Is Harley Leaving India? What are the fastest Factory Bikes?

See what we think is really going on in India and China for Harley-Davidson.  We also talk about the 15 fastest 1/4 mile times set back factory production bikes.  King of the baggers is still happening and there is new about a second Indian Challenger.  We also find plenty of off topic stuff to talk about as well.


Roy Merritt 0:00
All right, we stand to hit the intro

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motherfucking intro

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once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s double your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some of the same. So sit back, grab a brew, we’re gonna have some two, and give you our point of view. Here on Talkin. Braap All right. Welcome back is talking crap. Season two presidential debate edition, Episode 12. The presidential debate is tonight.

Aaron Staudinger 1:19

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I gotta I gotta release this by tomorrow night. So this one’s gonna be an interesting one. And Jordan smelling out. We are done. 30 Yeah, no. So I got some interesting things that i’ve you know, I like to read articles and stuff. And some interesting things going on that I thought we could talk about tonight that me and Mike actually talked a little bit about one of them today that he’s been reading different articles on. So the kind of the starting topic, here is an article I read on motorcycle cruiser calm. Again, we’ll put some links in the fake news page that says the title is Harley Davidson says it will leave India

Mike VO 2:07
fake news, fake news.

Roy Merritt 2:11
So, um, I read the article and basically what they say

Unknown Speaker 2:15
not, it’s gonna be huge.

Roy Merritt 2:21
And what the article said, they are shutting down, they’re gonna shut down the factory there. And they are going to continue to support the dealer network as best they can for the contract in time. All those dealers I’m sure it’s a sign we have a lot of great dealer partners. Yeah, a lot of really, really good, really good people. I bet. They’re great. Great.

Mike VO 2:52
Very good.

Cedric Landree 2:54
for India. It’s gonna be gonna be for China.

Mike VO 2:57
It’s gonna be great. Great for India. Great for the US. We cut China out just a window around. So yeah.

Roy Merritt 3:09
Basically, you know, with the new rewire strategy, they are focusing on more profitable markets. And so

Mike VO 3:19
that’s a really smart thing to do

Roy Merritt 3:20
this weird India is has been not the sales boom that they thought it was going to be. I think they’re still priced out of their market just like they are and pretty much every other market, you know, for, for the average person. At least that using it the way most people do there.

Aaron Staudinger 3:40
Yeah, we go back to a you know, the interview we had with rotation is exactly what he said. Yeah, like if you see one like a unicorn,

Roy Merritt 3:46
yeah, yeah, there, dude, you got some money or he rides you know, yeah, whatever. You know, he’s, he’s got money. I mean, I’ve seen

Aaron Staudinger 3:55
several pictures online of road test, test riding and some of those. Oh, yeah. I’ve been on a couple. Yeah. Well, you know,

Mike VO 4:02
in Europe. They use Mercedes and BMW as cash. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So everything’s relative.

Roy Merritt 4:10
Yeah, it will definitely but

Cedric Landree 4:12
yeah, cuz Harley’s over in Europe.

Roy Merritt 4:16
Oh, yeah. Well, that’s because we ship them there. So that that was that was the drive behind the Indian market and the way they did things was okay, there’s no way we can build these little bikes in America and ship them to India and sell them are reasonable, right? No way with with import taxing and export taxing and everything else that’s going to go on, there’s no way they could do an entry level bike like they wanted to. Now they can ship big bikes over there and tax the shit out of them because it doesn’t matter. It’s so fucking Harley, you’re they’re gonna buy it or not. But with the little bikes, they were trying to get into a more entry level, you know, more affordable market. So I’m sure it dedeaux that the money that they put out to build that, you know, The factory and all of that staff it and all of that. I mean, there’s no way they built the factory,

Mike VO 5:06
or did they just use take over a factory that was already there? I mean,

Roy Merritt 5:11
I’m sure there was something of that, but they still have, you still got to retool it, do everything for your stuff. So, you know, there’s a lot of work involved there and a lot of money, a lot of money. You know, so, you know, there’s got to be a point where we build something like that there’s, you know, you know, I’m sure if you’re doing your financials, right, you know, that when Okay, I open on this day, I have to run for seven years before this place pays for itself, you know, and I don’t think they’ve made it that far. I mean, it’s been like 10 years, hasn’t it? I don’t know. When

Mike VO 5:45
I’m not sure when they really tried to penetrate the Indian market.

Roy Merritt 5:49
Well, when did the street come out?

Mike VO 5:53
I don’t know. Like, 2014. Who cares?

Unknown Speaker 5:55
2015 more than the street.

Mike VO 5:59
I’m gonna ask my uncle, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 6:01
um, but it wasn’t a good factor is vacant, ask the Google fireworks and incense gonna be hella cheap. Pretty soon? Well,

Unknown Speaker 6:13
you know,

Roy Merritt 6:16
it’s, it’s interesting, because are they gonna keep doing like this now? Send it to

Mike VO 6:21
13 2014, baby

Roy Merritt 6:23

Cedric Landree 6:25
or 14. Okay.

Aaron Staudinger 6:27

Roy Merritt 6:29
do you think they keep doing the street? I know, they make them here, you know, as well. But that bike was really designed to be sold overseas. You know what I mean? It wasn’t designed for the American market. I don’t think

Aaron Staudinger 6:44
they want the classes to just take them dump them all over the parking lot.

Mike VO 6:48
Well, I think they designed the 750 for the American market. They designed the 500 or markets like sale or, you know, India and places that they have cc restrictions. Yeah, that I don’t know if they do. Yeah, I don’t know if they do everywhere in India, but I know there are places provinces, in places like China and India that they have cc restrictions.

Roy Merritt 7:13
Same in Europe, all through Europe. Yeah. So like that. So yeah, that’s why

they’re so popular, the little Vespas and stuff like that, because they fall under smaller tax brackets, and you know, everything’s cheaper on them. So,

Aaron Staudinger 7:26
California announced that by 2035, no emissions? Yeah. So how does that affect bikes in California? No emission? None. Non 00.

Mike VO 7:37
It doesn’t affect bikes at all, because of California is still a state in 2035. That law will not exist yet.

Cedric Landree 7:43

Aaron Staudinger 7:45
think about it. Like if you all anything, toe, anything, anything? What are you going to do you no one’s gonna be left

Mike VO 7:51
by like California by

Aaron Staudinger 7:52

  1. Or they’re going to call them commercial vehicles. And your registrations go frickin nuts. They’re gonna register you by electric surcharge.

Roy Merritt 8:04
They have electric semis already there. They’re driving fucking sales. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 8:09
Yeah. Just curious whether Harley market California which is huge. Tons of bikes, California, like outlaw by 2035. California is

Mike VO 8:19
legislation is so fucked up. And they’ve mismanaged that state so bad. None of the laws that they have now are going to be viable in 15 years is not gonna matter. They’re gonna they’re gonna have to revamp that whole structure, or asis gonna continue to implode. They’ve done such a shitty job managing that state from the ground up. That I mean, we’re watching it implode. I know.

Aaron Staudinger 8:43
Why do you think I left?

Mike VO 8:44
It’s either it’s either on fire, or it’s underwater. or some

Aaron Staudinger 8:49
combination of both?

Mike VO 8:50
Yeah. Or it’s illegal.

Roy Merritt 8:52
Like what’s trying to tell them? So?

Mike VO 8:54
Fuck was climate change? It’s not climate change. It’s gross mismanagement of public funds. All state is just that’s all it is, is one great big clusterfuck of people stealing the common man’s money. So can’t argue.

Roy Merritt 9:10
Yeah, though. arlie is pulling out of India. their interest in China, pulling in China? Oh, yeah, they’re going into China going in hard.

So I have

an article here from And it says a Harley Davidson 338 are revealed in design filings. So you know, like anywhere else, you’re going to file your patents and blah, blah, blah. So they give you a really good look at this bike and the bike that it’s based on and it’s got one of those slide things where you can kind of go over and see the differences between the two. But the bike that they released, kind of hinting towards it is very similar. The one in the design drawings look much more like a Harley. The tank and the profile the seat height. The other one is a little more Street Fighter ish, you know, big hump in the tank like the like the sport bikes have kind of take that out. Yeah, Tails way higher to get up by. But the rest of the bike is pretty much the same. So it’s gonna be interesting to see I don’t understand why we can’t do this over here. You know, I know this Chinese companies making them but I bet that Chinese he could make them and ship them here it would freak out. Yeah, but still probably cheaper than Harley could make them

Mike VO 10:37
believe this podcast forever.

Roy Merritt 10:42
I wouldn’t buy one that way. But if

Cedric Landree 10:43
it’s not a road glad

Roy Merritt 10:45

Mike VO 10:48
Well, you make the fucking motorcycle in China and ship it here, then you go fuck yourself. So this is

Roy Merritt 10:54
what we talked about earlier. And in China, they’re basically licensing their, you know, their their brand. They’re saying this is what its gonna look like this is you know, they’re franchising it, if you will, we said earlier,

Mike VO 11:06
which is actually what Harley is doing in India,

Roy Merritt 11:08
they’re just, and that’s what you had read because we talked about it earlier.

Mike VO 11:12
Yeah. I read it on fake That’s right, right apart. Just had it up.

Roy Merritt 11:25
And what you said you would read was that they were shutting down that pizza, factory 2020. They were shutting down that factory. But they were looking into one of the other major motor motorcycle manufacturers into I guess licensing?

Mike VO 11:42
Yeah, they’re, they’re talking to Mahindra a Georgia hero. Yeah. Or an Indian partnership. That’s more along the lines of what we did in China. When with the China exclusive model 338 are which. So they’re going to close the Indian factory and stop trying to produce motorcycles. Well, and I think I think there’s a lot more to it than just the fact that whether the motorcycles are expensive, you know, when we go I think operating in foreign countries can be difficult sometimes, because of the way they do business, the way their governments are set up the way they tear up their things that you don’t I mean, so. It might just not be cost productive, to try to put a home plant in somewhere like India. And they I mean, how would you know that? Yeah. until you start going. Because, I mean, it’s no secret that the Indian government isn’t exactly forthcoming and fair.

Roy Merritt 12:44
Yeah, you know, he’s definitely there.

Mike VO 12:45
For sure. And they and they, they have a lot of back end corruption. And you know, I mean, at least here when they do that they try to hide it. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 12:54
So yeah, they’ve the news.

Mike VO 12:57
I think I think it’s I think there’s a lot that goes into play with you know, whether or not it’s going to be economically viable to try to sustain that.

Aaron Staudinger 13:05
Nothing that can’t be done. Well, like like, like Chevrolet has cars built in Australia sends powerplant spouse brilliance and full cars back. How does that make we

Mike VO 13:15
have a different trade where we do Australia that exactly you know what I mean, and Australia is a different kind of country than India. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 13:22
it is not a first world country. Really, they make that craziest GTO fuckin truck back thing. Yes,

Mike VO 13:28
they do weird shit and they are awesome. I was

Aaron Staudinger 13:32
so really bad. It’s like they wanted to do it us. El Camino

Roy Merritt 13:36
GTO El Camino Yes. And they’ve been nasty motor. They’re fucking badass. Less worrying.

Aaron Staudinger 13:42
Yeah, well, lol 76 so you can convert it LS three badass

Roy Merritt 13:46
rip out of it. I forget what they call it now, but

Aaron Staudinger 13:49
the U is what they call it. Yeah. The two Utes the do you call it a you know our T? Yep. Look it up.

Roy Merritt 13:59
Those things Commodore,

Cedric Landree 13:59
Australian, Commodore, Commodore,


Roy Merritt 14:07
you teach. So one of the other interesting things going on right now. What was the last time you read a motorcycle magazine? What is it? What’s it? Like? When was the last time you picked up?

Aaron Staudinger 14:21
I picked up a baggers magazine in the airport about a year ago. Okay, that’s been online.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
for way too long. What?

Unknown Speaker 14:32
What did you say youth? Yeah, do you? What is the youth? Oh, excuse me to use youth youth

Aaron Staudinger 14:47
Youth to Youth to Youth

outside the sport.

Roy Merritt 14:54
So, you know, especially back in the day motorcycle magazines were like badass You know, you you looked at him that’s how you saw the cool bike.

Most of the magazines

are printing or have printed their last issue of some of these magazines and I forget which one they said it was like cycle world or one of those has been running for 100 years, whatever it was, might be motorcycle. So octane, this company octane, just purchased a company called Bonnier. And underneath of that company is motorcyclists like a world dirt rider motorcycle cruiser, cycle, volta, ATV rider and UTV rider and some others that you know, you may not know

Unknown Speaker 15:48

Roy Merritt 15:49
I believe they’re all getting shut down. And so I’d like to know what Yeah, hot bike all of those are shut down. So what’s happening now is is one company has bought up most of these names. And I think you’re gonna see something you more unified so if you go to like psycho world or motorcyclist, I think it’s going to link to the same thing.

Cedric Landree 16:12
You talk about motorcycle magazines, right?

Aaron Staudinger 16:15
Well, yeah,

Cedric Landree 16:16
I mean, in journalism

Roy Merritt 16:18
in journalism nowadays is done on YouTube. Right? You know, it’s the world’s not the same as it was when most you know, magazines were really the only way you could get in touch with these people you know? Um, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with those names or if they just kind of go away they had already purchased says in here somewhere they already had a few magazines and stuff that they had tried to run over the last like 10 years it just they could not make profitable so they’ve shut pretty much everything down. Which is kind of sad. Because you’re not you’re not gonna be able to go to the store and pick up a magazine anymore.

Aaron Staudinger 17:06
Well, most people sit on the crapper with their phones now anyway. Yeah. So you discussing animal All right.

Roy Merritt 17:12
One interesting article here from hot bike web or I guess it was hot bike magazine. And this is the top 15 fastest quarter mile time our action buttons

Aaron Staudinger 17:26
now we’re talking Okay, piqued my interest. Now

Roy Merritt 17:30
this would be me scroll through here. This is not like the fastest production bikes this year. Quarter miles is fastest. I’m gonna say all time I mean, I don’t go back that far because bikes burn as fast as they are, you know, they get boost.

Aaron Staudinger 17:44
There right? Um,

Roy Merritt 17:47
there are 15 different individual models and years that have logged quarter mile time. Okay, you have Bossa.

Aaron Staudinger 17:57
Do they have an Eight Mile? Or is it a quarter mile

Roy Merritt 18:00
damp? So I want to see I kind of wish I would have had a piece of paper out. You got to pick us 15 bikes here. Hi, Busan. I boost is an easy 102 high bushing Okay, kawasaki.

Mike VO 18:14
Kawasaki What? This yes 14 Yep, take

Roy Merritt 18:17

Unknown Speaker 18:18
Yeah. tend to vtcs

Roy Merritt 18:22
tins are pretty fat

Aaron Staudinger 18:23
Ducati. 999

Roy Merritt 18:25
Ducati. Okay.

Aaron Staudinger 18:30
I’ll tell you the top 15 there’s gonna be some 600 bikes in there. Especially three or it’s gonna swing are out right off the floor.

Roy Merritt 18:38
Okay, right also floor factory bikes. Well, some of them are factory race bikes, but they’re

Aaron Staudinger 18:43
not Yamaha leader bike has to be there any of the leader bikes like undeleter bike Yamaha leader bike, the Blackbird.

Roy Merritt 18:51
Actually, I don’t think the Blackbird

Mike VO 18:53
it’s not no rc 51

Roy Merritt 18:57
Let’s see. We’ll start with 15 1000 members 15 is the 2014 BMW s 1000. sleeper. Yep. logged a quarter mile time of 9.94 seconds at 141.7 our miles or

Cedric Landree 19:16
that’s right so that’s really great. Yes.

Mike VO 19:18
Fastest ship Where did that wreck didn’t have the speed gunner 15

Aaron Staudinger 19:23
at a nine Yes. Okay.

You have to wear leathers to ride that

Roy Merritt 19:28
bike. Beat number 14 not a big surprise here. The 2011 BMW s 1000 are our which logged in 9.9 349 miles and

Cedric Landree 19:40
what was the other one? It was

Unknown Speaker 19:43
one What do you take

Cedric Landree 19:44
out? No, I’m just

Roy Merritt 19:46
so they’re all here. I’m gonna tell you most of them are within seconds when you get under better

Cedric Landree 19:50
than 15

Roy Merritt 19:52
I don’t know how much you know about drag racing. But once you get under that 10 second mark, you’re talking halls and outs are big deals. Yeah, you know, it’s a lot yeah. I like to go fast. So 13 the 2011 Ducati 11 nine nine and a gallie. s. Okay. This bug quarter mild in 9.91 seconds at 145.95 are so not as much top speed but Ducati they’re always known for right or bottom in

Aaron Staudinger 20:24
my mind. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 20:26
Well, I bet ones that we saw. I bet this did pretty good in the eighth mile. If it topped out around 145 they probably reached there pretty quick. You have to do 991 so number 12. The 2004 r1 s

Aaron Staudinger 20:39
Yep. That 1001 that’s not even the cross plane. That’s the straight Oh, sorry. 2000 4004 was first year Oh, the straight board um, even a little blah.

Roy Merritt 20:51
ramnarine take brake calipers. 9.90 seconds. 144.98 miles an hour. Now I can tell you I’ve written some worked out our ones. And God Damn, those things sound good. And they are fucking fast. There is

Aaron Staudinger 21:10
a lot of bike. A lot of a

Roy Merritt 21:13
number 11 is the 2002 z x 12 r. Okay. That ran on 9.87 at 100. Wow. 6.29 miles an hour.

Aaron Staudinger 21:24
Still a night? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 21:27
Number 10. The 2014 Ducati 11 nine nine panna Gali and 9.8. For number nine, the 2015 YZF r1.

Aaron Staudinger 21:41
That’s so the When did they go cross plane? That’s

Roy Merritt 21:44
traction control and everything cross plane was I think oh four. I think that was when they thought that was the the bike just

Cedric Landree 21:50
ycf that’s the sport touring one, isn’t it?

Aaron Staudinger 21:52
No, no, no. r1

Roy Merritt 21:55
r1. So with a time of 9.83 seconds at 149 miles an hour. So that’s

Aaron Staudinger 22:03
point nine one. These are all tight. They’re all within a couple tenths. Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 22:07
Number eight is the 2006 zx xR MX for some reason. Let’s see. The 2010 holds another spot a little bit further up but the 2006 grip the quarter mile and 9.76 seconds 49 miles an hour 206 z waxen new bikes passes and like would you do that? Nothing? Nothing either.

Cedric Landree 22:39
Way, let me react.

Roy Merritt 22:41
Yeah. So number seven is the 2013 BMW HP four. It is related to the S 1000 rr. It’s a It’s a race bike. It did 976 at 152 miles an hour. Number six is the 2008 Ducati 1098 R. This is the Ducati picture with you. For me I think of a Ducati it’s like the 1098 is the trellis frame and you know all that stuff and did a 90 cider style hike right you know this was a look at our our style. It’s lower handlebars whole body Yeah. Whole body Well, not on the side. This is Ducati you want to see the Freeman ship and you don’t want

Aaron Staudinger 23:28
you don’t get anything in the way of one of the clutch

Roy Merritt 23:30
crank. Yeah, you want it you want everybody to hear it. Number five oh, so that didn’t 975 and 148. Again, those difficulties don’t get as high up but they get there quick. Yeah. To number five is the 2010 zx xR that was when they went I think trash control and all that stuff. That was when the ZX 10 really stepped it up. That was after the S 1,009.72 at 150 mile an hour even number for the 2008 high boosa Yep. 970 at 148.48 miles now. Number three is the Ninja h2 which I think was the supercharged Yeah, a supercharged version just this year right? No.

Cedric Landree 24:20
Well that’s that’s a straight legal one.

Roy Merritt 24:22
Yeah, these are all street legal I believe. Although the picture here has recently caught it. But let’s see some rain in may have occurred. The survey might not say what it Oh 9.6 to 150 miles. So the top two broke, I think the nine five ring and number two is the 2008 Ducati Desmosedici gr o. r r. I fucked up the RR on Desmos. It ran a night point four, nine and 152.8 miles an hour. Wow, that’s a fast bike. How much does that bike cost? So?

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Oh, probably 25 more than I

Unknown Speaker 25:12
can afford. 30,000 more that at least Yeah.

Roy Merritt 25:15
40,000 Well, I think the Desmos of these GS have to do with weight stuff. So it’s carbon fiber fenders, probably carbon fiber, everything. It’s pretty, pretty good. And the number one, what do you think?

Cedric Landree 25:31
What’s it 2002? High? boosa

Roy Merritt 25:34
Yeah, we already got Well, my 883 bone stock off 2012 Kawasaki Zx 14. Yep. Have you ridden one of those? I we had been traded it into my last dealership that night Chris bottles on the side of it. I was like, Oh my god, take this for the weekend. They’re like, come on, man. Let me take this thing out. It ran a 947 at 152.3.

Aaron Staudinger 25:59
Now to put this in perspective. Just so we know. We’re talking about this quarter mile cars. Back in the late 80s weren’t breaking five seconds. popular car a quarter mile wasn’t breaking by

Mike VO 26:14
him at four seconds is like six

Aaron Staudinger 26:17
occasions. Say it. That’s that’s

Mike VO 26:21
that’s move. What’s going pretty fast. Well in the car world

Roy Merritt 26:26
to break 10 seconds.

You’re deep in a pretty expensive car. Yeah, you know, if you’re in a Mustang that that motors were, there’s probably gearing in the rear end you probably got slicks. When 10

Aaron Staudinger 26:43
nine, nine in a car and you brought up almost not having a cage.

Roy Merritt 26:47
I was gonna say you’re running 10s you’re under in some places. I think where I was it was 12 vm cage fuel, cut off, all that kind of stuff. So now you’re getting into a whole different ballgame. That’s why a lot of those guys were like demons issue won’t take him out to the track because

Aaron Staudinger 27:02
they’ll change the rule. An HRA has now made it where that Elite Model car forgot what I haven’t been on the projector for a long time. But I want to get back into it. That’s the one I built my bike the way I build it. I think now late model cars you don’t have to have you see like it was 1135 or something like that. Yeah, they have a cage. If you went under 10 and change you’d have a parachute or something like that. Yeah, the rules have changed. I got to read into it more but they realize these cars are a hell of a lot safer than he used to be back in the day. So yeah, they’re not making you stick to those same rules. So now a lot more cars are starting to show up.

Roy Merritt 27:37
So you know, you go through you know watching stuff on TV and you go through your I don’t know that different, like different types of stuff. And at one point we were watching probably paints or one of those. And my wife’s like God, I’d like to do drag race and I was like, okay, we could buy an old beat up Mustang. T No, I was like, got it. You know, run it with the shittiest motor in it and just keep running it on my neighbor do stuff. My neighbor on my street he probably makes about five or six test hits on my road a week.

Aaron Staudinger 28:10
Dahlia not even kidding. I’ll show you the road when you come to my house. It is just labeled all of

Roy Merritt 28:15
my neighbors were looking at me when I was doing a test his alma minibike.

Unknown Speaker 28:21

Roy Merritt 28:24
yeah, it’s a one it says

Cedric Landree 28:26
I don’t make that mentioned john,

Roy Merritt 28:27
I want to tell you so for the listeners, I bought a minibike and it is a Coleman ct 200 u x. The frame is stuff so it’s got a front suspension and the guy bought it from put like eight inch mini apes in supposedly, the motor has rods and pistons and blah, blah, blah arms and the torque converter. I found that out because it’s making noise. So it looks like the chain has been rubbing on the the primary setup. So I got to do you know, a little digging and see that and then as I was looking at it, because the chain makes a little noise. The chain comes around, there’s like a mountain in the chain just going around with her where it’s not straight. You know, it’s not screening out when you pull on him. So there’s like this little hump runs around the chain and I’m like it’s broken. All right. I know the shame. You know, I was like, I need a chain. I go look at it online. It’s like 15 bucks for 10 feet.

Cedric Landree 29:26
I need one of those moonshine I was gonna say

Mike VO 29:28
what is it? Like, for 15? It’s a 420 chance for 20

Roy Merritt 29:32
Yeah, well, it’s 4041 or 420 chain, you know, but they have a couple different classifications there but it’s a pretty small thing. Yeah, I was looking at chain break tools and stuff too. Because what we need and what you need for that are different, you know

Mike VO 29:46
that you need like it’s a parasite cutters.

Roy Merritt 29:49

Unknown Speaker 29:53

Roy Merritt 29:54
yeah. I was looking at him. There’s some pretty cool stuff that does transfer over. That’s great. My drawl right now is like do I buy some little do both? Or do I buy something just keep with me, but

Mike VO 30:07
do they make tools that will go from what we’re doing to that? Yeah. Yeah, that’d be an expensive fucking tool

Aaron Staudinger 30:15
is that can be a little Roy’s by kind of man.

Mike VO 30:17
That’s a lot of Oh yeah, that’s right. You buy toys first by American tools. That’s right

Unknown Speaker 30:21

Roy Merritt 30:22
Like she can’t reach the pegs yet. Well it’s gonna be its first back bike. First thing he did was I found him I’m like, hey, it’s hot. Todd he’s like I can ride this and I’m like, dude, you’re like three inches from like you’re not you’re not upset I told him though. I said when you when you can touch the pegs you can ride it. He’s like, Okay.

Aaron Staudinger 30:41
Yeah, himself upside down. start stretching yourself at night. I can’t wait.

Roy Merritt 30:44
It’s funny because you know, it’s a little lawnmower engine. So you just kind of go, but it’s got a lot of stuff done to it. So it kind of revs up. And then when it revs up, hits and hits really hard. Well, it’s Yeah, it’s kind of like a little CVT belt thing. Oh, and when you rev it up and hit it, the front wheel up every time dude. You’re paying us to kind of push the into it not to pick the front wheel up, but if you just did hell, it’ll just be like, but it’s good, man. Thanks for Pink’s ROI. But on your 100 Yeah, I don’t know. You probably. What’s that thing top out at? How fast can you go?

Cedric Landree 31:21
At? Really? Yeah,

Mike VO 31:24
maybe? Maybe 25

Roy Merritt 31:27
Have you ever have you ever seen I know. But if you didn’t get your phone out,

Mike VO 31:32
it probably goes like 2025 for speed. I mean, I bet it does. Maybe 3035

Cedric Landree 31:37
I think maybe suppose 40 for short. So that thing gets back. I don’t

Mike VO 31:47
you know, like when you take like a yz 450 f there’s only five miles an hour 60 miles an hour? Yeah, wind wind winding the fuck out

Roy Merritt 31:57
that little minibike at full speed is just as fast as you want to go barely knew that thing. Yeah. And it’s like oh yeah, like you gotta hit the brake you got to know when you want to stop and like slow down and then hit the brake because it’s only got one rear drum brake does it Yeah, very well and it’s sweet to the nice new

Aaron Staudinger 32:23
fucking death machine

Mike VO 32:23
but dirt is like when you’re on dirt it’s like when you’re on the water feels like you go faster that you

Cedric Landree 32:30
know we need to go to a Columbia Community College because I guess Nick goes over there all the time and they’re like running cops chasing him around

he’s like awesome lucky America

well so we need to do we need to go and like get little caesars you know go through Jasper. Yeah.

Mike VO 32:54
So as long as they have they have little caesars What?

Aaron Staudinger 32:58
I burned out in the school. And you got suspended

Roy Merritt 33:03
I got I got a month the Saturday that I did guy wanted he’s machine book you got a big like it was better. I bailed

Aaron Staudinger 33:11
I did a drop in the center. Like right in front of the we had like a like a opening door that went to like an auditorium with like a like a ledge right? would stand in front of Windows a big driveway go through now just like that wrapper and laid to bat. Right down and I got busted. He didn’t get me on the day they got on Monday. hate us because

Roy Merritt 33:36
I did one you didn’t think we had a long drive.

Aaron Staudinger 33:40
I didn’t know. This was like 1992 there was nobody there’s no cameras. Yeah, I wasn’t

Cedric Landree 33:45
even born yet.

Aaron Staudinger 33:46
But awesome. But they were like yeah

Mike VO 33:51
Who was that? What was Eric?

Unknown Speaker 33:52
Yeah, that’s exactly what I just asked you to

Roy Merritt 33:56
go to that school. So it was like wet in the morning and we had this like I live over there and it was there was a speed bumps along the way and was like wet it wasn’t raining but it was like wet from rain. And I just like put it second dump the clutch and wrote it the whole way in you know hitting the brakes a little bit just doing like a burn out the whole way and over the speed bumps and everything. And when I got it by the time I got to the parking spot everybody fucking there knew what was going on. And so I pulled out the parking lot the assistant principals now they’re like, give me your keys. I was like, Nah, that’s just

Unknown Speaker 34:32
yeah, let me see a bad yeah, so we

Roy Merritt 34:36
had one. I was like, nah, nah, you can get my keys.

Mike VO 34:40
He wants it. Well, we

Aaron Staudinger 34:41
got it right at that same school. My buddy Robin, who’s now deceased. We dropped our aspirins and some West what concrete Dude, it’s

Cedric Landree 34:51
a good thing you didn’t give him her keys cuz it’s just like my Yo, yo, I never got that shit back.

Roy Merritt 34:57
Oh, I got it back. And there we go. I got in trouble. But you know, it was what it was. You know, I was a dumb ass mine mine mine. Doing it on the way out probably would have been a much better idea then on the way in, you know what do you have anywhere to go? Yeah, yeah, but I was fucking 16 but that’s

Cedric Landree 35:16
that’s thinking before you act though

Roy Merritt 35:19
that’s what everybody does

Mike VO 35:22
sure when they got mad at me for like me doing stupid shit in my cornet I just stopped going

Unknown Speaker 35:28
that’s fine that’s the only

Unknown Speaker 35:30
reason we ever were later on anymore

Mike VO 35:32
I don’t need this shit anyway

Cedric Landree 35:35
Are you talking about me go in euro

Mike VO 35:40
cornet for 40 Oh when I was in here

Unknown Speaker 35:46
she was fun here,

Cedric Landree 35:48
bro. I don’t know why do you like 90% Irish

Roy Merritt 35:54
queens a percent of UK to do is to hmm its dealers

Mike VO 36:03
classic dealer. Cosmo, right? Oh damn it.

Cedric Landree 36:06
This is a myrica market we spiked markets right

Mike VO 36:10
they’ll say about damn the baggers. I can’t wait. So is that still going on? Yes. When does it happen? Uber

Aaron Staudinger 36:20
and more bikes have been revealed, you know? mgkg like, has a picture.

Mike VO 36:26
I fucking hope he crashes.

Roy Merritt 36:28
No, I don’t take a drink yet. I don’t want you to throw up. Hey, I hope he crashes I’m gonna show you. I’m going to show you this challenger. And these pipes. Just don’t throw up.

Aaron Staudinger 36:38
Hang on. Hang on. I gotta see this. This is

Roy Merritt 36:43
Roland Sands. Now if you look, it’s not connected up. So I don’t know how serious they are about that. It was just fire.

Mike VO 36:48
Well, no, I think I think they’re just laying the exhaust up there. I know.

Roy Merritt 36:52
That’s what I said. I don’t know how serious they are about that. But first time I saw that I was like, What the fuck is going on here?

Mike VO 36:58
No, I think that it’s all gonna go on if that’s where that that’s the header. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just

Roy Merritt 37:02
a pipe. I know. They’re just laying the pipe. That’s all. It does look horrible like that. So here’s the link I have on motorcycle even doing wheel wheel

in front of the bag, which you would basically hit you’re like you’d be riding on this bike. No, they’re not connected. They’re just sitting there. I think there’s a cross on a screwing around

Cedric Landree 37:25
you’d have found this saw this badass motorcycle on like Instagram, and it was like a tricky

Unknown Speaker 37:31

Cedric Landree 37:32
Mike, it was all made up.

Mike VO 37:34
You know, he steals everything from somebody else. So you’ll see so here so those are those look like lindahl seen it look like lindo wheels, don’t they? They

Roy Merritt 37:43
lifted up the rider.

Mike VO 37:45
Right? Because Mjk he doesn’t fucking make anything out of his own design. He always steal somebody else’s design.

Roy Merritt 37:51
didn’t grab it. They lift him up. I see. I got him sitting up a little higher. He’s on top of it. We’re like a sport bike. God that looks like shit.

Aaron Staudinger 38:02
So that’s what we’re gonna do. Yeah, I was hoping we would get the most badass advanced baggers stuff we’ve ever seen. Instead, they need to get rid of

Unknown Speaker 38:11
first off the

Aaron Staudinger 38:15
bike in a bagger

Roy Merritt 38:16
victory rear fender needs to go look at that thing, dude. It’s horrible. Look at that. And I say victory.

Mike VO 38:24
Well that and that is it. Let’s see him. Look at the fucking seat. What did he put a road? So besides

Roy Merritt 38:30
just threw some extra padding in there. They kind of showed him doing

Mike VO 38:32
that even. They even they didn’t even.

Roy Merritt 38:35
Yeah, but it’s at the very spot. It’s cool to be okay.

Mike VO 38:40
Yeah, go to Lynda. Go Go to Linda wheels. I’ll bet you it’ll look identical to m j Ks. Oh, brilliant creation.

Roy Merritt 38:50
How do we get invited to this shit?

Aaron Staudinger 38:52
I asked that. Hey, I was at the drag show. And I told him, You know what we do who we are. Yeah. And I was like, Hey, is it too late? Until you get something? The guy that that’s hosting this connector can the bankers right? Right. I talked to the guy in Louisville, and we were up there. And he said, hey, it’s set. It’s done. Maybe next year. Okay. So I’ll give my info. And we’ll see

Roy Merritt 39:22
they have to know what we’re doing. Exactly. I mean, everybody knows

Aaron Staudinger 39:26
we happen to have the king of the phone call up there.

Roy Merritt 39:32
Make you know if a call and said we want you guys to enter the bagger Jamie would be all over that.

Mike VO 39:38
Yes. Not Not if we had to pay for

Roy Merritt 39:44
him. He’s already got a bike. I mean, you know what I mean? I’ll set up for that though. Yeah, but

I guess this would all depend on it off the clothes. Yeah, but what would that do for the shop if we weren’t getting in the bag?

Aaron Staudinger 39:59
Oh, good. unreal, we’d have to get like Miguel Duhamel are about to say we have to get like a

Roy Merritt 40:05
real writer like ain’t gonna be me I can tell you that but like somebody that does shit, put them on one of our

Aaron Staudinger 40:15
actually what we need is a macginnis or something like that one of those dudes that rides aisle a man that has 0.0 fear and will just pitch a bike and is used to something handling evil is probably going to handle pretty evil. I wonder about that boom guy that runs with Boswell’s a dude

Roy Merritt 40:33

Aaron Staudinger 40:34
or we can just pass he runs on a flat tracks.

Roy Merritt 40:37
Like he was I would

Cedric Landree 40:40
tie with total that motorcycle.

Mike VO 40:42
Yeah, I would crash I

Aaron Staudinger 40:44
would. I would. I would cross the start finish line lap.

Cedric Landree 40:48
He would get done awesome in shotgun and beer.

Roy Merritt 40:53
You know

Mike VO 40:54
if he showed up? Yeah,

Cedric Landree 40:56
yeah. If he wasn’t laying on

Mike VO 40:58
the couch, there’s a good possibility that he would just forget.

Roy Merritt 41:00
So laying on the couch. Another interesting one.

Mike VO 41:06
The lindahl

Aaron Staudinger 41:07
Yeah, it’s like a take off for sure. But it looks like to be of his own design. It

Mike VO 41:13
the rst does it did the Live Wire

Roy Merritt 41:16
just set a record for electric motorcycle Saw that? Run the quarter mile in 11.54 at a top speed of 110. And they’ll now they take out 110 it shut off.

Aaron Staudinger 41:29
It was more Oh, there is a limiter. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 41:32
so if you could get rid of that. I bet you get that 10 so I would

Aaron Staudinger 41:36
like to see the incrementals on that. To find out where it hit 336 60 I betcha it moved to halftrack hell quick. And then it kind of sat around seven flat. That’s

Mike VO 41:51
rst I knew it was one of those guys. We’ll

Unknown Speaker 41:57
hang on. Mjk

Aaron Staudinger 41:59
Hang on. Hang on. All right. Here’s the we’ll put it up.

Oh, god damn.

Roy Merritt 42:07
I’ll leave it me.

Cedric Landree 42:08
Yeah, that looks like your basic white girl latte. Yes, me.

Roy Merritt 42:15
Was that pumpkin spice?

Mike VO 42:16
Didn’t have a single fork. Yep.

Aaron Staudinger 42:20
right here in the center and the big book. You put it after branch?

Cedric Landree 42:24
No, no, it’s got to extra righteous heart so

Aaron Staudinger 42:27
I can’t see how you look at and not put a carbon fiber wheel on it. Take it easy, buddy.

Roy Merritt 42:33
Yeah, pay attention. I’m kidding. I just turn it off now. Probably. You’re never gonna get it back. I like

Aaron Staudinger 42:41
those better.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
That’s cool looking.

Mike VO 42:45
good looking. We’ll start really good like away I know what’s crazy. Is this a fucking Harley?

Aaron Staudinger 42:49

Mike VO 42:50
Harley goddamn Davidson man making them product

Roy Merritt 42:53
in the last couple years has been making some good looking wheels. I like the wheel that comes on like the specials or whatever it is now or the wish one.

Aaron Staudinger 43:02
Did you like there? Yep.

Cedric Landree 43:06
CBO was that the

Roy Merritt 43:07
one they they

Cedric Landree 43:08
like just came out with a new room. There’s some like

Mike VO 43:12
they, they they have a spoke on each side and crosses.

Roy Merritt 43:16
Alright, so I’ve read this silly article surprised these celebrity women ride. Okay. And I wasn’t surprised that most of these and then I didn’t know who the rest were.

Aaron Staudinger 43:28
Here’s the apparently I’m old now. I’m

Roy Merritt 43:31
the first one on the list is Miley Cyrus Who? I know. Like Yeah, I would I would have thought she wrote

Cedric Landree 43:38
she rides brush probably just did that one Music video The fucking bullshit in Hawaii. Says here on her 21st birthday or dad bought her a can am Spyder

Mike VO 43:48
Oh yeah, that doesn’t spiders. Not a motorcycle. Yeah.

Cedric Landree 43:50
You know what a count as a horse. Anybody

Roy Merritt 43:52
know who Olivia Munn is done? No. Sunday are better. I do not know she rose around. Pink. You’re like

her fucking husband’s like motocross. Yeah, he

Aaron Staudinger 44:08
has a motorcycle shop.

Mike VO 44:10
does all kinds of stuff. Now they got to COVID

Roy Merritt 44:14
so pay. I’m pretty sure. Michelle Rodriguez. Like the best. I can see her ride. What pink Tina Turner? Turner. Yeah. Who cares? at Sac off

Mike VO 44:28
this chick cares.

Roy Merritt 44:30
CSI, Battlestar Galactica.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
Let’s see. And she was in

Roy Merritt 44:36
another show too with a blonde chick.

Mike VO 44:39
Oh, yeah. She’s the guy. Yeah. The cop show.

Roy Merritt 44:43
Where? Yeah, where she shows off. Yeah, he’s a sheriff. Buck with that.

Mike VO 44:48
Yeah, it was such a good show. I liked it. Yeah. longmire

Roy Merritt 44:51
Yeah, I knew you had that one.

Cedric Landree 44:54
She’s a brunette, right? No, she’s a blonde one.

Roy Merritt 44:57
A Tricia Helfer. Who cares? Don’t know who she is

Mike VO 45:03
or what you’re talking about. Hey now

Roy Merritt 45:07
I just deleted Jolie Haley, Marissa Miller.

Cedric Landree 45:11
Great. No, no.

I know about that.

Roy Merritt 45:15
So I said like what the ones the ones I wasn’t really surprised.

Cedric Landree 45:19
They were Hamill Anderson ride the motorcycle.

Roy Merritt 45:22
Pamela Anderson rides everything. Well played. Well played. Are you gonna pitch it down the middle?

Unknown Speaker 45:32
I can give on that.

Roy Merritt 45:36
But yeah, so there’s gonna be more interesting stuff I’m sure coming out soon from Harley seems like about every two weeks another big announcement about moving forward. So I’m still curious to hear what’s going on with the sport adventure touring bike

Unknown Speaker 46:02
it is the Pan American so it out Okay, so here you go now

Roy Merritt 46:07
21 years show me a sly fox picture of a basically a traditional bagger see tight on a Harley now they took the Indian and they jacked it way up way. Okay, and got him wait

Aaron Staudinger 46:21
we’re only on 14 we’re shocked to overlook on it’s a wroking or so. No, it’s not even to over in the front. Look at it.

Roy Merritt 46:28
You can ride a Harley Davidson better than anybody else on the planet. A group of people Scott guys police officers. And what do they do with their seats? They jack the way the fuck up. Our cops here put like six inches. Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 46:43
that’s maneuver. Yeah.

Cedric Landree 46:44

Roy Merritt 46:46
do with getting your weight up on top of the bike on the right spot. Yeah, so it’s the reason sport bikes sit high. It’s the reason you know it’s that’s like triangle they thought

Cedric Landree 46:56
I would tie Do you guys like hanging on his front fender? He’s literally standing on the sea with his whole fucking way over his Fender every corner and I’m just like, why are you doing that? But then one day, um, we’re like rip and you know and like Nick’s there but Shane, we’re Shane. You know we’re fucking hauling ass you know, and fucking I’m like grinding the dog shot of my peg in Thai comes flying around me on his bag or fucking like, pretty much sitting on a straw vendor. And like, cut me off in the fucking like middle of an apex corner and I’m just like, this guy’s gonna fucking kill himself You know? And like he made the fucking corner and I was like, holy shit Titan button right? Well, yeah, and you know, blew my mind. A bagger

Roy Merritt 47:42
is not designed your seat positioning and the weight triangle that they talked about, which is you know, the the front axle, rear axle and you and where your weight sits in between those axles and how the bike rides right here is not ideal for handling. It is ideal for the person sitting on the bike. It is the most relaxed position. most comfortable. Yeah, so getting your weight in a different spot on that bike. May be the right thing to do for racing. That’s what

Aaron Staudinger 48:14
gets by this bike does not look like it has, like brake taken out of it. It looks very very King in the baggers. Yeah, but it says the picture of their of their bike does inverted.

It looks like it has alley art lowers on it.

Roy Merritt 48:32
The ones that look like inverted. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 48:34
it’s standard. So it’s probably got either aliens or legends in it with the alley or lowers radio. rake Mount beringer seaspray some interesting stuff. nalley are lower right? Yeah, it looks like stock breaks. Yeah, sock breaks. Oh, is it?

And I’m very curious to see how these guys gonna write these things. But it’s

hanging off knee down. Like you write a or you’re going to see more up? Well that’s

Roy Merritt 49:05
so that’s a question write them to get a bike around a track. Traditionally you need to you know, get your weight down on it to hold it down. But if you’re lower in that seat, you’re not gonna be able to pull that way down.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
You’re gonna have your head drag you’re gonna be Yeah, your center of gravity

Roy Merritt 49:21
is gonna be too low. So you know what RSD is doing with their seat? We’ll see maybe maybe they’re on planes

Cedric Landree 49:27
so they’re actually gonna ride on they’re not just gonna

Mike VO 49:30
have to race Oh, race at Laguna Seca.

Roy Merritt 49:34
Yeah. Oh, God and they’re running a real Yeah, it was

Aaron Staudinger 49:36
that test photo

Cedric Landree 49:38
on that show him that new challenger.

Roy Merritt 49:41
But what I don’t get there is those handlebars

Unknown Speaker 49:45
they look like like apes.

Roy Merritt 49:49
Yeah, damn dirty way think you would want to

Mike VO 49:52
mainly because

Roy Merritt 49:53
what all it’s going to take is like one hard pole or something. You could move them take them

Cedric Landree 49:58
to bars or for hipsters, okay. Until you. Well, the reason

Roy Merritt 50:01
is like him is because they work a race. You’ve got those little clamps if

you don’t do that or something.

Mike VO 50:10
I don’t think they’re crossmodal

Roy Merritt 50:14
I don’t know we built some baggers that would. I mean, it looks like you compete with that pretty easily. Yeah. They don’t know that. Power.

Aaron Staudinger 50:23
And five foot

Mike VO 50:24
bucket looks cool.

Aaron Staudinger 50:26
The celebration sticker, right there mascara, minus five minus five.

Roy Merritt 50:32
You know, they’re running through a pipe. There’s

Aaron Staudinger 50:35
an AR with a different lower body on it. Look at the upper body.

But it’s an AR header with Yeah. Yeah, you

Roy Merritt 50:46
know, to remember usually around the right leg.

Aaron Staudinger 50:50
And stock wheels, man stock wheels, stock brakes.

Someone I don’t know, man.

Probably a bunch of carbon fiber stuff on it.

Roy Merritt 51:04
Has anybody ever pushed a bagger so hard that this didn’t work?

Mike VO 51:09
spaded somebody has

Aaron Staudinger 51:11
I had a baby at

Cedric Landree 51:13
Yeah, see beer. Yeah, that video. He just

yeah, his show was on fire. Holy shit. Oh, yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 51:19
Straight up. He’s dragging the front brake slide as I was between trucks and cars. were on fire.

Roy Merritt 51:25
Yeah, I’m sure he saw fade. I mean, I paid him.

Aaron Staudinger 51:30
Not to a point where I’ve ever been like, Oh, shit, I can’t stop. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 51:35
I mean, for the most part, the way most of these people ride?

Mike VO 51:37
Well, most of them fade the back brakes out because they don’t, you know, realize that your front brakes is where all your stopping power is. Well, you

Roy Merritt 51:44
don’t want to be on your front brake. Turn.

Mike VO 51:47
Yeah, you do before.

Roy Merritt 51:49
Unless you’re Yeah.

Cedric Landree 51:51

Mike VO 51:53
I mean, you want to turn you want to hit your brakes. You want hit your brakes real hard, late into the turn. And then that way you you load it down and then when you come out of the turn, you come back out that way all your weights on the front end too. So your tires backtracking. But most of the people that write these like a we hear capital temenos do the toe dragon. I lost my brakes really well. Your brakes. Well, what the fuck using the rubrics for Yeah,

Cedric Landree 52:17
I only use my rear brake when I’m like, going through a parking lot. I used to shut up my River. I use it all the fucking times. I always keep my toe on it.

Mike VO 52:25
Well As always, I

Roy Merritt 52:28
i a lot of times when I’m getting into turns if you’re coming in hot you can scrub a little speed.

Cedric Landree 52:34
Yeah, with the rear Yeah, you know, I used

Roy Merritt 52:37
to shut on my back right I get hot you back in and then you get it where like backs and a little bit. Oh, not really. But I mean I get into where I know if I’m coming into hot and I can’t make a turn. I can just grab the rear brake. It’ll dip locked in.

Mike VO 52:51
We have big breaks away. Ronnie, just grab all of them and just be like, Oh, sure we get

Unknown Speaker 52:59
that much beat Andre break

Mike VO 53:02
today about it. Yeah, I’ve been reading the fuck out of brake.

Cedric Landree 53:05
pads. Mike. Ah, what pads Maxi maxi pads.

Roy Merritt 53:11
For us, and you can get you probably not that

kurodo Oh, I’ve had

Mike VO 53:16
Yeah. badass pads.

Cedric Landree 53:18
Right. Oh, Baroda ferodo Yeah, golfers? know,

what are they made out of?

Mike VO 53:25
What? Well, you get compounds? Well, Linda, Linda. Linda is pretty good. They make good rotors. But yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 53:35
we we let’s touch on that really quick. Do not buy carbon rotors unless you plan to get them hot.

Roy Merritt 53:42
Yeah, okay. This works. Ceramic suit.

Mike VO 53:44
Yeah, when you buy those because they’re designed because ceramic pads are the same? Because they dissipate heat. So well. Yeah. They’re not

Roy Merritt 53:52
great at a temperature that you’ll probably never reach on the street. Exactly. I’ve had customers come in, like chrome wheels and stuff that want to put ceramic brakes on their bike because it doesn’t create dust. And I will not do it. And they’re like, why not? I’m like, Look, if it’s raining out, you’re gonna have no break. Period. It happened to my wife in a car with ABS because they didn’t want it you know, it was cold and wet. And she hit the brakes and ABS couldn’t stop it. You know what I mean? Because it was so bad. But um, you know, ceramic brakes. We said carbon fiber, they have to be hot. So they go out there on the track and they ride the brake a little bit, eat up their tires, heat up their brakes, all that stuff. That’s for racing. Yet this nice not having the dust but that should be dangerous, even in the car,

Cedric Landree 54:43
whatever and wear overalls without a T shirt.

Roy Merritt 54:47
That works but you have to have brown cross and your name is seabear and you can write anything. It doesn’t matter what that cat, man. That guy right. He’s crazy. I don’t understand. I don’t understand how you could do that. Like rolling burnouts like that like

so was it fuel motor the motor?

Aaron Staudinger 55:07
No and it blew it up HPI motor

Mike VO 55:11
the site yeah the ones the new ruling or fuel moto one of them just fueling fueling built the first one

Aaron Staudinger 55:16
and then I think he just didn’t like

Mike VO 55:17
i think i think he probably goes motor every once awhile and then whoever does it for freezes buddy

Roy Merritt 55:23
yeah well yeah but like I thought it was fuel moto or fueling fueling maybe was fueling was he does a lot of stuff with fueling okay so maybe we should always mix those two up for him

Unknown Speaker 55:33
don’t have to buy no don’t do that

Roy Merritt 55:35
no I know the fueling guys are cool I like those guys those guys are cool the fuel motor guys are cool too yeah I’ve never met to fuel motor guys

Cedric Landree 55:43
I call them sometimes they

Roy Merritt 55:47
they you know they built that motor knowing that he’s gonna go out and just destroy it yeah and i mean he’s already gone out but as videos have tried to destroy that thing so I kind of curious as to maybe what they did exactly in there knowing what he was going to do to it because I heard is still at 96

Cedric Landree 56:05
they probably JB welded the fuckin oil piston cooler and you know stuff like

that hickeys raise a fuckin

Roy Merritt 56:16
yet yeah i mean you know I guess keeping it like 96 right keeps big cylinder walls they probably cam it pretty good maybe you know hog out the cam chest a little bit run a heavy cam in it but probably keep the compression fairly low

Mike VO 56:32
oh yeah cuz they don’t want too much heat

Roy Merritt 56:34
yeah you know cuz you bouncing that thing off the rev limiter all the time with a fucking 11 and a half to one year

Cedric Landree 56:40
lesson thing when he does wheelies he’s pretty low rpm he’s like straight up and down yeah bowties doing rolling burnout

Roy Merritt 56:48
is oh yeah yeah and that’s kind of what got him his thing this year

Cedric Landree 56:53
yeah is the burnout yeah the built wrong in traffic and

Roy Merritt 56:57
yeah, he is his burnouts been on point there’s another guy sit down Steve a couple others that are around that group that uh they’re pretty crazy, man. They they make tires look, you know, fairly calm when it’s all said and done by

Cedric Landree 57:13
Yeah, that’s Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You’re talking about you know, like your local Hooters girl. And then then, like, the monster girls, you know what I mean? Like, what is it? Harris and you know, yeah, yeah, like, wow, one of them is like local. And the other one is like on TV. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike VO 57:38
It is. Over there. They’re local. I get it. On a TV,

Roy Merritt 57:46
they’re where they’re from. They’re low.

Mike VO 57:49
Elevation. The TV? Yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 57:53
We’ve got three titles. Alright, senior songs drove through and state bike night and there’s a picture of a bike.

Roy Merritt 58:01
Yeah, so he statement API. So API fuelling are like right near each other.

Mike VO 58:07
He is in Indianapolis. Yeah. feelings in Southern California. I think he he, I think he went to Sturgis and he did the stunt show. And they’re just Well, he blew up his bike. It blew up his bike the Sturgis Yeah, the stunt show. Yeah. And then he rebuilt it

Roy Merritt 58:24
Yeah, there’s not a whole lot of details I know he was there for APIs bike night that when he picked it up Yeah. But yeah, that’s where I want to get I want to get to where I can go out and blow up my motor D somebody else will fucking do you think he called HPI every day?

Unknown Speaker 58:43
where’s where’s my bike? Where’s my bike?

Roy Merritt 58:46
I had a million things to do.

Cedric Landree 58:47
Yeah, probably.

Roy Merritt 58:49
He’s probably happy not be riding

Unknown Speaker 58:51
and maybe I fucking Oh

Roy Merritt 58:52
come to a burnout not blown up

Mike VO 58:54
seems to be the only way he makes any money.

Aaron Staudinger 58:58
I saw something he’s making

Roy Merritt 58:59
money somewhere else there’s nothing he just started making money do it that he had to be able to afford a Harley and tires and all the

Mike VO 59:07

Unknown Speaker 59:08
Yeah, it’s all it’s not. I

Roy Merritt 59:10
mean, it’s Yeah, you still go for that before you get there. So how many times has he laid it down?

Cedric Landree 59:16
About the India market collapsing right now? Okay. And oh, four during COVID you know, it’s easily worth a couple million dollars. What?

Roy Merritt 59:28
What? I don’t think millennials don’t get them. They’re weird.

All they’re there.

Well, yeah, I’m sure bases.

Mike VO 59:40
I’m sure he had some you have to have some sort of whatever cuz, you know,

Aaron Staudinger 59:44
the 574

in a, like a 96 or 110 or something like that. It’s not anything huge. Huh.

Mike VO 59:53
574 is a big cabinet. 96.

Aaron Staudinger 59:55
Yeah. Well, the way he taps out, you want that

Roy Merritt 59:59
well Know that he wrote an MA not too long ago and was like I gotta get me one of these. Oh yeah. And I so bad wanted to be like don’t be awesome to get out here and write a real ma you know because if you’re doing rolling burnouts on a 96 I don’t give a fuck what camera what you got done do it you get on a 128 with cam

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
and it’s

Roy Merritt 1:00:25
changed your life yeah I was gonna say is gonna be a whole different it’s gotta be way easier. I mean on a bike like that to just yeah hold the brake and Nayla gas and drift around

Mike VO 1:00:38
yes so mad it makes Jamie bad. So easy. He gets mad at us.

Aaron Staudinger 1:00:43
Yeah, there’s too much power down low, you could just fit a tire not possible. And that’s still I don’t understand that. Yeah, he

Mike VO 1:00:51
came a vicious out and then he went up and somebody called him and said they had their bike done somewhere else. There’s not enough low end power. It canceled all of it. I was like,

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:01
Oh, here we go. All the time, man.

Roy Merritt 1:01:04
You know, when you click, you want the power there all the time on a whiteboard. You know? And if you let the clutch out at low RPM, you don’t want to have to like Oh, well.

Mike VO 1:01:15
I just, it’s just a matter of perspective. I said you’re just used to having a 120 yard so you ride that way. Yeah, so when you write this that way, all you do smoke the tire because you have no power until 2500. And then it ramps up. Where were on these inmates, the way we build them. If you have the same amount of power at 2500 RPM as you have peak power on your 120 er, you’re just gonna swap the tire all the time because you’re because you’re just gonna wire on the throttle. And if you just whack the throttle, you’re gonna spend the tire doesn’t matter if you’re in

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:48
second gear, third gear. Take a couple of these bikes to the track and see how that translates to in a while. Like, because you’re gonna leave that probably look what 35 three, about maybe? Right? I’m gonna say you just spin the tire. I’m gonna say on an MA Yes. on his bike on the 120 yard. You probably leave it like three. Yeah, probably. Oh, yeah. Let it hard. Let it hit pretty hard. It’ll probably bog down just a little bit. That’s gonna take off and rip. Dude, these inmates man, if you’re leaving at three, forget you’re gonna spank the tire you’re gonna be on. You might as well leave 1500 1800 and just roll it.

Roy Merritt 1:02:30
I would venture to say I think if you took one of these ones when he you know, you know big builds with the heads and all that stuff. You’d be under a 10 second quarter mile bike. If you could lay if you could lay the rubber down together I bet Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:45
Sounds apart and videos. And we just don’t know

Roy Merritt 1:02:47
this ride is teen fastest motorcycle of all time or 10 second bite.

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:50
So Cory that’s why I was wondering if they had incremental so you could see where they hit, you know 660 and see where they go because I’ve talked to several guys that drag race Harley’s against like these higher boosters and stuff like that. Yeah. And they’ll come through the trap at like 96 at the same time I have booster comes around the trap the same thing doing 120 miles an hour, but they’re within a 10th or you ever seen the one another ever seen this high boost brace bike run? Oh,

Roy Merritt 1:03:22
here’s what you got. That those things when they when they dial those things in and set them up? It’s ridiculous dude. Like, nope, nobody fucking want that thing. You know? No, Harley is fun.

Aaron Staudinger 1:03:34
I want a Harley on it step. Really bad on a figure.

Roy Merritt 1:03:39
You know, we’re talking stock high boots, but not Yeah, drag. You know what I mean? Like i think i think you know, you took up Liu monzi maybe I wouldn’t mind seeing what mozzie you know, that bike would do on the track.

Aaron Staudinger 1:03:54
Because that thing’s greener. Tracy’s talking about trying to figure out how we can get the racetrack rented. And God do some messing around. Which one the drag strip or the 43 eighth mile track down here? Yeah, Columbia.

Some stuff I practice in video work and

Roy Merritt 1:04:12
see what happens. Dude. Oh, my God.

Cedric Landree 1:04:18
I want to stop like I just want to raise my ratio with my KLM

Roy Merritt 1:04:23
Hey, we can do me.

Mike VO 1:04:26
Yeah, your bike Boston roadies bike dude. It did.

Roy Merritt 1:04:32
And roadie said he doesn’t run anything but 87 octane, I

Cedric Landree 1:04:40

I believe that

Roy Merritt 1:04:44
Yeah, he’s like, only run 87 and that thing is like, fuck that

Cedric Landree 1:04:47
thing is like y’all are fucking idiots. You’re putting it through you do shit. Isn’t he like, like

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:53
10 and a half or 11 to one Twin Cam. I’m like,

Roy Merritt 1:04:57
Oh no, we’re doing minus 40. This

is not a street.

83 so when we did the dyno drags, you know, we brought us 83 because we were joking we said we’re gonna do 83 drag dude. And I wrote is we swapped and everything and his bike was a little bit fatter.

Mike VO 1:05:14
I think it was that lane though.

Roy Merritt 1:05:16
Yeah, there was it. They were they were close, you know. In fact, roadies felt a little sloppier.

Mike VO 1:05:23
Yeah, I thought so too.

Roy Merritt 1:05:24
Yeah. So I was surprised that he was getting quicker time. But all said and done it felt like the clutch everything felt a little sloppy. But

Mike VO 1:05:31
it ran. That’s why that’s why

Roy Merritt 1:05:34
it’s so easy to do that when you’re on a dyno to just like rev it up and dump the clutch and go because there’s no yeah, there’s no way you so yeah, so easy fear. So on the ground.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:46
front wheels pin down. Yeah, all that good stuff.

Roy Merritt 1:05:50
SDS and Jamie somewhere around? And Mark quarterman. Are

Cedric Landree 1:05:56
you talking about the Donald drag shootouts? Yeah, um, yeah. He’s one beat the whole day. In 114. Yeah. And Jamie, who was smoking his tires through the whole thing. I’ll tell you what, ty ty fuckin almost fucking playing off the fucking track.

Roy Merritt 1:06:13
Yeah, he got kicked off the dyno because yeah. Well, he cheated out of gear. So it was like, sort of slow down.

Cedric Landree 1:06:22
He was like burning the fucking tire off the fucking track. And it was like, peeling out.

Roy Merritt 1:06:28
Yeah. So. Well, I think we’ve recorded enough tonight. Yeah. I’m gonna play the outro check us out at Talkin I’ll put some links and stuff to the episode on there. Till the next time. Give it hell.

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