H-D Bronx, Sturgis 2020, and more

Is the H-D Bronx going away? How did COVID-19 effect the 80th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?  We talk about this and much more.



Roy Merritt 0:12
Once again, it’s time to open your ears and expand your mind. Or maybe it’s double your mind. Either way, I think these boys have some sense. So sit back, grab a brew, we’re gonna have some two and give you our point of view, here on Talkin Braap

Shane Langdon 1:03

Unknown Speaker 1:05
because I’m gonna put my notes

Shane Langdon 1:11
playing Moby Dick.

Roy Merritt 1:15
Alright, welcome back is Talkin Braap season two, Episode 10 we made a bunch this year. And we got a couple of things to talk about today actually. So, first order of business tonight motorcycle.com put out an article talking about Harley Davidson and I wanted to talk about it a little bit, and it’s called good by Harley Davidson Bronk Street Fighter question, Mark.

Aaron Staudinger 1:46
Oh, yeah. Isn’t that too different in the news all over the place right now?

Roy Merritt 1:49
Well, well, the Bronx is Street Fighter. So if what they’re what they’re talking about, I’ll put links in the description this time and people can follow along. Basically is they have Pull the Bronx off of the website.

Mike VO 2:04
That’s got some heat.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
Wow, good America.

Roy Merritt 2:09
That’s Tennessee whiskey right there. Yeah. So they’ve pulled the Bronx off of the but on the flip side to that, a jokin or jock insights or whatever, just in the last week or so has basically confirmed you just say just in the last week. He in the last week or so has confirmed Harley’s moving forward with the

Shane Langdon 2:35
America America

Roy Merritt 2:36
Yeah, the the sport touring thing or what he called adventure touring thing. They very much want to be in so everybody’s freaking out saying that they’re gonna pull the Bronx. I don’t think they’re gonna pull up completely. They’re just not releasing Sheldon right here tomorrow or they’ll do a mid year release. Like they always do

Unknown Speaker 2:54
this. Oh, we’re not doing this and they surprise you. They may not do media releases anymore.

Roy Merritt 2:58
You know, yeah. And for those that don’t know, there has been some talk about moving the model your releases too early, or just before spring instead of February at the end of writing season for a lot of So, um, but my theory is, so I think that if you were to step into the company from the outside which drunk insights or whatever his name is, did not he’s been on the board for years. But if you were to kind of take a step back, I think most people would say the same thing that I did when I saw those two bikes is why does the Broncos have a 975? Yeah. Why? Why I don’t understand the drive for two motors.

Shane Langdon 3:44
Yeah, so I think that’s what they’re gonna and

Roy Merritt 3:46
that’s what that’s what my thought process is. Okay. They’ve already developed the bike to an extent, but why work on two different motors, two different maps to different you know, everything, everything you’re going to fix. accessories things like that. Let’s focus on one motor one platform and look at that’s what they’re gonna end up doing and I think when it comes out if they’re smart they’ll get they’ll ditch the Bronx name because I think it’s kind of sucks because

Shane Langdon 4:14
I think they are also selling that article they’re looking at a flat tracker they’re gonna come out

Roy Merritt 4:18
with they have been yeah there’s there’s quite a kick so bad by Indian lately but yeah, they need they need answered Yeah,

Shane Langdon 4:27
all what what are we using now? The street 307 50 Yeah.

Roy Merritt 4:38
I bet there are places where the street does do okay. In that it’s a lighter smaller bike. Really? Yeah. everywhere But America,

Aaron Staudinger 4:49
you know, but

the Malaysia Harley still kicking ass. Ah, Ray.

Roy Merritt 4:55
Oh, yeah, I always will. I mean, do you know enough? Most of the people that are into dragon Sigmund stuffer into Chevy or Ford or American so that Harley switchover for the bikes, you know, people donate money into drag bikes. Yeah, no, that should happen. So there’s plenty of guys out there has been, you know, working on Harley’s for years that want to do it, you know, but yeah, I mean, that’s my thought process is ditch the whole 975 thing. Who the fuck wants to buy the small motorbike anyways? You know, think Marcus, so I think I could ever see it pop back up. I think they could rebrand it, you know, and you’ll see it as a 1250 instead.

There was a few things they talked about in here. They have some pictures, some really good pictures of some of the models. A model picture

Aaron Staudinger 5:44
I saw was pretty badass. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 5:47
Erica is awesome. Yeah, yeah. The clay models the hall. Yeah, they have those up in the museum. I think

Aaron Staudinger 5:55
a why a 60 degree motor.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
probably going to have higher

Shane Langdon 6:02
not to use a 60 degree.

Aaron Staudinger 6:04
Yeah. So are they going to be the standard 180 degree crank or whatever is going to be that 270 or we’re on like a one to

Roy Merritt 6:12
three or something. It’s some kind of odd. Well, you know, that’s, that’s a lot of options that are just come to me. I mean, if there’s, if they do something, they get away from pushrod and go into an overhead valance, which

Shane Langdon 6:26
from the pictures, it’s gonna be, like a breakdown of the V rod

Roy Merritt 6:31
overhead. And they do it right with the 60 degree they can, they can maintain some torque. And so yeah, if they do keep the stroke short enough, they can keep the revs up high. So if they go big bore short stroke, they, you know, be able to pop it up pretty good. Hopefully, that’s what happens, but it’s gonna be hard to say, you know, it’s all speculation. They have the flat tracker picture here. Yeah, Harley. Yeah. It

Aaron Staudinger 6:58
looks cool to seven 450 Yeah, yeah

weird well and that’s been the the patented sound because it’s so narrow so long

Roy Merritt 7:09
but maybe yet Wait, we’ll see. You know they say the pan America is coming. So the you know the I think maybe they won’t rush into we need 100 new fucking models in the next year and a half

Mike VO 7:24
the five already abandoned there. Yeah, yeah.

Roy Merritt 7:28
I think that’s kind of changing where it’s like okay, let’s focus on what we’re doing to get it done right you know get it out. Yeah. rewire. What about Has anybody heard anything about the electric bicycle? No. They

Aaron Staudinger 7:42
just had a commercial last night for an electric bike that looked

Roy Merritt 7:45
the only ones were supposed to be materializing somewhere around the end of this year right? I don’t know.

Mike VO 7:52
Nothing is coming out until next spring. Yeah, they’re gonna they’re not doing that hundred models and 10 year five year thing or whatever. See, that didn’t work. What do we know about doesn’t work here anymore hardwired to rewire whatever they’re gonna, they’re gonna refocus on the core branding, they’re gonna produce less motorcycles. They’re gonna streamline the dealerships, they’re gonna make, they’re gonna make it a little bit more difficult to get the bikes. And we’re gonna bid we’re premium, we’re gonna focus on our core audience 200 dealers means like we were talking about on that other podcast, why try to advertise to a whole group of people that don’t want to fucking ride anyway? Yeah. I mean, why don’t we concentrate on the people that are going to ride that want to ride and sell them the bikes they want to ride which is not electric bicycles.

Aaron Staudinger 8:35
So make a chain drive softail. So

Roy Merritt 8:38
make a really core audience is built in and if you’re doing it right, especially as Harley, those people are who get people into writing your customers, or your people that are getting people into writing. I don’t think if you’re writing a 650 Honda shadow, you’re telling all your buddies that they need to learn how to you know they need to go out and ride

Aaron Staudinger 8:58
by doing that. Usually can’t afford it. Yeah, yeah,

Roy Merritt 9:00
you know, you’re probably entry level or whatever. But yeah, nobody’s running around on a Honda shadow like, Oh yeah, this is the greatest thing ever, you know, but with Harley and that, that, you know the culture that comes with it. Yeah, I think you know, you focus on your customers, you let your customers bring new riders in, you know, same chassis, so we can move on um, Sturgis happened. Yeah. Did you think so? I have stat.

Mike VO 9:28
People from antiva tried to break it up. They were murdered. Yeah.

Shane Langdon 9:36
Nine casualties.

Roy Merritt 9:36
Really good stats here. And like I said, I’m gonna post a link to this. This is from motorcycle cruiser calm. So I had talked to a buddy that rode all the way there this year and back he stopped by the shop. I think Microsoft Max,

Unknown Speaker 9:51

Roy Merritt 9:52
Yeah, he wrote. He ended up like 6500 miles in 12 days. He’s a fucking animal. Yeah, yeah. He’s the guy we talked to with the Sportster, the drag racing Sportster. But anyways, I talked to him and I was like, you know, cuz people were posting stuff from Instagram like people I follow, and like the campgrounds seemed kind of empty. You know what I mean? It didn’t seem as balls to the walls as you usually see Sturgis. So I asked him I was like, so how was it was a busy with the dead? He’s like no, it was busy. And I was like really? And he’s like, yeah, so he said he went out for the 75th anniversary, which was like record attendance. The anniversary years are always record attendance. He said he went back for the 76. And there was like, nobody there. You know what I mean? Absolutely. There was a year before Exactly. He said there was more people there this year than there was the 76. And I was like,

Aaron Staudinger 10:46
wait, I love that

Roy Merritt 10:47
statement. Man. I kind of thought it was bullshit. But according to the stats, it’s not so attendance over the 10 day total from the Department of Transportation is 462,100 82 people that is down only seven and a half percent from last

Aaron Staudinger 11:04
year’s route and the total COVID cases

Roy Merritt 11:06
now yeah they don’t get that

Mike VO 11:11
the only the only people getting COVID now are the kids in school. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 11:15
liberals. Oh yeah. So the aka Jeremy the

Aaron Staudinger 11:23
cat dude.

Roy Merritt 11:23
Yeah he did. Yeah, here’s the interesting thing that’s been one of my ferals down seven and a half percent from last year is still considered way down because technically this is the 80th anniversary. So they expected a pretty high attendance this year. But your they predicted 250,000 people because of everything going yeah because of COVID everything that’s going on. So twice as many people came as they thought were going to. So we get run through some of the interesting stats a who wants to take a guess at rug arrests. 4367 Okay, low injury accidents was 50 injury accidents was 56 now,

Mike VO 12:15
what happened to the guessing game? We just like we can.

Aaron Staudinger 12:19
What kind of shit game is

Mike VO 12:21
any of these? Okay, we’re done with that. I’m just gonna tell you.

Roy Merritt 12:23
How many fatalities for

Aaron Staudinger 12:28
one game that’s close. six, nine. Bye,

Unknown Speaker 12:34

Mike VO 12:40
Outside out of 400,000

Shane Langdon 12:42
people, we talked about this earlier how many DUI Rs?

Unknown Speaker 12:46
Oh yeah, this is the next one.

Aaron Staudinger 12:48
Yeah. All right. All right. All right. Give us an over what’s the over under?

Roy Merritt 12:52
Oh boy. I know. You just

Mike VO 12:54
get Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 12:56

Unknown Speaker 13:01

Mike VO 13:04
anybody 280 for you? Yeah. DUI arrests 195.

Roy Merritt 13:12
You know, do I know cool? Yeah.

Shane Langdon 13:14
So Jordan, do you have a guess? Oh, you heard Yeah.

Roy Merritt 13:17
Okay, so 145 still wasn’t as like 195 painless, not bad. So mundo la de la, by the authority except for the

Unknown Speaker 13:29

Aaron Staudinger 13:33
zero COVID cases.

Roy Merritt 13:34
Yeah. Well, they tell me. I’m sure. There had been somebody that you know, there’s some dickhead became their COVID

Aaron Staudinger 13:42
chair. Oh, shit.

Roy Merritt 13:44
Yeah, I don’t know. I’m sure there is

Shane Langdon 13:46
the whiskey and so

Aaron Staudinger 13:49
they’re counting the whiskey shits as COVID from Sturgis Yeah,

Roy Merritt 13:52
I’ll say that you get that as you go by money sees is not as high as you might think.

Mike VO 14:00

Roy Merritt 14:03
mostly used by the authority. Like I said, it’s not some crazy, man $18,000 $18,763 Yeah. Hey now, so mostly due to drug arrests of course, blah blah blah. money collected for seniors now Meals on Wheels. Give a shift. There’s a couple others. Did some really big ones. Looks like Dixon flannel made a $5,000 donation. Okay, so we’re at least clockworks Brian Cox. Yeah, the bunch of people made some big ones, but

Aaron Staudinger 14:41
go ahead, man. What’s your guess?

Mike VO 14:45
$750,000 Whoo.

Aaron Staudinger 14:47
Whoo. It’s been generous. I thought generous, but I didn’t think that much. I was gonna say 350 he’s

Roy Merritt 14:52
Yeah, man. Yeah, no.

Aaron Staudinger 14:54
More than that close.

Shane Langdon 14:56
Not really. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 15:06
This way that $5,000 donation was almost a third of what was raised

Unknown Speaker 15:12
to seniors.

Roy Merritt 15:14
17,158 Okay.

Still 20,000 almost $20,000 raised for charity, you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:27
that’s pretty impressive. Not really. 400,000

Unknown Speaker 15:32
everybody give it $1 Yeah, everybody

Unknown Speaker 15:34
gave, like, well, if everybody gives $2 I mean, that’s

Aaron Staudinger 15:39
it there’s a couple beer girls that work that week and that made that much.

I bet you’re right. Fuck Yeah, man days. I bet

Unknown Speaker 15:48
you conservatives,

Unknown Speaker 15:50
fuck you seniors make your own money.

Roy Merritt 15:55
Money has a big, round ass

Mike VO 16:02
You know, there were no Democrats.

Aaron Staudinger 16:06
That’s on the magga hat.

Roy Merritt 16:11
I was pretty much most of the stats on that. 190 9% Yeah. Hey man is super impressive. I’m glad that I’m glad to hear that. So I’m my little mini vaycay I’m trying to go to my circus for a day. Okay, cool. I’m gonna ride on Saturday morning ski, and I’m gonna bring a tent and stuff a couple other guys so they might ride with me.

Mike VO 16:35
Just in case you get lucky.

Roy Merritt 16:38
Get drunk don’t want to run. like two hours away like two and a half hours away. So I figured maybe I’ll go out there and camp and then get up Sunday ride home. I don’t know. Yeah, little man. I am going to hit it hard with the GoPro. That because I got like a neck band. Were right here.

Mike VO 16:53
Well, you know what’s cool

Roy Merritt 16:55
is the chicks can still take their tops off, okay. It’s real. No, it’s not. It’s on the fairground.

Mike VO 17:02
I don’t think it matters though.

Roy Merritt 17:04
Yeah, with with the little ones. It’s 21 and up.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
It’s this way.

Mike VO 17:08
It’s the way it was when Brighton was cool.

Roy Merritt 17:10
Yeah. When rallies we’re not sure. Like they are explicit on their side about no children.

Mike VO 17:14
That’s how it always used to be. Yeah, all the rallies used to be like that. I remember when I used to go to Laughlin before they fucking turn it into a damn Car Show. The cops would block off the like Laughlin, Nevada is like please one mile strip

Aaron Staudinger 17:28
house right across.

Shane Langdon 17:30
This is like the 19th run over the Reno border.

Mike VO 17:32
Right so it’s like, with like seven seven casinos. That’s about all it is. It’s like a mile and a half. And there’s like three stoplights. You know? It’s like two on the on the bottom. You go up the hill where there is this thing here. There’s the very top

Aaron Staudinger 17:47
Yeah. And then all the way bottom is the original casino.

There now the

the bills in the in the middle

at the bell and then you had Oh yeah, the Don Laughlin casino

which was on the bottom. Sure. coke coke.

So, I went to a strip, forehead city it was frickin frightening

Mike VO 18:05
so the way it used to be desert was cops at the ends of the street. And if you weren’t on a motorcycle and you tried to go to Laughlin they stopped you and said what are you doing? Yeah. Why Why are you trying to bring a car in here?

Aaron Staudinger 18:18
You don’t mess it up the shooting when that whole thing went down then it turned into Disneyland.

Mike VO 18:23
Last year I went and then I went I didn’t go again until like 2008 and then you if you were on your motorcycle you were all they treated you like a felon. Yeah. And I was like, you

Unknown Speaker 18:33
know, this is a fucking motorcycle rally right?

Roy Merritt 18:38
Daytona like back in the 90s and shit. Yeah, dude like fucking naked people everywhere. Yeah.

Aaron Staudinger 18:44
It happens with all of them. They’re like two guys. So it was

this this river boat every year. And it was like, you know people who used to be on the water all the time. Like you were there. You had a boat you knew was going on? You know how to behave in the water.

Mike VO 18:56
So obviously that’s not Jeremy. See, dude. One down the wall. I thought he was when he came back.

Aaron Staudinger 19:03
He got so jacked up. They had so many deaths and stuff on that, that they finally ended up canceling it.

Roy Merritt 19:08
Well, that’s what happens in the end ruined people, the people Party and the idiots fuck it up for everybody. I just thought that’s what happened, you know,

Mike VO 19:16
with motorcycle rallies I don’t think that’s what happened. With motorcycle rallies what happened is the clientele changed. And the clientele became learned doctors and such. So they’re offended by the way the bikers acted and they they are the ones that had the money to control the events. out there.

Roy Merritt 19:37
Yeah, you can get a bike rally in your city. You need to do it. Because bikers bring money. Okay,

Mike VO 19:46
apparently that’s not true. No, no, no, no, no.

Roy Merritt 19:53
Here’s the deal. I know living in in Central Florida. I knew a lot of people in Daytona. The business owners in Daytona They go through these crazy seasons because it starts with spring break. And then speed weeks for like NASCAR’s like two weeks, and then Bike Week. And then like black beach week, and there’s a bunch of shit that goes on there for a couple of months.

Mike VO 20:15
You know, we could have kept race out of it.

Roy Merritt 20:17
Well, no, it’s a thing. It’s literally it’s a thing. So just said, yeah, it’s separate from everybody

Mike VO 20:23
say, There you go again, they, you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:25
but anyway, so

Unknown Speaker 20:28
the business owners hate speech.

Roy Merritt 20:34
Because the NASCAR people come and they don’t spend nearly as much money as say the bikers do like, like it goes into tier like, spring break is the worst Spring Breakers. They fucking hate spring break. Well, yeah, cuz Yeah, there’s a bunch of broke ass kids. They’re fucking buying bologna sandwiches shit and eating them in restaurants and yeah, they’re going to liquor stores. But then after them becomes NASCAR. And Bike Week is actually at the top. They make more money in Bike Week than they do on all the other events.

Mike VO 21:07
Yeah, so that’s what I’m saying. So when the when the the Bike Week clientele became the clientele with all the money yeah, they didn’t want the shenanigans to go along with it. So the orchestrator is the business owners were like, well, these are the guys with money and they don’t want naked broads so

Roy Merritt 21:24
well. For us. It also comes from the business owners in Daytona, it came from the business owners, because all the hotel owners and everybody there got tired of the first four or five months of the year, their hotels being completely destroyed, and then then spending the rest of the year trying to repair everything for just to get destroyed again, you know, which does you know, to an extent makes, you know, makes sense. But, you know, those that’s why I went to shitty hotels, you know, I didn’t go to the fucking Hill because I wanted to I wanted to go fucking party and trashed my hotel room. You You know, um, you know, and and I think the little guys really got beat up on that shit, you know that it’s spring break. So if you know, living there in the offseason, I would go to the same hotel I would go during spring break because I knew the people I’d go there every year like, I knew the people that owned it. They were coolest Fuck, they’d let me get away with murder and I paid my shit, you know? So they were cool. So in the offseason, if I go out there and stay I’d stay there. And I’d go into the same room and be like, what the fuck man like paintings on the walls. They took the TVs out of their spring break like they took everything that could be broken out for spring break. And then when all that shit over they put it back up it was like a nice ass hotel man that went back in I was like, shit man. This place is pretty nice. Did it look nowhere near like this and spring break. But But yeah, man, the rallies are still going and we’re gonna see how like I said we’re gonna see a little surges goes,

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Well look, Tony lakonia is the next big test. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:58
because Tony is wearing it. New York. Yeah, it’s up in up in northeast. Yeah. So that’s going to be a weird. Well, yeah.

Mike VO 23:05
Because that’s the governor mandated that any gathering over 100 people has to have masks on. It’s a law. So that’s going to be, you know, and it’s, it is sad that all these people are acting out of fear. You know what I mean? And it’s fear. And what we really need to do is just say, you can’t fucking sue somebody if you get sick. Yeah, you get sick, sick. You’re on your own. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 23:32
that’s it. You don’t want to stay home.

Roy Merritt 23:34
Yeah, if you don’t want to get sick, stay the football. Otherwise, you’re you’re you know, but

Mike VO 23:39
but politically, that’ll be I think that’s in like two weeks, right? Well, Tony, Laconia is like,

Unknown Speaker 23:46
sick coming up soon. Might be over Labor Day weekend. Well, I know you got anybody got anybody’s October, October Fest in Daytona in October. I know that.

Mike VO 23:55
Yeah. So I think it’s like Sturgis lakonia

Roy Merritt 23:58
there’s, I think there might be another one in between. See I’ll look it up so one of the other oh man oh hung up on my cord here

Aaron Staudinger 24:08
one of the 20 or 20 August 22 to the 30th oh wow that’s like wait wait wait there’s a good COVID-19 What are they saying?

Roy Merritt 24:19
Only pencils No Man’s

Aaron Staudinger 24:22
yes capsulate mandatory

Shane Langdon 24:24
all chapter assless

Roy Merritt 24:26
pants off to show this to you guys because this is another article I’m gonna link to here says Yuki

Unknown Speaker 24:32
looks like a new hampshire news somewhere up

Unknown Speaker 24:35
there putana Texas actually not that bad look

Aaron Staudinger 24:39
a script down lately use article 600 Square headlight.

Roy Merritt 24:44
So this article is retro, you know new bikes that are retro, the best looking ones. You know the katana is always kind of been a blah. You know, in the end it was an air cooled a bit of a in line for sure. Yeah, yeah so you know they it was a different motor Not a lot of people you know really liked them. I crashed one I knew a guy that wrote one he loved my

Shane Langdon 25:10
Suzuki bandit was an old Katana motor like style motor

Roy Merritt 25:14
the bandit 1200 so I’ve heard really good things about those are awesome. So then we have so we have the new the new Katana it is pretty cool looking actually I kind of like it reminds me of the zR x 200 where they went to the squares OSI Oh, for wear

Aaron Staudinger 25:28
a mask at Laconia.

Roy Merritt 25:30
So, you know triumph is hard because triumph doesn’t make any like well the Speed Triple shot like that they make modern life cool. We’ll see how they work the

Mike VO 25:41
yes is the to me interesting. g 120.

Roy Merritt 25:43
You know, totally retro, but it was what you expect from the tribes.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
They never got to say Oh, yeah,

Roy Merritt 25:52
you see that? You’re like, yeah, it’s a new tribe. You know it Yeah.

Mike VO 25:54
Yeah. I mean, other than the Speed Triple

Roy Merritt 25:58
brought the monkey back. Do you remember the monkey? So here’s his shirt commercial? No, it’s like a it’s like a mini bike. And they used to make these back in the day. That’s trail.

Mike VO 26:12
trail fit a trail groms and start making those. I don’t Probably

Roy Merritt 26:15

Mike VO 26:16
I think groms are. are groms done?

Roy Merritt 26:18
No. No, they can’t No wait, there’s a whole lot

Unknown Speaker 26:22
one. I don’t know. I heard that they were gonna maybe

Roy Merritt 26:24
I don’t know but the monkey is fucking cool dude. I would I buy one of those that that shits cool. Um, the BMW R 18 power cruiser? I don’t know, man. It’s cool. Gay. The

Aaron Staudinger 26:38
the app is that phallic looking thing inside of it.

Roy Merritt 26:42
Yeah. Okay, that exhaust is retarded. If that’s not to stroke if it’s not to stroke you don’t need my motorcycle my friend. I mean, but it is it is retro and it is very clean. You know what I mean? And no and BMW, there’s probably not a lot of wiring on it either. Okay, he like everything that connects. It is probably the connector. So it i don’t know i don’t do the opposed I can’t do the posts owners they

Unknown Speaker 27:05
got a weird center gravity Yeah.

Roy Merritt 27:08
And when and when you when you rev it it was so like different Yeah, it’s it’s definitely a different feel. Yeah we talked about king of the bankers yet king of the baggers Yes. Oh wait you told me that surges

Aaron Staudinger 27:22
No, there is a road race at Laguna Seca. Hmm

Roy Merritt 27:25
Okay. Did they do it?

Aaron Staudinger 27:26
No, they pushed it off till October. Okay. 14 teams signed up. I don’t know how many are still in how do you get? How do you get COVID on a motorcycle.

Roy Merritt 27:36
So we have a question. Maybe not show they just did. It sturgeons. This, they’re just unsure. No, they have a name for it.

Aaron Staudinger 27:49
MTK has built a bike for bikers. Yeah. s&s with an Indian?

Mike VO 27:56
Yeah, cuz really, an s&s don’t get along anymore.

Aaron Staudinger 28:00
That’s crazy. Best parts in the business some of the best part you can get. That’s a shame.

Mike VO 28:04
But Harley pissed them off.

Aaron Staudinger 28:08
Good thing we like them.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
Why do you think the ftrs came out so strong and started smoking everything because they started with s&s right away.

Roy Merritt 28:16
Yeah. Well yeah and and Indians cool, man. It’s a cool bike. It’s what I I expected to be narrower. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it. It’s Canadian. I know. But, like for the size, just a

Mike VO 28:28
little bit all the meat and potatoes

Aaron Staudinger 28:30
up there, man. They’re not narrow. Check this out going back to that thing. For king of the baggers. I have not been able to find a set of rules anywhere.

Mike VO 28:40
Well, isn’t it the first one across the finish line wins?

Aaron Staudinger 28:43
What does it run with your brown? I don’t know. Like if that was the case, then my bags would be sides with no bottoms. I’d probably have ground effects on the bike. I’d have all kinds of crazy stuff going on.

Mike VO 28:55
Well, I mean, if you look at like flat track racing is it really that many rules and now like when we

Aaron Staudinger 28:59
wait How much is this thing after five track

Roy Merritt 29:01
don’t get in a way

Aaron Staudinger 29:04
to ship a bike with a turbo

Unknown Speaker 29:05
flashrom rats? That is a Sportster. Okay, that’s

Mike VO 29:10
good. Yeah. Like I mean, we were

Aaron Staudinger 29:14
looking at prepping these bikes s&s is talking about bringing the end into the track with like a stage two. And Trask from what I’ve seen the pictures of has a turbo on it

Roy Merritt 29:24
Have you guys seen this yet? What is that? This is fucking see bears tons Oh yeah. At the bell brawl at stern I heard

Aaron Staudinger 29:33
that bike is bad feeling to have a motor put in it. Oh yeah, he fucked up. He said that Roy’s

Roy Merritt 29:38
made it through the bill brought us all the fuck. He may just put the camera and literally they lit the ground on fire. And he was doing burnout rolling burnouts and donuts into the fire Hell yeah. And rolled the fire on to his rear tire and then ran around with his rear tire on never stopping doing a burnout a whole fucking time never stopped focusing dude yeah full fuckin said he laid it down on its side it was on fire like he fucking literally set his shit on fire. So if you don’t follow seabear stunts which imagine anybody that does you don’t like fire Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 30:14
you don’t like

Roy Merritt 30:17
he basically set himself as you know the best right now you know out in these con competitions and the dude i mean he’s doing it on a badass bike and dude you watch out

Mike VO 30:28
So was that like the Jimi Jimi Hendrix of Woodstock

Roy Merritt 30:33
but you know he’s you can tell he’s finally getting to the point where I think it’s actually maybe his job now Yeah, or it’s going to be his job soon because you can see the change in his posts like thank you so much to all the people who support you know, I

Aaron Staudinger 30:50
do have like all a bunch of work now

Roy Merritt 30:52
die not having customer here was like, yeah, you guys built the motor for seabear. Right. And I was like, I don’t know. I don’t think so. But yeah, Like you could if you were listening we did. I know I’m not saying we did unless he came in here and didn’t tell us who he was, you know? I don’t think so.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
No, we did. The right thing does all his words.

Aaron Staudinger 31:14
Pre Rushmore pikeys honors that.

Unknown Speaker 31:16
Yeah. Like, oh

Mike VO 31:19
303 early model or the model wroking or start road but yeah, it’s like a no three or no four. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 31:30
I would think you’d be pre or post those what those seven when they got the better swing arm? was it was it a seven when they went to the newer swing arm? I suppose that Yeah, I would think so. I mean, if it was me, that was part of what I think did I end on is

Aaron Staudinger 31:49
not what did tie in was the match and joint on the friggin bridge.

Roy Merritt 31:54
That panel thinks Oh, man, did you see that? Yeah, it was Yeah, yeah. No, it was See here’s the thing we we go out of there every week we were there on that route. Oh yeah. Oh, we go to there every week on that route to that bridge everybody wheelies across that bridge like every fucking week no matter what eating something bro.

Aaron Staudinger 32:12
I don’t know we’re talking about one of our buddies here at the shop is a known wheelie fanatic yeah on a Road Glide and

you’re sent Yeah,

sends it everywhere he goes everywhere is sideways burning out wheelie.

Roy Merritt 32:25
So every time he does a wheelie he’s a little wobbly anyways, but I watched cuz Justin’s wife was they were right behind him and I was right behind them and she actually caught it on video and he wobbled to the right but when it wobbled to the back to the left there it went so fast that there was no fucking way he could have stopped it and de lo and the other guys ride with this dude he’s a legit rider. He don’t fuck around. He could he could ride he was like all you know, he’s Doesn’t ride the brake enough. You know he came too hard on it and he wasn’t good enough save it with the brake, which could have happened. He could have hit that plate because he got a titanium plate in the back. He could have hit it too hard and that could have been what happened but man watching the video, it went to like, maybe one o’clock to the right. And then just slammed on the way over hard. Yeah, as hard as you could possibly think of. And he had no no choice so then it rolled over the right side. And then the bike rolled a few times. He was out at one point slide. Craig pulled up behind him. And you know, we we you know, got him off the road but he was he was hurt. Hey, collarbone ankle. He hurt. So I am showing you all a picture of a retro looking motorcycle.

Aaron Staudinger 33:55
I don’t recognize the emblem.

Roy Merritt 33:57
I don’t have you guess who you think makes this retro winsol cycle, it’s a cycle metric. You’re gonna be surprised. It is a major manufacturer.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
You got to speak into the mic. Suzuki, Suzuki, alright.

Aaron Staudinger 34:18

Mike VO 34:20
Royal Enfield. printland that’s actually

Aaron Staudinger 34:23
that that it looks

Roy Merritt 34:26
like they’re Gods Kawasaki. Kawasaki. retroversion 800. It is actually a cool looking little bike now. I enjoy not small, the old Japanese bikes like the late 70s, early 80s Japanese bikes are bucking.

Aaron Staudinger 34:43
I feel bad. I heard horror one apart and I shouldn’t Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 34:47
you know what happened?

Mike VO 34:48
Doesn’t matter. They don’t hold up. This

Roy Merritt 34:50
is still is Yeah, it was perfect. You know what I’m saying? Like, if you wanted a retro, you know, late 70s early 80s metric buy you could buy this and be brand new have a fucking warranty and shit. Like that. That’s pretty legit. I like it. I think it’s pretty cool.

Aaron Staudinger 35:07
I see that sitting in the driveway or whatever. In America

Unknown Speaker 35:11
yeah of all the imagery every

Mike VO 35:15
every millennial yeah sandal wearing, living at home at 29

Aaron Staudinger 35:22
Look what I got, well, here’s

Roy Merritt 35:23
here’s your boy, go get

Unknown Speaker 35:24
a job because I’m not doing

Roy Merritt 35:27
a Royal Enfield, the GT continental match now look up help wallet filling up the cafe Buffy but you know, lately like trials with Royal Enfield puts out a bike you expect it to be retro. You know what I mean? Like Harley Davidson moto goosy. Here’s another one cool bike. I mean, I’ll show you. It’s a fucking cool bike, Moto Z. Yeah, maybe they make some cool bikes. They’re heavy. They’re kind of weird derived. They’re not they’re

Unknown Speaker 35:55

Roy Merritt 35:56
Yeah, they’re different. But but that’s a cool question. Again

Unknown Speaker 36:01
weird to ride

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Well, I mean we I mean we do they put out here. So I will say something about idiot Scott because I went to Bike Week it’s how long just scalping

Roy Merritt 36:19
which doesn’t really say

Mike VO 36:21
long enough that the hype is over so it’s been

Roy Merritt 36:23
it’s been at least I’ve been here two years or so so it’s been at least three or four years ago fucking on Main Street in Daytona Indian setup a whole block an empty block there and they had they took like shipping containers and like the sides like the shipping containers were like, like Matchbox cars the best way I could put it. So if you took bikes and put them in a shipping container by themselves and then put like a, you know, like an opening on one side like a matchbox car. They did this and they stack them up like three or four hi It was fucking cool shit. And and you know the scout they’ve done that that platform. They’ve done all kinds of different variations of it. And I think they had like Daffy and a bunch of other people do some up and they had the the Indian scout in like 12 or 15 different formats if you will. And I was like impressed I walked in I was like holy shit man and they had all their touring bikes out front and God in the Caesar horrible fucking god you sit on it you’re like us It sucks. Yeah. The fucking infotainment up on the handlebars, like right in your face and like, I don’t know. I just couldn’t do it controls are all key like, the scout reminds me kind of the V rod type of bike, where just it’s dried. It’s a cool bike. It’s just not marketed properly like, this scout with all these old school fenders. It should it’s fucking stupid.

Mike VO 37:53
I think they market the fuck out and that’s why people buy Oh, yeah, they sell the shit out of these. Well, I mean

Roy Merritt 38:00
sales by the year me this old school book on on a new school platform because that that drive trains a new school platform is just silly. You know what I mean? Like what kind of a price point we talking about? I don’t get price points on here. Here’s another picture of the katana. It’s pretty good. The Ducati scrambler we’ve all seen those. They’re cool. I like

that. That’s all they had.

Aaron Staudinger 38:24
Brown was like 800 that’s we should do is

wrap ratings

Roy Merritt 38:29
are not KTM is coming out with a super duper 200 nice it’s got like a 3995 price point. Or not much 95 Yeah, like 36 200 cc that’s like a

Aaron Staudinger 38:40
you could buy like I think some people’s toilet paper budgets are that much for a year?

Mike VO 38:45
Yeah, well that’s that’s like out that’s how much drums are that sink

Roy Merritt 38:51
3500 for much use

Shane Langdon 38:53
so so they’re making they’re making I want to say they’re five because

Aaron Staudinger 38:56
they got clutches in them and

Roy Merritt 38:58
all kinds of good stuff. I mean you can get the Chinese knockoff spy Bhushan and Grom

Shane Langdon 39:03
and he put the Yoshi four valve head on it with an X 3399 and five or six speed in it that thing it would rip it would do 90 miles an hour no problem the grump yeah did the Yoshi four valve head with a pipe and an intake and extended swing arm and then did the transmission

Roy Merritt 39:22
thing was awesome I you know I want to learn how to wheelie bikes and shit

Shane Langdon 39:27
that’s a perfect but

Roy Merritt 39:28
I’m not going to start it on my everyday ride no no like I’m Oh by little pit bike or some rock around.

Aaron Staudinger 39:34
Question. How do you guys like that get started so

Unknown Speaker 39:37
much. I use crash bikes

Aaron Staudinger 39:40
on dirt bikes when they’re little kids.

Yeah, yeah, buddy Cody. I can. He got a Harley. He has been riding forever. He gets on the Harley and the first thing he does, riding from the dealership. Hold it up is a huge one. But you know, nowhere near 12 o’clock or anything but he had it up, wrote it. Set it down. took off right off the heels

Shane Langdon 40:02
on a dirt bike if you loop it out. What’s it like a $60 rear fender? Yeah, yeah, I’ve lived him out. Yeah, like a Fender the seat. I mean, yeah,

Roy Merritt 40:10
cheap. So I ride with a guy, but actually the dealer guy was talking about um, he he’s got a pretty big Instagram following he stunts for bikes. He stunts Harley’s he, he can ride man. So his buddy George, we’ve been going out to his house every week for the last couple months. And meeting up and going well, George hasn’t really been riding. So I didn’t I didn’t know anything about the guy riding You know, I’ve known them once or twice. He was riding some weird shit and so they posted some stuff he bought. I want to say like a late 90s early 2000s diner, okay, so it was an 88 to begin show with a 95 kit. Okay. It was red. The paint was all faded shit. Had t bars on it lots like are 14 under like 14 inch drag specially shocks. If this book and a bunch of other little things and he’s like man I stole this thing he’s like the guy had no idea what he had so they took this thing buffed it all out brought it out he’s had this thing for like three days and this motherfucker is really in the fuck out of it though no chain nothing burnouts wheelies you fucking name he is getting it and I was like I didn’t really never really wrote with the guy much the last time we got the ride was when Ty went down and we were a mile from his house so he went home got his car to go to the hospital you know but this dude me he straight up get it dude and he’s got a basically stock fuckin Niner bound 95 Kip is still I mean Nick’s diner the 103 he’s got to have way more power

Shane Langdon 41:46
so it’s a 107 yeah

Unknown Speaker 41:49
I met Star

Shane Langdon 41:52
95 kids in a diner though I mean that’s well doesn’t really show those all he said that he’s

Roy Merritt 41:56
like, I don’t know if I need to do anything. And I was like, bro, you got a 95 Kids that’s running good. Don’t show on. Yeah, that is one of the best kits they ever fucking put out to put out great power, or what should carvana be done? I think it already has it. Yeah. But yeah, you know, I’ve been looking at maybe I was looking at dual sports like a dirt bike, because it’s easy to wheelie a dirt bike, you know what I mean? So, like a dual sport would be cool, I can go run around on the street, you know, maybe go find some shit. So I want to do a podcast and I’ve talked to guys about it, but I ride with a couple of guys that are almost professional. You know? And I that’s one of the topics I’d like to do is you know, if I want to own a wheel in my bike, what do I need to do you know, what do you do with the suspension? What do you do? What are you looking for? In rear suspension? What are you looking for in front suspension? What? You know, is it about body weight? Is it about torque? Is it you know, what is it and control control? Answers to it? Oh, yeah. brake control and clutch rattle is what they really talk about, you know, I thought about doing just Putting a fucking gene kit on the on the 83 and throw it a big old sprocket on the back

Shane Langdon 43:04
I get like 75 Yeah, yeah, you’re

Mike VO 43:09
trying to get home I know I can tell you

Aaron Staudinger 43:13
when 65 miles an hour

Roy Merritt 43:18
all of this out. So sporties are easy to change a chain on because you don’t have to pull the inner primary and all that bullshit off. Okay. So you could have either another wheel with a sprocket on it or just another sprocket and to chain two chains, you know, two chains. You have a chain for your big sprocket you’ve

Unknown Speaker 43:48
got the new thing, two chain two chain

Roy Merritt 43:52
two chain right now obviously I would want to take half hour 45 minutes to get home. You know Cheers. some serious fucking waste. So

Mike VO 44:03
Tyler worked seven days. I thought he was gonna keel over. I don’t think he’s gonna make it to the end of the day to day. I think he’s allergic to working that hard.

had put more pain on him. He’s like, I don’t care.

Roy Merritt 44:25
Yeah, I saw you. I saw he was laughing. He was dripping sweat yesterday I was like, What is wrong with you? So you should have seen his face when he got that 98 Daya with the fuel gauge. Oh, yeah. And he’s like, I don’t he got the book out. He you know he did the right thing. Got the book out and those books. Yeah, you don’t know what you’re doing those books will not help you.

Shane Langdon 44:52
Because he can ground out with his hand. So he helps him with a bita solder and he’s like, Oh yeah, you need to you need to clean the rust out so he comes up to me Today with it with a body of it, that’s all rusted and he goes so should I take this to the chemical cleaner and clean it I’m like, no. What would that do?

Unknown Speaker 45:11
Let’s say he

Shane Langdon 45:12
did get a wire brush and get some elbow grease. Yeah and he’s looking at me like what’s that like for the listeners

Roy Merritt 45:19
you know we work in a modern shop so nowadays nowadays everything is a module if you will. So either the computer gives you a code you test you replace there are very few serviceable items on the bike anymore. Like it used to be you know ignition switches you should be able to take apart, clean the contacts put it all back together ignition switch work good again. Now you can’t do that this was a 98 Dinah feel set with the the Sudan fuel gauge all in the tank is one and he was not sure what to do so I’ll be honest with you, you know, all of this we’re not like, you know, you look at Oh yeah, I know exactly what to do here. No, but we know the shit out.

Unknown Speaker 46:13

Mike VO 46:14
he came he got it he was like I learned a thing or two about these old bikes. So these are this is a second one that I went to give back a sales and the remote fuel gauges work. So what should I do? That’s it What do you mean? What should I do? Check order new fuel gauge and I said what is the gauge What’s wrong with it? And he was like, Well, I don’t know that I said, Well, you know what to do?

Shane Langdon 46:42
Or the gauge Which one is it?

Unknown Speaker 46:44
So yeah, he came to me and we get through and

Roy Merritt 46:48
you know, the wiring diagram and the information you get in there and I was like, okay, man, I see why you’re struggling here because I’m a bit confused myself. So let’s take it apart. You know So I actually went and looked at the part number and it said we had the gasket that I think we’re struggling to find now. And it said we had one. And I was like, Alright, well, it says we have one in stock fucky Let’s take it apart, you know, it’s just a gasket, no big deal. So we pull it out. And I think Shane did come over at the point we had it all apart and everything wouldn’t quite work in and, and I’m testing for voltage, high voltage where I’m supposed to have voltage, I have good ground and I’m like, okay, there’s something going on here and I touch something and it starts to work. And the light comes on and I move the the, the center, the level float, whatever you wanna call it. geometer and the gauge moves and everything. I was like, dude, we’re, you know, we’re in the money we can make this work. And he’s like, what,

Shane Langdon 47:39
but as soon as you let go your hand of the Yeah, too, because your hand was grinding it out. Yeah, it wouldn’t work. Also the light turns on, you’re like,

Roy Merritt 47:47
yeah, yeah, I was grabbing the bikes. I was using a non contact of voltage thing that you have to hold the bike you have to hold ground, and then it has a battery in it and if you have voltage it’ll be like, okay, voltage. And I ended up touching it and the light came on, everything started working. So I was like, oh, okay, so we have some bad connections here. So I’m like, Okay, take it all apart and clean it. He’s like, looking at me. And I was like, Look, man, this is how it used to be. You used to actually have to fix things. You know, you could get order a new gauge or whatever if you want, but chances are, you could take it apart, clean it, put it back together, and it all worked fine.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
He showed it to me. He’s pretty proud. Yeah, he was, like,

Aaron Staudinger 48:27
that’ll work.

Roy Merritt 48:28
Yeah. And I actually he did, I will give him some credit. He actually put solder because one of the connections, I could grab the wire and moves a little bit. And that was the one when I touched it, it worked. And I was like I’m in. You’re going to put a bead of solder on there. And see if you know if that helps it and he did he, it seemed a little big. And he’s like, oh, man, it’s too big. And I was like, well, let’s see. So we plugged it in and I grabbed my my non contact thing and it beeped that voltage there and then I went to the stuff it could be touching and none of it beef and I was like you’re okay. Like it spillover, got it all together? All together. He was all happy like, and I told him that yesterday we started I was like, believe it or not, these are the things when you get done that are very rewarding like, Fuck yeah, I just like clean that thing took it apart.

Shane Langdon 49:15
fixed it not rewarding in the paycheck.

No to fix that

Unknown Speaker 49:21
to him because it’s like, hourly. I didn’t have to retire today because I fixed this fuel gauge.

Unknown Speaker 49:27
Two hours. Yeah. Yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 49:31
so you’re only gonna get one bike off your lift today. I fixed up fuel gauge.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
for seven days.

Unknown Speaker 49:42
He was. He was. It was like 545 He’s like, Can I go home? And I said, No. I said are the bikes inside and he’s like,

Mike VO 49:52
he looks out. He’s so discombobulated at that point. He like walks out there and he walks back and goes, No Got the military was he in that chair for?

Roy Merritt 50:05
Easy? Is it really that easy? I mean, I was going into the air force at one point everybody was like, Oh, it’s so easy. I was like really?

Aaron Staudinger 50:11
really that easy? Yeah.

Shane Langdon 50:13
Well, I knows he’s losing hair here.

Aaron Staudinger 50:15
We’d love the Air Force. Yeah.

Roy Merritt 50:21
So Bama shit. You said you had some information, a news article or some ever

Aaron Staudinger 50:27
talked about kicking the backers a little bit.

Roy Merritt 50:29
Oh, can you

Aaron Staudinger 50:30
brought that up a little bit?

Unknown Speaker 50:31
So what is it?

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Is it held on a track?

Unknown Speaker 50:37
It is Yeah. Which track looked at the goodness

Unknown Speaker 50:40
and it’s been delayed. I love that track. Obviously. That’s playing

Roy Merritt 50:43
video games my whole life. We’re gonna take

Shane Langdon 50:45
my favorite track I’ve ever written

Aaron Staudinger 50:47
the new day should they hands everything.

Shane Langdon 50:49
chicane is is gnarly. You fall off a cliff. It’s going down and you’re coming up the back straight up to that chicane. You cannot see over the hill until you’re already hitting your Breaking Point in Michigan. As soon as you hit your breaking point, you just have to send it far as far left as you can wait to they run it. So you come up the hill it is and he’s flip left

Unknown Speaker 51:10
to run it counterclockwise. Yes, yes,

Shane Langdon 51:14
yes. But when you’re coming up and you hit your breaking point you can’t see over so you basically just have to believe that the road is there, the crest of the hill, and as soon as you come over the crest, you’re gonna go back. Yeah, oh, yeah. And you go back and then as soon as you hit the back, it’s an off camber left that comes out into that turn. So as you’re going you you’re trying to look over your shoulder through the road, but the bike is pulling to the right.

Roy Merritt 51:43
So my buddy, my buddy, Kevin, we talked to you one time that runs the XR and the KTM Hold on. I want to do that so fucking bad. I want to run track. As you guys know me, I like high speed. I like turns at high speeds. Like that’s where

Mike VO 51:58
I want to be. Wait. Question they run a counterclockwise so erratic. Clockwise would it be a naked ish? Instead of a chicane?

Roy Merritt 52:08
Probably inish it would be just about as weird

Aaron Staudinger 52:14
right? coming off the top down to that long

Yeah, you’d be really down and you hit better be pinned, or else you’re gonna get passed on down. That’s right away Thunder Hill

Shane Langdon 52:23
has a has a

if you come up to October

Roy Merritt 52:30
Did you see at some whoops.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Here like one of the one of the British guys now you know, here he comes up. man.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Dude. My favorite thing

Unknown Speaker 52:50
of Formula One is that that one dude fucking screen

Unknown Speaker 52:53
and they’re coming out. Hey, they all started

Aaron Staudinger 52:55
Oh my god. They’re coming around.

Through dharwad

Unknown Speaker 53:01
crossing is still in the race. We’re halfway through the third.

Shane Langdon 53:06
Valentino Rossi Oh, the near misses.

Mike VO 53:10
So please play the video. Have you seen it? He? He made twice.

Aaron Staudinger 53:15
Two times

Roy Merritt 53:16
twos. Yeah. Two times he made he made some comments.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Yeah, like, oh fuck

Mike VO 53:24
he went Did you see that? or What was that? was one of those two comments

Aaron Staudinger 53:28
because I said this is like he doesn’t go fuck. This is the guy that slid a bike sideways on his ass and stood it back up and went okay, we’re slow races. Okay, did you

Unknown Speaker 53:36
ever get this dude?

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Watch that documentary hitting the apex. Oh, yeah.

Roy Merritt 53:44
It took down the video. We have no idea how Rossi is. We’re just so thankful they did.

Unknown Speaker 53:52
Both riders. Primary drop trees.

Mike VO 53:58
Yeah, I mean this using those drop frita

Roy Merritt 54:01
what verted for the new ones?

Aaron Staudinger 54:03
Yeah, man, if you’re trying to make a battery drop burn,

Roy Merritt 54:06
like drop trees, man. That’s what that’s the only gripe I have about the new low rider s.

Aaron Staudinger 54:11
They’re probably just as

Roy Merritt 54:14
low rider S is that it needs to sit nature to hire. That bike needs to be jacked up so it’s just a little too low. You know, maybe you can’t get to the edges of the tires. If you change seats, it helps a lot. I’m sure but you’re scraping sucks, right look at this primary.

Aaron Staudinger 54:31
They’re machining a primary. Oh, wow. That

Mike VO 54:37
that’s not a waste of material

Aaron Staudinger 54:39
at all. It is going on any

Unknown Speaker 54:44
piece of aluminum Jesus, I can probably get slobs Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:47

Aaron Staudinger 54:49
mean 85% of it’s gone. Yeah.

Mike VO 54:52

Roy Merritt 54:53
do aluminum pays radio.com and they’re talking about raw seas. terrifying escape.

Aaron Staudinger 55:01
NET pipe You

Unknown Speaker 55:03
didn’t even know.

Aaron Staudinger 55:04
It was when they make the primaries that short? Well, because they’re gonna run it at 6000 RPM constantly probably right? Yeah.

Short primaries. It doesn’t look like anybody died. did you die?

Roy Merritt 55:18
But did you die? did you die? I love that we have that sticker.

Aaron Staudinger 55:22
Yeah through, go fast don’t die.

Mike VO 55:26
And then oh yeah, and here this is the

Aaron Staudinger 55:30
more details on King of the baggers. But I would like to learn more about the rules, because it seems

Roy Merritt 55:36
it earned these as we bring the challenger out there and

Aaron Staudinger 55:40
bringing the challenger out.

saddleman is bringing out a Road Glide. They’re building a Road Glide. We built

Roy Merritt 55:50
the bikes that would do well on the track at that, and not one of the owners would ever take well, dude, we were at the

Aaron Staudinger 55:54
drag Expo. And I saw the guy and I was super excited. I’m like oh yeah You’re doing this race cool. This is like back was it February? February? I think we’re back they’re super excited like what does it take to get in? Well, you know we have to invite you might well what does it take to get invited? What can I do cuz we build some badass bikes like yeah, I’ll find a rider we’ll put one on it Yeah, well our field kind of build up maybe

Mike VO 56:19
like Nick’s his

Aaron Staudinger 56:20
helmet Okay, we’ll keep me in mind I get my card and all kind of stuff. Yeah. And it like the big vendors are doing it Salomon’s got a bike feelings got a bike s&s has a bike I think speed merchant has a bike we could talk Jamie into yes and

Roy Merritt 56:36
we’ll find a ride anyone said bike anyway. You know,

Aaron Staudinger 56:40
we’ll hire like Miguel Duhamel, dude, or something like that.

Shane Langdon 56:46
They fucking

Roy Merritt 56:47
Boswell’s God God, damn that dude on the flat track, motherfucker dude. He was it was literally like we went out to the Columbia race couple weeks ago and it was literally like you took a professional and put them around a bunch of amateurs. He was just fucking destroying everybody. It was crazy. Do can ride. I guess he broke his leg and some other shit and got a little Yeah, he’s not that old but you know, just kind of got a little old to be racing or whatever and

Aaron Staudinger 57:15
racing overall so weird right now. COVID man, like the NHL season this year is like five or six straight events at Indy.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
Yeah. And it’s like, What’s weird every week is stupid thing is Why? I mean, there’s like,

Aaron Staudinger 57:28
one place that said, okay,

Mike VO 57:30
no, I mean, we’re gonna kill guys. Because why does you’re in a fucking car by yourself. It’s the crew and spell cares. They’ve been working together for years. Yeah,

Aaron Staudinger 57:41
I understand that is crazy.

Mike VO 57:44
So I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are. They are subject to regulation. Yeah. And the regulators will find the fuck out of them. If they have it. They’ll shut them down. Anything that you do for entertainment, entertainment or travel this year is outlawed. Yeah me

Roy Merritt 58:01
so many people that grit so many people that you know make their money off of these traveling tours and all this stuff are hurt and right now what about the guy? What do we build? Okay so the bell bike What did we build for that guy?

Mike VO 58:20
Oh hirving five yeah but that was a D counterbalance 124 no 128 with

Shane Langdon 58:31
those D counterbalance

No, I think it’s just a 128 with a Pfizer

Roy Merritt 58:37
just as he is only a tensioner. So

Shane Langdon 58:43
the clutch tensioner heads from the bottom and

Roy Merritt 58:47
just said no bottom and

Aaron Staudinger 58:50
top it like five miles.

Roy Merritt 58:53
miles. 24 hours. Yeah.

Mike VO 58:56
We literally Yeah, we literally delivered the bike at three o’clock in the afternoon. And the next day at noon, he called Nick and was like, man, oh, no, some road. It’s like skipping where you drag racing and he was like, well, I want to do it. So we’ll run and he’s like, Yeah, but it’s like surging real bad and it skips and it makes a weird noise and, and he’s like, Okay, and so Nick calls me and he’s like, I think the booth their gear, they call back in earlier said it won’t go anywhere at all. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, he shared

Roy Merritt 59:30
it. Yeah. And he did. He did. I took it apart. Yeah. He shared all the teeth off of that Kevlar belt. So

Unknown Speaker 59:35
matter of

Roy Merritt 59:36
20. I mean, he Oh, he wrote it. No, no, yeah. He

Mike VO 59:41
I talked to him the next day because I was like, you you. We need to make a patch for you to says because he’s a he’s an outcast as a club writer. Pretty sure it’s outcasts. He said, I said we need to make a patch that said, I broke my I broke my belt. In one day. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He went he wrote for me. Here to Clarksville and it rained all the way there so he didn’t he didn’t fuck around and then it wasn’t raining on the way back we said I really want to shoot this thing we’ll do I thought we got home it didn’t run

Roy Merritt 1:00:10
to be honest with you I don’t know what the guy looks like I don’t know anything about it. He has fucking like

Mike VO 1:00:19
5500 5050 year old black guy

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
No shit. Yeah, that motherfucker.

Mike VO 1:00:29
Guys he rides with he rides with Tyrone and Mufasa all those

Shane Langdon 1:00:36
badass stereo system and they put the motor in stock bars still. So like he’s going step by step to the stereo he’s got like two six bar lines in each bag with the with the horn and the capacitor. He’s got the tweeters in the vents yet upgraded he’s got the lowers. That was awesome. So then he went from there to the motor solos, not bars. Yeah. So So

Roy Merritt 1:01:03
I’m telling you I see guys beat the fuck out of bikes on bail and not fuck a belt up. Yeah, he’s got a really dry ride.

Mike VO 1:01:13
You know when we deliver the bike test right at first then come back. So Nick and I walked outside he was just right

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
dude, this guy’s gonna fucking destroy this thing. Yeah. And he came back like like a day later like five minutes later I love it he’s like give me my sheet going and then he was gone we’re like a pitch

Mike VO 1:01:44
too much and then he’s like and then so I got a Bridgestone economy the tires for Tyrone. So he got so that he can ride them and show everybody cuz he’s riding them and I think seniors riding yeah and that’s it So far, but let’s Bridgestone age 50 year old

Roy Merritt 1:02:04
shit. I love those tires that I just wrote one the other day. Just put someone on bike today. I think that’s all we got for it. I know.

Mike VO 1:02:15
I know. I know to you It seems like this has been a long time, but it’s it’s been a long hour. No, no, we when I said it was a long time was 30 minutes. Yeah. Yeah,

Roy Merritt 1:02:25
no, we were sorry. 30 in all right. So check us out. Talkin braap.com I’m gonna put links to this episode in the description to get them on your app, go to the website Talkin braap.com each episode has a page and links and everything else. So check us out.

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