4 Reasons Why Electric Motorcycles are the Future of Transport

4 Reasons Why Electric Motorcycles are the Future of Transport

With the high cost of fuel and increasing environmental pollution, Electric Motorcycles are a far more viable option for sustainable transport in cities. In this article, we take a look at 4 reasons why companies like Harley-Davidson, Zero Motorcycles, Lightning Motorcycles, and many others could be the future of transportation.

Internal Combustion engines are old news

The future is now. Is it time to ditch the gas-powered motorcycles for something more environmentally friendly? Rechargeable zero emissions vehicles are the future of transport. They help preserve our natural resources, reduce global emissions, and provide a feeling of freedom that you can’t get anywhere else.

Electric Motorcycles are a better solution to congestion

You might have heard that electric motorcycles are the future of transport. This is because they release no emissions, produce no noise and require less energy to charge. With these benefits, it’s clear why electric motorcycles are a better solution to congestion. They are also more affordable than cars with gasoline engines.

Using Battery Power reduces emissions

In 2016, it was estimated that of the 5.3 million motorcycles in the world, less than half a percent of them were electric. With more and more riders who want an environmentally-friendly form of transportation, the future looks promising for electric motorcycles.

Electric Motorcycles are affordable

The affordability factor is a major reason why electric motorcycles are the future of transport. Electric motorcycles can cost less than $10,000 and many models can go up to 140 kilometers on just one charge. This of course is a starting range and as with all vehicles, the price can increase with taste. Overall cost of ownership, after factoring fuel and servicing can often be significantly less. Many people have seen this in the automotive world with brands such as Tesla.


I think that electric motorcycles are better than traditional ones because they’re cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient. They’re also quieter and produce less air pollution. The experience of riding one of these machines is unlike anything with an Internal Combustion Engine. You feel, hear, and see everything. The experience is all about the ride and not about what you are on or what it sound like. The feeling of being connected to the ride is something you must experience for yourself.

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Livewire electric motorcyle from Harley-Davidson
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