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In this episode, Roy and Mike bring some new people to the microphones and talk about Electric Motorcycles and the future of the powersports industry.


Mike VO 0:00
Stop hitting a button. Wait, it’s recording. You are not allowed to hit the button.

Roy Merritt 0:05
No, you’re not charged with the button. God

Unknown Speaker 0:09
damn it.

Mike VO 0:10
All right, well, hey, guess what? cue the intro music.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
You know, hold on. I haven’t turned on. Well, so Oh, you’re gonna take the mic this time? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
Pick it up the fucking roll the record. fuck that guy.

Roy Merritt 0:38
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s Dull your mind. Either way, I think these boys have something to say. So sit back grab a brew. We’re gonna have some to, and give you our point of view here on talking braap.

Marcus Hughes 1:08
RTC hidden Are you kidding?

Roy Merritt 1:14
I still love this guitar riff man.

The best part I got it legally so it’s good.

Mike VO 1:22
And that was the second time I got grants Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:25
that’s right. That was our that was our first run.

Marcus Hughes 1:30
Which we just did what we had to do

Roy Merritt 1:34
what Look at this guy he’s going out of style.

Marcus Hughes 1:37
I don’t want to get better here. Let me have that one. Give me the light. No, I want the light fuck that guy.

Roy Merritt 1:42
Fuck you. That’s maybe we should call this episode.

Welcome back is talking brap Round. Round Round Two for tonight. Yeah, we saw I bought some new equipment. We got some headsets, all this badass gear. got weird button it does not fix stupidity.

Mike VO 2:02
Yeah, if you do not hit the record

Roy Merritt 2:04
button has a one inch by one inch record button. And apparently I didn’t hate it. Sorry does not mean good. Yeah, so I can see the counter going down this time I think we’re recording.

Mike VO 2:13
So I’m gonna watch this. Yeah. So you know what, how about this? Why don’t we just pick up where we left off and circle around

Roy Merritt 2:20
so let’s lay down the groundwork here. First off, I never do my plugs talking Brad, calm, talking crap on Instagram, Facebook, check us out. look us up. Tonight we are talking about electric bikes. So we all work at Harley shop got some new people. It’s me as always, Roy, Mike’s here tonight. Audi. We have roadie from the shop

Robert Rohdy 2:47
aka low pan. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 2:50
Yeah, he is the

Mike VO 2:53
one of the few people that has his own catchphrase.

Roy Merritt 2:56
Yes, wrote he wrote he’s an interesting one.

Mike VO 2:58
Trust me. You don’t want to be eroded.

Roy Merritt 3:00
Yes, yes. If you can rotate What is that? It’s a verb, right? Is that what it is? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s been turned into a verb. You can roadie something can rotate. Yeah. Okay. So that’s, you know, that’s a status level man. You should be proud of that. We also have Marcus. We haven’t necessarily figured out what Marcus’s something is yet, but we might figure that out at some point here. I just worked on motorcycles. Yeah, just know

Mike VO 3:26
that he likes big wheel baggers. He does like big wheel

Marcus Hughes 3:29
magnets. Coming from Phoenix. How can you not like Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 3:33
I’ve worked into work like two days in a row now. And there’s been big wheel baggers everywhere and they’re all on Marcus lifts. So I think he’s like certified.

Roy Merritt 3:40
So I won’t name drop here. But one of our customers that we work pretty hard to take care of. started sending me all of his friends. And we appreciate that. Yeah, we appreciate that. Yeah, well, you know, however it works out. I’ll take business however, we can get but Yeah,

Marcus Hughes 4:02
I Dude, I’m down to work on big whoop baggers. I’m gonna learn everything.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
Yeah, sure. That’s right. It’s about

Roy Merritt 4:07
well, so Marcus Marcus, how are you doing this?

Unknown Speaker 4:10
i? I’m gonna learn from Marcus because he’s from out there. Apparently he knows a lot about him. So yeah, he’s gonna train me. I learned from Mike No, I’m gonna learn from Marcus.

Unknown Speaker 4:21
Learn everything Mike taught me, huh? Yeah. I’ve been doing this minute when Tim I was lucky enough to go to school with Mike hair and

Unknown Speaker 4:33
got a good amount of experience out there and Phoenix Arizona. photonics in it colonics hooked on Hello, Joe and

Mike VO 4:43
I fucking since was hot. I can’t believe I was there for almost 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
Right? It was a long time.

Roy Merritt 4:50
So I you know I’m from Florida. It’s a different heat humid. It’s different but I did go to Phoenix in summer and I was very impressed with the love I was like, holy shit these people. How

Unknown Speaker 5:04
is it when you get in the shade out there?

Unknown Speaker 5:07
It’s still hot

Roy Merritt 5:08
there? Well, there’s a bit of a reprieve much more so than humid

Mike VO 5:13
well when the sun isn’t like trying to fry your ass Yeah,

Roy Merritt 5:17
when you’re in the sun it’s you

Mike VO 5:18
know what I hated about Phoenix. I didn’t give a shit that it was 118 during the day,

Unknown Speaker 5:23
it was still 100 at night at night.

Mike VO 5:25
That’s what’s like like here. People are like oh so hot. I’m like you don’t even know what hot is first of all is frickin beautiful weather here all the time all the time.

Roy Merritt 5:33
It does get hot in the daytime.

Mike VO 5:35
Yeah, but it does get hot. It’s summer it’s hot in the summer but nothing like that. And at night.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
I haven’t been running my AC at night. My windows are open the fucking I can hear the fucking whatever chirping outside cicada bugs due to birch trees. Birds, frogs

Roy Merritt 5:53
straight up. I’ve never seen anything like it. I pulled up here the first night in Nashville. I got here two o’clock in the fucking morning at 26 U haul back this thing into my driveway and Son of a bitch of two birds are chirping like crazy. I was like, Yeah, I got out I was like, kind of fucking birds are chirping

Mike VO 6:12
What are those weird as birds that have the whip? whip or will we ever will? Yeah, I thought you know what, when we say that flipper will yeah that they make that noise that they chirp at night and I heard that shit and at first I couldn’t figure out what it was. I found one I was like, telling one of the locals. I was like, dude, there’s this bird. And it sings at night and it goes whip whip whip whip and these aren’t Oh, it’s a whip a wheel and I was like Shut up. Listen you know I’m from the west Okay, I don’t fall for your stupid

Unknown Speaker 6:52
like you’re hunting for some

Unknown Speaker 6:56
reason. Never been sniper. I’ve

Unknown Speaker 6:59
never been stopped Putting because I kind of feel like it’s the same type of thing right or don’t listen.

Mike VO 7:05
I’m so real to man.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
It’s fucking nice here like it’s a lot different. It’s way nice. Like I said, I’ve been having the windows open the AC off that’s a whole new experience for me. Phoenix so we are

Roy Merritt 7:17
to like November which is really nice. Yeah oh yeah no it’s not October

Unknown Speaker 7:24
October October November you hit like late November so

Roy Merritt 7:28
back on to a podcast topic so let’s do this we all know how beautiful Tennessee is. So

Mike VO 7:39
here’s the one thing that everything everybody’s gonna go What the hell are they even talking about? I’m gonna go over the charging levels because it took me a while to find this. Yeah, and it’s basically half of Warren talk about anyway, okay, charging level one for an electric vehicle. You plug it into your house 120 volts. Level One charging is basically a standard out will household outlet on a typical electric Vehicle Now keep in mind this website is not motorcycle oriented. It’s eight to 12 hours to completely charge a depleted battery. Yeah level two charging. They are a 240 volt AC plug does require installation they require a dedicated 40 amp circuit level two charging equipment is compatible. That says with all electric vehicles plugin and electric hybrid vehicles with electric to vehicle or with level two on electric vehicle it typically takes four to six hours. And they are commonly found in residential settings public parking areas, places of employment and commercial settings. Level three charging which I love how it says Kade mo chainmail che mo Yeah. Which it’s like the chemical Cade mo technology. almost sounds like chomo

Unknown Speaker 8:56
I just thought I don’t like coding. First. Are we

Unknown Speaker 8:59
gonna change Hear

Roy Merritt 9:00
yeah that’s what that you said Jade mo I heard we’re gonna have Jade mo in our party

Unknown Speaker 9:06
Chola I thought he was calling me out.

Roy Merritt 9:07
Oh yeah he was calling you out for sure you Mexican

Unknown Speaker 9:13
you know

Mike VO 9:16
so that’s a 480 volt direct current DC plug so DC fast charging is level three correct. You can typically provide an 80% charge in as low as 30 minutes cold weather can lengthen the time. Level three equipment is not compatible all vehicles and the charge itself is not accepted by all vehicles. There is currently no industry standard for this level of charging however, level three chargers are being deployed across the United States in public and commercial settings. Currently the Mitsubishi AI Nissan LEAF except level three other vehicles such as the Chevy Volt cannot but Chevy sucks, so who cares if you can charge it?

Unknown Speaker 9:56
Oh, yeah, Chevy. Yes, I don’t. I don’t think I need to charge my doormat.

Unknown Speaker 10:01
Duramax is made by is easy. You ever open the hood and look into their or

Unknown Speaker 10:07
we’re done talking to him next five minutes

Roy Merritt 10:11
your die cut you off. I don’t know who you are, I don’t even know who you are not even friends run down. I’m just saying Yeah, I don’t even know who you are. So, interestingly enough, and so we kind of have to backtrack on some stuff because we didn’t record what we talked about earlier. But one of the things I’d read an article just recently one of the things they kind of dinged Harley on was Harley provides the level one charger as you talked about plugging a home that stays in the tail section of the bike. What they do not do is a level two charge they have a DC fast charge and a level one charge they do not do as far as I know a level two charge. The article talked about this and said it was kind of odd because as you said most charging stations are level two From what you said in the description of those, I’m going to go with the reason for it is they did not put an AC to DC converter on the bike. So I do happen to know that the level one charger that stays in the back has a little brick on it, which is the converter, which I’m going to say is probably the converter, although it does have an onboard charger like set up there. I’m going to say that that little box probably converts it to DC and everything there is DC power that’s not backed by any more information than just kind of what I think but that would make the most sense. So then a level two charger it would not know what to do with the AC but they did say that the charger and the battery were smart enough that you could pretty much plug whatever the fuck you want in there and it won’t do what it you know what I mean? Like the battery itself. will only allow it to be charged properly. Even if you hooked it up to something that was trying to charge it more the battery would regulate that. And so we’ve talked about this earlier. The battery is made by Samsung. And the battery has eight fail safes.

Mike VO 12:20
I don’t think we really need to say as we talked about this,

Unknown Speaker 12:23
because as soon as I said, we

Roy Merritt 12:28
talked about everybody’s talking about you,

Unknown Speaker 12:31
what did they talk about earlier? So rewind, you might hear it might not.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
Yeah, so

Roy Merritt 12:40
I don’t want to only talk about the Live Wire, although I am the most familiar with that right now. There are other companies doing stuff even Kymco the

Unknown Speaker 12:53
kinkos the Japanese, Chinese,

Roy Merritt 12:57
whatever, yeah.

Mike VO 12:58
So Kim, actually make I made noodles. So

Unknown Speaker 13:01
we made Noodles.

Roy Merritt 13:04
Noodles. Ah, they have a concept electric vehicle called the super MDX as soon as I heard that I was like Oh man, I just super ideas are awesome. But it’s an E x. It’s got a six speed trans. clutchless shifting. It’s got to zero to 62 miles an hour in 2.9 seconds. I don’t know where that comes from, but I wrote it down.

Mike VO 13:26
Maybe over and over again. They made it to 60

Unknown Speaker 13:31
miles an hour.

Roy Merritt 13:37
Fuck you’re 16 Yeah. So zero to 125 in seven and a half seconds. Sounds pretty good. That’s pretty good. So zero to 155 in 10 point islands actually shadow

Mike VO 13:54
it will actually it will actually allow you to go 155 because

Roy Merritt 13:57
apparently these are this is all concepts. stuff that I pulled off in okay. It was a couple months ago so I don’t remember exactly where it came from but

Unknown Speaker 14:08
there Uriel

Mike VO 14:10
no girls making it.

Roy Merritt 14:12
Yeah, I need your Oh has an electric sidecar bike where it’s a concept.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
You’re actually an awesome buy it there.

Roy Merritt 14:22
They are pretty cool. If you want to buy that you’re gonna beat the living hell out of it. You want to go anywhere on there? They’re not a bad choice.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Yeah, sure. What their sidecar? No?

Roy Merritt 14:32
Well, that that third wheel is a drive wheel as well. Yeah. You get off road stuff. They’re they’re they’re pretty tough. But yeah, so apparently they worked with zero on a concept for an electric sidecar bike. They’re touting 60 horsepower at one foot pounds of torque which is not far off of what the Livewire I think Livewire is at seven 822 pounds which euros are heavy. Yeah 103 mile range max speed of 88 miles an hour sounds like getting electric girl. I mean

Unknown Speaker 15:08
I mean honestly Yeah, nobody’s really doing speed limits I think the most you can go is 80 watts I’m saying nobody’s doing 101 yeah and I’m not a Montana buddy you want you won’t

Mike VO 15:19
already know there’s no posted speed limit

Unknown Speaker 15:23
on Montana because there’s nothing there there’s why there’s

Unknown Speaker 15:27
no talking about Montana and I’m perfectly happy with the demo dang over here

Roy Merritt 15:35
Hey, you know what if we could go to Montana and people would pay us to do what we do here

Unknown Speaker 15:41
so here’s what I’m done with them. Here’s

Unknown Speaker 15:43
an article right here that says that a victory actually is gonna is so I read this and I have victory m polls TT correct. How does that article it’s got it. Oh, sure. I’ve tried looking for it. On the article. I actually have this right here.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
It’s usually at the end. The polls

Roy Merritt 16:01
and now if you’re listening you should probably get your phone out and Google some of this shit because they’re they’re pretty interesting looking I’ll go through a few

Unknown Speaker 16:08
start with victory they still here okay

Roy Merritt 16:10
wait well that was the first thing I searched was how the fuck is victory making an electric bike they couldn’t close down

Unknown Speaker 16:15
yeah but you just said looks interesting like some of these bikes that Joe hammer got it right here we’re gonna get

Roy Merritt 16:22
we’re gonna get to them I’m telling you as I said this thing you got to pull out the phone and start start googling with us here but anyways victory impulse tt 140 mile an hour range 150 or excuse me 100 mile range 100 mile an hour top speed. This is what I have now maybe it’s newer. So if you see some range of 100

Unknown Speaker 16:41
miles and a maximum speed of 110 is what I’ve got.

Roy Merritt 16:44
Okay, so they’ve changed it a little bit. 61 foot pounds of torque 54 horsepower, and the bike weighs 470 pounds, which is pretty more sound. Yeah, gotcha. So then we have you talked about it, the Joe hammer that Joe A 12 straight out of Tron j one 200 I don’t know. I mean j I’m

Unknown Speaker 17:04
dating myself there but this is like

Roy Merritt 17:06
a Tron bike. Oh it’s way uglier

Unknown Speaker 17:08

Roy Merritt 17:10
it’s insane. I’ve seen this on you know how you pull up those Netflix shows that are like documentaries on what’s new and they’re fucking 10 years old. Yeah. I saw it on one of those. I swear to God, it was like 10 years ago. So yeah, so it’s like a scooter. It’s got 124 mile range. So five mile an hour

Mike VO 17:28
10 years ago it was 10 years old.

Roy Merritt 17:30
No, I saw it like recently on one of those after I after we had done the last episode because I was like, Oh shit, that’s that Joe hammer thing that we found online. So yeah, 18 kilowatt battery so that that’s actually pretty big. Harley’s 15 five. So 124 mile range seems a little light. That thing cost $30,000 Holy shit. 30,800

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Look at this guy gonna push buttons. He can

Roy Merritt 17:59
it Do nothing the volumes turned out. There’s zero SSR we talked about that a little bit $20,000 the victory $20,000 Brutus v nine, Brutus, if I remember correctly, where’s that one? Oh, the. Yeah, so this thing looks like somebody tried to hybrid a Ducati and a Harley and an electric bike. It was a dual headlight. Yeah, it’s kind of weird. But this is a riding bike. This is from what I understand. This is a real bike. It’s not just a concept. I built it and rides it whatever. 280 mile range.

Unknown Speaker 18:37
That’s huge. Yeah, 150

Roy Merritt 18:40
mile an hour tops. 120 horsepower. 784 pounds. So very heavy. They they definitely got

Unknown Speaker 18:47
the Street Glide fairing going on. Yeah, they got the dual headlight.

Roy Merritt 18:52
So then we have live wire we kind of talked about that. That thing is this live wire. So We didn’t we haven’t talked about it. It’s technologically everything that anybody else is doing right now. if not more. Handling braking better than any Harley I’ve ridden. I did get to ride it on the highway. I did get to get on it pretty good. Acceleration is incredible. Even with the trash control turned on the I did not get to ride it with traction control turned off. So no wheelies. No burnouts, I didn’t get to trial that I can imagine that it has to be a little more impressive without the traction control on and as you were saying earlier. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
Looking back on that, yeah, the the traction control in the cornering as well.

Roy Merritt 19:49
Yeah, well abs in the corner, which is his new ABS traction control all that stuff. So

I tried to I tell people this.

Mike VO 20:01
I just want me to mention Brad Pitt again.

Roy Merritt 20:03
No, yeah. Well, you know, Brad Pitt?

Mike VO 20:06
Nobody knows. He’s a god.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
Yeah. So

Roy Merritt 20:12
this bike, the way I see it, I ride around a lot of people. A lot of these guys on sport bikes don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They’re not very good writers. They go out there buy high abuses, because they think it’s the fastest bike on the planet, because they still don’t know how to ride. So the way I see it is you can take just about anybody and put them on a bike like the Livewire. There’s no shifting, there’s no nothing you just twist throttle the damn thing smart enough to do what it’s supposed to do. Zero to 100 miles an hour, and I’m not talking in a deadline. I’m talking riding around if you’re in between those speeds, this bike is going to compete with everybody else on the road.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
So my biggest question about LIDAR is is is it roadie proof? Nothing is running.

Roy Merritt 20:55
Yeah, nothing’s running proof, man. That’s

Mike VO 20:59
this is this Proof you’re working on it.

Roy Merritt 21:03
Technically, I’m technically I’m the only one working on

Mike VO 21:06
if that’s what it really means.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
Yeah, I was just talking about in general as far as writing and my staff.

Unknown Speaker 21:12
I don’t think they’re gonna let you they are. They are Yeah.

Mike VO 21:16
You can write one with every credit on a significant down pay. I mean,

Roy Merritt 21:20
you can kill yourself with trashing everything turned on without question. I mean when you accelerate that thing accelerates and it’s not like it’s not gonna look what’s in front of you and stop for you. It’s not that technical. I don’t know sensors that I know of. As soon as they put sensors on them, I Oh, yeah. Because I backup these sensors already proof this thing is, it’s pretty impressive though. Like I said, we got to get out on it. I acceleration from the 30 to 60 Ranges is like a second maybe. From that 30 to we’re gonna say around the hundred range felt like a second as well, although I’m sure it was more than that. getting onto the highway from the off ramp and giving it full throttle. I laid off it pretty quick, you know, it ramped up there. So I would imagine that a lot of these other bikes are gonna be the same way. You know, electric bike field, you know, and I’m not all like oh, Harley, Harley, Harley, because there’s other people doing cool shit too, right?

Mike VO 22:20
Oh, an electric motor doesn’t require a vacuum.

Unknown Speaker 22:25

Mike VO 22:27
increase its inertia and ramp, speed and electric motor, you just turn it on and it spins.

Roy Merritt 22:31
Yeah. So they have to dial down I think Yeah,

Mike VO 22:34
I was gonna say I think they actually turn these things down. Oh, yeah, they don’t just work cuz I mean, if you think about it, what you could actually do with that motor is go full throttle, and it’ll just go 100 miles now right now. Yeah, right now. So what’s the what’s the detail like on them?

Roy Merritt 22:49
Well, that’s that you can set up. So there’s there’s four preset modes, and three user modes that you can preset up and they call that reject. So when you when you roll off the throttle, it kicks in that region. And if you turn up region all the way, it feels like you’re downshifting harder so I had it turned up all the way it was in sport mode. downshift fairly hard, but I ride a fucking 883 and at 100 miles an hour if I let off the good guess that motherfucker downshift, you know, diesel’s pretty hard as well. So I’m used to that. That shit don’t bother me. But there you go. Getting close to the mic. Your beers are being opened. So yeah, I mean, that part. Like I said, I think a lot of these are going to be really interesting. Nobody’s going to compete with the infrastructure and Harley Davidson when it comes to dealers, right? You know, we you’re never that far from a dealer and when it boils down to it, not every dealer is going to be able to work on EBS. Right? Now, but I promise you, if you have something serious that happens and you roll up into a dealer, somebody will do so. Yeah, that’s that’s the way it is. Yeah. So

Mike VO 24:11
we were talking about this, I mean, no one’s gonna really do much working on them for the first at least couple of years. If anything at all happens, you’re going to call tech services, and they’re going to say, leave it in quarantine. Somebody will be there tomorrow. So

Roy Merritt 24:25
that was something. The battery, as I said, has a bunch of fail safes. It checks itself three times a minute, if it finds something wrong, it shuts everything down. It won’t let the voltage out when you bring it into a dealer, so they aren’t they’re still serviced on the same routine maintenance schedule as every other bike since 1000 mile service 5000 10,015.

Mike VO 24:50
since our last podcast, they have put a zero dealer in Madison, Tennessee.

Roy Merritt 24:57
Oh, so since this is the first time since

Mike VO 24:59
the first Time The first time you had to go to Alabama was a close to zero dealer. Yes. Because talking about infrastructure. Well, now they’ve added one in Madison. So there is do what is what is the name of the dealership in Madison? America’s motors for America’s Motorsports. Okay, so they’ve been

Roy Merritt 25:16
sold for a while. Okay, here’s the thing there for a minute, I think I called them. And I want to say they are on that list because they are a, like a conglomerate, if you will a bigger company. Sure. And they they have other dealers that are zero dealers. I don’t know if they actually have zeros there. I want to say I called them and they do not have them there.

Mike VO 25:41
What could be wrong? I think I think though, that purchasing one of these vehicles isn’t the issue. I mean, if you’re in the market for an electric bike, it doesn’t really matter if you have to go 800 miles to get one at that point. I think that to me, it’s everything from that day forward. Yeah. That is immortal. You know what I mean? Like you’re talking about the Harley Davidson infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if you’re from St. George, and you want to buy you want to buy a Livewire. And they don’t have they don’t have a Livewire dealership and St. George is gonna go to Vegas so you’re gonna go to wherever they do have one so maybe Salt Lake 350 miles away obviously you can’t ride your zero from St. George. I mean your live wire from St. George to Salt Lake so you don’t have the the range. Yeah, but I think if you have between 20 and $30,000 and you say I think I’m gonna get myself in electric motorcycle with this money. It’s not really so much as how far away the dealership is when you purchase it. I think it’s like, What if something happens in your St. George in your 400 miles from a dealership?

Roy Merritt 26:49
Yeah, exactly what I mean who’s which, which is your take, you know with zero I don’t know, out there. You and I are not the target customers right but targeted Customer are the guys that come in here and drop $80,000 on a brand new bike and never ride it. You know? Yeah, the guy, the guy and they are gonna buy this bike and put it in their garage and they’re gonna say this is part of my collection. So storage. This is actually a really good topic on that storage of these is like Uber particular. Yeah, so you are not supposed to if it’s gonna sit for more than 30 days you are not supposed to store it at full charge. No, it’s supposed to stay at like 70% and it’s never really supposed to get both 30 well it’s sitting. So you have to like maintain it between the two and there’s ways to go about that but

Mike VO 27:39
well Don’t they have like

Roy Merritt 27:40
a smart charge? Do you you can’t leave it plugged in. They don’t.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
They don’t have like a storage mode on you

Roy Merritt 27:46
but adapter so I believe I’d have to look. I believe it was like if it was going to sit I should I know I have it in here because you

Mike VO 27:56
would think because the zeros the same way. It says one of the That’ll void the warranty the five year warranty on your battery on a zero if it is left at under a 30% charge for more than 30 days. Yeah so these batteries on all these vehicles are so intelligent that when you plug it into your

Unknown Speaker 28:14
code reader any any reader any computer system

Mike VO 28:17
Well yeah, whatever whatever is designed to read it, it not only tells you how well the battery’s been maintained, tells you every time it’s been charged, what level the charges have been. I mean, it’s crazy how if the batteries ever been in distress, so it gives you all that stuff and some of those could void

Roy Merritt 28:32
the warranty of the motorcycle whether it be a zero whether it be a victory or whether it be alive water could void the warrant. So if you are you days or less, they are not necessarily particular on how it has to be stored. But it 30 to 60 days it says to plug it in, and this is what I wrote down and if no power if you don’t have a way to plug it in stored at 30 to 70%. But not too below drop below 30% if it’s gonna sit for more than 60 days it’s the same 30 to 70 rule but you’re not supposed to plug it in. And so the Livewire has a little tiny battery 12 volt battery that I swear to God looks like it could go into like a fucking weed or something. It’s so small. It’s like one of those little little ass motorcycle batteries.

Unknown Speaker 29:29
Is it like that little fucker over there? orange one,

Roy Merritt 29:32
how much? Oh, dude, that thing’s four times the size four times maybe twice the size but I’m telling you this thing it’s it’s literally like this maybe how much tiny How much do they weigh so nothing. It’s a it’s a I think it’s a lithium ion. Yeah, it’s got but it runs the electronics and stuff and basically allows you to turn the battery on. Without it you cannot turn the battery on. So what they say if it’s gonna sit for more than 60 days is you’re supposed to pull that battery out. Put that battery On a tender and keep the other battery above 30%. But you’re not so stupid on charge. Well How would you know if it’s above 30%? So this is where the cell signal in your phone?

Mike VO 30:14
Oh, because it’ll interface with Yeah, and things like that

Roy Merritt 30:17
are gonna come into play where you’re gonna have to monitor I mean, now is this gonna buy an electric bike? You need a monitor you got a monitor is a second battery user friendly. Can they pull a bolt? Yeah, yeah. So it’s, it’s under the, what would be the swing arm I guess sits under the swing arm pivot shaft I guess you would say. So it’s pretty easy two bolts it pops right up beside that that part’s pretty easy. But yeah, you know, there’s there’s a bunch of, of wicked cool electric bikes. We you know, you had talked about the distance thing which we had talked about last time, which was like zero. It was Atlanta, Birmingham, Greenville, Charlotte. That was where all of the local zero dealers were when we did this a couple months ago.

Mike VO 31:11
Now there’s significantly more.

Roy Merritt 31:13
So power pack five years, battery has to degrade more than 20%. So this sounds like the exact same thing that Harley told us, which was the goal, if you will, or the expectations of the battery from Samsung are at the five year mark when the warranty runs out that the batteries are at about an 80% state of health.

Unknown Speaker 31:37

Roy Merritt 31:38
sounds reasonable, you know, you don’t want to make like a 50 year or less than she should. So I guess we had something here about zero was, you know, I guess if the if the battery degrades more than 20% in five years or replace it, I’m gonna say there’s going to be a number pretty close to that from Harley that we get If you’re the state of health is degraded more than a certain amount, we’re going to end up replacing them.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
When I worked over in Phoenix, I worked at the ride now. And they had the Evie, Ranger, Polaris Ranger. And if I remember correctly, that thing had eight batteries in it. Yeah. And at that time, we as the dealership didn’t know how to, or we weren’t schooled properly and how to maintain that thing. So we PDI that and we put it on the floor. And apparently we’re supposed to keep that thing plugged in. So we destroyed the batteries. Oh, yeah. Come to find out when it actually sold. Those batteries were destroyed. They are $800 apiece.

Unknown Speaker 32:48

Unknown Speaker 32:49
So and this was 10 years ago. This was a long time ago. So

Mike VO 32:54
it was funny when you guys are talking about victory. I was to use my little digits. To ask my uncle Google about the victory electric vehicle,

Unknown Speaker 33:06
Uncle, I could tell I could see it in your eyes pretty smart guy

Mike VO 33:10
knows almost everything. Almost like sexy when not me.

So, so Polaris bought a company called Brammo, who is one of the industry forefronts in electric vehicles. And so BrahMos who makes that?

Unknown Speaker 33:33
The the Ranger.

Mike VO 33:34
Yeah, that’s what they started doing was, was side by sides. Yeah. And one of the problems with the emotion or whatever the victory bike was, was, the technology was circa 2013. And it never really improved for the entire life of victory. So it had a $20,000 price tag with, with with no technology improvements, so The other companies like zero we’re just kicking the shit out of them yeah so there are no victory electric motorcycles

Unknown Speaker 34:08
well obviously there’s no victory motorcycles right period which now they call their

Mike VO 34:14
whether or not we’re hilarious cuz they’re on the floor making the Rambo road motorcycle is yet to be seen so they’re said they are going to continue electric operations totally

Roy Merritt 34:23
not motorcycle related but this just reminded me apparently Ford has this like self imposed AI self driving car deadline that they’re trying to meet and in the last I want to say in the last week or two they just purchased a company that was a defense contractor for the military doing AI robots for a woman safe for like God and stuff like that like you know robots go disarm bombs and things like that. That This artificial intelligence and Ford just bought them and it’s supposed to be a big deal like it’s supposed to put forward and like so position for self driving cars roads.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
So right now forwards when you ride down the road, they will break stop switch lanes the whole nine yards for you, everybody. Yeah, I mean, everybody’s doing it right now. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:22
I mean, it’s, it’s, that’s crazy. My wife does that for me when I’m driving. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
That’s why I have to drive

Roy Merritt 35:38
because my wife and I handled me in the past. Yeah. So yeah, interestingly enough, you’d said that they kind of made me think of that, but

Mike VO 35:50
there won’t be any self driving cars until 5g is. So it’s completely embedded.

Roy Merritt 35:55
Here’s the deal about the Live Wire and all of this in the discussion. Is the Live Wire and I’ve said this before is a fucking Dodge Viper. Okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the fastest. It doesn’t have to be the best looking. It’s a fucking Harley. It’s gonna sell to the right spot. Yeah, so we’re only gonna make like, yeah, there’s gonna be like 700 years. Yeah, I mean, there’s no, there’s no way anybody’s gonna make any money on these phones right like there’s not it’s not what it’s out there for what it’s out there for is the future. And it’s the 2 million new riders. The Harley’s goal in the next 10 years, 2 million new riders. It is the start of the futures scooters that and that’s what I’m getting into is the start of something that Harley is pushing with, starting with the what are they called the status cycles they just bought for kids electric bikes. There are already by the end of next year there will be thousands of electric Harley’s most definitely most Most of them will be written by kids

Mike VO 37:01
and I have to I have to throw I have to put credit where credit is due. That is largely in part from our owner Jamie Lima, who grabbed these stays except when they first came out and then went to Milwaukee and took them and told the VIPs of Stacey you need to come and have a meeting and sold it to the board. Yeah, I’m super jealous things are badass and we need to be a part of it.

Roy Merritt 37:23
Yeah, cuz you guys want new writers present right

Mike VO 37:26
there three, three years old. Here’s our three. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:28
yeah, exactly.

Roy Merritt 37:30
And that’s that’s what it’s all about, man. You know,

Unknown Speaker 37:32
it’s super jealous. That’s super awesome. I wish that

Unknown Speaker 37:35
we had that type of stuff when I was a little kid. Oh, yeah,

Roy Merritt 37:37
definitely. Yeah. So you know it did the mountain bike thing that we’ve all seen. Yeah. Is I am so excited for I don’t give a shit what it costs. Like I don’t care

Mike VO 37:47
and that’s the future of electric vehicles,

Roy Merritt 37:50
mountain bikes, whatever, you know, we go we go up there we go through the museum all this stuff and I’m and I’m up there last week or week or two ago, whatever it was, and I got to go through Through the museum. I’m standing there and one of the exhibits and it’s the not necessarily the armor cheese, but the the 120 fives and the the scooters that they were building years and years and years ago. And now it accounted for like 30% of their sales. And I was like, Man, you have the answer right here. And you’ve had it here for years. And it’s smaller bikes, you know, you’ve done it before it worked. Why has it taken us so long to get back into building smaller bikes again, you know, that was kind of my question. I was standing there. I’m like, Man, you guys kind of have the answer here. And they’re getting to where they are pushing for that again, you know,

Mike VO 38:44
trying to get but i think i think it’s, you know, I think in in a ever changing market. You have to be able to be fast enough on your feet to react to market changes. And, you know, there are times when I think Harley is on point, and there’s times when I’m like, they’re so big, they’re missing. They’re not catching it. You don’t I mean, they’re gonna miss this too. Like when the custom bikes came out, and everybody was doing the pro streets, and discovery was showing people that it only takes, you know, 25 minutes to build a custom motorcycle. And everybody’s doing it and everybody’s buying one. What was it? When did the rocker come out? Yeah, six years later, and it was a disaster.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
Yeah, that was a nightmare. The rocker was an awful handling. So

Roy Merritt 39:42
that’s the thing that Harley needs to I really think they need to let go of is really paying attention to what everybody else is doing. They need to get back to innovating. That’s what made him who they are. But

Mike VO 39:54
the problem that they have right now that I see is their core customer. wants something new but doesn’t want anything to change. Yeah, you don’t I mean and that’s it’s such a bad place for the company to be in because you know nobody wants the same thing they bought but as soon as they come out with something new they’re like this is a piece of shit yeah you know when they got rid of the dinosaur and then they were the softails everybody said Oh, these are fucking garbage. I can’t believe you got rid of the best fights Harley ever made. Well guess what you guys just never rode one because if you write an MA softail fuck Dinah’s.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
The one that’s open. Anyone that’s open.

Mike VO 40:35
You can Yeah, leave the unlock door right here. Whatever the alarms not set you can leave out of whatever Do you want.

Roy Merritt 40:44
So little interruption or no big sorry.

Mike VO 40:47
So people are trying to leave

Roy Merritt 40:48
on that point. We’re recording at work tonight.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
I myself fall in that same category. Because I ride and I ride a Harley Davidson because I was basically raised upon Harley Davidson and I want that old nostalgic fucking Harley Davidson that’s what I want. I want the potato potato potato bread and potato want

Mike VO 41:13
yeah is as

Unknown Speaker 41:15
I want that’s what I want that’s why I ride Harley Davidson

Mike VO 41:18
but you know what you don’t want. You don’t want it to not have power you don’t want any drops of oil on the ground and you want to be able to keep up with the with the letter Jones ology bikes. Keep all the news. Yeah, you want to be able to keep up with all this new technology but you don’t want your childhood memory of a motorcycle to change. Yeah, and I’m sorry but I think Harley has done a fucking fantastic job over the years if you go like to wills through time museum and you if you’ve never seen any of the old bikes in person and you go see one of these old ass like a 1939 or a 1940 Harley, and then you look at a heritage softail today and you’re like they’ve done a pretty fucking good job. You have done a great job. Last seven years of making a world class motorcycle still look like it’s 80 years old. Exactly. Well, you go

Unknown Speaker 42:08
from the time I was a kid till now it’s

Unknown Speaker 42:11
10 years. So they

Mike VO 42:17
kill the diner. So it needs a job.

Roy Merritt 42:20
You know, I keep saying, I want to do a millennials and motorcycles episode because, you know, aside from roadie here, kind of you know, we’re kind of old fuckers we know when it comes to this business right now it’s becoming so young.

Mike VO 42:36
I’m super excited about the Live Wire.

Roy Merritt 42:38
Oh, yeah, but but, you know, I think that we are falling into where the millennials in the you know, they’re talked about so much but we didn’t market to them as children. They a lot of them his children weren’t exposed to the potato, Potato, potato and things like that. So as they get older What we want doesn’t matter it’s as they become our customers what they want and that is where Harley is trying to catch back up the last 10 or 20 years all they’ve done is you know what they know works what they know works so you know we’ve gotten into where the younger generations when they go buy a bike they’re going and buying fucking CB RS and shit because they’re fast as hell. They’re cheap. You know they run good you know and and even even then, you get brand loyalty no matter where what it is. I was brand loyal. I rode off road on Kawasaki. I love Kawasaki. My first road bike was a cow Saki Yeah, road off road on Kawasaki off road. Yeah, if you weren’t on a Cali you were in the back of the pack. You know what I mean? So I rode Cali so when I bought a street bike those first place I went okay, well can I get in Kawasaki? You know, I think that happens on any brand if the brand is any any good. And you know the difference between those when you ride when you get on a Harley. There is difference whether people like to admit it or not, there’s a difference in the way those bikes feel. And until you can get someone on a Harley, you don’t necessarily, if they don’t know any better, they don’t care. You know, especially the millennials. You know, why would I spend $30,000 on a bike? It doesn’t make any sense, you know? Well, it

Unknown Speaker 44:22
does until you actually understand that. I mean, I’d pay 40,000 to ride my bike, because I love my bike.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
Huh, chargers. The next time

Unknown Speaker 44:41
that you are riding down the road, and I see you, I’m dusting you on my street glide.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
And you know what, you don’t sit back, and I’ll ride because I still love riding my bike. Maybe faster.

Mike VO 44:56
Don’t have to cut the mic.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
I gotta cut the microphone. It’s easy.

Roy Merritt 44:59
Just to cope with stroke

Unknown Speaker 45:00
it was Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
He’s a big black ball.

Unknown Speaker 45:10
So yeah, I mean, it’s but it goes along with what I was saying earlier like I’m braced around the potato potato. long way

Roy Merritt 45:19
from the internal combustion engine motorcycle being a thing of the past rule of law, any internal combustion vehicle. Yeah, yeah. So it isn’t a niche market, if you will, or niche however you want to say it. I don’t know. I’m not I’m not that fancy. But it is a market of the future and without question, if you don’t believe that, then you’re foolish, you know, there is going to be a huge

Mike VO 45:46
you know, what if you don’t believe that maybe they don’t have the internet. It’s true. Because that could be read if you can’t

Unknown Speaker 45:51

Unknown Speaker 45:52
this if you don’t believe the hype.

Mike VO 45:54
Well, I mean, if you have the internet, and you still don’t think that electric vehicles are a force to be reckoned with Then, I don’t know.

Roy Merritt 46:03
Well here Okay, I’m gonna put this under perspective because I think I know where you’re going with this you

Unknown Speaker 46:07
look at you look at

Roy Merritt 46:08
my great grandfather raised me, for the most part. I lived with him and and until my 20s and he was born in 1914. He lived in a house that did not have electricity until he was 20 years old. Okay, on a farm. Somebody die. Sounded like

Unknown Speaker 46:29
it. I think I think he died in the bathroom.

Roy Merritt 46:32
Okay, sounds like somebody fell over in the bathroom. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 46:35
so anyways on

Roy Merritt 46:38
he he was born in the house without electricity, no power in his house. So he was 20 years old. died in a house with the internet. Think about that for a second. Yeah, you know what I mean? We’re talking about no electricity at all, to basically electricity thinking. I mean, if you want to simplify the shit out, I

Mike VO 46:57
wonder how old he was the first time he actually wrote in a car.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
Well, I wanted

Roy Merritt 47:02
to think even then, even then there was cars. Right there were but I mean, yeah, he just didn’t he was out in the country. So electricity hadn’t made its way out to

Mike VO 47:09
it. Even though there were cars. I mean, in 1920 1930 they were just kind of catching on. Yeah, I’m sure it was

Roy Merritt 47:16
Ford’s ideas. Yeah. horse carriages. Well, that’s not true, actually. Yeah. No, because no, no. Well, 1914 So, he drove the school bus in high school.

Mike VO 47:27
When he was in high school, yes.

Roy Merritt 47:28
He was in high school. They lived in the country. And apparently, you know, millions of stories he told me But apparently, you know, the older classmen would drive the fucking school bus and the country because there’s nobody to drive it. So he at one point was driving the school bus So yeah, I mean, cars were a thing for sure. That was before he had

Mike VO 47:50
it, but it had to be like the like the fuckin a look at.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
You know what? I give him props. Because he he’s not the guy that you hear the story about the head to walk five miles. School uphill and downhill uphill and downhill.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
He was driving school bus

Mike VO 48:07
to drop these guys off.

Roy Merritt 48:09
Her bike drives us, dude, this man, and I don’t want to get on this for too long. But this man retired at the age of maybe 50. I want to say he was in his 40s had bought worked his ass off for, you know, 20 plus years or whatever. And in two different jobs, bought houses, cut them up into apartments, renting them out, left, left Maryland in the 70s cashed out everything and never worked again. That’s great. I lived like 3040 years off all that money. I’m 70 it wasn’t even like he was rich. He would trust me. He was frugal, you know, but he had to be, you know, fixed income kind of thing. But yeah, dude, the guy was obviously smart. You know, he set himself up and if it wasn’t for him, you know, me and my family. My mother and all of us would struggle a lot worse but Yeah, you know, he hated the fact that I love motorcycles hated it. He thought they were dangerous and he had a motorcycle at one time. Had a guy if I remember correctly, you had a guy who was renting his house wherever owed him money, you know, took his motorcycle was crashed it. Yeah, whatever. No, I don’t think he crashed. Yeah, but I think he wrote it a little bit. And I really think it was my grandmother was like, you know, and so he was like, Yeah, I didn’t really like it. You know, when you’re married, you just go ahead and take that, you know, well, you got to pick your battles. Yeah, definitely.

Mike VO 49:33
It’s like anything in life. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
We talked about that quite a bit doing

Roy Merritt 49:40
so, electric bikes back circle back around. You know, again, I don’t think everybody’s gonna be riding around on electric motorcycles anytime soon. But I think the you know, zero had it right. 00 totally. There’s a reasons you get a really good job. Because they went after that kind of dirt bike market, which allows you to control so many variables, you know what I mean? Like you’re bringing it out on a trailer, if your battery goes dead you put it back on the fucking trailer. You go. Yeah. Yeah, like, and I think that that market is something that Harley has missed out on for so many years because the actual on road section of the power sports industry is only around 50% of the industry. Well, off road section is larger.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
I was gonna say that earlier. Like, how many of us have actually seen a electric motorcycle on the roads? I mean, you go on the road, you see sport bikes, you see

Unknown Speaker 50:40
a lot of tests. Well, it’s a possibility that you see he has

Unknown Speaker 50:43
to stop.

Mike VO 50:45
Well here.

Roy Merritt 50:46
What would you have seen? Maybe it may be a zero, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Yeah, but we know at this point, like, yeah, you may have seen a zero but would you

Mike VO 50:54
know only way you’d know now is you won’t be able to hear it.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
Yeah, when you saw like, if you Because I mean even if you look at the the Livewire I mean the styling it’s really you have to take a look at it for a minute to go oh there’s nothing there’s just a big battery battery yeah you know i mean and zeros zeros look even more like a decision a motor so do we say 234 pound

Roy Merritt 51:15
battery what they told me yeah why the zero pound bike so you’re talking wheels tires suspension frame everything else on it and that’s 200

Unknown Speaker 51:26
and we all here know that we all wheel here know the tires fucking weigh a lot yes yeah I mean we’ve installed wheels on bikes that the tire weighs more than the carbon fiber wheels

Roy Merritt 51:36
so I want to form a shot I got to go to class with some people to do performance work I’m not gonna name drop but that was one of the first things he said was like you put some fucking carbon fiber wheels on this thing and I was like, shit, that’s great idea on electric bikes should that rotational you know weight down I was like, that’s actually a great idea. I’d like to do that. You know,

Mike VO 51:58
would it make that big of a difference? Oh,

Roy Merritt 52:02
With trash you control off Yes, we trash you control on no I would say no because it’s going to limit we’ll speed it doesn’t matter how it doesn’t matter.

Mike VO 52:10
That’s what I’m saying with traction control off. Now what we were talking about earlier Do you think you can actually turn it off? Or can you just dial it down? Yes.

Roy Merritt 52:18
So you can there is actually a traction control button on the left hand control module and this is the Live Wire The Live Wire correct. And you can pull up to a stoplight and turn it off because I asked I asked this because you know these are questions so

Mike VO 52:30
I can do it dead so I can make that motor of go from zero to 110 as fast as I can pull that no Right. Well it was to actually

Roy Merritt 52:38
show can do that even with traction control off it’s gonna ramp power right battery does that. You know what I mean about so there? I told him in Milwaukee so I’m really curious to see what happens to this bike in two or three years on the aftermarket gets a whole bunch. You know what I mean? It’s give me when somebody when somebody, some computer programmer or somebody can get ahold Have those batteries and motors? Because even you said they’re dialed down they have to be without question they have to be you know, right you cannot just go from zero to 100 without the wheels fucking spinning

Mike VO 53:11
well and there’s and there’s a there’s like a what is the who controls the highways VP?

Roy Merritt 53:20
Oh the National Highway Traffic Safety in a

Mike VO 53:23
Yeah. And there’s like some weird yeah something in HTC

Roy Merritt 53:27
sound right but it’s in th and whatever, it’s

Mike VO 53:30
whatever it is. Yeah, and th those guys

Unknown Speaker 53:42
must say ride motorcycles, Moonshadow Harley it’s

Roy Merritt 53:47
we don’t have to name drop here. It’s cool. They’re not Hey, they’re not they’re not paying for this shit. So I think they are paying for some of these beers right now. I don’t know. We bought buy these and bring them back in but

Mike VO 54:03
it’s like a mom and a mom obligation or some weird it’s a weird term that

Mama, Mama Mama legation. But it’s

where the manufacturers get together and they work with the mth. See, whatever it is, and they decide like, hundred and 10 is yes, a maximum speed limit that this bike will go. That’s why it’s not uncommon, like 110, zero caps at 110. So they’ve, they’ve decided in this committee that 110 is as fast as vehicles go. So I realize

Roy Merritt 54:39

Mike VO 54:40
right, so it makes no difference. What you want to do, it’s gonna be the same thing as the EPA. And and if you alter the battery, I mean, you’re, you’re done. Yeah. Well, that’s five years you’re done. Well, so you so battery cost now. cost and what happens if the battery is depleted? More than 20%? At the end of your five years, so like, you know, people come in, it’s not uncommon throughout the industry, my warranty is about to expire. Can you check this thing over? See if there’s anything I need to do? How many of these things at the end of that five year period are we gonna be like, well, your battery’s 24% depleted? Shouldn’t be more than 20 we’re going to replace your battery.

Roy Merritt 55:24
That’s why they’re only making 700 a year.

Mike VO 55:26
Right? Because I mean, you’re talking how does how much is the battery, but then they wouldn’t say

Roy Merritt 55:31
they’re like, we haven’t figured out how much the battery is yet. There was kind of a rough unofficial rough estimate thrown out there probably somewhere in the seven to $10,000 range

Unknown Speaker 55:43
I had a match for the battery. Yeah, cuz it’s like I was saying earlier with the with the Ranger 800 fucking dollars per battery. That was eight of them.

Unknown Speaker 55:55
Quick, what is that? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
What means you look at it for hours. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
$1 6400 and I worked in service at that point so the service writer and I were were looking into what it would cost to replace these batteries because as the dealership we dropped the ball but obviously we’re selling this unit so who knows?

Mike VO 56:20
Well you know it’s hilarious that’s me. Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:23
that’s Polaris Indian

Unknown Speaker 56:25
victory. So

Roy Merritt 56:27
Ranger all this Yeah, that’s that’s gonna be the interesting stuff to find out you know? Yeah long term Yeah, but what’s actually gonna happen so they have

Unknown Speaker 56:37
what they call a transmission.

Roy Merritt 56:40
It is a for lack of a better way to put it a pinion gear in a box and the pinion gear, the flat gear runs the pulley on the outside and the pulley runs the bill runs a rear wheel. There is a specialized oil that I’m told is a highly refined Oil and is

Unknown Speaker 57:04
going to be

Roy Merritt 57:05
quite expensive from what I understand.

Mike VO 57:07
Oh, maybe it’s oil

Roy Merritt 57:10
should also not know exactly how much yet, but it only takes like a pint so they’re probably gonna come in like pints and they’re probably gonna be like 40 bucks.

Mike VO 57:21
I figured it out. It’s crude oil, crude oil. And I’m sorry you know when we get the cylinders from revolution This is totally off topic, but I just put

Unknown Speaker 57:31
when we get our when we get our 128 cylinders from revolution like crude oil. No, they come with this little cleaning solvent. And it’s read and I’ve been like the whole time I keep forgetting to ask guarantee called revolutions like this. Because I recognize the smell but I’m not and it works like a champ. Yeah, it’s fucking crude oil, I think because now that I’m thinking about like, ah,

Unknown Speaker 57:54
hippie smells the hippie fudge, Julie

Unknown Speaker 58:00
So in college in college,

Roy Merritt 58:03
I had I had a couple their friends they lived in one of those like apartment comm apartment rooms where there’s like four bedrooms and two bathrooms and like more shelves, everybody’s got their own keys, but it’s like a shared apartment but everybody not necessarily know each other. Was it a so there was your battery? Yeah, no, it was two bathrooms. And like in the living room, they had four shelves, you know, each person had a shelf and like it was all like split up but so my buddy and his girlfriend, she was living in the one room and this chick was living in the other room. And her name is cat. She was like six foot tall girlfriend the other day

Unknown Speaker 58:39
how God chick she gets an MCAT

Roy Merritt 58:41
and that was her name.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
She put her up in the air she likes to

Roy Merritt 58:46
be bashed right on that special so like we all got truly like wreaked of patchouli totally ruin I fucking hate that shit, dude. And we all got fucked up one night and it was a you know, right crashing out where you’re gonna stay where you can say she’s likely you could stay in the bed with me and I was like, alright. I went in there and went to bed. got up in the morning. And she was all pissed, dude. Like she invited me in. She was

Unknown Speaker 59:15
ready to get some shit.

Roy Merritt 59:17
Yeah, she was ready to get up next morning. Got up. She was pissed, dude. And I was like, Oh, well, you invited me in good been good sleep. I went to sleep. I’m fine. You know? I didn’t pachulia dequindre hard anyways, it would never have now so

Unknown Speaker 59:32
as my wife’s listening to our podcast here, she just sent me a text saying I’m cursing a lot so fuck off all of you.

Unknown Speaker 59:40
She’s cursing a lot Oh, I am Yeah, we all do. Yeah, she’s listening vocab she’s

Unknown Speaker 59:46
like listening to this right now.

Unknown Speaker 59:48
Right now. Why

Roy Merritt 59:51
would you let your first we have a fucking audit

Mike VO 59:54
me. I know. I know that you I know that there’s microphones so we listen.

Roy Merritt 59:58
You know, we missed out. The first intro she heard we have a fuckin

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
Yes. We have a production

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
sketch and we have a fucking audience tonight. So, everybody who I was, yeah, I think so we’re here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
I don’t know there’s been like lots of like

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
sounds like

Roy Merritt 1:00:22
do we need to do do we want to do a roadie session? We were gonna do I think you guys need to wake us up

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
now for how drunk is roadie

Roy Merritt 1:00:42
so we do have a co worker named Joey sooner or later we’re gonna do how drunk is Joey?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
And are we

Roy Merritt 1:00:49
gonna call? We’re all pretty much convinced that anytime he’s not here, he’s completely drunk. Do you have his phone number? I do. I do. Give it to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Give it to me. He’ll answer please.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
But we got to be able to get a hold on

Roy Merritt 1:01:01
so do you you would you have a plug in on your phone or no

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
I got Android three five. I got Apple plug.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
Yes Come on. So Bluetooth Eric here we go to my bluetooth. Here we go. I got you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
I have Joey’s number does he

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
does he know have your number so if you call the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
Save to to rotary rotary Come on. Bluetooth phone will plug into

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
it. Come on Bluetooth. You don’t know how Bluetooth what happens if I guess you know what fucking year this?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
What happens if I get crabs? We’re gonna make a phone call. I’ve had crabs.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
You’re gonna call me fat crabs.

Roy Merritt 1:01:45
You’re gonna call Julian Yeah. And then we’ll disconnect it.

Mike VO 1:01:48
Yeah, after you call Joey we’re gonna disconnect it.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:50
Let me call a smartphone.

Mike VO 1:01:56
No. Road cast. Yes, roadie, just roadie everybody else. Get your phones out of the way

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
turn off Keystone

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
road caster yeah it’s broadcast okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Okay all right so

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
how can

Mike VO 1:02:13
we yes right now we have to do with the intro the segment

Roy Merritt 1:02:18
Wait wait what are we doing for an intro? And now Don’t be

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
like Oh fucking jurors jewelry hold on

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
how drunk is Joey

Mike VO 1:02:32
call Julie

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
all right I need his number first.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
You buy all the equipment.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
Okay, so this this right here is this is why he has a catch, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
We just got

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
did he not say if I call him he’ll answer if I call he’ll answer

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
For me Joe is like

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
wait it’s my dog

Mike VO 1:03:02
it’s not it’s not if you don’t have a number how to

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
Alabama to he’s on his way back

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
Wait why in Alabama he’s driving he’s driving oh shit

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
you know what he’s got a headphone on he’s got like one of those Bluetooth devices where he like

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
okay but he’s not drunk if he’s driving well

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
that’s why we have this segment you know it’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
a stop for you though

Roy Merritt 1:03:30
is that no one in this building and I mean all the way up to the top would argue with that well

they’re oh shit here we go there we go. This is the phone. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Hang on one second we got some for you, brother. Hang on

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
what are we doing? What

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
are Dude, what’s up? Hey, we got to talk

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
to you, brother. What’s going on?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
Are you driving?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
What are you talking like four different people right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
Yeah. Hey, can you hear me? You are officially on a podcast? Yeah, so

Roy Merritt 1:04:16
I wasn’t sure if you were on the road tonight. We were calling to see how drunk you were. So how drunk are you?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
I think we need to catch Joey on Friday night.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
I know. He sounds sober. That’s sad. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
it’s sad. It’s Joey driving. We need Joey on a Saturday night. Yeah. All right. Well, all right.

Mike VO 1:04:34
We’re gonna have to let you go and call you back later.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Yeah. Hey, keep driving. drunk. Are you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
gonna get Joey super drunk one night whenever you are doing the podcast

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
and George can be called Joey and rode. Wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
hold up. Joey. Where are you right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
Well, right now.

Roy Merritt 1:04:56
You got it. We’re recording in like an hour and a half. Half we probably could have caught him drunk.

Mike VO 1:05:04
When should we call you back?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
All right, man. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
thank you for driving

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
where’s the shop this shop?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
We’re drunk. Yeah. Cleaning coolers out

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
so alright man Well yeah, we

Roy Merritt 1:05:29
as we were calling you is like oh yeah, he’s on the road. I was like, well, maybe he’s drunk. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Mike VO 1:05:34
We thought that we thought maybe you’re gonna stop for the night but guess not Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
I was hoping. I was like he probably stopped for I don’t think it was your

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
your GPS is telling you which way to go Joe. Yeah, you tell.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
All right, Joe, you drive safe man. down I don’t Whatever

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
else phone getting out on this podcast. I don’t know if

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
I think Joey Joey

Roy Merritt 1:06:08
gase I unpaired it

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
Joey got roadie the couple times.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
That’s pretty badass. Yeah. Joey

Roy Merritt 1:06:14
got roadies. So Joey Joe village fuckin Alabama and back. They don’t touch my beer. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Yeah, tell me.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
Tell me go give me a beer. Yeah, give me a beer though. I was gonna say we’re good. We’re probably getting close.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
Are we wrapping this up?

Roy Merritt 1:06:30
I guess so. You know, for the most part. We didn’t really talk about shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
I like to bring in the old

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
intro a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
Smells like sex in here. Smells like sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
Oh, yeah, I actually got I smelt

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
Bert condoms.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
That was about that was laughter I was gonna say,

Roy Merritt 1:06:55
Are you getting fucked that hard?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
You slip in your own underwear. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:07:00
yeah, Jesus.

Again, condoms. I don’t even know what that what does that smell it does smell like

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
my daughter’s when I stopped I mean, I don’t get it he told me what it smelled like

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
so I was like hey, cuz you asked you’re like what does that smell? I said that’s my condom. I

Mike VO 1:07:30
just like tire rubber

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Yeah, roadie like

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
you know this intro is

Roy Merritt 1:07:48
pretty good

Mike VO 1:07:53
so what we’re going to talk about next time

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
Let’s talk about

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
maintaining motorcycles

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
yeah well no no we did so much out there. Let’s talk about maintaining high horsepower.

Roy Merritt 1:08:13
Let’s talk about maintain you know is you know we need to do we,

Mike VO 1:08:17
I think I think we need

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
motorcycles next because this little setup you got here with this

Mike VO 1:08:24
road class a servo bias preset Apex

Roy Merritt 1:08:27
onboard mixer, as I say rodi rodi

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
rodi it is

Roy Merritt 1:08:37
I think we could take this spot anywhere you can get power.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
What’s it What’s it like? plugging in with some background noise and see how how well these filter out the background? Yeah, well, it’s gonna be marginal at best, but I can put some stuff outside of mine double wide, and we can hook everything up outside

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
the double wide.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
All right, let’s hear the final here. It’s got to be coming close.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
makes you want to pop your head a little bit actually knows Yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:09:15
It’s pleasure being here tonight.

For sure. Yeah man. Thanks for having we’re coming over roadie.

Mike VO 1:09:23
So glad we got to catch a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
roadie on the air. You guys got

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
like, actually several times because if you’re listening to the podcast, I probably get like 20 times.

Mike VO 1:09:32
Yeah, but you actually wrote us when you were like, I’ll call Joey. If I call he’ll answer

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
that I call him he wasn’t drunk.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
the better part of that was when roadie did call him he said, Hey, roadie, what’s up?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
popped up out of Joey’s mouth. It was like cool

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
rhodium, right. I’m driving

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Joey could have popped up in like roadie tone KC or something. I’d be like, Joey.

Mike VO 1:10:05
Yeah, I’m on the air. Shut up.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
My whole

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
life. I don’t want my kids.

Roy Merritt 1:10:20
There’s four other people on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:27
All right, I think that’s it.

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