The Podcast

What is Talkin Braap?

Talkin Braap is The Motorcycle Podcast and were all about the powersports industry.  We love motorcycles and people doing cool stuff.  Join us as we talk to people from all over the place doing all kinds of fun things.  We are no amateurs, we are all professionals in the powersports industry.  When it comes to podcasting, we can not say the same. Episode 1 was our first time getting together behind the microphones. We have a lot of fun, and hope you do too.

“This has to be the greatest podcast I have ever listened to”

No One Ever

Give us something to talk about!

We are always looking for cool things and cool people to talk about. Do you know someone that is doing something different? Something that we need to talk about? Send us an email or leave us a message on one of our social media sites. Or leave us a voice message at (304) 602-7227.

“They are so well informed and have such a wonderful insight into the motorcycle industry”

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