Defunct Motorcycle Companies and Coronials

Talkin Braap
Talkin Braap
Defunct Motorcycle Companies and Coronials

Defunct Motorcycle Companies and Coronials

Talkin Braap
Talkin Braap
Defunct Motorcycle Companies and Coronials

What happened to Norton?  What other obscure motorcycle companies have not made it?  What is a Coronial? A Coronial = Any Babies born in 2021, as a result of quarantine sex. You heard it here first. 



Shane Langdon 0:00
We’ll just hit the intro when I was.

Roy Merritt 0:13
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s Dull your mind?

Either way, I think these boys have something to

say. So sit back, grab a brew. We’re gonna have some to give you our point of view here on Talking Braap.

Shane Langdon 1:03
watching porn over there is it

Mike VO 1:21

making noises

Roy Merritt 1:25
sound familiar is

Shane Langdon 1:30
a real dead fish. Yeah. So

Roy Merritt 1:36
are we having buffering issues?

Sir is there a buffering Grace?

Shane Langdon 1:45
Yes, another great start.

Roy Merritt 1:48
Welcome back. It’s Talking Braap. This is gonna be Episode Two. This is gonna be Episode Two and it’s what’s today the 20th 21st 21st of March. We are in the early onset of this here Coronavirus stuff, so I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s gonna take me a couple weeks to get this episode out and by then the world might be dead anyway. So yeah, who knows, you know? Everybody’s going crazy. They just they just declared a state of emergency

Wait, how did she even sound like she’s dressed like a slut

Is that possible?

Is that possible when you hear her voice like oh yeah, that’s not a normal movie.

Shane Langdon 2:40
You want some weird stuff, man.

So, anyways,

Roy Merritt 2:52
I don’t know, man, we might get into some copyright infringement or something. Yeah, porno movies here. But The Oh yeah, she looks familiar.

Unknown Speaker 3:04
She is.

Roy Merritt 3:06
Yeah, I knew I knew that voice sounded familiar.

Mike VO 3:09
Let me just check out the window.

Roy Merritt 3:14

maybe anyways, like I said, they just

declared a state of emergency in our county here where we work and

Mike VO 3:23
we sold five motorcycles today. Yeah, and

Roy Merritt 3:26
we are just still working. So a little blow off steam tonight going to talk about some stuff. I got a buddy in Florida that I’m going to talk to has a little company called stock bike suck.

Mike VO 3:38
So, you know we copyrighted that.

Shane Langdon 3:41
It’s who we did. Yeah.

Mike VO 3:44
Yeah. He doesn’t have

Roy Merritt 3:45
copyrighted it. Yeah, he’s had it for quite a few years long before cease and desist. Yeah.

Mike VO 3:52
We just want to call it tell you that you got to change the name your shop because

Roy Merritt 3:55
well, it’s I don’t think he has a storefront. I think it’s more online isn’t better. other stuff. He builds some bikes in his garage and whatnot. You

Mike VO 4:02
know what’s awesome? All yours can work from home.

Unknown Speaker 4:05

Roy Merritt 4:07
yeah. But yeah, he’s been doing it for quite a while. He’s been working with a company suspension technologies down there. I’ve told you guys about them. Suspension company down in Florida does a really good job of building suspension for baggers and stuff that works really, really well. Their theory is kind of more along the lines of legends. So kind of the way I I kind of always put it is progressive tends to run heavier springs and let the springs do all the work, whereas legends tends to run better valving and let the valving make up for what springs can’t do. Suspension technology. Yeah, so switching technologies is doing something like that more like legends than we’re running here yet. We haven’t know they’re really hard to sell up here. You know, nobody wants to sell anything they haven’t seen before. So It’s definitely

Mike VO 5:01
Well, I think there may be that and you know, we get free shocks if we sell legends.

Shane Langdon 5:06
Yeah, that helps a lot.

Mike VO 5:08
You know, anyway, let’s just mention textile technology and say how many you have to sell before I get it reset. They said five. That’s all we would sell.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
Yeah. Yeah,

Mike VO 5:18
that’s a really good marketing tactic by that legends does

Shane Langdon 5:21
have a pretty good markup a bit.

Yeah, they’re given away one every five.

Mike VO 5:26
No, I don’t know. I don’t remember what it is. But I want to say it’s 10 sets. I think so. Maybe 20 2020 sets for a full for a full set for you, right. Might be like 10 per.

Roy Merritt 5:38
Yeah. 15 and 20. I think that what it is, yeah. I think Well, I think the different shocks are 20, maybe the rear of 15 or something

Mike VO 5:48
like I mean, either way. Yeah, that’s a hell of a lot of shocks. Because you know, I mean, those

Unknown Speaker 5:57
are you look who’s here. 1100 bucks. Hey,

Roy Merritt 6:01
Look who showed up fashionably late. That’s Aaron. He’ll be on the mic in a minute. But yeah, you know, uh, like I said, we’re right in the middle of a really weird time. So by the time this thing publishes, it’s probably be interesting to see what’s actually going on. But, you know, we you know, dealerships are closing up all over the place, and it’s happened in so many places. It’s kind of the the powersports news right now is all the you know, dealerships are just shutting down even even those around us are doing the same. And we’re just gonna, we’re just gonna keep keep rolling as much as we can.

Shane Langdon 6:51
And with the sheet eating grin on his face,

Roy Merritt 6:54
so if you guys heard or read anything about the Norton motorcycle

Unknown Speaker 7:01
No scandal. Yeah, like there’s

Roy Merritt 7:04
it’s deep man like Dude, they so Norton motorcycles went into what do they call it? chapter 11 Yeah, well here we go a bankruptcy whatever call it something else. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 7:17
Federal fucking prison.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Yeah, right oh reconfiguration

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Oh there he is there we go hey now

Roy Merritt 7:25
so yeah so Norton has been struggling for quite a few years a decade or so at least you know.

Mike VO 7:32
Well they were struggling before when they went out of business in like the 60s right?

Roy Merritt 7:35
Well, yeah, I’m sure but I mean, as of recently they’ve been struggling so I don’t remember the exact numbers but the English government has put, I know it’s millions of dollars into Norton and kind of bragged about it to the people about oh, you know, look what Norton’s gonna do with all this money we’re giving them And meanwhile, there’s all this backhanded shit going on in the background. People aren’t getting their pensions and money’s getting put into other like nonprofit companies and all kinds of stuff as they read about this and they took all

Mike VO 8:12
the money from the nonprofit and bought boats. Yeah, all the classic good stuff. Nice. They watched what was that? What was that show in the 80s that had Charlie Sheen and Mike, Michael. Or maybe it’s Tom Cruise and they were lawyers.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
The firm.

Roy Merritt 8:35
It was a good movie. No firm.

Mike VO 8:38
Michael Douglas was like, he was like a power broker.

Roy Merritt 8:44
My falling down. No. That’s a great movie. It’s one of my favorites. I love that movie.

Shane Langdon 8:51
You and me were the same man.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
We are. We are

Mike VO 8:57
loony smashes that store. How much is this? Much. And then he pays

Roy Merritt 9:03
you know, there’s some brilliance in the writing of that because everything is really a progression, you know, it starts out with this just really small incident and it just grows and grows and grows into this, you know, ridiculousness of a day, Wall Street.

Mike VO 9:18
Wall Street. That’s the name of the movie, Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas, okay, and he’s a power broker and then they embezzle all that money through insider trading. And he’s like, got a huge penthouse in New York and all these boats and he and like, he’s trying to teach Charlie Sheen and then Charlie Sheen’s like, illegal. And he’s like, Man, fuck it. And then tries to pin it on Charlie Sheen when the feds find out. Oh, that was Norton. They watched that movie and they’re like, let’s do this. Super good idea. All the good shit. Okay. Oh, yeah. Take all that money.

Roy Merritt 9:48
Yeah. And we’re gonna fight and it’s sad because, you know, Norton’s like 120 something years old. Like it you know, it’s an it’s an old motorcycle company. You know, so I’ve always thought they made some cool button. You know, there’s been some cool bikes through the years, you know, you have to appreciate that kind of Euro bike, you know, to really get it, you know, scrambler style stuff. Yeah, the Americans in the Harley’s don’t get it necessarily, unless you’ve written other stuff. You know, I know I’ve written all kinds of different stuff, and I’d like it all, you know.

I see I see the look at everyone’s eyes when I said that. So, but

you know, it’s interesting, because none of that stuff ever comes out until it’s done. Yeah, I mean, to the places like gone so every one of those companies, there’s some back end shit going on, you know, for sure. Again, I’m sure Harley I’m sure Honda like all of them. There’s everybody in the company. They get their money out. Certainly million dollars. Go investors. You know, it’s like, it’s like embezzling $100 here when you get in business. Millions of dollars from Honda you know what I mean? Yeah, fucking know it. But yeah, I mean it. And it always comes out when when the place fails, because I guess you can’t do can’t be successful and embezzle all the money out of the companies. You know, you talk about popularity and you know, obviously we’re not we’re not a super popular show. But as we were at pod Fest, I, I use the both my listeners line quite a bit. When I was talking about stuff, and I’m like, yeah, both my listeners like that. That’s cool.

Mike VO 11:33
Well, I think we have Andrew West and Riker. Listen,

Roy Merritt 11:37
yeah, that’s true. So we might have four so that’s four.

Aaron Staudinger 11:40
Yeah. Speaking much. How bad is that turnout?

Shane Langdon 11:43
That’s awesome. Killer. It’s amazing. What a difference I manifold made. Yeah. So you built one the top end? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 11:49
But the 128 softail softail with 521. Can

Aaron Staudinger 11:56
I have 521 with the starter pipe? body?

Shane Langdon 11:59
Yeah. Stuck feeling springs?

Roy Merritt 12:02
Yeah. And it made How much? 147

Mike VO 12:03
foot pounds of torque and 130 horsepower.

Roy Merritt 12:06

Unknown Speaker 12:08
And a load of it on the bottom

Roy Merritt 12:10
on a low rider.

Mike VO 12:11
Yes. 20 124 foot pounds of torque at

Roy Merritt 12:14
2100 i mean you know all those Dyna bros that are trying to build the baddest bike ever again.

Aaron Staudinger 12:20
Can’t touch it. Yeah, you just get spanked with that. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 12:23
that bike that Michael wax any Dinah? Yeah, like done if you have a dyno with 140 and 130 or whatever you put for everything. Everything on that

Aaron Staudinger 12:36
Mike just built the green one that came out with Yeah, damn close to that. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 12:38
And I put it right in there. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 12:41
So this isn’t even done all the way up yet.

Roy Merritt 12:43
Yeah. Most Oh, yeah. And

I wonder I wonder if you could get like, Can’t touch this tag. That would be good. And then just, but Yeah, dude. I’m jealous that come on. That’s a bike that seriously that thing has got to be all of the fun.

Shane Langdon 13:05
Oh there it’s all of it want to build without the manifold was close to those numbers and it was a Ripper.

Roy Merritt 13:10
Yeah. So wait, his had a manifold we put

Aaron Staudinger 13:13
55 and now we got some other ideas about hey, if it like that maybe it’ll like something. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 13:19
yeah. So we’re gonna keep trying. Well, we we’ve kind of talked about this when we were talking about maybe getting what’s his name Jeff on the show one day from HPI.

Mike VO 13:27
Jimmy Jimmy Yeah, yes.

Aaron Staudinger 13:29
Jimmy he said he’s downhill.

Roy Merritt 13:31
Well, it was funny because when we were to show you know, Mike had brought up intake length and you know what we were talking about doing? We were trying some stuff with them. intake length, have you seen that prototype that they made and not not like a week later, they popped out the prototype where they’ve moved the throttle body all the way out in for almost in front of the cylinder.

Aaron Staudinger 13:51
Jimmy about that. And

Roy Merritt 13:52
I didn’t realize it but looking back, I think he is you could see it in his eyes when we started talking about trying to get the entity link to a little longer and and now he’s already back at the conversation. He was like, Oh, yeah, I’m already there. Yeah. Work on this, you know, he he told me that,

Aaron Staudinger 14:10
because I asked him I’m like, man, when can I get my hands on one of those? And he goes, it’s gonna be a little while. That was a digitally printed like rapid prototype printed. Okay, prototype, they ran it on a bike and it just that it picked up, as he said somewhere between 10 and 12 everywhere, everywhere.

Roy Merritt 14:28
Well, I’m sure I’ve done some calculations, I’m sure there’s a link that they’re going for there. And I’m sure it’s not just arbitrary. You know what I mean? whatever they’ve gone for they’re trying to hit a ball you know, a certain length. And if you can hit the right links, yeah, you can you can gain all over the place. And then my second question was, how much for one that fits Twin Cam.

Aaron Staudinger 14:50
And how quick Can I get?

Roy Merritt 14:51
Well, no, that’s when you how, what am I gonna have to do to do the r&d for you on the Twin Cam? Hey, you know, wait, what do I got to do? Send it to me?

Mike VO 14:59
Well, you know, I’m I was talking about doing the 64 millimeter screamin Eagle throttle body on the 55 millimeter intake manifold. But I think I’m going to call Jimmy and see if we can just send them a 55 millimeter intake and say make this to a 62 Cenotaph millet and just say this is the runner Yeah, make it fit 61 of your 60 twos and send it back to me and I want to run it on one of these 128 and see what that does. Because you know, the problem that you have when you get too much throttle body and intake manifold is you lose all that airspeed pressure. Yeah, so you don’t have any airspeed at the bottom.

Roy Merritt 15:33
Yeah, lose velocity. So

Mike VO 15:38
the benefit of having a larger throttle body is you can stack the pressure behind the throttle plate at wide open so that you’re stacking the air against the valve so that as soon as the valve opens the ears pushed in. So it almost becomes like a ram effect. So in the more volume you have, the more it kind of rebounds off itself it can

Roy Merritt 15:56
be so that’s what you’re talking about is how stock gearboxes are Designed is like kind of storing the air that you need when you open that that cylinder right outside of the throttle plate so that when you open it you don’t lose the velocity that’s why that’s why all airbox was anything cars whatever it is have a chamber that stores air in around the filter so that when you whack it there’s something there to grab.

Mike VO 16:22
Nobody wants a water man. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 16:24
it’s it’s God’s water. Yeah. But no, you’re you know that what you’re talking about is so funny enough. Back in the day when we were all into Honda’s and stuff me and the guys in Florida I had a buddy that had a CR x you’d have anything done to it was pretty much bone stock you put like a header and exhaust and was running no air filter when he was out on the drag strip. And I was like man, you’re you would take to actually he would take his mufflers off And he would take his air filter off and run it the drag strip and I’m like, Man, you’re really hurting yourself. No, no, no, this is how I get the most power and most power on my gear. If you were on a dyno and you wanted to hit the highest horsepower number you could hit, maybe. But if you’re actually, you know, racing, you need power and the bottom two and you’re losing power. No, no, no, you’re lying. You’re lying. So I made a bet with him. And we put, he ran like three four runs without it, and we put the mufflers and the stock intake back on it. And he picked up almost half a second. half a second. Sure. Yeah, it was like stupid. It was like, point 3.4 or whatever it was. And we were talking 615 16 second car Pro. Yeah, you know, so half a second easier to, you know, to stretch on a 15 second car. We’re not talking nine second car. But yeah, and afterwards, he was like, uh, you know, it was like I told you, man, you’re hurting. You’re hurting your performance by just dumping this shit out here and not getting any back pressure.

Mike VO 18:05
So back to motorcycle companies owners that embezzled the money. You guys remember a sucker punch? Sally’s.

Oh, yeah, we have one of those bikes here. Yeah.

Pretty sure them the owner took all the money for deposits for and then just kept it all. He’s in prison. also allegedly. No big bear still around. Big Bear so he’s in prison. It’s

Unknown Speaker 18:27
done. Okay. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 18:31
Pretty sure Sucker Punch they are. They’re still selling fenders and all kinds of stuff up there

wasn’t that that was the deal with them because they had next breaking off a bikes or something like that. Was that again allegedly?

Roy Merritt 18:50
Who had next breaking off the bikes?

Aaron Staudinger 18:51
I guess I didn’t ever own one. Had I had a buddy that chopper shop 2014 I guess there was some kind of issue with the web. On the next on some of the choppers and they’d be literally riding down the road boom.

Roy Merritt 19:04
Well, the more you rake, that front end, the more you’re relying on those fields

Aaron Staudinger 19:10
on that road they had to like gusset them and there was all kinds of crazy stuff going

Unknown Speaker 19:13
on. Yeah. Oh, there you go. Who’s that?

Roy Merritt 19:18
Sucker Punch on

Mike VO 19:19
December 20 Creston for fraud. Scottsdale police auto crime detectives. Detectives have completed a two year investigation involving the owner of Sucker Punch Sal is located at whatever his addresses only Jerry Lee Clayton at 64 was arrested on November 20. For two felony counts of theft by misrepresentation. This occasion revealed that Clinton defrauded victims from Canada in North Carolina out of $34,600 for bobber custom motorcycles that were never delivered. So in total $3,000,656 and 931 cents, 3 million $656,931 six judgments against him. That’s how much money he stole from people. Well, to build them, Sucker Punch salad,

Roy Merritt 20:09
how much

Mike VO 20:10
$3,000,003.6 million.

Roy Merritt 20:15
You want to start a shop?

Mike VO 20:18
So what he did was he would take he would, you’d have to give him the deposit for the bike. So you give him $35,000. And then he wouldn’t build the bike until you got so pissed off that you’re like, I’m fucking taking you to court and then he’d like give you a bike. And he was recycling Vin numbers, all kinds of crazy shit. He would say, Hey, here’s a motorcycle, but I need it. Let me borrow it to take it to the show. And then he’d give that to somebody else with a fake number on it. And he was like, doing all kinds of fucked up stuff. got away with it for like eight years.

Shane Langdon 20:49
Seems like a lot of work. I mean, I trust him out.

Aaron Staudinger 20:52
Yeah. So big bear What year was that? That went down.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
It was like, as soon as

Aaron Staudinger 21:00
Alright guys, this is say in 2005. No, there was a recall 251 bikes affected and a small builder like that. That’s quite a bit. Some motorcycles may have been inadequate weld penetration between the neck and backbone and down tubes of the frame. high loads created when writing on rough surfaces. Other structural modifications made to the frame by owners or failure to maintain them may allow it to crack.


Roy Merritt 21:30
Danger will Robinson. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 21:34
not sure if one led to the other or if it was just some other kind of business stuff, but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:49

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Your beer and your beer

Mike VO 21:58
seemed just riding off towards now. Should

Roy Merritt 22:00
mountain fresh is that? Is that not Mount Rainier?

Shane Langdon 22:04

Mike VO 22:06
Whatever smartass. Um, yeah,

Roy Merritt 22:07
I would just assume that was Mount Rainier. Right.

Mike VO 22:11
Hard to say it’s an Oregon.

Aaron Staudinger 22:16
Microphone man.

Shane Langdon 22:19
The best commercials

Ranier Beer 22:22
to lose the great state of Montana. Kalispell Custer from planning word on Livingston Elena up to Great Falls and clear around to Glenn dive and all the great cities town. Thanks guy country in between rain air, Montana’s favorite beer because it’s a big one.

Mike VO 22:48
So maybe that was my childhood.

Roy Merritt 22:52
Where’s my where’s my rain here?

Mike VO 22:53
All right here is in Washington, which is where I thought reindeer beer was. Yeah, I was in Oregon.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Okay, so it could be I don’t know

Roy Merritt 23:02
it’s interesting

Mike VO 23:03
look like Mount Hood but

I think all mounts kind of look similar they do they whether it’s Fuji or hood or renier What’s the one in The Simpsons?

Unknown Speaker 23:20
That’s a good that’s a good

Unknown Speaker 23:21
question. He would think oh no that

Roy Merritt 23:28
okay, you can keep the conversation. A beer here. You don’t want to have it in beer talking. I

Aaron Staudinger 23:34
am thinking about the mountain now you got me thinking. So.

God dammit. I hate

Shane Langdon 23:44
the Simpsons. Salaam. Yeah, Jesus.

Mike VO 23:47
I it might be like the longest running series of all time. Like total series. It’s gotta be I know. It was the longest running cartoon like 10 years. Yeah, I just

Roy Merritt 23:55
can’t believe how slow they age. Yeah 30 years, man, they’re still in elementary school. Some of those kids. That’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
I choo choo choos you There you go. That was a good one. Let’s

Mike VO 24:11
see the top 10 defunct motorcycle companies top 10 I think you pick the category already with Norton. Yeah, we got back Norton

Roy Merritt 24:18
either. Yeah. Well, Norton. Yeah. Well, they’re I mean, we kind of said what we needed to say about Norton. So defunct? Well, what is it rebel? Was it rebel that changed now? I mean, did they count as a defunct? rebel? Was

Shane Langdon 24:35
rebel motorcycle DMC still making choppers

who Rob big choppers.

Roy Merritt 24:44
Masai motorcycle, yeah, really went off motorcycle. Yeah, there’s a bunch of them. I’ve never even heard of.

Aaron Staudinger 24:51
That’s a bike I want to ride. There you go. Moscow. motorcycle.

You’ll be good. My friend runs up. I

Roy Merritt 25:01
don’t know if it runs on vodka. Yeah, but gasoline or whatever like oil you can find out of a fryer.

Shane Langdon 25:10
You know they’ll write anything. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 25:12
you leave the beer. You take some of the fryer oil in the tank.

Aaron Staudinger 25:19
Or bite comes with a holder for a bottle of vodka and a baseball bat. Yep.

Roy Merritt 25:24
So I thought there was several silic. Excelsior Young was in Chicago. Excelsior was a nut. I never I never heard Mike say that before he had to leave. Mm hmm.

Aaron Staudinger 25:39
Oh, come on, hop on my nut. Let’s go for a ride nut

Roy Merritt 25:42
motorcycle was a British motorcycle manufacturer founded in Newcastle. Someone didn’t think that through very well. Oh, I gotta I gotta click on this. This was a British motor founded in Newcastle upon time, in 1912. Hugh Mason and john Hall, who had previously been making motorcycles since 1906, under a badge based on Mason’s initials Hmm. And later under the name, Jasmine and Berkeley, I guess that’s how you say there’s no k It’s weird. By 1913 they’re racing motorcycles were competing successfully in the Isle of Man TT races. And Hugh Mason’s man so

Shane Langdon 26:29

Roy Merritt 26:30
Jap in engine nut motorcycle on the 1930s Jr TT by just 46 seconds

Unknown Speaker 26:40
I don’t know if you break that

Roy Merritt 26:42
chat but that is JP all capital. I don’t think it’s like the racial gap. Yeah, I I’m like reading it up. laughing I’m like, J nut.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
That’s This is great. jp is nut.

Roy Merritt 26:55
Yeah. So it looks like they went defunct in 1933 Would I mean come on? Who would not want to write a nut? I would write I’m not touching that. I’m not Yeah, I would drive motors II know

Unknown Speaker 27:09
you would write.

Roy Merritt 27:12
I would do it just because I kind

Shane Langdon 27:13
of said that earlier. You’ve written just about everything. So

Roy Merritt 27:20
I always put my foot in the mouth.

Shane Langdon 27:21
And then some.

Mike VO 27:23
I want to watch that happen. Oh

Roy Merritt 27:28
yeah. No, we found Did you did you say nut motorcycles up? Okay. Yeah, you missed out on? Yes, not motorcycles. So, now that you’re back to your mechanic

Aaron Staudinger 27:42
just never bring to it. What

Shane Langdon 27:43
I’m a massive need to work on your nut

Unknown Speaker 27:45
master mechanic.

Unknown Speaker 27:47

Aaron Staudinger 27:49
guy walks him right down the road. Next thing you know, I busted my nut.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Oh shit.

Unknown Speaker 27:55
busted. Can you fix it?

Roy Merritt 27:56
If you’re gonna talk about default motors or nobodies? I guess you have to talk about fuel.

Shane Langdon 28:00
Yeah, sadly sadly, man, he’s still making race bikes, but

Mike VO 28:04
Well, I don’t give a shit what anybody says Indian is a defunct motorcycle company. That’s true. The motorcycles being made right now are made by Polaris. They’re not Indians. Yeah. Oh, no, it doesn’t victory.

Unknown Speaker 28:15

Mike VO 28:17
So, you know, all these fucking retards. I think they’re part of some great American Historical thing. Like pay attention. Get the nameplate like you’re riding a motor. You’re riding a metric motorcycle

Shane Langdon 28:28
with a badge, and they’re so ugly nowadays. They’ve been ugly. They weren’t.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
They were back then.

Shane Langdon 28:34
They were so ugly. They’re just they look ugly and cheap now. They’re not metal anymore.

Aaron Staudinger 28:39
Yeah, it’s been a lot of videos of that new Road Glide ish thing and their challenger.

Racing them side by side and look how bad we smoked. A Road Glide. Yo,

Shane Langdon 28:49
yo, our stock Road Glide. Yeah, this is

Roy Merritt 28:52
I have a really cool story about the challenger challenger. So I was in Florida, and the last time I went down there, I borrowed my buddy’s Harley and ordered around for a couple days I was there. And this time I just rented a car so I didn’t bother and I was talking to him on the phone. And I said something about getting a new bike. I think we were talking about upgrading his bike and I’m like, why don’t you just buy a Milwaukee eight? let me build it come up here and you can ride home. It’ll be fucking awesome. Yeah. And he’s like, Oh, my new bike is the challenger sitting in my shop. And I was like, What? You got a challenger and he’s like, Yeah, I got a really good deal on it, you know, blah, blah, blah. It’s got some custom work to it. And I’m thinking Okay, sounds used. The Challenger is kind of a new thing. Yeah. You know, and I’m like, going, he’s going on and on. And I’m like, as he’s talking, I’m realizing he’s talking about a car. Oh, you know how you saved me like my bike fit here. So I’m like, wait, wait, we wait a minute. Because the whole time he’s talking all I can think is how am I going to get to his house and ride this challenger? Yeah, that mean that’s the only thought going through my head is okay. Someone I know that will let me ride his bike, bought a challenger. I’m going there right now. So I’m like, so wait, you bought a new bike or you bought a car and he’s like, Oh, I bought a car Challenger and I was like, Okay, I was like, I’m sorry. But yeah, I’m on motorcycle mind. I thought you meant an Indian challenger, and he’s like, I’m not gonna buy a fucking Indian. I was like, that’s why I was all confused. But yeah, for a second there. I was like, hell yeah, I’m gonna go ride a challenger because I haven’t gotten to ride one. So it’s hard to make a judgement. You know, starting at 21 999 they’re priced in the same range that a Road Glide is a claim 122 horsepower 128 foot pounds of torque

Aaron Staudinger 30:43

Roy Merritt 30:45
I think they’re claiming engine numbers there because I have heard through the grapevine of people that I know that dyno tune that they don’t make nowhere near that on the dyno.

Mike VO 30:56
No, we did that on the last podcast. We found the actual number in the chat was that what it was somebody doing it online? Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah like road and track or somebody and it was like 107 and 100 Yeah, some Yes. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 31:09
So they given you motor horsepower there then

Unknown Speaker 31:11
yeah, not only not real

Mike VO 31:15
i j WA or whatever.

Shane Langdon 31:19
Like how they try to copy the look of the Road Glide as much as they can without infringement.

Roy Merritt 31:24
I you know, I’m I actually don’t buy into that. I mean, all sport bikes look alike. Often cruisers look like almost all pickup trucks look alike. You know, they’re all shaped relatively the same. It if somebody is making a product that sells somebody else is going to make something similar. It’s just the way it is.

Mike VO 31:43
So you know, when I was a kid, my dad, never you know, I had to start out with the $500 jet bikes. Yeah, so my very first road bike when I was like 13, or 14 was a Yamaha 650 maximum. Oh, yeah. And then I graduated to a Honda v 65 Magnum yeah

Unknown Speaker 32:06
that’s not that’s

Roy Merritt 32:07
not a little boy boy that’s that’s a man’s but those things are fast man.

Mike VO 32:13
But you know what was awesome is like the Japanese cruisers looked like Japanese cruisers. Yeah, you know what I mean? And that look is cool i like it i love old jet I love those old Japanese cruiser bikes man and i mean i get i guess i understand why they felt like they had to try to mimic you know the Harley look because, you know, I mean, it basically just dominates the roads but if they would they’re kind of sort of going back to it now

Roy Merritt 32:40
Ducati started it with the scrambler

Mike VO 32:42
yeah they’re kind of breaking breaking away from the from the just mirroring the American v twin and kind of going back to that, like we have our own identity as a as a market and man

Roy Merritt 32:51
that was the kind of Saki was the Kawasaki that they just volken No, it’s like a 1200 What do they call it? It’s kind of a naked bike. It was like originally a naked bike. And I want to say it’s like an inline for 1200. And it’s made by cows.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
Not as

Unknown Speaker 33:13
loud as er, the ZX 10. Might be a zR maybe.

Roy Merritt 33:18
But it’s not a fairing bike. And it’s kind of old shape.

Shane Langdon 33:24
zR x No.

Mike VO 33:28
Isn’t that a Chevy?

Roy Merritt 33:29
It’s Kawasaki Z. Yeah. zR x Yeah, that’s to

Shane Langdon 33:34
the 80s and 90s.

Roy Merritt 33:35
Ride. Those are fucking nuts about them. They say one of the best riding bikes. They love it. So, you know, the, I think, I think Mike’s onto something there that you know, maybe bringing back that style. Yeah. You know, would would be something that would actually work for them in their favor, you know? No, I you know, if they could do it and keep it cheap enough, make some little 500 cc, you know, cool retro Japanese bikes for cheap, like the Chinese are doing. Yeah. You know it’s something

Aaron Staudinger 34:13
later Marcus.

Roy Merritt 34:16
So what’s it What’s it say? there? Let me see that thing we got we got our new business hours

Shane Langdon 34:20
on Sunday nine to five on Monday through Friday nine to six on Saturday. It says we’re still open every day every day. Okay, let’s go We’re good. Governor said he’s not shutting down. No. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:35

Unknown Speaker 34:41

Mike VO 34:41
yeah, look at that. That was it right there.

Roy Merritt 34:44
First, like I’ve come across

Aaron Staudinger 34:51
a lot like they hadn’t seen the 650 I haven’t home right.

Roy Merritt 34:55
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Maximum. That’s kind of like my Vulcan 750 was

Shane Langdon 34:58
Yeah, that’s sad.

Aaron Staudinger 35:00
Jim is a Vulcan. I really regret that actually. I had a excess 650 was my dad’s bike, and I wanted to make a bobber chopper so bad. I took that bike and chopped it up. Yeah. And now it’s a really badass little bobber, but I really wish it looked like that still. Yeah.

Mike VO 35:19
Yeah, you know, I regret it. You know, bikes that are super hard to find stage in my life worth a mint, our Cb 1000s and the Kawasaki kZ 1100s. If you can find a kZ 1100 or a CB CB 1100 receiving 1000 honors

Roy Merritt 35:38
Yeah, which was equal there was a CB x. That was super rare. I used to know guy ran one of those. It was like an Oh, I gotta look that up now because it was like an inline four six or fours. I think the CB X was an in CB x 1000. Let’s see here. It’s an inline six cylinder, okay. And they asked Come out the front. It’s falling out. And there was a guy that worked at the harbor freight in Casselberry, where I was that road one to work every day and it was beautiful. And I was like, Dude, that bike is badass. And he’s like, Yeah, no, I love it. But yeah, it was a super cool bike and they even did some that were dressed up like fairing like that that that was like a sport tour if you will. But nasty little bikes. I mean, it’s a lot of motor on a little bike. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:28

Roy Merritt 36:31
brake horsepower.

Shane Langdon 36:32
There’s a 79 Honda CB x 1100 on sale for $22,000

Aaron Staudinger 36:39
how much fucking 22 grand for that year so hard to find 500 motor that might sell for new because all 20 $300

Unknown Speaker 36:47
yeah bucks.

Mike VO 36:48
Yeah. So because all through the late 70s and 80s those words like the little chopper bikes, cuz I mean, they’re just they were brutal for back in the day but styling though is just cool.

Shane Langdon 37:02
There’s always 1200 bucks or 12,000

Mike VO 37:06
that’s a 1984 cb 1000. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love that styling. I would it’s gone.

Roy Merritt 37:15
Well, just to be an ass, I guess yeah, we are recording in the shops decided to fire up a bike out there.

Mike VO 37:22
So we decided to buy a bike up there. s&s

Aaron Staudinger 37:24
makes exhaust the grand nationals for the diamonds in the softails. It looks like that. Yeah. Very similar styling that up sweet. A little bit a little bit of splay in the pipe like that.

Roy Merritt 37:33
So one of the bikes speaking of CB, whatever. One of the bikes that’s on my list of bikes that I will own one day. Is

Shane Langdon 37:42
this a

Roy Merritt 37:43
CDR xx Oh, which was right before the boosah and they were actually really hard to find in silver. All you see on here silver, but the blackbirds what they call them, and they Oh yeah, blacked out. And I rode with a guy that had one of these and they’re super cool. bikes because especially for guy like me because they’re a little bit longer wheelbase a little bit bigger than like a leader bike necessarily up today. Yeah. And they’re meant they actually had like saddlebag kits and everything for him. So they’re meant to ride for

Aaron Staudinger 38:14
a while yeah the bars are up a little bit more so you’re not quite on your wrist as far as Yeah,

Roy Merritt 38:18
and I mean it’s a good looking bike dude. And I don’t know how they’ve gone in price but you can usually pick him up for a pretty decent price and I always said I’m like one day that’s gonna be like a second bike or something like that like I you know, I’ve ridden you know the new the new leader does you fall in love with every bike you see? No the new

Aaron Staudinger 38:35
you want a lowrider s with 140 horsepower you

want that

Unknown Speaker 38:41
sport bikes

Roy Merritt 38:44
are pretty legit bikes man, like awesome if you don’t know how to ride there is no need for you to be on an RR whoever makes it you knew and I mean like those bikes even the six hundreds they fucking screwed man they get they get what drives that Right. Racing. Yes.

Aaron Staudinger 39:02
Yeah, the the the Super Sport classes totally drive that. Yeah, you have to have pretty much stock bike. And if you want to be competitive, you better bring it on the showroom floor. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 39:12
Well, no, like the BMW 1000s. And those they have all kinds of stuff like corner control, power side control, wheelie control

Unknown Speaker 39:18
clutch electronics, everything. Oh, yeah.

Shane Langdon 39:21
So you can take somebody that isn’t a decent rider and put them on that and they are way better rider because it controls the throttle and the and the power to the rear wheel and corners. akiane.

Roy Merritt 39:30
Yeah, if you have the problem is, is that every writer thinks they’re a better rider when they get on one. And that is well on

Shane Langdon 39:37
that. Yeah, but what what I’m saying is if you took someone that wrote that and got used to writing that with all the controls set up, and then you put them on,

Roy Merritt 39:44
yeah, an older bike. I mean, you guys have written with groups, and I’m sure it happens through years you go through cycles of riding with people in different groups of people and from my experience if I show up on a new scene, The guy with the fastest bike there is probably the newest rider with the least amount of experience you know what I’m saying? Yeah, and the guy with the bike that doesn’t look fast at all is probably the best rider there yeah and and and it almost always holds true you know yeah there’s some in betweens where that doesn’t work but that bike that you think might be fast but doesn’t really look like it is and the guy doesn’t have a lot to say that’s the guy you got to fucking worry about. Yeah, those are those are the guys how they’re snapped

Unknown Speaker 40:30
out. Yes, the crap that hauls ass.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
Yeah. Got up

Aaron Staudinger 40:34
fight. Which one? Tyler? Who?

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Which? Tyler

Shane Langdon 40:39
tie tie.

Roy Merritt 40:41
Oh, yeah. ties. Well, okay, so Reagan, Franco, Franco to glide clap. Roger, like the halls as a good writer doesn’t need the fastest by

Shane Langdon 40:50
gonna squeeze everything.

Roy Merritt 40:51
Yeah, to get in the front or to win a race because most guys really never push their bikes as hard as they can be pushed. Yeah, you know, so You put somebody like Ty on, you know, a low rider s with 147 foot pounds of torque 130 horse he’s probably gonna kill himself. Yeah. You know, because he’s used to pushing things to the max and

Aaron Staudinger 41:11
we’ve seen one of those jump yet.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
We’ll try and put him on and he’ll try man for sure.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
I mean, I’ve

Shane Langdon 41:22

Roy Merritt 41:24
and I’ve, you know, I wrote off road for many years and rode like 120 fives and things like that when I was a young teenager and the first time I got on a 250 I didn’t hurt myself and I fucked the bike up a little bit, you know, broke the fender, fairing, whatever they call it under by. I could never keep it straight and I was getting yelled at for it. But, you know, I got on it thinking oh, I’m gonna show him what’s up and wrap the throttle. And that thing shot right out from underneath. It was it was literally a 250 race bike. racer. Yes, true. And they go come at Oh, yeah, when I nailed it. I was not ready. Little i think i think i was like 14 years old you know I like where is it Where is it? Oh here it is. Well what it happened was we were out by my lake and it was always sand out there. So I went around kick the acid around went to Nayla to do a wheelie to come back at him and it really did just kept rotating. When when it was all said and done, I Superman into the, into the sand, I think got up with my pride about crushed. You know, and after that I learned a little bit about humility. But I still to this day, have a problem.

Mike VO 42:42
not drinking at work. No.

Roy Merritt 42:47
Not going full throttle. So if I get on something, I want to know what it has in it. You know what I’m saying? So no matter what it is, at some point, I am going to go full throttle on somebody who doesn’t know Yeah, somebody like my bike is I live in full flow I know. You know, so I have to to keep myself happy but, you know on on these big builds we do you know, I don’t ride them because I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna I’m gonna give it hell, and there’s a good chance that something’s gonna go awry. I mean like, tires are gonna break loose things are gonna go and I’ve never owned a bike that had enough power to roll on burnout you know what I’m saying? Like you can but some of these bikes

Shane Langdon 43:31
them everyone we build

Roy Merritt 43:32
it Yeah, these bikes that we’re building if you’re if you’re in first gear and you won’t burn out, you just wrapped the throttle and you’re good or not.

Shane Langdon 43:39
Yeah, and then then people will troll like, Oh, I want a wheelie. And so you’re rolling on perfectly. It’s just gonna break the tire.

Roy Merritt 43:45
Yeah, when I build my bike, and it has that fuck yeah, I’ll be happy but I don’t want to go out on somebody else’s bike. look like an idiot and lay down while we’re insured man.

Aaron Staudinger 43:54
Yeah. That’s what’s funny,

Roy Merritt 43:57
is we’re like we’re not insured. For my job

Aaron Staudinger 44:03
we talked

earlier this week about like the the bravado that some of these guys leave with, like their like rap rap rap Bad Girl On The Street, like oh, you know, whatever, I’m badass and they come back and it looks like they saw it go

Unknown Speaker 44:16
back into their back in their shaken they put the kickstand down. They’re smiling. They’re like holy shit

Aaron Staudinger 44:24
There we go. That’s right. That’s right.

Mike VO 44:26
Yeah, it’s nuts like Johnny Mize. All he does is post videos of him like doing burnout. Oh

Aaron Staudinger 44:34
yeah, he sold his old cameras because he had to figure out new ways to mount to record all new angles to record how badass is Mike.

Unknown Speaker 44:43
So I mean it is man. It is.

Roy Merritt 44:47
Yeah, I mean, some of that stuff that we’re putting out there is nasty and I think maybe that’s where the industry or even you know Harley or maybe even in the industry has kind of lost touch with riders is that you know and it was kind of something I wanted to talk about with jr he’s not really respond to me right now but stock bikes do suck man doesn’t matter what the fuck you buy, they all suck nobody wants to talk like you know what I mean? Who wants to go spend their money on something when they pull up next to their buddy has the exact same thing Yeah, nobody fucking wants that shit. Everybody wants a little edge you don’t buy a Mustang keep the stock. Nobody keeps fucking stock Mustangs you know what I mean? By the six Mustangs I was gonna say if you want a stock Mustang you buy a convertible Why don’t play with the V six and you give it to your girlfriend?

Mike VO 45:34
yeah same with the challenger

Aaron Staudinger 45:37
yeah sounds to me

Mike VO 45:39
you see those v six challengers and you’re like can I think you can get out of its own way

Shane Langdon 45:43
sure to make noise when the hammer it but they don’t go anywhere. Do you like

Roy Merritt 45:49
I have to defend the Miata a little bit. So I did drive one for a while. drift cars and it had a turbo and a bunch of stuff on it and it had tires. with blue tread on them, so when I did burnouts it would blue smoke. Okay, so it was white with like blue racing strip Shelby stripes had the chrome little things that went over it. It It is small, you don’t really want to drive

Shane Langdon 46:15
it way too big to

Roy Merritt 46:18
fit surprisingly enough, it’s not nearly as bad as you would think. Well, I’ve

Shane Langdon 46:22
driven I’ve driven my buddies and I was like, dude, I feel like I’m getting into a little but it’s fun as like a bowl. Oh, they’re fun. It was a break loose in here the drift package was like drift until we come out of the corner and then it would just go off

Roy Merritt 46:35
at 788 I think when they brought up the Miata. I’m going to share a little bit knowledge here because I used to drive one. One of nine cars ever mass produced at that point they had almost a perfect 5050 weight distribution on the title. Yeah, tires. So there was only a 15 pound difference between front and rear of the weight distribution. It was like 1300 and 80 in the front 1300 and 65 in the rear.

Aaron Staudinger 47:01
They’re so good SCCA made a whole division.

Roy Merritt 47:04
Yeah. All it isn’t chaotic, just pretty much factory. And so I would be in this thing and we bought it my uncle I bought it because it looks cool when the guy needed money. Yeah, it was one of those situations. So it had its issues. It really needed to be tuned every once a while didn’t want to run, right. But I would get out on the road drive this thing around, and every fucking car that pulled up next to me wanted to race me, every car, it didn’t matter who it was, it would be some fucking dickhead. And like, you know, a fucking Honda Civic vow revenues engine. I’m just I would look over and like, shake my head. No. Like, no. And they would Mom Mom, Mom, Mom, I’m gonna sit there and I’m like, all these fucking idiots. And so every time I can, I can’t I’m telling you hundreds of times. Like we turn green. They would take off how would you read my motor, I’d let the clutch out. Run out first gear, blow off valve, second gear every time. I don’t care how fast that fucking car was. When I ran out second gear and hit that ball valve. I was in front of them. And as I would hit the blow off valve on purpose as I ride by him, yeah, as I passed, I would see the front end just dive down. Like, you could just see them let off the gas like fuck, I got nothing on this every time and then I would just shake my head no and take off. And a couple of times that car scared the fuck out of me. I’m not gonna lie. I I came out on to 1792 in Casselberry, and it was a nice wide turn. And I nailed it. I was like, I want to see how fast I can get through this turn. And I did. And it was slower than I went through that turn. And as I nailed the gas, I found that blue smoke rolling off the back and I drifted through this turn. unintentionally. I was trying not to drift but I drifted. And that car smoked those fucking tires. And after that I was I was a little more careful how fast because I you know you’re driving in the sea feels like a go kart. Yeah, so you’re like fuck it there’s nothing I can take corner as fast as I want. And you can’t always too long especially the turbo

Shane Langdon 49:08
hammer Yeah, everything’s when that comes on comes on in the middle of the corner you’re gonna possibly break. Yeah, so mosey the beer.

Unknown Speaker 49:16

Shane Langdon 49:17
I’ll take another one.

Roy Merritt 49:18
So I most of the time, I kept the boost around like 14 to 16 I think that’s a lot of boost. But you could crank it up to about 22 because of stage three The engine was nuts. That’s when you had issues in the corner. Oh, yeah. And I would get it would break up a little bit too because it wasn’t it wasn’t tuned right for it but you could turn the boost up to about 22 and god damn that thing was fast, you know? So hey, hey.

Unknown Speaker 49:54
Are you guys know a Formula One is doing a

Shane Langdon 49:59
grab some cups. Everything’s going virtual virtual. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 50:03
NASCAR’s doing it. I already get my porn virtually. So they

Shane Langdon 50:05
are Yeah, it’s balls, right like

Mike VO 50:07
I was. I don’t know, I mean

Roy Merritt 50:15
Google Cardboard So Google Cardboard VR is this thing you can order for a couple bucks. And it comes with lenses and a piece of cardboard that folds up into VR glasses. I feel like that’s a trick. You put your phone in. Yeah, you put your phone in it. I haven’t done it. You know?

Mike VO 50:35
I feel like that’s just some kids

Aaron Staudinger 50:37
are crazy.

It’s today’s version of pet rock.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Pet Rock. She know he

Unknown Speaker 50:47
made a million

Roy Merritt 50:48
myself. I mean, do you really think you need that much money? Like it’s a jump

Unknown Speaker 50:52
to conclusions.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
It’s a jump to conclusions, man.

Aaron Staudinger 51:02
Do you have to get almost killed in the car crash for that succeed?

Roy Merritt 51:05
Yeah, that’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Dreams come true. Look at me

Roy Merritt 51:12
shortly conclusion. This is

Unknown Speaker 51:15
lovely stars laughing

Unknown Speaker 51:17
out. Well,

Unknown Speaker 51:25
we are getting. He decides he wants to live.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
takes a look at his wife decides

Unknown Speaker 51:31
he wants to live

Shane Langdon 51:33
on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
Hi honey.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
He accidentally throws a card reverse.

Shane Langdon 51:40
Nowhere drunk driver plows into

Roy Merritt 51:43
what is this? Well, hold on. I’m getting lost here.

Aaron Staudinger 51:45
It’s on the office space office space. One of the best movies ever made.

Shane Langdon 51:52
a stapler it’s it’s the one that goes. I take the report and give it to the people

Roy Merritt 52:05
I don’t know whenever you have like a breakdown like that I think a champ. Oh, you know what he’s like when you’re yelling and like what’s your problem? I just feel instantly good a champ whammy. Why am

Unknown Speaker 52:18
I love lamp? I love lamp.

Mike VO 52:21
I want to go to the pants party.

Shane Langdon 52:25
Party with the pants. Are you offering

Roy Merritt 52:28
I I am extending to you in invitation to the pants party, the party in the dance party? She’s like are you trying to say they’re

Shane Langdon 52:38
your pants?

No, I do not want to go to the pants party. Okay, okay, Mike, would you like to dance party? No Brig. I would not like to go the pants party.

Roy Merritt 52:56
Good movies. Anything with Will Ferrell. He does be pretty well. No. I love good dialogue ferals invested I still to this day grandma’s boy is is one of the best dialogue movies. Yeah,

Shane Langdon 53:13
that and

Unknown Speaker 53:15
all the

Shane Langdon 53:18
future one where he goes, idiocracy. Yeah, that’s a great global movies. Oh.

Roy Merritt 53:27
Mike’s obsessed with his microphone and phone tie. Yeah. You should have bought a Samsung

Aaron Staudinger 53:37
tried to play.

Roy Merritt 53:39
So I’m in the middle of rebuilding the website. I have all of this really cool ship planned, and I’ve no idea how to do it. So

Shane Langdon 53:51
my wife says tech support if you need Yeah.

Roy Merritt 53:56
I am knee deep in a whole new platform with WordPress and All this stuff so I looked look for the website here soon hopefully by the time I get this episode out we’ll be up and running gonna have transcripts and blogs and we might do some articles on stuff I’m going to start doing maybe some

Unknown Speaker 54:25
a bad choice bad choice

Unknown Speaker 54:31
those close at the toilet store

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Aren’t you get a hang grenade. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
God sex Panther

Unknown Speaker 54:43
is illegal in nine

Unknown Speaker 54:44
countries. kill the guy with

Shane Langdon 54:48
a real banter so you

Unknown Speaker 54:51
know yeah 60% of the time

Unknown Speaker 55:00
I’m gonna be honest with you that smells like

Unknown Speaker 55:05
60% of the time. I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 55:09
that doesn’t make sense.

Unknown Speaker 55:14

Unknown Speaker 55:17
I love desk. brick. Are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Do you really love the lamp or are you just saying it because you saw it?

Unknown Speaker 55:31
I love layup. I love lamp. smash your face into a corner.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
Mother Dorothy man.

Roy Merritt 55:40
How dare you

Unknown Speaker 55:42
call her again?

Unknown Speaker 55:47
I could be wrong. But I believe diversity is an old old one.

Unknown Speaker 55:55
Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the affiliates were concerned about the lack of an old Little boy

Unknown Speaker 56:06

Unknown Speaker 56:08
really got out of hand

Unknown Speaker 56:10
jumped up a notch

Unknown Speaker 56:11
it didn’t didn’t Yeah, I stabbed a man in the heart

Unknown Speaker 56:17
break kill the guy

Unknown Speaker 56:18
tried it.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Yeah horses we’re gonna try and I killed a guy with a trident

Unknown Speaker 56:24
meaning to talk to you about that you should find yourself a safe house or a relative close by for a while.

Unknown Speaker 56:30
You’re probably wanted for murder. Oh

Unknown Speaker 56:36
no, I can’t say that I do.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
I don’t know how to put this

Unknown Speaker 56:44
kind of a thing.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
People know me. knows.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
I’m very important. I have many leather bound books.

Shane Langdon 56:57
My apartment

There’s my favorite lines.

Roy Merritt 57:04
Yep, my apartment smells of rich mahogany

Unknown Speaker 57:09
leather many

Roy Merritt 57:11
Maryland stuffs by the house every once in a while. Yeah, just to say hi this

Shane Langdon 57:14
is no big no big deal.

knew how much we could have movies here were

Roy Merritt 57:24
our own podcasts on an encyclopedic knowledge.

Aaron Staudinger 57:27
Yes. It’s crazy. Yeah. Like I forgotten half the shit that you guys

Unknown Speaker 57:31
bounce off the walls like Tuesday through Saturday never gets Oh, yeah when I got Jamie

Shane Langdon 57:38
Jamie with the mountain he had Jeremy was a mountain

he’s all he’s totally in a hurry.

You got your mountain today he’s like mountain man like not not right now. Maybe a couple

ever seen Varsity Blues is like I love that movie. And like Then how did I Get you with

Aaron Staudinger 58:06
my jeans. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
He says you must be this high to ride. But

Mike VO 58:19
lost control again. Yes. What podcast? Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:22
about an hour in anyway.

Aaron Staudinger 58:24
Hey, so it took us an hour to get to this point last time I think it was about 10 minutes.

Mike VO 58:29
We’re sorting salt and pepper within

Unknown Speaker 58:31
30 bucks

Unknown Speaker 58:35
go back Tyler

Roy Merritt 58:40
you guy

Shane Langdon 58:41
and Jamie comes in. He’s like What the hell’s going on?

Unknown Speaker 58:44
Give you $30 a job and then we got him.

Roy Merritt 58:49
He’s like, I can’t believe I let you fucking crazy people do this at my dealership

Unknown Speaker 58:55
to change it to

Aaron Staudinger 58:56
buy from an undisclosed location

Roy Merritt 58:58
in all seriousness, You know hopefully by the time this comes out the websites done check it out. We’re gonna start I’m gonna start doing those podcasts

Aaron Staudinger 59:07

Roy Merritt 59:09
I know I’m gonna do that April 1 and then this will probably be April 5 How many

Mike VO 59:11
times did we shoot that one three times

Unknown Speaker 59:13

Roy Merritt 59:14
Okay on the second one was nowhere near as good as the first one you know the first one got to be out of control the guy got really out of control and and it was funny I felt like I needed to edit too much of it to make it work and in the end I think I need to edit very little to a two parter and let it let it fly man Yeah, yeah,

Shane Langdon 59:35
don’t listen to us they like the BS Yeah, I said just

Mike VO 59:37
let it let it fly cuz I don’t think our podcasts are really anything other than us being retarded anyway, which was usually pretty much works.

Roy Merritt 59:46
I mean, in all reality we have a couple hundred

Aaron Staudinger 59:48
this if you’re here for real information, go where he’s at right now on the internet.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Sounds like porn. Oh, like look,

Shane Langdon 59:58
it sounds like Pornhub

Unknown Speaker 59:59
I can appreciate

Mike VO 1:00:03
With this little device I can literally almost pull up any quote

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
Yeah What is she? What is she trying to say? Yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
that is the quote of the lead great out a window

Mike VO 1:00:24
oh now she’s not now she’s laying on the couch is that a what is the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
magic portal?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Hey this is this device you can just access today’s

Roy Merritt 1:00:34
confusion to be honest that sounds like your

bread. Yeah, Julie Oh do you need to get you some like pop pop pop in there sounds just like tennis.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
That’s why I watch Women’s Tennis man. Welcome to the podcast. Jane

Roy Merritt 1:00:56
was a Singaporean you can give anybody know what’s going on.

Mike VO 1:01:02
It seems to be frivolous with paper and ink.

Shane Langdon 1:01:16
Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
hey, if anybody needs a shot here, store clean

Shane Langdon 1:01:25
store supplies

Mike VO 1:01:26
nobody uses. That’s the second most controllable expense.

Shane Langdon 1:01:29
What store supplies? Hey, you better put that toilet paper under lock and key man up in his office.

Aaron Staudinger 1:01:34
Yeah, we’re with all the other

Mike VO 1:01:36
students that came in Jerry was bringing in a basket. I said, just take that to Jamie’s office. And

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
he’s like, what I was like, I’m kidding.

Shane Langdon 1:01:42
Yeah. So be currency here in a couple weeks. I mean, we trust everybody

Mike VO 1:01:45
here but we don’t trust anyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51

Mike VO 1:01:51
this is the break room.

Shane Langdon 1:01:55
cups. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
check out the website

Roy Merritt 1:02:02
got new stuff coming on maybe do some how to see some

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:07
shoes What do I do how to look up moaning chicks on youtube I do not

Roy Merritt 1:02:11
have the computer capabilities to do video right now so I that’s why talk crap has not gone video yet until I can afford a better computer I cannot handle it oh once they see me it’s all my voice already makes man woman and child wet right

Shane Langdon 1:02:31
which is illegal nine countries you

Aaron Staudinger 1:02:33
know they wrote a song and the

Mike VO 1:02:35
video killer Video killed the radio star.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Yeah, no fuck this

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
guy’s trying to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
get a microphone right there. Go ahead. Yeah, six feet. Jamie got here.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
If all your listeners just go to America’s Got Talent and search Jin Zilla

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Hey ginger

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Zilla America’s Got Talent. You’ll see Roy live in person as a second job.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Yeah, or your third job. Hey man, reverse might be going back

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
to it. Might have to go back to here. I don’t know. We’ll see what this damn Coronavirus retired but that was February Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
You look better have a longer beard too.

Roy Merritt 1:03:20
Yeah, you know, I look

Shane Langdon 1:03:22
like a baby. Harry and the Hendersons going on. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
But no.

Roy Merritt 1:03:28
Currently, I’m putting a lithium ion battery in the Sportster and I ran into her like,

Mike VO 1:03:35
like you, this has been going on for like a week. Well, in that project,

Roy Merritt 1:03:39
I have not actually put it in my bike yet. It’s still sitting on the counter, it’s out it’s ready to go. Because I started taking pictures and I was wanting to do some stuff because I don’t want to do it twice.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
So so we’re gonna go Oh,

Mike VO 1:03:55
hold on. We got to talk about this for a minute. So when you send me those pictures, you didn’t tell me Did a lithium ion battery like at all ever?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
Oh, oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Yeah. So

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:09
he’s looking at you like you’re not in touch with my feelings.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
So this was

Mike VO 1:04:13
like, like last Wednesday or Thursday like 1130 at night, he sends me a picture of days ago. It says how to hook up the battery. And I’m like, I don’t even know what this is. So I

Roy Merritt 1:04:24
came to the shop, everybody knew about a lithium battery.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
I didn’t know you were so

Mike VO 1:04:29
so I’m looking at it. And I’m like, he must send this around person. I’m just gonna. The next day, you’re like, you got my picture, right? And I’m like, Yeah, I don’t understand what it is. And he’s like, what I bought the battery and I was looking at all these different batteries. And then we finally just settled on the Harley battery and then I had a spacer and I was like, why did you have to have a spacer for Harley battery? Yeah. So he never told me it was lithium battery and I was like,

Aaron Staudinger 1:04:52
What did you do to your

Roy Merritt 1:04:56
Dude, you’re crazy. So this is part of the blog page.

Mike VO 1:05:00
And I was like, I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Aaron Staudinger 1:05:03
You’re thinking like duct tape together like 40 watch battery. You got

Mike VO 1:05:07
like a standard Harley battery that is the reason I stopped spacers so that his so it would mount to a Sportster and I was just like yeah well backup so glad you’re the manager

Roy Merritt 1:05:16
and this is what about blog posts is going to be about the first one with about the battery. It’s why I stopped because I want pictures I want a bunch of stuff for I do it and but you don’t have the reason that hardly batteries work the best and Harley is because they have a patent on their terminals and the barn shield behind the barn shield but

Shane Langdon 1:05:33
they insulated to between the plates for vibration.

Roy Merritt 1:05:38
Other manufacturers do that as well but they cannot have the terminals I’ve got back there. Any aftermarket battery that is not a factory or like an AGM Hartley battery. You need to put a brass or aluminum or whatever spacer D spacer in there. Yeah, in order to bring the terminal out to the level of the outside of the cake right. So bought this Harley lithium battery asked somebody in parts to find it for me and we went through a bunch of stuff and I said okay, we’ll just give me the Harley battery because I want it to fit. So I get

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
home Oh, long long

Shane Langdon 1:06:13
long Erin.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
I It wasn’t me.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
I’m hiding

Roy Merritt 1:06:20
it was my day off a longer screw it a spacer that’s it but I needed it and I probably could have put some stuff I had together but um yeah, I bought a fucking $200 battery. I want to put it in the way it’s supposed to be put in was only two bucks

Mike VO 1:06:33
I thought they were like 350 or so.

Shane Langdon 1:06:35
That’s like nine or 10% of the

Roy Merritt 1:06:37
sorry that was my discus yeah

Shane Langdon 1:06:41
10% value of his motorcycle.

Aaron Staudinger 1:06:47
You don’t we don’t have to pay retail. If you were to put on we put up with you get

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
but it made me

Mike VO 1:06:54
perfect doing this.

Roy Merritt 1:06:57
It made me think as a technician. And you too can can attest to this. How many times have you seen batteries installed improperly without the spacers terminals? terminals on crooked, you know? So my intention here is before I put my battery back in, I’m going to do a different couple different scenarios take pictures of the terminals in different ways so that I can do a blog post about the proper way to to install,

Shane Langdon 1:07:24
taking taking the negative off the gate, you know,

Roy Merritt 1:07:26
yeah, well, I did. I did. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s for sure.

The easiest way.

Yeah. And the proper way. You know, my wife was laughing at me because I have that huge box just full of tools. And I’m like, okay, go through, I get a universal socket, I get a 716 socket. I get like a fucking six, seven inch extension and ratchet. She’s like, what are you doing? I was like, I didn’t even barely have to bend over. You know, I could. I can like, stick it down in there. break it loose. Pull it off. Pull the cable off, pull the battery out. I’m like that’s why you Have have so much money in tools. Yeah, you know, before you can afford to have that extension and that universal and everything else that’s a motherfucker to do without that setup, you know, and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand about the job is Yeah, you can go buy a set of sockets and everything else, but you’re gonna run into fucking roadblocks everywhere where that shits not gonna work. And then you’re gonna buy a tool, like an 11 sixteenths. Universal socket built in for VR. For the

Aaron Staudinger 1:08:31
biggest investment, the biggest tool

Unknown Speaker 1:08:36
to bring nice and saying the best man

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
and you went

Roy Merritt 1:08:38
there the brakes which I found that the Brit removed the brake switch up to the front, the rear brake switch up to the front where the master cylinder is, it’s a motherfucker to get to it’s right behind the exhaust header. Yeah, but a really long solid extension and a 11 sixteenths universal socket and I’m not talking an adapter and a socket, I’m talking all built into one. You slide it right up in there, pop that thing right. I feel Like I put

Mike VO 1:09:00
could have put four or five batteries in the time it took you to talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
What are you talking about? I just

Mike VO 1:09:06
put a battery in and I put a brake switch oh you have no no actually

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
in seven days

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
you have yet to put the battery though it’s

Roy Merritt 1:09:14
been like three days and I have stopped because I am going to like i said i’m

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
gonna know that pays a half hour right?

Roy Merritt 1:09:23
garage you don’t pay shit

Aaron Staudinger 1:09:26
so but yes satisfaction of a job well done. That’s right. Yeah

Shane Langdon 1:09:33
12 beers battery still not

Mike VO 1:09:37
making it. Have I watched making it? Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:09:40
it’s on a baking show. No. It’s Amy Poehler and what’s his name? From Parks and Recreation. Nick Offerman, Nick Offerman, and they do a show called Making it where they bring people in and they like make them craft stuff and other stuff. Oh really? And it’s actually a really good show. Nick Offerman

Shane Langdon 1:09:58
fuck is it like nailed it? Is it like silly?

Roy Merritt 1:10:01
It is probably kind of like no, it is their fucking fun and they’re in their second season. Yeah. So Jamie Poehler and Nick Offerman and they do a really good job of putting it

Mike VO 1:10:10
here. Is he in charge? And he works for him. And he’s always

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
No, no, no, they’re dynamic. Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:10:16
They’re real. They’re not like characters. So they’re there. But Nick Offerman is kind of, you know, I want to just want to say like a normal dude. So, you know, when it comes to like, being in a woodworking shop, and like a saw and all this shit, he’s like, yeah, this this is this is home.

Mike VO 1:10:30
Did you ever see like the parks and rec? I think it was like season five. When he goes to the he enters a chair in a competition goes to a woodworking thing. And he’s like, there’s so and so and so. And he’s like, oh, and he’s like, see some tool and he runs and he’s all he runs like, and he’s all tiptoe. Did he like Tinker Bell’s like?

Roy Merritt 1:10:51
Well, we’ll say in the second season.

He plays guitar and sings a little bit weird, weirdly enough, which seemed odd. He’s got a strange story, you know, he tried to like, well into acting is Duke silver. I mean, he got into acting kind of by chance. And nobody he he audition for like, a million things

Mike VO 1:11:15
he was on er on an episode back and like,

Roy Merritt 1:11:18
yeah, nobody would give him like any chance for anything but I guess the office kind of fell into that that role perfect for him and he’s, you know, yeah, he’s fucking hilarious man. I love when she gives him his

Mike VO 1:11:29
Christmas present and it’s the remote. And he’s like, the doors shut and he’s like, she gets me. Yeah. Well, she she goes and sits down he goes.

Roy Merritt 1:11:53
Well, I think it’s about time to start wrapping

Aaron Staudinger 1:11:56
things up. Oh no, we were just starting to have fun. I know.

Roy Merritt 1:11:59
Well hey, we don’t have to stop drinking but you know we are probably gonna stop recording here. I don’t know what happened to my buddy Jr. Stock bike stuff but apparently he doesn’t want all the free promotion that he could get, you know millions of listeners he is he’s probably

Shane Langdon 1:12:16
he’s probably self quarantine and his phone’s dead from doing what Mike’s doing.

Roy Merritt 1:12:20
Yeah. See all you’re doing is making this game isn’t right now keep watching with your on your phone your Hey,

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:27
don’t make I said

Mike VO 1:12:28
we should use this time to have lots of

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
sex. That’s why the Caronia

Roy Merritt 1:12:42
going to talk about breath. All the kids born between December and March and 2021

Aaron Staudinger 1:12:52
how it happens.

Roy Merritt 1:12:54
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
That’s the name of the game

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
The episode now we’re gonna start the hash tag right now. When this shit happens in the future

Aaron Staudinger 1:13:14
I think you should have the right to slap anyone who says

Roy Merritt 1:13:19
bye by that time will be too old to slap No. And by

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
that time I’ll be able to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
doddering old man, a slapping you

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
cry, and then they’ll tweet and you’ll probably go to jail for everything

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