Broken Bolts & Lessons Learned

Professional or not, we all deal with broken and stripped bolts.  We talk about the prevention and what to do when bolts strip or break.  We also talk about things that we have learned after going for a real ride.  


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I like it.

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Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s still your mind. Either way, these boys have some of the same. So sit back, grab a brew, we’re gonna have some to give you our point of view, here on Talkin Braap

Welcome back okay so last time I thought it was Episode 70 this is actually Episode Two Sweet so I was missing yeah I missed anything on the last one. So we’re gonna try to hit two topics tonight first one is going to be door to door safety garage door

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you know and I said a sketch I was like you know

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what, man? We’re not gonna bring it up if it comes up in Congress yeah he’s like I’m sticking around cuz I know you

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guys are gonna talk shit I said Oh, don’t worry all the listeners.

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So, so all right, so welcome back Talkin blah blah blah Talkin Braap on all the social medias hit us up. You know, before we get on topic, we’re gonna have to go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Okay listeners don’t know about

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so is Shane Torres. She informed me that there is a national babies falling out of Windows Awareness Month. Real I wonder if there is a national hitting a garage door while it’s closing with your motorcycle awareness at all. Let me see. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 3:10
So so to inform the listeners here. Every day, every motorcycle shop everywhere you go there’s a certain amount of bikes that you have to pull out pull in every day. So today sketch was pulling the bike out. Somebody had hit the garage door down as they were walking in a roll up door. Yeah, roll up door, not knowing that somebody else was pulling out they did you know, hit the down button walked away. It takes a little bit to go down. Sketch was going out. It looked like if you would have dumped like he’s if he would have seen the door which he didn’t. Um, he could have probably ducked and got under it and that’s what I think everybody thought he was doing. Yeah. Um, but as he got closer and closer and closer, it became more evident that he did not see garage door and he did not duck I think yeah, it went faster the closer I don’t know how a better way to put it then it’s straight up clean his clock all terms and ring rung his Bell, you know? That was a hard hit dude. I don’t know, man. I’m impressed that he’s not dead and peel.

Shane Langdon 4:17
peel them off the bike nicely.

Roy Merritt 4:19
Yeah Did peel right off the bike. He didn’t do a damn thing to the door.

Mike VO 4:26
The horse racing. According to Google, you are more likely to be kidnapped by your garage door.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
That’s great.

Roy Merritt 4:46
So man, so first topic of the night is supposed to be broken and strip bolts and I think we can run through a bunch of stuff on this

Shane Langdon 4:57
day the other day. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 4:58
yeah. This is what brought it up. Excuse me. Oh, it’s so good. Good. It did the I always look good though. So I got my ass kicked the other day by a broken garage door. No, well, it was a broken, broken tap and we’ll get into that it was actually a broken chaser. But it was because of cross threaded bolts. And although cross readings a little off of what we’re doing forever, what I had to do to get that out is not uncommon for broken bolts. So it really came You know, I’ve been kind of wanting to do this because I posted something on my personal Instagram. I thought I did it on Talkin Braap but I did on my personal Instagram. And I had was working on an old Twin Cam bike might have been evil. I don’t know if he was doing him. And one of the intake bolts was stripped away. He was nothing else here. Yeah, yeah, just a couple weeks ago and I had to pound a you know, torques head into it and I finally got it out. And when I got done, I was like, dammit, I should have taken some pictures of that, that you know, this really informative and that’s kind of what spawned what I wanted to talk about tonight. So, first and foremost, I don’t care if you’re a professional or you’re at home, you’re gonna deal with stripped and broken bolts, it does slow you down, especially if you’re, the more inexperienced you are, the more you’re going to deal with that. And my experience actually kind of bit me in the ass on the one I got my ass kicked and we’ll get into that later because I was trying too hard not to fuck it up that and I fucked it up. You know when it was all said and done. But I feel like first and foremost, it’s use the right socket for the job. Meaning, you know, 14 mil and nine sixteenths are really close. But you’re going to strip something if it’s really tight

Mike VO 6:59
was 25 point four millimeters in an inch. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 7:03
Yeah. 25.4 correct. So there are some calculations that are very close and you know, three eighths and 10 aren’t quite close enough that they’ll work on each other, but sometimes are half inch

Unknown Speaker 7:11
as well. half inch and 12.

Roy Merritt 7:14
But first and foremost, six point 12 point is a very big topic there. 12 point sockets aren’t really for anything high torque. You know what I mean?

Shane Langdon 7:29
This is a 12 point. Yeah, he’s talking 12 point so a point socket on a six on a six

Roy Merritt 7:35
point yeah, on a six point nut. Your Gun you’re gonna do really well in stripping it out like combination because they stopped

Mike VO 7:43
making six six point wrenches.

Roy Merritt 7:47
Yeah, really? Yeah. So chose to

Mike VO 7:50
make 12 backhoe stop making so I had a broken six point,

Unknown Speaker 7:54
ratcheting. No, no, no, no.

Roy Merritt 7:57
A box and rich Yeah, at a six point box. Retton matco, stop making them whatever company they went to. The reason for that though, is you have to go there so far in between each place that you can clip it on that not a lot of people use those. When you’re trying to break something loose. Do you want six point? You know, if you’re using low torque you want 12? You know, because

Shane Langdon 8:16
the bigger the bigger the wrench, I think you’re a little bit better off. But yes, we still

Roy Merritt 8:20
got six points. That’s why they go 12. And so you can get on it and have, you know, twice as many places, but

Unknown Speaker 8:25
so I don’t that’s my life.

Shane Langdon 8:29

Roy Merritt 8:30
you know, using the right socket, I think with experience, you can tell when a boat is about to break or strip or something’s going on. I think when you’re the home guy, you may not. You have to do that a couple hundred times. Thanks. Like we all probably did. I think the next step if you have not stripped it yet, is heat. Right? I mean, well, no, no. You mean to get it? Yeah, yeah. If you got a bolt that’s stuck and you can’t get it. And then know something’s gonna happen if it gets harder and harder within I mean, penetrating fluid is step number one. Well here’s here’s the way I avoid fire at all costs. I do not put fire near the motorcycle. Well, that depends on where the bolt is if it’s near paint stuff, yeah,

Shane Langdon 9:16
but you can I use social distancing. Are you just afraid to be on camera? I don’t like the camera. Okay. Like Mike.

Unknown Speaker 9:24

Marcus Hughes 9:27
I mean, we’re doing fine. Now let’s let everybody know who the voice outside of you is. So the idea behind this is that

Roy Merritt 9:37
the idea behind he is to heat up the threads around the bowl so that they expand. Take a look, you know, getting less grip on the bowl. Now there’s not you know, sometimes sometimes you’re on aluminum block or something like that. And it’s not really a good idea to smoke one side of an aluminum block and try to get something out you know.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
It does heat up quicker than the bowl. So,

Roy Merritt 10:00
you know, they make, they also make sockets for bolts that are stripped so so you know you ply he at that point, you’re going to strip the bolt or you’re going to break it

Mike VO 10:13

Unknown Speaker 10:16

Roy Merritt 10:17
that’s it. Those are the only ones that they have. Yeah, I have towards Dave Allen. We’ll talk about that. So, at this point, you know, you’re an allen head, your socket, your torques, no matter what it is. You’re penetrating fluid, maybe applying heat, but at some point, you have to give it hell. Right. So you’re either going to break or strip the bowl half inch impact. I mean, whatever the hell is giving you hell

Mike VO 10:43
Hey, you know, you know when they on the on the Harley’s on the inner primary when they first started going to those washers, shoulder bolts, shoulder bolt and had that red lock patch on them and they break all the time. Yep. I use my half inch impact to take them off

Shane Langdon 10:58
every time. Yeah, I would just turn it All the way up and out

Unknown Speaker 11:02
if it breaks or doesn’t break you still

Mike VO 11:05
get those the theory

Roy Merritt 11:06
there is you heated up

Mike VO 11:08
so hot I barely ever broke up all the everybody I worked with they break them like every other time. I’m like I don’t really break them.

Roy Merritt 11:14
Yeah, that’s why I impacted the primary bonus. Because if

you get some heat going it loosens it up and the heat just ruin the stock lift or cough on these mates. Oh yeah, I

Mike VO 11:25
use him if I use if I use

Shane Langdon 11:26
In fact, I almost never ever ever but many times it breaks it’s usually when we’re just doing cam I’m afraid. like Oh,

great. Snap. Great. All right. Yeah. And his flesh perfect.

Mike VO 11:43
I still attacked him out. I use a Yeah. What are those things called jungle knuckle can’t use

Shane Langdon 11:50
the ball. Oh, no, not Alan. I’m sorry. The wobbly the universal. Yeah,

Mike VO 11:55
yeah, the universal Yeah, the universal universal. Join on a string on soccer.

Roy Merritt 12:00
Think Tank covers and I have that ball. But yeah, so you get to a point and depending on what type of bolt it is, there’s a few avenues. torques Allen, regular hex head sockets, a lot of companies now make bits that are designed to you know get out those bolts when they’re certain point of strips you can go too far where they don’t work anymore. You know I have the torques I think Shane has the Alan’s you know, we I have a six point I have never really used those I’ve never gotten that far. I only really use strictly six point for the most part so I don’t, I don’t round a lot of boats.

Shane Langdon 12:51
Well, I’ll break bolts but I don’t so I had a customer. Another one who worked goes on bike and I had to take the wheel rail off the top He had rounded off the six point hex that’s in recessed in the will. Yeah, line and I put up my little stubby in there. They usually get off and it just went click and click and it kept stripping. I’m like great. Yeah. So I took a bunch of stuff out of the way. I was able to get that. I’ve used it like six times in the last two years, that strip set. Yeah. But I was able to put it right in, put up a wrench on it and just pull it right out. Yeah. And like, yeah, six times I’ve used it maybe and the thing was like, probably $200 for the socket set. Yeah. But the time it saved those six times is worth every penny. Well, I lost about what about four hours the other day?

Mike VO 13:43
Oh, you lost like the day?

Roy Merritt 13:44
Yeah. Well, it was four hours to drill out. Yeah, that was that was what it took just so we get we get to a point where you know, so you’ve rounded the head of a bolt. The next step is there’s two avenues here. Okay, one is the Redneck backwoods Avenue. And I’ve done this and it works hammered in. No. When you still have a good surface on the top of it, JB weld a nut to it, and come back the next day and take it out. Never done that. And it worked. We have a welder here now Yeah, if you if you’re on something new well that works as well but I’m just saying backwoods, we’re talking at home, we’re not talking in a shop, you know, we’re talking at home. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 14:33
just so and the reason I know

Roy Merritt 14:34
this works is because I’ve known people that have bought cars that have those stupid locking lug nuts on them. And nobody could find the fucking the socket, the socket to get it off. So I had a buddy that had a car lot and he would get them all the time. And so what we would do is JB weld a nut on the end of it. Come back the next day is that the fucking lug nut off and you’re talking hundred foot pounds. So I mean, it is It’s on there pretty good. It’s not you know, it’s not and we use the cheap stuff for the most part. And they make some really strong stuff but zip it right off and you’re done. So I just also I’ve known people use this in the criminal aspect. You know, you go to somebody’s house, they got locking nuts, you glue some nuts on the night before, who the fuck even looks at their lug nuts every day? Yeah, you know, and I mean, it doesn’t take much. So that’s why I’ve never bought a set of those. I felt like there really is no security there. It’s so easy to bypass, you know. The next step, I think if you have the head of a bolt is to cut a flathead and take it take a Dremel. Cut a flat, you know, flat in the top of the head and then try to do something with a flat head bit or something like that. I think that’s step you know, the next step. You know, when that doesn’t work, you’re now into maybe

Shane Langdon 15:55

Roy Merritt 15:56
you know, extractor face. So you know, you Get a good drill bit you drill a hole through the core of it and then you pound an extractor in there and it grips it pulls it out they work had a lot of times like two or three times in the extractor shit.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
Yeah, yeah, yeah they you know they last very long

Roy Merritt 16:13
no but they when when you need them They’re really good. And then the last resort is where I ended up the other day I had had some bolts that when I pulled them out they were bent and cross threaded. And so when I went back together when I tried to run them in, you know, it was wanting to lock up, I’d pull it out, and I’d take a thread chaser and run it through the hole, everything seemed good. Run it back out, run the Bolden who would cross thread again, and I did this. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve kept so packed. And now you know I’m running by so eventually I’m coming from the backside of the hole because that’s the best way to chase you know if somebody messed up the front side of the hole, the best way to chase A thread has to go from the backside of the backside. Yeah, you always go to the back side. So what had happened to me

Mike VO 17:09
was got uncomfortable.

Roy Merritt 17:13
You know, the thread chaser is so Long’s an inch long. The threads are only about three eighths of an inch on the end of it, and then there’s a long skinny shaft. So what it happened was I was chasing it through the back side

Mike VO 17:28
has a bulbous head

Roy Merritt 17:30
and a skinny shaft. And I was chasing that through the backside. And I could go far enough to get the threads out the other side, but I was trying not to and I did. And so now I have, you know, it’s past the

Unknown Speaker 17:51
paper part. Yeah, yeah, it’s past

Roy Merritt 17:52
the threads and it’s just falling around. So now I have to get it threaded back in from the other side that doesn’t want to thread straight. I would have cut it off. Run it I shouldn’t, I didn’t. And I and I was running it out and I was using a small wrench and I thought I was being pretty careful about how tight it was. and it kept locking up and I’d run it in and it would lock up and I’d run it in and a lock up and then it broke pretty easily. Like, you know, it was done at that point. I had given it too much and it broke inside of the threads. So now we have an extra hardened steel

Shane Langdon 18:29
bit so I have some side of a thread. I have some tap removers in my box, but it

Unknown Speaker 18:36
wasn’t it wasn’t attached to it didn’t have that.

Mike VO 18:40
That’s what I told, ya know, he was like tap

Roy Merritt 18:42
remover and I’m like, it’s a chaser and he was like, yeah,

Mike VO 18:46
so I said, hey, go to Walmart and get these diamond bits for your Dremel and have fun.

Roy Merritt 18:51
Yeah, so the diamond I didn’t really have some

Shane Langdon 18:53
we have some lifetime warranty, drill bits.

Roy Merritt 18:58
Do anything. burned up a couple of them. I even put it on my dribble and turn that bitch all the way up and just held it there to see what would happen and smoke the fucking ball. Yeah, you know, it was it I was going slow, I was going fast, no matter what I would do, I would not touch it. And oh, trust me. I did that too. I ended up with a tungsten carbide bit that I bought at Lowe’s. And it would eat it up. It ate it up actually pretty good. But it was flat tipped Mm hmm. So I would have to like come in at an angle, get a little groove and then dig around in it. So what I had to do if you could picture this is if you were to look through the hole where the threads are. There’s a you know, basically a screw in those threads, which is hardened steel, and I had to grind all of that stuff away. And try not to hit the threads and I actually succeeded but I was really impressed when I got done. It took me four hours. It was fucking retarded. And I you know, I was losing money by the end of it. I think I spent my Dremel smoked. I smoked like $35 worth of bits. And this is what beautiful understand sometimes you have some bad days, you know?

Mike VO 20:13
But you should put the good one on. Yeah, whatever. Give him that makes you sexy. Give him the Aaron’s welcome

Roy Merritt 20:20
sketch sketch. headset. What would Marcus just dip? I don’t know.

Shane Langdon 20:24
He got a phone call dipped out. I think he I think he’s a

Mike VO 20:27
game. He was like, Oh, yeah,

Roy Merritt 20:29
that’s not gonna happen. He left his vodka though. That’s good. Yeah, I’m disappointed. So he got me with that the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was great. I was like, dude, that’s not orange juice. And he’s like, vodka Norris juice.

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Like I ran out of orange juice. And I was like,

Roy Merritt 20:45

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Like, that totally makes it an orange juice

Shane Langdon 20:50

Roy Merritt 20:50
Yeah. But it’s it’s just water. I’m pretty sure.

Shane Langdon 20:54
No, yeah, he’s so he got a little hammered. What last week. I think he’s if you’re

Roy Merritt 20:59
again. On the wagon if you’re not successful in damaging those threads you move on to the next step which is repairing those threads but

Unknown Speaker 21:09
another chaser

Roy Merritt 21:11
well I guess that depends on how bad you go but you get what you know and Healy coil or a time cert or something like that

Shane Langdon 21:19
I like your time sir

Roy Merritt 21:19
healy’s real it out bigger but depends on the application he would coils are okay if you’re not gonna have to take that bolt in and out a bunch you know if you’re doing like a derby cover he’ll coils aren’t necessarily that great. Yeah. Because they’ll come out after three or four, you know, in and outs they’re gonna start coming out but time certs have their own you know, downside a

Mike VO 21:44
lot of room for a time, sir. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 21:48
And you have to inset the top of it so you don’t have the right material. You gotta have everything there. So they’re, you know, there’s a lot of decision there but you know, it stripped and broken bolts I think are so some everybody deals with and you get there and it’s like what the hell do I do now? Okay

Mike VO 22:06
dad. So

Roy Merritt 22:09
what else have you used? What else have you used say you have a stripped bolt. Okay. And I can tell you one thing that I’ve used it actually works really well. And that’s a pipe wrench. And I’m not talking like the crescent wrench style pipe wrench. I’m talking the ones that are hinged in like spring loaded. And I’ve had really good luck with those if you take them and get them on the bolt right you know, in the right way and they break them loose. I think vise grips have to be somewhat spoken about their

Unknown Speaker 22:39
vise grips Yeah. vise grips good vise grips.

Roy Merritt 22:44
Cheap vise grips do not do not China.

Shane Langdon 22:46
Yeah. China,

Roy Merritt 22:48
China as much as I love to talk about Harbor Freight those vise grip will not do

Mike VO 22:53
they have some of their new brand. What’s their new brand? Which one icon torque icon.

Shane Langdon 22:58
Yeah, I was. I tell you what. Fuck, I

Roy Merritt 23:00
gotta tell you, I was at Lowe’s the other day and they have Craftsman now I guess no Chinese. Did 120 tooth ratchets up there that were like really nice. Yeah. But for a good

Shane Langdon 23:12
price, I bet he put a lot of a lot of like you put the same amount of torque they use on like a Mac or a stamp on I guarantee those teeth are ironed out.

Roy Merritt 23:19
Oh, I agree. Well, because when you get that high, the teeth can’t be big. You know what I mean?

Shane Langdon 23:24
I have a, what is it? The 99 tooth, quarter drive or whatever. I can almost stand on that damn thing and

Roy Merritt 23:34
not worry about it. Yeah, good. I mean, I’ve smoked a few ratchets along the way. None of the big ones. I mean, I think that’s why they stick to 8092 three range.

Shane Langdon 23:43
Yeah, well, I think it’s Yeah, I think mine the matco are like 9288 snap ons and 90 something and that’s

Roy Merritt 23:52
that would be the thing. If you get into that if I got into like 120 twos I probably wouldn’t be trying to break really tight bolts loose with that. But yeah, that’s More fun. Really?

Shane Langdon 24:01
Yeah. But like the extra thrill you get in a tight spot with an 82 a 92. Ratchet. Why do you need 122?

Mike VO 24:08
Because it’s more

Shane Langdon 24:10
and more is better.

Roy Merritt 24:12
I mean, dude, if you I grabbed the half inch and was like, it’s like, it moves so easy, you know, very

Mike VO 24:24
regular ratchet it goes to 88 but mine goes to 120 so the

Roy Merritt 24:28
icons are like 90 I think and they’re not bad. They feel about like an 80 snap on it. It’s like there’s like a, there’s like a resistance that it takes to get past those and for 92 It doesn’t seem

Mike VO 24:43
like you know, the real feel. And so, when I come back next time, I think I want to be I want to get a job in the real field guy. Like I want to get paid and just walk outside you I know it says it’s 88 degrees but feels like 90 All right. Well, you know,

Unknown Speaker 25:06
he’s the real feel ratchet guy. Feel. I don’t know if that’s 90 D feels more like 83

Roy Merritt 25:12
I don’t know, man, I think if there was a competition where you had to, like, torque things and shit like,

Unknown Speaker 25:19
Oh, yeah, I would be down. Yeah, I’d be down for that. I get pretty close.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
Yeah, that’d be pretty cool. I play that game quite a bit with myself. Oh, yeah. So

Roy Merritt 25:27
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my torque wrench set wrong. And I’m like, stop looking at bill. Yep, I had that set wrong. Go

Unknown Speaker 25:34
back and I’m like, click

Unknown Speaker 25:36
said I was right there.

Mike VO 25:39
You can’t tell me how many times you set your torque wrench or Oh,

Roy Merritt 25:42
no, you know, you go from one spot many times that you don’t even 10 years. Yeah, to 10. Yeah, you move from one spot to the next. You know, you’re doing primary cover bolts at 130. And then you go to the derby cover, you forget to change your thing and you’re like, I shouldn’t be tightening Derby cover bolt. That tight. Oh, yeah, yeah. So those are now only I mean, you know, Adam broke the first his first one he’s like went

Mike VO 26:07
to put it on broken like, well look at those fucking little bolts man. I watched the

Roy Merritt 26:12
master ticket, my old shop do two, I think on one bike, like doing it. And he’s like I’m talking him at the end. He was like, I mean, I’m we’re talking one of the first six, you know, of those Derby covers we’d ever seen. He was like, So Jen wants to

Shane Langdon 26:29
test Dalton.

Mike VO 26:30
Yeah. Well, I mean, if you, you know, really, realistically, we shouldn’t need a tech bullets.

Shane Langdon 26:36
Because you go by the sizes? Yeah, well, yeah.

Mike VO 26:38
just general fastener size. fasteners have their own torque based on

Shane Langdon 26:43
and that one’s still pretty low on the general. It’s 35.

Mike VO 26:47
That’s one of the things that I think the metric does good is they don’t really have like torques for covers. They have torques for fastener Yes,

Shane Langdon 26:54
yeah. Which which I follow quite a bit.

Roy Merritt 26:57
So there’s another really good way to not break bolts. is to use a fucking torque wrench. You know what I mean? Unless you’re ready, and it’s not necessarily maybe this time pounds, oh, I put a foot pounds. It’s not maybe necessarily this time of tightening that bolt. But if you have to, if you over torque it this time, take it out the threads and next time, you may not have to torque it that much and it’s gonna break. You know what I mean in that.

Shane Langdon 27:24
But that’s also a feel that’s also a fail because you can be going and when you torque something you’re like, like you’re working on, you know, of 40 50,000 mile. You know, when cam has been taking the derby has been off and on off and on. Hey, buddy.

Mike VO 27:42
You got to look at the microphone. sound like you’re in a windstorm. I’m in a windstorm. Whoo,

Roy Merritt 27:47
man. Sexy

Shane Langdon 27:49
surgery guys. Yeah, hey, but yeah, so when you when you’re working on a bike with a lot of miles, you always want to take that in consideration and maybe go a little Lower under the torque spec instead of you know, it’s 80 to 120. I’m gonna do 120 every time Well,

Mike VO 28:05
you know what, you know there’s a range because the first time you put the faster and you should go to the bottom. Yeah, the next time you go to the middle, and the next time you go to the top, my microphones cutting out,

Shane Langdon 28:17
you know, it’s not just in the headset.

Roy Merritt 28:20
Oh, what we hear right now is not what goes in the post. It’s a noise gate. It’s noise gate is trying to cut back to then what we see here right now is right now what part of

Shane Langdon 28:33
this is now?

Mike VO 28:35
Well, how do we go back to them? Yeah,

Roy Merritt 28:36
no, no Fast Forward passes. Don’t ever play that.

Shane Langdon 28:46
Oh, Spaceballs is great.

Roy Merritt 28:49
So torquing is you say twerking. So to me as there are certain bolts that I don’t care how long you’ve been Been doing this you better put a torque wrench on you better torque torque you know there there there better be a torque wrench on there or there’s a good chance you fucking up I think there are bolts that you get along the way that the calibrated elbow tells you where to be you know I think what they call critical fasteners you know brakes shocks

Shane Langdon 29:21
on electric guns pretty good

Roy Merritt 29:24
yeah i mean i’ve I have had my ass bitten more by electric tools that I thought I knew like where the Yeah, like like I don’t I don’t rely I will run bolts in like lightly enough to get them stuck snug or something like that but I don’t rely on Final ever really with no

Shane Langdon 29:46
but I’ll send it I’ll send like I’m like alright, you know Derby. I’ll do seven or eight with the clutch and go in and then grab the torque wrench. I’m like, Oh yeah, I can barely turn. Yeah, but you know somebody like my brother who likes to, you know, run stuff in with a gun. And then he grabs a torque wrench and it clicks right away. He’s like, Oh, perfect, cool.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Yeah, perfect.

Roy Merritt 30:08
So I worked with a guy that would do this and he had like, I think it was a Makita or Milwaukee or something like that. 18 volt amps. And he would fucking 18 volt impact every Derby cover in. And I can’t tell you how many fucking stripped and broken Derby cover screws I seen in that shop from bikes that he worked on that came back after he left. And it I mean, it totally ruined for us that part of the reason why I won’t do it because I seen him. He was just bad, bad. It’s fine. It’s good. I’m over 100 blah, blah, blah. So and the next time you go in there that bitch breaks or

Shane Langdon 30:45

Mike VO 30:46
the Milwaukee I can’t remember what they’re called. Fuel the fuel. Yeah. So the impacts that I have, you can go on and you set them via Bluetooth to Whatever torque you want that’s pretty cool and so that little quarter inch driver that I use it said a 60 inch pounds Yeah. So I start like all my all my covers and all that shit with that because 60 inch pounds isn’t even enough to strip a quarter inch bolt or to cross thread it you know what I mean? So zip and then that’s like right in the middle of a quarter inch faster that’s

Shane Langdon 31:21
why I love mine who with the clutch because I was running down I never run it Yeah, that’s my that’s my install my big ones that take off but the other one so you’ll go in and like you said you can strip it. So even if it’s a little cocky or whatever you just stop just gonna just stop to the clutch and like oh, and back I can often go in Yeah.

Roy Merritt 31:38
So I do that my Milwaukee twelves kind of like that. I set it on one

Mike VO 31:43
and then when I go to like the final torque with my torque wrench, it’s like a quarter turn. Yep, click all the way around.

Roy Merritt 31:48
Yeah, mine’s probably 80 to 100 if I if I don’t hammer it, you know if I let it in Cook, you know, I’m good. It’s supposed to be 17 foot pounds, but I think you have to hammer it to get to 17 foot pounds because I can’t if you sit there and Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba, it’ll get up pretty high. But just like running it in for a click, it’s pretty low because I go back I do it on like a primary covers, and I go back and I always get like a quarter to a half a turn and I’m like, Okay, good. I’m not, I’m not fucking that up.

Mike VO 32:18
I was gonna buy one of those Mac which is just a wall with a red with a red shell. I was gonna buy one of those an 18 volt driver. And I did this this is a few years ago and I pulled it off the guy was there and I said, Well, I want to see what it says cuz I said had 100 foot pounds of breakaway torque. And I was like, Okay, no problem. Let’s go in this. I’m gonna test the breakaway torque right now.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
So I went to a front axle and

Mike VO 32:39
6575 pounds. Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding as I know, it’s a piece of shit. It was like well, what and I was like, yeah, this is 75 pounds. Yeah, yeah, your hundred foot pound breakaway torque won’t take it off. So that fuck that thing? Yeah.

Roy Merritt 32:56
So I’m gonna plug Harbor Freight here because I bought There we go. Go 24 volt impact and it says like 1800 maybe it’s an inch pounds or something stupid. It can’t be 1800 pounds or no way. Well, look, it’s it’s got it’s got some crazy high torque

Mike VO 33:15
on it, they can say whatever they want.

Roy Merritt 33:16
What do you think the torque value is on a main shaft note on a Sportster? Because that’s a torque in turn. You gotta be up to 150 180 pounds

Mike VO 33:27
when all said and done. So imagine it’s at least 135 pounds.

Roy Merritt 33:31
Yeah, it’s gotta be at least 150. Now I had put new polyurethane bushings was a race bike, put new polyurethane bushings

Mike VO 33:38
all your other ones earlier. You had him sitting on and on. Yeah, he had him on the floor and I was like, whoa. So

Roy Merritt 33:48
I had put new polyurethane engine mounts and stuff in this thing. And I was trying to break the main shaft bolt nut loose with a breaker bar and I pull off And this thing was flexing the polyurethane engine mounts and I was getting, like worried because I was like I don’t want to fuck up some brand new engine mounts I just put in this thing because they’re not fun, you know in a Sportster and so I was like I need an impact you know impact I’m gonna go by and I was gonna get to Milwaukee cuz Milwaukee is is the second in rated power and everything the Milwaukee makes a pretty badass one in there 18 volt but I found the harbor freight one and I said well there’s a harbor freight down the road over there by it. told my wife said hey, I’m gonna buy this thing if it does not break this shaft nut loose. Which on a Harley is about the hardest thing we have to do is to break that not

Shane Langdon 34:42
just talking to the clutch main shaft. No, the the I don’t know how. It’s

Roy Merritt 34:49
probably not the big the

Shane Langdon 34:52
780 foot pounds of 45

Roy Merritt 34:55
Yeah, torque in turn. It’s 150 Hold. I told my wife, I said, Look if this thing doesn’t break it loose and it was also reversed, right? I think yeah. So it gets higher breakaway torque than it does you know, tightening torque. So I was like, this thing doesn’t break loose, it’s going right back into the store. And I mean that thing just like, ripped it right off and I was like, Okay, I can use this and I use it all the time like when your

Mike VO 35:21
shopping cart he was like, talk to me out.

Roy Merritt 35:25
Hey, you know

Mike VO 35:27
20 year old

Roy Merritt 35:28
do you think? Okay, so snap on. What’s their half inch drive impact run by 100 bucks? Well,

Mike VO 35:37
I don’t know my kit for my three eights with the dual trigger battery and that half inch was like

Shane Langdon 35:43
1400 dollars. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 35:45
I paid $200 for that one.

Mike VO 35:47
But how many times have you used it?

Roy Merritt 35:48
I use it. I used it twice today

Shane Langdon 35:50
to put different cover bolts on all the time.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
That guy you

Unknown Speaker 35:56
know, like I did forks today.

Roy Merritt 35:57
So it doesn’t speak Very fast. So I can put it on a damper screw and just pop it and it’ll break it loose. And I put it on the top four cap and pop it out. I take my ratchet out and take it out.

Shane Langdon 36:11
I gotta use 20 year old diesel style, air impact half inch from it’s a Mac. Yeah, got it off the snap on truck. My buddy had the truck I was looking for the impact. And he goes, Hey, I know you’re looking for an impact and looking at my new ones. But man, this gun right here. It’s $75 it’s in a bucket, you know? Yeah, he goes nothing wrong with it. He goes by. I’ve had that thing. 12 years. Is it a long Anvil? No, it is literally a stubby. But the thing weighs like 12 pounds. Yeah. And it’s super low speed but high torque. I’ve never had an issue unless you have a super skinny hose that doesn’t feed a lot of volume of air. That’s

Unknown Speaker 36:56
why I went battery.

Shane Langdon 36:58
But this thing I’m telling you it Like I’ve had roadie had his new matco gun. Yeah, but he bought it last year, and he couldn’t break. Well, I

Mike VO 37:08
bought that

Shane Langdon 37:08
I walk over. I’m like your lookout takes it off. He’s like what the hell is 20 years old? So first

Roy Merritt 37:14
first hand experience. I kid you not the guy next to me. In my last shop, Corey had the snap on half inch impact. And that motherfucker wouldn’t break anything loose. Dude, it was gone. It was the probably first gen you know what I mean? It probably wasn’t as good as the ones that are out now.

Mike VO 37:30
Yeah, they still walk. He’s designed. Yeah, yeah, good now so

Roy Merritt 37:34
it was I mean, he would come over and be like, give me your fucking Harbor Freight impact. And he would be so pissed. Ask because you paid so much money for that fucking impact. But yeah, dude all the time. My

Shane Langdon 37:47
snap on guns that I use every day. The electric ones. I want those in a raffle. So that’s why

Roy Merritt 37:53
those are also really good low torque those rocker switches. is awesome. Yeah,

Mike VO 37:58
yeah, the best design and Yeah the whole reason I bought that whole set I was like fuck

Roy Merritt 38:03
you don’t want it for breaking like heavy shit loose but for everyday use in my my things

Unknown Speaker 38:07
pretty much

Shane Langdon 38:09
zap off at 90 inch or foot pounds. Oh yeah,

Mike VO 38:13
yeah, it’s pretty tough.

Shane Langdon 38:14
Yeah, I’ll go to the front axles and zap stuff off like well that little thing took it off. That’s backwards. First time. That’s okay. There’s time. Yeah,

no, you don’t so all right.

Roy Merritt 38:28
I think we blathered on about broken and strip bolts enough. So the

Mike VO 38:32
next topic was how to avoid closing doors.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
Watch out for the fuckers door

Unknown Speaker 38:41
is look where you’re going. The best

Shane Langdon 38:43
thing is roadie felt so bad all day and then rode his bike out earlier and he goes, don’t worry about it. I’ll get the door.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Wrong kid.

Roy Merritt 39:03
Get your bike out this next topic is kind of spawned from experience. And, you know, Tyler is a good example. He went for a ride for like eight hour ride. Come back was like a lobster,

Mike VO 39:17
but only only half his face.

Roy Merritt 39:19
Yeah. And he’s like, I didn’t even think about the sun. You know? I went for a ride.

Shane Langdon 39:25
Yeah, well, he’s rockin that basketball and all the glitter.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
Plays eyes. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 39:31
today we were working. He goes, Are y’all talking shit about me? And I’m like, No, we aren’t talking shit about you. If it came up about fucking riding around on a bass boat or something like that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:44
If I ever get a bass boat, I’m gonna paint it the same color and I was like,

Shane Langdon 39:48

Unknown Speaker 39:49
that’s pretty bad.

Roy Merritt 39:59
Just got a fight. To use when that color

Shane Langdon 40:02
boat and it’s a bass boat now, as I painted.

Roy Merritt 40:07
All of us have read quite a bit. And all of us have been in that instance where you get home and you’re like, Fuck, I really could have used this or I really should have done this. And I think this is where baggers come into play. When you’re on a sport bike, you don’t really ride eight to 10 hours a day. And it’s soaked. Well, yeah, but if you do you have some kind of bag or something on it if you’re riding more than like track day. Yeah, yeah. Today, there you go. There’s a really good example of it. If you’re writing for more than two or three hours, there’s things you need. Well, you know, you bottled water

Shane Langdon 40:49
I Well, that’s the thing is I’ve an old, burnt up sporty and anything that I can’t, like, I’ll put rancor you don’t and I’ll zip it up to the handlebars and likes It dies yeah and because it’s all sport l carries it ties in and snips in my jacket everywhere I go. But yeah half the time is anything that I need like if it’s my helmet has the visor, like the the visor

which is for the sun and then the clear visor, but yeah, usually it’s, you know, a rain jacket or something covered that zip up or rain gear. But yeah, it’s it’s kind of one of those things if you’re riding Oh, yeah. So geographically,

hopefully you’re riding with somebody with saddlebags. We’ll see. Okay,

Roy Merritt 41:47
so here comes Here comes one of the things in every group, there’s a bagger. Yeah. And it may not be an actual bagger, but it is somebody with some kind of bag or some kind of backpack or something?

Unknown Speaker 42:01
Somebody else’s.

Shane Langdon 42:02
Let me ask you, bro How many times have you had a customer come in, and especially in Tennessee where the weather changes every five minutes and they come in and they’re soaked and they’re like Yep, I have regular my bag but I took it out yesterday when I cleaned it yep. Every like 60 seconds at a time.

Roy Merritt 42:21
That’s what spawns would kind of what I wanted to talk about which is you know, geographically there’s obviously going to be you know, if you’re in Arizona you probably don’t necessarily carry ring here every Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
Cali. Cali drinker.

Shane Langdon 42:35
No, Cali I would

Roy Merritt 42:37
never went anywhere without ringing here.

Mike VO 42:39
If you get caught a rainstorm, Arizona it’s like winning the lottery.

Shane Langdon 42:43
It’s like oh, it’ll miss

Roy Merritt 42:45
what I understand when it rains area it fucking rains here. You don’t want to be right.

Shane Langdon 42:48
No, it does. Yeah. Yeah, like like floods the road

Mike VO 42:51
and I’ve been caught leeches. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 42:54
And so many times I’ve been caught in the rain and realize that you’re Were was not nearly sufficient enough for the rain.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Well, I was

Roy Merritt 43:05
totally full on like, where I could not really see I should not have been riding because the eyewear I had was not made for the rain

Unknown Speaker 43:13
or in my situation with no hair. You don’t have head head gear in the rain, it hurts and there’s no helmet, you know, you get cotton, right?

Roy Merritt 43:22
Yeah. So it’s so there’s a good example, you know, and most of this spawns, you know, people ride and they’ll ride the bike night and they’ll ride to their friend’s house and they’ll ride here and they ride weekend riders. Yeah, yeah. You don’t experience any of those things when you get to plan exactly what’s going on? Yeah. When you go out with your friends and you end up hanging out at a bar and drinking and riding here riding there, and then all of a sudden it’s dark. Fuck, I did not bring any clear glass.

Shane Langdon 43:50
Yes, I have some nice tented fucking shade. That’s why I do not that’s why all my helmets have the fighter shade. That show comes out. Yeah, that’s clear. Because even when I rode sport bikes back in Cali and you knew you’re riding in daytime, yeah, it’s you’re up in the mountains in the twisties. And so when you’re going from a straight that’s all open and sunny and then you dip in to where you’re under the trees and the sun goes to shade and you’re doing 80 miles an hour coming up to a 60 degree 60 mile an hour curve the time it takes you to adjust Yeah, it’s it’s bad.

Mike VO 44:30
So are yours like hooked up so you like fighter shade up?

Shane Langdon 44:33
No, no, I don’t voice control.

Unknown Speaker 44:38
Change the fighter sealed up

Shane Langdon 44:40
shade and and deal with them as well and deal with the sun for for that stray so because I know when it changes into the into the shade I’m going to need to see but the same thing is nice when you are cruising and you’re in just open sun turn into the sun here. Put the shade off.

Mike VO 44:56
There’s a problem with that. It don’t make cool mirrors. unclear.

Roy Merritt 45:03
So Mark is calm. Cool. So I have ordered a bill held.

Mike VO 45:09
It doesn’t matter. And

Shane Langdon 45:11
this morning, what was the problem?

Unknown Speaker 45:13
I thought you were that last year? Yeah, it was.

Roy Merritt 45:16
I got a photo this week was I call it Frodo chromatic lens. Yes. Which means that it gets darker with more UV light and lightens up with less light. You already have one of the one on my bell. It’s not completely dark, but it does the job. It does go. How long does it take to change the new bill? The new, whatever they’re using is amazing. It’s I heard a few years back

Marcus Hughes 45:43
that they weren’t that great. They didn’t transition like you should. Oh, yeah. It takes a while on the new one. Like I’ll get outside and leave for the house and it start. As soon as I leave. As soon as it hits sun, it’s it’s dark. And then

Roy Merritt 45:56
maybe a minute or two. Yeah, within a minute. It’s dark and then it clears up just as quick

Shane Langdon 46:02
so it takes a while so like for

Roy Merritt 46:04
yeah like you’re talking about yeah like you’re talking about not maybe not necessarily the best thing but it also probably doesn’t get as dark as your tinted visor dies and the helmet I have I’m ordered I think has a tinted visor as well.

Mike VO 46:19
Hey, let’s get together I’m all in on the boys controlled, lighter shades. Shade down, shade out.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Call it say down, shift down shade down.

Roy Merritt 46:28
Shade up, shade down when you be like Maverick mode. Yes. Goose mood. So I went Yeah, Maverick

Shane Langdon 46:42
sensor, light sensor on top of the helmet and have it automatically Yeah.

Roy Merritt 46:46
Are we come on man, let’s not go too far. Yeah, okay.

Mike VO 46:52
If you’re, if you’re on some badass, twisty road and you’re going from light to dark, and you’re not saying

Unknown Speaker 47:00
There’s no point in

Mike VO 47:04
US you’re mirrored

Shane Langdon 47:07
and no clear and clear so

Mike VO 47:09
that’s not cool long side no you just when you when you pull up with your clear visor and your fighter shades everybody’s like what the fuck? I’m not going anywhere with this guy

Shane Langdon 47:19
but you know what I had a clear advisor this morning I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 47:25
see the guy cuz I guess it was dark to light the sun glare when the sun glare for him just because it goes down

Shane Langdon 47:39
the overhead lights went on so

Unknown Speaker 47:40
it’s gonna dark yeah their

Shane Langdon 47:43
sketches tunnel vision,

Mike VO 47:45
tunnel vision I’m blaming the whole reason he has the name sketch. At least once a month he has to fucking crash something

Shane Langdon 47:53
in my ear. I told him was a market zero.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
He said it. He said this morning. He Dude, he was like,

Shane Langdon 48:03
I like what he’s laying on the ground. He’s like, ah, how’s the bike?

Roy Merritt 48:07
We’re like fucking

Shane Langdon 48:08
like, the second thing he said was I can’t believe I didn’t see the door.

Roy Merritt 48:16
These shades

Unknown Speaker 48:21
out there.

Mike VO 48:24
roadies are going into EMT mode getting his gloves on. Yeah, he’s fine. He fucking fucked his nose up, get up sketch. sketch. Can you move your toes? Yeah, you’re fine. Get up.

Roy Merritt 48:38
I know you’re gonna roll up a little I think Rudy fell back. Down button the down button. Yeah. and walked walked away. You’re not not really thinking much. But yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 48:50
the transition.

Roy Merritt 48:53
Okay. UV light affects more than your vision and A lot of people don’t think about that. So, if you’re not wearing a full face helmet, your face gets a lot of weird head sunburn. You know you can get a lot of wind and sunburn mark out your arm head. If you see a lot of people and what’s really weird if you get on the Phoenix and stuff, they kind of get it a little bit more slowly. They will. They will layer the

Unknown Speaker 49:23
guys are leather.

Roy Merritt 49:25
degrees. I love them. Yeah. There’s a reason for that, especially in a dry climate. Because when you sweat, it evaporates so fast that you don’t know you’re sweating, huh? My uncle had an experience with this in Colorado. And coming from Florida, you know, you work all day you sweat, you drink you sweat, you drink. So you know it’s there. Up there. He’s working all day. He’s not sweating. He’s not thinking about drinking. He D hydrated himself got really sick. I’m

Mike VO 49:57
just sweating. That chick died in Arizona. Uh, what the hell was her name? Kimmy?

Shane Langdon 50:03
Rankin? No from from? Yeah, yeah the

Mike VO 50:11
promotion company and she would do like bike events and stuff and promote them and do like Help Help like, like bars and businesses kind of like thunder roads but she was there were two chicks that were like hardcore riders. And they were doing they they were like a bunch of events in Phoenix is like what in 2013 or 2014? somewhere around there? Yeah. And it was summer so super hot and they were going from from like, place to place to show up, you know, and be like, Oh, good. It’s going good. She She got dehydrated and fucking died. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 50:40
so the highway. Everybody died going down the

Mike VO 50:43
highway. I mean, she was you know, she was from there all the time. But you know, if you’re not from that area, though,

Unknown Speaker 50:49
we don’t really know.

Mike VO 50:50
Yeah, this is this is what it’s like people like are like, Oh, it’s like riding in Arizona the summer. It’s easy. Just go to your bathroom. Take a hairdryer pointing your face. I turn it on high. face on high. And that’s what it’s like riding

Shane Langdon 51:09
horses. Yeah, turn your oven on to like 220 and open the door and stand there to win. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
hairdryer because you’re like God, I

Shane Langdon 51:19
don’t know non helmet state. Why do you wear a helmet? He’s so afraid of crashing. I’m like, well, it’s part of it. But really I like this face shield because it’s actually cooler in your helmet with the facial down than it is riding without a facial at all.

Roy Merritt 51:32
It’s riding without a helmet. Full Face. Yeah, is cooler than not riding now and I don’t mean like cool, like, hey, you’re cool looking. I mean, like it feels better on the head. So in hot climates, I see why there’s a lot of places that don’t have helmet law.

Shane Langdon 51:46
Yeah, but when you’re going 90 miles an hour in that heat. I’d rather be warm and not have it blasting in my face. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 52:01
So, you know, I’ve learned the lesson I did here even coming from Florida. You know, I get into Tennessee and I’m like, Ah, fuck, it’s a Florida, Tennessee and I rode all day and I was like,

Unknown Speaker 52:10
arms are all sunburned shit.

Shane Langdon 52:14

Roy Merritt 52:14
yet No, actually I should I’m darker than you right now.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Shirt when I ride to work, yeah. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 52:24
I’ve done it enough. I had a nice jacket. And I haven’t really worn it here much. It’s a diet I say, well, you should you should do everybody says a difference.

Unknown Speaker 52:34
You should wear that tie in. So

Roy Merritt 52:36
if you were gonna say, if you’re okay, if it was not from another language, and you were to write that out, and it was English spoken, it would be Dinis.

Mike VO 52:45
Well, so why don’t you want to know? Do you have a mesh vest?

Roy Merritt 52:49
Because I didn’t ride my motorcycle today.

Mike VO 52:52
Like fishnet. I mean, I just want to be hot. You should just it’s not a best it’s a jacket. Okay? Even better. fishnet It’s like

Roy Merritt 53:06
if I were no shirt on I look like an ad you know?

fuckers are

Unknown Speaker 53:22
want to see the mesh jacket? Yes.

Roy Merritt 53:25
But no, I bought that one

Unknown Speaker 53:29

Roy Merritt 53:31
I bought it in Florida because I did want the arm protection and you want the nipples. And I didn’t want the sweating of a vest. So I never understood like California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana anywhere in the south.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
How the fuck all these guys run around

Roy Merritt 53:48
and live their best in the goddamn summer.

Shane Langdon 53:49
Well, I gotta get it california i mean summers like 82 degrees or like 30% humidity, not not in

Mike VO 53:57
Southern California.

Shane Langdon 53:58
Well Have

Unknown Speaker 54:01
we always left the valley? You’re close to the ocean

Shane Langdon 54:04
Yeah, we’re an ocean so we’d always jump over and then cruise one or 17 and the mountains highway

Mike VO 54:10
don’t don’t always don’t throw your fucking rich ass Southern California

Shane Langdon 54:14
Southern see everybody from SoCal thinks that San Jose was like No, you’re so cow.

Mike VO 54:21
It’s below the bay.

Shane Langdon 54:23
No, yeah, well, it but but

Mike VO 54:32
that’s the cutoff if you’re below the Bay in Southern California fuck all those guys. Now you guys so if you’re you it’s the grapevine for you right? Yeah, if you go on the south side of it Oh, that’s Southern California and the north side of the green line. Yep. See the north side of the grapevine for us is Fresno. The Fresno Valley,

Shane Langdon 54:54
which is so should there be northern and central and southern?

Mike VO 54:58
Well, I think the last thing was there should The eight states right didn’t the last time they tried this show.

Shane Langdon 55:05

Mike VO 55:06
And they wanted like, because they wanted Mojave and all that shit to be its own area too. So we just like la was estate San Diego’s estate. SAF Cisco’s estate. Yes, please. San Jose is awesome.

Shane Langdon 55:25
Whoa, slow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
That all that dude was nice

Roy Merritt 55:30
too. I drove from 20 up to Portland, in California. And so I’ve driven through it. Yeah. I 20 runs i 10 i 20 Yeah, so it’s so did you. I think like Vegas line around there.

Mike VO 55:52
You went to the wall.

Roy Merritt 55:53
Yeah. And then we went up to the

Shane Langdon 55:55
Southern Cal thing you said the warmer one one that’s so cow. 1010 Yeah, that’s a thing. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 56:04
So what else what else you got? So you go on awry,

Mike VO 56:08
California. So I guess that’s just one state.

Roy Merritt 56:11
That is what else do you think you carry with you that you’ve learned from a pistol?

Mike VO 56:19

Unknown Speaker 56:21
hanger I bring a hanger some

Shane Langdon 56:23
sort of why

Mike VO 56:24
a hanger. So if I go like on a trip, I bring a hanger and the Leatherman and my cell phone

Shane Langdon 56:30
and some zip ties.

Mike VO 56:32
Why don’t I use a hanger? Cuz in case you need to be more? Yeah, that’s it. If I can’t fix it with a hanger, then I call a tow truck on myself.

Shane Langdon 56:43
Yeah, my buddy Kurt baling wire.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
baling wire, baling wire,

Unknown Speaker 56:49
some sort of paper towel something to wipe your ass with?

Shane Langdon 56:55
Yeah, Swamp,

Roy Merritt 56:57
swamp ass. I mean, you should get one of those Beat covers I love. I feel like sunscreen. Lip Balm, like chapped lips, chapped lips. You know what I mean? Those are things people don’t think about it but yeah, lip balm, sunscreen. Now you’ll get a lot of dealerships if they’re smart. Will do promotional items of those. Yeah, they will give those away. Yeah. towels to wipe your glasses off. Yeah, it’ll tell you something you never think of until you’re out your glasses. Connection. Yeah. So I one of the things I do because I you know, I wrote everyday for so long. I always have a microfiber towel. So I always have a little roll bag on my bike. Yep. And I take my microfiber towels and I wrap them around the lenses of either the clear or the tinted glasses that

Shane Langdon 57:50
are wearing exactly

Roy Merritt 57:50
I have one on and one in my bag at all times. And it keeps the glasses from getting scratched up when they’re in the bag. And when I Pull them out I can clean them put them on clean glasses that I have wrapped them up put them back in there that’s a big one for me you know? I know a lot of people like especially I talked to deal he got the transition lens like I have I’m supposed to be getting and he I was like well Do you still wear sunglasses? Because I wear sunglasses and I was curious I was like you were still wear sunglasses I gonna wear shit. Like you don’t wear any eye protection underneath there and he’s like no, and I’m like, Well, technically if you want to flip your visor up legally, I don’t know about in Tennessee. I know in Florida. If you want to flip your visor up and ride you need safety glasses on.

Shane Langdon 58:39
Arizona is the same way. They pulled a buddy of mine over for not having eye protection with his visor up. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I know. But but still that’s what they say the law is But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:51
I got I got pulled over once in Arizona because I didn’t have a light on my license plate and I told him solar. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 58:59
I got a plate right. reflective well that’s why the reflective now so you don’t need lights. I got fucked with because I stopped at a light left work late had like we talked about earlier I had sunglasses. I stopped the light put my sunglasses on my forehead, the cop next to me he gave me a hard time and a mic there in my head. They’re right here. I don’t

Roy Merritt 59:20
assume you’re not wearing them. So I’ve I’ve popped the lenses out of my sunglasses. They look like weird. And I’ve ridden with that show at night. You pulled over it look here you can see the frames and she looked like I had glasses on, but I just popped fucking lenses

Unknown Speaker 59:36
because I actually talked to one of the officers that come through here. Yeah. About eye protection. Yeah, and what the laws are here he said as long as you have a wheeled windshield here, you’re okay. Really? Yeah, so even in Florida I know windshield doesn’t matter.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
Yeah, right without them as long as you have a windshield

Mike VO 59:54
was it natural or is it just something they fuck with people because it because you know I’ve never read this guy. Here’s the deal. Yeah, one of the things Police love to do is they love to take advantage of the fact that most of us don’t fucking know. So when they pull you over and start asking me, Well, can I look at your car God, if there’s nothing in your car that I can look inside it right there just in trapping you

Roy Merritt 1:00:14
ultimately though, it is a good idea. You know, in, in this case where if you have transition lenses to have a set of clear glasses on underneath, so when you flip it up, your eyes don’t get all watery, you don’t get shit in your eyes and you can’t see it. You know what I mean?

Shane Langdon 1:00:28
And that’s a good idea. And that’s the thing is these are transition lenses. I use them when I write, but my visor is UV, even the clear one. So if I have the clear visor down, they don’t transition. But I can still lift it up and they transition but it’s not as quick as like if you had to go outside in the sun for five minutes and then he walked back inside is starting to shift inside because they’re dented and takes five to three, five minutes.

Roy Merritt 1:00:54
I had it so I bought a set of photochromatic 10 years ago.

Mike VO 1:01:00
And I wonder if they make glass like

Roy Merritt 1:01:02
I would have to like leave them in my dash so that when I got out and do have they’d be dark. Yeah. And I’d put them in. I swear to god it took 30 minutes for your dad. your windshield of

Shane Langdon 1:01:11
your car should be UV so it shouldn’t transition in the dash. It did.

Mike VO 1:01:19
That’s weird did I’m calling safety. What is it?

Roy Merritt 1:01:24
Like company? I don’t know. I mean, he can’t.

Shane Langdon 1:01:28
The UV is what makes him transition. So if you have any protection, like your windshield, maybe that’s why it took so long. Because mine don’t transition. My

Roy Merritt 1:01:36
warm though. Like it was so bad. like you’d walk inside. You have to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
bet the last couple of

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
years. Yeah, though. You also have a fairly new German car. Yeah,

Mike VO 1:01:45
so it probably has a fairly new German windshield. I just say man, like you. Cut it out.

Roy Merritt 1:01:52
Cut it all out. Yeah, you didn’t. There’s got to be a German word for Maverick. That’s what you have to say. still recognize me? every language Maverick

Mike VO 1:02:03
Iceman Iceman. Like I can’t wait i don’t i saw like I saw a bunch of like hate shit on there where he some of the he still has the leather jacket but they took some of the sponsors and shut off because some Chinese company is helping produce the movie. Oh so these companies are like fuck you whatever I don’t know I don’t know the ins and outs of all the merchandising part of it and I don’t care because it’s gonna be fucking Tom Cruise flying jets for real just like the last Yeah, and they can make as many jet fighter and whatever air combat movies they want Top Gun fucking destroys all of the Top Gun to is gonna be better than Top Gun. Well I hope so. Oh, absolutely. He’s the instructor now

Shane Langdon 1:02:53
Aaron Aaron was like you know I’m doing for Fourth of July my buddies I got a projector setup in my backyard and I’m playing Top Gun.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05

Roy Merritt 1:03:06
we had nothing else

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
if you don’t like Matt

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Ramstein then it’s yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
I think it’s always good to carry a bandana

Roy Merritt 1:03:20
Yeah, I was kidding your face your face

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
wrapped around

Roy Merritt 1:03:25
clutter is bad as it sounds so stupid to say nice things did they sell as

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
you know what I’m talking about

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
a little mass a little kinds of shit

Roy Merritt 1:03:37
I’ve quite a few of them and they’re nice because they do not take up a lot of space. They fold up really small so you can like tuck them in places and they do come in handy man you know ever know you’re riding you get into Sandy place. This just sucks. Yeah, you know I’ve been where there’s bugs in Florida especially crossover like I for legmen row at dusk and you will Mosquitoes like, like we did it so many times that we’d ride to the next spot and get there. There’s like bugs in your beard like everywhere. And you can’t do anything about it because they’re you know, you’re over the water man. They don’t know any better. They’re just flying around and you’re fucking zipping through this area. So

Mike VO 1:04:19
so this is why Germany Lost World War Two. Maverick and German. Is it so ganger Enzo guy, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Maverick. No. So you got Isaac ganger and what’s Iceman? I still

Roy Merritt 1:04:38
like Maverick Iceman Maverick. That’s good.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
It’s Iceman

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
Iceman Iceman Iceman. So it’s ISO getting her eyes, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52

Mike VO 1:04:53
it just doesn’t have the real

Roy Merritt 1:04:54
so I’m looking forward to the next one. I don’t know if you guys are gonna come in. It’s gonna be late at Probably at my house y’all live so far in the other direction, why does that have to be late at night because my guest is in India and like nine o’clock at night here is like six or seven o’clock in the morning there. So I am going to be starting it very late at night and probably going to be doing it in the garage because I’m trying to bend time around them

Shane Langdon 1:05:25
and space

Roy Merritt 1:05:26
yet so you know to start at like, nine 930 you know, it’s rough, especially when you guys are gonna frickin our ride home and stuff. So I haven’t

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
really so you’re gonna have Tyler

Roy Merritt 1:05:39
actually, so the guy that I’m getting on is a professional freestyle rider in India, and he has some like India records,

Shane Langdon 1:05:48
gym cows and

Mike VO 1:05:49
so is he like how many people he can fit on his

Roy Merritt 1:05:51
open? You know, it’s funny because I follow this guy. I met him on LinkedIn. I follow him on on most of the social media platforms. And he’s everything he posts is so oddly familiar you know? Yeah he’s in it’s awesome and the same they do the same shit they’re they’re just same shit everyone’s yeah it’s not any really different you know? Yeah it’s a different country so it’s about the only difference and

Shane Langdon 1:06:16
all of their sideshows are way fucking cooler than ours. Yeah, they should have 90 to make this Mercedes drift.

Roy Merritt 1:06:25
Fuck yeah. I’ve been riding with some guys as you know, here in town that are like, you know, stuff like guys and a bunch of followers on Instagram and doing it for years and blah, blah, blah. A couple of them said they want to be on. Dale, one of the guys. He said his buddy has like two world records in freestyle riding he wants to be on

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
Hell yeah.

Roy Merritt 1:06:48
So I’m probably gonna have a whole new you know, group group on the next one just so this is this?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
Yeah, we’re all this is not it but but for now. You were

Roy Merritt 1:07:00
gonna try something different and and I kind of want to you know get you know some some things information from them. I think my perspective is not the same as these guys that do it you know? I don’t really my bike I don’t I don’t even do Berto so much. Fair enough. Fair enough. You’re right.

Mike VO 1:07:25
That’s why we got

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
that’s how we got written off

Roy Merritt 1:07:36
we tend to gravitate towards the technician side of things because that’s what we all really do and I have a perspective for that when it comes to the freestyle and like stuck bike side, my experience is very limited. So I’m bringing people on that that do have that experience, so do know and so it’s gonna be interesting to see how that one goes. I’m kind of excited. It’s gonna be interesting. Stepping Out of the box a little bit it’s so easy to do this with you guys cuz we knew each other so well yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
know the big shout out to community coffee community coffee. One of our sponsors Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:08:11
yeah. They would be on the video but it looks like the battery died on my GoPro so yeah, we lost. Yeah I could

Shane Langdon 1:08:21
Chinese things. No,

Roy Merritt 1:08:23
it’s really it’s the real deal

Mike VO 1:08:25
you also have China. Oh yeah, China

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29

Roy Merritt 1:08:30
lots of beer wood. There’s a bottle of whiskey debated and there was a will it will.

Shane Langdon 1:08:36
Mike says it’s so smooth.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
All right,

Roy Merritt 1:08:48
well, we’ll give this a few here and I think it’s about time to wrap things up, you know, if you got them ultimately, you know, for the new writers and the people that are that are just getting into You’re gonna learn some hard lessons the first few times you go out for real like make

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
sure your garage doors up

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
garage so the

Roy Merritt 1:09:12
theme of the night is watch out for closing your eyes that poor guy man i kid you got man I seen that it hurt my soul he hit that thing I

Shane Langdon 1:09:26
just you know what you know it’s fucked up as I saw that and the first thing I literally did was put my head down just start shaking. This is like save me everyone ran like I guess I had the wrong first response because everybody jumped into action and ran and all I did was turn away and throw my head up and like Are you fucking kidding? That’s exactly

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
how many people or like I ran out the like

Shane Langdon 1:09:53
these other people

Roy Merritt 1:09:55
I ran out there. Here’s the store. Here’s the deal.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
When it comes to like the medical side of shit I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04

Unknown Speaker 1:10:05
I have no idea how to do CPR.

Shane Langdon 1:10:08
Yeah, but that that’s not this case this case was Yeah, I don’t know how to reconstruct somebody’s face

when they slam it into a garage

not down miles an hour he’s got cuts flop and stop and didn’t roll his eyes. He’s knocked out

like walked away

whatever your random I was like wait that wasn’t the right response. So I ran out

Roy Merritt 1:10:34
there and I you know, try to do what I can. I’m pretty much worthless. It’s funny because that brings up and I’m gonna touch talk about this for a second. I was driving down the road one time I don’t know if we talked about this. And I was in a truck and trailer I was riding behind another truck a trailer we were convoy in it to Texas, and all I really see is the back of a 16 foot enclosed trailer the big white wall. All I really see and I’m driving, this was back in the Nextel days. Okay. You could you could talk to each other. And we did this all the time. So, you know, I don’t have much field of vision maybe the car next to me the lane there were two lanes I think we were on 75 running up in in Florida, I remember correctly and like, things start slowing down. And all I see all he really sees is the back of this trailer, but I can tell something’s going on. You know what I mean? Like he’s slowing down the way we drove, wouldn’t it so I’m hitting my brakes and I’m slowing down and then I hear Did you fucking see that shit? And I’m like, No, you know what happened and I as as he says, As I look over, there is a fucking tanker truck upside down on the other side of oncoming traffic in the woods. And so he slammed on the brakes I you know, I’m watching him. So I have to slam on the brakes. We pull into the median and we’re not very far from you. It all happened very quickly. And this tanker truck is flipped upside down in the fucking woods. So we run over there you know, I mean, it’s just instinct, you know, like I’m not I don’t run the other way I run to it. I may not know what to do, but I’ll run to it and try to help and we get there. And it’s, it was a septic truck. Oh, okay. But it you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a septic truck sitting next to a propane truck. But they look the same. Yeah, the carrier on the back is exactly the same as a fucking propane truck. So we get over there and we have a trailer full of tools. We’re carpenters so my uncle runs back we had a couple guys with this he’s like go get some hammers and bars and blah blah blah. So we’ve run over and we start you know, pulling the windshield out because the guys couldn’t get out of it. We start breaking shit out. As this is happening as we’re getting stuff somebody’s like, that’s a fucking gas truck and I should you not do dies by heart. Stop and I’m looking there and I’m thinking, alright, where the fuck am I running? I mean, like, I know but nobody, and then wait somebody else. It’s somebody yell, it’s gonna blow. Well, we know he was bad.

He’s leaking gasoline and my uncle was like, shut

the fuck up these guys are trapped in the fucking truck Shut the fuck up. You know what I mean? Like it was that bad. And people

Shane Langdon 1:13:21
are like, oh, there’s gasoline leaking and my bah blah and

Roy Merritt 1:13:23
these guys are kind of freaking out in the in the truck and we’re like just shut the fuck up and let it get him out of the goddamn truck, you know, but somebody had said it’s a propane truck and I remember that like 30 seconds of sheer terror thinking oh my god, I’m trying to peel some guys out of a fucking propane truck that’s upside down in the woods. the dumbest thing I’ve ever done

Mike VO 1:13:43
the trucker like it’s full of

Roy Merritt 1:13:54
trucks. So we went back in but yeah, we ended up peeling these guys out and you know ripping the windshield out and then They kind of walked out from there because it was on its side it wasn’t upside down was on the side,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03

Roy Merritt 1:14:05
you know, got him out by the time the cops got there we’d already pulled these guys out of the car and everything like that a

Shane Langdon 1:14:10
lot of times were represented the backwoods and somebody, you know, you come through a couple twists, easy getting along straight, and the last guy or two isn’t in the in the rear view. And you’re like, Fuck, All right, let me slow down and you’re like, Okay, and you go on to the next corner and like, Fuck, yeah, I don’t see him that happy. So we’ll rip. I’ll, if I can, I’ll signal the guys ahead of me like right before the end of the straight. I’ll rip up and I’ll give him the flip flip signal. Yeah, and I’ll slam on the brakes and I’ll rip back and super was one of them. Where I came back and, you know, come around the corner and there’s a bike and there’s him on the side of the road and bikes shut down, but the music’s still blaring and, you know, you go up to him and, you know, make sure he’s breathing and alive. Yeah that kind of stuff like I understand that but today it was more of like Did that really happen? Again fucking believe that just happened I mean he did that fucking door clean his clock I’ve never seen anybody peeled off a motorcycle more gracefully than that because it literally like he hit it and instantly he was I think knocked out to where he just like laid down and so because of that I don’t think it was any worse than it was because he folded back to get under the door and the client kind of did it a little you know I felt really bad because after it was all said done I knew he was okay. My like next instinct was fuckin Wish I got that on video. Yeah, no, no shit.

Roy Merritt 1:15:44
Damn, I wish we had that on video. That would be awesome

Shane Langdon 1:15:50
do it again. Video.

Roy Merritt 1:15:51
Yeah, God no, no, you’re totally up to like, I mean these videos. where it goes to do do you do? Oh yeah. Whatever the fuck it is, yeah, whatever it is. I was talking

Mike VO 1:16:03
to Nick about the schedule, so I didn’t see it. I just heard smash, bam. Oh my god everybody ran and I was like well I walk I walk I looked over and I was like

Shane Langdon 1:16:15
oh and then I

Roy Merritt 1:16:17
turn bang my hair so I think he was trying to get his attention yeah because like I told like I told him you know as I was watching him ride cuz saw it all going down I was watching it. I totally he was like four inches from ducking his head and getting through there. And I thought he was like, Oh, yeah, fuck you guys. You’re putting the door down. I’m going out anyways, and was gonna duck underneath because I’ve done that. Yeah, I’ve totally done that. You know, somebody said Oh, put the door down on you. Haha duck under it go. He didn’t know. And he just had he ducked. He would have been okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
But Wow. Yeah, I mean,

Roy Merritt 1:16:57
yeah, but if he would have looked he would have been okay.

Shane Langdon 1:17:04
Can’t blame a transitioning facial.

Mike VO 1:17:07
He was like going so slow that he was behind a guy walking.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
Yeah, he’s 1015 like in like he sped up towards the door.

Roy Merritt 1:17:20
Slow he was moving pretty good.

Mike VO 1:17:23
While I was riding Ian was walking so I didn’t really notice it and then he had moved.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
And I

Roy Merritt 1:17:31
I didn’t see my memory and you know, memory sucks when it comes if you’ve watched enough shit, memory sucks. I didn’t see it.

Mike VO 1:17:39
I just said No, he didn’t. And I was like, of course he looked

Roy Merritt 1:17:45
this way. He let the clutch out in first gear and was given a gas.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:53
Yeah, he was

Mike VO 1:17:58

Roy Merritt 1:18:00
That’s what I’m saying is he was going on like

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
oh yeah he’s given a gas he’s gonna duck he’s gonna oh my god he

Shane Langdon 1:18:09
made me turn and I turn I just see him go

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
go and he like so bad

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Hey what’s that

Roy Merritt 1:18:24
feel so bad

Mike VO 1:18:25
is it Tori most she does the on the angel’s wings of

Roy Merritt 1:18:31
the arms of an angel dude like the out the outside view the inside view slow motion arms of the angel oh my god that would be a 10 million view YouTube video I promise you

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
like without question right at the microphone

Roy Merritt 1:18:52
yeah oh man so bad What is it Did you just have to do you stretch the four second thing out to like two and a half minutes? Oh, yeah. So it’s like, like, halfway into the song is when he hits the door

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
like get the started

Mike VO 1:19:18
with like him, and he’s super pissed off face all the time. He’s all like, oh yeah. And then he’s

Roy Merritt 1:19:24
like he’s not a morning person we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
gonna capture the face.

Roy Merritt 1:19:37
Door. That’s the thing. He did not realize I promise you until it’s added door. He did not know. Looking at the rear view. He had no idea. I talked to him. He said he didn’t even know he hit the door tell he was like damn, it was flying back. That’s when he was like, Oh wait, something just happened.

Shane Langdon 1:20:14
That’s where he’s flop floating

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19
around back. He didn’t have a chin strap on so I’ve

Roy Merritt 1:20:24
never known anyone that has earned a more fitting.

Shane Langdon 1:20:29
Yeah, and he didn’t like that nickname. It’s a badass nickname. It is a badass exam for It’s so fucking true.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
mean it’s not even that horrible.

Roy Merritt 1:20:38
It’s like Yo, why are you calling sketch because I wrecked motorcycles going out of style. It’s not even that cool

Mike VO 1:20:49
because every time I get on a motorcycle they think I’m gonna wreck

Roy Merritt 1:20:51
Yeah, you know, it’s funny.

Shane Langdon 1:20:58
It’s a head on cards. 70 doesn’t go down.

It’s 15 wiped out. So he

Mike VO 1:21:06
says to me today,

Roy Merritt 1:21:11
poisoning knocks me on my ass. And I can’t work. He’s like, garage door knocks me on my ass, and I can still work.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:22
He didn’t tell you the part where he tried to get out of it and go to go get an X ray.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:28
He’s like, Oh, I need to go to urgent care, My neck hurts. And I said, you’re fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
I need to go to urgent care. And I was like, whatever.

Mike VO 1:21:35
And I said, Hey, do you need a worker’s comp? And he was like, I’m not gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:21:38
I’m not gonna go compensation.

Mike VO 1:21:41
He’s like, No, I’m just gonna go through my lunch. And I was like, okay, so he goes, go like an hour and a half. And I’m like, dude, if you see anybody, we need to do an X ray. And I’m like, it’s not gonna come up with anything. If you if they

Roy Merritt 1:21:52
thought you had a broken neck, you’d be on a fucking bath, Rachel? Yeah, sure. Yeah, he handled the day much better than I thought he would.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:59
That’s funny is You’re gonna notice you’re talking very humble today.

Roy Merritt 1:22:05
He’s got lacerations on his face,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:08
you know, from his helmet and his nose and I forgot No.

Mike VO 1:22:14
You did that. Once you forgot about it

Roy Merritt 1:22:16
yesterday. You got to start the intro and let it get past the talking part. Oh, I’m not I can fade it in. It’s an outro. But yeah, I played it earlier and then we started talking. made it a little bit further. Gotcha. I wanted to but yeah, well, you know, there’s always something good going on around here. I just still can’t believe dude, still alive. It’s hard to get that fucking door.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Yeah, cuz I mean, this kid just couldn’t have started when he started riding motorcycles.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
I mean, holy shit. Oh, no. You’ll never ride

Shane Langdon 1:22:50
motorcycles about six months, but he is he is what 24 I don’t know. Six. I don’t know. I don’t know. So he started in the air of you know No writing in the back of pickup trucks seat belts no drinking from your

Roy Merritt 1:23:03
nose. We used to

Shane Langdon 1:23:05
so so i think i think that’s kind of we had whoop Dee Dee’s along the way these dirt roads but

Roy Merritt 1:23:11
on a golf course and it was like it was like just fucking she can’t call the hills Yeah, that was the name of the neighborhood Believe it or not was rolling hills, but there was like Woody’s what we call them? I don’t know what do you call them in dirt bike? Whoops. Okay, so yeah. So we my buddy had a Nissan pickup truck. This is late night and he’s in the back of this. Oh, it’s good drive around and smoke some pot or whatever we’re gonna do. And then we go hit the book

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
and hit that shit like 40 miles an hour. Just watch people bounce out of the back of the fucking I’ve ever been a kid. Dude, I look back. I’m like, man, we were fucking a kid back in the day in a friend’s dad’s

Shane Langdon 1:23:52
pickup truck. And it’s like I feel like they just slam on the brakes just to take inventory

Unknown Speaker 1:23:58
once a while. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
Okay, they’re all there. They’re there.

Roy Merritt 1:24:11
Never thought I’d smoke

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