycle there and they’re voting you go I just want with patriot patriot his car stuff like they were more like flow master website so yeah.

I think they just got extremely lucky and it works

out to censor a front row to center was actually laying on the front motor mouth so take it out and cap it and I ordered a whale dinner to center from gene and to sampling and so now it’s more on like the outside of the I didn’t really care enough for him he

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:58
is is he will know to something

Roy Merritt 1:05:01
Are you running to two sensors on the race guess

Mike B 1:05:03
Absolutely not.

Yeah, they are in there but they’re turned off gotcha with with the supercar like there

Roy Merritt 1:05:16
it’s all an open loop yeah let it let it get

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:19
it thousand yeah they just ruins in like 100 miles yeah yeah

Mike B 1:05:29
they say you can run them

they are Bosh make radium I will say in a reading to essentially it looks really funny on the end and it will eventually

go by because of the way it

but it’s a whole lot more tolerant to a lot of people just find them off the torch and borrow on them and put them right back in and they finally work really good

Mike VO 1:06:00
I’ve never heard that before it’s probably it’s probably quite an expense to be in a Bosch yeah oh yeah there I know the wideband sensors for the dyno those are Cadillac

Roy Merritt 1:06:17
Yeah, I was gonna say it’s like a Cadillac or something yeah there’s a historic it’s Tara or yeah or one of those What do you remember Mike which Cadillac the dyno? Oh you haven’t had the dyno?

Mike VO 1:06:28
I thought they were CTS

you do now and they’re like 190 bucks

Roy Merritt 1:06:33
yeah yeah because you know the the oxygen sensors in the dyno our a Cadillac part number? I don’t know if you knew that. If you remind me sometime you know outside of this, my buddy and I can tell you exact car number and everything. He probably knows it. But yeah, it’s a Cadillac and it’s actually cheaper to go buy the Cadillac One is through Dinah jet and buy another

Mike VO 1:06:57
one. Yeah, you can get it at like Napa.

Roy Merritt 1:06:59
Yeah, you go to like Napa or whatever. And you just order the Cadillac one and it’s the same exact thing. Yeah.

Mike VO 1:07:06
Yeah, they have a Bosch partner right on the side of them.

Mike B 1:07:11
So you guys use them?

Mike VO 1:07:14
No, not yet. But we’re going to be soon because when Pep seven as of tomorrow has no support.

Mike B 1:07:21
Yeah. Okay. And what kind of pop

Mike VO 1:07:26
the ETA the GA

I don’t know what you mean.

What do you mean pump? What do you mean

Roy Merritt 1:07:35
what kind of eg air pump

Mike B 1:07:37
are two? There are two hands and one works off of like a read veil.

And then

they updated and it’s, it’s so much of a better pump. Not everything I have that is done a lot other than the actual room is outdated by about 35 years ago.

Roy Merritt 1:08:00
Yeah, sometimes it feels like we’re not far behind there. Yeah,

Mike B 1:08:04
we had a guy named Mike Daniels of Daniels performance. He actually teaches the dyno class at home today.

And there’s another guy named Russ Fullam.

Is there full time

Roy Merritt 1:08:23
yeah Russ Russ teaches for Dinah j

Mike B 1:08:26
they both

they both owned dance performance. So I paid my bangles $5,000 to come and train me tech I have now and it was another boy he came in he the January or February and he trained us on

the street corner and on power vision

look at the coping with that was was not only did he goes through him but he he let us show us how to work on the diamond.

Mike VO 1:09:02
Yeah calibrate it. Okay. Yeah.

Mike B 1:09:07
Which to me was really cool like I’m more into that cheating so so you got trained on

Roy Merritt 1:09:13
how to do power vision but yet you still have a super tuner on your Raceway

Mike B 1:09:20

so the power vision will come when I do the night just Yeah, because that way I can run a regular map it gives me the ability to have those different options yeah the flop

Roy Merritt 1:09:37
yeah the slots on but the whole unit on your bike I said you’re gonna put the whole unit on your bike the whole power vision unit

Mike B 1:09:48
right yeah and so what I’ll do is is in if I don’t want to run a just blind just click and load load a map for no no actresses alone around again just go in and load the map for the night good.

Aaron Staudinger 1:10:02
Is he also going to run fuel enrichment all matters you can rely on the stock injector are those injector john he’s wanting to calibrate the fuel as well.

Roy Merritt 1:10:11
So you mean is he running a separate fuel to run a separate fuel system going to run like a wet system where you’re going to just depend on your 6.2 projectors?

Mike B 1:10:23
I had I had through that idea round about how I was going to control it like with a standalone fuel system. Yeah. But with me running with me running race has already my understanding of it there isn’t a whole lot of meat for you all right. Usually what goes into standalone is a whole lot higher out and like in my buddy’s Corvette they would run ready to pump gas to the fuel pump and then when he would come up on the juice we were going rice gas in the standalone and he would have its own separate pop yeah so with three running race gas already there isn’t a point

Mike VO 1:11:07
yeah, so it’s not

Roy Merritt 1:11:08
gonna be that big a shot it’s gonna be a small on a shot where you can run on the fact of those those yellow bands and they’ll carry it yeah you’re not doing like a 200 shot or anything you’re going pretty small with the shotgun

Mike B 1:11:17
Oh, no, I don’t think the bottom in the hope.

Now it has a it has an XLR cranking.

The same thing bill went to it in oh three in the space and then we used it in the XLR. So it’s a much stronger crank it’s three pounds lighter. And that’s the reason I did that was because not only for the weight I wanted to rev up a lot quicker but because I knew I was gonna put the juice on it but steal your seat instead of a woman trying to hold to roller bearings way out here on this whatever 2530 Thanks thing around Yeah. So when you throw this monster amount of horsepower to it, I just worry about it following the bomber case

Roy Merritt 1:12:10
Yeah. Well you know this 40 motor was never meant for that anyways, you know that case was well designed for that.

Mike B 1:12:17
Yes as an example. So when I did my eight inch kit I told you I use the cylinders from that well those are just like you know regular cylinders room sounded like what we use every day except they’re bigger when I went to the 90 inch kit with those kind of numbers I had to go to a cast iron cylinder because they said it the motor with flex so much he would crack right across the top of the list of blocks Friday before the cylinders winning the case where we were already seen crack the case right

Roy Merritt 1:12:53
there so it was it was at a kid was at a an aluminum an iron or is that an iron cylinder? Yeah, I know. There you go. 90. They say you have to go on.

Mike B 1:13:06
crack crack right across the publication.

It also adds about six pounds to the overall mostly. They’re about three pounds more.

Mike VO 1:13:22
Wow. It seems like a lot.

Mike B 1:13:26
It sounds like a lot. Yeah.

It is. It absolutely is so and there’s no free lunches.

Yeah, it is a deep think.

So when you when you put a three pound water flywheel on it looking like six pounds on a cylinder. And then you add all this piston down. Like

it’s tough. It’s really really tough. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:13:55
Well, yeah, man. I think I want to get you off of here. And we’re going to move long and I’m probably gonna call you back one of these times,

Mike B 1:14:03
and we’re gonna talk about something else now. I’ll call it

a different topic. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:14:13
Yeah, man. It was good talking to you, brother. Alright.

Mike VO 1:14:19

Roy Merritt 1:14:22
So I think we’ve run a little late for making my other call tonight. But you know, for the most part, I think we’ve pretty much wrapped up a good amount of time. Yeah, cover some good ground, man. Yeah, I I’m curious. Because like, my little recorder here is in like seconds. And it’s it like 2300 or something. I have no idea how much time that is.

Mike VO 1:14:49
Just like doesn’t say it’s like, I don’t understand.

Roy Merritt 1:14:51
I have never counted over 60 seconds. There’s no need to get a minute. And then it’s easier. So yeah, and then you’re then you’re at one. But yeah, you know, we’ll get together the next time and pick something else if we can’t get somebody else in here with us. And maybe I can get two phones working a little better in the meantime. I don’t I still don’t understand why it wasn’t here to you guys.

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:14
But it was

Mike VO 1:15:16
probably us. We’re probably too far away from the microphone. It’s very possible. Because you know, we might be real faint.

Roy Merritt 1:15:22
Yeah, it could have been sounds good here. We were doing the

Aaron Staudinger 1:15:24
Russia one I might technique sucked. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:15:28
We probably did never tongue sticking out. Right. Or we weren’t doing the right things with their hands. Yeah.

Mike VO 1:15:33
I’d imagine.

Roy Merritt 1:15:36
All right, man. Why don’t I don’t have any. I don’t have any exit music. I didn’t plan ahead for any exit music so hold on. You think you got something over there? Yeah, I

Mike VO 1:15:45
got something. Hold on.

We got music, don’t worry.

Excellent. BParagraph

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